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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • John200120 John Vakaráč (@John200120) reported

    @DANNYonPC @AidanGuevara14 @SpicesMc In battlefield 1 Medic didnt have op weapons. On the other hand... Assault and support were op. In bc2 Medic was op In bf5 assault is op and now... After patch dice broken medics are op...

  • John200120 John Vakaráč (@John200120) reported

    @DANNYonPC @AidanGuevara14 @SpicesMc The only battlefield that had kinda well done 4 classes was battlefield 1 but that game had different problems

  • ShockHitashi ShockHitashi (@ShockHitashi) reported

    @Caravan_Stories Two things I would like to ask. 1. When are you going to fix the nameplate bug 2. No one can join my battles in the Ravaged Battlefield for some reason. Tried clearing cache and making a party then leaving it. Had no problem the 1st few times I tried it.

  • lucassimoes871 Lucas Simões (@lucassimoes871) reported

    @EndersBF No for me; i like bfv but It has problems

  • LoganNewberry22 ⚖️Justice For America ⚖️ (@LoganNewberry22) reported

    @ABCWorldNews What can be taken from ABC’s egregious error: Don’t mess with Kentucky. Their ammo lights up the sky like a battlefield.

  • hidraean titty twink 🎣📷 (@hidraean) reported

    i just can't find myself agreeing w/ people who think older prompto has gotten over all of his issues... he's a better actor and more capable on the battlefield, but that's the most that i can buy

  • CheshireMoe M (@CheshireMoe) reported

    @xpectme_bf @shiraskramZ Yes, your body is visible before you finish the zoom in. This not a new problem: BFH & BF1 both have had serious spawn problems. Squad Conquest does seem to be the worst for ending up next to an enemy.

  • Kejian11Live Kejian11 (@Kejian11Live) reported

    @MrProWestie Fair play, poor choice of words on my part. BFV fan who’s been through the torment of bugs, delays and broken promises. Not sure how I’d cope if you moved to Fortnite over BFV 👍

  • MP1stLara James (@MP1stLara) reported

    @justenholstein @MPFirst @Battlefield And we agree The general thought between Alex and me is if they can fix a lot of the problems then maybe it can I concluded that BF is basically killing itself

  • NLBartmaN NLBartmaN (@NLBartmaN) reported

    @EvilBeastLord @Battlefield Great when you are also able to totally ignore the broken Netcode, very inconsistent game performance and all of the bugs ... I have a very hard time doing that ...

  • aarondporter89 Aaron Porter 🎃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@aarondporter89) reported

    @Heath11078422 @EAStarWars @EA_DICE No problem on PS4

  • sluggishgotty (OSGv) XSluggishgottyX (accidently) (@sluggishgotty) reported

    I wonder if @EA_DICE didn't take stuff out (the robot lady,the dragging) before launch...would it have had asmany problems

  • JakeBurcham3 The Names Jake (@JakeBurcham3) reported

    @Battlefield I love it when I hit someone for 100 damage, but they still manage to kill me, dice pls fix👺

  • QJ_Iapetus QJ Iapetus (@QJ_Iapetus) reported

    @dadabygrace @TulsiGabbard Acting like a combat medic and anti-war representative is somehow less patriotic than you are is disgraceful. You are not a good person, nor would you be willing to pull mangled Americans off the battlefield. Enjoy your first world problems heartless lady.

  • BMcNicks SpOoKy Ɓʆαƙε 🎃 (@BMcNicks) reported

    @HarkenToArken No problem man you still killing it on the Battlefield

  • JesseCDNMitche1 Jesse C.D.N. Mitchell (@JesseCDNMitche1) reported

    It's like walking through a spirtual/emotional battlefield and there's so many wounded broken people blinded and crying for help and fighting it when it arrives because they don't know who their enemy is anymore.

  • EmergingLobster Emerging Lobster (@EmergingLobster) reported

    @BFBulletin I'm done with Battlefield at this point. Its a broken mess built on false promises. The only way I'll come back is if they release the Pacific DLC, and I'll be pretty surprised if they even release it this year.

  • Jaaahsh PG dB | Jaaahsh (🏡) (@Jaaahsh) reported

    @JateSSB @Jesstopherson The problem, of course, is that, when someone bans Battlefield, we have the Coney FD situation.

  • photo_journ John Le Fevre (@photo_journ) reported

    @true_stork @PolishPatriotTM No, he didn’t. It's the wrong organisation he’s depicting in his tweet. Take’s 15 seconds to verify the image and organisation. An awful lot harder to verify battlefield video, which why they said reportedly. And ethically they corrected their error, whereas he hasn’t.

  • Polymat43955419 Portharcourt 2nd son (@Polymat43955419) reported

    Hameed Ali thinks total blockade of land borders is the panacea to banditry,small arms proliferation & rice production The army under Burutai thinks positive identification is the panacea to stop ISWAP battlefield exploits. Now how do we get a bunch of nitwits solving problems

  • NLBartmaN NLBartmaN (@NLBartmaN) reported

    @SteezeMcQueen1 @DANNYonPC @EA_DICE That is not just in BF HL, the BF V servers are broken too, very inconsistent hitreg ...

  • AlesanaFan4 Colt Royster (@AlesanaFan4) reported

    @AmbassaTweet @XboxSupport I have the Q6FN 2018 and my pro looks amazing but I do get color banding on some games like battlefield 5 opening intro typewriter scene (can't seem to fix it) so I wasn't sure if it's worth the extra $200 for the X

  • storm5ive Storm5ive (@storm5ive) reported

    @MPFirst @Battlefield The Ground War Mode i played in the Beta was complete broken!

  • oJAG3RB0MBo Brad Quick (@oJAG3RB0MBo) reported

    @RyanMalkin97 @KEITHpne1 @MightyQu1nn75 Their trying to do too much at one time. They still have people making content for battlefront2, while making a new Star Wars game, while trying to fix bfv, also pretty sure I saw a tweet earlier about what shitty bf1 skins are in the exchange now.

  • Jay_34z Big J (@Jay_34z) reported

    @MrProWestie @Berisha57 No Air takedowns, list goes on dude. Its an utter joke and disaster. And still the game isn't improving in terms of these things and its designs. And its awful live service. BF5 Is the worst BF i ever played. I aint the only one feeling this way.

  • Darkpain27 Darkpain (@Darkpain27) reported

    @PartWelsh Freeman please tell the @Battlefield team to fix Firestorm Matchmaking it takes a long time to find squads specially for me that likes in Mozambique - Africa

  • p1anetmatt Matt 🥩🍔🍰 (@p1anetmatt) reported

    @tiggr_ @xXChampersXx @DANNYonPC @MrProWestie @TheLankySoldier There's certainly a potential issue here with how BFV handles progression. If you only give players a week to do certain challenges or play certain mode, you give them even less incentive to take a break from retail and play CTE for fear of missing out on their retail progression

  • no1stuntmaster Paul stuntmaster (@no1stuntmaster) reported

    Thought I give battlefield v another go and it's still a broken game , what is it with battlefield games being a mess but apex legends works so well and that ea , oh it's made by a decent team ex infinity ward that's why

  • official_ConqB Conqueror's Blade EN (@official_ConqB) reported

    Warlords, the login issues have now been resolved, the battlefield awaits!

  • ConquerorsBlade ConquerorsBlade (@ConquerorsBlade) reported

    Warlords, the login issues have now been resolved, the battlefield awaits!

  • ConsumeProgeny ᴄᴏɴꜱᴜᴍᴇᴘʀᴏɢᴇɴʏ (@ConsumeProgeny) reported

    @docsquiddy @staryoshi06 There were rumours that DICE leadership, like BioWare, was having issues through BFV where lower level staff were flagging problems that management/direction ignored for the sake of committing to the vision they had in their heads irrespective of it working in practice.

  • chrsprk26 chrisP (@chrsprk26) reported

    @robin_dus @EndersBF Biggest issue is DICE just quitting out on it, after the debacle that was BF1’s efforts (Incursions, problematic in almost every way you could imagine failed both Comp Conquest & Comp Infy-Only). Now all prospective/ex comp players can do is “farm”, of course things get toxic.

  • chrsprk26 chrisP (@chrsprk26) reported

    @robin_dus @EndersBF There are many problems in the way Competitive anything was handled throughout Battlefield, both on the part of the Comp playerbase and development, as well as third party scenes such as the one you rep (and also non-contracted ones as well).

  • docsquiddy doctober (@docsquiddy) reported

    Biggest issue is a lot of fights play out the exact same way, and the amount of damage you take plus the time delay to get health back is ridiculous. FPSes are best when you can move, and BFV gameplay pins you down way too much. Combine that with incredibly accurate AI. Bad times

  • ENXSwatbaker Swatbaker1944 (@ENXSwatbaker) reported

    @MrProWestie @TheLankySoldier @DANNYonPC I still think DICE is the most closest company to their community. But they are clearly worse than 2 years ago. But we apparently made a deal with @tiggr_, so.... At least he give hope 🤔 But since live service is somekind of a first, I'm concerned about BFV and the next title 🤔

  • CptMaxim44 CptMaxim44 (@CptMaxim44) reported

    @Xavier15491009 i mean, i don´t have a problem either, but we don´t get any informations and thats what sucks. i´ve got to go outside now for the first time since Season 3... just kidding but i guess we have other games to play like Battlefield, FIFA or something like that..

  • TheLankySoldier TheLankySoldier (@TheLankySoldier) reported

    @p1anetmatt @xXChampersXx @MrProWestie @DANNYonPC Two conflicting development ideas. And one of them is not the correct one for Battlefield, because BFV clearly proved that the current "live service" just doesn't work for them

  • J_Vitiello25 Bold City Man (@J_Vitiello25) reported

    Fix your Xbox servers @EAStarWars @EA_DICE

  • DylanQuinnell Dylan Quinnell (@DylanQuinnell) reported

    6: @arcanakhalil: "There's also a risk in terms of prosecution, there are really a lot of difficulties…there's issues regarding chain of custody, of evidence, …the admissibility of battlefield evidence, admissibility of intelligence as evidence in these cases…" #syria

  • wee_huah huah wee lee (@wee_huah) reported

    @waX_23 @HattabMachina @Battlefield Yes. We do not want cheaters.We need all the battlefield community to voice out this Cheating Issue. We need to show them in Majority!

  • Norway_Shadow8 The Righeously Fucked (@Norway_Shadow8) reported

    @KentuckyLibert1 Yeah I thought the UI was wack and the guns didn’t feel good or balanced. Meanwhile Im still playing BF1 with the inconsistent hit reg, lag, and no variety player base

  • wee_huah huah wee lee (@wee_huah) reported

    @Battlefield Yes spotted Cheaters and most of them are hacking either blatant Cheats or passive Cheats. Please do something, We are getting annoy and when are Dice gonna respond on your broken Anti Cheats.

  • DRITtheKID DRITtheKID❌ (@DRITtheKID) reported

    @steph93065 @imillerand1 @davidfrum POTUS was honest and upfront about the problem. The EU refused to repatriate their citizens who went to Syria to fight......if he bombed ISIS PRISONERS and their families, the left would impeach him for war crimes. Now that they're on the battlefield again they can be taken out.

  • 0KNMDM ⛧ 0KNMDM ⛧ (@0KNMDM) reported

    I knew cheating in #BFV was going to go through the roof this weekend... didn't expect to spend an hour and half attempting to play and dealing with cheaters instead. @EA_DICE please fix this, you're about to lose a 15 year hardcore fan #Battlefield #BattlefieldV

  • MammaJoe116 Joe Mamma (@MammaJoe116) reported

    @Sparky_Shepard @Shahbaz28149872 @maverick_m4 So that’s just another issue with game then💀Siege is stuck in a beta state, not as bad as BFV tho. When I can tell that I’m shooting players around a wall,or that my teammate shoots a guy thats crouched and not moving in the head multiple times & it doesnt kill, the games broken

  • RBlast101 Darth Loompa (@RBlast101) reported

    @EA_DICE , I'm very sure that I've got over 150 kills on co-OP but I have still havent gotten the farmboy lukeskywalker skin, is that I calculated wrong, or is there a bug, If so then can u pls fix it I've already gone over the 150 kill mark.

  • pwvander Patrick Vandervort (@pwvander) reported

    @POTUS - ask any Veteran! You DO NOT ABANDON our ALLIES on the battlefield. Only a COWARD would do so. FIX IT NOW!

  • DrValenciaJohn1 Dr. Valencia Johnson (@DrValenciaJohn1) reported

    @toyabushharris These cops are learning to kill. And they hire military, and some do not know the difference between military life and civilian life. Some people in the military have mental and psychological problems, which they think that they still on the battlefield.

  • UrbexRobby UrbexRobby (@UrbexRobby) reported

    @xboxuk @Battlefield Hi guys im having issue im on final mission on the battlefield V however soon as i grt back into the tank from forong the aa guns the game freezes so i reset and same thing happens 😢 help please

  • 2_vigilance ❌❌2AisVigilance❌❌ (@2_vigilance) reported

    @DanCrenshawTX No, that is a problem for the UN, we don't have to take anyone in. If we are going to get into a war Congress needs to vote on it, and if we do, we fight to WIN, not to not offend. In other words hand of God the battlefield, and be done in six months to a year.

  • opy_doe @Tajl3R (@opy_doe) reported

    @StodehTV @Battlefield Someone give medals to ppl playing this broken game.

  • BearClawGaming Zach but a bit spooky 👻 (@BearClawGaming) reported

    @roboplato On PC, quitting is pretty fast but I had that issue in BF1 on Xbox also. I really want there to be UI overhaul ahead of Pacific but there’s no way that’s happening.

  • AnakinFuture ANAKIN-Future (@AnakinFuture) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE @BenWalke @guillaume_mroz there is a problem not possible join anyone  ps4

  • AnakinFuture ANAKIN-Future (@AnakinFuture) reported

    @EAStarWars @guillaume_mroz @BenWalke @EA_DICE there is a problem not possible join anyone on ps4

  • TyLikesBeer Ty (@TyLikesBeer) reported

    @NSHHousecats People aren't happy with the direction BF is going with BFV. Also the game has has some bugs and issues since release that either are still there or are fixed and more issues are created. Also people are still upset about some of the censorship of history.

  • regalbutojane Jane S. (@regalbutojane) reported

    @BillKristol Cowards. All of them. Service to country does not begin and end on the battlefield.

  • Austinc1725 True Weapons Of Battlefield (@Austinc1725) reported

    Now when me and @RealHistoryOf met we had a conversation about battlefield V and the state of the game and theres some key issues me and him talked about that could help this game in the long run! (THREAD) 1/1

  • BackupSaturns Literate Typhlosion (True Halloween event) (@BackupSaturns) reported

    @nintendogamcube @FairtheFair1 @GandaQuintuplet @RaichuParody So... Marth having a ridiculous Grab range, Yoshi’s dash attack not working at times for no reason, Battlefield ledges not working, Shine stalling, The freezing Glitch with icies, The ness Up B glitch... I could keep going. Brawl.. Doesnt have as much.

  • Edko10 Edko10 (@Edko10) reported

    @SmallieJunkie @HekTic_JukeZ @EASPORTSFIFA Yeah there is no way this is the same company that runs 64v64 games like battlefield, there has to be a huge infrastructure issue with fifa

  • Emmluu MaryLouise 🦄🌈Mother of Unicorns🦄🌈 Torres (@Emmluu) reported from Malden Centre, Massachusetts

    @PatriotMacK Thank you for this! Thank you for your service on the military battlefield & the Twitter battlefield! Wondering if Lamar's thread could be accessed because he needs to be reported. He needs to go. He's a sneak, a coward...he doesn't belong on this site. I feel bad for his kids.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX