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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • jasonensteinYT Jasonenstein (@jasonensteinYT) reported

    @TBagGamingYT I just love how EA (a company of 100+ ppl ) fixes a small problem in BF5 like a year later while Stylis Studios (a team of 10+ ppl) can fix a gigantic problem in PF within 5 days. BTW there r no more toxic players in PF other than the roof campers.

  • MattByrnes1 Matt Byrnes (@MattByrnes1) reported

    @DarthChillash BFV on PC has a major cheating problem. I don't mind paying for Xbox Live, because I don't have to worry about that. I've also paid for Live since launch in 2002, so I'm probably desensitized to the cost. I don't even think about it anymore. I get the service I want.

  • KingJ_100 Scorching 6 Paths (@KingJ_100) reported

    @CallofDuty #ModernWarfare Before MW 2019 releases: COD is making a comeback , Rip Battlefield, finally boots on the ground, After MW 2019 releases: too many doors, people camp by windows, claymores everywhere, I hate SBMM, everybody is using the M4 to much, 725 is broken

  • shackle_ton 💣 shackleton 💣 (@shackle_ton) reported

    In this case it was matchmaking and splitting the community via DLC. It’s a mistake they have somewhat learned from. The other issue with BF1 is that nobody else capitalized on the demand for authentic feeling arcadey WW1/2 shooters. All we get are SQUAD clones.

  • IWIHomage Homage Tavor (@IWIHomage) reported

    @PegasusR7 @XboxSupport EA has had issues since before battlefield 3 came out

  • DecidelyUgin PHIL, trying his best (@DecidelyUgin) reported

    @James_P_1738 @thel0rd0fspace A ham sandwich could win with a paradox engine on the battlefield. It was a card that was problematic from day one. The idea that a player was doing a thing that is super linear isn't the problem here it's the fact a card like flash has variable uses but only one gets mentioned

  • CoreyChaump Corey Chaump (@CoreyChaump) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @WipeoutWarrior It's not big of a deal I'm a long time Battlefield vet active in the community it's only one gold skin not the end of the world but I know how it works and it is not working properly maybe one day it will work it's not the end of the world if that's the worst bug im in good shape

  • achyvements AchYvements ³⁶⁵ 🇨🇳 (@achyvements) reported

    Take Battlefield 1 or BFV - good counters. Weapons can be earned through assignments, bought with ingame currency in BFV. Cosmetics are optional, can be earned through in-game store with IGC, or earned through live service progression system.

  • EternalLucius1 EternalLucius (@EternalLucius1) reported

    @Battlefield can you please fix your damn game of cheaters, every game theres is someone who kills 5 guys instantly with a bullet behind rocks or walls.

  • faninternet2705 fan internet (@faninternet2705) reported

    @KazeEmanuar @snowxanya very good hack rom but they are many problems of crazy collissions boss eye rock, and normal enemys pole environnement, in dire dire dock the races for koopa in tiny huge island and bob omb battlefield do not give stars the camera is sometimes crazy please fix it in update.

  • J0hnApp1e John Apply (@J0hnApp1e) reported

    @Overwatcher24 @PlayTemtem Shit the hell up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Battlefield NEVER had server issues at launch! Temtem even had a stress test. It was pointless seeing as how it was limited. I can list a bunch of first time games that never had server issues at launch. Stfu!

  • J0hnApp1e John Apply (@J0hnApp1e) reported

    @Overwatcher24 @PlayTemtem It’s not a stupid mindset. It’s called being smart. Battlefield never had server problems at launch. Because they know it’s gonna have a big player base.

  • stephanknak91 stephan knak (@stephanknak91) reported

    @temporyal Bf5 is not working correctly because EA was hacked!!!

  • stephanknak91 stephan knak (@stephanknak91) reported

    @PartWelsh Do anything about your hacker problem, bf5 is not working correctly on ps4

  • Marshen_ Martian (@Marshen_) reported

    @AzuraProds They're only problematic on Breakthrough, like many other good things that go down the drain on that particular mode. To me, it's obviously a game mode problem and not the design/mechanics themselves. Same thing with BF1 Ops and BF3/4 64p rush

  • Yukiko_the_Fox Yukiko Tanaka (@Yukiko_the_Fox) reported

    @ProTayToeGamer The Unforgiving Blade: Conjuring a massive sword in the sky made from pure electricity, and causing it to crash down onto the battlefield.

  • PsychBees Bees (@PsychBees) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your ******* game

  • GriffinSmyth Griffin Smyth (@GriffinSmyth) reported

    @BornGaming85 Plus the changes that were implemented by that no one was asking for in the first place along with the lag and other bugs that have still not been fixed 1+ years after release. Everyone is flocking back to BF1, BF3, BF4, and Hardline.

  • LasseThor95 Thor (@LasseThor95) reported

    @Battlefield When you get feedback and refuse to fix your game

  • igmiro Iggy (@igmiro) reported

    @Battlefield That wouldn't be a problem now that more than half the teams are medic.

  • KrampusxGaming Krampus (@KrampusxGaming) reported

    Almost uninstalled Battlefield V again this morning due to it being ridiculously broken. But I'll hold hope that the next update will fix it. 😬 @EA_DICE #bfv #battlefield @MrProWestie


    Battlefield 1 might have the worst and most broken UI I can remember, to the point that I think they try to make it impossible to get into games so you might buy Battlefield V.

  • OJQueen Ollie (@OJQueen) reported

    @BenWalke Bring back the Lando glitch from BF1. Just for a weekend.

  • Mightymushr00m MightyMushroom9 (@Mightymushr00m) reported

    @RogueWunWun @TheSEkk Yea I know it's infuriating, I basically main tanks and planes in BFV so I know they are broken asf but so is infy, both need a good pass over in terms of balancing, as soon as we get some decent balance then the game might be less stressful

  • BeauCorrell 🄱🄴🄰🅄 🄲🄾🅁🅁🄴🄻🄻 (@BeauCorrell) reported

    @mariemorgan201 @davidhogg111 I am aware of it. The shooting represents a bigger problem - that it's permissible to shoot someone under more lax circumstances then it would be on a battlefield. People shouldn't be shot if there is no weapon visible unless there is another serious threat to life or limb.

  • Mambo_Bee Brian Anthony (@Mambo_Bee) reported

    @nekroskop79 I think there is alot more problems with BFV than the tanks. 1) planes not maneuvering to do actual dog fights, so they fight against themselves more 2) Gunplay should be the thing you build your game around, sounds, mechanics are the worst in this BF 3) Content! Takes$ to make$

  • NewEarthJupiter 💎White👊Girl💥Trick💋Robinson💣 (@NewEarthJupiter) reported

    God, how long have I been hammering getting the battlefield of your mind under control. Not one person took any of my words to Heart. Again, you are not my problem. It is not my burden to carry or to save. I have a calling on my life and that is my only obligation. Make a note.

  • Michaelis972 Jessie Michaelis 🏳️‍🌈🎮[SCO] (@Michaelis972) reported

    @TheAlchemistqq @EA_DICE @BattlefieldEAFR @Battlefield @SCOHellFighters @ScoContent I like how you cropped it 😍 ! This make me want to find a solution to my issue with the size of my pics . Unfortunately they're not big enough to crop/zoom in ! I need to change my setup/setting to be able to take screenshots with a better resolution .

  • HeartHeartrosie Neptune_OneeChan (@HeartHeartrosie) reported

    @Activision When will you guys fix your bloody game im sick that your game takes 100% CPU but only taked 10%GPU from my Nvida RTX 2080 TI like really I have 8 Cores and stuff and you know whats wurse BF5 takes only 40% CPU and 50% GPU and yours take my entire CPU stuff

  • Carl12160416 Carl (@Carl12160416) reported

    @Battlefield RANKING. From 32-33 should have got 1000 CC but instead got 40CC major issue

  • Itsthatmikeguy Mike (@Itsthatmikeguy) reported

    You can tell when a developer is over their heads and a game is in the end of life stages. Open cheating continued playability issues. @EA_DICE should just fold. Maybe try making paper straws.

  • IREWolfman ɪʀᴇᴡᴏʟғᴍᴀɴ (@IREWolfman) reported

    @rivaLxfactor Kill the game start again. Only way to save it! Live BFV alone and focus on the next game and delay release if necessary. No more broken releases that take 4 years to work!

  • rivaLxfactor XFactor (@rivaLxfactor) reported

    It is no secret Battlefield is on the ropes as a franchise. As part of my vision I would finally allow custom community made maps. DICE is very slow to release content. This would fix that. Yes, it takes money out of EA's pocket but would help with the longevity of it.

  • nekroskop79 Nekroskop79 (@nekroskop79) reported

    @HGewehrr First of all I never called BfV as a broken, I don't have any problems with that game, second of all childish thinking like yours makes me loose faith in humanity so drop it mate, if you don't like what's happening here just don't come around and stop being such a salty person

  • ImperialAce1985 Ed J. (@ImperialAce1985) reported

    @wulfstanlee @JediSithLord23 @BlackRacher I am so glad other people keep noticing these problems as well. I never played a game that punishes you for objective play like Battlefront. I am a CoD and Battlefield player at the same time and I wish many Battlefield elements were present in Battlefront as well.

  • LividFray Livid (@LividFray) reported

    @LiKeBuTTeR9 @ridercoms2 I don’t see how this could be the issue. Consoles handle crazy games like Battlefield just fine, it’s simply the fact that the developers don’t like pleasing anyone but the casuals.

  • TheMattHaas Matt (@TheMattHaas) reported

    @EA_DICE fix your ******* game. Battlefront 2 is a laggy ******* mess with people exploiting glitches to win in HvV. Put in balance checks to heroes. Please fix this mess.

  • WankyBot Wanky Bot (@WankyBot) reported

    everytime I start battlefield 4 i disconnect from xbox live as soon as I thought.

  • TheDreMos Andre (@TheDreMos) reported

    Lol I uninstalled BF5 and reinstalled it just for it to have the same exact issue.

  • ellejohara El 🏳️‍🌈🎹🥃 (@ellejohara) reported

    Two that come to mind: When Éomer bellows in agony after finding his sister Éowyn lying still on the battlefield in Pelennor. The last time Nux says "witness me" before he steers the war rig to crash into the mountain pass.

  • ScionoicS ScionoicS (@ScionoicS) reported

    @502SpaceXfan @LutrisGaming @gamingonlinux @EA @Battlefield @ToastyBrosTech @oztalkshw @TechByMatt @pcgamer @LinusTech All the linux guys I personally know have no problems playing online. I don't know about Battlefield specifically but they've never faced action when using workarounds to get it working on linux. What gets actioned is when you try to be sneaky and cheat on linux.

  • kevinchadwick55 Kevinchadwick55 🇮🇪 (@kevinchadwick55) reported

    Need battlefield 6 As soon as possible. Ww1 and ww2 settings are just not working for me

  • TheRealNouva TheRealNouva (@TheRealNouva) reported

    I have switched games. I was playing Apex but iys lagging like beach so we switching over to Battlefield 1

  • DaneKjolsen $OL!FUG@£ (@DaneKjolsen) reported

    @ManyATrueNerd Very true but look at battlefield historically bad at releasing an unpolished games infuriating gamers and takes em another year to get it right. I think closed to finish and releasing minor patches is fine not a broken game. FNV was expected as ppl had same with fallout 3

  • WesleyG60777542 WesL357Steyr (@WesleyG60777542) reported

    @TrudyM11 @fred_guttenberg 1) No military uses an AR on the battlefield. 2) You can't place conditions on rights before they can be exercised. It's unconstitutional. 3) We've got the Selective Service. 4) Militias are to be kept at home, not sent abroad.

  • BrianJOMalley Brian J. O'Malley (@BrianJOMalley) reported

    @LadehoffMike You'll get a better response handing out cards to a paycheck loan service and prescription discount cards. I don't like being mean, but most of those guys should be told they're target practice. Seriously. They wouldn't last 10 seconds on a battlefield.

  • thetangymango TheTangyMango (@thetangymango) reported

    @EA_DICE @Battlefield There is a bug (at least on xbox) where the Selbstlader 1906 isn’t earning XP towards it’s weapon rank. Please fix this! Thank you!

  • AndyWw79 AndyWW79 (@AndyWw79) reported

    @Battlefield Deleted the broken game and went to cod. Never witnessed a game so neglected with awful updates breaking more than they fixed. Firestorm had potential until they shat all over it.

  • Edwrd666 Eddie (@Edwrd666) reported

    @RTillerton @LucasFigg @MikeLoftus_ @TMorgan2113 @mansoortshams His experience with burst vs auto fire appears relevant to the discussion - as someone suggested that you couldn't survive with this weapon in the battlefield. Having been in the service he is uniquely qualified to tell you what he could/could not survive in the battlefield with

  • VamKula General Vam Kula (@VamKula) reported

    @MindWarpedTenno "I would welcome it if it happens. These Sentients are a problem that I would willingly die to fix. Only if it was necessary: senseless sacrifice is wasteful." She brushes some dirt off her cybernetics. "I am Grineer, the battlefield is where I belong, like it or not."

  • Shaun84631671 Shaun Scott (@Shaun84631671) reported

    @EpicSlay3rs @YouTube Battlefield 4 learned that lesson real well with season pass content. divides community and you cant find people to group up with. no issues if they want to add new gun blueprints to the store or something like that. not pay to win guns, but cool guns. anyway good video

  • Baztoon101 BASIL 🏝️ (@Baztoon101) reported

    @Braddock512 @JaqubAjmal @PartWelsh @BFBulletin @MrProWestie There seems to be something going on with bfv right now.matches are just NOT working and playing right. Seems like it's very laggy & unresponsive. Matchmaking and match balancing is a MASSIVE ISSUE! NEEDS FIXED ASAP.!!

  • Mlk0r Melkor (@Mlk0r) reported

    @High_Lethality The most broken gun in battlefield 3 👌

  • Mikelikeslimes mindyourbusiness (@Mikelikeslimes) reported

    @jtyler220 He’s correct, war should stay on the battlefield. And 15 minutes is to much time complying with govt red tape. Problem is the battlefield keeps getting moved. Get rid of 2A and the battlefield will be at YOUR front door. Thank you for your service.

  • Caldaris94 Caldaris (@Caldaris94) reported

    Got around to trying Battlefield V on PC. My dyspraxia appears to be causing me issues. Time to kill is so low, and the enemy team are generally skilled, so I don't have time to compensate for my lack of coordination before I'm dead. To say it's frustrating is an understatement.

  • AtricsJerry Tomashur (@AtricsJerry) reported

    @mansoortshams The weapon is a right, our service to God ,Country and Corp is a privilege! That is not a weapon of war even though it appears to be something we have used on the battlefield, it does not meet the same standards as what we use on the battle field.

  • darkrcp Mark Devitt (@darkrcp) reported

    @EA_DICE can you PLEASE fix the respawn bug in battlefield V. Boring having to quit games because my player is just lying on the ground with no option to respawn or be healed

  • omcflashover2 omcflashover (@omcflashover2) reported

    @Braddock512 @JaqubAjmal @PartWelsh @EA_DICE @Battlefield if BFV doesn’t fix the bugs and fix the ttk, there is no way the core community will continue to play this crap until October ‘21! I hate the state this game is in

  • Royos21 Royos @ Hotel Moscow (@Royos21) reported

    So the CoD "people just taking up strong positions and staying there problem" is something that battlefield has a natural solution for...just blow a ******* hole in the wall...bam no more strong position or "camping" then you have to move.

  • ItsStonebanks G (@ItsStonebanks) reported

    @leafyseven1 @zFurbz @NAMELESS You've clearly never played R6 or Battlefield if you can't see the clear features from those games that they tried to implement. And when majority of your community is complaining about your game when you have the ability to fix it and you aren't listening then you've failed sir.

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX