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Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange based in New Zealand. Cryptopia also provides mining pools and auctions.

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  • BitcoinDood Bitcoin Dood (@BitcoinDood) reported

    @Richard07779794 @BitcoinGuccii I had that happen with a coin. That hurts A LOT! Watched a position stuck on a Cryptopia wallet drop from 5 figures to being worth close to nothing. Can't remember the name of that one to save my life. Pumped on every other exchange & Topia had trading stopped & wallet issues. 🤮

  • MyHushTeam HUSH Coin (@MyHushTeam) reported

    @dorin45828252 @Popaalincristi1 @Cryptopia_NZ @binance @Citexofficial @graviex_net Cryptopia had a massive security breach and closed down. Centralized exchanges own all user funds, that's why its important to store all funds that you're not immediately trading in a self owned wallet, like $HUSH SilentDragon, SilentDragon Lite, and SilentDragon Android.

  • MyHushTeam HUSH Coin (@MyHushTeam) reported

    @Popaalincristi1 @Cryptopia_NZ We can't simply become listed on @binance, we're a #microcap coin with a small development fund. We are listed on more exchanges today, @Citexofficial @graviex_net @TradeSatoshi etc. We are continually working to diversify our exchanges to reduce risk of another #Cryptopia issue.

  • ErzChristopher Christopher Erz (@ErzChristopher) reported

    @PeterSchiff Cryptopia That New Zealand exchange still owes me .3BTC worth of altcoins. They shut down & never restored my account. Tradesatoshi won't restore my account either which has 100LTC on it. It is like watching a bunch of Monkey's **** a football. they get no where

  • BitBenderBrink Jason (BitBender) Brink (@BitBenderBrink) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ I highly recommend that if your coin was listed on Cryptopia, that you fork and do a swap to kill that old balance so that it doesn't come back later. The coins they hold are already lost...might as well make sure they don't take down the rest of the project with it too.

  • DssdInvestments DSSD Investments (@DssdInvestments) reported

    Bitcoin: RT bradmillscan: #ProofOfKeys 2018 saved me from losing funds in Cryptopia. I got about 70% of my coin off before they went down. Proof of Keys 2019 saved me from losing funds at GateHub, I had just taken my coins off and then they got breached and a friend lost it…

  • Walkawayplan Joey_BlockCHAINLINK (@Walkawayplan) reported

    @nebraskangooner @CryptoSays @CryptoTraderTax Can attest that they had very good customer service for my questions, very prompt. Not having access to my cryptopia trade history kind of wacked my numbers up. I just wish it had a simple profit/loss final number instead of the tax format making it look like I was up/down huge

  • supermariokart KingCryptoDog (@supermariokart) reported

    @Abu9ala7 You didn’t forget about it. You held thinking it would keep mooning, then bounce back to break even the next alt season, and eventually just gave up hope and held through the cryptopia exit. I did the same thing with XPM on poloniex. 1 btc down to .03 btc, so I let them keep it.

  • BoegeBlake Balakay (@BoegeBlake) reported

    @LittleZ_TV @TRX1024 It’s the most secure way of storing it. If you keep it on an exchange, it’s at risk of getting hacked or shut down like the Cryptopia exchange.

  • Abu9ala7 Mohammad (@Abu9ala7) reported

    Just remembered that one time I bought 2 BTC worth of Dubaicoin and then forgot about it just to be reminded by cryptopia going down :megadab:

  • Raindropactual Rich Sanders [Jan/3➞₿🔑∎] (@Raindropactual) reported

    Don’t be surprised if there is some announcement about a hack (Cryptopia), loss of access to keys (Quadriga), random legal issues (Bitconnect), etc. as cover for Rune/COSS to not be able to launch this new platform in 3-4 weeks.

  • SCRWD Jon 🇪🇺🌹 (@SCRWD) reported

    @ztxrepublic @Cryptopia_NZ Incidentally, how do I log into to my old Zulu Republic wallet - I always get "Network Error" :/ and was there any word on what happened to all the ZTX that was lost when CryptopIa went - I lost all my ZTX :(

  • JuicyGrabs JuicyG (@JuicyGrabs) reported

    @AdamTurdd @scashofficial Most coins fake volume with market making. Our volume dropped, that's true. That's because of the bear market and because we lost a high volume Chinese exchange after China crack down on exchanges. We also lost Cryptopia. But volume of all coins dropped during bear market.

  • noticias2000 Olivier Acuña (@noticias2000) reported

    @LloydWing1 @electroneum I regret what happened with Cryptopia. I hope you understand we have nothing to do with that issue, however.

  • marxxy Markec (@marxxy) reported

    @Cooler_Brian @LUX_COIN true. And cryptopia is down too

  • Leviathon12 Rez (@Leviathon12) reported

    @TryAnnuity @TheBigXP And they all think their coins are stuck. This sucker disabled their wallets and pulled a PACcoin on them. Also their stuff isn't stuck in cryptopia. Cryptopia got shut down for illegal activities and screwing over customers. Bunch of suckers.

  • j_walker707 Journey (@j_walker707) reported

    @realjunsonchan Yeah everything got hectic when Cryptopia & a few other exchanges were hacked, they lost hope in having any help getting listed or something. Recently they've been saying they'd have no problem working with you though, they said you made the most Btc & were the biggest supporter

  • skyrenz007 SkyCrypto007🕵️‍♂️ [#800cc] (@skyrenz007) reported from Jaclupan, Central Visayas

    @Rhett800cc When cryptopia scammed ive down a lot but when i joined 800cc community i start recovering thats why i down little bit now #800cc

  • cryptodildo ME (@cryptodildo) reported

    @Dennahz @binance 35% of the supply is on cryptopia and until this issue is solved I doubt any major exchanges will take in consideration to list it.

  • YalcinJohn J.Y. (@YalcinJohn) reported

    @OfficialVitae Cryptopia and idax is your fault. Don't blame somebody else,That explaination is also an exit scam of yours from the issue. We are not trading just testing with our own money.Take your responsibility that's not etic!

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) reported

    And now they've blocked me, so please report to get their scamming account shut down so they cant scam anyone already affected by the #cryptopia saga @Cryptopia_NZ @GrantThorntonNZ

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) reported

    @HeIpCryptopIas @IrvynSB @Cryptopia_NZ Ive told you before to shut this down and stop scamming people, you utter scumbags #cryptopia

  • Antmantime Antman (@Antmantime) reported

    @riverish333 @JBTheCryptoKing Crypto King created anon coin didn't he as I bought that and had it on cryptopia cryptopia shut down. $$$$

  • jahnavi387 Jahnavi387 (@jahnavi387) reported

    @Bitsahara Security /loss of funds is the main issue we are facing when trading in exchanges they are hacked and we are loosing almost all our money like cryptopia exchange and latest upbit exchange This is the major problem this crypto community must take action on it @AAlertsnew @aal

  • allyouracid allyourbase 💰 (@allyouracid) reported

    @BTC_JackSparrow @cryptomocho RaiBlocks. Definitely $XRB. Had a decent amount of that, just to sell it after the fake death threats against Cryptopia which were supposed to drive down price before that insane pump.

  • walerikus Valerios Baglaridis (@walerikus) reported

    @layman_crypto @RudyBouwman @binance @BinanceAmerica I have told all my friends to move out of binance, being hacked 3 times is a red alert. How would you feel having locked your money on exchange that has security issues, announcing it has been hacked, and maybe for the last time, remember #cryptopia

  • TheCollectiveGo The Collective (@TheCollectiveGo) reported

    @joel02029804 @MikeAlmiroudis When cryptopia went down and multiple exchanges pulled out of the US it created a vaccum.

  • DeviousPL PL84 (@DeviousPL) reported

    @sammyando91 @electroneum @Cryptopia_NZ Follow Cryptopia developments and see if you can recover it - it’s not actually @electroneum’s problem nor can they help. And never store your ETN on an exchange or in the app again.

  • MKid12276995 MKid (@MKid12276995) reported

    @AndrewS71340286 @electroneum The price is one issue & liquidity is another. If you look at those other coins you see that they have massively higher trading volume AKA liquidity. Once we lost Cryptopia we lost 90% of our liquidity & to date nothing has been done to get volume back which is a grave error.

  • msp_crypto R Crypto (@msp_crypto) reported

    @da__nz @tokenpay @vivek5480 @efinexchange @derekcapo If you were already here, TPAY was listed on a couple of good exchanges that closed down (e.g. cryptopia), and they also paid to get listed on Coinbene, but then got delisted because TPAY refused to tpay market makers (i.e. fake volume)..

  • AdonisAustria1 Adonis Austria (@AdonisAustria1) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ I lost a lot of etn, let cryptopia down

  • MrMacG P McGee (@MrMacG) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ 1 btc and a load of shit coins all down the drain thanks to cryptopia. I hope we all learnt our lesson from this. #donttrustexhanges #ownnode

  • Helgi_KO Helgi 🇺🇦 (@Helgi_KO) reported

    @JuliaDavisNews The mindset... just buy cheap and sell high. One day 3 yrs ago that GBX thang was going up and down on Cryptopia so I've made me illuminated with some 5k dollars

  • thesussexitguy Prince Jasbo (@thesussexitguy) reported

    @Crex_24 site down or doing a cryptopia ;P

  • derekcapo Derek Capó (@derekcapo) reported

    My opinion is that the best case scenario is that customers of cryptopia may get some of their funds by 2021. The issue here is that @Cryptopia_NZ had over 800 coins so it is not easy at all to manage all of this and fast. Most of the 800 were erc20 but still lots to work on.

  • derekcapo Derek Capó (@derekcapo) reported

    In a liquidation the lawyers and consultants get paid first then any loans that are senior secured like a bank loan then it goes down the capital structure of the business (the last report showed barely any debt for Cryptopia)

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) reported

    Hi all #cryptopia users, please help me report @helpcryptopia to twitter to get their account shut down. They're trying to prey on people already affected, by pretending to be support. Absolutely shameful. Thanks. @Cryptopia_NZ @GrantThorntonNZ

  • _JSSSX_ JSSSX (@_JSSSX_) reported

    @CryptoGainz1 Their mail was just meaning that they are having financial issues, that's all I understood from this. Happy that I removed everything long ago from this future cryptopia.

  • NewCryptoGuide Robert Paulson’s Moobs (@NewCryptoGuide) reported

    @pump_n_jump “Go so far to shit that no one bothers to fix it.” eg. Cryptopia

  • CrytoCoins CryptoCoins (@CrytoCoins) reported

    Cryptopia is in liquidation due to hack, nothing has gone anywhere post hack, all can be seen on the blockchain. Deflection away from the problems that beaxy is having is not helpful 😘

  • ClintonNaicke10 Clinton Naicker (@ClintonNaicke10) reported

    @GrantThorntonNZ can you return a portion of our crypto assets held on the Cryptopia exchange whilst the Liquidation process is being concluded... Look at Coinall exchange allowing users to withdraw funds before shutting down the exchange #cryptopia

  • Bro_Flash Flash 🇿🇦 (@Bro_Flash) reported

    @helpcryptopia @Cryptopia_NZ You must be dumb as ass to think this support scam will work on anybody anywhere. Firstly - Your email is not even on the cryptopia domain, you're on a dieing search engines domain. Secondly - Support wouldn't contact you without you contacting them. Fix your scam and try again.

  • Karnickleon Karnickleon (@Karnickleon) reported

    @GrindingPoet it's a little more than 10$, but definitely no big bags... and 5x in one candle is nothing when it comes to those things. Unfortunately some of my $ZER are stuck on ******* Cryptopia, and since they are gone the volume for $ZER also broke down by magnitudes.

  • ottokoester Otto Köster (@ottokoester) reported

    @KillYourAlts @CryptoCoyote September 24th The day that $BTC achieved less than hour - 1k $USD down The Bubble game is just starting, let's which Exchange will be the next to close the doors with an exit scam like #cryptopia Associated with next bigger recession of all centuries, we are seeing the crash.

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) reported

    @helpcryptopia @smooth_babol @Cryptopia_NZ No its bloody not. Delete your account now and stop trying to scam people already facing issues. Reported. All official tweets come through @GrantThorntonNZ #crypto #cryptopia

  • CryptoAdam2032 Crypto Adam (@CryptoAdam2032) reported

    @krypto_klepto I used to just dump a $100 bucks here and there into shitcoins on cryptopia because **** it I had BTC profits. Then I forgot my login & forgot about the exchange as a whole. I wonder how much they owe me lol I don’t even know or remember lol guess we will see!

  • JamieBu13490886 Jamie Burke (@JamieBu13490886) reported

    @alexlibertas_ Can remember that, like was yesterday. Learnt one my greatest lessons Alex from the shutting down of Cryptopia. Not keep decent sized Alts bags on a centralised exchange.

  • MeanHash MeanHash🤖🍯🐻 (@MeanHash) reported

    Not sure what @coinbase is attempting to accomplish right now. That's a bunch of absolutely terrible projects. Many don't even deserve to belong on Cryptopia...

  • Jolithune Antoine Valentin (@Jolithune) reported

    @BitquantEX you should read about the order submission error to be ready for what will happen !! #CryptoNews #cryptopia #btcnews #cryptosignal

  • B1TWizard Sash 🌠 (@B1TWizard) reported

    @CryptoNTez You were quite clear in your statement imo. Guess some ppl's english is not so good. Not ur's definitely. And absolutely , In fact some exchanges must have already prepared for the influx of US retail investors money after Binance issue & will exit scam vis a vis cryptopia.

  • LiamFCrypto1 Liam Fuller (@LiamFCrypto1) reported

    @G_maker Oh man... I bought $rdd back in the day - I think it’s down like 99% - it’s on some exchange and I don’t know which one - if it pumps I’ll frantically search and pray it wasn’t cryptopia

  • LoveCrypto4 🇫🇷Love Crypto 🇫🇷 (@LoveCrypto4) reported

    @DeviousPL @CryptoPolka @InvestorsOfETN @rollingsta @BlindNotDeaf08 @CryptoPhil16 @tasnor @Daniel08120346 @electroneum @TheTIEIO Personally I had no issues with cryptopia it did what an exchange was meant to do, I liked it because it had etn/litecoin pairing which was handy for me I'd been mining litecoin since early 2017. The problem with cryptopia was it had VC funding that had too much influence

  • Cryptomasteryo1 ⏫Value-investor Dutch⏫ (@Cryptomasteryo1) reported

    @javisobr @cz_binance Every day people are losing crypto’s because they forget passwords, pc break down, remember cryptopia, remember bittcoooooonect, people got hacker, people get scammed everyday. This is just a nee business which Will co-exist with the real world. I believe in crypto as a niche

  • frazzledjazz Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) reported

    @GoldBuffalo2 @Feathercoin @codeyisfun @goldcoin @fiscalobject this is where cryptopia failed. Bleeding out-not taking responsibility- owning own mineshaft to compensate...then down they go...of course they lie abt all of this--but hv heart to supoenae blockchain data to return yer coins.

  • koreanjewcrypto Jake aka Korean Jew Trading (@koreanjewcrypto) reported

    @Cooler_Brian @Swingularities lux is cool, but they got no exchange, no market cap, no volume. With cryptopia down I don't even know where u get it these days. If you look at my feed I don't really talk about alts too often anymore (aside from the last 24 hrs i brought up a couple) but its not lux exclusive

  • Crypto_Stark Cryptoholics Anonymous 2020 (@Crypto_Stark) reported

    @jiucrypto this shit is bad the end it comes down to survival...did u have coins lost via gox/crypsty/mintpal or now via cryptopia...or really holding any was like this.

  • CoinInspectors Dogoshi (@CoinInspectors) reported

    SWIFT bought Cryptopia to shut down $ZAP trading so retail can’t get their hands on it

  • AquariusCrypto AquariusCrypto (@AquariusCrypto) reported

    @LisaNEdwards @PrimeXbt Amazon Cloud Services had a problem. Many exchanges have been affected. And some people actually got orders filled and ran with it. Crazy cryptopia!

  • cryptofrog202 Frog ~~ (@cryptofrog202) reported

    I thought 1.5k sats was bottom... so 800 sats is nice. UNLESS there's some behind the scenes drama I don't know about (I don't follow $BIS closely). Other issues: lack of exchanges and how much those cryptopia crooks are dumping. $BIS I'd set at 500 personally.

  • LuciFUD Prince of Crypto Darkness (@LuciFUD) reported

    I thought #cryptopia's "big announcement" right before they shut down for good would be to resume full trading capabilities and I was seriously contemplating buying #monero at a discount. Close call.