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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • jaybny
    Jay Berg (@jaybny) reported

    @leondavibe @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache but you know nothing about coding. Satoshi did. It was always about the code the economic incentive was used to solv an engineering problem.

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @jaybny @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache The coding and engineering Is the implementation of an economic plan If the economics is broken It does not matter how well your coding is done Please do reread the incentive section of the white paper

  • mharrycatt
    Mharry Stanley (@mharrycatt) reported

    @Cardano there's so much noise around being listed on coinbase. Please don't do it... they're awful and the 'customer experience' is terrible. The cardano environment is exceptional, why associate yourself with utter tosh!

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @jaybny @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache Not really at the moment it looks that way Because subsidy is keeping all the forks alive But with a broken economic model They will fade away with each halving Leaving bitcoin with the working economics standing in the end

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @jaybny @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache I did not give up on bitcoin Those that made that decision to cut its heels leaving it unable to weather the storms of halvings All these Devs that miss the economic model and try and fix what they could not create Those are the ones that gave up on bitcoin I will keep

  • rt_thebrand
    Raw Talent (@rt_thebrand) reported

    @tregalado30 Them 💥 down to shit. Then you got #coinbase accepting trash. Wtf!!! I did enjoy 2017 boom

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache What they regard as faulty is just breaking the economic model he created If breaking bitcoin down to basics All that constitutes bitcoin was there before It's how all these are used together ie it's economic incentive model That make bitcoin Let's give the white paper a go

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache Decentralization was not the end goal Just the means to get to P2P cash Too much of that medication is kinda the same as a drug is to sickness/symptoms Take just enough to take away the symptoms too much and you kill the person Those that could not create it trying to fix

  • gwestr
    Greg Wester (@gwestr) reported

    Adding assets under management is Coinbase’s goal. The problem is all of the assets fell 95% in price. Pointing a firehose of dumb US retail money at shittier shitcoins isn’t helping anyone. The worst thing they’ve done since invent LiteCoin. Exchanges can’t own the listing!

  • leondavibe
    $Leondavibe (@leondavibe) reported

    @naomibrockwell @coinbase @basisprotocol @Dashpay @ChurchsChicken @arteaga1825 @Zaphoid @CryptoStache This is such an awesome idea This type of thinking only helps Getting a broken coin (BTC) of the #1 spot It's just bad for crypto having a broken model (thanks to small block BS) coin regarded as the leader Let's say just 1 exchange coinbase All users move their coins What

  • RTSMobileGaming
    RTS Mobile (@RTSMobileGaming) reported

    @coinbase Bulls***. @coinbase is a scam company. I just tried to withdraw from you guys and you froze my funds for 72 hours. Coinbase is no better than Wells Fargo. Down with Coinbase, up with @binance @cz_binance

  • blogzap_
    serpent rider (@blogzap_) reported

    @woaishanghai @coinbase All the anti scale devs are gone... Going beyond 128 won't be an issue now. By 2020 there will be no cap at all

  • twitguru007
    HowardRoark (@twitguru007) reported

    @Jose52201934 @superfatherb Nothing achieved by them mentioned in 2018 roadmap. No lightning n/w... no sdex...+ no coinbase + btc going down + its just a hard fork of xrp+..

  • kittytripp123
    Kitty Marimba (crypto granny) (@kittytripp123) reported

    Look out Coinbase, USA ressies getting an alternative with $25 worth of BTC to start. Soon that will be a whole BTC! Use my link plz cuz Im still 80% down.

  • xrpnewsbox
    XRP NewsBox 🚀 (@xrpnewsbox) reported

    @coinbase It’s is obvious that @coinbase managements have personal issues with @Ripple $XRP or they would’ve added XRP long long ago!

  • BakktX
    BAKKT-MAN XRP (@BakktX) reported

    @Chris53797093 @brian_armstrong when @coinbase capitulates, scratching around for some old XRP some where down the back of his sofa...🤣🤣

  • Chrisem404040
    Christopher M (@Chrisem404040) reported

    @BruiserCrypto @Diggers77 @coinbase I’m pretty sure Coinbase has a lot more compliance issues being a US Exchange with a fiat gateway through bank accounts and checking cards. It’s a lot easier for the other exchanges in all likelihood.

  • SpaceCorp_Us
    UFE (@SpaceCorp_Us) reported

    @smartcashassist @SmartCashQAHive But don't worry, The morons at @coinbase have things so well locked down that if you change your cellphone number you get locked out forever, which gives you a chance to take over their locked out people.

  • nmk_evan
    Evan (@nmk_evan) reported

    @1Million Efficient 🙌 they just lowered their fees for deposits too. If people have problems with PayPal, @coinbase would be a good, cheap option

  • mfh949
    Done and Done (@mfh949) reported

    @coinbase You all should go fix the BAT problem on your iOS app. It’s disappeared.

  • JorgeMCAzevedo
    JoAz⚡️ (@JorgeMCAzevedo) reported

    @cryptocolic @bavdupe @CriptoTuga @haydentiff @eToro Yes! As i told i buy btc or eth with credit card, i transfer imidiatly that btc or eth to binance; with that btc or eth i buy xrp Never had a problem And i hate coinbase because they dont list xrp

  • sammytommy123
    CryptoTrader (@sammytommy123) reported

    @mdudas @Square hands down, wallet, payments, services, give crypto, funded ~20 companies... they might have high fees but this is a no contest IMO.

  • Micah43238651
    Micah (@Micah43238651) reported

    To buy #xrp I used to have to buy small chunks of #eth or #btc from @coinbase and then into Binance. So glad I got put onto @coinspotau! Now I can drop slow ass coins AND @coinbase and go straight in and out of #xrp quicker and cheaper with instant fiat xfer via POLi

  • dwxrp
    HillDWXRP (@dwxrp) reported

    @XrpMr @coinbase Whats pathetic is this fokin market! #XRP at a price of 0.28 with real use case! Bitshit ovr 3k, crap tokens with 1/2 ass written white papers ovr 100$. Ripple not making announcements is also sad! All these big ballers holding down the market. All these hypsters it sad sad sad

  • kolin_lukas
    Kolin Lukas (@kolin_lukas) reported

    Anyone who got $ZRX upon Coinbase listing is REKT af. Down 80% + in weeks.

  • nighthawk3927
    Night Hawk (@nighthawk3927) reported

    @XrpYoda So what you meant by 12days of Coinbase is rehashing old news , again well done well done slow hand 👏

  • westBfieldLa
    Justin Slotkowski (@westBfieldLa) reported

    @coinbase Booo! Thought it would go like this.. "On day 5 of 12 days of coinbase, we announce that a Venezuelan family said, 'thank you' for their $100 donation from a multi-billion dollar industry. We would like to say, 'no problem'.. it's the least that we could do... Literally."

  • rui_mvp
    I am Rui (@rui_mvp) reported

    Down 98% from ATH, if @BCH actually dies. Exchanges like @coinbase should also be held responsible for ever listing such a fraudulent project.

  • Sarcasticlegend
    Will Smith (@Sarcasticlegend) reported

    @bavdupe @haydentiff @eToro Bhavesh...please read the reviews. I read back through 150...some date back to 2013. There is a clear pattern: Ambiguous terms Lack of communication Shift of blame As far as coinbase..... The issue in front of you, will always be an issue until you deal with it. #DealingWithIt

  • CryptoDypto
    CryptoDypto (@CryptoDypto) reported

    @CryptoQF @Tradermayne Based on your twitter feed, I see that you've been trying to average down into this abyss, even paying Coinbase fees due to your lack of planning. There was no need for any of this -- you just had to be patient. I do hope you are not responsible for managing other people's $.

  • lwing66
    Lwing66 (@lwing66) reported

    @CarIoDamiani @coinbase @SEC_News I agree, as soon as this was announced it's been bear market, show great losses to avoid paying high taxes and do everything we can to show tether wasnt the issue, so bad that makes the bear market look like the guilty party now. Blame BCH/SV, next is ETHER/Fork, NO SVs on CBase

  • XCryptony
    XRPCryptony (@XCryptony) reported

    @coinbase why can't I purchase eth with my card even though I have the funds and no blocks from my bank. Hasn't been a problem until today. Same with my other card linked to my account. Checked with my banks and no blocks in place stopping me making a payment.

  • Karmamike
    down_the_wormhole (@Karmamike) reported

    @WillyWonkaXRP @FakeCoinExpert @dmunafo ah ok, sorry been caught up with real world problems...ok Coinbase...not sure that will do much but meh why not, today we brought Jim Henson and Fozzie bear into the why not

  • lawmaster
    Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) reported

    @Halvening2020 @mdudas @KbrandoK @prestonjbyrne 1/ It comes down to BTC market being largely made on exchanges that have no regulatory oversight (BitMEX, Bitfinex, Binance, OKEx, HitBTC). And when you argue that the underlying futures market is regulated because it’s based on Coinbase/Kraken, it's true but fairly irrelevant

  • Phlaphead
    Robert Ellis (@Phlaphead) reported

    @DavidAPears @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport I'm having the exact same problem

  • DavidWGeddes
    David Geddes 🎾 (@DavidWGeddes) reported

    @DirkPhilip @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport Damn. Thanks for the update. I had an issue previously when @Nationwide didn't allow crypto transactions but that was sorted out months back. Might just go in via another route tbh. Best of luck going forward, dude!

  • DirkPhilip
    Dirk Barendse (@DirkPhilip) reported

    @DavidWGeddes @AskNationwide @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport Still no luck mate. Apparently we need to call the number the back of our c/cards in order to authorise the purchase. Find it strange as I've never had this issue before.

  • michaelgraub
    Michael (@michaelgraub) reported

    You can “pontificate” all you want but there are serious tech issues with Coinbase. It’s not 2017 anymore and competition is gunning for you. #wakeup

  • GoldmanSatoshi
    Goldman Sats (@GoldmanSatoshi) reported

    @CryptoCoinsNews Proof that institutional investors are already on #Crypto market. #Cryptocurrency market react like #forex . When good news the price go down and when bad news price go up. Look at Fuze X today.. or new coinbase effect.. market is unpredictable now

  • PeaceZenLove
    Peace Zen Love (@PeaceZenLove) reported

    @coinbase @mwseibel @ycombinator Coinbase terminated ny account without explanation & i did nothing wrong or illegal so because of this exclusion i do not care for the company. Yall have proved to me that you are running a horror show of a business. 👎🏾👎🏾 2 thumbs down y'all

  • N1GH7F4WK35
    Fox (@N1GH7F4WK35) reported

    Another @coinbase issue is #Bitcoin Private Keys. If you don't have your Private Key, you don't have your #BTC.

  • N1GH7F4WK35
    Fox (@N1GH7F4WK35) reported

    Another @coinbase issue is #Bitcoin Private Keys. If you don't have your Private Key, you don't have your #BTC.

  • IanRountree
    Ian (@IanRountree) reported from San Francisco, California

    @bpforster24 @DharmaProtocol @0xProject @coinbase Decentralized crypto holiday party calendar. Problem solved.

  • VenetianCoin
    Venetian REKT #XRPthestandard (@VenetianCoin) reported

    @boxmining @CoinbasePro @district0x I noticed that too. They definetely have volume problems or Binance one is faked. Anyway better to not trust anyone, Coinbase in particular (see BCH pump dump).

  • MyEmpireOfShit
    Tommy Tourettes (@MyEmpireOfShit) reported

    $BCHSV currently has a 13 block lead against $BCH, down from 16 about 20 minutes ago. The price of bitcoin is currently $3235 at #coinbase, sitting on obviously key support. The next time SV loses it's lead could quite possibly the be very beginning of the #crypto bull run.

  • gabigeeLLC
    Welcome to Gabi Gee's 🍬 Candy Shop 🍬 (@gabigeeLLC) reported

    @CoriiSirenMFC @SpankChain Coinbase and gemini are exchanges, not wallets. You should never hold large sums money in them because they act just like a central bank: they can shut you down. Metamask is a wallet where you own/hold your money, can't be shut down.

  • cane_jean
    JPC (@cane_jean) reported

    @adam3us @LucasNuzzi But imagine explaining to them why BCH *isn't* the original BTC! It's really confusing for anyone not deeply involved. Would have been less of an issue if coinbase had been clear about it.

  • tylerdyates1
    Tyler (@tylerdyates1) reported

    @flyfloyd_ @getongab @Shopify @GoDaddy @stripe @PayPal @AppStore @GooglePlay @joyent @Azure @BitPay @coinbase @Patreon @TwitterAdsHelp @embedly That is really terrible reasoning. The fact everyone does something doesn’t mean it’s right. Look for a different reason.

  • WernerMS
    Werner Strydom (@WernerMS) reported

    @C3_Nik @coinbase The @coinbase bashing is wearing thin now. You're the one guy in a group who is still milking a joke when the rest of the group is awkwardly chuckling out of pity and wishes it would stop. Let's move on, please. They're a non-issue.

  • ecc_p7
    ce (@ecc_p7) reported

    @ilo_photo @coinbase OMG. I was thinking of the same thing. 😂😂 I’ve seen others on twitter complaining of the same issue (battery draining/ iPhone heats up). Collectively, they might be using our phone to mine. Hahahaha

  • cryptogreggor
    Cryptogreggor (@cryptogreggor) reported

    @coinbase @WeGift That's right spend what little crypto you have left while the market is down

  • Nielsmanboy
    Nelis (100% bot) ⚡ (@Nielsmanboy) reported

    If @coinbase was the christmas three with presents under it and i was an eager child who could unwrap one present per night, i would be severally disappointed. its like the slow death of my cheerful spirit. #12DaysOfChristmas

  • PNHEnger
    SODL (@PNHEnger) reported

    @coinbase As in ... just moves down fast 😂BCH is killing it

  • Rock228VIX
    Investor Dad (@Rock228VIX) reported

    On a central server like Coinbase or Fidelity maybe. Very few people want to be their own bank, broker, fx trader, etc. The ease of use and access yes. The everyone takes physical ownership/control of everything - not many want that headache and they will pay others to do it.

  • V3nLife
    JD (@V3nLife) reported

    @coinbase how bout just fix your customer service

  • mHaGqnOACyFm0h5
    nothingmuch (@mHaGqnOACyFm0h5) reported

    @djjindra @bradmillscan congrats! and it's worse, if i'm not mistaken the fact that @coinbase still allows '3' addresses in there is because they explicitly allowed them before litecoin fixed that dangerous format. apparently this is enough of a recurring problem that trezor has a special recovery tool

  • dc77ae00b817435
    YourLandscaper🇺🇸 (@dc77ae00b817435) reported

    @ToneVays @brian_trollz @coinbase I wish you would debate me on the bitcoin altcoin issue ill chew u alive

  • LukeDashjr
    Luke Dashjr (@LukeDashjr) reported

    @bitcoinpasada This is a scamcoin issue, not a Bitcoin or even Coinbase issue. For many years, Litecoin was too incompetent to change the serialisation for P2SH addresses, so it used the same one as Bitcoin. It can probably be recovered, but scamcoin recovery is not Coinbase support's job.

  • BrianTheMint
    Brian De Mint (@BrianTheMint) reported

    @crossyaus @coinbase I do get what you’re saying though. Libertarians originally thought Bitcoin 1.0 was the answer to all of their problems. It’ll require innovation for that to happen

  • ZoeJDolan
    Zoe Dolan (@ZoeJDolan) reported

    also, as fantastic, important and useful as Coinbase may be, let's stay real: they comprise a traditional financial middleman - and, in my own personal view, one who skims way too much off the top of automated services that, when it comes down to it, we ought to have no need for