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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • IceCold_Kino Larking Kira (Disciple of Rebellion) (@IceCold_Kino) reported

    @TheSearingSteel It can’t be that bad.. I have trust issues when it comes some of the other disciples because it either ends with the house on fire or a battlefield aftermath.

  • RBickersjr Makin D Bacon (@RBickersjr) reported

    @Battlefield I don't like this Wake Island. Flat island with long lines of sight everywhere, Japanese did not defend, it feels small compared to previous versions, over nerfed the flea for baby pilots, and the 5.2 patch makes it worse. Fix netcode, anticheat, rsp 1st. Priorities pls.

  • BobbyHill4Pete Bobby Hill for Pete 🌄🍞🐝 (@BobbyHill4Pete) reported

    @garethmccall @proletariat_TV @im2b @SmithInAmerica I appreciate his service and sacrifice on the battlefield. But he decided to run for congress and acts like a clown, so, a clown he is. Prior service doesn't make him immune for the things he's done since.

  • ray_cogar Ray Cogar (@ray_cogar) reported

    @CallofDuty @Activision please fix gunfight, much better before when it was random weapons assigned to both teams, not on the battlefield

  • themacwarren Mac Warren (@themacwarren) reported

    @Battlefield keep getting Cant fetch your report... has been like this for a week... need a fix

  • SHopkins1776 Stephen Hopkins (@SHopkins1776) reported

    @EA_DICE Yup.. and two weeks after the patch you forced, the game is still broken and no one can progress their character on ANY platform.... I take issue with the advertisement of a broken game.

  • Mightymushr00m MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    DICE seriously needs to fix BFV otherwise it's just gonna go downhill further, I don't feel like I wanna play it due to the game being ****** right now with bugs, stupid meta's and dumb players, BF1 held my attention everyday for hours on end but BFV after 1 match I can't play

  • Buddahwon Buddahwon (@Buddahwon) reported

    @EA_DICE Please fix update on ps4!!!

  • CPBoss413 JRoop (@CPBoss413) reported

    BFV is hot garbage! #Diceplease fix your game.

  • gabecollins16 Dalek9648 (@gabecollins16) reported

    @Battlefield Fix update 5.2 soon. Some guns basically the equivalent of a nerf gun in damage and in accuracy. And I think we all know how inaccurate nerf guns are.

  • Evil_Paladin_ Nor (@Evil_Paladin_) reported

    @RealHistoryOf Same. It's server issues atm on @Battlefield V

  • boo_butt44 FREE ROBERTWILLIAM (@boo_butt44) reported

    @Miiigs619 @johnanagnostou_ @MASKCM13 @Lj_era8 @Ravens The problem with Russ is he should have just been in the NFL all along...he does play like he belongs on a battlefield

  • JeromeMilos Jerome Milos (@JeromeMilos) reported

    @EA_DICE Fix "Could Not fetch your Report" bug

  • Grandpa_Benny Grandpa Ben (@Grandpa_Benny) reported from Whitemarsh Island, Georgia

    @EA_DICE Please fix BFV. It won't let me unlock guns. I'm stuck on the base guns. It's the Available Next Round glitch.

  • Timothy_Gerlach Tim Gerlach (@Timothy_Gerlach) reported

    @EAHelp are the battlefield xbox login servers down for last 24 hours I keeps saying failed to connect (I tried to swap to wired connection same problem)

  • Cory_The_Gem Cory Moore (@Cory_The_Gem) reported

    @OnceUponATimeQt @Conflic7 @charlieINTEL Take out sbmm and fix the fps, add more cod maps and not battlefield maps, and latency issues corrected then the game would be alright.

  • Braddock512 Jeff Braddock (@Braddock512) reported

    @FiendXk @EA_DICE @EA @Battlefield @EAHelp Just got a notification that we are experiencing connectivity issues in the Northeast US on multiple titles due to Spectrum ISP issue. Teams are working on it with Spectrum to identify the caused and resolve it.

  • GetGoodGuyYT GetGoodGuy (@GetGoodGuyYT) reported

    There’s 0 reason for me to cover new content in Battlefield 5. It makes no sense for me to do so from a viewership perspective. Expect more analysis, tips, problem discussions and general feedback. Make of that what you will. I can only work with the platform provided.

  • Wassupnikka1 Wassupnikka (@Wassupnikka1) reported

    @EA_DICE please fix the server!!

  • OFRANKWGKTA ☩ 𝕃𝕠z ☠️ (@OFRANKWGKTA) reported

    @davidvielleicht @GetGoodGuyYT BF1 didn’t have this many problems with gunplay, bipods just worked. This is pathetic. 2 more years of this garbage I guess

  • J_D_TheDon Joshua LeGree (@J_D_TheDon) reported

    i can confirm that if you’re in #westernNY and have @GetSpectrum as your ISP there’s an issue preventing their side to connect with #BattlefieldV servers @EAHelp @EA_DICE @Battlefield

  • J_D_TheDon Joshua LeGree (@J_D_TheDon) reported

    i can confirm that if you’re in #westernNY and have @spectrum as your ISP there’s an issue preventing their side to connect with #BattlefieldV servers @EAHelp @EA_DICE @Battlefield

  • GFewings BabyFace [GAWA] (@GFewings) reported

    @rederz13 @Battlefield Haven't felt so much a problem since the btk update tbh..

  • TrueKaiserSoze_ Joe Kaiser (@TrueKaiserSoze_) reported

    @EA_DICE Spectrum ISP users in NY are having issues with access to the battlefield servers. Spectrum claims the issue is on your end. There are multiple posts on the subject at r/BattlefieldV on reddit. Please do something about this.

  • LovePinkWarrior Jessica L Volk (@LovePinkWarrior) reported

    @EA @EA_DICE please fix the upstate ny servers 🤣🙄

  • charltinho7891 C (@charltinho7891) reported

    @peetz11 @EA_DICE I have the same problem

  • joelipscombe The Content Guy (@joelipscombe) reported

    This is a huge problem. Clegg (now FB global affairs chief) claimed channels are the tennis court — their lines must be straight, and painted, then the players play. That's the biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard. This is a ***** battlefield, they're the ******* architects.

  • NecroProphet Barry Taft (@NecroProphet) reported

    @Battlefield Xbox one, will having "could not fetch your report" issues.....

  • dannomite76 Dan Williams (@dannomite76) reported

    @EAHelp please fix the servers. Cannot connect to ea servers on BFV. Nothing on my end is wrong!!!!!!!

  • Ragnarok013 Ragnarok013 (@Ragnarok013) reported

    My biggest issue w\5.2 apart from arbitrarily changing one of the few positively viewed features in BF5 is that DICE is trying to make us play BF how they want us to instead of making a solid fun sandbox Battlefield where the community plays how it wants like we had in BF1942-BF4

  • MTGnewsbot Mt. Gnewsbot (@MTGnewsbot) reported

    Magic Online Bug Blog – December 13th, 2019 Won't Fix: • Distemper of the Blood can only be cast from its owner's library if your mana pool is empty. • Demonic Pact will tap all permanents on the battlefield instead of causing you to lose the game.

  • YZard KremJam (@YZard) reported

    Continuing off the Smash Bros. post, I fought a Sonic as K. Rool but one major problem, it's on Big Battlefield and I lost because it disoriented me

  • swardley Simon Wardley (@swardley) reported

    @Simo_Morris That is a problem, a very real problem. Techniques were used that were more suited to the battlefield, not an election. I am concerned that the idea of informed consent will be lost in a barrage of misinformation and deceit.

  • mythical_lancey Mythical_lancey (@mythical_lancey) reported

    @EA_DICE dice again fix your game I’ve level 3 times without getting my company points. Your game is still broken each update brings more bugs than the last.

  • Timothy_Gerlach Tim Gerlach (@Timothy_Gerlach) reported

    @Battlefield is bf5 server down it keeps failing on connect for past 24 hrs

  • Pazuzu_79 Michael J.B. (@Pazuzu_79) reported

    @CarpophorusI @GamerMikeH @JaqubAjmal @oliverCAndersen @PartWelsh @Braddock512 Damn! I hope I can come back one day to Battlefield and play normal, like in old times, no bugs/issues, no cheaters, just simple game play!

  • Dal282 Dale (@Dal282) reported

    @The_realest84 @MarcKenten @MrProWestie @Battlefield Major problem at Dice. Clearly the managing director/leader is not 100% fit for the position. Over a year and they keep making bizzare changes. Problem is how damaging it will be for their future title.

  • Chukwuma_U Vileblood King (@Chukwuma_U) reported

    @FlyBoyAce_ @Major_OD Played BF1, it was excellent camping wasn't a problem at all

  • itsjacklmao Jack (@itsjacklmao) reported

    @Battlefield I feel like a moron for buying this game a year after release and expecting it to be fun. I can’t even unlock weapons, fix it for goodness sake.

  • McneceShawn ❄️🎅🏻🎄⭐️ Shawn McNece ⭐️🎄🎅🏻❄️ (@McneceShawn) reported

    @KaedeMelodia16 If you didn’t know, Zacian has a base Attack of 170 and its ability makes it so broken, it gets a +1 Attack boost every time it comes onto the battlefield!

  • GeorgeJennings7 George Jennings (@GeorgeJennings7) reported

    @EA_DICE Dice please fix your game. I alway have problems getting into games with my friend on Xbox. I literally spent hours of my life trying to get into games. I’ve been with you from day one and stayed through all the shit you’ve thrown at us and I’m still hear. Just fix it

  • MrProWestie 🦀 Westie 🦀 (@MrProWestie) reported

    And then an anti-cheat solution... the PC platform does have a real problem with cheaters and if new players encounter cheaters regularly enough they'll quit servers and eventually stop launching the game. Battlefield V desperately needs better anti-cheat.

  • Braddock512 Jeff Braddock (@Braddock512) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @Barr08B @Djb12491079 @DahSWEETONE @Battlefield @MrProWestie @jackfrags @SQUiD_1337 @EA_DICE Actually, we’re pushing a hotfix to address the feedback regarding weapon changes and the team should have a fix for the EoR issue around the same time. (This has been communicated on Twitter, Reddit, and Forums). Have a good day!

  • Jay_34z Chris (@Jay_34z) reported

    @tiggr_ @tiggr_ just do yourself a favor and please just cancel the live Service dev cycle for this game. It ain't getting any better! Stop trying to make it better cuz it's getting worse. We want a new modern battlefield game as soon as possible plz! This franchise is a joke now.

  • BenzoEnzoMk2 BenzoEnzo Mk2 (@BenzoEnzoMk2) reported

    @DonPepitoAndy @Battlefield On the Main Menu, Go to > See the Rank Section & Check you are 100% guaranteed company coins for those levels, if so, they need to fix your bug

  • sci_writer Barbara Tokay (@sci_writer) reported

    It seems clear that you have never done any military service or put your life on the line for your country. Too many wealthy white men are NEVER exposed to the battlefield.

  • Diums5 NoiiseMaker (@Diums5) reported

    @Battlefield i cant even unlock weapon level 1 since the game is broken and i'm level 6 so :(

  • BigMikesMystery Big Mike's Mystery House (@BigMikesMystery) reported

    So I hear that Battlefield is bringing out a hotfix to help fix that TTK mess somewhat Feeling cautiously optimistic but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and at least try it when it comes out ...And I do really want to give Wake Island a go

  • CreamySoda2 CreamySoda (@CreamySoda2) reported

    @Battlefield @MrProWestie Fix the ttk and I'll think about it

  • Lichryre SeBrooster / Lichryre (@Lichryre) reported

    @TheGoodSoldier2 Have to agree, even when 5.2 destroyed the balance, I can assume what dice wanted. Think, they tried to adapt bfv's engagement ranges near to bf4's and giving weapons more variety. Also visibility will be an issue in future titles and dice tried to solve that

  • TheCodyStewart yungblastbeat 👹 (@TheCodyStewart) reported

    @CloserToMitch @EA_DICE Yeah man it’s so ******. MW got unbearable and I tried to switch and BFV is SO bugged rn. Came out nov of last year and it’s somehow more broken than MW lmao

  • D_Mat16 Daniel Matthews (@D_Mat16) reported

    @Battlefield I still do not see statistics after the match. AND I CAN'T RECEIVE AWARDS FOR INCREASING THE CLASS LEVEL! FIX BFV! NOW!

  • uprrp0943 Héctor Camacho (@uprrp0943) reported

    @EA_DICE better not screw around, fix this mess,or the player base will leave #BattlefieldV

  • goodebening1 goodebening (@goodebening1) reported

    The issues we are facing today won’t be solved anywhere apart from the battlefield. History has dictated this.

  • its_JJ_Official ITS_JUSTJESSE (@its_JJ_Official) reported

    @Battlefield Would be great if it would actually connect. Keep getting failure to connect, nothing is working guys...Been trying all more ing, no me tion of this issue from yall. Wtf...

  • _SNEAKBO_ SNEAKBO (@_SNEAKBO_) reported

    @Battlefield Why does it take 4 mins to load the main menu and 5 mins to back and after report summary is broken plz fix the game before you go away for Xmas

  • ColemanFreddyF1 ColemanFreddyFredrickson (@ColemanFreddyF1) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE you guys have to release a patch that fixes the disconnects and loading issues. I have never once been disconnected from a match in BFV until this patch released and then I was kicked from four matches in a single day. I try as hard as I can to support this game but this

  • ELazevnik ethan.lazevnik (@ELazevnik) reported

    @sithlord_dennis @Battlefield They said they know it happens and working on a fix, it will be out ASAP (they're word)

  • redthemeth Nick (@redthemeth) reported

    @Battlefield I would rather see you guys fix the available at the next round bug

  • marshall5912 Joe Marshall (@marshall5912) reported

    @JuvenileBluster @bmkibler I’d just get rid of the “costs one less for each minion on the battlefield” effect. It would kill the card, but it wouldn’t ever be a problem again.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX