Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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June 17: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 10:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Glasgow Game Crash
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Dartford Game Crash
Alcorcón Online Play
Köln Glitches

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Battlefield V Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @SaferLp @Braddock512 @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EAHelp Hey @JAHWarriorsClan, there might be an issue with one of your servers (or its a faker) Scroll up to see the context

  • The_Real_Tide Tide (@The_Real_Tide) reported

    @EA_DICE can you please fix the horrible team balancing in HvV in BF2. Gone 3 hrs without winning a match. It’s horrible.

  • Mightymushr00m MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @NLBartmaN @DANNYonPC BFV on console is hit and miss with bullet reg but BF1 however is amazing, I think where they went wrong is trying to hit the high bar BF1 set, I think BFV needs a complete rework to try and solve some of the main issues revolving around netcoding imo

  • Ebutuoyv1 taylor meyer (@Ebutuoyv1) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield I have this problem whenever i try to use the mp34 in the medic class it says available next round and its been stuck like that im the required level which is 16 to unlock it

  • kurzeZundschnur kurzeZuendschnur (@kurzeZundschnur) reported

    @ItsKyle123 @BrexWolf @Ciarn11 @BenWalke @thomaskaralias @adepglide @jonherring87 @NolanP_YT @szufrajda16 I think the amount ofcontent at lainch was pretty good. The created lot of good thing in 2 years, but all these devs went over to bf5 and other projects. And since then we have the problems with content.

  • mastering3d Karl Fandango AKA ZiP (@mastering3d) reported


  • RBBillyBoy Taano lukas (@RBBillyBoy) reported

    @Battlefield please fix bf5 reloading speed every gun i have is very slow reloading it is not real at all.

  • Prawnmaster1 Prawnmaster (@Prawnmaster1) reported

    How to fix BFV 1) remove artillery and V-1 2) fix explosive spam 3) limit betties to 1 and do max 50 dmg. PIAT does 50 dmg max explosive splash and 75 dmg direct on infantry. 4) fix netcode 5) refund everyone and say sorry we ****** up! #BattlefieldV

  • JulianJanganoo Jangiest of all Noos (@JulianJanganoo) reported

    @hadztv Look let's be real, mining does spoil and that's a fact. But let's be extra real, Bfv diehards had to wait for things that should've been at launch, the delays for core features were ridiculous. And 60% of all bfv patches were to fix bugs in previous patches. Hype is necessary.

  • Axypink Riley cooper (@Axypink) reported

    @Gab65258480 @DanielMokdad @Battlefield Having the same problem with recon

  • Pazuzu_Hanbi Pazuzu/Michael J.B. (@Pazuzu_Hanbi) reported

    @r0adkill78 @goodness_gaming @Chris177uk @Wandeerrerr New GeForce Exp and the drivers aren't issue for me in BFV and with 1440p, it's the game lol To many ******* useless UPDATES

  • Darrylh194 Darryl hardcastle (@Darrylh194) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @Jacob_elam @Battlefield @_jjju_ I have this issue and my leaderboards are not updating had some wins in firestorm today and wasnt registering on the leaderboards only way to see them is to go onto the battlefield v tracker

  • angrygamer88 Angry Gamer (@angrygamer88) reported

    @EAHelp @Battlefield So you can fix this quickly but I still can’t use the Coupe Coupe after unlocking it several months ago 😂

  • newguy42 Joe College (@newguy42) reported

    @DanLtcR @laura_jones1987 @OrdyPackard @JGaraf @RealLonestarTX @CultOfEh I’ve got no problem with gun leadership. But unstable people gaining access to weapons that belong on a battlefield are definitely infringing on people’s lives.

  • ONE_Methman Brock Landers (@ONE_Methman) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @Jacob_elam @Battlefield @_jjju_ I hope this upcoming patch fixes a lot of these issues. It’s getting very frustrating.

  • JaqubAjmal Jaqub Ajmal (@JaqubAjmal) reported

    @Jacob_elam @Battlefield @_jjju_ We had some problems. Let me know it you still have this issue tomorrow.

  • esdude67 chris hansen (@esdude67) reported

    @DestryBrod Unfortunately I think it's the latter. Good: Pulp Fiction, Hairspray, Get Shorty. Honorable Mention: Grease, Saturday Night Fever Bad: Bolt, Two of a Kind, Savages, I am Wrath, Old Dogs, Face/Off, Broken Arrow. Worst Movie Ever Made: Battlefield Earth

  • xABDUlilah ABDULILAH (@xABDUlilah) reported

    And yes, I checked my internet connection and it has no troubles in it! Also this is the same internet I’m playing with in different Online Games such as BFV, BO4 and RDR2 online. BTW, I’ve no network issues in those games except my beloved #Destiny2 @BungieHelp

  • TheGamingPariah Wrenn, Treefolk Pilot (@TheGamingPariah) reported

    @MTG_Arena Please fix the bug with Bolas's Citadel which causes your battlefield to freeze up after saying "No" to the Bolas's Citadel prompt. I would like this prompt to be turned off entirely, to be honest. I understand that I can play the top card of my library,...

  • oJAG3RB0MBo Brad Quick (@oJAG3RB0MBo) reported

    @1Strydersback bf4, bfh, bf1 all the same issues. I don’t know about V because I refuse to play that garbo. But it seems every time bfV gets tweaked everything else on frostbite3 goes to shit as well

  • Raymund72408142 Rg3garz (@Raymund72408142) reported

    @Battlefield my Medic is level 10 and I can’t access on some weapons and equipment that I unlocked, can you fix this glitch

  • kolzakai Rico㊙️ (@kolzakai) reported

    Hey @EA_DICE can you please fix this bug in Battlefield V I can’t unlock any guns or rewards

  • KiingFalco v2 Rxsh ⚡ (@KiingFalco) reported

    @Battlefield Can you please fix the unlock rewards ive leveled up so much to end up not being able to use anything

  • LiamWuthrich Liam Wuthrich (@LiamWuthrich) reported from Powell River, British Columbia

    @PaigeDee_ hi Paige dee from liam121abc I would like too no have u and your friends tried too stream battlefield 3 reversed on the Xbox one. I installed it I got my service records back including the only content I downloaded also r u and hector going too twitch a con san deago.

  • The_Spilcer_Dud Tanawat sudsin (@The_Spilcer_Dud) reported

    @EA_DICE So I have encountered a bug I think where I can get my rewards from ranking up. PLEASE fix this bug if it is one or give me tips how to fix it. I WANT MY STUKA B-1 And B-2!

  • KokoaNishimura Kokoa Nishimura (@KokoaNishimura) reported

    I think games realism is a problem. I don't want games to be realistic. The world sucks, that's why I don't touch the Battlefield series. I'd rather kill demons (DOOM) or explore ancient tombs (Tomb Raider)

  • LiamWuthrich Liam Wuthrich (@LiamWuthrich) reported from Powell River, British Columbia

    @ItsSpinachee hi ash from Liam121abc do u any of his long time friends play the Xbox one reversed battlefield 3 game anymore I just installed it the other day I played before I would like some advice since u play counter strike and with my battlefield 3 service record as Sargent.

  • standardgrandpa Kevin Trivino (@standardgrandpa) reported

    @EAHelp @Battlefield Waiting for you to fix Jack of all Trades trophy, too.

  • DannyMi1021 xKikiz (@DannyMi1021) reported

    @Kimpaau @EAHelp @Battlefield Chat with a support person from EA there were able to fix it for my me prettt quick. It’s annoying

  • grujicbr Branislav Grujic (@grujicbr) reported

    @zeuxcg @AlenL I worked on nhl 13 for a bunch of my time and didn’t get credits because I left before it shipped, but I got a credit for battlefield 3 for checking in maybe 3-4 changelists to fix a few bugs 😂😂😂 Crooked system it is. I know at EA the producers have full control of this too..

  • Kimpaau K i k i (@Kimpaau) reported

    @EAHelp @Battlefield FIX THE DAMN WEAPONS UNLOCK in bfv pls, i cant acces the weapon even its telling me that u can replace weapon on next round

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun 🇪🇺 🇲🇹 🍌 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @p1anetmatt @DANNYonPC @Luisetel20 @Fistbane If they hadn't removed FL, I would be playing more regularly since alot of the problems I had with V were fixed. Still, I don't think it as good as BF1 in its current state, but it could be. You could always play BF1 Rush, server always active.

  • amann_cil01 Amann cil (@amann_cil01) reported

    @EAHelp @Battlefield Hello, can you fix this bug. this is the problem: 1. every level up will get a company coin, but there is no entry. 2. from all classes of assault, medic, support, and recon if you want to upgrade weapons you can't, but the level is enough. Please fix

  • Mightymushr00m MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @large555 That's why I went back to BF1 lol, BFV would be ok if it fixed certain things and had maybe 3-4 weapons released each week, along with a new map every 3 weeks, worst thing is is that if the next BF game launches and uses the exact same live service it'll be dead within months

  • LeBronProphet Boss Man (@LeBronProphet) reported

    @Battlefield When are you gunna fix the bug in Battlfield 5 where you cant unlock items even when you're progressing through the game

  • PabloCubsonXB1 Pablo🇩🇴 #BuggyfieldV (@PabloCubsonXB1) reported

    @AnXboxJourney This has to be the most frustrating BF game I've ever played. I wanted to grind this weekend for max level on TOW, but I just couldn't. And the thing about these bugs is that it takes forever for @EA_DICE to fix them.

  • mcuwhore erica (@mcuwhore) reported

    i need an endgame stevebucky fic, with a fix it ending and some interaction between my boys on the battlefield, because it's what we deserve

  • KrampusxGaming Krampus (@KrampusxGaming) reported

    It'd be awesome if I could stop being shot through hills, buildings, and tanks. Please fix the game Dice! @EADICE @Battlefield #Battlefield #BFV

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun 🇪🇺 🇲🇹 🍌 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @Fistbane @Luisetel20 BF1 is the only recent BF that doesn't have this problem since although there is a grind, weapons are unlocked semi-non-linearily with currency and each variant was a complete package, not an inferior one.

  • coltsmad18 Zachary50 (@coltsmad18) reported

    @Battlefield Is there a glitch on levelling up on medic. Nearly lvl 10 but stuck on lvl 3 ( can't access anything past lvl 3 saying it's locked.

  • Luisetel20 Luisl20 (@Luisetel20) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @BFsecretGames The problem is that infantry only experiences are being reduced to tdm. Dom on bfv got removed, frontlines swifted from an infantry focused, (infantry only on some maps) to having 6 tanks on Hamada. If you remove/change those experiences people will want to remove or change

  • TheJoker1128 Eric Christian (@TheJoker1128) reported

    So bored, the only game I have on my PS4 at the moment is Apex Legends. Redownloading Star Wars Battlefront 2. Deleted Black Ops 4, Fortnite and Battlefield V. Can't wait for Crash Team Racing!

  • andrew_fermo FutureDoc⚕⚕⚕ (@andrew_fermo) reported

    @Battlefield @EA You guys have a major problem with weapon unlock i cant even get the weapon i want on my recon class! What a waste of money buying this game if you guys couldn't fix a basic bug!

  • Ct1Gaming CT1 Gaming (@Ct1Gaming) reported

    @TahaArshad17 @Battlefield I went on a live chat with someone from the EA support team and they stated it was just a bug. Hold on and hopefully a bug fix should come soon! 😊

  • elimae98 an idiot (@elimae98) reported

    @seaworn customer service is the equivalent of being one of the people in the very front line of the battlefield. this is where we send inexperienced soldiers to die, this is where we develop mental Problems 😂😂

  • edstub207 Eddie Stubbington (@edstub207) reported

    @DANNYonPC @hadztv @MrProWestie Yes, I know. But BF1 was supported differently to BFV. It wasn't a live service like most other titles do on the market right now.

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @edstub207 @hadztv @MrProWestie Bf1 was also quitte a live service tho

  • JoseAveleCCS Mr. P-Mosh (@JoseAveleCCS) reported

    @EAHelp Trophy glitch " Jack of all trades" - Battlefield V on ps4. Trophy not awarded and I've met the requirements...PSN: INV1CT3

  • sortius sortius (@sortius) reported

    @littlesteve Although my anger at BFV is pretty well justified. I have a decent computer, a fast internet connection, but it still takes about half a second for my gun to fire when I'm shooting. That's a broken game

  • martinwil martin wilken (@martinwil) reported

    @Battlefield FIX UNLOCK BUG !!!!

  • Dutchtheory willem (@Dutchtheory) reported

    @EA Look, I never use twitter and don’t intend to beyond this matter. My BF5 weapon progression is not working and I’m not unlocking anything. Please help me, I tried to report the bug, I got no answers. Please can someone fix the problem.

  • NiklasAstrand Niklas Åstrand (@NiklasAstrand) reported

    @Lasty87 @EA_DICE @Battlefield @CzechBFofficial @CptShiky Package had lovely black and white DICE duct tape...and then the postal service put their red all over ours. 😱But sure, they delivered in one day. So cannot be sad. 😄

  • FarSighTT1 FarSighTT (@FarSighTT1) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE the current state of #BFV is one of the lowest points for the entire series, this isn't an early access game, fix it

  • Damingo54 Damingo (@Damingo54) reported

    @EA_DICE Can you guys please fix the weapon unlock bug. Unacceptable at this point.

  • Sergeant_Bacon_ James (@Sergeant_Bacon_) reported

    My biggest issue with #BattlefieldV right now is the damage, you can hit someone for 150 Hp and they will still have health left, I came up against this problem a lot last night. It really needs fixing. @EA_DICE

  • _lostinspace47 Peter Sampogna (@_lostinspace47) reported

    @Battlefield uh you guys gonna fix the weapon unlock glitch cause I’m can’t unlock any weapons in any class even though I’m way passed the required level

  • malek_sabri_ kid ata$$i (@malek_sabri_) reported

    @EA_DICE Fix the ******* unlock bug instead of releasing new maps

  • oblivion_grace 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙞 𝙎𝙝𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙊𝙜𝙡𝙪 , 𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜 🇹🇷 (@oblivion_grace) reported

    @Battlefield Please fix the "Available Next Round" weapon glitch it's really annoying because my medic is rank 20 but yet I still haven't received the model M1928A1

  • bseineh_mwd khomeiniland theme park (@bseineh_mwd) reported

    @EAHelp I bought Battlefield 5 deluxe edition two days ago, I am level 15 now and can't use any of the guns I unlocked because of this bug that hasn't been fixed since the game was released even tho it was mentioned many times in the past. This is unacceptable. Please fix it.

  • fanny_smell Fanny Smellmore (@fanny_smell) reported

    @EA_DICE Fix your game

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX