Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

 Some problems detected at Apex Legends

Apex Legends problems in the last 24 hours

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November 14: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 05:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Play
Sign in
Game Crash
Hacking / Cheating

Apex Legends Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Fleming Island Sign in
Hartlepool Sign in
Preston Game Crash
San José de Mayo Online Play
Padova Online Play
Martinsburg Game Crash

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Apex Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • jester_440 Andrew (@jester_440) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the lag and bring back King’s Canyon. Apex is trash in its current state.

  • sosodef1982 sosodef (@sosodef1982) reported

    @PlayApex you have big issues with your servers. Impossible to play ... everyone is complaining ! Do something !

  • SeMdaGod Sem 🇩🇴 (@SeMdaGod) reported

    If you glitch ranked queue on @PlayApex you deserve a perma ban for being a weirdo

  • AmineMinou00 Amine Mohellebi (@AmineMinou00) reported

    @PlayApex Fix code leaf and make a server in Africa

  • LordDudePlays Brandon Myers (@LordDudePlays) reported

    Hey @Respawn, on 11/6, @PlayApex mentioned you fixed the pre-match melee bug on PC, and that consoles would get the fix soon. I found out on Reddit today that consoles got the fix the same day, but @PlayApex never announced that. It would have been great to know that last week.

  • TD_Wraith ethan (@TD_Wraith) reported

    hey @PlayApex fix your ******* game i’m tired of it crashing in the middle of ranked lobbies

  • RileyC_13 lil lovestory (@RileyC_13) reported

    @PlayApex Still broke audio still cheaters still lagging on fiber but hey let’s add videos of ppl cheating and encourage AIM BOT good looks @PlayApex

  • RileyC_13 lil lovestory (@RileyC_13) reported

    @qbtheking2 @PlayApex you’re the type of person that ruins the game for everyone let’s fix what’s broke first (audio) stop trying to add unnecessary “interests” this games gonna end up like Pubg if you continue with these motives of adding things in

  • donavinoliger donny (@donavinoliger) reported from Toledo, Ohio

    @fgjoslem @NightHu43r @PlayApex I completely understand that, but for you to say there are absolutely no issues with the game at all is just completely false

  • AustinDegnan Plague||Zephyr (@AustinDegnan) reported

    @Cringe_magnet @PlayApex 😂😂 nah honestly could be your audio set up I don't have many issues

  • fgjoslem fgjoslem (@fgjoslem) reported

    @NightHu43r @donavinoliger @PlayApex I've talked to hundreds of people on Reddit, they have said that they don't have as many problems as in season 2

  • RileyC_13 lil lovestory (@RileyC_13) reported

    @PlayApex Again fix the audio

  • MattIsLinton Matt Linton (@MattIsLinton) reported

    @PlayApex Fun story: once I dropped at Containment in King’s Canyon, boots on the ground, and the countdown told me to get in the ring (but I already was). So I died. Then my teammate revived me. “Cool, that’ll fix it”. Same thing, get in the ring or die. So I died. We lost. The end 😔

  • NightHu43r Spider in Pain (@NightHu43r) reported

    @fgjoslem @donavinoliger @PlayApex Then you haven't talked to enough people I have all the problems you listed every so often So they're still there and not gone

  • fgjoslem fgjoslem (@fgjoslem) reported

    @donavinoliger @PlayApex Literally everyone I've talked to in the apex community have never had issues with crashing, maybe lag at times, but there haven't been code:leaf, net, or wheel errors since s2

  • urmaker69 URMAKER (@urmaker69) reported

    @mw9876543211 @PlayApex I am about to stop. They have had this issue since release yet don't care. Nor do they care what their players ask for: Solos. I feel you, I should have stopped playing too.

  • urmaker69 URMAKER (@urmaker69) reported


  • TeamDannyP Team Danny P (@TeamDannyP) reported

    @PlayApex The problem is I play on Xbox and I don’t know what my ea account is so I have a few. I sent it through one I have. You got it but I’m not sure how I can tell you it’s me lol

  • rrdas9113 Rocky Das (@rrdas9113) reported

    @PlayApex just waiting for y'all to fix bloodhounds passive, still doesn't show any times on tracks

  • kernowcarper Sean (@kernowcarper) reported

    @PlayApex I just got kicked mid game and dashboarded to Xbox menu and a message saying service outage yet my partner is still in game playing

  • ToastTek Jennifer🍞 (@ToastTek) reported

    @ii_trinity @Tiny_XCV @PlayApex Yeah, it only started happening after the recent update. Before that I had almost no issues with audio

  • fgjoslem fgjoslem (@fgjoslem) reported

    @donavinoliger @PlayApex Dude there are literally no issues with crashing since last patch.

  • supbarook Mason (@supbarook) reported

    @oddlion_loki @EAStarWars @Respawn @SunhiLegend I know what lag is mate I'm just confused at why you come here even if you are "desperate" this has legit nothing to do with any type of support at all and also has legit nothing to do with apex I understand its made by the same people but still

  • _YungTittyLord McTasty (@_YungTittyLord) reported


  • daveranan David Svezhintsev (@daveranan) reported

    @kocothedesigner @Respawn Not much tbh, very impressed! Yea there are a few glitches, but nothing ground-breaking and first-week patches won't fix! I loved every second of it.

  • _OhIDid_ 🎃hIDid (@_OhIDid_) reported

    @PlayApex Fix foot steps ***** ass company

  • lukedavidturner luke turner (@lukedavidturner) reported

    @PlayApex I'm getting freezing for 10 seconds in nearly every game some times it doesn't crash and then sometimes it does also I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it hasn't fixed it

  • WutReasonzYT Frantic Boi aka #SobbleSquad (@WutReasonzYT) reported

    Fucc u @FortniteGame I killed a dude 5 health and stuck in the storm when everywhere I would go no heals just fuccing shields like I can’t heal my fuccing self with shields fix ur fuccing game otherwise I’m quitting this bullshit and going to @PlayApex

  • scojo9 Scott Johnson (@scojo9) reported

    @PlayApex Also... PLEASE GOD... NERF that mo'fudging P2020. Broken.

  • Nebraska__402 DR_CLUTCH (@Nebraska__402) reported

    @PlayApex Could you fix you got dam game tired of rubberbanding

  • bradyboy09 Tony “Meat Man” Clifton (@bradyboy09) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the footsteps.

  • KardoB1 Kardo B (@KardoB1) reported

    @PlayApex seriously you need to fix this game. I have had so many games where its just freezing in the middle of a game. I am so tired of losing games and even RP just because of your games issue. Fix this as soon as possibl!

  • pounia25 Iberius (@pounia25) reported

    Why when i'm playing apex and enjoying the game with my friend the game crash ... @PlayApex do something for your game or many people will be bored of this bug

  • SkullsTehOG lil skuzi vert 🌎☄️💕 ® (@SkullsTehOG) reported

    @PlayApex fix matchmaking please

  • YaBoyScare Kyle (@YaBoyScare) reported

    Ok y'all No streams until I can fix my @PowerA controller May need a new one Gonna try to fix it though Luckily I have alot @FortniteGame and @PlayApex content up the ass for y'all

  • LuvleyEmma Emma (@LuvleyEmma) reported

    Heyo I am new to Twitter, I like to play @PlayApex and @PlayOverwatch sometimes I stream on twitch and my twitch is EmmaOnConsole. I don’t like talking that why I don’t talk if you have a problem with that leave me alone

  • GullyGangGaming WestSide Diggaveli (GamingSerialKilla)😈🏁🏁 (@GullyGangGaming) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn @VinceZampella and this is coming from somebody that actually gets wins and kills check my gamer tag on PS4 over 1k kills with multiple legends but my friends don’t even play anymore because of the hackers fix your broken ass game or just take it off console

  • xdaffodill3 brooke (@xdaffodill3) reported

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how I get matched with a level 37 teammate @PlayApex FIX THIS

  • B_IslandBoi B Island (@B_IslandBoi) reported

    @Respawn in apex the fact that u make us wait even after we are killed is a joke. Who ******** wants to sit and spectate your ******* teamate on the other side of the map. Fix abandonment penalty!!!! Worse than getting locked out of your own iphone.

  • BDG_Shorty4BH BDG_Shorty4BH☘ (@BDG_Shorty4BH) reported

    @NINJASHOMEBOY @afflixtions @PlayApex I know i heared it was, i still need to use it, havent been on since last update, have some problems with ps4 plus just feeling sick past few days

  • theemilygraceee emily (R) 🇺🇸 (@theemilygraceee) reported

    @PlayApex Yo @PlayApex y’all keep giving me an abandon penalty even when my squad is eliminated fix this pls

  • anirofficial Anirban sonar (@anirofficial) reported

    @PlayApex fix lag issue

  • anirofficial Anirban sonar (@anirofficial) reported

    @Respawn fix lag issue

  • achyfeels Bradley (@achyfeels) reported

    @PlayApex Excuse me Apex, i can't be waiting 20 minutes daily to start playing, please fix this!

  • KunInGame Kun InGame (@KunInGame) reported

    @CohhCarnage @Respawn I have same problem bro...

  • YulaiIbarra Gerard Tavernier (@YulaiIbarra) reported

    Hey @PlayApex, every time I get respawned and go get my loot back I get kicked out of the game, it's very frustrating, please fix it 👌🏻😣

  • StevenMcGrew7 Steven McGrew (@StevenMcGrew7) reported

    @PlayApex FIX YOUR ******* SERVERS. Your game is literally the only game I lag on. I can't even enjoy a game I actually like!

  • legoguy4321 callsignFrostbite♠️🦄🍭 (@legoguy4321) reported

    @javierjabanero @Blue_l62l @TheActMan_YT @PlayApex For me it would never have been a problem but changing a character in that way is not something I appreciate

  • JustinR81795036 killariverz (@JustinR81795036) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the effin enemy foot steps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wbepumpkin code:wbepumpkin (@wbepumpkin) reported

    @PlayApex the game is crashing wayyyy too much, u guys need to fix this ASAP!

  • Angelsa80953558 Angels_among_us (@Angelsa80953558) reported

    @PlayApex you guys need to put a server in Chicago. Idk why that wasnt even a choice. I'm tired of lagging

  • _TheUnholy_ ((( J.C. ))) (@_TheUnholy_) reported

    @PlayApex Apex Legends have a serious problem with hackers. One shot with a p2020 and knocked out is damn too much.

  • Blue_l62l Alec (@Blue_l62l) reported

    @imemeofdream @NateCuri @TheActMan_YT @PlayApex Well it's not working

  • RileyC_13 lil lovestory (@RileyC_13) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the audio

  • JTKAG_ JTKAG (@JTKAG_) reported

    @PlayApex You guys seriously need to fix Pathfinders Zipline. It shouldn't take 3 minutes trying to shoot it at objects within range and in playable areas. It's ridiculous, thanks for ruining his ultimate

  • steven_linyard Steven Linyard (@steven_linyard) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your game! I’ve been trying to play through molasses for three days now! About to just delete and call it quits.

  • zdubbZ5 Zachariah Walker (@zdubbZ5) reported

    @PlayApex if I get another “code net” in a top 3 situation, I’m gonna delete your crap ass game. Fix it

  • S_70945 S (@S_70945) reported

    @TitanfallBlog None cause @PlayApex can't fix most shot

  • S_70945 S (@S_70945) reported

    @PlayApex lets fix the looting to where when players click the button they actually get the ****** item they want instead of having some prick take your gun and killin you.

  • TeamDannyP Team Danny P (@TeamDannyP) reported

    Again on Xbox. I just got 4 kills and 2nd and no points.@playapex please fix