Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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February 19: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 02:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (55.49%)
  • Sign in (19.33%)
  • Matchmaking (11.71%)
  • Game Crash (7.91%)
  • Glitches (4.98%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.59%)

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  • TheTacticalBrit Lachlan (TheTacticalBrit 🇬🇧) (@TheTacticalBrit) reported

    Sprayed into a crowd of 120 or so in Battlefield. Found out the MG34 is broken on the tank

  • Joe_King_lol Joe King (@Joe_King_lol) reported

    @Battlefield Please don't do lag comp and skilled based match making like call of duty Blackout, it completely spoils it as does the sniping, rewinding of bullets and sponging.. Activision should of sacked 800 from Treyarch not Blizzard @Treyarch @Activision @EA @EA_DICE @IGN @ABC @Pontifex

  • JimmyM35409670 Jimmy M (@JimmyM35409670) reported

    @EA @EA_DICE im experiencing a glitch in whick i rank up my class to a required rank for a gun and it says available next round. Its said available next round for the past 5 games

  • VFBaller CylentGamer 🎮 (@VFBaller) reported

    @theurparanoid @PHTYT @OnQore Hardline is a good game the problem was the name "Battlefield" It turned people off. It should've been named something else.

  • teddyrxpin Thomas painter (@teddyrxpin) reported

    @JaqubAjmal are plans being made to fix the afk people in games bf1 had a sever time out for afk people and so does every other game I have ever played. Can we please get this fixed it’s ruining games, also allows people to cheat with ghost accounts. 5 or 10 mins is all we need.

  • YPacifikk Yung Pacifikk (@YPacifikk) reported

    @mikegrecian73 @Battlefield I know how to fix it. You have to select button then press A multiple times and it will come on

  • MikiChenovart Miki Chenovart (@MikiChenovart) reported

    @Battlefield I have completed all challenges but didn't receive my tank, please, fix it... @Battlefield @EA

  • team_semperFi Team Semper Fi #WheresOurRSP (@team_semperFi) reported

    @Mirnic9801 Would be nice if true, but then the fact remains that given the current state of BFV a lot of resources are likely torn away from the new bf to this one to fix it. Meaning that even if the next BF started in 2017, it would need 4 years instead of 3.

  • IntronDepot Intron (@IntronDepot) reported

    @MrProWestie It always was other than just Bots, It was Bad Company that changed this .... but Bad company had a GREAT story. BF3, BF4 and BFHL kinda sucked in story. BF1 turned it around a little but suffered from sucky AI and that is the same issue with BFV rubbish AI that poses little fun.

  • team_semperFi Team Semper Fi #WheresOurRSP (@team_semperFi) reported

    @Deity7 @HormigaZYT @Ros11Kevin @jackfrags @chrsprk26 @Acronism1 @MrProWestie to the old way. There was a change made with BF1 that EA and DICE portrayed as the better and to make a more "uniform experience across all platforms by bringing them more toghether". This was a major error for both PC and console. Everything prior BF1 with servers was better.

  • windwaker5000 Phlie Boi 🇺🇸 (@windwaker5000) reported

    @metclub34 @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE It's a promised feature, and I know we have many problems

  • Esau_Canto Esalberto (@Esau_Canto) reported

    I guess this is like a last resort but @DRUNKKZ3 is DICE going to aknowlege the Low FPS problem in Battlefield. The game is unplayable for me since the january 29th patch. Almost a month now with FPS drops, stuttering. Tell me that at least you know of this issue.

  • LittleKeegs0 Little Keegs 🌹 (@LittleKeegs0) reported

    @CSRHeinonen @biggestjoel Battlefield: a series going on too long because it makes money Mass Effect Andromeda: a game pushes out broken cuz it would make money Marvel comic books: often (but not always) going on too long because it makes money Seems like you hate capitalism.

  • shanothepaino shane quigley (@shanothepaino) reported

    @Battlefield ******** are you worrying about Vietnam for haven’t you got a shitstate to fix!!!!!

  • Esau_Canto Esalberto (@Esau_Canto) reported

    @EAHelp I have repaired the game, reinstalled the game, update drivers, use the lowest resolution and don't know what else. The point is that you are telling me that you can't refund me and because of issues that @EA_DICE have not even aknowlege I can't play #BattlefieldV

  • metclub34 METCAT (@metclub34) reported

    @windwaker5000 @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE OMG get over it kid, more important issues need to be taken care of first

  • Jai_Bones Jai Bones #WheresOurRSP (@Jai_Bones) reported

    @BattlefieldCUK @Battlefield You can have my server admin login. No use to me any more...

  • Mrfux97 Yongjie Fu (@Mrfux97) reported

    @Battlefield Yeah, now i have mouse lag with the update... Good job.

  • ImraanKnight TeacherPool (@ImraanKnight) reported from Cape Town, Western Cape

    @sluggishgotty @Battlefield the problem is its not working

  • medicoantifa Medico antifascista🏴Sanitätsminister (@medicoantifa) reported

    @azerty15 @allezlombaert @Wedrownikk @ZjemCiKolege @DANNYonPC @Battlefield Don’t encounter that problem anymore. Whenever i spawn in, a halftrack spawns in, sometimes crushing another halftrack or supplystation hahah

  • Michel_EHSB Michel G. (@Michel_EHSB) reported

    @Deity7 @EA_DICE Feels like the love for the game is a bit gone..... Things that were promised (for launch), but got delayed, bugs that took too long to fix, poor communication, it all made me lose love for the game... Might get back in the future, but for now, I just can't..... 😕😕😕

  • TheAgentOfDoom Aaron Jason Espinoza (@TheAgentOfDoom) reported

    Tonight's stream went from Battlefield V to Watch Dogs 2 to Apex Legends, and not once did the audio desync. That's fantastic. Laggy audio has been aggravating me to no end these past couple weeks, so I'm glad I found a fix. (:

  • kkc_cheemsports Karan Cheema (@kkc_cheemsports) reported

    @waniriffat And our service to help fellow countrymen does not and will never mean we shall show any sympathy for our enemy on the battlefield. Your regard is not for us, but instead for the fearsome warrior called “sikh” which have shown you your place in 1947, 65, 71 & 99

  • f_schuchhardt Frank Schuchhardt (@f_schuchhardt) reported

    @BattlefieldCUK @WATKINSGLX16 @Battlefield @NFN1X ok no problem send me your data

  • AhhhJaysus Ahhh-Jaysus 🇮🇪 😎 (@AhhhJaysus) reported

    Are anybody else having trouble with pressing square button to revive not working correctly all the time 🤔 it's happening me alot lately, I'm sure @ColonelGhostman was wondering wtf I was at sometimes last night 👀👀👀🤣😂 🤣 #battlefieldv #BFV #Battlefield

  • smitdee2004 Jake Smith (@smitdee2004) reported

    @EA_DICE fix ur ******* game I play bf5 everyday but I'm constantly dying because people are lagging and I can't hit them because of it and I always disconnect from severs

  • SASQUATCH109 Tyler Cooper (@SASQUATCH109) reported

    @Battlefield fix your ******* TRASH ASS match making.

  • chrsprk26 chrisP (@chrsprk26) reported

    @Deity7 @RomboutG @KLWSpitfire @EA_DICE @MrProWestie @jackfrags I want to note there's a big difference between bug/problem reports and genuine gameplay feedback. The latter is almost NEVER taken in any genuine sincere way. We've seen it time and time again. It's one thing to report and provide feedback on the objectively broken/nonfunctional

  • chrsprk26 chrisP (@chrsprk26) reported

    @Deity7 @RomboutG @KLWSpitfire @EA_DICE @MrProWestie @jackfrags I want to note there's a big difference between bug/problem reports and genuine gameplay feedback. The latter is almost NEVER taken in any genuine sincere way. We've seen it time and time again. It's one thing to report and provide feedback on objectively the broken/unfunctional

  • chrsprk26 chrisP (@chrsprk26) reported

    @Deity7 @RomboutG @KLWSpitfire @EA_DICE @MrProWestie @jackfrags I want to note there's a big difference between bug/problem reports and genuine gameplay feedback. The latter is almost NEVER taken in any genuine sincere way. We've seen it time and time again. It's one thing to report and provide feedback on objectively the broken/unfunctional

  • BattleNonSense Battle(non)sense (@BattleNonSense) reported

    @NerdMetalchic4 @p1anetmatt @jdbelcher1998 @bfadwenture That happened much more with #BF3 though which, when compared to the original BF titles, made a hard left turn towards "lowering the threshold" (casual friendly). BFV tries to reverse many of these changes, but it's marketing and development had.... issues.

  • tinytouchtales TiNYTOUCHTALES (@tinytouchtales) reported

    Counter argument: It takes away a big part of the gameplay/skill and introduces the old battlefield problem. Instead of spotting enemies i only look for blinking dots and shoot those.

  • jimhejl Jim Hejl (@jimhejl) reported from Austin, Texas

    @Gaming_UAE @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield @Braddock512 @y0mandi @EA_ME @justbiglee I don’t see the problem.

  • team_semperFi Team Semper Fi #WheresOurRSP (@team_semperFi) reported

    Can keep going on with digging through the old tweets but it just hurts. So many statements of things that were to come to #BF1 #RSP that never came. So many promises it would be better but it became worse. Even the so called "fix" for server lags is not true.

  • Siliku5_Gaming Siliku5 (@Siliku5_Gaming) reported

    @BetaAceX @AngryJoeShow I don't have an issue with his opinion, though i admit that i'm tired of Dels influence. He lost my respect after he raved about how awesome BF1 was and how it had "true battlefield moments" with "flamethrowers from horseback" and the behemoths (which were a lame gimmick)

  • SeSeu Sebastian Seubold (@SeSeu) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Ubisoft already proofed that they can do great live service games even if they sucked in quality and sales in the beginning (division1, r6siege, and even for honor). EA on the other hand showed us with games like swbf2 and bfV that they are not willing or able to support a LsG

  • jsmith6919 Tide Pod Bootlegger (@jsmith6919) reported

    What a shit list, here are Travolta's true top 5 movies 1)Face/Off 2)Battlefield Earth 3)Broken Arrow 4)Generals Daughter 5)Swordfish

  • jsmith6919 Tide Pod Bootlegger (@jsmith6919) reported

    @TomBevanRCP 1)Face/Off 2)Battlefield Earth 3)Broken Arrow 4)Generals Daughter 5)Swordfish

  • dietwiitter Luke's Second Account (@dietwiitter) reported

    @BenWalke @EA_DICE I don't know what the hell is wrong with BF2 but it's severely broken. The game is no longer even hiding the fact that it intentionally groups the best and worst players into teams together.

  • MoiDawg MoiDawg (@MoiDawg) reported

    Really hope @Battlefield can address the respawn flashing bug. Had a person stop by the stream today and say that his brother couldn't play the game anymore because he got a seizure. This isn't a "fix my smg" balance issue, it's a health concern. #BattlefieldV #BFV #Battlefield

  • AchmedBP Nudelauflauf9F (@AchmedBP) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your anti-cheat

  • BASSROUGE 🔛🔝🔜 (@BASSROUGE) reported

    @Battlefield FIX YOUR GAME FOOL

  • jediwitcher El Sabio Cabezón #SOSNicaragua (@jediwitcher) reported

    @IntronDepot @Battlefield Aye, thought the same, the fact the torch doesn't have a cooldown like on BF4 is also a problem

  • coltenthemlgpro Anxeyeity (@coltenthemlgpro) reported

    @EA_DICE fix you're game its giving me epilepsy

  • pxndxntion pxndxsos (@pxndxntion) reported

    @BealesyGaming @Battlefield @BrokenMachine Is been like this for some day i stop playing for almost 1 week but i wanted to get the new tank but man this really frustrated my attempts to get it done sometimes i can't even spawn on my team because the screen is glitching like crazy i hope they do fix it

  • josefigs12345 Jose (@josefigs12345) reported

    @Battlefield Just ran into a squad of hackers fix your game

  • BealesyGaming Bealesy (@BealesyGaming) reported

    @pxndxntion @Battlefield @BrokenMachine I am glad I am not the only player experiencing issues today, Glitching under the map when respawning, hope the issue gets sorted for you.

  • TheJuiceStl [Juice] (@TheJuiceStl) reported

    @zrd92490 @derrafemi @Silencertm @Battlefield Because it's a slow drip. Getting "more" only means this game will be closer to being complete , it was maybe 80% at launch . A full game at launch + a live service would've been ideal. Not these half ass attempts for "more" content after launch.

  • GI_Joey_ G.I. Joey • #DiceFriend • (@GI_Joey_) reported

    @KonteDraco Well....I am kinda done with BFV. I've played it too much where I can't ignore the issue of the game anymore. But I do like to hangout in a party with you some day😉

  • RealHistoryOf The Video Game Historian 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 (@RealHistoryOf) reported

    @PrivateSufrie Gameplay wise I agree BFV is better than BF 1. However there are many issues currently that are making me enjoy the game less and less. I wont even get into TOW. I just dont want to lose faith in DICE as I did with BF3 and quit playing the series.

  • LordcaptainSky Captain (@LordcaptainSky) reported

    @kelevra1010 @EAHelp @ChopDaSesh Yep, you tell them any issue and they report it to the battlefield team or whatever, simple as that.

  • AlwaysSleepee Amine (@AlwaysSleepee) reported

    @NayrmanBSC My biggest issue is that you can’t even guarantee that you get the rules that you want but have to hope it is. Kind of annoying to be honest. Smash 4 got it right with for glory, the only issue was the lack of battlefield stages. Don’t know why ultimate decided to scrap that

  • Flowers4Apes Blank Face Goon (@Flowers4Apes) reported

    @OneAngryGamerHD @SueTheSheep @muju_da_beast94 Agents of Mayhem: Another saints row reskin wasn't going to do well. Eventually will find new life on steam. Battleborn: plagued with launch issue and ran against the SJW titan Overwatch Battlefield 5: Bad reskin of 1, w 30% of the functionality and moar loot boxes

  • S0S0G00D Stephan Al-Damari (@S0S0G00D) reported

    @Battlefield bla fuckn bla.. fix all new and old bugs before you give us advise to do shit..🙄

  • Captin__Caveman The Caveman (@Captin__Caveman) reported

    @EAHelp both Anthem and Battlefield crash after 5 minutes of playing I'm assuming this is a DX12 issue as other games run ok. Playing on a rtx 2070

  • AhmedxRe Ahmed AL-Obeidi (@AhmedxRe) reported

    @EAHelp Fix the Fuking game battlefield v the game is stopped and kick my out to house xbox 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Marcoszg98 Marcos zg (@Marcoszg98) reported

    @JaqubAjmal Please guys, you have to fix the black screen on PS4 while the match is charging, I can’t play BFV right now on PS4...

  • EdgarAllanPwn3d edgar. (@EdgarAllanPwn3d) reported

    @DANNYonPC @Braddock512 @DANNYonPC I'd hope it's a pretty low differential. With everything that's still broken and delayed in BFV, it's apparent he hasn't been working much on the game.

  • JinLdn JIN (@JinLdn) reported

    Things I’d never have or will do Cower from a fight Earn or spend money by haram means Ask questions if my close ones tell me something Broken a promise Insult a mother Flee a battlefield Lie about a woman’s chastity Caught feelings Looked down on others Denied a hadith

  • Ch3w_baca Anthony Baca (@Ch3w_baca) reported

    @Battlefield The grand operations format is terrible. Should have made it like BF1 where you have three battalions to take two maps. It's so stupid how you can win day 1 and 2 but lose it all on day 3 and suffer a "major defeat". You guys tried to fix something that wasn't broken.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX