Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

 Some problems detected at Battlefield V

Battlefield V problems in the last 24 hours

Battlefield V Outage Chart

April 02: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 05:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 60.09% Online Play
  • Sign in 19.25% Sign in
  • Game Crash 9.39% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 6.10% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 5.16% Glitches

Battlefield V Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Ibiza Online Play
Cairo Online Play
Vilnius Sign in
Magdeburg Online Play
Copparo Online Play
Melbourne Sign in

Battlefield V Comments

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Battlefield V Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • schmusi345 Schmusi345 (@schmusi345) reported

    @johnwredcorn @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield The planes are the problem on fjell

  • johnwredcorn john redcorn (@johnwredcorn) reported

    @A__ALFARAJ @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE They shut those servers down unfortunately.

  • EgyptnKing35 Joe (@EgyptnKing35) reported

    @T4rvos @MrProWestie BF5 "One year and a half later " still doesn't have proper RSP with full preset options, admin controls for players to run, no proper Anti-chest system, lack of content with the live service, no proper WW2 identity, bad core designs with gameplay, so many bugs, the list goes on.

  • BB61948685 BB (@BB61948685) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield This is getting so boring. No new content. Just constant tier skips. Nice live service. Drip feed content

  • chuch44 Old School Gamer (@chuch44) reported

    @Battlefield nobody's playing this game anymore it's broken and it never was a good game

  • figaroffen Liam (@figaroffen) reported

    @Battlefield Or maybe you could fix the rampant performance issues on PC.

  • mpalota54 Mike Ball (@mpalota54) reported

    @nspector4 C’mon, man! He’s not saying ‘cos he doesn’t know! Nobody does! We’ve never, ever done anything like this before. This is battlefield triage: Fix what you can when you & go back to clean-up later.

  • TurqoiseGravy7 The Cobras Head Crew (@TurqoiseGravy7) reported

    @mAhDiG94 @tical10 @Battlefield God damn you twitter for not letting me edit tweets to fix spelling errors

  • MrChocolado MrChocolado (@MrChocolado) reported

    @UnarmingPine At least you're nearly there! I've given up with it for now, can't sit checking the update to restart it when it gets an error for 3 days 😑😂 See you on the battlefield, at some point 😂

  • PittIsaac Isaac Pitt (@PittIsaac) reported

    In the battlefield of essential service to the poorest of community. I'm sacred.

  • tyty264 Chubb Johnson Jr. (@tyty264) reported

    Play Battlefield instead and you won't have this problem🙂

  • MetalManders98 Callum Manders (@MetalManders98) reported

    I can play Battlefield, GTA and many other multiplayer games yet when I go to play Call Of Duty I always have ******* connection problems @InfinityWard @Activision stop using peer to peer connection it's 2020

  • WarTex_FM WarTex (@WarTex_FM) reported

    @MrProWestie Can we at this state say Battlefield V is just a lost cause that a company tries to fix somehow. Just keep it at some point and move on.

  • markhamowl Dave (@markhamowl) reported

    @exxoticxH1 @T3am_Delaney @angeldemonTV @SherrylJacobs @crystalshen6 @svdow1 You're retarded if you think it's not an issue. In tests 5G appears to disrupt the absorbtion of oxygen, in addition to lowering immunity. It's also been used by the US on the battlefield. You need to #WakeUp

  • TFNX12 ANFWCXN_S (@TFNX12) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE Customs are still broken lmao

  • T4rvos Connor (@T4rvos) reported

    @MrProWestie Bf4's problems were in another league. It was a technical train wreckage. It's a miracle that Dice managed to fix it. Bf5 has disappointing usability and progression features and a couple of bad design choices. (Bf4 also had a couple of them, though)

  • Lee66045422 Bilbo_bobbins (@Lee66045422) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE Why bother when there is no content and the game is broken in so many ways. Its the first Battlefield I’ve given up on and I was a massive fan 😟

  • Precise_Penguin Exusiai 🥧 (@Precise_Penguin) reported

    @ProjektRed4 "I just like talking to and meeting people. That goes for the battlefield too, but I need breaks from that." Even though the 'reaper' could not see her, Exusiai would simply nod. She knew about the Lupo issue. "Can't help you there sadly. Texas doesn't let even me touch it."

  • eng_defo Defo.7 (@eng_defo) reported

    @PartWelsh @Warlust_gg @Battlefield @EA_DICE Middle East servers disconnect any new info

  • Saaronman Aaron (@Saaronman) reported

    @Vazquezv1999 @FinStephens1 @MtCook @PartWelsh @FlakfireGaming @Battlefield @EA_DICE Maybe not major but still for other games their live service/season has continued as normal with bug fixes, free weekends, double xp events, April fools events, and so on........ but BFV has to completely stop everything, its just an excuse for poor development

  • armchair_walker T.J. Borawski (@armchair_walker) reported

    @TheManaSource I think in practice it will be easier to groc. Similar to bestow. The big issue I think will not activating a trigger for the mutate entering the battlefield

  • 7BE6FhKqBGVFYoT العالمي (@7BE6FhKqBGVFYoT) reported

    O thirtieth you are not like other women .. Your body is a battlefield. On your chest, the biggest battles take place. And between your cups the strongest armies will be broken On your stomach horses and spears are spread over horses And between your lips is

  • PartWelsh Freeman (@PartWelsh) reported

    For a brief period this afternoon, it was possible to purchase Steve. He won't officially release until next month #Battlefield This was due to a scheduling error that got missed due to the change of patch date. He's presently unavailable for purchase again and will be till 6.6.

  • grasutton Graham Sutton (@grasutton) reported

    @GeeH Same here. Took me 3 days to install it the first time. Another full day when season 2 came out. I just play Battlefield 5 instead because its fun and doesn't have this problem.

  • cgdhopkins Caitlin G DeAngelis (@cgdhopkins) reported

    He was on the Somme! He'd heard so much about the battles of the First World War! Hell, he was carrying the service revolver his father-in-law carried in the FWW! George did not want to hide. He wanted to go on a battlefield tour.

  • nickycam20001 nicholas (@nickycam20001) reported

    @MrProWestie Well I login to bfv and I did not received any boins. I think this game hates me 😔

  • ZASHALAMEL Zash (@ZASHALAMEL) reported

    @Losssyy No. Shut servers down for good. Call Bfv a failed project and forget it ever exsisted. Then put the good devs back in charge

  • Ros11Kevin Kevin_RV11🇦🇷🇪🇦 (@Ros11Kevin) reported

    @DANNYonPC @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE PC problems😂👌👌👌

  • Neociz Neo (@Neociz) reported

    @Battlefield I have a problem with the recon level unlocks. I am already an a higher level and I still can't unlock like the flare gun or any guns above Recon level 1.

  • Bearwolf3000 Chris James (@Bearwolf3000) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE I bought a ton of tank skins just to use the stack of company coin I already have, still have a ton and nothing to spend it on. I know player numbers are down but all you need to do is fix the game and add content..

  • SirJarko SirJarko 🌐 (@SirJarko) reported

    @AholicBadger @SoberHotDog @Battlefield Its DICES fault for still not working on one of the fundamentals of a team based fps, proper team balancer. This has been a issue for almost s decade now and they are still a deer caught in headlights.

  • HofsteengeThijs Thijs Hofsteenge (@HofsteengeThijs) reported

    @Battlefield Please fix the class unlocks. I can't seem to be getting any weapons and uniforms etc. even though I should've because I'm high enough level. There are a lot of people struggling with this issue.

  • KrampusxGaming Krampus (@KrampusxGaming) reported

    @Losssyy I was looking forward to Firestorm as much as anyone. But it was completely doomed whether it was free to play or not. BFV has always struggled with massive TTK issues, glitches, and gameplay stutters that all made a good battle royale impossible. Maybe in BF6 though. 😎👍 #BFV

  • Heyitsarchra Archra The Friendly Betrayer (@Heyitsarchra) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE Do this all the time please. Having a login reward system is a great idea for this game.

  • UNDEAD12335 Austin Smith (@UNDEAD12335) reported

    @Battlefield Until you fix the time to kill no


    @Battlefield game is broken ive stop playing now 4 about 3 months

  • DJ_Casper07 Igor Bushovsky (@DJ_Casper07) reported

    @Battlefield Login onto dead series. No thnx!

  • stuartominshul1 Stu M aka unearthed (@stuartominshul1) reported

    @MrProWestie Now I didn't know how bad the issue was chaps I play ps4 normally on bfv been enjoying Warzone last few weeks but cross play has brought attention to me about the pc cheating problem and its bad bad bad pc is cheat mayhem console only for me

  • Michael20700941 It's not what you want 🌟🇺🇸🌟 (@Michael20700941) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE I did not receive 3,000 CC for ranking up to 99, apparently there is no way to fix it.

  • venturi_max stay home FFS !!!! (@venturi_max) reported

    @PartWelsh Make everything bright pink and yellow. Only way u can fix this trash. Cant believe someone who made BF1 came up with BFV !!

  • Mukzillla Mukzilla (@Mukzillla) reported

    @Gav261 didn´t know we hade sunglases that looked that good in ww2, but ok... haha... I have a big problem with BFV right now

  • nigel_blacker nigel blacker (@nigel_blacker) reported

    @BrokenMachine @Battlefield I wouldn't be surprised broken if you have, I have loved Battlefield from bad company up to now but am starting to find bf5 boring and going back to bf1 more

  • TunjiAndrews Tunji Andrews (@TunjiAndrews) reported

    Not an afterthought, a crisis reaction. You don’t set up or fix framework at the battlefield. Let’s be real

  • Indigowd Jojje Dalunde (@Indigowd) reported

    @DANNYonPC @MrProWestie BFV also has cheating issues. But my point is that a f2p business model makes the game extra susceptible to cheaters and cheat development.

  • WraithUNGS Tom Wraith (@WraithUNGS) reported

    @rgpoulussen @EA_DICE this is why i stopped gaming on bf, somethings just do not work in bfv and i moved to cod, 1st time in my gaming history i turned away from bf. something is broken with the way the game runs and i can not see it.. hoping the next game is modern

  • Thinwhytduke The Duke (@Thinwhytduke) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield Another lazy tier skip. This has to be the worst example of a live service game on the market. The development team at Dice simply are not up to standard and the community managers are non-existent.

  • IamTonyTequila 𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝕿𝖔𝖓𝖞 𝕿𝖊𝖖𝖚𝖎𝖑𝖆 (@IamTonyTequila) reported

    @Battlefield I keep encountering this glitch on which I can’t use my weapons only running or skiing. Only clues on a fix PS4

  • jaredneal1 jared neal8 (@jaredneal1) reported

    @EA_DICE So when is bf5 broken ass dumb fire missiles that can kill a tiger in 1 salvo gonna get fixed 2 or 3 months from now, just leaving shit unbalanced you guys really need to learn to play test these updates before you release them

  • WolfgangDoghous Wolfgang Doghouse (@WolfgangDoghous) reported

    @spaceagefox I have this problem in Squad! X3 Yes, lets just run across this battlefield and come to a dead stop and just stand there nice and pretty-like for a moment. 💀


    Only way @PartWelsh and @EA_DICE can fix this is by porting BFBC2 & BF3 to PS4 & PS5 #BFV #BattleFieldV

  • fifiharoon Fifi Haroon (@fifiharoon) reported

    @Non_granta That's the issue. You see this as a battlefield and strangely seem to think you need to "explain" basics to ppl whilst twisting the definitions to suit yourself. No one is obliged on Twitter to listen to that patronising tone. Now go find another sandbox

  • Witkicker Wilson Williams (@Witkicker) reported

    @scottEweinberg Now I have to see what's good about Battlefield Earth, will click on this tomorrow for sure. That movie is one of the very few that could fill a whole book just writing about the problems with it.

  • gpxjordan 阿維 (@gpxjordan) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @1AGRESSOR @brandon54480 I am very clear about your current situation, But I can only ask you to forward the situation about Asia. Because both BF4 and BFV have very serious DDoS attack problems in Asia, But only BFV can reduce the frequency of attacks, We want to be treated the same.

  • MrProWestie Westie (@MrProWestie) reported

    @gogogoroff @SQUiD_1337 @Losssyy Attrition was never properly implemented. Archetypes were never expanded because they weren't popular on initial showing. Cosmetics caused huge public image issues. All this could have been avoided w/ clearer planning & more time. Battlefield V is a mess of half-finished ideas.

  • shadowking14523 Noah (@shadowking14523) reported

    @Ali_Sari03 @Mount_and_Blade @_PartyElite I'm running this game on a GTX 780 with no issues, this game is almost as optimized as battlefield games, the stuttering may be an issue with the early access and less of your hardware, I saw if you lower the res scale to 50 and save and then back to 100 it resets something

  • GetGoodGuyYT GetGoodGuy (@GetGoodGuyYT) reported

    @Sawtooth_75 @DANNYonPC I always get pushback when I say that BF5 has a barebones live service. It literally does when you compare it with so many others.

  • DutchDaveGames DutchDave (@DutchDaveGames) reported

    @Sawtooth_75 @DANNYonPC Clearly, Battlefield V wasnt made with live service model in mind. Only a few aspects implicate that it is live service. They need to look at SWBF2, they seem to be on the right track.

  • KyleGre22315801 Kyle Greer (@KyleGre22315801) reported

    @Battlefield fix your game!!...

  • TheKrillmeister Kristian Albrektsson (@TheKrillmeister) reported

    @MrProWestie @Losssyy BF3 and BF4 where rushed as well and they where both in a terrible state at launch. But they managed to optimize and fix the games rather quick. BFV has been out for quite some time now, and it is still in a terrible state

  • MrProWestie Westie (@MrProWestie) reported

    @Losssyy I think a lot of these issues stem from a lack of time. Features built in the quickest possible way rather than the most optimal way. We all know BFV was developed in way too short a time and rushed to launch... more time was needed for the entire project.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX