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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • lenny67_RL lenny67 (@lenny67_RL) reported

    getting into csgo esports has been really fun but ive now encountered a problem i never have before - having rocket league and csgo tournaments going on at the same time and having to choose which one to watch

  • blazeymc91 PondRyder (@blazeymc91) reported

    i may just drastically change sens and try getting used to it, the problem is on that sens which is same as in csgo my aim is lovely

  • DHMatt90 BANDOLA (@DHMatt90) reported

    @aevanko It's true anything can turn into an addiction, but I think games has a higher potential, especially with kids. I know I had problems when younger when I would skip school to play counter strike, but it shouldn't be called an addiction until it's interfering with your regular life

  • Wontonboton WonTonBoTon (@Wontonboton) reported

    Just spent 2 hours editing a csgo video on the @YouTube studio beta and everything that I cut out stayed in and everything I wanted in got cut out. YouTuber issues when I’m not even a YouTuber lol. @YTCreators

  • fzethunderfa Thunder (@fzethunderfa) reported

    @AimAssistbtw @FortniteGame I’m on 30 ping and I don’t lag in any other games I’ve played. I’ve got off and played csgo and warface. Both didn’t have any lag problems. Definitely a server problem :(

  • saddestboyaroun Fiji (@saddestboyaroun) reported

    @steam_games fix my god damn csgo trustfactor

  • LurchioGaming Lurchio (@LurchioGaming) reported

    @DugaidGaming I would love to play PUBG, CSGO, Battlefield, Apex, etc but the issue is that I only have one ear so when running around and someone shoots at me I have no sense of what direction it came from. Seeing the specialist again soon, might have a fix now, will have to see i guess.

  • OfficialNoobie Robert 'Noobie' Dix (@OfficialNoobie) reported

    @Battalion1944 the game is currently unplayable for me. i am stuck with packet loss and i know it isnt my side because i have played csgo and rainbow six to see if the issue persisted but it did not, my speeds are correct. i need help with this problem or else i cant play.

  • markriber1 markriber (@markriber1) reported

    @csgo_dev fix csgo i cant connect to any games anymore

  • strikemxnyc (@strikemxnyc) reported

    @Brandon_Nocaute @philthemmadude Well she does that Jackson wink thing if throwing 90 % of her strike from a foot out of range. I can see her giving Amanda some problems. If you don’t engage Nunes in the pocket, sometimes she’ll get stuck waiting to counter and offer little output. Holly could outpointing her.

  • nightmareCS_ nightmare (@nightmareCS_) reported

    would be really cool if csgo devs could fix the ******* double nade sound bug, the amount of died from dodging nades that dont even ******* exist today is insane

  • criticalguy1 One Seven Speaks (@criticalguy1) reported

    @KrekQ @AfromTe @KEEMSTAR Faze trying to fix this then why offer such a blatantly awful contract they didn't expect tfue to be this big they thought he will be like their csgo teams good but less clout and when he had the numbers to back him there u go 1mil and 0 splits save our image and sponsorships

  • S4TURDAYZ S4TURDAY/Wilzyy (@S4TURDAYZ) reported

    ffs the amount of hackers on CSGO wingman is annoying. Im literally a premium member and me and friend get in to a match with a hacker every-time without fail. Valve plz fix. Go to EZAntiCheat or die tmr

  • jihyollibee Alfonso #fancyou (@jihyollibee) reported

    @Thooorin Thorin, i know this may be a non league or csgo topic but i hope you get to check whats happening to dota2 right now and just talk abt the whole thing again in general maybe in listen loco or yoir thoughts. The problem is kinda similar on what happened with echofox but to a playr

  • dogetard 乙乇尺の 🇦🇱 (@dogetard) reported

    @Prox368 Yeah games that do it like CSGO and TF2 aren't the problem, the problem is pay2win and locking parts of the game

  • stolz_ar Mariano M. Godani (@stolz_ar) reported

    @TheQuartering With all due respect, I care more about CSGO than I care about your issues with an SJW because of a couple of tweets. I don't really know how your got to that conclusion. I couldn't care less about Fortnite and tfue but FaZe is a big and important organization in the CSGO scene.

  • MGinjure McGinjure (@MGinjure) reported

    @csgo_dev I get kicked out of every game I join. Says I’m reconnecting to Csgo servers. WiFi is working, I’ve restarted the router, verified game files. Still happening please help! I need my cs fix

  • Squidd_RL Squidd (@Squidd_RL) reported

    Just slammed my fist on my desk so hard that for a solid ten seconds I was convinced I had broken it. I really gotta stop playing csgo

  • TechnicalDIY Alex (@TechnicalDIY) reported

    @MrProWestie There is no such thing as a perfect patch. Every multiplayer game out right gets a new problem with every patch. CSGO, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, DOTA2, etc. These games are too massive in scale and complex to be perfect. It's unrealistic.

  • ovovovove hampus johansson (@ovovovove) reported

    @csgo_dev counter strike global offensive............... i can just say that you really failed with this game... omg how retarded are you for real, fix the god damn servers, hitbox EVERYTHING ON THIS GAME SUCKS SO MUCH D*CK. FUCKYOU, quit creating games cause you suck at it......

  • ___ConQueRoR___ Abhijeet Gautam (@___ConQueRoR___) reported

    @csgo_dev Hey i found a bug in csgo When you open console and press right click on mouse,the game instantly crashes.Please Fix that.

  • StatsHelixFrosT Hector Rosario (@StatsHelixFrosT) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @PaulChaloner @AndiousAndy @RogueOakk @MonteCristo @SirScoots @Banks @JoogSquad There are few people who have dealt with this issue as much as I have. Check the top 5 players list in CSGO and RL. If your business model requires loyalty then you are in for a world of hurt. That word doesnt mean shit in business. That is a sad part of life.

  • tehbutter tehbutter (@tehbutter) reported

    I’ve been having this issue after I updated my BIOS and it makes my headphones crackle whenever my CPU usage goes high and it makes my recording sound awful/CSGO unbearable to play. I’ve been trying to fix for about a week now but nothing working :(

  • bufanda_tl bufanda (@bufanda_tl) reported

    @csgo_dev Now I understand why I am bad at CSGO. But unfortunately this update won’t fix it. 😂

  • DieSchokotatze HNR shook0 (@DieSchokotatze) reported

    @synnertajin @csgo_dev Csgo is a ******* service game

  • manoelvsnt Manoel Valerio (@manoelvsnt) reported

    @csgo_dev , the main problem in csgo are the cheaters, not grenades. The csgo game has 7 years and you worried about grenades update, would resolve the vac.

  • zZackeryyy Z W (@zZackeryyy) reported

    @f4urs Banks is ALWAYS involved in some type of drama or clout chasing started out with the CSGO wild gambling and then them smoking **** in NYC to all the issues he got into at different places hanging out with romeo who was doing shady stuff

  • Xeph0r Marcus (@Xeph0r) reported

    RIP. Still having issues connecting to the server, so gonna go play some #CSGO instead :D

  • BingoBangoTV Bingooooo (@BingoBangoTV) reported

    @RealStrongLegs @csgo_dev Thankyou csgo devs for working overtime today to fix it 😊

  • busansaram_ [noclan]Vee_DIO (@busansaram_) reported

    @TBA_Unknown First Brood War, SC2, CSGO, and now League. It's been a problem for EVERY esport that was a Tier 1 in the past. I know its bad, but at this point, people are going to realize it's going to be almost close to impossible to stop.

  • TheVeganBear TheVeganBear (@TheVeganBear) reported

    @fl0mtv @csgo_dev Yes something is broken. It has always been. It's called CSGO. "keep calm, it's a Beta"

  • TheVeganBear TheVeganBear (@TheVeganBear) reported

    @GamerTagCS @DonHaci "something's broken" Yeah, and it's called CSGO 😬

  • Rhysy_G9 Rhys Gallagher (@Rhysy_G9) reported

    @Optus Can't play any PC games besides CSGO, Rocket League and this is so annoying cause i was full set to level up a Rainbow Six Siege account but Optus fkd up. Ubisoft, Epic Games, Origin doesn't work for me on my pc. Pls fix by tonight so i can enjoy tomorrow playing other games! :))

  • AD121233010053 AD1212 (@AD121233010053) reported

    @t8styham Games like SC2, csgo, league, dota, quake champions, and even guild wars 2 alone have larger online communities than any console exclusive. Whereas shit like uc4, Killzone SF, TLOU, driveclub etc are pretty much dead on psn. A service you pay 60 bucks for.

  • duaiism_ Dualism (@duaiism_) reported

    @whoofg @TDM_Jesus @csgo_dev If you've been playing CSGO for at least a year you would've known about. The issue was around for years, they probably knew about it too but didn't seem to care. Or that's how it felt like.

  • d3dw0d @this_vid (@d3dw0d) reported

    Say what you want about Csgo and its devs, but they do fix bugs fast

  • BingoBangoTV Bingooooo (@BingoBangoTV) reported

    @csgo_dev "small update" but fixes one of the biggest issues with csgo

  • Midosovski Jaouadi Ahmed (@Midosovski) reported

    @_harf_rakam @FACEIT CSGO EU Free Queue is closed due to an issue with the matching system... Shit!

  • TimzyHD Timzy (@TimzyHD) reported

    @connorkmm If you play the comp playlist you know what you're getting yourself into. It will be a commitment similar to CSGO comp where you commit no matter how long the game may take. CSGO can take and hour and a half sometimes and that community doesn't seem to have a problem with that.

  • MidN_CS MidN (@MidN_CS) reported

    my phone broke and now i can't sign in to CSGO ***

  • buro_daniel daniel brahma (@buro_daniel) reported

    @FortniteBRLive @Ghost_Enzo @Upsilonnn @JaxsenTV the game itself is unbalanced, thats why it wont be a tier 1 esport. youre 100% right with the things your saying, but none of that will fix a broken game. csgo is still alpha in esports IMO.

  • akaZays Zay (@akaZays) reported

    @MT_NextForce_ I've already tried it and it's bad, it's not "csgo mobile" and that's the problem, if anything I'd still take c-ops over it anyday, and i dont like that game either

  • captainloveclol CAPTAIN FALCON (@captainloveclol) reported

    @csgo_dev there is a problem with the csgo blog site the updates tab doesn't open

  • eliaspixel Elias Viglione (@eliaspixel) reported

    @wH1TEyo The problem is that no woman can play at the level of any pro man, and if they can its mostly support roles. I've been waiting for ages to see a female genji/doomfist pro or someone who can dominate the top csgo players, but so far such player/s dont exist.

  • pray2god69 Atheists of Inner-West Revesby (@pray2god69) reported

    If you select Appear Offline on @steam_games while playing #CSGO then you'll turn invisible. The reason that this issue went for years without being discovered is because nobody plays CSGO.

  • Scoutfreeman Alsnana (@Scoutfreeman) reported

    @xMaxJoe @Yunus_Korku @csgo_dev It's kind of sad. We should be happy the game's getting so many updates recently. There are other games that update super slowly per 3 month basis due to console management. CSGO doesn't have that problem. I'm excited for each update even if I'm not super into csgo anymore.

  • MickGProduction Michael Gately (@MickGProduction) reported

    @FACEITSupport @FACEIT You might be THE worst pugging system out there tbh. Fix your csgo pug platform please

  • OhNoItsAlexx OhNoImDad (@OhNoItsAlexx) reported

    @BeatmasterAC CSGO still had a myriad of issues that Valve still refuses to fix.

  • T1_Ackbar A.C.K.B.A.R (@T1_Ackbar) reported

    why does csgo crash everytime i play dude wtaf

  • jUANTx17 Juan Torniai (@jUANTx17) reported

    @XboxSupport I can't sign Xbox Live on Xbox One BC like game Gears of War Counter Strike GO I get error code 80151906

  • MegamanTV Cory 'Megaman' Gilbert (@MegamanTV) reported

    I drank and gambled in CSGO when I was 15 so the whole thing with tfue is totally ok and there is zero problem with it.

  • OdomSMITE Odom (@OdomSMITE) reported

    @catmanpants @sBennyQ Not an issue with other games like CSGO where I die or make a misplay and people are like “NT bro.” In Smite, it seems like all the children who have self confidence issues like to reflect their problems on others and tell you to off yourself if you miss an ability.

  • John_Perd Jp (@John_Perd) reported

    @tolkienfanatic Problem there is that they win titles (Mostly CSGO) more often than the mets have won a ws.

  • tomerz073 TomerZ (@tomerz073) reported

    @RyanAtRBM what was the problem with faze csgo and their 5th

  • shaunlewis1805 Shaun Lewis (@shaunlewis1805) reported

    @AndyNetherwood @RoyalNavy @RoyalAirForce I think the fear is less about killing off the younger sibling and more about the ability to provide combat air patrols in defence of an amphibious strike force. Sadly, when all three services are under financial pressure, inter-service rivalry can be counter-productive.

  • fireballenid ame (@fireballenid) reported

    @jaketram2013 @aaronphilipxo bro why are u doing this when all u do is post about csgo. do u really have no life that ur trying to be edgy in random people’s comments about an issue u have no right to comment on

  • felixlulz felixlulz (@felixlulz) reported

    everyone with iq above 20 knows that smokes of csgo been bugged and people been abusing it for long time, problem is the csgo devs are incompetent i kinda stopped tweeting about csgo cause its boring, people that genuinly believe its a good game have incredible low standards

  • kvRaven_ Zeeshan Alabedin (@kvRaven_) reported

    @TimMEsports @InterroTalks CSGO is stil going strong, so I don't see the problem.

  • InterroTalks Parker Mackay (@InterroTalks) reported

    @TimMEsports CSGO has been one of the most played FPS games over the past 5 years so I'm not sure I'd call it a "problem." And just because these changes are designed to improve Ranked doesn't mean Casual can't (or won't) be improved at some point too.

  • TimMEsports Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    @InterroTalks I'm sure they weren't, but my point still stands. Look at CSGO, it has the same problem, and this move only improves things for the hardcore audience. One man's frustration is another's variety etc. For me it's entirely the wrong bit of the game to prioritise.