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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • JeffreyDontCare JeffreyDontCare (@JeffreyDontCare) reported

    Hello @CSGO i think you have a new smoke bug. I can see gray enemy model when he is in the smoke. Fix please.

  • ColdzGG Coldz Is Poor (@ColdzGG) reported

    My WC Top 5 1.@Dubsfn (Gets Thousands Of New Mics Cause Of User Error) 2.@benjyfishy (Yells Out Code BenjyFishy In The Item Shop) 3.@Ghost_Bizzle (Same Old,Same Old) 4.@Mongraal (Buys 10,000,000 Slurpees With His Earnings) 5.@ClixHimself (Buys 5 CSGO Crates With All His Earnings)

  • WankyBot Wanky Bot (@WankyBot) reported

    csgo fixed the issues that caused stevie wonders blindness

  • Tyler19165812 Patch (@Tyler19165812) reported

    @Wildcase so let me get this straight I unboxed a csgo knife over a year ago and now you reopen the site as a mystery box service but still haven't given me my knife what a garbage company. Hope you go under.

  • redgemdrago daya lovemail (@redgemdrago) reported

    @Afterstories_ ive been getting into csgo just a bit except im just playing with bots because i think i lag too much for players gfsddf

  • leolevarda Leva (@leolevarda) reported

    New bug popped up, can't hear my teammates in game and voice_enable 1 and other commands are not working, please fix ASAP @CSGO

  • SportsGuy63 SportsGuy63 (@SportsGuy63) reported

    @csgo You guys need to fix your game. Whenever I queue, it’s against cheaters. This is getting out of hand, it appears to be rigged against me.

  • Furamai LB (@Furamai) reported

    @CSGO Error snowballs would keep me playing a lot longer. C’mon!

  • sirjayczz #amityjayczz (READ PINNED) (@sirjayczz) reported

    @oKybo_ @SKGaming Problem is they don't do Fortnite :/ but if I did join for some apparent reason I would play csgo 24/7 ong

  • SiBABYcsgo rusita. (@SiBABYcsgo) reported from Brooklyn, New York

    @strafeapp can you please fix the time zone issues. The match times for CSGO minor are wrong. You have NRG match listed starting at 7 am EST however it starts at 4 a.m on HLTV. This problem has been consistent for a few months now. Ty.

  • Spidolkering_ (Not so) supportive support (@Spidolkering_) reported

    @Mokoko710_ That's true, and i am guilty for it. Not in OW, but in some games like old counter strike and left 4 dead. That's why i feel like, this is an individual problem rather than the game problem. Blizzard can only do much, it depends on us.

  • fashionNovuh Novuh (@fashionNovuh) reported

    @PlayOverwatch yay i cant wait for this its gonna look so awesome on 30 frames per second since you guys arent dropping everything to fix it immediatley im assuming it will be a few months. imagine if a REAL game like csgo or LOL had this problem they wouldve hot fixed it in a matter of minutes

  • AyQasha ѕιиαтяα (@AyQasha) reported

    @CSGO please fix your banning system. Every game i got in there's always a hacker. Please.

  • OfficialNinohh Ninohh (@OfficialNinohh) reported

    @s1mpleO CSGO is still the only game that is not broken by devs and stupid ideas, save it S1mple pls!

  • HeckMaister Heck (@HeckMaister) reported

    Betcha Blizzard knows, but if Overwatch were to ever have massive trouble in terms of average player base, they'd go free to play and have a major resurgence. Go the CSGO route and they'd solve their problems albeit not permanently

  • officallonely ᴸᵒⁿᵉˡʸ (@officallonely) reported

    @Mark48702188 @CSGO Then thats something you have to fix not the developers

  • JeyerLulz_b44 JEYER || #VinesauceIsHOPE (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @CSGO Still waiting for a better Client/Server sync and the Hitreg/Hitboxes fix.

  • Maxi_XD Max (@Maxi_XD) reported

    @CSGO Please, PLEASE fix the sound bugs on Overpass. I can hear someone stepping connector's water from LONG, and it sounds like the water was indeed in long. I know its not only me because my friends have the same issue

  • BeardlyCody Cody #BeardlyFAM (@BeardlyCody) reported

    My CSGO is stuck at 60fps glitch. I've tried so many thing to change it. Idk what to do!! #BeardlyFAM :(

  • Krueger771 Elias🙏🙏🙏 (@Krueger771) reported

    @CSGO Fix VAC

  • Gaidra NiRo (@Gaidra) reported

    @CSGO Fix plant and defuse sounds please

  • tugaytoydemir Tugay Toydemir (@tugaytoydemir) reported

    @RossiColton @W7VOA @DoganYalcinkaya @POTUS GTA Counter Strike Age of Empire etc :) Come on :) Please be realistic. To win a war is different then ruining a country. The life is not a pc game. How big the US army is the problem of American tax payers,we don't care. To attack a country there is a need of legal reasons.

  • NinetyReb (@NinetyReb) reported

    This kid next to me is playing some Minecraft Counter Strike looking ass Multiplayer game on a tablet with no lag, but D2 be having red bars teleporting all over the damn place every game 🤔

  • Aaron_Krugz Synth_Sp3ctrum (@Aaron_Krugz) reported

    @ShockzEvolved @crimsonBZD @SynthUnity Thanks man , I got WiFi problems and yes I gotta stop sleeping and grind till I can't 🔥🎮 It's kinda difficult playing fortnite on 250 ping , but I manage 💪 , Csgo is my offline grind

  • Jannik343 Jannik (@Jannik343) reported

    @CykaHotFireYT Remove the lag when you look in a smcsgo Drop from 60 to 20 @CSGO

  • flashbinhusky Flashbin (@flashbinhusky) reported

    @CSGO Problem with this update: sometimes, it lags out and I only get like 20 fps. GPU utilization in taskmanager drops to about 10 percent.

  • Swift_R6 Swift (@Swift_R6) reported

    @PENTA_Sports I think they should implement a similar to system to that of #CSGO, where players who have a significant difference in their rank can’t queue together. At least it would solve the issue of unfair matchmaking anyway

  • JaredSamuels8 Jared Samuels (@JaredSamuels8) reported

    @TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube I have tweeted over 100 times and in each tweet i proved that strike was issued in error. And counter notification is rejected because I didn't send extra info. But man, it's issued in error i just showed some images in my Video.

  • ItsViperrCS Tino @Area51 (@ItsViperrCS) reported

    @Neon_Vkimbo @FleefCS @CSGO Not to mention a 400€ inventory, gold and diamond trophies and coins and service medals dating back to 2016

  • _The_Hitman The_Hitman (@_The_Hitman) reported

    without cheaters, smurfs and trolls on any of the teams. Just have a nice chill game where for once you don't get stressed out by morons on your team. #CSGO #counterstrike #problems #valve

  • RealDev6 RealDev (@RealDev6) reported

    @DaddyskinsCSGO Use to buy CSGO skins cuz generally i have no issues

  • 404Gyuvhanshixd ರ_ರ (@404Gyuvhanshixd) reported

    @CSGO plz fix ur gahdeym matchmaking system....

  • joelcascade joel (@joelcascade) reported

    on god, CSGO needs to fix the leveling/rating. trash.

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    @CSGO another update another non-fix to stop cheating/cheaters another waste of our times trying to sell us junk instead of doing your job

  • Fabeyy1337 Fabeyy (@Fabeyy1337) reported

    @CSGO Please fix the bug where the FPS of all players on the server drop to like 60 randomly mid-game.

  • midomasri Ahmad Masri (@midomasri) reported

    @CSGO @CSGO can you fix lobby chat when accepting the game as it appears clipped when the right panel is open and match confirmation pops up

  • JeyerLulz_b44 JEYER || #VinesauceIsHOPE (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @CSGO Still waiting for a better Client/Server sync and the Hitreg/Hitboxes fix.

  • Gaidra NiRo (@Gaidra) reported

    @CSGO Fix the plant/Defuse sound bugs pls

  • brzywave breezy (@brzywave) reported

    @CSGO bruh fix your servers

  • thalisrangel Thalis Rangel (@thalisrangel) reported

    @CSGO Fix your anti cheat, or update this old engine, this game has More hacks than people on Earth

  • adilisinsane adil 🤡 (@adilisinsane) reported

    @ImReeeK @CSGO u just sign in and they boost ur hours 24/7 until all the hours that i had are gone, they dont hack ur account or anything and if u dont feel safe u can just change ur password after ur done

  • adilisinsane adil 🤡 (@adilisinsane) reported

    @ImReeeK @CSGO ok i guess boost ur hours i got a account with a boosting service with some hours on it if u want to use it u dont get vac, and also get ur levels up on steam

  • Benzaka99 Joseph benzaquen (@Benzaka99) reported

    @DaddyskinsCSGO To buy a new PC because mine is broken and then to use the csgo skins that I won in daddyskins pages

  • dieeegue TQ | Diegue +9360 (@dieeegue) reported

    @HeikoRebaza @Dani_Supercell @supercell @BrawlStars I think the punishment Is ok, the problem Is how to verify that player Is really hacking or just afk, because we, the bs community, cant punish players just cause they got some thumbs down, i still think the best method is including an Overwatch as in csgo

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    @CSGO @DonHaci still has a huge cheating problem

  • SlumphG 200K | Michael Joe 🌰 (@SlumphG) reported

    @JohnKGII @CSGO @DonHaci Do that then, email well formatted suggestions, don't just tweet MM BAD PLS FIX to devs.

  • FiiSHED_ James Dolphin (@FiiSHED_) reported

    Can confirm when you get the low trust factor rating csgo is legit not worth playing. Completely broken system : (

  • justsash2207 jUst #Sash! (@justsash2207) reported

    @sprEEEzyOW it seems to be a big problem for them to install a map select like in csgo. each map for it's own, multiple choice available. so I can play map 1 only, or 1or3.

  • fl0w4_ (@fl0w4_) reported

    @CSGO plssss fix!

  • verfying verfy (@verfying) reported

    @CSGO fix your ******* game it crashes every 3 games

  • ItzGitmi ITZ gitmi (@ItzGitmi) reported

    @CSGO just lost a game 16-1 due to the fact I was playing with a friend new to counter-strike and the opposing team had 2-4 hackers. Fix your game please.

  • AetherKoko Koko (@AetherKoko) reported

    @ios_phinix @NyzgalFN To a certain degree you're both right and wrong, it'll definitely help in terms of aim but there is still other aspects you have to learn from just like you mention for csgo, all I'm saying is to a certain degree the game itself isn't the issue, there's other things as well.

  • AetherKoko Koko (@AetherKoko) reported

    @ios_phinix @NyzgalFN Wrong. Sure a better device will give you a huge boost in a competitive atmosphere but it's the same for pc, example CSGO sure you can be good on a bad PC but you'd be way better on a PC that can run the game with no lag whatsoever. Devices will always have their advantages.

  • abstract_ow benson! (@abstract_ow) reported

    @rrektophobia @650subi tbh overwatch community is less toxic than csgo community but the game itself is broken while csgo is just refining things

  • lucas_7_94 enchorigoNNN (@lucas_7_94) reported

    @zehnkhalid100 @Indicamint @BGBIGGUMS @KingGeorge The person pay and have the same rights to play the game as you (i know exactly your point). Alternative fix is matching them with same ping-lag people or workaround a fix like csgo does.

  • KrepZ_ Krêpé (@KrepZ_) reported

    @KGaming1994 @NxVdox @LiquidNox @x_Jordan_01 @SzefCS @tyev4ns @TeamLiquid @Twistzz @EliGE @NAFFLY @nitr0 @adreN_Hoag @Stewie CSGO is an 18 rated game which could easily have swearing from analysts/commentators. While cussing isnt that big of an issue, I feel that the bigger problem is that audience members may find his constant screaming rather annoying.

  • MaestroMJ3 Mike J. B. ✈️ ATL (@MaestroMJ3) reported

    @witmer And there’s a FRICKIN NADE ON IT ... @csgo fix plz&ty

  • Midosovski Jaouadi Ahmed (@Midosovski) reported

    I find it so disrespectful from #Valve and @CSGO not to link all flags (based on IP) in the Matchmaking system. I'm playing an e-sport in which I proudly represent #Tunisia, and I would like to see my country's flag when queuing. Valve, please fix! #gg #csgo

  • SpicesMc SpicyLad 🏳️‍🌈 (@SpicesMc) reported

    @Skullnbonz3 But in the end I'm not even using 90% of what I've bought at this point which is my issue with it. It really is money wasted In my opinion Thankfully this game doesn't have a lootbox system. Had some personal friends in CSGO lose hundreds of dollars to those damn things

  • nickythe_man12 crystal stone (@nickythe_man12) reported

    @SmolGreenBuggo @officalflamey You gotta have the csgo pack in to get rid of things like that. Gets rid of errors aswell. If you dont have it then look up gmod csgo textures