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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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August 25: Problems at Counter Strike (CS:GO)

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is having issues since 09:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • KaiHongTan Tan Kai Hong (@KaiHongTan) reported

    @mafiasof_ @fl0mtv @CSGO That's his point, if things did change since that response from @CSGO nobody was told about it in the community. That's the only problem right now.

  • Animeisr3al XER (@Animeisr3al) reported

    @happyvladd Regardless, attacking the community that helps CSGO flourish to it's highest potential is not good for the game or the community. Being a decent human being and taken a moment to issue a warning cost $0.

  • JinxNever Jiinx (@JinxNever) reported

    I buy 300 csgo cases, for 18 cent meaning they're cheap and when i buy 300 keys for 18 its fine but the transaction doesn't go through. I could've gotten 300 keys for $54 but because steam doesn't know how to solve my problem, I had to spent $51 because i had to buy them in-game

  • Yaunkar Adam Yaunch (@Yaunkar) reported

    @SirScoots @messioso @StarLadderCSGO @CSGO Atleast we have these issues and can evolve past them. Imagine if Valve was Riot. We’d be fuckkkkkkked

  • tommack_ Tom (@tommack_) reported

    @messioso @SirScoots @StarLadderCSGO @CSGO They would have mentioned that in their statement if that was true. They skirted the entire GOTV issue.

  • Ztaal3 Ståle Halvorsen (@Ztaal3) reported

    @SuperKelowCS @TheWarOwl @fl0mtv @CSGO Should not be an issue running ads or anything as it still is free promotion for valve's game/major and nobody is casting all the games, so people will usually migrate to the official stream after the streams stoo casting...

  • walton_cs Harry Walton (@walton_cs) reported

    @Gilberto_Marley @Thooorin @CSGO The issue is valve have said the opposite and we aren’t sure if starladder can do this

  • Zuperwtf Zuper (@Zuperwtf) reported from Kecamatan Teluk Sebong, Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

    @kiocsgoo @StarLadderCSGO You are not bind in any way with their rule book. You are bind with twitch and CSGO whenever you start broadcasting the game (and only the game). The issue is Starladder are doing abusive DMCA to take off competitors. Ultra shady shit.

  • Currtisy curt (@Currtisy) reported

    @CSGO Fix wingman, played 7/8 games with cheaters blatantly spinbotting :/

  • viktr_ebooks viktr (@viktr_ebooks) reported

    my computer has been broken since monday. my friends who were too lazy to support us for day four of the $1,000,000 Counter-Strike

  • WartinP wartin da padaria (@WartinP) reported

    o @GabenValveGames csgo just give me 24h of ban because the game crash and does'n reconnet, thanks >:D

  • zephiK0 zephiK (@zephiK0) reported

    @FenixSoars @fl0mtv @RLewisReports @SirScoots @dekay @followdusT @StarLadderCSGO @CSGO SLTV can't own GOTV but their bullshit clause says otherwise. ESL has a similar clause but they didn't issue any DMCAs (for IEM Katowice), ELEAGUE has 0 mentions of GOTV rights in their rulebook for boston.

  • Napalm02 Napalm (@Napalm02) reported

    @CSGO Please say something about the current issues ongoing with Starladder DMCAin'g streamers who are watching GOTV. First they go in and try to get @RLewisReports to stop the No Majors Club, and today, @fl0mtv was actually banned. This situation needs to be addressed publicly

  • WeefreemenYT Tom Pickering 🇲🇹🏴‍☠️ (@WeefreemenYT) reported

    @zephiK0 @vstaritz @ChrisAllerant @Twitch @StarLadder_com @CSGO Fact is, without Valves input, nothing will happen. But Twitch won't sit around and DMCA people for this without clarification as it can cause them issues. Fl0m was issued a blank DMCA, which isn't allowed. They're currently subject to German laws, of which I'm not familiar

  • g1bg4b g1bg4b (@g1bg4b) reported

    @ChrisAllerant @FollowMMisery @mysteiige @WeefreemenYT @Twitch @StarLadder_com @CSGO , which for me shows that the problem are being solved in private and that Starladder doesn't seem confident enough to double down.

  • andrew_csgod andyj (@andrew_csgod) reported

    @ferBragax @dekay @CSGO The rule book was out there, my main problem with it is that the streamers didn’t sign it and weren’t told about it, that’s starladders problem, not valve’s.

  • andrew_csgod andyj (@andrew_csgod) reported

    @Dezulkeira @Thooorin @CSGO It’s better than BPS HUD by a landslide. Still sucks how many errors they’ve had. I can’t see Starladder with another major

  • SmokelessMeme1 SmokelessMeme #BringBackJS (@SmokelessMeme1) reported

    @lr2803 @Diaperrrrr @Helkus That's just false lol, rust is pretty much the only big game that you get lag spikes in despite having a good pc. CSGO doesn't have this issue, league doesn't have this issue, COD, etc.

  • PhotexRI Photex (@PhotexRI) reported

    @dekay The problem is it's 2019 and we're still asking why CSGO gets treated differently from DOTA (the answer is money btw..but you knew that)

  • AsaTJ T.J. Hafer (@AsaTJ) reported

    @Chef_Lu_Bu "We have a real problem with guns in schools" "Hm make every school look like a counter strike level" "******* brilliant as always sir"

  • MrRaymondFish Raymond Fish (@MrRaymondFish) reported

    With the horrendous FACEIT Major and now this DMCA catastrophe with @StarLadderCSGO, @CSGO is facing a problem with 3rd parties doing their events. ESL seems to be the only one capable with few issues. All this takes so much away from the biggest tournament(s) of the year. 👎👎👎

  • nookyyy nookyyy (@nookyyy) reported

    @fl0mtv @esportslaw so stupid - and there is no statement from @steam_games @CSGO about this issue ...

  • ThePooPCS ThePooPOfDestiny! (@ThePooPCS) reported

    Well we know found out @StarLadderCSGO have no *****, and hates the Cs community. @CSGO valve pls fix

  • Aselwyn2 Andrew Selwyn (@Aselwyn2) reported

    @fl0mtv @StarLadderCSGO @CSGO plz fix

  • benleo444 Ben Leo (@benleo444) reported

    @virginmedia PC, Playstation and XBox players, on anything from Counter-Strike to FIFA, should not sign up with Virgin Media if they want to play their games without lag. Virgin continues to sign up new customers, boasting of brilliant connectivity, despite a torrid problem they won't fix

  • mezefy Meze (@mezefy) reported

    @Dety0 Dety how do I fix the green circle when I play CSGO, there is a Green Circle on the right of my monitor sometimes it only happens for csgo and rainbow six siege

  • SpudLord27 SpudLord (@SpudLord27) reported

    @SL_Katleenz @XvGwest @streamlabs I was having consistant issues with streamlabs not reconising csgo on game capture I had to shut down multiple times and start it back up 😢

  • jojimessiah [joji] (@jojimessiah) reported

    Bruh I miss CSGO I need to fix my pc ASAP.

  • EclipsyGaming1 Eclipsy (@EclipsyGaming1) reported

    @WAXPEER @wax_io @OPSkins you might want to fix your csgo items prices you cant expect anyone to pay you 600$ for a 300$ knife.. all prices are like x2 the actual ones

  • xStormFN xStormFN (@xStormFN) reported

    @CSGO @Steam_Support Bruh i just got vac'd for not cheating but says Overwatch banned me for cheats k **** you guys you need to learn that Legit players are getting banned and the real cheaters aren't Fix this shitty Anti cheat of yours

  • theinvaderbailz simgurubailz (@theinvaderbailz) reported

    Ready to distance myself from my boyfriend again while he oractices day and night to be a pro player on csgo. Not having a problem with that but im very attention needy and my brain tells me he doesn't love me when we don't spend time together often enough

  • _B0z0 casper (@_B0z0) reported

    @CSGO i have idea to fix ur fking stupid game, ban shit ******* kid that ******* go low than 5 kills in 30 match competitive game, ******* stupid retard shit monkey

  • mark_the_kramer rielle mark (@mark_the_kramer) reported

    i wanted to see how i can optimize and reduce lag for the CSS styles for a website but instead i got tutorials on how to reduce lag playing counter strike source

  • alirezammz1 alirezammz (@alirezammz1) reported

    @shahriyar_rs Rainbow six siege Crash PS1 Counter strike Call of duty 2

  • 408aneezy Balenci Aneezy (@408aneezy) reported

    @CSGO im sick of queuing with ******* 17 year old virgins fix your ******* matchmaking u *****

  • netohxcx 👽 neto (@netohxcx) reported

    @BPNave About 40 minutes. Was streaming Ori just a while ago. Trying to start csgo and got this issue. We can only wait.

  • StealthPlaysCod Stealth (@StealthPlaysCod) reported

    @PushyLemon @CSGO All items are back it was just a server problem. Thanks tho.

  • Tre_Dunx Sk3tchy (@Tre_Dunx) reported

    I just got banned in @CSGO competitive for being kicked by my suck ass team (who ALL were negative K/d's) for LITERALLY doing NOTHING WRONG🤣 NEVER playing your outdated, broken ass, shit game EVER again. F**KING TRASH hopefully next time your QA department isnt ran by monkeys

  • _Hyper4u_ Hyper4u (@_Hyper4u_) reported

    @forgivennnnn @Real_EviN @Sammy_T_ @singletrail2015 @CSGO When you and the other 2 absolute ******* trashcan of players get above gold nova 3 you will also switch to a better matchmaking service. But that will be awhile since you are absolute ******* garbage.

  • jqin__d jdxcs (@jqin__d) reported

    @DramaRLert @RocketLeague @RL_Support @Twitch We're getting the same problem with CSGO streams, only its 5x worse...

  • AsianEquator LingLingAlex (@AsianEquator) reported

    @giannhshamham The csgo exploit/glitch

  • achlucifer Luc (@achlucifer) reported

    @KrystiPryde That's so sad. When I was younger I played Counter Strike Source with my dad in his clan and their servers and one of the guys I met there became one of my best friends, but he died in a car crash at some point. I might have to do the same, great idea!

  • Trentilicious Trent (@Trentilicious) reported

    @StealthPlaysCod @CSGO Classic scam, you probably signed into a fake steam login on a website.

  • FLOWTUTS16 ƒℓσωтυтѕ 🍥 (@FLOWTUTS16) reported

    @CSGO fix you shitty game

  • thelarry83 lenny (@thelarry83) reported


  • Idontkn40389510 Idontknow (@Idontkn40389510) reported

    @BikiniBodhi If seige went f2p it would have the same problem the csgo got when they went f2p hackers galore

  • Artz_R6 Artzツ 3 (@Artz_R6) reported

    CSGO did it.. cheatings a problem but for siege ubi better not make this shit free... The game isnt even that expensive compared to other games cheatings already a problem

  • comkCSGO TEODOR DΛNOV (@comkCSGO) reported

    @TeisiusGaming15 @gag_kevin @DonHaci @CSGO Plus he put the devs attention on the problem with his huge publicity

  • Iknowcpp ͏͏͏ (@Iknowcpp) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO That is some really high level of stupidity right here. The thing about this exploit is... you don't even have to use your account to make the other player crash nor being on a lobby either. So you can be soloQ and have make nothing bad in the game and still crash everyone.

  • infinity2995 Infinity (@infinity2995) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO sparkles shouldn't be banned I think, he found a lot of glitches for the devs to fix with his videos

  • TravCS Travis (@TravCS) reported

    @CS_InstincT @DonHaci @natoesza @_BrianCS @CSGO @hazrrr Lmao if I get banned when I went into the game innocently not knowing he was going to do the crash then wtf

  • Coolgun19 coolgum9 (@Coolgun19) reported

    @CSGO how is this fair i get qued up with a toxic 4 man que they kick me because why not adn somehow i get a cooldown.Valve please fix this mechanic i get kicking griefers/hackers but if you kick someone who isnt grifing and u just want to be a douche why should they getacooldown

  • ConActionHyPe ConAction (@ConActionHyPe) reported

    @Tgwri1s @StarLadderCSGO FFS! Get it sorted out and don't tell me this is intentional because if it is, it is retarded! Last major, same problem, eventually they sorted it out at the end of day one but this HAS to work! @CSGO

  • ken_fra FraKen (@ken_fra) reported

    @CSGO Idiots have taken over prime. They hacked my friend's steam account because they thought he was hacking. I have so many problems because you can get prime without a phone number.

  • VzohhCK vzo (@VzohhCK) reported

    Only thing that ever makes me fix my sleep schedule is CSGO majors lol

  • DarkVindor Jordan (@DarkVindor) reported

    @CSGO fix ******* Game we cant launch a single mm

  • adderofficial Тимур Кирьянов (@adderofficial) reported

    @CSGO Dear @CSGO ! I had a problem that it doesn’t count me watching major matches not on GOTV, not on SteamTV, not on the Twitch platform. Please help to solve this problem.

  • adderofficial Тимур Кирьянов (@adderofficial) reported

    @CSGO Dear @CSGO ! I had a problem that it doesn’t count me watching major matches not on GOTV, not on SteamTV, not on the Twitch platform. Please help to solve this problem.

  • Pokay__ poke (@Pokay__) reported

    @DonHaci hallo csgo dev fix my pick em, accidentally picked vitality for 3-0 and syman for 0-3 ty

  • adderofficial Тимур Кирьянов (@adderofficial) reported

    @CSGO Dear @CSGO ! I had a problem that it doesn’t count me watching major matches not on GOTV, not on SteamTV, not on the Twitch platform. Please help to solve this problem.