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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Matchmaking (56.25%)
  • Online Play (25.00%)
  • Sign in (9.38%)
  • Glitches (6.25%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (3.13%)

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  • ItsSeyllie James (@ItsSeyllie) reported

    Had 2 days to sort, yet #ibuypower is still shit and broken #CSGO

  • JixatShah Jixat Shah (@JixatShah) reported

    @DemauxOfficial @CSGOEmpire there are many reasons to like csgoempire - CSGO P2P - HUGE JACKPOTS - WITHDRAWL OPTIONS but one thing i dont like is they should add more games options like coinflip , crash , hilo , tradeup , black jack etc ...

  • Lisaa_Gonzalez Husa😛 (@Lisaa_Gonzalez) reported

    So my brother just got a 7-day CSGO ban because we had a small power outage during one of his comp matches and now hes been sitting at his computer crying for 20 mins now 💀 #CSGO

  • ReplaysD_ Trilogy Replays (@ReplaysD_) reported

    @cizzorz Well ill be playing csgo till they fix everything

  • frankum_ian Ian frankum (@frankum_ian) reported from Exeter District, England

    @davewalkersdcc Decent post Dave , and i agree we had to change shape , way we played and tactics and late notice because of Armies strike , my issue with AC was not the miss he is just not up to fast pace and counter attack football the Premier now is , I was there and we looked Sam esque

  • tehseowner SEOwner (@tehseowner) reported

    I don’t play CSGO anymore but often watch the tournaments and root for NA teams. Whoever is the director of this @iBUYPOWER tournament should be fired. Didn’t stream half the games, hours of technical problems, too low volume at some points, no big screen for live audience.

  • Cravanify_ cart. (@Cravanify_) reported

    the problem is, is that im kinda growing out of the whole roblox profile picture and banner shit. im also starting to branch out to other games like CSGO and Garry's Mod. feel free to add me on steam: cravanify_ (no this does not in anyway mean im quitting roblox.)

  • plsorioles2 caps szn (@plsorioles2) reported


  • HYPE_Physique Jordan [HYPE] (@HYPE_Physique) reported

    The #cloud9 #csgo team just looks like such a weird collection of names lol. Too bad Golden has health issues they had a good future together

  • zanesnep penis LOL (@zanesnep) reported

    reminder that people who think csgo is better than other games because you have to compensate for broken recoil and think that it makes sense to not be able to run around while shooting are lobotomized virgins

  • henryjm11106 HenryJiM (@henryjm11106) reported

    @chetfaliszek One of my win10 machines had a weird problem where randomly, and often repeatedly, disk activity maxes out and the system freezes completely for 5-20 seconds at a time, even while playing CSGO. it was a clean, fairly recent install, fully updated. now on Linux with no problems.

  • MrShaun_Rockey Mr Urban Virus (@MrShaun_Rockey) reported

    Valve need to fix csgo seriously non prime players shouldn’t be in prime games ruining my ******* matches

  • 1nf0SeC Humza Jami (@1nf0SeC) reported

    To be honest we all knew these problems were coming considering how @iBUYPOWER has thrown matches in the past, it seems as if they haven't learnt since they seem to be throwing the tournament away too. #csgo #ibuypower

  • 1nf0SeC Humza Jami (@1nf0SeC) reported

    Definition of @iBUYPOWER: Awful security measures in place Major audio issues unnoticed on @Twitch since the start of the @astralisgg vs @compLexity Worst production I have ever seen in the history of CS:GO Awfully skewed logic by playing 10 BO1's by 9PM.0 #CSGO #ibuypower

  • RaffeTheRandom raffe (@RaffeTheRandom) reported

    Holy shit this tourney is one of the worst I've seen in a while, hopefully they can fix their problems.. Would be some amazing csgo.. @iBUYPOWER #IBPMasters #iBUYPOWER

  • CavemanGamingAU CavemanGaming (@CavemanGamingAU) reported

    @iBUYPOWER for the love of god please fix your audio #CSGO

  • GEORGE73620452 GEORGE (@GEORGE73620452) reported

    @ProdigyDDK @DATDropCSGO they can just change cs go skins to vgo its not a problem till csgo skins were pixels anyways

  • HaliosGasinova Halios00 (@HaliosGasinova) reported

    @MedicBotMixer Heading back to the hall right now. I have a CSGO hat on and will be inside walking around. I have so little service

  • VGO_gg (@VGO_gg) reported

    PSA: Don't stream content or make videos on Twitch or Youtube that breaks the terms of service of another company! Example: if you stream yourself gambling on sites with CSGO, DOTA2, H1Z1 etc then you are breaking the Steam ToS, and risk being banned by Twitch or YouTube.

  • helgehelge123 helge neumann (@helgehelge123) reported

    @steam_games Thanks Valve. Just had a bug in CSGO where my mouse was way faster than it should've been. Restarted CSGO, Steam, my PC and was not able to fix the bug, nor did the game reconnect. I got multiple "Was not able to reconnect" messeges and a deranked in that "game" (y)

  • Rektlaughter unfunny.png (@Rektlaughter) reported


  • codygamblingtv Cody Norris Nguyen (@codygamblingtv) reported

    My CSGO was hacked and has a VAC Banned and Cooldown. Please help me get the problem figured out. Please retweet and let big streamers, friends and who ever you know that I need your help with get my CSGO unbanned.

  • Isak_N Isak (@Isak_N) reported

    @JFGnorD i agree, its a valid tactic. People even get mad at people ''camping'' in CSGO, and that is legit straight up stupid. I have a more agressive play style in BFV and i do great. If you know how to play and know the maps, the ''campers'' are no problem.

  • ProbePoint TANGO (@ProbePoint) reported

    we'll try to do something on stream tonight if @ETurns is up for it, have to see if csgo wants to play nice with my setup if we end up on that game. had problems last time but I'll update as we get closer.

  • Benjarapido3 Benjarapido3 (@Benjarapido3) reported

    @DaddyskinsCSGO I think the page is missing a crash as Csgo magic would be very good

  • Gruntuwu Grunt (@Gruntuwu) reported

    @hazedCS These are James' problems as the CSGO community are majorly upset over mouz. Lmao.

  • Vampahh i 💔 yøu (@Vampahh) reported

    Then I spawn into a pub and I can't do anything like the stupid curser is on my screen and its all blurry but I can't do anything. Literally had to unplug my console This console and game could not be any more broken. Literally like trying to play CSGO at 9 FPS on a windows XP PC

  • tpatpeppers tplat (@tpatpeppers) reported

    Mic issues because I played CSGO once last night. Sick. Back when I fix it.

  • TarikTare7 Tarik Tare (@TarikTare7) reported

    @steam_games @ValveTime You ******* ruined the Counter Strike Global Offensive. Fix it ffs so many hackers!!

  • 40splishsplash Roger Bergström (@40splishsplash) reported

    A power outage just stopped my CSGO Danger Zone stream a while ago...Ahhh! 😮😒 #LiveStreaming #CSGO #poweroutage #40splishsplash

  • tyson_ronnie Ronnie Tyson (@tyson_ronnie) reported

    Crash n burn by @JamesCrowder #FZClan #CSGO #eSports #G4Cash

  • NoManHasAPlan Thomas Pearson (@NoManHasAPlan) reported

    @TakingThePitt It's ******* brilliant. I need to fix my PC still 😭 miss csgo

  • Cry0nicC Dathon McKee (@Cry0nicC) reported

    2019 Goals: Get better in CSGO Get outta silver and Gold Nova Get rid of my Toxicity problem Upload a quote every week to Twitter Get better streaming gear Participate in a tournament, or get a 16-5 scrim record

  • loufuckingsucks 𝕷𝖔𝖚 (@loufuckingsucks) reported

    Puta CSGO is a broken game

  • Rivvy_Trick Rivela! (@Rivvy_Trick) reported

    hey if anyone can tell me why playing csgo with my new bluetooth headphones mutes all audio on my computer and how to fix it that would be great! my headphones are the ones that can do calls but for whatever reason, it thinks the game itself is a call

  • BreezR6 Carter "Breez" (@BreezR6) reported

    @dantew23 @Siege_GG Nah, valve is actually pretty good at fixing game breaking bugs, ofcourse every game has little bugs that are hard to pinpoint and fix but CSGO is a great FPS to base work ethic on for updates and fixes

  • krimsuu Krimsu (@krimsuu) reported

    Might aswell start selling csgo boosting service

  • utahjazz_24 UtahJazz_24 (@utahjazz_24) reported

    @csgo_dev can someone help me I am having problems connecting my mic on csgo

  • Faptasia_ RUfanatic (@Faptasia_) reported

    @Cryyfuu After hearing about his issues with csgo gambling sites, gona guess he's in w.e it is for 🤑

  • ScruMyy ScruM (@ScruMyy) reported

    Csgo retakes/pugs again on stream. Also been live for almost 13 hours or 12 if we count that fire thingy out it took them 1 hour to fix until we were allowed back into our homes... YIKES

  • preslav1458 preslav145 (@preslav1458) reported

    @3kliksphilip Philip, i need help, im gonna jump straight to the topic, it is basically a problem with csgo and amd and by basically i mean a huge problem that nobody is talking about. If you have an AMD vga and want black bars it is pretty much impossible to get them. 1/2

  • 03harry12 Harry (@03harry12) reported

    @UKRift Nice article. Although I see what you mean as it could create an interest, I still don't think that's too much of a problem. After all, an interest is fine, it's down to the people with what happens. I knew nothing about guns, but now I know a lot about all of the ones in CSGO,

  • farisemblawa faris (@farisemblawa) reported

    @steam_games 30-40 % of CSGO players are cheaters. Please fix it.

  • windy_1986 windy (@windy_1986) reported

    @realvalvecorp Can you fix your csgo servers!!!

  • ImLukeMaybe Luke (@ImLukeMaybe) reported

    @DidemDeosculate MM has been an issue far before f2p. Core issue is csgo is a lootcrate opening simulator. That makes valve money, not people playing MM. They couldnt give 2 ***** about people's in game experience. Dota is valve's baby, csgo is a little money on the side.

  • tuckbtheog Tucker Johnson (@tuckbtheog) reported

    im not playing csgo, I dont know why it shows that.. twitter is broken

  • SmokelessMeme1 SmokelessMeme (@SmokelessMeme1) reported

    csgo just got a ******* update YESTERDAY and still didn't address the hitreg issues or the bots being broken in competitive. @csgo_dev comp ban system needs ******* updated also so that if you leave in the BEGINNING of a comp ban you get a MINIMUM of a day ban not ******* 30 min

  • ErrorCitizenX Citizen X (@ErrorCitizenX) reported

    @JezCorden I’m sure it can be toggled on/off, like ad blockers. The problem with the majority of youtubers is they don’t do their due diligence when looking into sponsorships, e.g BetterHelp, CSGO lotto, Mysterybrand and so many more. In many cases, this AI might actually protect people.

  • NJOverclocked NJOverclocked (@NJOverclocked) reported

    @puritikiti Yeah slower leaning and slower crouching like CSGO. First 2 presses should be normal, and then it gets really slow if you spam it. EZ fix that should've happened a long time ago

  • BloodzBoi bloodzboi 血男孩 (@BloodzBoi) reported

    csgo is a broken game.

  • Solavade Blessure Noir (@Solavade) reported

    Damn CSGO is kinda fun again. After I fixed my alt tab issue I feel like my entire game is slowly coming back.

  • blitzcloud blitzcloud (@blitzcloud) reported

    @davidscottjaffe My main concern with mtx is when they become covert gambling for underage folk that can develop that sort of problem in adulthood. The rush you get when you get some knife/gloves on csgo is the same you get when the ball lands on your number in a roulette.

  • minvunki 𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔫 (@minvunki) reported

    Y'all please 💀💀 singularity is marked private, meaning BH is aware of the issue and have salvaged the video+views. They're prolly gonna counter the strike and put the mv back up once it's resolved! Report to BH but don't spread false info saying the vid is gone/deleted!!

  • JordiiCS Jordii (@JordiiCS) reported

    Bare in mind, I’ve tried everything to fix this and it’s only on csgo. The only thing I can think of is when I updated my synapse to version 2.21 that’s when it became legit useless. Like useless to use.

  • JordiiCS Jordii (@JordiiCS) reported

    Nah I’m actually done @RazerSupport I only get mouse acceleration on my mouse when I play csgo, all commands for mouse accel are off.. I used a mouse recorder it’ll be 510 x-2 and at 9hz then be fine again for a second then back to this bullshit. I’m done trying to fix it.

  • MaxiCrack56 MaxuNicePvP (@MaxiCrack56) reported

    @steam_games pls fix chile servers un csgo

  • Matheus_Abrahan O Desempregado (@Matheus_Abrahan) reported


  • DSM_200 DSM (@DSM_200) reported

    @SpinnaSpence Just look it up, theirs some commands you can put in command prompt, just look up csgo vac error and it’s he first steam support link. That’s what fixed it for me anyway

  • fireblade1511 Fireblade1411 (@fireblade1511) reported

    @lmaovali csgo ranking been broken since that winter update

  • MarKiSSJta MarKiSSJ #TLP (@MarKiSSJta) reported

    @VGOWIKICOM @VGO_gg @GO_vIRL error "you already have csgo trade" i waited 5 hours, and i dont have my skin :c