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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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June 17: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 05:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Torengreenordie TOIPHAZER23 (@Torengreenordie) reported

    @PlayApex jesus christ, fix your ******* garbage ass servers, there is absolutely no reason for the lag in the beginning, middle or end of a match. Theres absolutely no reason people should be skipping around when my connection is absolutely perfect. FIX YOUR ******* GAME

  • CostenbaderNick Nick Costenbader (@CostenbaderNick) reported

    @TheJeydrick9 @tmrxoxxxo @_ThomasCampbell @Jaro_tv @PlayApex Lmao they just make him look even bigger. hit box doesnt change and thats not the only thing broken w him. The registration is way messed up u can shoot the same spot and if u do it to quick most of them dont register. If ur lucky or good. half of them do... my cryptonite

  • CostenbaderNick Nick Costenbader (@CostenbaderNick) reported

    @PlayApex 3weeks + game play and pathfinder is my big issue. & Make the gold knockdown worthwhile.. faster or make it a pheonix kit w the same time. But seriously fix pathfinders hit box and registration hes so epicly broken everyone using him should be banned cuz hes a straight cheat atp.

  • SirMobi_ SirMobi_ (@SirMobi_) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the damn Pathfinder hitbox! 😡

  • Yayored916 RED (@Yayored916) reported

    @PlayApex he's broken, alot harder to hit.

  • Ashleyarron1 Ashley arron (@Ashleyarron1) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the server keep getting code:leaf

  • dannyl1995 Daniel Lucas (@dannyl1995) reported

    @PlayApex can you sort the lag out in elite proper pisstake

  • Lil2DaCaine 🖤 (@Lil2DaCaine) reported


  • christopherLom Christopher Lombardo (@christopherLom) reported


  • christopherLom Christopher Lombardo (@christopherLom) reported


  • HolzmeyerK holzmeyer kyle (@HolzmeyerK) reported

    @PlayApex you need to fix the peacekeeper man it’s doing no damage for no reason

  • HolzmeyerK holzmeyer kyle (@HolzmeyerK) reported

    @PlayApex so it is official your peacekeeper is broken it just made me lose again XD

  • ZedForZach AUSTON POWERS (@ZedForZach) reported

    @PlayApex GT: Nademau5 lost my 10 elite streak after a teammate disconnected and I didn’t get streak forgiveness .... fix thaaat

  • ReapTheCreep Sebastian A McCleese (@ReapTheCreep) reported

    @PlayApex I'm almost done with the season pass and your server issues are not helping.....

  • OGxStarKillerX7 Jimmy (@OGxStarKillerX7) reported

    Just lost a good streak in @PlayApex because the shit servers are crashing and keeping everyone in place fix your ******* game @Respawn @EASPORTS #ApexLegends #Xbox

  • Tr3ntB ThuperLithp (@Tr3ntB) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix the bug where the game tabs out when a friend gets online and offline its annoying and the most frustrating apex issue. 🤬

  • nalleyboy7 Nalleyboy7 (@nalleyboy7) reported

    Anyone have issues with @PlayApex crashing

  • ImCaseyGG CaseyGG (@ImCaseyGG) reported

    @AbsolutelyTTV @Mendo @PlayApex That doesnt mean they dont use hardware or ip bans. There is obviously ways to get around any type of ban. There is always going to be cheaters. I havnt had nearly as big of an issue with it lately.

  • SwayziOCE Swayzi (@SwayziOCE) reported

    @Jaro_tv @PlayApex FIX GOD_JEEZ HES 2 TOESICK

  • IJayJayI Jay (@IJayJayI) reported


  • is_faroq Farooq (@is_faroq) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn please make servers in the Middle East,,I am as arabic gamer I am playing FPS games from my childhood But I had the same problem “lagging” I can’t have the real experience of the game I am really enjoying APEX LEGENDS but sometimes the high ping destroys all the joy. Plz

  • Tonyahaugen_ Protein_404 (@Tonyahaugen_) reported

    @dogzgaming303 @JimmysChips @PlayApex If u search on Google and find patch notes for season 2.. u will see that they will fix it

  • babysharkx babyshark (@babysharkx) reported

    @PlayApex please remove muzzle flash!!!! visual clutter is really bad... not only does cause more lag but you can barely see the enemy when you shoot. just make it an option or just remove it completely. Absolutely NO ONE wants muzzle flash.. :( it's not fun... please..

  • CamHarrell29 Cameron Harrell (@CamHarrell29) reported

    @PlayApex Please put out a patch to fix the not receiving Skins after completeing challenges on Xbox I ****** want my Bloodhound and Tripletake skin!

  • _david_hill David Hill (@_david_hill) reported

    @PlayApex Apex nobody can even play your game fix the lag for everyone please 😂😂😭😭

  • BoyyySammm Boy Sam🥵 (@BoyyySammm) reported

    @PlayApex just got the heirloom set, few games in and I get a bug where I couldn’t pull my gun out..... I could only see my Kunai and I couldn’t even melee. Plz fix 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Rpatt24 Ryan Patterson ⚾ (@Rpatt24) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your servers

  • Serendipitovs 🌸Katie🌸 (@Serendipitovs) reported

    @its2_simple @TwitchQueen @PlayApex i dont think it's slept on at all bc it did overtake fort for a couple of weeks but they failed to fix their bugs and hackers quickly and people were getting tired of it and its lack of new content

  • LePlooshy ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅰️🅱️ 🕹 (@LePlooshy) reported

    @Kaotic_Shadow @PlayApex Bro yes devotion is broken, I’ll hit a tune harder than they did in Get Out and still get shot without being in a line of sight it’s BS

  • supersimonc simon cooksey (@supersimonc) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn please tell me with the next battle pass update you'll fix the error codes I get as I join a game to only get forced back to the main menu

  • K3vinAlpha19 Kevin Vale (@K3vinAlpha19) reported

    @PlayApex Fix my account -.- i can not still recieve recompense from the event (PS4)

  • Jon_Fritsch Jonathan (@Jon_Fritsch) reported

    @BrodieEtheridge @JBriggsMK @Lakigucci @xxlunarr @mwa1999 @legonoahman @PlayApex But the issue is that there is a two-week break between season 1 ending and season 2 beginning. It kind of just makes sense to either start season 2 right away or give everyone a little bit longer to grind.

  • itsTempplex Tempplex (@itsTempplex) reported

    @Jaro_tv @PlayApex FIX DODGE

  • TrumanSamuel Samuel Truman (@TrumanSamuel) reported

    @Tempest_Arceus @PlayApex I am too seeing as it took them so long to put out content and fixed the best glitch ever with the supply crates

  • itsRelayz Relayz (@itsRelayz) reported

    @PlayApex guys, your servers are actually insane right now. There's a hit reg delay, ping delay, loot delay, etc. The speedometer symbol in the top right corner doesn't go away at all. Please fix this.

  • R_e_k_k_r John (@R_e_k_k_r) reported

    @PlayApex You need to improve your hit detection & fix the sound for PS4 because every time I aim down sights my sound goes out! Also improve you weapon spawns, I don’t how many times I have went through 4 Supply bins & two buildings before I can find a weapon.

  • Miberz1 Miberz (@Miberz1) reported

    @SynicalOFCL @PlayApex Yeah it’s probably because I’ve been carrying them to wins though so luckily I’ve not had this issue yet lmao

  • azizjaack Jack (@azizjaack) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the ******* error and bug in this game !!! We are tired to see all the time error after every update !!! Otherwise if in season 2 it’s like that I mean error or bug all the time we are so many people that we will leave this game !!!

  • BaffaCakesRoomy Guppy (@BaffaCakesRoomy) reported

    @PlayApex please.... please work on the netcode. I love this game, but currently on xbox its almost unplayable for me and my friends. Getting shot through walls, bullets not registering, lag spikes. I know the devs are busy, but I hope you will make this a top priority.

  • followilko Eelco Guntlisbergen (@followilko) reported

    @PlayApex dafuq is up with this shitty as PS4 lag over the last few weeks maaannnnn... god damn .... #bouttouninstallthisshit

  • _TheDavo TheDavo (@_TheDavo) reported

    @Jaro_tv @TheJeydrick9 @tmrxoxxxo @_ThomasCampbell @PlayApex Lol yea pathfinder def broken. It sometimes feels like he breaks a bit more everytime haha. Not even shroud could hit pathfinder haha

  • Miberz1 Miberz (@Miberz1) reported

    @SynicalOFCL @PlayApex That’s what I’m saying bro, they need to sort it out, since the event started it’s just been lag after lag because it’s not our servers, I don’t mind playing in them when doing touneys but it annoying every single game, I’ve met some nice Americans so far though lol 😂

  • kdotpac anakin skywalker (@kdotpac) reported

    @PlayApex your game if full of garbage highground longbow campers. FIX THIS TRASH

  • FigChewton Ryan Chew (@FigChewton) reported

    @PlayApex hey gang, not sure if it’s an issue but I can’t seem to get the training to load. Just sits and says “matchmaking”

  • Miberz1 Miberz (@Miberz1) reported

    @SynicalOFCL @PlayApex Yeah I have done that some this event started, 19 ping 0 packet loss, and it’s still drops me in American servers, they need to fix it, I know because I’m game chat there all from the states or South America

  • DSTRO187DJ DJ-DSTRO187- (@DSTRO187DJ) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the game is imposible to play today!!!!

  • SynicalOFCL SG Synical (@SynicalOFCL) reported

    @chanceminaj @PlayApex @EAHelp Every game has server issues, it's something that exists in every game. That's just fact. Some have it better, some have it worse.

  • chanceminaj kmchi (@chanceminaj) reported

    @SynicalOFCL @PlayApex @EAHelp okay but this has been happening since the last update and they probably won’t fix until season 2

  • _Mahko Migate no Goukki (@_Mahko) reported from Los Angeles, California


  • goodgamingatlas ggAtlas (@goodgamingatlas) reported

    @PlayApex Connection - Audio - Hit boxes. Can’t have a season 2 without people to play your broken game!

  • SynicalOFCL SG Synical (@SynicalOFCL) reported

    @NickelBF @PlayApex Hackers are a PC problem from what I've experienced. If they don't know how to heal, tell them. It says something about you cause your not communicating.

  • Sniperabduction Tears Probe (@Sniperabduction) reported

    I can't play a single game of @PlayApex without it kicking me out. Anyone know a fix or something

  • cirok007 joseph cirok (@cirok007) reported

    @Respawn something is wrong with loading up the games, it all ways kick us out and saying error. Would appreciate if it actually work, wanna bang out this battle pass..

  • Radebreast Graeme Radebe (@Radebreast) reported

    @PlayApex Shame your game is unplayable because of RIDICULOUS LAG AND DELAY!!!! sort it out!!!

  • pdragon88 paul kevin jenkinson (@pdragon88) reported

    @PlayApex Theres still error on the server....

  • fr4ncisx Francisco (@fr4ncisx) reported

    @PlayApex Last Day playing with same broken game, stupid content, cheers

  • smoxiiee Vadim Kocetkov (@smoxiiee) reported

    @PlayApex fix your servers.dead game.

  • D_Shadow317 David (@D_Shadow317) reported

    @PlayApex No way can I bring myself to buy the BP with the lag and broken hit boxes in this game. These things should have been fixed months ago.

  • MarinaraMonsta MarinaraMonsta (@MarinaraMonsta) reported

    @PlayApex Ranked thank god. Elite que didn’t fix getting paired with random garbage players. It increased camping 10 fold

  • DenisDPaliatka Denis Paliatka (@DenisDPaliatka) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the lags. Better netcode and i might even play your game. What a shame. It does not matter what content you put out when the game is not smooth. I have fiber internet and monster pc. I can not take this game serious when the netcode is so bad.