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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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April 08: Problems at Counter Strike (CS:GO)

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is having issues since 10:20 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking 43.36% Matchmaking
  • Online Play 24.81% Online Play
  • Glitches 10.28% Glitches
  • Game Crash 10.28% Game Crash
  • Sign in 9.27% Sign in
  • Hacking / Cheating 2.01% Hacking / Cheating

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Algiers Matchmaking
Augsburg Online Play
Pune Online Play
Paris Game Crash
Merlo Matchmaking
Barcelona Hacking / Cheating

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  • WhiteFoxSG WhiteFoxSG (@WhiteFoxSG) reported

    @CoreyLongworth @Basilegavin420 @FOKUSTmedia not trying to take them away, the problem is that CSGO/Valorant are not even the same type of game as OW, Apex and CoD. It's a completely different experience to play and to watch. My point, is that CSGO/Valorant are probably not going to be as big as current hype.

  • CinizJD CinizJD (@CinizJD) reported

    @AcExFusi0nz @CSGO Its either nerf sg or fix shaders

  • hazardman89 rev. dr. hazardman (@hazardman89) reported

    @0perationZer0 Crash Bandicoot, that Tomb Raider one, and I heard good things about that Black Mess thingy. The conker one too. Counter Strike. Fatal Frame 2 was a decent shake at an OTS remake of a fixed camera game.

  • Scotth0906 Scott (@Scotth0906) reported

    @NioFidler @Dhillyy @Get_Flanked They need to address cheaters. The easiest and quickest fix is to implement a reputation system like CSGO until they have something better

  • _Xebaz Baz (@_Xebaz) reported

    I'm enjoying Valorant so far, it's far from a great game since it still has some issues I'd like ironing out but I'm having fun. That being said if you're expecting it to be a "CSGO clone" you're wrong, it's very different from CS, even if you removed abilities it wouldn't be CS

  • Alelogin Wojciech Łysakowski (@Alelogin) reported

    @KMoe69 @SkillUpYT I dont think thats the issue here, but ok. The game is just boring. If you are a fan of CSGO then you'll love it but if you're like me and prefer games to be a bit better then they were in the 90's then it will bore you. Thats it.

  • Screwed_llama llama (@Screwed_llama) reported

    @Get_Flanked I agree with flanked on this one, every game community had this, Apex players cry because of bugs and cheaters, even CSGO players complain about the game and cheaters, one came out last year and the other 8 years ago, there will always be players that cry about issues (1)

  • ShorKtf2 ShorK (@ShorKtf2) reported

    @itsgentu Have you installed counter strike source, used some old assets for the meme and alot of people are having this problem dammit


    @Marexn @nidclxvi @Kephrii @SpaceRocket__ @EskayOW I play CS:GO, I'm just saying, Valorant is better in any and every aspect, sorry. I'm not saying CSGO will die, but a lot of players will switch games, that's just a fact. No cheaters, no lag, actual good servers, great anticheat system and a dev that cares about the game.


    @nidclxvi @Marexn @Kephrii @SpaceRocket__ @EskayOW You are wrong. They have literally fixed all of CSGO main issues, they do have better graphics and it's something new, fresh. Riot cares about their games, especially esports titles, so that's another huge DIFFERENCE between Valorant and CSGO.

  • DoYourKanyeBest 💽🛸🖖 (@DoYourKanyeBest) reported

    @SnakeCqC045 It looks alright to me tbh I just hope that this makes valve wake up and fix csgo

  • AcExFusi0nz AcE x Fusi0nz (@AcExFusi0nz) reported

    Petition for @CSGO to fix shaders

  • zulmaliqq zul (@zulmaliqq) reported

    fix yr servers @CSGO

  • DuckyCSGO MITCH (@DuckyCSGO) reported

    @stayxcs @hayden_watson @CSGO Oh wow yeah id be tilted too. Must be a fix theres not enough people complaining. Im mr tech issue and ive dodged this one somehow

  • NickyHavey Nicky Havey (@NickyHavey) reported

    @EnjarGames I've gone back to my roots. Downloaded Counter Strike:GO, Crash Bandicoot Trilogy and Spyro the Dragon trilogy for the PC... Also have the old Burnout Games on my Xbox 360... I'm pretty well set for... probably the next few years actually 😂

  • hayden_watson hayden watson (@hayden_watson) reported

    @DuckyCSGO @CSGO yeah that didnt work i have no idea what the issue is i reformatted my pc and still getting this issue and i dont have a shit pc either so no idea

  • _WYRR Vukan Svojic (@_WYRR) reported

    Casting a lot of CS lately, yes the SG is a problem, but sitting in smokes makes me want to 🤮 @CSGO we need some updates

  • hayden_watson hayden watson (@hayden_watson) reported

    @CSGO soooo when you going to fix this issue with fps stuttering or you just going to leave it

  • pandoras_foxo communist-hacker-witch fox 🏳️‍⚧️🌹 (@pandoras_foxo) reported

    @KaraFlops it's like csgo but way less stale like, csgo blows because it's been effectively the same game for god knows how many years, but with new skins every so often overwatch is toxic & has team comp issues + high ttk (also the graphics are b/c it's beta aiui)

  • im_anand16 Anand (@im_anand16) reported

    @jhnwte @PUBG_Support Nah it will definitely fix the stuttering. I have been saying it for months that blood patch made the game unplayable. Might play tomorrow after a month. Even then i am having so much fun playing CSGO with my friends than PUBG. Will give it a try.

  • Daniel26772257 nerdleft (@Daniel26772257) reported

    @froubery go on steam, right click csgo on the left bar, click on properties, go to local files, and verify integrity of game files. when the test is over it will install new files that should fix ur problem

  • JmohCS jmoh (@JmohCS) reported

    Csgo skin market about to crash

  • Jonathan_Blow Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) reported

    I don't think I ever thought, "You know, the problem with Counter-Strike is that I am not watching cartoons made for 12-year-olds while playing this game."

  • NajeebAtari :( (@NajeebAtari) reported

    @RiotSupport are you ******* kidding fix the league of legends client then work on your copy cat csgo

  • Speak2Soon SavioR (@Speak2Soon) reported

    @valvesoftware the community behind CSGO hasnt really been happy since 1.6 and even then it wasn't the greatest. listen to the people playing the game. the problems CSGO has, Valorant does not. if you do not update CSGO it will lose its throne.

  • psionic_ghost Psionic Ghost (@psionic_ghost) reported

    Why work on their main game and fix their problems @LeagueOfLegends while they can mix @PlayOverwatch and @CSGO together and call it "new game"

  • AnbuRaz Anbu Raz (@AnbuRaz) reported

    @c7sper Me. Watched from 7am my time to 4pm and nothing😅😅 played csgo just to fix my itch

  • B1nque Jorge Padilla (@B1nque) reported

    @CSGO I love this game to see you but give a shit. I have found a hack client. Vac cannot detect. Unless you fix the game by removing running moving accuracy. And blocking all forms of hack clients. Such as over watch did. I will post this hack.

  • AlphaKillz AlphaKillz (@AlphaKillz) reported

    @Randumb Looks like overwatch and CSGO, problem for me is that I hate both those games with a passion

  • dreganlol Dreganlol (@dreganlol) reported

    riot fix your dogshit ass trashcan servers so i can play the game that keeps your business running and not that idiotic csgo/overwatch hybrid

  • OfficialDJSAAB Markus Johansson 🇸🇪 (@OfficialDJSAAB) reported

    @TheWarOwl But "Region Lock" are very good I want it for csgo too, already have it but more easy and secure too set it up. Can't see any problem there good thing too have in games.

  • kingseankaempf kingseankaempf❤️ (@kingseankaempf) reported

    Hi @RazerSupport @TeamRazer @FalleNCS I am deeply so sad about how my razer prouduct has left me the computer broke and I can not play csgo on it, and my head set piece Bluetooth got broken and couldn’t connect and the charging thing broke as well,

  • JPyzzle Jax (@JPyzzle) reported

    @jorhdys it’s put in fixes for some of CSGOs biggest problems, unless CSGO adapts this game wont die

  • realslxthr 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖊 (@realslxthr) reported

    @Umbreonbest @ThisIsGruff @oldspycey @MikeRolon @JR_sylv @Shimozukachi @jaslentheg @kevin_wolfgang6 @PacDraws @TigerCA123 @PlayStation That's only 1 example tho, I've played plenty of pc games and csgo and tf2 are the only places wheres it an actual problem and that's mostly because valve just doesn't put in the work they used to. They're still using VAC while tons of games use EasyAntiCheat or something

  • colbyley1 Colby Ley (@colbyley1) reported

    @BDLRampage @feelingzesty @iresmil @Nadeshot No problem man lol, got not much better to do while in quarantine. Also wanna add that I was thinking more of if they added ads to CSGO and what it would feel like with their recoil patterns. If you were to remove ads from cod for example you’re right it would 100% be easier.

  • PardonTheShay Shay (@PardonTheShay) reported

    Please fix stutters @CSGO

  • demonjoefrance demonjoe 🥜 (@demonjoefrance) reported

    @oxxide_ @RoundedTikTak @PlayVALORANT @riotgames @Twitch I mean, I think I'd rather play Valorant over CSGO, but the main problem is, just like you said, it's basically the same thing. They're taking an already existing formula, and only slightly changing it. Nowhere near as close to what Fortnite did with revolutionizing PvP.

  • JackB1809 Jack (@JackB1809) reported


  • RiasHndrxx Rias (@RiasHndrxx) reported

    so first game of Valorant, im dog shit at CSGO like games which was no surprise since ive never even played CS. game plays so smooth it almost feels strange. constant 200+ fps and not a single dropped frame or bit of lag at all.

  • iiJRBakerii JRBaker II (@iiJRBakerii) reported

    @CardinalsxBlues @JacobAmoger @XSoc14W @ashtonisVULCAN @InfinityWard Mmm not really I also started gaming with sbmm in CSGO so i have 0 problem with it. Be better at the game or don't play whining isn't gonna change shit

  • tr7zw tr7zw (@tr7zw) reported

    @Inventivtalent @PlayOverwatch Not playing Overwatch but I'd call bullshit if CSGO or Gw2 would give me dishonor/timeout for a game/system crash.

  • Conker_Rakun Conker The Raccoon🧡 (@Conker_Rakun) reported from Juárez, Estado de Chihuahua

    @RevBait ... this looks just like CSGO & Overwatch... but with lol characters ngl, sounds kinda disgusting and broken

  • Lancejc85 Lancejc (@Lancejc85) reported

    @CSGO Fingers crossed Valorant kills CS:GO. Steam have been abhorrent to the CS gaming community over the past 10 years, focused solely on skins and profit. Terrible 66 tick servers Terrible hack prevention system Terrible support and service #deathtocsgo #fusteam

  • rinwasgnome rin (@rinwasgnome) reported

    @CSGO mate fix your game for amd systems or whatever these crashes are unbelievable literally never been a problem before now i cant even load into matches

  • doja1shot doja x god (@doja1shot) reported

    @EllisCoulbornn @3th4nqs @xJokerr_ @Miky935 @Nadeshot and as someone said before. China. CSGO has had issues breaking into to china due to gore in the game. so using viewership as the primed metric is flawed to begin with.

  • TastySquidFR Tom Wurtz 👁‍🗨 (@TastySquidFR) reported

    Valorant using 128 tick servers for everyone is the most CSGO killer feature. This has to become the norm for shooters. Using third-party Faceit on CSGO to get this quality of service becomes unacceptable now.

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    Valve @valvesoftware had 4 months to fix their anti-cheat to deal with the #csgo cheating problem glad to see they did nothing in those 4 months other than box up community skins to make money

  • pandoras_foxo communist-hacker-witch fox 🏳️‍⚧️🌹 (@pandoras_foxo) reported

    @Growlithography since like - my main issues with csgo are: * at a high level, the meta is incredibly stale, because the game never changes * there's little variance in matches * it heavily favors run-n-gun peeks at an engine level, and utilities are essentially a bandaid to try to punish that

  • Cormaaaa vindaloo (@Cormaaaa) reported

    @mezidog @j0eljer yeah and i rather play broken game than ability cancer csgo knockoff fortnite game

  • Typhl0 typhlo (@Typhl0) reported

    @CSGO I guess since you wont fix your game I'm just going to throw dozens of matches so tha it I can smurf against bad kids and have a single drop of fun.

  • Ntak__ Ntak 🌹 (@Ntak__) reported

    @steeroftheend @RealDanielby13 @Kotaku Watching competitive CSGO is great. Playing CSGO on their trash servers with rampant hacking is not. If riot can fix that, that's really all i care about.

  • William87542700 William Walker (@William87542700) reported

    @Get_Flanked Please stop it's literally not, in csgo the walking is completely silent and no one complains, I can hear crouch movements from down a hallway theres no problem with it

  • TomPickering Tom Pickering (@TomPickering) reported

    Dunno how @CSGO devs stay this stagnant on an issue like the Kreig, its terrible game design.

  • lanzones25 You (@lanzones25) reported

    Csgo needs to fix their vac and bugs, valorsnt will dominate them :((

  • avagyan26428956 eng1ne (@avagyan26428956) reported

    @CSGO Fix shaders if you dont wanna lost low pc gamers... Or add new version like PUBG Lite,CSGO+SO LOW Shaders,comeback my 2015 fps please

  • vampire_goat 𖤐 α𝖑𝖊χ 💜🖤💜 (@vampire_goat) reported

    @vylsp used to be ok at csgo in 2015 when i had friends to play with. ive solo grinded gtao on ps4 to level 96 then got lucky with a glitch that gave me 250mil now i have no desire to play anymore lol

  • Ja_Rodriguezz J (@Ja_Rodriguezz) reported

    1000+ hrs on csgo, Thousands of pesos on skins, 5 games that i spent with own money, Csgo prime, Loyalty badge and 2017-2020 service medal all thrown away... To my Hacked Steam acc. RIP and GG.

  • lickmyclip07 zZLickMyClipZz (@lickmyclip07) reported

    @RVLScarlet 💀 it’s a lot like CSGO so understandable I guess but my heart is broken still

  • sQuiboIsSus sQuiboHasCorona🦠🤡 (@sQuiboIsSus) reported

    @TraceWayek nah game runs like csgo which is old af they should fix the graphics to be fair it's still in beta so there's hope

  • BrentPSorensen HulkinBrent (@BrentPSorensen) reported

    @DarkSins03 @EightThoughtz I never played csgo but maybe a friends like 13 years ago or something im not a pc guy i could never justify spending the money to build a pc with all the windows flaws updates issues