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  • 200xansthellae Ryan 🔌 (@200xansthellae) reported

    @BlizzardCS MacBook Pro freezing and ruining my gameplay and killing my gametime. Fix this problem. *****.

  • _Jeroy_ Jeroy (@_Jeroy_) reported

    @BlizzardCS Keep getting "A character with that name already exists". I tried resetting UI (Renamed the 3 folders in retail), even tried to move my character because it was "Stuck" which USED to fix it, but now that says an error occurred. Been over an hour now :(

  • Fonzeman Fonzy (@Fonzeman) reported

    @BlizzardCS Error Code: WOW51900319

  • ImSoEnigma EПIGMA (@ImSoEnigma) reported

    @BlizzardCS Cannot play any WC3 reforged beta customs its not working

  • Soulstained Soulstained🦊 (@Soulstained) reported

    @BlizzardCS i will never stop doing tickets or tweets until you fix my issue. You know about it. You are lying about it. I WANT MY GOLD BACK. LOOK AT WHAT IM TELLING YOU. IM DOING THE WORK FOR FREE. AUCTION HOUSE HAS ISSUES.

  • JamaKBrown Jama (@JamaKBrown) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix. The. MAC. Issues. PLEASE.

  • mikester550 Michael Turner (@mikester550) reported

    @Jct2626 @BlizzardCS I'm just warning people about my experiences with their customer service. I don't want anyone to be treated like I was with no recourse.

  • Saijibott Saijibott (@Saijibott) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey guy's I've been getting random server lag starting this week. Its been happening lately in instances mostly. Wyrmrest accord is the server.

  • regentstrife00 Mark (RegentStrife00) (@regentstrife00) reported

    @BlizzardCS I think I deserve an explanation as to why your support group just threatened to penalize my account over an account issue, that had perfect evidence to support my issue. The ticket was calm and clear, but the answers I received didn't make sense and were dismissive.

  • Florin05124135 Flo (@Florin05124135) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix Mac crashes!

  • HordeKat PinkMoney💕💵💕💰 (@HordeKat) reported

    @petiteocs I’m mad because I went everywhere IN ORDER and it still said shit wasn’t charged @BlizzardCS FIX THIS

  • FosteringFTW Jones (@FosteringFTW) reported

    @BlizzardCS I hear y'all like salsa and that you have a rap god. Maybe you should stop spending money on expensive rappers and salsa parties and fix your games.

  • Coderdood Marcelus Trojahn (@Coderdood) reported

    @BlizzardCS what's up with the lag in Dragonblight... I can't even HS away from it... Also, not my connection as proved by other games.

  • Polarthief Polarthief (@Polarthief) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS Ashenvale Moonwell is broken for the Lunar Festival preservation quest. No extra action button pops up to let me charge the staff.

  • Gregoriosk3 Gregoriosk (@Gregoriosk3) reported

    @BlizzardCS Sort out the Mac issue already. It’s been long enough wth are you guys doing

  • Aranela Darth Amessaa (@Aranela) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey, a heads up. The new holiday quest is not working. I was able to get some moonwells to work but not others, even though they are listed as the correct place on the map. Others are encountering this issue as well.

  • flyfer_15 Steve (@flyfer_15) reported

    @BlizzardCS recommend you make the Mac fix broadly known (if it comes) so those like me that are staying unsubbed will hear of it and re-up

  • StefanMitchel14 Lightroad (@StefanMitchel14) reported

    @BlizzardCS Is there any update on the Mac issues for a possible fix, one of my guildmates would really love this fixed!

  • JeremyLee169 JeremyLee (@JeremyLee169) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix the server lag!!!

  • Hurv_ Hurv (@Hurv_) reported

    @BlizzardCS This didn’t fix it

  • WoWandMakeup hannah edgin (@WoWandMakeup) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm restarting PC now. Was playing dark souls 3 earlier and no issues. Played hearthstone all day yesterday and no issues.

  • WoWandMakeup hannah edgin (@WoWandMakeup) reported

    @BlizzardCS "Hearthstone.exe could not find the file to continue this program. Report error below" something very similar to this.

  • WoWandMakeup hannah edgin (@WoWandMakeup) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hearthstone on PC is wigging out today. Error messages, freezing my PC, auto shutdowns, etc. No issues with other games. Halp. : (

  • Terbear624 Terri Durand (@Terbear624) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix your servers then I will do all that.

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS @panpuski I love how you skip right over the fact that Mac users can't play and so Pc players are having the same issue and they have reported it. But you stick to your script that tells you to blame the users.

  • Ronin_HFX Brian Ronan (@Ronin_HFX) reported

    @jeffgreenland_ @BlizzardCS There was some significant playability issues on Mac only - if you ran Windows on Mac - no issues, but MacOS it was slow, disconnects, other issues. I’m seeing some improvement after but only in slower less populated areas - my Windows machine is fine.

  • Terbear624 Terri Durand (@Terbear624) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix the damn latency issue!

  • spottedcatfish spottedcatfish (@spottedcatfish) reported

    @BlizzardCS Another day with a broken server blade sitting on my table with no response from your company. Shame on me for expecting decent service, next time I'll choose my own charity and leave you out of it.

  • eternalmoonkin Navii (@eternalmoonkin) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS not that anyone will probably read this or care, but choosing @Fanatics to run your online shop was the WORST possible move ever. It took me over 1 week with 3 different CS reps, and 1 hour today to get my issue resolved.

  • Ricohardt Ricohardt Von Pyres 🏳️‍🌈 (@Ricohardt) reported

    @BlizzardCS 2 more issues: I can't seem to make a gnome paladin, even though lore-wise they can wear plate and use the light :O Also, my enhancement shaman seems to be able to use 2 handed weapons, but half my abilities grey out :O 😉

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS Mac Users with Iris can still not play and now other Mac users are reporting issues too.

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS when to apply the fix. Jan 21th. Tuesday, one week later. After other work in the late day they drop fix. After users complain it is taking too long. The fix does not work. Jan. 22nd. They report they understand then stop speaking because it is better to blow it off and move on

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS issues. Jan. 15th. Wed, tons more report issue and Blizzard gets to work in late afternoon. Jan. 16th. Thursday, they are able to see the issue and create a fix. Jan 18th. Saturday, issue is reported fixed by team and was tested. They report they have a fix, just do not know

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS During testing of 8.3 the issues was reported, Still they pushed it out because they had a set date to do so and figured it would not matter. Jan 14th. 8.3 drops Tuesday, reported issues. Blizzard started take information but did not look at it in their systems in hopes few had

  • DKatczinsky Daniel Katczinsky 🇪🇺🌹 (@DKatczinsky) reported

    @BlizzardCS Are there any plans of disabling corrupted effects in arena since they are totally broken and they only reduce the importance of players' skills. It would be even ok for corrupted item to deal 5th/6th dmg by ability but they are far ahead of any other class ability.

  • spottedcatfish spottedcatfish (@spottedcatfish) reported

    @BlizzardCS It's been 11 business days since you told me to wait 3-5 business days for a solution to the problem of my damaged Charity Server Blade, and you heard from other purchasers another two weeks before that. Your company response to this situation is awful.

  • tossinsalads Tossinsalads (@tossinsalads) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix your shit.

  • t_logsdon Tyler Logsdon (@t_logsdon) reported


  • 3rd_coming Axxemann (@3rd_coming) reported

    @BlizzardCS It took them a week to fix ah mail because they were working on something far more important Goblin ass jiggle physics Thank you blizz =)

  • brandon_c_hall Brandon Hall (@brandon_c_hall) reported

    @candiesinmyvan @BlizzardCS Same here. Something is going on with the service

  • Thunder229_ thunder (@Thunder229_) reported

    @BlizzardCS I've done this already and its just infinite. The problem isnt on my end

  • BlackAmberMae Amber Falgout (@BlackAmberMae) reported

    @Ronin_HFX @BlizzardCS Seriously! I looked through the link too. They aren’t saying anything about the Mack issues. Seems to me a section of your player base not being able to play is a pretty big “bug”

  • Thunder229_ thunder (@Thunder229_) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having difficulty connecting to overwatch on xbox one. I am connected and can play other online games just fine but I get an error message when I press A the first time and then it infinity searches the second time saying "entering game..." and never does

  • Ronin_HFX Brian Ronan (@Ronin_HFX) reported

    @BlizzardCS Latest update on AH Issues - still broken. Latest update on Mac issues - still broken. There - saved you some time.

  • Smart_Eye_ Smart Eye (@Smart_Eye_) reported

    @BlizzardCS People have mentioned that this issue was known via 8.3 PTR [finding link]

  • SkylarBartz2 emily anderson (@SkylarBartz2) reported


  • SkylarBartz2 emily anderson (@SkylarBartz2) reported


  • M_FAYYYAZ Muhammad Fayyaz (@M_FAYYYAZ) reported

    @BlizzardCS Tickets never give an appropriate answer to my problem that's y I asked for contact number.

  • FurLined Matt Hoskins (@FurLined) reported

    @CanUSeeMeTho @BlizzardCS I was having an issue just now where it wasn't listing any game modes except and comp, and comp was unavailable - seems there's a 200Mb update - I rebooted my xbox and it saw the update when I started OW again. Could be that!

  • zabathy1 Jonah R (@zabathy1) reported

    @BlizzardCS my account got hacked and the email and password were changed so i can’t do anything to fix it- not even submit a ticket

  • RealKraftyy TSM RealKraftyy (@RealKraftyy) reported

    @GordanRamseySDK @BlizzardCS Nah I still haven't heard anything. I'm scared to put more tickets in because they said if I do they'll terminate my account. I watched that Linus tech issue and I got the same ban, except they didn't say anything about me using unauthorized programs. Just cheating

  • kakotan2143 😎James Hudson😎 (@kakotan2143) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @BlizzardCS .@Warcraft #FactionChange #BuyerBeware All fans and WoW players, be very careful before you do a faction change, it is super buggy, they don't tell you and just take your money and do nothing to fix it!

  • Cumm_Dumpster69 MonsterJams69🗿C.H👅🍆 (@Cumm_Dumpster69) reported

    It sucks that WOW on my mac freezes because i can't farm mounts in raid groups and i can't go in the new raid because if my game freezes i could probably cost my raid group a boss kill. @BlizzardCS hope you guys fix this soon.

  • Jim44319959 Jim (@Jim44319959) reported

    @BadBizreviews , @Ask_Spectrum has contacted me only to ask for info but @BlizzardCS has. @Ask_Spectrum service is awful and customer service is outsourced to Thailand!! @ATT owns them that’s all you have to say!!

  • Stonegrasp Stone (@Stonegrasp) reported

    @BlizzardCS When I connect to ProtonVPN I receive the error BLZBNTBNA00000006 on the battle net launcher. Not really sure why that would be. From what I've seen Blizzard needs to allow ProtonVPN in so it's not blocked. Similar thing happens to Linode from what I'm reading online.

  • Y_DQQ JEQ (@Y_DQQ) reported

    @BlizzardCS The problem is when i found a game i get disconnected and lose -50 idk how fix it but I’m done or im gonna q and throw every ppl games

  • Y_DQQ JEQ (@Y_DQQ) reported

    I need fix LC-202 ASP @BlizzardCS don’t say it’s my internet fault i have 37 mb/s and 10 upload

  • rcurtissjr Richard Curtiss (@rcurtissjr) reported

    @BlizzardCS went to login on a bank toon and he is currently naked! No bags no gear... I have had this bug before on ticket number US66809698 and the effected character is Kiar Stormrage US. Same issue as the ticket above!

  • jd08320322 jd (@jd08320322) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix the game for Mac users. Haven’t been able to play since 8.3 launched...

  • AWSM_gamer Quest Mustang (@AWSM_gamer) reported

    @BlizzardCS please fix the problem with imac. i didnt have any issues before 8.3 and now that 8.3 is out i have a crap ton of lag and i cant even raid with my guild cause this lag just makes the game unplayable. please @BlizzardCS fix this issue so us mac users can enjoy the game.