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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • DigitalAssetXRP xMPH Pathfinder 2 3 5 7 (@DigitalAssetXRP) reported

    @xrpdeathstar @Spence12341 @coindesk @Forbes @ETH @coinbase @btc @UpholdInc @BittrexExchange I’ve never actually sold any crypto on their exchanges but I know many that have and without issue. TBH I’ve never sold crypto before. I really enjoy holding my $XRP. But sometimes I use XRP at places that accept it or for @xrptipbot.

  • MattKvenild MKvenild (@MattKvenild) reported

    @MagzPhilly @PeterMcCormack @NickSzabo4 They are actively attacking bitcoin in any way possible now. Prisoners dilemma not working out well for Coinbase. Everyone is calling them out for what amounts to cheating & will be their downfall. Humans are intuitive without cognition of underlying game theory. Its genetic.

  • RochaBrice42 Bruce (@RochaBrice42) reported

    No cash. No problem, Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo, Coinbase not 1 dealer I know do this

  • CryptoBartSimps Bart Simpson (@CryptoBartSimps) reported

    @CarpeNoctom I'm not a huge fan of @Chase due to the fact they used to block my debit card from buying crypto from @coinbase. But they're alright, I've never had any issues with mobile banking. Last, I want to add Jamie Dimon needs a chill pill. I get he doesn't like $BTC but dont be a jerk.

  • Davidgang112 David bildea (@Davidgang112) reported

    well this is only one issue that coinbase was willing to accept publicly however there are plenty of other problems that are also needed to be solved at this exchange

  • T1000003 T100000🇨🇭 (@T1000003) reported

    @Crypto_Macro @cz_binance Binance customer support is unbeatable (no support at all when i had an issue @coinbase). Shitcoin selection is also great. Washtrading and pump&dumps not so much. Also still waiting for my hoodie, for pointing out the “Secuity” fail in the app 😉

  • Youngtect04 XRP-tect (@Youngtect04) reported

    @coinbase **** coinbase! Garbage ass app! Shit is slow as ****!

  • Gerry56406564 Rookie (@Gerry56406564) reported

    @Mr_WO_ @CryptoPappas @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport I hope it 2. I just wonder why they even gave the option to use sms if it doesn t work proparly and they advise it now after all the problems to use authenticator. Support team keeps saying me to use authenticator well good but i need to be able to log in first to change it.

  • Gerry56406564 Rookie (@Gerry56406564) reported

    @Mr_WO_ @CryptoPappas @coinbase Did not do it yet i think it is stupid to use a new number for the sms code who doesn’t work for my number anymore and i contacted my provider and they ain’t blocking short code messages so idk what s up binance sms code still works. Coinbase should dig deeper into it and fix it

  • Robbydeux Rob Wilkinson (@Robbydeux) reported

    @_nmesis @wirexapp Makes no sense in the current market to buy crypto at a premium to then spend on a card. Just makes what you are buying more expensive. Nice idea, doesn't work for me at the moment sorry. @Wirexapp are the cheapest I've found to buy crypto though and beat @coinbase hands down.

  • DigitalNomadInv DigitalNomadInvestor (@DigitalNomadInv) reported

    @sladecrypto @coinbase Brad G. shouldn't have stolen Bryan Armstrong's girlfriend in college and we wouldn't have this problem!

  • 1970_ivo Ivo ⚡️ (@1970_ivo) reported

    @johnmcgill_99 @coinbase No problem, everybody has his weaknesses.

  • Crystamped Mr. Bitcoin [BTC⚡LTC] (@Crystamped) reported

    @karen27486526 @litecoin @binance @CoinMarketCap @DigiByteCoin @Ripple @coindesk @blockchain @BitPay @coinbase @BTCTN @SatoshiLite @rogerkver @XPChain_Global @xpcoin_io I wasted some time trying to sign up for this... got error message: "You are using invalid network setting contact support"

  • zharezaa Reza Aditya Mukit (@zharezaa) reported

    @CoinbaseWallet I do not believe that the coinbase wallet works without critical errors! ALL THAT MAKES COINBASE worse.

  • JosePrieto2009 Jose Prieto (@JosePrieto2009) reported

    @ImNotTheWolf @cz_binance @binance @coinbase I use it a lot believe me is not hate, but I just want to give them a hard time for not listing more coins. You also compare the work done by both exchanges in their operational periods and @binance work is a true example (regardless of regulatory issues)

  • MajorTomsLz WarHawk (@MajorTomsLz) reported

    @M3taHyp3 @ShiftPayments @coinbase Interesting never had a problem with support (yet). You can always sign up for the free one.

  • PaulyWalnutz54 Paulie (@PaulyWalnutz54) reported

    Had a technical error with my @BRDHQ wallet and they where professional and fixed it quick. @coinbase still hasn’t refunded me my #ETC and it’s going in two months. Coinbase could learn something from BRD wallet.

  • girlhetoomuch BossManTheBeat (@girlhetoomuch) reported

    @SmartXRPbuyer @coinbase Only thing about Cashapp you can't send it to your own wallet they just needs to fix that part

  • fan_fxia Fan Xia (@fan_fxia) reported

    @JacobCanfield @coinbase Fools, they thought they can tap into the crypto market, but boy are they clueless. Crypto market only have one direction down to nothing. None of the coins will work within the current frame works of law and business requirements.

  • CryptoJake44 Crypto Jake $LTC Fan (@CryptoJake44) reported

    It's great that @turbotax has integrated w/ exchanges for transaction imports. Unfortunately the 250 transaction limit per CSV file means breaking my import down into like 10 files. I've only started my @coinbase transactions so far though, so other exchanges may be different.

  • JewSwell Evan (@JewSwell) reported

    @coinbase I’d rather stick a needle down my urethra

  • fan_fxia Fan Xia (@fan_fxia) reported

    @TweetyBirdbrain Get this, coinbase was valued at some 8 Billion or so they wanted to. It comes down to money, they will not let anyone ruin that without a fight. There is a clear stance against BSV from Coinbase. As CSW puts it, he will bleed them slowly. Head on conflict is what it is.

  • chiraagpatel123 gambo (@chiraagpatel123) reported

    reminder not to keep crypto on exchanges. whether its binance, bittrex, bitfinex, coinbase etc etc. Time and time again we see crypto exchanges "hacked", "down", "disappearing". Learn to transfer to wallet. Be responsible $btc $eth $ltc $xmr $dash $neo $xrp $trx $vet $zec

  • Nouknitouk ⚡️🦄 Nouk 🦄 ⚡️ (@Nouknitouk) reported

    unfortunately, my last purchase with @BitvoExchange was done today. Their exchange website is too unreliable and every withdraw operation so far had to involve support and tickets. until they fix the website and system, Im out. back to coinbase unfortunately

  • CateCakeCat CateCake (@CateCakeCat) reported

    @Itsalowchasam @coindesk @coinbase That's good news, but I know how the service works when CB is just launching it. At best, their servers won't shut down.

  • BitStreetSheep Sheep Of Bit Street (@BitStreetSheep) reported

    @007Macmac007 @mrtn_dvd @SafeHavenio @cz_binance @novogratz @APompliano @coinbase @Bakkt @TimDraper SafeHaven is fixing a major issue in this industry that everyone involved will need to work with. They are pushing hard in the bear market but think about when things turn bullish, people are making more money then they ever have before and think more and more about loved ones...

  • jratcliff jratcliff63367 (@jratcliff) reported

    I think I know what must have happened here. I don't keep any bitcoin on Coinbase but maybe I had like a dollars worth at one time. Which then got a distro of BCH, which I also ignored. And then the BCH got distroed down to BCH-SV. Another way to define 'fractional banking'.

  • stefanopep3 Stefano Pepe (@stefanopep3) reported

    @stefanobernardi This is a lazy solution to a fundamental problem. @coinbase has power, money and team to do it better.

  • weissjeffm Jeff Weiss (@weissjeffm) reported

    @udiWertheimer Coinbase has a history of not giving a shit about your coins as long as they can plausibly deny responsibility. They were totally cool w SMS 2fa, and then later recommended Authy which has similar issues.

  • PreshXace BAD DADDY PAPILLON Omo Iya Tò Ta Rice (@PreshXace) reported

    @Omojuwa Oga Sir @Omojuwa BlockChain Wallet or Coinbase wallet would solve that problem....they shouldn't threaten..hey should ban them time

  • YassinMobarak Yassin Mobarak (@YassinMobarak) reported

    @VonBurkans @boyd_oakes @JoelKatz @TomasVanicekk @ripcurldog @coinbase Then why don't you have the same problem with Satoshi's BTC stash, or Vitalick's ETH stash, or Crypto whales stash who manipulate the market. Your hypocrisy is nauseating.

  • XRP_Anderson XRP NEO (@XRP_Anderson) reported

    @JFxhunter @pollawit2515 This is what I’ve said for some time. Coinbase has terrible leadership which will lead to their demise. Just look at their decisions

  • rdodev Ruben Orduz (@rdodev) reported

    A bit of schadenfreude seeing Ver’s $BCH slow train-wrecking. Although I’m quite sure he cashed out hundreds of $millions upon Coinbase listing.

  • TwiztdPickle TwiztdPickle 🥒 (@TwiztdPickle) reported

    The problem with all of you elitist plebs in CT that are already involved with #crypto is this... @coinbase isn’t interested in trying to pull you into this adolescent market, there’s 6.99 billion (or whatever) people out there they want to make feel secure. Your opinions = 🚫

  • silvertooth6876 Robert Anderson (@silvertooth6876) reported

    @TruthRaiderHQ @polyb1123 @coinbase last time i heard something this stupid it was kyc.... all your info, crypto accounts, and bank accounts packaged in one file. ready to be hacked in numbers on the cloud or single server. ...... brilliant

  • TheCryptoKing5 Tales from the Crypt (@TheCryptoKing5) reported

    What @CashApp is doing with $BTC is low key changing the game. I haven’t purchased #bitcoin on @coinbase in 8 months. The spread was a bit wide but they’ve since gotten down to selling at the global average. #MassAdoption #cryptocurrencies #cashapp

  • MoonOverlord Moon Overlord (@MoonOverlord) reported

    @VentureCoinist @coinbase I think one thing I’d like to see more information on is What are the % chances the average person gets their funds hacked / stolen off an exchange What are the % chances the average person loses their key, sends crypto to the wrong address, (some type of personal user error)

  • buymorebitcoins btc (@buymorebitcoins) reported

    @VentureCoinist @coinbase Good point, I think some are highlighting the idea that promoting a potentially unsafe practice may lead to enabling bad habits down the road. Still, some are not considering the merit of what you are saying which is unquestionably substantial.

  • gayang3 Gyan (@gayang3) reported

    @VentureCoinist @coinbase People forget that this is completely OPTIONAL I know people who r technically sophisticated running VMs in airgapped computers & doing offline transactions. While technically cool this is terrible UX for mass adoption If Objective = adoption Then, ease of use > everything else

  • fan_fxia Fan Xia (@fan_fxia) reported

    @BSV_MetaNet @coinbase Coinbase is a con, surprised US government didn't shut it down already.

  • sabotagebeats Notorious D.O.G.E.™ [BE THE DIP] (@sabotagebeats) reported from Berkeley, California

    @ThatCryptoGuy_ @TruthRaiderHQ @coinbase Sure sure I'm just saying I think custodial wallet is worse than own wallet with keys encrypted in drive. Coinbase itself is the problem not storing encrypted keys in Google drive.

  • JasonBarat88 Jason Barat? (@JasonBarat88) reported

    @TruthRaiderHQ @coinbase Agreed. Write them down and store them somewhere safe. I have a hint to the location in my drive but only myself n my wife would be able to follow it.

  • cz_binance CZ Binance (@cz_binance) reported

    @douglas4227887 @cryptoguyJi @ImTheDebate @coinbase Interesting thread, I believe more effective than asking current service providers to lower their fees (they do have costs), is to work hard to make more options/channels available, then the fees will come down naturally (their costs will also decrease). Working on it!

  • FlyGuyInTheSky ⛈ Fly Guy ⛈ (@FlyGuyInTheSky) reported

    @cduhaime If you’re thinking #coinbase that’s only for US customers... rest go empty handed. What if the insurance company said hold on a minute... neglect. Then everyone on is down the creek without a paddle.

  • douglas4227887 douglas johnson (@douglas4227887) reported

    @cryptoguyJi @ImTheDebate @coinbase @cz_binance I totally agree that is very frustrating and I’ve attempted to verify further, and they told me my documents weren’t sufficient but never gave an explanation of why it wasn’t so I never really got a chance to rectify the problem

  • MyXrp589 HODLXRP (@MyXrp589) reported

    @cz_binance @DoveyWan Coinbase is a scam! They are useless ! Give it a couple years and they will go down in history for being thugs

  • Destined21 Thomas Johnson (@Destined21) reported

    @ant135981232 @cryptowaikoah @coinbase Coinbase doesn't want to know the desires and problems of customers...

  • Alexsos567 Alez Np (@Alexsos567) reported

    @LuccaOfc1 @bay_muammer @cryptowaikoah @Timmi_Faer @coinbase Yes, Coinbase support ignores its users. It seems our problems don't bother them in any way.

  • jamison0121 jamison davis (@jamison0121) reported

    @cryptowaikoah @coinbase this is a common problem of Coinbase

  • knifecatching Jernej (@knifecatching) reported

    @jespow The vast majority would probably use the same password as their login credential to coinbase.

  • DeplorableTaz taz tazman (@DeplorableTaz) reported

    @carsenjk @coinbase Yeah, a terrible Coinbase's decision ...

  • PegasiMega Pegasi Mega (@PegasiMega) reported

    @cryptowaikoah @coinbase I have constant problems with Coinbase , the app is buggy and crashes really often

  • orkq066 Mateusz Purczyński (@orkq066) reported

    @moulamba @cryptowaikoah @coinbase so go and change! don't wait until you will get more problems...

  • DepNox DepNox (@DepNox) reported

    Coinbase introduces centralized cloud based private key storage solution. CT experiences Denial of Screenshot while everyone attempts to document a truly terrible idea, all at once. #Bitcoin #YourKeysYourCoins

  • cz_binance CZ Binance (@cz_binance) reported

    @DoveyWan Sorry Dovey, I have to respectfully disagree. Both Coinbase and Binance are working hard to push the industry forward. While there are some overlaps, it's actually minimal when you drill it down. Both offer more than an exchange. Let's help both grow. It's important!

  • AndrePreoteasa Andre Preoteasa (@AndrePreoteasa) reported

    @peterktodd So much room for errors. I applaud @coinbase for trying to make private key management easier, but not that easy.

  • Philiff Philipp Seifert (@Philiff) reported

    I see two downsides for LastPass-style backups - coinbase server might be able to block my request to restore the account - the process introduces attack vectors (google 'LastPass Security issues') The upside however is big

  • rseibane Rafa Jiménez (@rseibane) reported

    @TAT3AN @CoinbaseWallet @coinbase I trust Google more than myself writing down 12 words in a paper. I don’t think Bitcoin is gonna go mainstream with paper wallet, but let’s the market decide. Also, remember this is OPTIONAL.

  • conroydave Dave Conroy (@conroydave) reported

    @kevingaspar @CoinbaseWallet @coinbase The problem is not everyone is as sensible.

  • TAT3AN TAT3AN (@TAT3AN) reported

    @rseibane @CoinbaseWallet @coinbase The entire point of decentralization is not to have to “trust” any centralized party. You are trusting that your keys are being properly encrypted and stored within a server open to a point of attack. If you do not hold your own keys then you do not control your funds.