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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • knowemotions
    knowemotion (@knowemotions) reported

    @csgo_dev fix your anti-cheat for CSGO please I've been playing with nothing but cheaters for months now to the point where I don't want to play matchmaking AT ALL

  • deus_piyush
    Piyush Choudhary (@deus_piyush) reported

    *opponent outplays me* My brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it " Lag! " #Fortnite #gaming #Gamer #lag #ping #pubg #game #online #multiplayer #cod #CallofDutyBlackOps4 #CallOfDuty #CSGO

  • f1r3ZzZx
    әʞᴉɯ (@f1r3ZzZx) reported

    @Steam_Support Since the last Counter Strike update, people are having fps drops, lagging, we tried everything, reinstall game, check the game files, update graphic drivers, and still not working.

  • Iaintrealdyopex
    NotDyoPeX (@Iaintrealdyopex) reported

    @BananaGamingCS Yea coz so many people just star trolling/teamdamaging if you lose first 5-9rounds. Even tho its a winnable match. Thats one of the problems with csgo players....

  • Cunt_Juice_
    Cunt Juice (@Cunt_Juice_) reported

    @GabeLNewell I keep getting errors when trying to download the newest CSGO update. I asked @csgo_dev but they hadnt answered.

  • Wallisaurus
    WALLYNEXTDOOR (@Wallisaurus) reported

    This is my main problem with CSGO and it would peak my interest to play competitively again if they added more shit. Give me Contra, Russka, Tuscan and Season pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

  • LortyHD
    Lorty HD (@LortyHD) reported

    @skinhub please fix your CSGO withdrawal iam actually regretting that I upgraded for some CSGO skins and they are not even being sent... (1-2 days btw) I have been waiting for one skin for more that 2 weeks

  • HaydenHewitt
    Hayden Hewitt (@HaydenHewitt) reported

    Apparently I have "13 years of service" on Steam. In that time I've owned 11 titles because I only signed up to get counter strike and then bought Half Life 2 for some reason. What a gaming GOD!

    NAEKEM (@NAEKEM_) reported

    Finally got that darn csgo video done. Can finally work on vreal. The only problem with that platform is trying to be unique. Gonna be racking this brain trying to think of something for it.

  • Hi_Im_Reckless
    Reckless (@Hi_Im_Reckless) reported

    @xxxinfrared Oh I know, I stop playing after pre season 6 but I was royalty every season and was LEM on csgo then csgo gave me a skin gambling/drinking problem

  • THEKINH2018
    thevinh21 (@THEKINH2018) reported

    @ROLVeStuff In CSGO radar can show enemy bomb and teammate But in CB radar show nothing Rolve pls fix

  • Verticuse
    Tapan Acharya (@Verticuse) reported

    @Mrtweeday @HOUNGOUNGAGNE It's somehow always the games fault. In CSGO the go to was Lag and now in Pubg it's Desync. Yes some are genuine cases but blaming it on the game unnecessarily, I mean come on.

  • P3ToxicG
    Simon Stanglica (@P3ToxicG) reported

    @betwayesports The man who posted the idea **** him or delete is csgo/reddit account fortnite dances should be there on problem with their 10yos

  • VanuatuVideo
    videoservicesvanuatu (@VanuatuVideo) reported

    @FortniteGame Its awful that you keep using us t essentially be unpaid game testers. Thata games like CSGO & PUBG have no problem reconnecting - using your game engine - yet in BR we cannot reconnect with a nano-second disconnect. truly awful!

  • VanuatuVideo
    videoservicesvanuatu (@VanuatuVideo) reported

    @FortniteGame Its awful that you keep using us t essentially be unpaid game testers. Thata games like CSGO & PUBG have no problem reconnecting - using your game engine - yet in BR we cannot reconnect with a nano-second disconnect. truly awful!

  • Dave44176836
    Dave (@Dave44176836) reported

    They should add the double barrel to csgo,how broken do you think its gonna be if they added it

  • StayRiced
    Pascal Dannehl (@StayRiced) reported

    @streamlabs Already did. Nothing happens. I tried to increase upload bandwidth in settings... Nothing changes.. Running CSGO in high priority mode helps but still lagging. 2 days ago it runs smooth, now this. Gonna join Streamlabs discord later for more help 👌 Thanks guys!

  • qiqeli
    Virginus maximus (@qiqeli) reported

    @csgo_dev Steamos CSGO wont start. I have verified integridy of gamefiles and tried other possible solutions and nothing seems to work. I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and valve pls fix

  • JeyerLulz_b44
    J́e̷̕ye̸͡r͜ (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @Assassino47_ @Riskit @LivetSomKandis @ACrunchyCaptain @m0E_tv @csgo_dev @TheDanidem Moving inaccuracy, which is non existent -> That's not a real Counter Strike mechanic. Broken hitreg. There you go, you got your "2 broken things in GO".

  • illixirYT
    illixir (@illixirYT) reported

    @agusta_dewa @so2_official Not everything need to be like csgo ._. csgo has alot of broken shit in it lmao

  • _Sasrii
    Sasri (@_Sasrii) reported

    !!!help I have random fps drops in csgo ping loss etc is fine, i dont see the lag too much unless i spray at people but everyone else sees me lag ingame :( i googled for 4 days and tried several things!! Whoever solves this issue gets a 🍕!!!

  • giorgijanjgava7
    George (@giorgijanjgava7) reported

    @ChaBoyyHD oi m8, been with u since csgo and wanna play with u ever since i started watching. if u wanna play hmu. i just have a bad pc so might lag a bit

  • FinupEz
    Finup (@FinupEz) reported

    @KenzoPvP CSGO, PubG, Fortnite (If it's still not broken), TownOfSalem (Very competitive and mindset game), LeagueOfLegends, Overwatch, RocketLeague, etc...

  • RealBlatantly
    Blqke (@RealBlatantly) reported

    @TurboMotionReal Yea you do have a problem, stop that shit and make a best m4 skins in csgo vid

  • AlvonXll
    AlvonXll (@AlvonXll) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @MrMemeio @YouTubeGaming @TeamYouTube @Fwiz @playrust Not Just Rust Even CSGO Having Issue On Kugo The Mighty Chanel

  • ottrkng
    FGA·Otter King (@ottrkng) reported

    @bartsdiaz7 @Panda_Bair CS:Go is completely different from smash lol. people would have to sit out a season in smash because their character can have a huge disadvantage on a certain stage compared to csgo where that is way less of an issue.

  • eduard_sutiono
    edu (@eduard_sutiono) reported

    Beware @peckscsgo ak peter nguyen this man cheater. Use boosting service game but won't pay the bill after get service.... #peckcsgo #csgo #AustralianStory #Australia #game

  • MaliomSenpai
    MaliomSenpai (@MaliomSenpai) reported

    Hope CSGO doesn’t die soon. (Assuming it hasn’t already) #Valve is killing it slowly cuz their anti cheating system ain’t working and they ain’t trying to fix it 😔😔

  • susanne__3
    susanne3 (@susanne__3) reported

    @AmyMek 3/4 let the sword of the LORD strike ur *****, we issue divine restraining orders & command u back to ur land by the blood of Jesus we draw the line.We issue counter motions & attacks in the heavenlies & call upon angelic reinforcement from the E, W, N & S vs you. We enlist the

  • chefboyifyoudon
    Ryan (@chefboyifyoudon) reported

    @ForterQ @priusCSGO I did a horrible job explaining what I meant, I was just stating in my PERSONAL experience, there's less bugs and issues with Overwatch than Counter Strike, and when there are issues in OW they get patched quickly, while Valve usually ends up breaking it more with patches

  • chefboyifyoudon
    Ryan (@chefboyifyoudon) reported

    @ForterQ @priusCSGO My point there was the anti-cheat in Blizzard games are far better than Valve, when there are compilations of pro players being banned on Counter Strike you know its a problem.

  • FireNork
    Aaron Chua (@FireNork) reported

    @Peterpandam problem with the esports industry is the 12 year olds. OWL is shit compared to dota, lol and csgo. OWL winning awards OMEGALUL

  • CauzikCSGO
    Cauzik (@CauzikCSGO) reported

    @NIALLERVERS I know how to fix the problem, go back to csgo.

  • rs_c137
    miles (@rs_c137) reported

    @CarlosR not necessarily good at the game LUL. Also fix your CSGO team, kick Shox already so he can play with his friends and rebuild around Kenny, get Scream while he's free and not that tier 5 frech players

  • awprene23
    René Jakob (@awprene23) reported

    @FACEITSupport hello guys an cant register csgo to my faceit account i can push the button to connect it but its not working pls help me

  • TimMEsports
    Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    Summit for Smash is amazing, because the prize pool is massive for Melee, but this is still the main issue with their CSGO/tier one events, and it sucks. As an event it's one of the very best, but you can't expect teams to turn down money, it is professional esports after all.

  • notifinferno
    I̴̘̘͌F̴͇̍̈́̂I̸͍͉͊͜ņ̴̾f̵̺͉͉̍e̴̜̿r̴̟̳̀n̷̡͊̔͘o̸̡̲̿ (@notifinferno) reported

    I just installed a GPU and I can see in CSGO now... Only problem is it runs worse. Great

  • DeMoNiKZA
    Richard Sjoberg (@DeMoNiKZA) reported

    CSGO players in particular, please go fix your SteamID's! They are currently a hot mess 🤣

  • SiCK_Merk
    YRN (@SiCK_Merk) reported

    How am I gonna get a ban on csgo when I restart my game Bc of FPS issues then it won’t let me connect to the server @csgo_dev makes total sense

  • unusualbaron
    Unit (@unusualbaron) reported

    Man, CS source had way better bots than CS:GO. They responded to each other, gave callouts, and genuinely were way closer to actual players than the one in CS:GO. in other words fix csgo bots

  • jsxy60
    jas9n (@jsxy60) reported

    @jamesbardolph @csgo_dev Damn CSGO, don’t just like it, FIX IT!

  • punishednade
    Grenade🦀☭ (@punishednade) reported

    @briggitybogle Probably why you're missing textures. All good, easy fix is to download Counter Strike Source

  • Octreos
    Octreos (@Octreos) reported

    Nvm everything is lagging not only csgo

  • Octreos
    Octreos (@Octreos) reported

    @iTzMuze Nvm it’s not csgo I think something wrong with my WiFi cuz everything is lagging

  • Draynoidm
    drayno (@Draynoidm) reported

    @IllusionOG I'm 18, csgo player with HUGE aspirations for streamjn /going pro in cs. My plan is to grind out streaming for the last 2 months of 2018.(mostly cuz of personal issues) Then 2019 I'm taking am IT job. I've always wanted this so bad ever since I found TTV in 2012.

  • Octreos
    Octreos (@Octreos) reported

    I just wanna ******* play csgo but no ******* lagging like absolute shit

  • JoonasTurpeinen
    Joonas Turpeinen (@JoonasTurpeinen) reported

    @lvrsareintroubl @Thooorin in reality your low iq is the real problem here and id suggest you stop watching csgo if you really think karrigan is the problem

  • aRecjosephhhh
    alecjosePH (@aRecjosephhhh) reported

    @hoyyandrei iros uros cant pkay csgo idk how to fix it

  • henry54867864
    henry (@henry54867864) reported

    @ProSyndicate @ProSyndicate please stop trying to act like ur the saviour amongst all people who knows best about everything. Leave other people to sort out their own problems. U scammed loads of kids on CSGO lotto. U post shit like this all the time and gives off a really negative vibe. Ty

  • Whxbs
    Whebs (@Whxbs) reported

    @KrohCSGO @ZeroLeyva @CyborgMultiFPS how is it an “issue” its literally called aim ASSIST. go play csgo on a laptop and use ONLY your pointer finger. then youll realize what its like for it to be nearly impossible to aim. youll need aim ASSIST too

  • DubStepitles
    Autistic Vegan Pussy (@DubStepitles) reported

    Hey I was just wondering does anyone have to reinstall csgo every time they login to @steam_games it's been happening on and off for the past 2 weeks ever since I got csgo and pretty soon my storage might not take anymore of this it doesn't happen to any of my other games.

  • TGC_Thanks
    Major Tom (@TGC_Thanks) reported

    Playing CSGO Got tired of using a trackpad Couldn’t find a mouse Using PS4 gyro controls this shit is so broken I got called a hacker

  • FadedNovaRL
    Faded (@FadedNovaRL) reported

    This RLCS stream is gonna rival the FACEIT CSGO Major in terms of how many tech issues they've had. NA production btw haHAA

  • FadedNovaRL
    Faded (@FadedNovaRL) reported

    This RLCS stream is gonna rival the FACEIT CSGO Major in terms of how many tech issues they've had. NA production btw haHAA

  • TheHorseMangler
    Cory De La Torre (@TheHorseMangler) reported

    Not sure how it happened; Was vert snapping some brushes around, I managed to make a brush a single flat plane with zero volume. I don't know how hammer didn't mark it as a invalid brush let alone compile (csgo couldn't load the bsp!) That was a fun thing to hunt down and fix...

  • iwobiiwobiiwobi
    Alex Iwobi (@iwobiiwobiiwobi) reported

    might fix pc so i can play csgo again

  • BlaztV2
    Blazt (@BlaztV2) reported

    @9Demonetise @Xertful its like CSGO 64 tick compared to 128 tick. Basically the difference in Hz equals better bullet reg, barely if not no server lag and much smoother gameplay.

  • stigxd
    stig (@stigxd) reported

    @Sand_Wic Just add ranks like csgo’s ESEA/FPL system lol. I mean it’s somewhat shitty but can always be improved. Only problem is @KoalaCrockie said creed made the rank s bot himself so 🤔

  • adambadger
    Adam Badger (@adambadger) reported

    2/2 Sure, you'll experience screen tearing, but you will get much lower input lag which is critical in games like Siege or CSGO.

  • csgoKW
    Karl KW Wilhelm (@csgoKW) reported

    Lagging ONLY in csgo...5 ping on ts, 180 on @BillosoftSA... gud gaym gud service idfk Im tilted