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  • jimmykrow Itribe (@jimmykrow) reported

    @BlizzardCS The Gilneans Plead For Your Aid! Their Home Is Barely Playable From The LAG! Even The Horses Go Where They Want Now! HELP!

  • kaydiem_ Kaydiem🇨🇦 (@kaydiem_) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yes; I find it incredibly challenging to be told to just accept "we found something, here's your ban" when I know honest to God I didn't do anything! I've had this account since Wrath in 07/08 without a single issue. Makes no sense I would start this nonsense!

  • siegaplays Pernille Sylvest (@siegaplays) reported

    @BlizzardCS So I am in a Darkshore warfront and it is a lag fest. We have people coming and going en masse, because there is a 3-4 second lag spike every 6-7 seconds or less.

  • kaydiem_ Kaydiem🇨🇦 (@kaydiem_) reported

    Couldn't be more disappointed with @BlizzardCS. Get an email 2 days ago giving my account a 6 month ban for something I didn't do. Have played @Warcraft for over 12 years without a SINGLE problem and have been stonewalled by CS. Won't tell me what action lead to the ban

  • native194_jake Jake Taylor Hendrick (@native194_jake) reported

    @BlizzardCS some friends and I are having problems getting in comp matches granted half of us are in Korea and the other half is in the states and we are getting 15 minute queue times any thought on what this might be about

  • BalmeraSs ssBalmera (@BalmeraSs) reported

    @BlizzardCS Legion Assault in ValSharah seems broken, can't spawn General Zeonar

  • sweachii Avery 💜 (@sweachii) reported

    @BlizzardCS Overwatch Voice chat is not working for me at all currently, I have tried 2 different mics. I know its not my mics because VC was working fine earlier

  • joblesscloth joblesscloth (@joblesscloth) reported

    @BlizzardCS ITS WORKING It fixed itself i guess :D but my friend had the same problem yesterday but i never saw anyone else talking about it

  • McSlothicus Jacob Ainsworth (@McSlothicus) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yes as I stated this problem had happened multiple times today, resulting in it kicking me multiple times today alone hence why I’m annoyed

  • SkylarBartz2 emily (@SkylarBartz2) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix it cuz it's causing a lot of problems for me

  • Spencer62300 Spencer Moore (@Spencer62300) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hmm, I’ve checked all of those and it is still not working

  • McSlothicus Jacob Ainsworth (@McSlothicus) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey I’m having severe issues with OW comp at the moment, I’m getting frequently stuck on the teams VS screen and are unable to do anything and it’s resulting in me having to leave and getting SR loss and worse and worse bans. If it happens again I’m up to 24 hours.

  • dannyboy42088 Daniel Pfeuffer (@dannyboy42088) reported

    @BlizzardCS How do I fix it

  • Leomills19 Leo mills (@Leomills19) reported

    @BlizzardCS for me World of Warcraft keeps crashing and I don't know how to fix it

  • dannyboy42088 Daniel Pfeuffer (@dannyboy42088) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can you help me I can’t login to world of Warcraft

  • CrazyCraigR Craig Reynolds (@CrazyCraigR) reported

    @BlizzardCS is your code recognition system broken or something as I'm trying to re access my account and I'm typing the exact letters and it says wrong code every time

  • GRM_BL00DYx0M3N GRM BL00DYxOM3N (@GRM_BL00DYx0M3N) reported

    @BlizzardCS can you please reach out to me, I'm having issues with my account

  • BrandenGeer Branden Geer (@BrandenGeer) reported

    @BlizzardCS Everyone complains about the flaws on the new patch, but get upset when they add an extra day of maintenance to fix the problems everyone complains about. You all act like crack heads.

  • IAmCatLady1 IAmCatLady (@IAmCatLady1) reported

    @BlizzardCS If they're doing maintenance for this long, it must be that they're planning on fixing a lot of issues still happening. Most likely, they didn't want to extend tomorrows, so they spit it up. Laughing at all the babies complaining they can't play a game because they're fixing it.

  • mkrueger05 =] Mrs. Liu 😍💕 (@mkrueger05) reported

    I thought legion was bad bfa is cataclysm all over again I could handle maladict but diamond barrier then macho blast I haven't paid for any subscription in season 2 & wont be playing any of season 3 unless all pve shit is removed from arena fix ur game @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS

  • AqwDeathslinger TrueNoblesse (@AqwDeathslinger) reported

    @BlizzardCS why can i not log in on ps4 but my friends can fix this please

  • peacekccpcr 🌈 Kummerspeck 🌈 (@peacekccpcr) reported

    @BlizzardCS // @PlayOverwatch Have you guys gotten reports of there being trouble logging into Overwatch both for live servers and PTR. Going through the queue just to get the "sorry can't log you in" message. No issues with internet via my side. Thank you!

  • MEGA_Europe Freedom of speech (@MEGA_Europe) reported

    @BlizzardCS cant use the 3 days claimed to try the game,cant purchase game time,cant contact support,cant login

  • MEGA_Europe Freedom of speech (@MEGA_Europe) reported

    @BlizzardCS cant use the 3 days claimed to try the game,cant purchase game time,cant contact support,cant login

  • adouche4 adouche (@adouche4) reported

    @BlizzardCS then just flat out lie and say "you may encounter slow or failed logins" when in reality you cant login at all

  • Troy2Slick Troy Diaz (@Troy2Slick) reported

    @MicahYoreha @confrontacional @danielshelton89 @DaBearGaming @pelch_derek @BlizzardCS Exactly. During ANY other maintenance in history when it says slow or failed logins, I've been able to login EVERY single time. EVERRRRRY.

  • MicahYoreha Micah Yoreha (@MicahYoreha) reported

    @confrontacional @danielshelton89 @DaBearGaming @pelch_derek @BlizzardCS MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE 07/22: #Bnet 4:45 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT) | 07/23. DURING THIS TIME YOU MAY ENCOUNTER SLOW OR FAILED LOGINS AND UNABLE TO COMPLETE PURCHASES IN-GAME. Keyword, may. Means it SHOULD be working for the most part. It is not working at all, ********.

  • CrustyCynic Crusty_the_Cynic (@CrustyCynic) reported

    @fergyjr420 @BlizzardCS You want to pay for a sh!t game and sh!t service that's your choice. I have made mine! *poof*

  • palegirl_17 Alexis ✨ (@palegirl_17) reported

    @BlizzardCS I haven’t played Overwatch in a week cause of my vacation and the day I can finally play, you won’t let me login in ;-; fix it please

  • REALMrPoopy Mr. Poopy butthole (@REALMrPoopy) reported

    @BlizzardCS My account got deleted, you'd better have an explanation soon @Blizzard_Ent @ATVI_AB @BlizzHeroes Or one less loyal user forever, along with others dealing with the same problem

  • Suikk1919 Suikk19 (@Suikk1919) reported

    @marvinkumamoto @BlizzardCS @houmawitcha1422 Have a same issue , can't login

  • RickArpeggi Rick Arpeggi (@RickArpeggi) reported

    @CrustyCynic @Savethegeco @BlizzardCS copyright issues perhaps

  • benjamin6green Benjamin Green (@benjamin6green) reported

    @BlizzardCS Damn, tried to login to try out my new monitor... #PissedOff

  • RobertB04866243 Robert Burns (@RobertB04866243) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix your shit!

  • al_qadeeri Hamad Al-Qadeeri (@al_qadeeri) reported

    @BlizzardCS When we can login on stormrage

  • Savethegeco JOHN SEENA (@Savethegeco) reported

    @BlizzardCS Man am I miffed Trying to log in and getting an error I'm losing out on approximately 25 cents! It's a good thing I saved 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to Gieco

  • Altoncaldwell7 Alton caldwell (@Altoncaldwell7) reported

    @MayedAljassmi1 @DeusRoblox @BlizzardCS Was panicking thinking it was an account issue not realizing they were doing maintenance on a monday lol fml

  • Mostly_AFK Craig Moore (@Mostly_AFK) reported

    @BlizzardCS I just want to play the game guys. Kicked from the game in the middle of my M+, and now I can't log in due to the server issues. It's really frustrating letting people down for something entirely out of your control.

  • Cryptid Cryptid (@Cryptid) reported

    @BlizzardCS Perhaps if Bliztard didn't route traffic through Disney or Amazon rented servers the people that pay for your salary and keep your company afloat wouldn't have connection issues.

  • garethwatson31 gareth Watson (@garethwatson31) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm in the UK and I'm still getting BN-564 error. Can anyone shine some light on this please

  • Hood_Atom Excalviner (@Hood_Atom) reported

    @BlizzardCS What is up with Overwatch Americas servers putting me in SA servers when I live on the east coast. I get over 200 ping so the game is very irritating to play. Please let me know how I can fix this because I'm missing out on the summer event.

  • Michael02815510 Michael Blake (@Michael02815510) reported

    @BlizzardCS can i get an answer on whether or not giving away free carries on a twitch stream and listing a group as such in premade is against terms of service (e.g "free +10 carries go to twitch. tv/username to enter)

  • Rig2K Rig2Kane (@Rig2K) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having insane lag and including this other 40 man raid during battle for Nazjatar. 40+ second delays. plz look into it

  • DrBigBird95 Jared Herron (@DrBigBird95) reported

    @Aiur_OW @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS This has been a glitch in the past/been in the game for a while. I've seen other clips of this too.

  • MalveNoob Malvenoob (@MalveNoob) reported

    Experiencing cripping lag on Kargath, and I'm not the only one. @Warcraft @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs

  • Dreww123 Drew Rojas (@Dreww123) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for the help on this one! Was bummed to see this happen. It has been about a week or so and I haven't seen my progress back. I'm also having lc-202 errors right now so hopefully when I can get connected it's fixed.

  • ChrisTheLlama_ Chris Larmouth 🏳️‍🌈 (@ChrisTheLlama_) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have managed to reset the passwords of my blizzard account and email. Hopefully that’ll be enough. I would recommend you find other ways of resolving a relatively simple issue outside of asking for people’s sensitive information.

  • ZeroTheLight Blessing the rains (@ZeroTheLight) reported

    @BlizzardCS It's just strange how this just started this week for years I haven't had this problem

  • iamWillCortez PrimeApe (@iamWillCortez) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am aware of doing updates on PS4 and yes it’s still not working...the only time u can find a group fjr comp is if you have it under ANY this isn’t just a ME issue

  • mindofegirl 🏳️‍🌈Maddy⚪ (@mindofegirl) reported

    @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_EN Can't use group or team voice channels on Overwatch PS4. My account definitely isn't comm banned so this is an error on your part

  • faetyl12 F҉͡͝͡a҉̸̷̨̕e̴̕͡͞t̵y̶̨̛ļ͟-̛́͟͞F̀l̵̛͢҉a̴̛͝͡w̴̛̛̕͘s̢ (@faetyl12) reported

    @BlizzardCS can i please have some help with an issue since your forum MVPs are being condescending, and unable to do anything to help us besides treat us like we're stupid, you might want to consider looking at that too while you're at it.

  • ABakedChicken BakedChicken (@ABakedChicken) reported

    @BlizzardCS This issue isn’t my end, it’s yours

  • LugazOw lugaz_ow (@LugazOw) reported

    @BlizzardCS the comp looking for group is not working since the Update. Pls check it

  • 420vet Anthony (@420vet) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can you please fix the issues with Conflict & Strife. When I switch between specs, the pvp spell I use for Conflict & Strife is no longer in my spellbook. I have to remove the essence altogether and re-equip it to get Conflict & Strife to add the spell.

  • AJellyfish10 AngryJellyfish10 (@AJellyfish10) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still experiencing really bad lag on the PS4. Even after the update. Seems to be worse now.

  • BigAng93 Angelo Rosado (@BigAng93) reported

    @TuckerToad @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS Saw on reddit that they are aware and working on a fix already

  • TuckerToad Tucker Toad 🦅 (@TuckerToad) reported

    So @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS it's not just me and it's not my systems problem. BUT there is some MAJOR FPS issues... Micro stutters, and BIG FPS drops. Please look into it.

  • Trowa_Z Joey White (@Trowa_Z) reported

    @BlizzardCS Been charged for faction change now have a error money gone but no transfer please help!

  • MatGarOlm Matias Garcia Olmos (@MatGarOlm) reported

    Hey @BlizzardCS still having lag issues from south america when trying to play wow. I'm having 300 or more

  • TheChiefWithBef TheChiefWithBeef (@TheChiefWithBef) reported

    @BlizzardCS anyone lagging in game. On Xbox