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Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange based in New Zealand. Cryptopia also provides mining pools and auctions.

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  • Hyphen48212383 Hyphen (@Hyphen48212383) reported

    Binance gets hacked, Cryptopia shuts down and now Cobinhood is to be liquidated soon. The need for a fully compliant/regulated, dividend sharing, intensely audited and UX focused DEX has never been so severe. @nashsocial

  • JBTheCryptoKing The Crypto King (@JBTheCryptoKing) reported

    @YearOfDoge The top dev in Zksnarks tech was just onboarded. Strong community and dev work. #Cryptopia is a miserable situation, but we can't fix that.

  • CryptoAZ4 AZhooper (@CryptoAZ4) reported

    @weizhouBinance @ljxie A cryptopia hoodie will solve the issue

  • Stuck_Bags マッドファッカー (@Stuck_Bags) reported

    @CryptoCobain Cryptopia did me a favor when they shut down. Now I can write off the shit coin loss at purchase price. Dodged a bullet on those shit bags.

  • Cowboy234569 Michael (@Cowboy234569) reported

    @Lindaproject @MyStakingWallet @LindaXNetwork And I’m pissed that all my lindacoin was on cryptopia when it shut down randomly without notice and I can’t even access it

  • ScottBringer Scott (@ScottBringer) reported

    @anonecon @bismuthdev That was in regards to bis potentially being hacked. Cryptopia shutting down is different because they have no way to verify wallets and who actually owns them without cryptopias help.

  • realDon25960360 realDonaldTrump (@realDon25960360) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ This is such a super ******* redicilous move from cryptopia. Got hacked, ok. I am not into hackening. Could happen I think. But then reopen the exchange for deposits, saying every wallet is 100% safe and then just close down the exchange is so bad. I think they will go to hell 😠

  • litecoin_bull Łitecoin Bull (@litecoin_bull) reported

    Binance hacked cryptopia exchange collapse is proof why institutes are skeptical still. This is wild wild west on crypto. Until people feel more secure they wont touch this stuff. These problems will be fix, but it might take years #Crypto #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #BTC #LTC $Btc

  • CryptoLaughing LaughingMan Crypto #FreeAssange! (@CryptoLaughing) reported

    @KennETHbosak @binance @cz_binance @OKEx Cryptopia was never hacked, until it was, now its shut down and liquidating all user's coins :.../

  • Engineer1Marine AdventureStory (@Engineer1Marine) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ Cryptopia will be fine guys i believe in that let wait until court solve this problem i understant the problem guys just reopen because you have nice platfrom.

  • CryptoMessi14 CryptoMessi✪ (@CryptoMessi14) reported

    cryptopia liquidation ruined the bull run. So they will either pay in fiat or pay us in our coins if the market keeps going down.

  • CryptoHonestly Honestly_Crypto (@CryptoHonestly) reported

    @CCNMarkets Compared to the $USDT , @binance , and Cryptopia news , it wasn’t really much to get upset about . @StellarOrg has been transparent with the issue as well and even @JoelKatz tipped his hats to the way the $xlm has handled it.

  • sky_aks1 Aakash Chatterjee (@sky_aks1) reported

    @priyankg3 @CidBeeyor @binance @BinanceResearch I used to love cryptopia before but the way they have been responding ever since the hack I don't like it at all. It's a good thing they are closing down.

  • cryptoindexfund The Last Polymath (@cryptoindexfund) reported

    With #Cryptopia going down, maybe they’ll finally be a move where people don’t trust the small exchanges.

  • only302 Cash For Crypto (@only302) reported

    @10derwhite I totally agree that the correction was inevitable. Only a matter of time. And in my opinion definitely needed. Allows us to accumulate more. But would shutting down a exchange like Cryptopia even effect the market is what I wonder.

  • YurySych Keiod (@YurySych) reported

    It is terrible when the exchange reports problems. Immediately think about Cryptopia. Guys, solve problems faster and do not scare anymore. :)))

  • Vcucina CryptoV XRP💧🎯 (@Vcucina) reported

    @whale_alert Maybe something to with CRYPTOPIA's issues.

  • GreatPortfolio The Great Portfolio (@GreatPortfolio) reported

    - Binance hacked - Cryptopia shutting down - Poloniex purging bad news over bad news for shitcoins. I don't know if this is coincidence. However, I know enough that those shitcoins that have come back from worse will come back from this.

  • StevenSlocum5 Puddleherup (@StevenSlocum5) reported

    @DeCryptolord @cryptomocho @AdeldMeyer It’s the same problem there always is. How many times are people told not to leave coins on any exchange. They all can get hacked even binance. It’s not on daps team if people left their coins on cryptopia. It sucks so bad but it’s common knowledge not your keys not your coin

  • SteveMa11163497 SteveMadden (@SteveMa11163497) reported

    @blbtheman @binance @cryptopia Exchanges come & go, buy withdraw ! Takes less then 5minutes. Don’t see any issues here !

  • CelianMathis MATHIS Célian (@CelianMathis) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ So let's call the liquidator to make them aware that the owners of the coins are the only "stakeholders" of this issue. 1 million cryptopia users calling Grant Thornton tomorrow will make sure they understand we will not forget our coins

  • coolindark Utku (@coolindark) reported

    This is what will happen in #Cryptopia *They shuts the market down *Exchange all Bitcoin to FIAT while it hits to top *They will wait #Bitcoin fall back to nominal price again and buy Bitcoin back. *They will open market again in the name of honesty. Free money & marketing...

  • armeniavip #INWEST Don’t #HODL viparmenia (@armeniavip) reported

    Another withdrawal problem on exchanges #cryptobridge #Cryptopia #Binance stopped again withdrawals This must teach people DO NOT STORE YOUR COINS ON EXCHANGES Bought the coin using exchange - withdraw it out of exchange But traders just speculating on price deserving to lost

  • HendrikIsabella isabella hendrik (@HendrikIsabella) reported

    Binance gets hacked. Cryptopia shuts down. Market keeps pumping. Welcome to the Bull Run 2019!

  • Dirtfishers Wesley Bauerle (@Dirtfishers) reported

    @electroneum Please support your investors and users and get a legal team together to get our ETN back from @Cryptopia_NZ - Richard Ells needs to address this issue!! Cryptopia users like me helped raise the ICO money for ETN - HELP US!!!

  • RichardKDyer Richard K Dyer (@RichardKDyer) reported

    @LUX_COIN @Gath3r_io Lost basically all my LUX on Cryptopia yesterday. Hopefully there is some way the issue can be resolved and coins withdrawn

  • wEzb0mfv05QyRv5 没有特别的人才对人性缺乏信心的人道主义人道主义 (@wEzb0mfv05QyRv5) reported

    Binance gets hacked. Cryptopia shuts down. Market keeps pumping

  • Back2Crypto Doc Brown (@Back2Crypto) reported

    Cryptopia gets hacked and shuts down the entire site and doesn’t let customers withdraw their funds. Binance gets hacked stops withdraws and allows access to site. Issues resolved with hourly updates within a week. The difference between the 2 hacks is insane

  • criptojudas CriptoJudas (@criptojudas) reported

    @AltcoinSara If cryptopia is jus shutting down why don’t let people to withdraw funds

  • tozexofficial tozexofficial (@tozexofficial) reported

    Cryptopia story is ended after an important hack on the platform which cut them out. Custodian platform which hold the user's fund is a problem that's why we decided to use multisignature wallet to mitigate such risks. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #CryptopiaHack

  • AltcoinSara Crypto Sara (@AltcoinSara) reported

    Binance gets hacked. Cryptopia shuts down. Market keeps pumping. Welcome to the Bull Run 2019!

  • OMG_Steve Sir Stephen (@OMG_Steve) reported

    I usually don't tell my #crypto buddies to panic. But with @Cryptopia_NZ closing down...yeah...its time to panic. #cryptopia #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrency #altcoins

  • tokenpay TokenPay 🛒 (@tokenpay) reported

    @CryptoDabbler @CoinCrazy66 @Cryptopia_NZ @cz_binance @justinsuntron The problem is, it is likely a huge mess at Cryptopia. Saviors would line up to help @cz_binance because everything has always appeared to be in order. Can’t fault an exchange for getting hacked if they are transparent and cover all the funds, like Binance did. Let Cryptopia RIP.

  • quadency Quadency (@quadency) reported

    Cryptopia to liquidate and shut down operations

  • MooreJared0 ᴊᴀʀᴇᴅ ᴍᴏᴏʀᴇ (@MooreJared0) reported

    CRYPTOPIA IS DOWN oh man where the heck am I gonna get PICKLE $RICKS now!

  • rsarrow Rob Sarrow 🐄 (@rsarrow) reported

    5/ Thoughts - Cryptopia Shut down caused by the January hack where $16M was stolen. Expect liquidation process to take months. The space is slowly cleaning up & those who dabble w/ shitcoins run the risk of being burned. Likely to see more of this as well as merge w/ trad. fin.

  • iamcrowne Tumor Crowne (@iamcrowne) reported

    @CryptoCountant @RNR_0 Wait cryptopia shutting down

  • crypto_moonman Moonman (@crypto_moonman) reported

    @inversebrah No problem going with the Cryptopia shirt

  • CryptoPhil16 CryptoPhil (@CryptoPhil16) reported

    @XStephenElliott I understand it's gone, I know that, I'll break my post down easier. 'Cue all the uneducated people who think Electroneum can get their funds back from Cryptopia, which has nothing to do with ETN whatsoever. Funds are gone...Period!'

  • WilsonElechi Wilson Elechi (@WilsonElechi) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ Cryptopia is just scam, they have been making million from trading and transaction fees and they can't be able to resolve costumer problem, I will get my fund from them no matter the course.

  • SharunUtharan HODLDXB (@SharunUtharan) reported

    @altcointalker @Cryptopia_NZ Cryptopia shutting down


    BREAKING: Cryptopia is shutting down. Now you can't get your shitcoins out. Another reason why you don't keep your funds on exchanges no matter what.

  • NwesMedia News Media (@NwesMedia) reported

    @BantuWalker @Cryptopia_NZ Nah, my worst day ever was when an alt i was in went down 30x. Excuseme, 33x lol.But that was during the 2018 crash. I'm sure alot of people have worse days, like 20kbtc who held until 3k.. OR IF SOMEONE REALLY DID DEPOSIT $10k or WHATEVER INTO CRYPTOPIA BEFORE "1HR MAINTENANCE"

  • kevinlambert Kevin Lambert (@kevinlambert) reported

    Cryptopia is closing down without allowing customers to withdraw their coins. They've enlisted a liquidation company to handle the assets over the course of months. TLDR: If you had coins there, they are likely gone. You might get some back someday, but prob. not all of 'em. 😢

  • CryptoDesignPro DΛ™ (@CryptoDesignPro) reported

    With Cryptopia shutting down, around 10% of the total supply of $POLL is now essentially locked for a long time. They had at least 750k POLL, possibly up to 1M.

  • Neutron_Crypto Neutroncoin (@Neutron_Crypto) reported

    In light of the recent announcement by @Cryptopia_NZ Neutron will make all possible efforts to get holders of NTRN on Cryptopia access to their funds for withdrwal, as NTRN funds were proveably safe during all issues.

  • CryptoCicero Crypto Cicero (@CryptoCicero) reported

    Cryptopia is shut down for good and being liquidated. We will never see our coins again. If you are not actively trading then always keep your coins on cold storage.

  • GuyCreal Guy (@GuyCreal) reported

    @arabianchain Thanks Arabianchain. Just lost all of my coins on Cryptopia with them closing down. Partly your fault by only being on one exchange. You had years to get on a good exchange.

  • fienixtaranova canary (@fienixtaranova) reported

    Down goes Cryptopia

  • gxxgravity dr maxx planck (@gxxgravity) reported

    Life is harsh and not sure if what Cryptopia just did is a transparent thing. I'm just glad we have people like @cz_binance and exchanges like @binance that demonstrate how problems could be surpassed in a transparent and effective manner.

  • cryptomick michael (@cryptomick) reported

    A day after i call out @Cryptopia_NZ as pulling a scam as it doesn't take 5 months to fix a few wallets. Well they are offline with a liquidation notice. Cryptopia is a scam fullstop

  • xmasleight corsom (@xmasleight) reported

    uh oh cryptopia is down

  • woolsim woolsim (@woolsim) reported

    Oh well Cryptopia I think they shouldn't expect to gain back trust again. First time was bad enough wow and they did it again with zero communication. Shady. Well this exchange will RIP soon I think they will probably close down in not so long

  • IsatuSaristaa Saristaa (@IsatuSaristaa) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ CORRECTION - Cryptopia has been down for 17 hours, now. My apologies for the mistake.

  • dadi_salami dadi salami (@dadi_salami) reported

    @NovaTerra7 Problem platform CRYPTOPIA

  • VillamizarITPro Daniel Villamizar (@VillamizarITPro) reported

    This tweet, "RT playboytalk01: After the terrible incident happened, Cryptopia exchange’s website will be back online tomorrow as read-only! #cryptopia…" hasn't been tweeted more than 1 times.

  • BTCDontSleep Casual Joe Crypto (@BTCDontSleep) reported

    @Bitboy_Hodl Where to buy alts when Binance is down .. Huobi doesn’t allow US customers .. Mercatox has mostly shitcoins .. and Cryptopia is paused .. hmmm 🤔

  • woolsim woolsim (@woolsim) reported

    We could have recovered 0.925 corn per 1 btc per hack if Cryptopia didn't delay If Cryptopia delays it until corn gets to $10k, we will only have a net recovery of 0.885 corn per 1 prehack corn At corn $20k, we will be down to 0.8675. So I say @Cryptopia_NZ, dont delay more pls

  • woolsim woolsim (@woolsim) reported

    And this could get worse if corn keeps going up and Cryptopia doesnt manage to list a CLM market on time. Atm, imo we are down to net recovery of 0.9 corn per every 1 btc pre-hack (assuming 1 clm is valued at half its supposed value by the market)

  • Cryptoling CryptoLing (@Cryptoling) reported

    @ashish231277 @Cryptopia_NZ The police is trying to found the hacker but the Cryptopia management at the moment doing ******* slow progress. I hate when there is not transparency about what happen. I pledge myself to never use this shitty exchange ever again.