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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • The_Lucky0ne TheLuckyOne (@The_Lucky0ne) reported

    @CSGO needs to fix their ******* ranking system. Won 3 games in a row and lost one then got deranked

  • SeasafariFilms Red One Ripcore (@SeasafariFilms) reported

    @VALOFEComArm I bought many packs in Counter strike reloaded and nothing was uploaded no fix in 3 days no reply. I lauched the game from steam under **Mortenhiem** my username in CS reloaded is Ripcore.

  • Doc09746218 Doc (@Doc09746218) reported

    @3kliksphilip Pls fix csgo SDK isn’t available to new users

  • saulo_fps Old Man Saulo ;( (@saulo_fps) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO Yes, please fix by REMOVING THIS FREAKING MAP

  • NiclasTheH4x0r Niclas. (@NiclasTheH4x0r) reported

    Other simple Method: 1. Resolver SteamID to IP 2. Get a bypass method for CSGO Servers on Port 27015 3. hit da ddos 4. success

  • NiclasTheH4x0r Niclas. (@NiclasTheH4x0r) reported

    Found new CSGO Matchmaking „Crash“: 1. Get 30000 CSGO Accounts 2. Report the SteamID / IP(resolved) with min 30000 Account as not working stable 3. Server will be rebooted/shutdown but match will be aborted 4. Success!

  • mferrari10_ Mateus Ferrari (@mferrari10_) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO it's not that hard to fix it, just -vertigo +cbble

  • Xara_69 佐々木_ 明 (@Xara_69) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO no need to fix this dead game

  • ccwcsgo cam (@ccwcsgo) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO +1 please fix. You clowned me in mm for trying to kill you through it the other day

  • smartranting theSmartGuy (@smartranting) reported

    @ESLCS Faze is #7 not #14 get it right, since yesterday. Thought you might fix today but so lazy are we. #csgo #esl @ESL

  • 4hma5 A? (@4hma5) reported

    @DonHaci because CSGO is the dominant FPS in the competitive side so Valve are comfortable and won’t do shit to it. If Project A is any good and CSGO doesn’t fix their shit it will die for good

  • UrsuGeorge7 Ursu George (@UrsuGeorge7) reported

    eyo @CSGO @valve fix your ******* game , your anti-cheat is bad as ****.

  • newbeeex yup (@newbeeex) reported

    @rickytrombone @andyfaaz0 been easing myself into the transition with some single player call of duty and counter strike (when it doesn't crash) but I'll be in th big boy leagues in no time

  • Dawidelelelele Dawidekk (@Dawidelelelele) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO Since I got a better trust factors I didn't have any problems with cheaters, matchmaking servers are not the best, I prefer to play 128 tick but I don't expect valve to get servers which most propably cost 25% more per server. In my opinion the models are the problem right now..

  • tzx89811 tzx8981 (@tzx89811) reported

    @CSGO yr game is full of havkers fix yr damn game

  • Moantastic The Happy Cow (@Moantastic) reported

    @ArcticServers just as a bit of website feedback, the game images don't need to be so big, the detail below them is far more important. Service: The one improvement I'd like to see is the command line editor allowing complete freedom. (csgo server btw)

  • adborii Lassi (@adborii) reported

    @CSGO Please fix this already. Make it 4000$ and be done with it. 👀👀👀👀👀

  • PezLP Pez (@PezLP) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    Someone pls help with my CSGO Issues. The only way it will run is in Windows XP comparability mode. It feels so sloppy and I’m being handicapped. Help pls. Tried everything

  • ORDER_army ORDER (@ORDER_army) reported

    @aliStair_CS btw @CSGO FIX PICKING UP GUNS WITH 'E' 😡

  • itsnotjerk Jerk (@itsnotjerk) reported

    @thebigbear1234 @FortniteGame Every Esport tournament I’ve seen for example Rainbow 6 Siege, Call of Duty, PubG, CSGO I’ve never seen any problems when it came to tournaments. Fortnite can’t even run 1 tournament without bugs especially when players can’t even get into a game costing them money

  • TheMyWaffles Waffles (@TheMyWaffles) reported

    R6 is 3rd. I am honesty shocked and at the same time not. In my honesty opinion, Siege will topple CSGO, one day. LOL I dont think anyone could beat anytime soon. UBI just got to fix their damn game and not have server issues every LAN

  • AlternatedSam ALT (@AlternatedSam) reported

    @adwarin @appeBiceps @CSGO Ye but that wouldnt fix the krieg

  • AlternatedSam ALT (@AlternatedSam) reported

    @adwarin @appeBiceps @CSGO Yeah but people didnt realise how good it was so that wouldnt fix it

  • HyPno614 Christian (@HyPno614) reported

    with this glitch cod is legit CSGO now

  • TuckerOdom enigma (@TuckerOdom) reported

    @SPUNJ @CSGO When you're watching a demo and you need to skip back to the beginning of a round in the middle of the game and you're just sitting there hoping your game doesn't crash

  • rautiainen9431 Toma (@rautiainen9431) reported

    Men #csgo is so broken. MM full of cheaters. Today we played versus guy who toggled after watching us with his wallhack because he thought we were cheating. He did even admit in the end that he is cheating :D And knowing valve he is not going to get ban :)

  • Froakz Froakz (@Froakz) reported

    @CSGO plz fix your new kicking system i kick one dude for the first time all week and i get a 2 hour ban and they were griefing constantly shooting teammates and talking shit

  • miiioolsson Mio (@miiioolsson) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO That's why I said it comes with it's own set of issues - namely the instrusive nature of those. I still think that their MM is vastly superior given how their respective rank systems work compared to Valves, which is why I mentioned them as a combined deal.

  • miiioolsson Mio (@miiioolsson) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO MM & VAC could be resolved in one if we ever saw Valve just buy/whatever Faceit or ESEA or a similar service - use their ranking/elo system and their AC. VAC, although it has gotten better, is not comparable to theirs imo. It comes with it's own set of issues, but still.

  • SPUNJ Bad Churchill (@SPUNJ) reported

    @mithRTV @CSGO Problem is I'm trying to record clips for the broadcast so I need full screen :+(

  • AcePZcsgo peezy (@AcePZcsgo) reported

    @SPUNJ @CSGO volvo pls fix

  • Vexttt VEXT (@Vexttt) reported

    @JtoTrevor You’re only problem is chasing csgo cases for profit, sadly it’ll never happen

  • Boooufey boobey (@Boooufey) reported

    @Keikei_The_Bun @sssoth it looks a lot more like the problem CSGO *USED* to have, hitboxes being a meter behind the players when they move

  • RomanianReaver The Romanian Reaver (@RomanianReaver) reported

    @Jeffzor13 @Radeon @Newegg I doubt that, more like 160 maybe on high/ultra in overwatch, CSGO gets bottlenecked by the CPU before then. The issue though is Freesync doesn't make sense at that refresh rate for more casual (quality high) gamers and even less so for pro gamers.

  • AlexTheLazyBoy1 Alex (@AlexTheLazyBoy1) reported from San Diego, California

    Found the issue to my internet problem from last night, turns out this little circle shit that I though was extra was actually a WiFi antenna and it literally boosted me from 1 bar to 4 bars, and I was wondering why I averaged 200+ ping playing CSGO

  • daveyyy1996 shoaibzaidi (@daveyyy1996) reported

    @FACEIT can we plz get an indian server for faceit csgo i promise you it's gonna blow up straight away cuz Indians love faceit and play it inspite of the high ping issues. Plz do something i promise me and several of my friends aren't gonna play anything else literally forever :(

  • ios_phinix PHiNiX (@ios_phinix) reported

    @vppiirainen @Elmer1_1 @LackShinyi @GS_Judgement Exactly thats the problem why would you try to maintain a casual game that needs new items on a daily bases in order to conquer pubg's top spot Why not go for a 100% comp game like csgo, where new content is way less important then just bugfixes etc.

  • darkgaledust Justin Vickers (@darkgaledust) reported

    @Kotaku camera angles are not broken. This is how all FPS games are. Csgo is EXACTLY the same.

  • xdsimxd1 sim (@xdsimxd1) reported

    @FACEIT @Faceit_Mikey @FACEITSupport i tried to play csgo on faceit today and when i connected to the server i was made a spectator and couldnt play, after that it kept kicking me from the server and saying no connection. I got an hour ban. Pls fix

  • keogh_billy Billy keogh (@keogh_billy) reported

    @ORIGINPC @PNY_Pro @BascllyHomeless i really hope i win i had like 7100 entries and my pc cant even run google without lag ffs :( i CAN run csgo if i push it really hard on lowest graphics

  • astaelian Elias (@astaelian) reported

    @Horizzon_ Maybe a good fix is that if you play f2p csgo then you have access to everything now and if you pay or have prime status upgrade you have the option to use 128 tick servers but idk

  • HalcyonJax Jackson (@HalcyonJax) reported

    @influenya I cant my computer would crash on league it crashes after 20 minutes of csgo I need a new capture card

  • NeoCSGO1 Neo (@NeoCSGO1) reported

    Hello @FACEIT I would like to make you by an important information I just see more player csgo lag that your servers! I just learned that there was a software enable DDoS! your server I want to inform you.

  • Jesper_Jon_ Jesper/AlexTheGod (@Jesper_Jon_) reported


  • N0616JC N0616JC Productions HKG😷 (@N0616JC) reported

    @CSGO hello devs, I'm having issues playing CS:GO. This issue is that my var, the top one, is unstable. I have tried various methods to resolve this issue, but to no avail... Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this.

  • straavv m. m. (@straavv) reported

    @Kevin90296826 @CSGO Literally had the same issue :( everyone who had this timing got cooldown

  • Talha6862 Talha Munir (@Talha6862) reported

    @LeoVrnt @CSGO Servers down

  • shaneszl Shanesz ⚡ (@shaneszl) reported

    Fix your game @CSGO

  • LazyUrges Perhaps? (@LazyUrges) reported

    Csgo actually gave me anger issues gg

  • ftrhdc P Ξ̸̶ ̜̫̰̩͉͞͡͠͏Ņ̵͚ ̙̞Λ̼͉̝̹̳̱̻̬̺̪̰̤͙̫̜ Ţ̙̪͓͈̥͖̪̰̥͟ (@ftrhdc) reported

    CS - customer service CS - counter strike Both are the place where you'll meet with people that swear, maki2, cibai2, sialla, noob and so on...

  • tomtomhodge Tom (@tomtomhodge) reported

    @Spanxxxy @hutchinson Csgo has foot steps and camping isnt really an issue. Having it as a field upgrade acts like being able to walk in cs means u have to use it at the right time to make plays. Makes for a diffrent thought process instead of just full sprinting everywhere making 0 noise.

  • WolffeTwitch Wolffe (@WolffeTwitch) reported

    @CSGO Entire community and Pro scene agrees this gun needs atleast a little nerf. COD nerfed the 725 and M4A1 faster then y’all can fix one gun, honestly hate to see it. Just gimme more cases and badges and call it a months work like always.

  • Chiffon_Wong ia Wong (@Chiffon_Wong) reported

    whelp, looks like I can't play csgo because it always freezes for who knows what. Meanwhile every other game works perfectly fine without problems... It's a sign.

  • M3M3D0CT0R Señor Lullaby (@M3M3D0CT0R) reported

    Hey guys not feeling up to stream after the fuckery that happened with YouTube and the lack of sleep last night from trying to fix my technical issues with csgo...there were non issues when I was streaming ds but as soon as I want to stream something else UGH

  • message_bhalke Sandesh (@message_bhalke) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO overpass patches could be the ones to fix a gamebreaking bug @DonHaci has been talking about

  • KeiraVasilli S k y e ~ (@KeiraVasilli) reported

    @CSGO i've been having problems for a few months now with starting CSGO. the .exe boots up but nothing is displayed on my screen no matter how long i wait or what i put in the launch options. i've tried EVERYTHING and i mean it.

  • E5HCSGO esh (@E5HCSGO) reported

    @DonHaci @Nors3 @CSGO train fix 👀

  • DonHaci Haci (@DonHaci) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO Overpass sound fix inc 👀👀👀

  • TalkingCloaca TalkingCloaca (@TalkingCloaca) reported

    @clover_nsfw they're bots, it's a new thing going around where theu ask you to join comp stacks if you play tf2 dota or csgo, then send you to a spoofed steam login page

  • chozenundead Bottomshamer Halo (@chozenundead) reported

    @Gunboken This is ultimately a problem with any modified sort of ELO system that doesn't use a *fuckload* more metrics, some of which aren't really designable. It's extremely hard to quantify 'contribution' in a game as complex and with such a possibility space as Siege. CSGO fails this 2