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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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September 23: Problems at Coinbase

Coinbase is having issues since 08:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Login (52.63%)
  • Website (36.84%)
  • Transactions (5.26%)
  • Transfer (5.26%)

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  • Frankfrata13
    Frankie Frata (@Frankfrata13) reported

    @CasPiancey @BennettTomlin @Crpt0PuraVida @karbonbased @coinbase If you read the other half of the tweet you may have been able to figure that out... what is the CURRENT geoeconomics problem in the emerging markets, South America, Turkey and now in South Africa... where will money flow when currencies collapse?

  • CasPiancey
    📖Mr. ”Audit-Not-Audit” Giancarlo📖 (@CasPiancey) reported

    @BennettTomlin @Frankfrata13 @Crpt0PuraVida @karbonbased @coinbase I’ll wait until ::ERROR:: ABRAHAM LINCOLN QUOTE ::ERROR:: you’re so ignorant, the powers that be

  • AriDavidPaul
    Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) reported

    @simondlr Disagree. Think about what a fix, maybe 10 blocks later might require and the confusion it could cause. Let’s say Coinbase transferred $500m in BTC in exchange for fiat in a ‘bad’ block. It forces BTC users to trust legal system.

  • AmineAmine118
    Buitengebruik (@AmineAmine118) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport I have deposited money to my coinbase account from another Sepa bank account number than registrated. This bank account has the same name as registrated but just another bank account number. Is that a problem? If it is, what can I do?

  • jay78901
    Being Crypto (@jay78901) reported

    @TheICOJournal I hate coinbase too! Hope @coinbase Coinbaseis hiring some good people to fix their freaking stupid idiotic issues

  • Crpt0PuraVida
    Crypt0PuraVida ⚡️⚡️ (@Crpt0PuraVida) reported

    @BennettTomlin @karbonbased @coinbase That’s the real question. Depends on what people want And their time preferences. Same old system or potential for immutable money. Only time will tell, in the US not a big issue yet but there will still be the need on developing countries.

  • Crpt0PuraVida
    Crypt0PuraVida ⚡️⚡️ (@Crpt0PuraVida) reported

    @BennettTomlin @karbonbased @coinbase Ok, interesting info on the volume aspect, that is a problem in itself, says there is not much retail. The value of BTC is from holding anyways so the short term Tether issues will be soaked up by OTC. I would be curious how much actual BTC liquidity exchanges have.

  • DGB_DoubleT
    Double T (@DGB_DoubleT) reported

    @Anglin93 If you're looking to cut down on the amount of fees, transfer your cash over to coinbase Pro and set maker orders for no fee.

  • toocryptotoquit
    Too Crypto To Quit [LTC⚡BTC] (@toocryptotoquit) reported

    @real_vijay This is a chicken and egg problem. Arguably, bitcoin's appreciation is in part for the companies that invested in crypto startups as it made on ramping new money easier (Coinbase and other exchanges). Bitcoin may not have had the type of ROI it did without these services.

  • Davi_desu
    IssaDave (@Davi_desu) reported

    @coinbase Why the random holds on funds? I've read reports of people having anywhere from 7 days to a month or so. I, personally, was hit with a 20+ day hold. CS states it was some ACH deal. My bank says my funds have cleared and it's an issue with you...

  • gwolf85
    Graywolf (@gwolf85) reported

    @coinbase coinbase Locked my account with no reason and their support is not working I don’t know what can I do this is not cool

  • chris_7997
    chris (@chris_7997) reported

    @coinbase fix your iOS app. Preview Buy crashes the app. Yesterday’s update did not fix. iOS 12, iPhone X.

  • kates71256
    Eric1 (@kates71256) reported

    @PromiseFX @joeloregalatto @damon_alfonso @coinbase @brian_armstrong You hit the nail right there. All these wankers are simply promoting bitcoin which in the last 8 years has shown no usecase at all besides showing everyone how slow it is. In addition, people like brian has 80% of his crypto holdings in there, obviously his going to punt it

  • 8b4be015d0a640c
    Brandon (@8b4be015d0a640c) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Why is Coinbase app not working it locks up every time I try to buy a coin??

  • charlesdannym
    dmahones (@charlesdannym) reported

    @EpsilonTheory More down than upside for coinbase in the next couple years... it’s very simple, any hyped company that is being proclaimed to be the next big thing will succumb to human underlying errors such as greed, etc... bitcoin will go thru a beating before it arises as an alternative

  • basilio_paneque
    Basilio Paneque (@basilio_paneque) reported

    @EpsilonTheory The sad part is all you need to do to avoid this is simply login to gdax using the identical login you use for Coinbase and voila

  • tex429
    michael teixeira (@tex429) reported

    @coinbase fix your app I can’t make a buy!

  • dubengeldu
    BabyAWACS KISS Chris (@dubengeldu) reported

    @tictoc @btc @BitcoinMktJrnl @bitcoin .@btc @coinbase uthink? That? Is #bitcoins problem?endofspeculation? How about logged allcrime: crypto

  • prestonh23
    preston (@prestonh23) reported

    coinbase really charged me 3x what i bought and it just now popped up in my bank account. @coinbase fix your support & give me my money back

  • KingDemonizer
    Collin Tatreau (@KingDemonizer) reported

    @NathanielATL @0xa59a2d @Cernovich @coinbase Don't keep your coins on Coinbase or any exchange for that matter. transfer ALL to a private wallet and send your coins from there. problem solved. BTC is King.

  • ChestnutPhil
    ⚛️Dr. Philip Kousoubris (@ChestnutPhil) reported

    Dear @coinbase your iOS app is not working (purchases crash app) with newest iOS version. Pls update.

  • theoldrepublic
    A. M. (@theoldrepublic) reported

    @VitalikButerin @SatoshiLite @coinbase @GeminiTrust @binance @jack It's down -19% versus #ethereum exchange.

  • theoldrepublic
    A. M. (@theoldrepublic) reported

    Becareful #XRP #Ripple down -14%. Remember that whole $2 fiasco, which cost many including me a big loss. Best to convert some profits to #BTC. #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies @VitalikButerin @SatoshiLite @coinbase @GeminiTrust @binance @jack

  • theoldrepublic
    A. M. (@theoldrepublic) reported

    Becareful #XRP #Ripple down -14%. Remember that whole $2 fiasco, which cost many including me a big loss. Best to convert profits to #BTC. #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies @VitalikButerin @SatoshiLite @coinbase @GeminiTrust @binance

  • iamrastating
    Rob (@iamrastating) reported

    @relaxedricky @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport No problem! Hope things go smooth for you trying to contact @CoinbaseSupport - one would presume they'll be interested to hear from you, given the nature of their business :)

  • iamrastating
    Rob (@iamrastating) reported

    @relaxedricky @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport No problem! Hope things go smooth for you trying to contact @CoinbaseSupport - one would presume they'll be interested to hear from you, given the nature of their business :)

  • JoeLuCha
    Joe Łucha☇| BTC | LTC |⚡✌🏼XMR 🖕🏼XRP 🖕🏼🖕🏼BCH (@JoeLuCha) reported

    @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase Never had an issue... Bit i agree we need better exchanges

  • idiotbicht
    h (@idiotbicht) reported

    github is down next to me and asked me like where your watch can i just buy some ethereum on coinbase

  • relaxedricky
    Relaxed Ricky (@relaxedricky) reported

    Anyone got a security contact for #coinbase? Got something I want to pass on, while not a major issue I disagree with #hackerone deciding not to pass it on as they feel it's not worth it. Surly that's for #coinbase to decide? @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport

  • tortsch
    Tortsch-Man [LTC] not giving away crypto (@tortsch) reported

    @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase Never had these issues with @krakenfx

  • BadTACrypto
    BadTA [LTC⚡️BTC] (@BadTACrypto) reported

    @BoilingPointLLC @jordanbayne @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase I like Coinbase Pro bc Limit orders are free. Only problem is it takes 5 business days for funds to be available (unless you do a wire transfer). If I want to buy with new funds ASAP, then I use Abra bc I can transfer fiat and it’s available same day.

  • RickCrypto1
    RickCrypto (@RickCrypto1) reported

    I don't watch them, so who cares. No @coinbase, no problem.

  • vinnieLIVE
    Vinnie (@vinnieLIVE) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseWallet There seems to be an issue with @CoinbaseWallet on iPhone. My tokens aren't appearing in the wallet anymore.

  • TheNvsibleHand
    TheNvsibleHand (@TheNvsibleHand) reported

    @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase More Physical ATMS #BTC #LTC #IgnitetheFireLTC everyone should be working to get a physical ATM in their own village, town, city etc... Regular people are not FX traders . As more ATMS pop up fees will go down and less barrier to entry then these BS exchanges @CoinATMRadar

  • BoilingPointLLC
    Rob D #LTCEastCoastTeam (@BoilingPointLLC) reported

    @jordanbayne @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase @jonnylitecoin coinbase has been giving @ZogLord problems too. They're total shit

  • jordanbayne
    jordan bayne (@jordanbayne) reported

    @BoilingPointLLC @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase I went to use abra -- still giving me some problems. its okay. I prefer to reload around 58 so I will be patient. but its hard to be patient with Coinbase when I send at the market price but want to reload and I am taking a loss. any suggestions @jonnylitecoin ?

  • BoilingPointLLC
    Rob D #LTCEastCoastTeam (@BoilingPointLLC) reported

    @jordanbayne @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase of course they do. cause it aint going to $63. it could roll over here and down to the mid 50s

  • Dan55980561
    Dan [LTC] (@Dan55980561) reported

    @johnkim77 @coinut_exchange @coinbase Could be an error on his phone tell him to clear cache and cookies on it

  • ShaneDStarling
    @CryptoMd (@ShaneDStarling) reported

    @Laurianna90 @coinbase @ShiftPayments Yeah I was thinking why is it upside down. Oh that was deliberate?

  • Laurianna90
    ᒪᗩᑌᖇIᗩᑎᑎᗩ (@Laurianna90) reported

    @cryptotraktor @coinbase @ShiftPayments And card upside down , I can not believe no one pointed it out wtf?

  • NathanielATL
    Nathaniel Rowe (@NathanielATL) reported

    @0xa59a2d @Cernovich The one problem is that fiat gateways like @coinbase have opted to block users that they deem 'distasteful'. Don't let them see you donating to people they don't like, or kiss your account goodbye. Stick with privacy coins.

  • Sendinthefox
    🦊⛩ The Fox of Bitcoin🔮🎡 (@Sendinthefox) reported

    @crypto0pa @XliteCrypto @cryptokiitten @AlexCobb_ @BullyEsq @coinbase @Ripple Not sure on your english, but you state the problem is not Centralisation but rather the issues inside of centralisation. That still means that system is being disrupted. If decentralized exchanges can collaborate to create quality code and security for trust then we don’t need..

  • vpcrpt
    VP (@vpcrpt) reported

    @RevolutApp @coinbase Obviously the biggest issue is that you can set your trades for the future, it's only "online"...which means catching bottom and taking profits is hard..but maybe @RevolutApp will add more exchange like features in the future???;)

  • crypto0pa
    cryρτσвσi ⚡🇹🇼 (@crypto0pa) reported

    @Sendinthefox @XliteCrypto @cryptokiitten @AlexCobb_ @BullyEsq @coinbase @Ripple 1/ i beg the differ, centralization isn't the main problem per say, its accountabilities within any centralized system. same flaw with PoW and 51% attack, that itself is a centralized risk that time and time again people ignore for the maxmialist. digital assets

  • PathAffiliate
    Xrp📈📉Charts (@PathAffiliate) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport @rodrigoelias @coinbase Imagine if .@coinbase was a #xrapid customer. This issue could be solved almost instantly. Sadly you are not and are settling for mediocre customer service instead. Sad.

  • akrepisback
    akrepisback (@akrepisback) reported

    @rothbardsarmy @Beezy54_ @HaraldoXRP F*** all these manipulators last time it was this scam exchange @coinbase who decoupled korean markets. Eventually nobody can hold #xrp down once it goes live

  • Marquez_Comelab
    Marquez Comelab (@Marquez_Comelab) reported

    @CasaChichi But the way I see it is, so long as #Ripple and #XRP is going to solve problems for huge financial institutions with XRapid, then I think the price of XRP does not need Coinbase for it to rise.

  • Marquez_Comelab
    Marquez Comelab (@Marquez_Comelab) reported

    @CasaChichi No, I don't think Coinbase will list XRP only on the basis that it is #2. I think the issue for them is whether there is enough separation between #XRP and #Ripple. The view of the SEC or another regulator has a lot to do with that decision also: whether #XRP is a security.

  • coderxpert
    Adnan Aftab (@coderxpert) reported

    @coinbase iOS app crashing 100% on opening settings tab :( It’s crashing from few months now, please fix it. (iOS 12, iPhone x)

  • GoVelda
    Velda (@GoVelda) reported

    coincidence that @coinbase wallets are going down tonight for two hours ? are we gearing up for an add #$ZRX to the list of assets? they did the same days before $ETC add

  • GoVelda
    Velda (@GoVelda) reported

    @HatchingGains coincidence that @coinbase wallets are going down tonight for two hours ? are we gearing up for an add to the list of assets? they did the same days before $ETC add.

  • Mr_Whatt
    Gabe Fortier (@Mr_Whatt) reported

    @Cernok001 @RobinhoodApp Problem with Robin is you dont have access to the actual coin. But I've heard some rumors they might add it. Also coinbase will need to soon.

  • TidalPartners
    Tidal Investment Partners (@TidalPartners) reported

    FYI: Scheduled maintenance on coinbase in 2hrs. Bet the system shuts down right around 6500 and we see a pump/dump right after. $BTC #bitcoin #crypto

  • klofire
    Kenny (@klofire) reported

    @AlexCobb_ Hey @AlexCobb_ I hope you get this, Coinbase went down for maintenance, maybe a clue?!?!

  • Realliverecord4
    Realliverecords (@Realliverecord4) reported

    @AlexCobb_ Facts im watching it and wondering why its going so crazy not that it matters coinbase is down for maintenance

  • ChuckBaggett
    ChuckBaggett: One world, no nations, no militaries (@ChuckBaggett) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport I filed a ticket and got an email from Coinbase support saying that they'd corrected the problem and lo and behold they did, so it's correct now without having to redo the photo ID.

  • cryptunez
    Cryptune 🖲️ (@cryptunez) reported

    Calmed down a bit. Unless coinbase lists something in the next 4 hrs....might be blood for alts

  • Youngtect04
    Youngtect (@Youngtect04) reported

    @C3_Nik @coinbase Im hearing the Coinbase is having issues as a company... Rumor is that they suck!

  • statesupervisch
    chinazeppelin (@statesupervisch) reported

    @CoinbaseAPI @wildhalf @coinbaseapi What is your timeframe for listing XRP? Aren’t you concerned about what’s happening? Do Coinbase account holders feel comfortable possibly being left out of the XRP market? Is there a technical issue on the side of Coinbase? We could offer XRP development support.

  • WiseYoda1
    WiseYoda XRP ⚡️ (@WiseYoda1) reported

    @kieranmlkelly @baijorge @haydentiff Who needs @coinbase when were pushing 300M volume and counting! The idiocy of not bringing on #XRP will go down as one of the biggest crypto blunders not to mention there desire to bring XLM. Yoda will enjoy when Coinbase eats crow...its already begun! Hgmmmmm!