Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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December 11: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 12:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
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Ilmenau Game Crash
Tecámac Matchmaking
Yangon Sign in
Sant Feliu de Llobregat Matchmaking
Rome Glitches

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  • JorgeTablero Jorge Jesterhead (@JorgeTablero) reported

    @PlayApex I'm not going to play your game anymore until you fix the matchmaking, it's horrible to play now!

  • JorgeTablero Jorge Jesterhead (@JorgeTablero) reported

    @PlayApex I'm not going to play your game anymore until you fix the matchmaking, it's horrible to play now!

  • kaleb14452132 Lifeline(Mozambique here) (@kaleb14452132) reported

    @NoxchosapieN @BirkWRLD @PlayApex Lmao says the guy who’s actually defending SBMM the devs are trying to help the low tier players but that won’t work at all considering everyone is making Smurf’s accounts that’s not the only thing too the connection is garbage I find people lag so much, the list goes on

  • FatherofTime626 FatherofTime626 (@FatherofTime626) reported

    @Byn_Locster @Dexerto @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex I mean is that like a PC problem cuz I haven't experienced any sbmm issues on the PS4, it's like get good or die trying.🤔🤨

  • Unknown03491965 Unknown (@Unknown03491965) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* servers !!

  • ShooterShepherd LFT_ShooterShepherd (@ShooterShepherd) reported

    @PlayApex why the hell is no one talking about how wraiths hitbox is ******* shit. I get no reg on her 90% of the time as well as bullets flying through her. Next worse is Pathfinder. Like bro. Stfu about PK fix the characters

  • galisteubot Adri (@galisteubot) reported

    @PlayApex fix the grenade launch bug

  • Steel_Coop Coop - Johnstown Steel (@Steel_Coop) reported

    @Respawn I see your focused on the new starwars instead of fixing Apex Legends problems...

  • offysirfluffy Offysirfluffy (@offysirfluffy) reported

    @PlayApex fix the servers please. All the apex community is "shuttering" I tried on pc, xbox, and ps4. It all is the same. Give us an update on when or if you even know this is an issue.

  • xXSluggXx Sluggnacious (@xXSluggXx) reported

    @Respawn Unpopular opinion I know but i don't get the praise. I enjoyed it well enough but the hitching/stuttering was an issue all the way through and the game is way too short. Also as mentioned before the customization is quite lackluster.

  • ItsTwiitch ITS TWIITCH (@ItsTwiitch) reported

    @PlayApex if you can please do something to 1. Fix this shitty sbmm with no logic 2. Nerf that ******* OP gibby Cheers

  • thchronix T (@thchronix) reported

    @PlayApex fix this ******* game, season 3 sucks!

  • anteriorlobe anteriorlobe (@anteriorlobe) reported

    @DotPone @Respawn Not seeing a problem with this! Go for it!

  • AchillesTwm josh (@AchillesTwm) reported

    @PlayApex just loooooove lagging out of your shit servers in ranked AND LOSE POINTS for it. Pull your heads out of your asses jfc

  • ExtraWhiteBoii ExtraWhiteBoii (@ExtraWhiteBoii) reported

    @PlayApex Listen to your God damn community and remove/fix this ******* SBMM. Kick the fuckign peacekeeper to the curb and kill SBMM. Please God.

  • Sebasti88762481 Sebastiano (@Sebasti88762481) reported

    @PlayApex Are you gonna fix your ******* game... Keep crashing when I'm winning **** this shit I'm out... Until you get rid of sbmm and you fix your damn servers

  • 9JANOOBS 9JANOOBS (@9JANOOBS) reported

    @TSM_ImperialHal @PlayApex You'll got the good stuff. I get that error on a norm🚶🚶🚶

  • UNoob14 Ultimate Noob (@UNoob14) reported

    Geez @PlayApex fix your game

  • DaoPeter Senku Ishgami 🧢 (@DaoPeter) reported

    @VinceZampella @Respawn @JohnnyYoung115 @TheMelaLee @shukrani @SimplyAllegra @thejbblanc @chrisedgerly @TheNicolasRoye @RogerCraigSmith @JustineHuxley I speak for the whole Apex community, when I say this, please fix the game.

  • ryry496Az Ryan Pommenville (@ryry496Az) reported

    @Byn_Locster @Moork10 @___gcheck @Dexerto @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex Dude , the devs at respawn actually listen to their community they’ll fix it eventually chill, just play ranked if you’re somehow facing the top 1 percent.

  • OffenseStrictly StrictlyOffense (@OffenseStrictly) reported

    Please fix this matchmaking @PlayApex as a predator I can't even enjoy casual games with friends anymore because Publics are sweatier than rank matches now. Very disappointing and a huge turn off to the game in general. Ranked is what should be based off of skilled matchmaking

  • SamDarn14201138 Sam Darnold (@SamDarn14201138) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the lag and I’ll start playing again.

  • kiddobai Kiddobai_Chris (@kiddobai) reported

    @PlayApex can y'all fix these footsteps please geez

  • Captiva_88 Don Warren (@Captiva_88) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex This game has one of the worst hit reg problems of any FPS I have ever played. Uninstalled it due to crap like this.

  • RealStauffer Stauffer (@RealStauffer) reported

    @xVoidNovax @PlayApex The game isn’t broken

  • thecrazynarco Thecrazynarco (@thecrazynarco) reported

    @PlayApex fix your stupid disconnect glitch in ranked it's complete bull**** unnecessary amount of predators are in predator that disconnect because they think it's gonna make them look good

  • Inkd_Ice_ Inkd_Ice ⬅️ IFatal-Ice (@Inkd_Ice_) reported

    @Xeratricky @PlayApex @Respawn Brooo SERIOUSLY!! Charge rifle from 200+ meters and scouts EVERYWHERE! No one knows how to play! Glitch to get back to main menu so Diamond/Pred players don’t even know how to play can just back out and not loose points. It’s sad right now.

  • Gildarik Brian Williams (@Gildarik) reported

    If any dev-supported shooter had base gameplay nearly as good as @PlayApex but better coding, even if it was a trash genre like looter shooter, people would switch to that. We're literally just stuck with a broken game because the industry doesn't care

  • Gildarik Brian Williams (@Gildarik) reported

    @DJSpatulaTV @PlayApex I crashed 4 times and my friend crashed twice. We also got a server that was lagging from start to end

  • offiCrisrocks6 OfficialCrisrocks6 (@offiCrisrocks6) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex The hit markers for weapons is garbage! They have to fix it and make it more even! A shotgun hitting 13 with a PEACEKEEPER is not right! @PlayApex

  • ImmortalJedi Immortal Jedi (@ImmortalJedi) reported

    @Respawn YOU DIDN'T FIX THE FRAME RATE PROBLEM!! The largest problem with the game and you completely ignore that and add a useless photo mode! Your FANS/CUSTOMERS want a SMOOTH experience! #JediFallenOrder #XboxShare #XboxOneX #Xbox @XboxP3 #PS4share

  • BenHallow7 James Dillon Holmes (@BenHallow7) reported

    @PlayApex fix SBMM, it's ruining the game for people who don't want to play competitively in public matches.

  • GameMaster18YT The Fallen Angel (@GameMaster18YT) reported

    @PlayApex no clue if you will see this but I recently saw the BP-1 skin you released for pathfinder for the release of the Fallen order I had a thought what if you made a battle droid skin for pathfinder I do not know if copy right is a problem with it but just an idea from a fan

  • theamazingmrbo Mr Piglet (@theamazingmrbo) reported

    @LataBeach @PlayApex Agreed, it's too bad really. Found a fun fix for this problem though, I just play ranked. Lol decent teammates, level ish playing field, and people don't leave nearly as much.

  • IIVxnomzII II Vxnomz II (@IIVxnomzII) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your garabge loot system, muzzle flash, and your pathetic servers.

  • Catalxyst 🌸 Catalxyst 🌸 (@Catalxyst) reported

    @CrImSoN_gHoSt_1 @vincekully @PlayApex yeah Absolutley **** that. They really need to Fix their SBMM.

  • _sedun_dnes_ Hugh Janus🤠 (@_sedun_dnes_) reported

    G7 is just getting ridiculous at this point please fix ur weapons @PlayApex

  • rhyssylynch13 Rhyssy Lynch (@rhyssylynch13) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    I'm getting to pred this season and I'm done with @PlayApex can't play the game casually anymore. It's not enjoyable getting sweated on by stacked 3 man's when solo queing does nothing but piss me off and want to get off the game.Fix the game @Respawn because all of us are fed up

  • Cynguy1 Cynguy (@Cynguy1) reported

    @PlayApex how can I have Gold teammates is your game that ******* broken!

  • TreyFlores_ Saint Frost (@TreyFlores_) reported


  • Frskie Frskie (@Frskie) reported

    I have tried to play @PlayApex for 2 weeks and every time i launch it, it says cant initialize sound and crashes instantly and iv tried to find a fix please help.....

  • KoffeeKeepGamin Im Just Koffee... (@KoffeeKeepGamin) reported

    I shouldn't get penalize for leaving a match. Esp when my teammates leave my banner like fr @PlayApex FIX THAT SHIT FRFR.

  • Timbo381 Timbo3806 (@Timbo381) reported

    @PlayApex PK is so op. No god damn way you can shoot someone that far with that piece of shit. Fix the ******* game

  • Majic_Man187 ☃️SnowMan187☃️ (@Majic_Man187) reported from Houston, Texas

    @Respawn In middle of the Oggdo Bogdo fight and the loading screens are far longer then the game play! Fix please! #JediFallenOrder

  • ImmortalJedi Immortal Jedi (@ImmortalJedi) reported

    @emefka @Respawn That's the problem. It's different one console to the next. I have the Xbox One X too, NOT smooth. It's a known issue all over gaming and social media. Among many tweets I posted, one was published on a game site. Please don't encourage the dev that nothing is wrong with JFO

  • PremiereChapo 💣Mr.Nonchalant🍃 (@PremiereChapo) reported

    @PlayApex Apex for the win the biggest lag spike of history

  • itswhoozy Whoozy (@itswhoozy) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex Apex is broken

  • Swaziiee1 Swaziiee goes crazy😉 (@Swaziiee1) reported

    @PlayApex 😂😂y’all obviously don’t care about the state of your game, **** your ugly ass Christmas sweaters, fix your game people spend hours grinding!!

  • ImAiliaa Ailia (@ImAiliaa) reported

    @TSM_ImperialHal @PlayApex I literally just now got a message saying there was an error processing game logic. Booted back to the main menu. big sad

  • StinkTV_ Stink (@StinkTV_) reported

    @TSM_ImperialHal @PlayApex This happened to me today, I couldn’t even leave the game it was so broken

  • binaryson Will Dziuban (@binaryson) reported

    @twiiterman101 @Matthew_Hobson_ @Respawn The entire game is a Metroidvania. It would be completely broken if you had all abilities from the start.

  • xboxcini XboxCini (@xboxcini) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex 20hz server problem. this is happening to everyone. Corner, behind the wall / door damage etc. Game good , developers and publisher bad 😬😬

  • Lahxuz Lahxus (@Lahxuz) reported

    @NxmbBoo @PlayApex You’re basically just forced to not play with your friends if they are better than you or worse than you. That’s the main issue at hand imo, if it wasn’t like that than it wouldn’t be a huge issue but there’s no real way to fix that without removing it.

  • Lahxuz Lahxus (@Lahxuz) reported

    @NxmbBoo @PlayApex You cannot play with friends that are way better than you unless you want to lose every game or get carried by them. I personally don’t play with anyone that isn’t around my skill level but I can see the issue at hand as bright as day. It needs to get removed without a doubt.

  • xVolloxx 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Connor Cameron (@xVolloxx) reported

    @Respawn Just missing a few trophies and like the bug fix states the bounty hunters wouldn't spawn! Thanks for the fix.

  • pederkbs Peder K. B. Strøm (@pederkbs) reported

    @odhess @Vdub1985 @hiebly @LetMeAce @Respawn And then that happened again a week or so later. And if for some reason they have maintenence, then you can't play at all. And if EA as a whole has issues with Origin then you can't play either. Offline is the safer option not to get your matches deleted from existence.

  • NightsGamingHD0 NightsGamingHD01 (@NightsGamingHD0) reported

    @Respawn can we also get a fix on the the blocks some times not being responsive and some of the finishers you are floating in the air as well some of the rates are as well when they go into unblock-able and you are able doge them

  • RomanBananaTV Roman Banana (@RomanBananaTV) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex Just network games being network games. Sucks that this happens but every other multiplayer game in existence has problems like this.

  • Isiknes Bigbossman100 (@Isiknes) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex Lag I’d guess

  • shanecarter99 Shane Carter (@shanecarter99) reported

    @Respawn There's more problems to fix, new outfits and... Red lightsaber