Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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February 17: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 03:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Limassol Online Play
Quimper Online Play
Alliance Online Play
Frankfurt am Main Online Play
Wermelskirchen Online Play
El Talar Sign in

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Battlefield V Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • MaxJWagner Max Wagner (@MaxJWagner) reported

    @SaveWhitesInZA Ive taken several classes on it. And whether you are persuaded by the arguments or not, the South started the war to prove the union was not perpetual. They LOST that war. The issue was litigated on the battlefield not in the courtroom

  • Tyyrnt_ Tre’ Streams 🎮 (@Tyyrnt_) reported from North Highlands, California

    While I’m on a rant @Battlefield fix the god damn parachute in the game so it’s as fast as Battlefield 4 was because I don’t like jumping from a building or bridge to go help cap a point if my chute don’t deploy until I hit the ground/water.

  • Treyarcharecrap LagCompCharlie (@Treyarcharecrap) reported

    @EA_DICE Why does it take months to reload.. Do you do gamed to see how much you can annoy people! Lag comp too, it's shite

  • GamerBathyum Bathyum (@GamerBathyum) reported

    @JoeCeoct @CallofDuty @JoeCecot Wonder why no problem with Fortnite or Apex or Battlefield... Just admit your servers suck. Free to play games have better servers than your 100$ game. And next time try to be more professional with your replies

  • WyteFoxGaming WyteFox (@WyteFoxGaming) reported

    RDR2 - ✅ BFV - ❌ Window doesn't even open, loads for a second then closes. Conquerors Blade - ✅ Escape from Tarkov - ❌ Laggy and slow in the menus and in game The Witcher 3 - ✅ BF4 - ❌ never endingload If anyone has thoughts on how to fix my problem I'd love to hear them

  • ryan_versfeld Ryan Versfeld (@ryan_versfeld) reported

    @Battlefield Wish I could play it. Every time it connects online the game crashes. If I load up the game and switch off my internet I can play offline but soon as I switch on my internet and click to go online it closes to the desktop with no error.

  • DevilPup74 Devil Pup🇺🇸🐶 (@DevilPup74) reported

    @jromeGarrett @JaVonniBrustow Most weapons hold 10+ rounds. Not just the scary looking ones. A law like that would wipe out a lot of weapons. This is part of the problem. Telling the public that weapons used on the battlefield are the same as an AR-15, is misleading and fear mongering.

  • NSTRUT99 Call Me STRUT 🇱🇷 (@NSTRUT99) reported

    @DavidHA12890507 Don’t know about you man, but I am tired, bored and disappointed with this customized crap & #BFV in general. Followed @SgtEnigma ‘s lead and returned to #BF3 & #bf4. Less BS & a lot, lot more fun! @EA_DICE “Houston we have a problem...”

  • drakeptoney Drake (@drakeptoney) reported from Alexandria, Virginia

    “He said, ‘I have talked my friends off the ledge from this but that is just not my thing.’ Reeb said” As veterans and active service members, the trauma of losing people who matter does not remain on the battlefield. It follows off active duty and it is persistent.

  • sadpunxx 🌀💤z o O t e d.💤🌀 (@sadpunxx) reported

    @MrProWestie one of the straws that broke the camels back for me has to have been the spotting system, it was just a broken system and really didn’t add any value other than people tracking you all throughout the map, bfv could be a good game I just prefer not to play it atm

  • Takhar77 Sunny (@Takhar77) reported

    @Lati25Mi BF1 is excellent, even with its issues. BFV, even this far out since launch, is still awful

  • VoodooGamingUK1 Voodoo_S3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@VoodooGamingUK1) reported

    @aqeel1ramzi @GetGoodGuyYT Yeah I've never understood this kind of attitude, if something is bad or broken then criticize it; be honest. It'll only make the game worse pretending that there isn't an issue and being vocal about it. Saying that I raised my concerns about BfV months before release and got>

  • Lurtz6 Lurtz6 (@Lurtz6) reported

    Rainbow Six Siege can give us an outline for the next 2 yearsnof their live service, while @EA_DICE can't even say what the next 2 months hold for @Battlefield V.

  • DragonsBlade619 D-Blade619 (@DragonsBlade619) reported

    @AKA_ART_ Nah wont fix it. Its Bf4 like so many people complained Bfv wasnt. Dice listened vehicles rule Conquest again going 30+ and single digit deaths. You almost forget it's an FPS game with the favoritism to tanks/planes

  • MarkOlsson Mark Olsson (@MarkOlsson) reported

    “Plans are useful in the sense that they are proof that planning has taken place. The planning process forces people to think through the right issues. But as for the plans themselves they just don’t work on the battlefield” - General Kolditz

  • SoonersChuck Chuck Chastain (@SoonersChuck) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the revolver jamming after switching from the Boys AT rifle. PS4. I got killed several times yesterday because the pistol would not fire

  • Psalm_69 Psalm_69 (@Psalm_69) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the game instead

  • SkunkyMule Skunky_Mule (@SkunkyMule) reported

    @EA_DICE @PartWelsh I have been having stuttering issues with my new graphics card! Rx 5700xt.. Fixed it with Dx11. What a bummer because performance on dx12 was way better!

  • RatyMarko Marso (@RatyMarko) reported

    @Battlefield fix the game

  • LuciuserosVO SNT Lucius @ Frostbite2020 (@LuciuserosVO) reported

    @RadSimisear I made Dimitri a Dancer forgetting that the whole event is to make someone a Dancer and he's absolutely broken and unfair. With the sword avo I just put him in the middle of the battlefield and just watch as he murders everyone

  • psmayo paul mayo (@psmayo) reported

    @Battlefield recoil is your problem, not TTK. Mmg should be wildly accurate when not in bipod and it should be in a state of overheat that rises faster than it cools. 1ooo rpm smg should be wildly inaccurate at range, it should also be inaccurate if you don’t feather the trigger.

  • U_SAF Yousaf (@U_SAF) reported

    @grabell74 @T4rvos @MrProWestie @EA_DICE Well, that's debatable ... MK may have slightly advantage but controller is quick and has aim assistance as well. I am currently playing #ModernWarfare on Cross play and there isn't any issue with it. Also, I think MW on console also support MK so it's good for all.

  • AnubiBk BK I ANUBI (@AnubiBk) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield There is another problem @PartWelsh .. It s impossible to join queue in breakthrough

  • Ali8356 سوشیانت (@Ali8356) reported

    @MessageFromLen @ajibzade Regardless of the mullahs' idea, slogans will not solve the problem, the Palestinian case will be solved in the battlefield.

  • SixStringSamuri Kevin Deane (@SixStringSamuri) reported

    @GhazzyTV @TeamYouTube Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed (Battlefield Friends creators / 1m+ channels) just got hit with the same thing, same response, it seems youtube has a larger problem.

  • Sylon00 Alan Nulph (@Sylon00) reported

    @OriginInsider And you can add Battlefield 1 to that list of shit that causes Origin to crash. For whatever reason, Origin crashes whenever it tries to verify the game's file location. Please fix this, I refuse to download these games all over again!

  • Sylon00 Alan Nulph (@Sylon00) reported

    @OriginInsider The game in question is Battlefield 4. Whenever I point Origin to its location, Origin crashes. Upon restart, it crashes again as it's trying to re-download the whole game again in that location instead of verifying the files. It doesn't crash with other games.

  • Sylon00 Alan Nulph (@Sylon00) reported

    The game in question is Battlefield 4. Whenever I point Origin to its location, Origin crashes. Upon restart, it crashes again as it's trying to re-download the whole game again in that location instead of verifying the files. It doesn't crash with other games.

  • FireStorms802 FireStorms802 (@FireStorms802) reported

    Is there a glitch or what. I have 200 battlepacks ! #bf1

  • DonovanStogner Dovazul (@DonovanStogner) reported

    @FinFett Funny enough BFV has been making my system crash. The only game. It is frustrating

  • XDisKidJuanX hello, my name is juan (@XDisKidJuanX) reported

    @Sleck19 @Battlefield Tbh it might be your WiFi because I’ve never had any disconnecting issues

  • Joyce_Hackett Lift_Every_Vote (@Joyce_Hackett) reported

    @oldladydem @bettybrite121 @KHiveQueenB Yeah and see that signals to me the problem with thinking this is about personality and not about voter suppression battlefield preparedness. If that's what he's talking about that's what he's anticipating.

  • InSiTeRenegade InSiTeRenegade (@InSiTeRenegade) reported

    @Battlefield there's a major problem on wake island, if the Americans capture all objectives the Japanese can not spawn at all

  • TuckerTues George Tucker (@TuckerTues) reported from Yonkers, New York

    @EAHelp UGH! More BF1 issues! Now end of round stats not showing

  • ArEn_ScE ArEn! (@ArEn_ScE) reported

    I turn on #BattlefieldV , Maps of the Pacific, it kills me a tank, two, three, four, five, an airplane, a cannon, ... I close Battlefield V until the new patch. PACIFIC MAPS ARE HORRIBLE WITH SO MUCH VEHICLE OVERPOWER !!!!! FIX IT @EA_DICE ...

  • JaxOutdoorsman Ryan 🇺🇸 (@JaxOutdoorsman) reported

    @mchooyah @PeteButtigieg A) Thanks Pete for your service. B) Pete has the build of David Hogg. Anyone who can't drag my 6'2" 180lb self off the battlefield (no sled) doesn't belong there. I'd like to see him drag an 80lb kettlebell. Just my 2 cents. That handle on the body armor has a reason.

  • nathanfeffer Nathanfeffer (@nathanfeffer) reported

    Dear Lord BFV is having so many problems today😂 Hit reg problems, people literally FLOATING, lagging around corners and more around the corner deaths than usual. #DICE plz fix your broken game #Battlefield

  • JaxOutdoorsman Ryan 🇺🇸 (@JaxOutdoorsman) reported

    @mchooyah @PeteButtigieg A) Thanks Pete for your service. B) Pete's has the build of David Hogg. Anyone who can't drag my 6'2" 180lb self off the battlefield (no sled) doesn't belong there. I'd like to see him drag an 80lb kettlebell. Just my 2 cents. That handle on the body armor has a reason.

  • DaHunt12 DaHunt (@DaHunt12) reported

    @MrProWestie I adjusted to the ch5 ttk but I miss the old ttk, haven't seen many cheaters on ps4 nit I'm aware of the issue, and the other 3 are the skeleton or fascia of a battlefield community/experience

  • jasonh123456 jason h (@jasonh123456) reported

    @MrProWestie Makes you wonder why so many have quit the company after working on battlefield for 20 plus year's.. Maybe it has to do with the way this game is and how they're not allowed to fix anything.

  • thentrylevlnewb Billy Ledbetter (@thentrylevlnewb) reported

    Fix it @EA_DICE

  • thentrylevlnewb Billy Ledbetter (@thentrylevlnewb) reported

    Fix it at @EA_DICE.

  • aT_Burns_ aT Burns (@aT_Burns_) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE I’m waiting for a real issue to be actually fixed. For example the medic reload glitch that hasn’t been addressed. #AskThePlayers

  • TedTackle Ted's Fishing Tackle (@TedTackle) reported

    @Battlefield Here's a far-out idea, how about instead of paying people to tweet, you fix the RAMPANT CHEATING that is destroying my favorite FPS franchise. I have played every battlefield since Bad Company 1 and Battlefield 5 is becoming a disaster.

  • metallidimmu Metal (@metallidimmu) reported

    @Battlefield For some days now I can't open battlepacks in #Battlefield1 , I hope they fix it soon: D

  • pmflanker PMflanker (@pmflanker) reported

    @ConflictsW This type of "combatant" causes more problems than it helps in battlefield. It is criminal to take people like that to a battlefield.

  • uprrp0943 Héctor Camacho (@uprrp0943) reported

    @kingles10 @MrProWestie I agree, live service works better on free to play games or even low priced ones, #BFV despite being a full priced, feels like an indy project.

  • IliaMorshed Ilia Morshed (@IliaMorshed) reported

    @MrProWestie @Battlefield plz plz fix anti-cheat system

  • Treyarcharecrap LagCompCharlie (@Treyarcharecrap) reported

    @EA_DICE Fix the spawns and lag comp, it's dreadful, it's just plain cheating. Is their actually anyone that can develop and decent fps game! @EA @Activision

  • aDivinePunk Anurag Narla (@aDivinePunk) reported

    @MrProWestie I'm sorry to say this, but @EA_DICE @EA dont even care about their community, Asian servers are literally unplayable, listen @EA_DICE u guys are literally robbing us, the game has no anticheat and i cannot even play 1 full game, and fix the goddamn game, BS

  • KittyCaustic MolitovMichelle (@KittyCaustic) reported

    Tuesday BFV new content stream. Thats if hospital isnt too taxing on me. I know you know I am super grateful for you all being understanding about my back problems. Worst case we push to Wednesday but hopefully I will be fine. Might not even be able to get to the hospital yet.

  • PROxKINGx007 PROxKINGx007 (@PROxKINGx007) reported

    @BattleDogs_mxr I hope one day they can fix bfv, but I just think something messed up during the development of the game. Its almost like they are patching up the wounds, but not stopping the cause.

  • localcalabargrl Su 🌱 (@localcalabargrl) reported

    If someone is organizing a Kanye West typed Sunday service in Lagos, best believe I wouldn’t miss any session. Just gather, in whatever you want to wear and worship God for a few hours. No sermon, no battlefield, no speaking In tongues, no prophesy.

  • JackLakej75 Jack (@JackLakej75) reported

    @Battlefield fix your game

  • LeaskyHT David Leask (@LeaskyHT) reported

    @Gersfanelson @sarajaneduffus If you think that’s deflection, you have a problem. You may be vulnerable to disinformation campaigns, including those financed by regimes to support the far right. Govanhill is poor. It’s also a disinfo battlefield, like the fake no-go zones of London, or Malmo. Be careful.

  • espeezeal FOWO$£RE (@espeezeal) reported

    This is the feminism I want to see, next is women dominating on the battlefield, fire service etc

  • SemtexIi II_SEMTEX_II🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎮🇲🇨 (@SemtexIi) reported

    @MrProWestie Once again spoken like a shill. CODS live service compared to BF5's is world apart. Lol about equal and the same...

  • upthesock Simon Shepherd (@upthesock) reported

    @MrProWestie For me I would gladly go back to premium as it was in BF4, we knew how much content we were getting and there was a lot of it. This live service where we're drip fed small admits of content very slowly is boring, and one of the reasons I no longer play BFV.

  • Jacob_elam AdmiralJames42: Jacob Elam (@Jacob_elam) reported

    This is the worst session of BFV I’ve had since chapter 4. The game is still broken. All was good at patch 5.0, then the 5.2 patch attacked.

  • SavinTheBees Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN (@SavinTheBees) reported

    I think the issue nowadays with sequels in gaming from OGS like Battlefield, Cod, Halo, Gears of War and more is that devs think evolving a game is to try to fix what isn’t broken. It alienates and sacrifices loyal players who keep online alive in attempts to bring new ones.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX