Is down? is an online gaming platform operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Is enables online game-play for games including World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

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April 02: Problems at is having issues since 06:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Online Play 13.61% Online Play
  • Glitches 7.88% Glitches
  • Game Crash 4.44% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 1.00% Matchmaking
  • Hacking / Cheating .29% Hacking / Cheating Outage Map

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  • HustLeDaGOAT HustLe (@HustLeDaGOAT) reported

    @BlizzardCS I keep phasing out of Orgrimmar so I cannot turn war mode on. This problem has started a while ago and I cannot get in touch with support because it doesn’t fall under a category and live support is non existent

  • TrenoNeoKnight Treno (@TrenoNeoKnight) reported

    @BlizzardCS Not sure if this issue is known, but if you get the "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found" error when trying to enter a lesser vision, it locks you out for the day. I know that if you d/c inside the vision you can get booted, but now I'm locked and never even got in.

  • Austy1997 austin (@Austy1997) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can’t even play World of Warcraft because when I try to play it keeps freezing nonstop Ever since this maintenance Please fix it ASAP

  • reba_strange reba strange (@reba_strange) reported

    @BlizzardCS I understand we are amidst a crisis but your customer service and bot mentoring is a joke. You flag the innocent and ban them for 6 mouth and message them like they caused a server crash.

  • CJboooom Cj (@CJboooom) reported

    @BlizzardCS You guys need to fix the ignore function. I was being harrassed in an lfr after a long break. Once I left. They kept harrassing me and I could not block them. Once I reported them. They kept going. This is what is wrong with wow. So toxic now. I blame you for it.

  • DD_George D.D. George (@DD_George) reported

    @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_EN @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_EN looks like it's fixed, it's been only ~30 minutes of no-service and not 34 hours, good job!

  • bobisapotato1 pointed Bobisapotato (@bobisapotato1) reported

    Fix your servers @BlizzardCS

  • Seraphyma Seraphyma (@Seraphyma) reported

    @wonkeysmoker @BlizzardCS same WOW51900123 error, US server

  • ytolgi Tolga 🇹🇷 トルガ (@ytolgi) reported

    @BlizzardCS When logging in, I have 700 players in queue but I always get the BC-153 Login error. I’m on EU servers 😅😂

  • TiallePluto Tialleballe (@TiallePluto) reported

    @BlizzardCS please just fix this, i'm tired of waiting i just wanna kick some ass in warzone bruh 😢🔫

  • LisaNoFake Lisa No Fake (@LisaNoFake) reported

    @TradObject @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_FR @Blizzard_Ent If you pay monthly to play a game then I have bad news for you. This queue issue isn't the biggest of your problems.

  • 12tonninriisi 12tonninriisi (@12tonninriisi) reported


  • Maxx_Sixx Maxx6 | Voyagers T4 (@Maxx_Sixx) reported

    Ps4 Overwatch: getting error code BC-153. Can't login @BlizzardCS

  • P0kang Pokang (@P0kang) reported

    @antony_baker @BlizzardCS Couldn't agree with you any more mate... If you could actually connect to the game you'd also notice a ton of blatant other issues that have been going on for months, I hope they get their shit together.

  • i_lFortune sei la... (@i_lFortune) reported

    @BlizzardCS today was the last day of the archives event because of this problem i hope the event will continue

  • mrzubb mrzubb (@mrzubb) reported

    @BlizzardCS "estimated wait: 1000 minutes" i really hope i didnt have to pay 60 #£ for one month and the wow bfa a few days ago.. pretty new to the game, about 150 hours in and i can tell u have serious issues.

  • Lunnalogy Liz 🌙 (@Lunnalogy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having the same issue from the US as well

  • boshprofil Aragorn (@boshprofil) reported

    @livisiP @BlizzardCS same problem

  • wonkeysmoker David (@wonkeysmoker) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for the response. It is a us account. If i try to log in to support it gives a different error: BLZBNTTAS00000001. i tried a password reset but it says account not found. but i have used the same account for 15 years.

  • SoIWasLikeYo CintyPinky (@SoIWasLikeYo) reported

    @Lunnalogy @BlizzardCS nope. it seems there's a ton of ppl having issues with the @BlizzardCSEU_EN servers. Some ppl are queued and have 400+ ppl ahead of them :(

  • skat3 Skat3 (@skat3) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm not in EU and I'm having issues as well on ps4 OW. Not to mention after you wait in queue for two minutes you get kicked and lose your spot. Started at 90, now i have 600 ahead of me. Love it.

  • S_0_N_N_Y Sonny (@S_0_N_N_Y) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_IT >be Activision >"Yeah let's drop a free battle-royale" >ffw 1 week >every blizzard server affected >mfw can't login

  • SoIWasLikeYo CintyPinky (@SoIWasLikeYo) reported

    @Lunnalogy @BlizzardCS same. it won't let me login.

  • yrbrodard Yannick R. Brodard (@yrbrodard) reported

    @BlizzardCS WHAT ABOUT THE LOGIN ISSUE !!!! we don't care about the download

  • Cgumball Cody Gummel (@Cgumball) reported

    @EnderStryker @BlizzardCS I’m having the same problems 400 queue and then it boots me saying there’s an error.

  • Papaghost7 Sadiq Ali (@Papaghost7) reported

    @BlizzardCS @dlog1337 EU, America, Asia everywhere is giving the same issue

  • gigeamihnearaz1 (@gigeamihnearaz1) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have this error BLZBNTTAS00000001 from yesterday ..

  • Lunnalogy Liz 🌙 (@Lunnalogy) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am having issues login in my account. On the Bnet launcher it just stops trying to identify my email and password and while trying to create a ticket it tells me my email is not linked to a Blizzard account.

  • Speady_99 Daniel Martin (@Speady_99) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS so uh, what’s with the log in issues, no complaints just wondering why I’m in a queue of 500 ppl and keep getting kicked

  • davincible_ Davincible (@davincible_) reported

    @BlizzardCS @IshkharaX Second on the EU issues, getting a 289 min queue...

  • dlog1337 gold. 🌐 (@dlog1337) reported

    @LuwKGames @BlizzardCS Feel you, I also had to download it multiple times. And you are painfully right, some of the issues usually fix themselves when I switch temporarily to Asia or Americas.

  • BFNK_ BFNK (@BFNK_) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hello, I cannot login to diablo 3 from europe at all :(

  • GGSpider Spider (@GGSpider) reported

    @Amerings @BlizzardCS I am having the same problem. I live in UK.

  • IshkharaX Kizzy (@IshkharaX) reported

    @BlizzardCS I hope its a quick fix, hubby was wanting to do bgs to chill before hes back at work doing 12 hour shifts.

  • LuwKGames LuwK (@LuwKGames) reported

    @BlizzardCS @dlog1337 The service is tragic honestly, from my experience I've twice had to download 171gb because its killed my files from updates, there always seems to be something wrong with "EU" servers.

  • Raginax1 Raginax (@Raginax1) reported

    @BlizzardCS i mean the APP not ingame, i can join WoW without problem

  • AbbyAZK - 𝑨𝒃𝒃𝒚 (@AbbyAZK) reported

    @BlizzardCS @dlog1337 Yup, having the same issues in EU, can't get into game through the launcher or OW through retail either. Keeps logging me out.

  • ffs_nonamesleft George Panayiotou (@ffs_nonamesleft) reported

    @BlizzardCS My issue is not download speeds. I can't even log on. Not even the authenticator is working.

  • sohofx soho (@sohofx) reported

    @justikas88 @BlizzardCS i live in EU and have same issues even tried to log into asia nothing works

  • leyo_5 Leonardo Papa (@leyo_5) reported

    @BlizzardCS I think you have some problems 😂 #battlenet

  • cipri71 ciprian (@cipri71) reported

    @BlizzardCS @livisiP I cant Login in EU yes

  • dlog1337 gold. 🌐 (@dlog1337) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for the quick reply. I am in EU region, I have experienced issues on the EU servers for a week now, from patching issues to connectivity.

  • RITOEUW1 Mejdi.B (@RITOEUW1) reported

    @BlizzardCS @im__sarcastic you are clueless we can't even sign in battlenet the queue IS 250MINUTES WTF

  • Pleasure_0102 David Brennan (@Pleasure_0102) reported

    @BlizzardCS maybe not make a f2p game use the same servers as for people who paid for your games ! Then this problem would not exist..

  • JoshDav72121045 Josh Davidson (@JoshDav72121045) reported

    @BlizzardCS it’s not letting me log on to overwatch ,it’s telling me about error (BN-564)

  • livisiP Livisi (@livisiP) reported

    @BlizzardCS While I am getting the BLZBNTTAS00000001 error😭

  • wonkeysmoker David (@wonkeysmoker) reported

    @BlizzardCS Not sure about download speeds. I get stuck at retrieving server in both Classic and Live. WOW51900123 error

  • samblair2455 Sam Blair (@samblair2455) reported

    @BlizzardCS What does error BC-153 mean because I keep getting that error

  • sohofx soho (@sohofx) reported

    @BlizzardCS app not working atm too worldwide.

  • denisbrogn Denis Brognart (@denisbrogn) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_FR @BlizzardCSEU_EN @BlizzardCSEU_RU @BlizzardCSEU_DE @BlizzardCSEU_ES @BlizzardCSEU_IT @BlizzardCSEU_PT @BlizzardCSEU_PL PLEASE FIX THAT ******* DOWNLOAD BUG AND DONT TELL "It's not our fault mate check our launcher version" Assume these problems and FIX them !

  • xTaikyo Taikyo (@xTaikyo) reported

    @BlizzardCS Another thing that could be the issue I just turned them off is the overlays that was mention too, so turned off the ones from Discord and trying to turn off my AMD ones.

  • Miss_Vexx Vexx von Incontinencia (@Miss_Vexx) reported

    @CallofDuty @BlizzardCS @ATVIAssist Pls pls pls fix the Weapon unlock challenges. Since I bought the "Notice Me" skin for the Holgar I cant progress towards the "2 LMG Long Range kills" I must have wasted like 30 matches where nothing counted towards it. PLS look into it :(

  • helpmetisc cajune (@helpmetisc) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_IT shame on u guys, it's 3 day's the downloader not working for warzone, BIG SHAME!

  • larrycarp79 Lawrence Carpenter (@larrycarp79) reported

    @BlizzardCS When I choose credit card it comes up with a internal error and to try later, and I've tried on 2 different browsers both same error occurs

  • RijuStone GhOst StOnE (@RijuStone) reported

    @BlizzardCS FIX YOUR ******* SERVERS ! DISCONNECTING AFTER EVERY 10 MINS !!! #CallofDuty #CallofDutyModernWarfare #Warzone #blizzard #BlizzCS

  • bayuwa87 E (@bayuwa87) reported

    @BlizzardCS @jacksherwood_ help why my ping is so high around 200+ on every match, and somehow i get into europe server base on the player language i stumble upon to. even though i choose asia server in the launcher. playing MW, my isp has no issue what so ever, i just want to get in to the sea server

  • Slipknotic419 Aaron Blair (@Slipknotic419) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can't purchase a new subscription. I'm using the shop in the web browser but i keep getting errors.

  • CorejoWoW Corejo (@CorejoWoW) reported

    @phillygrk @BlizzardCS @ShakeZoolaGFX Same issue for us, Mal'ganis server. 2 nights in a row, nearly unplayable.

  • AaronSchrock Schrock’n’Roll (@AaronSchrock) reported

    @BlizzardCS Somehow it finally let me do it so I guess issue solved lol

  • classicbryan123 Classic Bryan (@classicbryan123) reported

    @BlizzardCS literally fix your instance servers.. this shit is aids getting 200-300 ms and can’t push keys.. whack af refund my account