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  • m4ra__ M4ra (@m4ra__) reported

    @BlizzardCS hey I’ve been getting a consistent 100+ MS ping while playing overwatch and I’ve seen a bunch of people on the forums and Reddit who are having the same problem. I live on the east coast and my internet provider is charter spectrum. Please help

  • Terence31832957 Terence (@Terence31832957) reported

    @BlizzardCS I tell you one thing @BlizzardCS . You got a ****** up service. I have played this game 6 years never had a problem. You are loosing subscribers like water and yet you dont even bother to do anything about it. Read your damn WOW forums and learn.

  • suceress Su (@suceress) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey guys, when servers come back up, there's a problem with an event quest. Players keep setting their toys (love seats, couches, etc) on top of the paper in Pyrewood Inn so nobody can pick it up. Needs to be clickable through players & temp objects.

  • JalnoraDelaine Tara Horn (@JalnoraDelaine) reported

    @BlizzardCS Issues in South Africa as well. No warning I will be flying around and then my game screen freezes and then crashes. I am on the US server.

  • TheParaFlyer Brandon (@TheParaFlyer) reported

    @BlizzardCS Also, I’m having massive render issues with the game. Loading times are higher than normal and upon entering a game, characters during battle don’t show, including my own, for 15-45 seconds, but I can still be shot at, and at times the game has already started by the time I’m in

  • pyro_frank PyroRVA (@pyro_frank) reported

    @BlizzardCS Its just a case of poor advertisement again and Blizzard should fix it asap and send out apologize to the 150 people who technically did not receive what was advertised. @Blizzard_Ent Management should be aware of these issues and look to ensure they don't keep happening

  • pyro_frank PyroRVA (@pyro_frank) reported

    @BlizzardCS Unfortunately its not as simple as getting an exchange. I submitted it a case which will prob get thrown around for 2 weeks as it did last time. My guess I wont see any results on this issue as I actually used my credit they offered for the Jaina issue. Blizzard just needs QA

  • MistyDragon kayla houston (@MistyDragon) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yea. Those broken tags are all over Stormwind Stockade Dungeon when you put your mouse cursor over the door ( or doors ) 😰

  • pyro_frank PyroRVA (@pyro_frank) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS @Activision To be fair my Jaina issue was resolved well beyond what I could hope but its more why cant Blizzard show quality in everything they do.

  • darklionphotos Ronin DarkLion (@darklionphotos) reported

    @BlizzardCS I keep getting a error message when trying to join my friends on Diablo 3 on ps4. Please fix

  • Stonegrasp Stone (@Stonegrasp) reported

    @BlizzardCS Will do. Just tried again on my phone with data on (was on wifi last time), same issue. Trying a junk account now.

  • Stonegrasp Stone (@Stonegrasp) reported

    @BlizzardCS LOL I literally just tried that... tried with my phone browser... same issue. I think next step I'm going to revoke access between twitch & Blizz and re-authorize everything.

  • cjmleonard Craig Leonard (@cjmleonard) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    @SQUARE_ENIX_EU I have recently submitted a ticket RE FFXIV account registration. 2 days later still unable to register my $60 worth of game, and ZERO word from customer service regarding my ticket. @BlizzardCS is NEVER this bad

  • Tommybett1 Tom Betteridge (@Tommybett1) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yes I opened it through the launcher. I’m still having the problem now. Sometimes when I open the game it logs me in straight away no problems. But sometimes it wants me to log in but the log in button doesn’t work

  • Evolyn_Warcraft Evolyn (@Evolyn_Warcraft) reported

    @ladylz_ @BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch I can access live chat and it's all, "POV broken, main stream RIP" :(

  • xLime232 Lime (@xLime232) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix the servers

  • LuisEzqueda Luis Daniel Ezqueda (@LuisEzqueda) reported

    @BlizzardCS im still having disconection issues with diablo from colombia , Help please!

  • landyperez777 Landy perez (@landyperez777) reported

    @BlizzardCS I went to the website and fond the problem all i had to do is remove my account from overwatch

  • mercymainbtw7 NAZ7A (@mercymainbtw7) reported

    @BlizzardCS the problem is that i watched and i have tokens drops in my inventory but they're not showing up in my game

  • Onihime666 FlyingBanana (@Onihime666) reported

    @BlizzardCS oceanic server having massive lag on raid n dg since tuesday, singapore and indonesian area, please resolve this. almost everyone hv this issues on the area

  • RealColdTweets Icecoldmilk (@RealColdTweets) reported

    @BlizzardCS I dont know if there is a fix but for the last four days overwatch has been connecting to lax1 server when I live in NY. I use spectrum as my isp any information about this is helpful and I would love to provide any information that could help fix this

  • DiffuseSaucer46 DiffuseOW (@DiffuseSaucer46) reported

    @BlizzardCS Why hasn't disconnecting from a game been changed for 10 min ban and 50 sr loss. Its not my internet at 500 mgb and never had an issue

  • DiffuseSaucer46 DiffuseOW (@DiffuseSaucer46) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can u explain rejoin match glitch it's been happening ever since they game came out and there's no work around besides losing sr

  • CommandBlack840 Command Black840 (@CommandBlack840) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS So I guess there"s a problem on OW because I just got randomly kicked out of a comp game for no reason.

  • rhadharani1931 Ping Pong 🐼🌸🐙 (@rhadharani1931) reported

    @buff_moogle @BlizzardCS Yeah, the customer service has declined significantly since I started playing back in BC. They used to actually care about players.

  • skulp_ow flavio porto (@skulp_ow) reported

    @BlizzardCS hi, I'm currently having issues with my mic in overwatch. it suddently stopped working in-game, but still works everywhere else. I can hear my teammates just fine aswell it's just my mic that isn't capturing my voice in team chat. HALP

  • Nubaeus Nubaeus (@Nubaeus) reported

    @BlizzardCS There is still an issue over 24 hours later. I could post a traceroute or pathping if you're able to get that to any network techs.

  • YongqinChen edward (@YongqinChen) reported

    @BlizzardCS ISP SPECTRUM. only play heroes of the storm. used to get 30-40 ms for US central games cause i live here. after newest patch the ping rose to 80 ms same as WESTERN SERVER. pls help me cause lag really ruin my experience!!

  • UnityOW Unity (@UnityOW) reported

    @Alton_TheChin @BlizzardCS I've been having the same issues, found a thread on Blizzard forums and apparently the issues is with spectrum users on the east coast being prioritized to west coast servers. I normally hang around 60ms, now getting about 100ms+.

  • Altytweets Alty (@Altytweets) reported

    hey @PlayOverwatch @overwatchleague @BlizzardCS player POV is broken right now :/

  • T3xaz1 Mr.T3xaz (@T3xaz1) reported

    @BlizzardCS there is massive lag on a pvp shard over 3000 ms multiple 40 man groups going at each other pls fix

  • nevaswitched Dillon (@nevaswitched) reported


  • Hallem1210 Emilie Jean Hall (@Hallem1210) reported

    @BlizzardCS Every time I go to a flight path in wow it wouldn't let me go to the destination I want to go. I even reloaded the ui to see if that was the issue but it wasn't.

  • johnhzjh Jonathan Hernandez (@johnhzjh) reported

    @BlizzardCS A lot of people seem to be having the same issue especially here in the east coast.

  • cathysabe 💜saber🏳️‍🌈 (@cathysabe) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS I’ve been trying to get on the Ptr for weeks to try out the new races. But every time I get on I get an error (wow51900309) and I’ve tried to search for a fix but on the discussion we’ve had no help whatsoever.

  • Tummbler92 Tummblr (@Tummbler92) reported

    @BlizzardCS I need a phone number to call blizz and talk to a customer service rep on the phone plz

  • johnhzjh Jonathan Hernandez (@johnhzjh) reported

    @BlizzardCS Being that I'm on console I've tried the options I can on the list and I'm still having the same problem.

  • Iovelyliar lonely (@Iovelyliar) reported

    @Nubaeus @BlizzardCS I think this might be the case seeing as i have spectrum and have spoken to many others with the same issue. This is very frustrating, i just wanna play the game and cant because i sit at 110-130 ping

  • Iovelyliar lonely (@Iovelyliar) reported

    @Nwtrent @BlizzardCS Are you east coast, because if so i have heard many other east coast players experiencing the same problem including me. I usually sit around at 60-70 and today i couldnt even play because it kept sitting at 110-130

  • jacobvillorente 재콥 (@jacobvillorente) reported

    @BlizzardCS every time i connect there’s a bc101 error. my internet connection is fine

  • Arrohon Anthony (@Arrohon) reported

    @BlizzardCS Diablo log in on PC is coming up with an error each time. Nothing else on my computer seems to not be working.

  • MadeinENC あくま (@MadeinENC) reported

    @BlizzardCS I deleted and reinstalled the application but the problem is still there.

  • Itchy_Pixel Pixel Of Doom (@Itchy_Pixel) reported

    @BlizzardCS Ok I’ve run into a problem...I’m on IPhone playing hearthstone and there is no log out option...there is just a Switch Account option

  • Blaze_of_storms NsG.💚 (@Blaze_of_storms) reported

    @BlizzardCS I mean I have all of the above and like I said until I switched to 2080ti I had no problems what so ever now it started happening and non other game does this just OW

  • dreadravenanzu snow covered mama bird (@dreadravenanzu) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks. I posted in another place asking if others had a similar issue, and another person did so there may be something going on. I'll still submit a ticket or something though.

  • Recklxsshot David Reckless🇭🇹🇲🇽 (@Recklxsshot) reported

    @BlizzardCS I just wish your Dev Team would correct/fix all the issues with @PlayOverwatch its such a good game that has way more potential.

  • EmeraldFox23 Loryn McCaughan (@EmeraldFox23) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm not sure if it's just an issue on Xbox or not, but I've had multiple issues with Lucio's ult recently. I've broken it down and teammates directly around me were not given the health boost. No walls in the way, not around a corner, literally right in front of me.

  • PodestrianG Graeme McKay (@PodestrianG) reported

    @edplacencia @BlizzardCS Unrelated, Ed, but did nooo get an email alert to your twitch stream last night. I now have abandonment issues. (gbus)

  • SallahSaleh Sallah Alhashedi (@SallahSaleh) reported

    @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCS I tried all of what's mentioned and the problem still persisits :(

  • trevorh2000 Trevvy_h (@trevorh2000) reported

    @DrippToxic @BlizzardCS Another update, after watching all the games yesterday, on the website, going through my consoles overwatch "tune in" section, and on twitch on my ipad, about 5 hours of time, I got 3 tokens :/ Hopefully I get the rest later today, or they just fix it soon.

  • nburgessix Nathaniel Burgess IX (@nburgessix) reported

    @BlizzardCS please fix activated tier set and legendary weapons such as the rogue daggers and other weapons to be level specific :) I understand your reasoning behind it but it hurts guild that all stay 80-85 that want to do old content and get achievements and stuff .

  • JamesToombs3 James Toombs (@JamesToombs3) reported

    Hoping more Kay offs are coming to @BlizzardCS since @WarcraftDevs can't keep the game running smooth. Been long enough to get the lag out of the warfronts

  • trevorh2000 Trevvy_h (@trevorh2000) reported

    @DrippToxic @BlizzardCS me too. I was just wondering if they ever fixed it on their website cause it was a problem, for me at least, when they first introduced them. But anyways, cheers mate.

  • ElfyAmber MsBeastWoman (@ElfyAmber) reported

    @BlizzardCS Very interesting information but it shows more stuff broken on the twitch page and still no idea how to claim my 3 emotes that were included with the pass.

  • fireborn31 Fireborn31 (@fireborn31) reported

    @BlizzardCS Did some tests of my own *** vs Normal open World and its definitely something in the new raid when i'm in combat in open world not a single hiccup but *** for some reason constantly tripping out, no idea if anyone else is having this issue but yea

  • please_LSD please_LSD (@please_LSD) reported

    @TheAwakening04 @BlizzardCS I FOUND OUT HOW TO FIX IT. GO IN GAME AND CLICK WATCH LIVE. You have to be logged in and watching from the OWL website

  • fireborn31 Fireborn31 (@fireborn31) reported

    @BlizzardCS in discord,using my browser no hiccup but when in Battle of Daza'lor im getting WOW51900319 error code been on WoW all day no issues till now plz help my team is raiding want to get back with them

  • Dragonofdawn Dragon (@Dragonofdawn) reported

    @BlizzardCS the token drops for the Overwatch League aren’t active. Please fix this I’ve been watching over 2 hours. I’m not the only one either.

  • MPierrynowski Mike Pierrynowski (@MPierrynowski) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks but iv tried all of these and latency isn't the issue I dont think

  • collin__reeves Collin “TPOS” Reeves (@collin__reeves) reported

    @BlizzardCS This wasn’t the problem it just turned out it didn’t work on the twitch desktop application. Thank you for your assistance though!