Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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Battlefield V problems in the last 24 hours

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Battlefield V. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (49.09%)
  • Matchmaking (21.14%)
  • Sign in (19.55%)
  • Game Crash (5.68%)
  • Glitches (4.09%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.45%)

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    I honestly hope @EA @EASPORTSFIFA @EA_DICE everything that has something to do with "electronic arts" goes up in flames hope they never make a game again HOW ******** DO YOU RUIN STAR WARS APEX IS TRASH ALWAYS LAGGING I HOP YOU GUYS LOSE EVERYTHING

  • vfxtodd Todd Groves (@vfxtodd) reported

    @EAHelp Lots of lag on BF5 on PS4 since last update. I've already rebooted my router.

  • UnbeatableFluff Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) (@UnbeatableFluff) reported

    "We got this, Ma'am! No Civilians on the battlefield!" Really it's just the Squirrels having an issue with Raccoons that keep tacking their hangout spots.

  • NickPapa42069 Bloopop (@NickPapa42069) reported

    @Battlefield can you please fix error code 14 I’m having issues inviting my friends to GRIND firestorm. Thanks.

  • darrienjw Darrien J (@darrienjw) reported

    @Shyguymask99 @JakeIsEarly @itjustbelikeit @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica @NintendoEurope Battlefield 4 sold over 7m copies and, despite the technical issues, was not considered a failure. Battlefield 5 being a "failure" is on EA, not the actual sales of the game. Not only that, the vast majority clearly don't care about women being in media anymore.

  • tiniestwitch shannon (@tiniestwitch) reported

    spock, in the middle of a battlefield, could die any second: [opening bottle of wine] ok michael lets talk about our childhood problems

  • TheGroovinGamer TheGroovinGamer.TTV #GroovinHype (@TheGroovinGamer) reported

    @TheBatNaz @EA_DICE @EA @EAHelp I agree. Teach them the art of good customer service.

  • Demetriostm Dadias (@Demetriostm) reported

    @SgtDangerCow In short, what bfv live service looks like, but on steroids and way better. (coughsMAPScoughs)

  • PRTLTPX ProtoALTpex (@PRTLTPX) reported

    @JulianJanganoo @Braddock512 @GrazzleReviews @SteezeMcQueen1 @EAHelp @EA_DICE @BenWalke Pinging @GottHold1337 too in case he's broken FF rules.

  • FamiliarScoot Scooter (@FamiliarScoot) reported

    forgot to fix some things on the alt versions so here's some new ids battlefield: LG1M762P omega: JVWS90D1

  • CanonFodder23 CanonFodder23 (@CanonFodder23) reported

    @600RR7 It’s frustrating because I feel there could be a good game at its heart, but there are still a lot of issues that @EA_DICE just seem content to not address

  • PanteraRega Pantera_Rega (@PanteraRega) reported

    @Samsora_ Switch it to Battlefield Problem Solve 🤔

  • ChopperMeir Andrew Chopper Meir (@ChopperMeir) reported

    @DrMarkBurnley I'm tempted to reinstall tonight for a little play but that would defeat the point lol, funny thing is I've only had one disconnect from bfV the last week or so which shows how intensive WoTC is on the broadband

  • Simonthesmoggie Smoggie till i die (@Simonthesmoggie) reported

    Has anyone had major lag issues on @Battlefield since the last update.

  • Vet_420 Jason (@Vet_420) reported

    @hexagon_esports @John200120 @Battlefield @battlelog BF5 is 100 times worse than BF1. The graphical textures is so poor compared to BF1's amazing visuals, lack of RSP, no sandbox, no team switch, rushed game with lack of content and very poor live service. Heres my top BF's 1. BF2 2. BF1942 3. BF3 4. BF4 5. BC2 6. BF2142 7. BF1

  • Pooldude7 . (@Pooldude7) reported

    @Battlefield The issue is you're trying to play battlefield hardline .

  • vettall73 Vitaliy (@vettall73) reported

    @DRUNKKZ3 Netcode after the update-garbage! I understand what the problem is. Nashol in many forums. Return the original TTC as it was in the release (November). Or Battlefield V is the last game I (fan) bought. You killed the game with your updates.

  • delayOgame delayogame (@delayOgame) reported

    @Battlefield Fix assignments, it doesn’t count my achievements.

  • James34385722 James 🇨🇭 (@James34385722) reported

    @Battlefield FIX THE HISTORY MODE FOR LOVE OF GOD stop with that ******* piece of shit firestorm and just ******* fix that.

  • jasonh123456 jason h (@jasonh123456) reported

    @Battlefield Wow!! I mentioned this about 4 year's ago. It doesn't Like to load up. It is ridiculous to have the game load up like that it only creates issues.

  • Stokesyyyyy Stokesy (@Stokesyyyyy) reported

    @Battlefield When is the issue on firestorm going to be fixed when some squad members fail to Join games, resulting in the ones that did join having to quit to join back up with them. It's been happening since the very start and it is still happening.

  • mdbeats91 ... (@mdbeats91) reported

    This isn’t an international problem Long Island is the battlefield

  • TayanKhan 共完好吃么☪ (@TayanKhan) reported

    @Battlefield Game is still broken

  • wrathsoffire76 wrathsoffire76 (@wrathsoffire76) reported

    @WheatleyDotJPEG 2 stock, 10 minutes, battlefield stages, no items, Fix only

  • godlesschainzz Qtooh- 💯☠️ (@godlesschainzz) reported

    @SenpapiPizzle @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft Ik. But Battlefield has it and its working there too... They just have to fix it😂

  • GrizzleOnTwitch Grizzle (@GrizzleOnTwitch) reported

    The invisible player model needs immediate fixing in #BFV! If it’s just a skin having issues then disable the skin. It’s game breaking.

  • A_bruised__soul Hoarded words (@A_bruised__soul) reported

    I was crumpled like an autumn leaf under a barefoot and collapsed in a battlefield with a broken wing. © Hoarded words

  • Stoelpoot_ Nathan (@Stoelpoot_) reported

    @zehDonut @lonnesurvivor I literally didn't give you any information. I just asked you for examples. Also awful performance has to be developers fault. We all know how well Battlefield is optimised, generally speaking. Game saving hasn't been a problem for Battlefield games either

  • kobegameshd DeAparteGamersHD (@kobegameshd) reported

    @Battlefield he battlefield i got a problem this problem is that i can 't unlock the revolver but i am level 15 van jou help me or someone advise mabye

  • vettall73 Vitaliy (@vettall73) reported

    @EA_DICE Netcode after the update-garbage! I understand what the problem is. Nashol in many forums. Return the original TTC as it was in the release (November). Or Battlefield V is the last game I (fan) bought. You killed the game with your updates.

  • scoman8900 Scott Burberry (@scoman8900) reported

    @dougb541 @StayAliveGaming @PUBG_Support Yes they can it’s not the console it’s the ******* game as if apex and fortnite and realm royale AND BFV have no problem loading the game it’s only pubg they need to get their arses in gear

  • sodleon Pr0Leonid Solpadein4ik (@sodleon) reported

    @BoardingFox This type of error isn't depending exactly of Bfv. When this error appear make sure that you have enough free space on your PS4HDD (I mean about 100GB free space). If not just try to clean about 50-80GB of space. Another way to fix this error is to do full initialization of PS4.

  • Strunkfluggett TMJZ (@Strunkfluggett) reported

    @DanPH77 @SilverXGamingHD @Battlefield If you don't like it, don't play it. If you don't get into games I guess that's your problem. I do and I win alot cause I'm nice. They will release a ton of content for the game since they want it to have a long life. Don't waste your time being so negative. Go play cod.

  • Mightymushr00m [gS] MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @energizedknight @EA_DICE @Battlefield That's never happened to me, I've been popping off with headshots left and right, even jump shotting no scoping peoples heads, maybe I'm just lucky but I haven't had problems with hit reg yet

  • Mightymushr00m [gS] MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @energizedknight @EA_DICE @Battlefield Yea worse thing is specializations are still not working for the gun making it worse, but I agree that it's not great at distance but i feel like they went for 4 shots at range because of the stupid rate of fire it has, it's balanced in that regard

  • Mightymushr00m [gS] MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @energizedknight @EA_DICE @Battlefield Well it's chambered in 45.ACP we are lucky it even 2 shots up close lol, I personally am loving the weapon but I suppose it's cause I have a ridiculous amount of patience 😂 I haven't found any problem with hit reg tho, not yet anyway lol

  • SlyShadowSniper SlyShadowSniper YT (@SlyShadowSniper) reported

    You know what would be nice for BFV's live service model. Multiple things unlocked every week instead of just one.

  • KulykTrent Trent Kulyk (@KulykTrent) reported

    @Battlefield @leahviathan @TheBullzeyeKK @PartWelsh Can you please fix the match making in firestorm. Waiting 2-4+ minutes to find a match is brutal

  • QueensInferno 💙Vergil, Tharja and Ilsa's Wife💙 [Fuck/300] (@QueensInferno) reported

    Literally No One Cares but I Need to Admit Something about Battlefield I Have Had Issues with since I Was like 5 but Strike at Karkand ******* Sucks Bro

  • alpha1beta Michael (@alpha1beta) reported

    @EA Over 20 disconnections @ea @battlefield. I have over 100MB @comcast service. Streaming TV just fine, but your servers are shitting themselves.

  • LtMinhYung slim young jim (@LtMinhYung) reported

    @Battlefield @EA @EAHelp Firestorm damage-taking HUD is NOT noticeable whatsoever. also, fix garbage inventory and looting system, add a pull up menu. Inventory and damage HUD need drastic work

  • ManuelGuzman Manuel Guzman (@ManuelGuzman) reported

    @ThatTroyChriest Highlights were disabled due to some game issues but will be fixed in an upcoming Battlefield V patch

  • Polar_Bair_ egg | PolarBair (@Polar_Bair_) reported

    @PracticalTAS @PG_ESAM @RelaxAlax It's less the Siege problem where you're just fighting for the point you like (High or low depends on character) and more like, idk, Battlefield if it had no right platform. Imagine that.

  • Polar_Bair_ egg | PolarBair (@Polar_Bair_) reported

    @PracticalTAS @PG_ESAM @RelaxAlax It's less the Siege problem where you're just fighting for the point you like (High or low depends on character) and more like, idk, Battlefield if it had no right platform. Imagine that.

  • Jordyyharris Jordan Harrison (@Jordyyharris) reported

    @Battlefield I glitch out on the middle stairs. I ended up prone in the roof, able to shoot people coming up the escalators in the middle. I was camping hard with a support class, ammo box and a T88 😂 loved it

  • trewbot una (@trewbot) reported

    ducking into cover in bf1 so i can open my cosmic brownie n thinking bout that `video games should count as military service` post

  • MalcontentMatt Matt Johnson (@MalcontentMatt) reported

    .@insane0042 You'll appreciate this. While reconfiguring my stream for my new UW monitor, Battlefield 3 and 4 both support 3440x1440 no problem. That's more than I can say for a few of the much newer games I've messed with so far.

  • IanoIRL Iano IRL (@IanoIRL) reported

    @_MikeMike84_ @Battlefield @Braddock512 @JaqubAjmal Well done mate for getting some info on this. I tried a few things tonight but always ended up in the German servers. As I said it's not a major issue but the extra 20 ping isn't ideal for me. Wish there was a reason given for this.

  • Sonic_2021 Sonic the Hedgehog ソニック (@Sonic_2021) reported

    @demx_hax I heard that God was banned for multiple reasons not just lag... People were getting confused by the reflections of the water and its basically battlefield so if Battlefield is banned people could just choose FoD and that would defeat the purpose it's the same reason Dreamland is

  • GI_Joey_ G.I. Joey ⭕ #TheDivision2 ⭕ (@GI_Joey_) reported

    @The_1uan And this is one of the many reasons I am done with BFV. Dice adds shit into the game that ruins it. Redesigning maps for a "Meatgrinder" but releasing the game in 2018 with MMG-bipod shit. The game has way to many issues but Dice refuse to listen to the (hardcore) community.

  • PopCultured4 Pop Cultured 💌 ✖🇦🇺 (@PopCultured4) reported


  • GrizzleOnTwitch Grizzle (@GrizzleOnTwitch) reported

    @TheRealTYRIUM @StodehTV Exactly. BFV is the only title I am having issues with.

  • Aronneupane15 Aron Daju (@Aronneupane15) reported

    @Battlefield Its not letting me paly BF5 multiplayer right now can u fix it.Plaesee

  • BrandoBomb BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    But with all that I think rsp/custom games would solve major problems with bfv same with cross platform play. My hope is when Grind, Rush, squad conquest or any Ltm comeback I hope they bring the rsp or custom games with it.

  • tejasrr19 Tejas Rao (@tejasrr19) reported

    @karloftheozz92 @EA_DICE They have a CTE. The game servers are the CTE. Limited time game modes and everything. CTE disguised as a "Live Service".

  • gazzathegamer23 Gary.the.gamer. (@gazzathegamer23) reported

    @PlayStation @EA_DICE @bioware So..... There was meant to be a live stream today to outline what's coming but guess what.... Bioware are having Internet problems pmsl so there putting it a week!!!!! Carnt make this shit up

  • mckinnis_andrew Andrew McKinnis (@mckinnis_andrew) reported

    @AKA_ART_ Most of the maps in battlefield 5 don't fit this style of play in grind, they are too open, the game still has visibility problems, in comparison to past battlefield games traditional spotting is gone, and worst of all is the MG42 meta.

  • tjsampson TJ Sampson (@tjsampson) reported

    @Battlefield Anytime #Hamada comes up on breakthrough or Grand Ops everyone bails. Just left a game that was 21 vs 13. Need to fix the map dynamics, start penalizing for leaving mid game, or get rid of the map for these modes. You can do better than this....

  • BMXLev BMX Lev (@BMXLev) reported

    @MrProWestie @Kenturrac @LevelCapGaming @DANNYonPC Im Max rank since November '18 how is this not an issue at dice. I've never maxed out any bAttlefield nor battlefront game.

  • vulgarcowboy1 Gareth Shipley (@vulgarcowboy1) reported

    @mmariebg @Kenturrac By far the best bfv map now it's regular conquest. It's the best because it feels like a true bf map (big with vehicles etc). The problem is it's right after devastation so the meat grinders usually leave and there is no autobalance resulting in a boring round.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX