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The Apple Store is an e-commerce website operated by Apple Inc. The Apple Store sells devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks and official accesories.

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  • giatherobot 𝐲/𝐧'𝐬 𝐜𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐟 (@giatherobot) reported


  • shotcrazed Diego Estrada (@shotcrazed) reported

    @Fallout757 Totally agree my dude. Oh my forth iPhone and have yet to find a need to go to an apple store with any issues/figure something out. Not sure what issues he seems to be having with his I-devices all the time. A buddy of mine always had issues with his iPhone too.

  • _alescandre chip skylark (@_alescandre) reported

    @spitty216 @91_Tech You should go to an apple store maybe you got some camera issues with your iPhone

  • atpulatmustafa Mustafa (@atpulatmustafa) reported

    @AppleSupport I bought brand new iphone in unopened box at Apple store.I got home,opened box,connected phone to itunes. it was already activated with another apple id. Long calls with apple support and a week later, problem solved. Apple sold me refurbished phone. Big disappointment @tim_cook

  • AlterKot Kot (@AlterKot) reported

    „Apple removed my game from the app store because some company in China made a clone, trademarked the name we were already using, and then asked Apple to take down my game.” Clicker Heroes

  • barlwnl George Barlow (@barlwnl) reported

    @amirwin87 @Apple That’s a provider issue not a phone issue, or even if it is ranting over Twitter about your issue when no one else actually has that problem is a bit stupid when you could take the time to go to the Apple store.

  • delahDee delah 🇺🇬 (@delahDee) reported

    Am here in an Apple store with afriend and I realized iphone users have issues, Damn, ya'll stress over your phones than anything.

  • raffypunnyzal ✿ hiatus refy ✿ commissions open! (@raffypunnyzal) reported

    so we walked into a store in seattle and after walking around for a bit i felt smth hit my foot i looked down and it was an apple core. what ********


    @AppleSupport i think app store is down in Kenya. I have 4 apple devices and only one is accessing the store. And that one is on a VPN. The rest are stuck at loading...then reads “cannot connect to appstore”

  • chrismayer Chris Mayer (@chrismayer) reported

    Of course problem I am having with IPhone wouldn’t happen in Apple store then does when I get home.

  • swapnilbhatkar7 Swapnil Bhatkar (@swapnilbhatkar7) reported

    Goes to Apple store for a minor battery issue without Apple Care Walks out with a brand new iPhone for free No wonder they had built such a loyal fan base #CustomerExperience #Flagshipstore #5thAvenue

  • swapnilbhatkar7 Swapnil Bhatkar (@swapnilbhatkar7) reported

    Goes to Apple store for a minor battery issue without Apple Care Walks out with a brand new iPhone for free No wonder they had built such a loyal fan base #CustomerExperience #Flagshipstore #5thAvenue

  • treybellaa Tra’shell🥴 (@treybellaa) reported

    @daaria72_ Go to your settings> iTunes& App Store> Apple ID click view Apple ID> then go Down to Subscription then you should see Apple Music and to cancel it there

  • TheSpicy_Pepper The Spicy 🌶 (@TheSpicy_Pepper) reported

    Sitting in the Apple store listening to all the problems people have with there shit is hilarious... can't even do a simple photo transfers.. never had these problems with an android.

  • jaemland v saw bts (@jaemland) reported

    @alltheminhos if it's just a little itchy and weird then you should be fine, processed apples are no problem for me (e.g. apple pie or apple juice from the store) but i just can't eat apples like this or drink fresh apple juice

  • Linkb8 Bruno Fernandes (@Linkb8) reported

    @9to5mac @MichaelSteeber Can’t say she did anything positive for the Apple Store honestly. There have been some spectacular-looking stores built, but so many markets unaddressed & store experience/service down the tubes.

  • JordanFringe94 Jordan Fringe (@JordanFringe94) reported

    I am the textbook definition of the video editing for editing editing for a video game and then it again on my Apple store in a video editing app that is not a problem

  • Harmony_Touka “black blair waldorf”💎🇭🇹 (@Harmony_Touka) reported

    Y’all God is good 🙏🏾 I wasn’t going to go to The apple store to get my screen fix but I did and my close friend from high school a technician and gave me a free phone 🥺💙

  • frenchexits monica (@frenchexits) reported

    can everyone pray that this apple store visit doesn’t end up with me having to spend hundreds of dollars to fix an issue with my phone that isn’t even my fault :-)

  • miss_bushido Megan H. (@miss_bushido) reported

    @stitchfix I was trying to see if there was s newer update in the Apple store, but I did update with the last one. I just changed my password on the computer and the issue started when I updated the password on the app.

  • otisframpton Otis Frampton 💬 (@otisframpton) reported

    @jenskstyve @davidgagnonart @Procreate I went a bit mental trying to figure out what was going on. I think one of the people at the Apple store thought I was a lunatic. 😬 I tried a replacement iPad, replacement pencil, and nothing changed the issue for me. Then I just sold my old iPad and got the new one. 😕

  • Arirose_ Mariah (@Arirose_) reported

    Ugh my AirPods not working wth now I gotta go to the Apple store after work 😒

  • LuxeNoirr space ghost (@LuxeNoirr) reported

    Sitting up in the apple store until the fix my shit.

  • lovelesslandon hoes mad (@lovelesslandon) reported

    my ******* phone kept disabling itself and had software issues so i took it to the apple store and they restored it n i thought i had it backed up but apparently not so i lost all my videos and pictures from LANY and conan so im on my way home full out sobbing

  • deepFlaw Jesse M. (@deepFlaw) reported

    took broken phone to apple store yet again, with no good result gonna try to take it to a random repair shop tomorrow to see if they’ll poke around in it; I fear that I completely ****** up any small chance I had by not unplugging it before it overheated or w/e...

  • pickledillyl Anime Father Figure (@pickledillyl) reported

    Stuck running an errand for my father to the Apple store. Crowded as hell. Five tech demos going on, taking up any free room. Salesman smiles with no happiness in his eyes. Security alarm is broken and just rings constantly. This is hell.

  • paranoidghosty Ghosty (@paranoidghosty) reported

    None of the iOS services are working for me today. Apple Music, App Store. I signed out of my Apple ID on my iPad and tried to sign back in, but that doesn’t work either, because it fails to sign in everytime. I’ve checked my connection. This is happening on my iPad and iPhone.

  • Lyndhurst_Group Bob Beatty (@Lyndhurst_Group) reported

    @PubHistPhD I have the same issue at the Apple Store #IAmOfficiallyOld

  • Ririmds Ri (@Ririmds) reported

    @Jazzybumblee Apple store 100%!!! Any issues they sort it out no bother

  • zoostationaz Aaron Riley (@zoostationaz) reported

    @RudyGiuliani That’s why Apple tries to keep things in house with the App Store, for quality control. You can’t have everyone developing and sending apps all over the place for malicious intent. Google/Android has a far bigger problem than Apple. Doesn’t help to post fake videos either.

  • otisframpton Otis Frampton 💬 (@otisframpton) reported

    @davidgagnonart @jenskstyve @Procreate I had this issue on the previous generation of iPad Pro. Apple couldn’t figure out why it was happening when I took it into be looked at by their tech guy at a local Apple store. I haven’t had this issue on the new iPad Pro/Apple Pencil.

  • orionkaminky fat thor (@orionkaminky) reported

    @jay_nodollasign you’d have to climb down, go to the nearest apple store and make your way back up 😂

  • TaraCCrawford Tara C. Crawford 🌟 (@TaraCCrawford) reported

    My laptop at the Apple store today: I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% broken!!!

  • stoplookingup Tamar Wyschogrod (@stoplookingup) reported

    @NancyNorbeck @Apple At least twice, when I've had Macbooks in for repairs, they've thrown in a free charger because the old one was falling apart, which to me is a clear sign they know it's a problem. I give the Apple Store credit for prioritizing customer satisfaction, at least.

  • rakmasterg Rakesh (@rakmasterg) reported

    Getting my reminder that the in-store customer service experience in Apple retail is... terrible.

  • PaulGuinnessy Paul Guinnessy (@PaulGuinnessy) reported

    @jenheemstra For the last one on that list, take it to the Apple store. A friend used a service to fix his (because it was cheaper) and he ended up having to buy a replacement phone as the repair damaged the wifi antenna.

  • kimeenotkime kim (@kimeenotkime) reported

    @gojektech please fix your app on apple store

  • xWillzzzz ‎‏ً (@xWillzzzz) reported

    @xonenN @AppleSupport now i gotta go to the apple store and fix this shit fml

  • LilyBurn1 Lily Burn (@LilyBurn1) reported


  • Lakshay0411 Lakshay Kumar (@Lakshay0411) reported

    @priyam_aayush @beebomco Apple prices are anyway slated to go down. Apple is about to manufacture a lot of iPhone models in India and the first Apple store is also about to be opened in Mumbai soon

  • sagargahale Sagargahale (@sagargahale) reported

    @Bajaj_Finance hello hi My Name is Sagar form AKOLA Maharashtra my store ID name is Sound world my problem is Bajaj not live no my cod Apple Maping is on say apple already send mapping mail on Bajaj . Bajaj this mail received but not live please resolve my problem Thank you .

  • domosaur_04 Dom (@domosaur_04) reported

    Phone officially broken, time to go to the apple store 😭 didn’t want to spend more money 😫 lol

  • lexiaudas lex ☾ (@lexiaudas) reported

    @sohyungrace i like my xr but friends who work at the apple store say they’re starting to have problems with calls & other glitches (i am too) so i say xs

  • cameronzinn32 Cameron Zinn (@cameronzinn32) reported

    @mackhurd2040 no but it took like 4 hours to fix😂 had to go to the Apple store in Columbus

  • JGDrawsStuff JG 🎓 (@JGDrawsStuff) reported

    @deadzii_ Hm. Damn - yeah see if that helps. If all else fails, id suggest trying to find an apple store you can visit. Its a pain in the ass but they can fix basically any issue with their devices software

  • ginamozzoni 💖pastellations💖 (@ginamozzoni) reported

    So I was at the Apple Store to fix the battery on my phone and to pass the time I was sketching on the iPad Pro~! WAAaa I actually really love the feel of it, though I'm happy with my Cintiq and have procreate on my iPhone it's still pretty interesting to use~!#ipadpro #procreate

  • mheap Michael Heap (@mheap) reported from Five Points, Georgia

    At 17:30 I called @AppleSupport about a broken touchscreen on my phone. By 20:30 I was walking out of the Apple store with a completed screen replacement, free of charge. It sucks to have a device break on you like that, but the support + turnaround time have been incredible 🙌

  • RyinNotRyan RK Jones (@RyinNotRyan) reported from Edmond, Oklahoma

    @jakefisher @andyokc @Apple Hey @AppleSupport @Apple ... add this to the list of people I know who’ve had issues like this at the @PennSquareMall Apple Store recently. I think you have a problem location. Starting to feel as reliable as a car dealership over there.

  • ToastWallet Toast Wallet (@ToastWallet) reported

    Apple has kindly agreed to let us publish our bug fix update which fixes a clipboard bug in Toast (a bug that they themselves created in iOS 12.2.) Update from the App Store and you’ll be able to use clipboard again!

  • hadinuff_ Hadi One (@hadinuff_) reported

    @Tahsinho_ i have the same problem with my phone - ive searched up how to fix it so many timesss but theres legit nothing online so i think im gonna have to go apple store :///

  • orraliam die (@orraliam) reported

    @itsmejacobw @NightigerFTW @tailosivetech Not at all. They’re great with this stuff. I was at an Apple store and I overheard that someone was having battery issues, they said they would replace the whole phone for the cost of a battery replacement.

  • jakefisher Jake Fisher (@jakefisher) reported from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    @andyokc @Apple Update. Talked to the Apple Store manager. They say that they didn’t break it. They can probably fix it. But maybe not. Best case scenario I don’t have it for a week and I pay a hefty bill.

  • rellimstap Patrick Miller (@rellimstap) reported from Minden, Louisiana

    @Apple please tell the Apple Retail Store at the Galleria in Dallas, TX to fix their phones. I have tried, Apple Support has tried, and Apple Customer Relations has tried. The system keeps hanging up when you ask to speak with a manager. I need some help from the Manager ASAP.

  • jakefisher Jake Fisher (@jakefisher) reported from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    @andyokc @Apple Keyboard on my Macbook starting acting flaky. Not a fatal problem but an annoyance. Took it to Apple Store for repair. They took it in the back for about fifteen minutes. Came back and said that the repair would be $450. [MORE]

  • bouchrabelmehdi Bouchra Belmehdi (@bouchrabelmehdi) reported

    I'll be left with the registration & login forms bootstrap navbar integration that i'll do on saturday/sunday. I'll check the portfolio on monday at apple store. Then i'll take care of the node.js chat app integration in a vps. Then i'll code the search engine voice recognition.

  • Fl0ydPinkert0n Pizzatarian (@Fl0ydPinkert0n) reported

    On 5/31/2019, the Microsoft Health Dashboard site will be shut down and Microsoft Band applications will be removed from the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

  • jonkay Jonathan Kay (@jonkay) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    Just bought a new Mac computer. As is now standard procedure for all new Macs, I then had to go down to some other store to buy the converter required to plug in all my old crap into whatever new kind of Mac hole that Apple is now fetishizing. (This year's mac hole is USB-C)

  • ElaffyTaffy ﮼إيلاف (@ElaffyTaffy) reported

    I’ve spent 5 hours and counting in the Apple store trying to fix my phone 🙃

  • WOFginger Zach (@WOFginger) reported

    @NightigerFTW @tailosivetech I had a similar experience a month of 2 ago. My XS Max was having this weird issue where dark colors/blacks looked pixelated and fuzzy. Took it to the Apple Store and they replaced for free. They didn’t even look at the phone or ask about AppleCare. It was a $300 repair.

  • sinister1080 josecuadro (@sinister1080) reported

    @AppleSupport my AirPods are constantly losing connection or sound like underwater talking, when I take one out mid song and then replace in ear it gets echoey. I’ve had them replaced under warranty at the Apple store and still the same issues. The Genius Bar never has answers!!!