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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Apex Legends. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (54.49%)
  • Online Play (18.59%)
  • Matchmaking (12.82%)
  • Game Crash (9.62%)
  • Glitches (4.01%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.48%)

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  • MarsKappa MΛRS (@MarsKappa) reported

    @redbullesports @PlayApex Crashing and Early game Lag

  • BryceCurrao Bryce Currao (@BryceCurrao) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex AAA games are so shit these days. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but game developers either take wayyyy too ******* long to patch obviously broken shit or they just ignore it.

  • vitranium draur (@vitranium) reported

    An actual problem in the game.. something needs to be done or you lose players @PlayApex

  • ishaana05603985 ishaan arora (@ishaana05603985) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your damm audio

  • VapoR6S Vapo (@VapoR6S) reported

    @SalttiR6 @PlayApex L2P issue.

  • SalttiR6 Saltti (@SalttiR6) reported

    this is actually the state of the game rn. this is what happens to you around 1/4 matches you play. 2/4 are ones where you get to have a P2020 and a Mosambique after looting for a solid minute. Really disgusting behaviour from @PlayApex as they refuse to address this old issue.

  • SalttiR6 Saltti (@SalttiR6) reported

    this is actually the state of the game rn. this is what happens to you around 1/4 matches you play. 2/4 are ones where you get to have a P2020 and a Mosambique after looting for a solid minute. Really disgusting behaviour from @PlayApex as they refuse to address this old issue.

  • flukkzmedia Djordje Simonovic (@flukkzmedia) reported

    @carnmode @PlayApex i just started to enjoy that glitch man! now they gonna fix it :(

  • l_w_88 lw88 (@l_w_88) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex This is when you know you have a problem. Please seek help, this amount of anger and misdirected frustration is not healthy, to have or think is a good or normal thing. If you're screaming at your monitor and slamming the desk you obviously need to stop playing and seek help.

  • MrGatekeeper3 MrGatekeeper3 (@MrGatekeeper3) reported

    holy shit fix your game please XD @PlayApex

  • muhyusrill Uchil (@muhyusrill) reported

    @PlayApex Why server apex so lag

  • ArthurBelare Arthur B. J. (@ArthurBelare) reported

    @PlayApex please fix server. Always got sound chik chik chuk chik chik chuk

  • TuurnAround Turnaround! (@TuurnAround) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex @PlayApex FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE

  • 9Decoys ب_ب (@9Decoys) reported


  • Rossenaut Aaron Rossen (@Rossenaut) reported

    @TheChaosation @derHorstor @Respawn @PlayApex If the game is doing it enough that you really need a reconnect option, then I’d suggest finding another game to play. I’m not excusing the games issues, but at this point people need to cut their losses or stick with the bullshit.

  • BingBongCafftv BingBong (@BingBongCafftv) reported


  • captain0of Captain0of (@captain0of) reported

    I genuinely thought I was the only person having this problem. I had to run from my team fight because I couldn't find a weapon for 3 entire minutes of gameplay sort it out @PlayApex nobody wants 3 sets of armour

  • JaredSailing PCMustardRice (@JaredSailing) reported

    @PlayApex Holy shit how hard is it to make a game that doesn't hard crash to desktop I play them all the damn time.

  • Silentwraith24 Rohit Mukherjee (@Silentwraith24) reported

    @PlayApex is my favourite multiplayer game of all time tbh. But this lags just makes me so much angry!! please fix the lag issue guys, I really wanna show up my skills on live streams but after every 5 or 6 matches something happens and the gams lags me out. @Respawn

  • Aeromist_ Aeromist (@Aeromist_) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex Don’t worry. This isn’t fortnite so they might actually fix it :)

  • Harrison67Rey Harrison Reynolds (@Harrison67Rey) reported from Folsom, California

    @PlayApex I wish you guys would get your severs up... this lag is killing me... literally!

  • Redsamurai12 Red_samurai (@Redsamurai12) reported

    @PlayApex y'all need to step up ur fkn game. It's always lagging bro. Damn. Add something else as well. New map at least shit

  • iGlitchh_ Robin (@iGlitchh_) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex You have some serious anger management issues... seek help. Get a therapist

  • SweetG4ming Jonathan Sweet (@SweetG4ming) reported

    @Respawn I absolutely love #ApexLegends but the audio issues, getting dropped literally every day, and the unstable servers really piss me off. The content in Season 1 is alright and the newest update evens the playing field well...but focus on the issues please.

  • Dre1v1_ Dre (@Dre1v1_) reported

    Damn @PlayApex @ApexLegendNews @ApexLegendVideo This is really bad. I’ve had the same thing happen to me but never this bad. It’s an issue. #ApexLegend

  • migz2604 Migz (@migz2604) reported

    I like the updates you’ve made so far but can you guys really fix the sound glitch issue when multiple r99 are firing all at once. It’s really annoying to not hear your opponents @PlayApex

  • 69Daveroyal DaveRoyal_69 (@69Daveroyal) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex FIX THE ******* GAME DUDES SMFH 😪🤬

  • Mystkn FauxMystkn-Lead (@Mystkn) reported

    Fix your game or it will die in 3 months. @PlayApex. Dont pull a EA even though you're under them. You have the potential to make your game great. You're losing players and this needs to stop.

  • Toddler454 Todd Merrifield (@Toddler454) reported

    @PlayApex are the servers having trouble cuz every time me and my friends try to play it loads and it goes back to the menu as Error!!! Please fix

  • Sab3rT Sab3rTV (@Sab3rT) reported


  • TheChaosation Maxwell Scott (@TheChaosation) reported

    @Rossenaut @derHorstor @Respawn @PlayApex Explain how a reconnection feature that allows you to rejoin from the event of a wifi hiccup, game crash, or pc crash, is not needed for Apex Legends. (which is a battle royale and is crash prone for the time being)

  • Zu_niga17 ズニガ (@Zu_niga17) reported

    I swear to the allfather that if @Respawn doesn’t fix the dam servers in @PlayApex this game won’t survive.

  • Mitch30565935 Mitch (@Mitch30565935) reported

    @PlayApex please fix. Have to close game after every match cause matchmaking won't work.

  • skinnypupp Carl Nelson 👹 (@skinnypupp) reported

    Played 4 games, had 3 games end by cheaters, and 1 with a cheater on my team. @PlayApex @Respawn your game is completely broken now, to the point where I am seeing cheaters not even bother to pick up armor. Something needs to be done to save #ApexLegends

  • austin_obryon Austin (@austin_obryon) reported

    Yeah for real y’all need to fix this @PlayApex

  • oBordox_ Bordoxox (@oBordox_) reported

    Bro please do something to work around these slow when shot it’s so broken @PlayApex

  • demmawXO demmaw xoxo (@demmawXO) reported

    @BasedFuji @PlayApex Idk if it really has a name it’s just a crate glitch

  • Bigmike0226 Terrance Wise (@Bigmike0226) reported

    @PlayApex can we fix this bad sound when more than three squads are together fighting

  • jester_440 Dave (@jester_440) reported

    @PlayApex just a daily reminder that your game is a lagging piece of shit! Oh well, it will be completely dead soon. Nice try, flunkies.

  • iBangzYT iBangz (@iBangzYT) reported

    @PlayApex *Nerfs the only good guns* *Buffs the two most obnoxious characters* *Doesnt fix bluescreen issues*. This shits goin down the drain just like fortnite smh. it HAD potential

  • Ghost714Recon Brandon (@Ghost714Recon) reported

    @PlayApex yall wanna fix how slow your game is...thanks

  • Tino2Tonz Anthony Grande(Tino) (@Tino2Tonz) reported

    @PlayApex I'm getting irritated by the lack of weapons available. I shouldn't search 3 rooms w/o finding a weapon. Fix your algorithm/spawn rate.

  • WeqkndXO weqknd xo (@WeqkndXO) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex Honestly love apex but this is a major problem

  • GarettWadekempe GaReTt (@GarettWadekempe) reported

    @PlayApex fix your damn servers!

  • FahnbeldG Fahnbeld (@FahnbeldG) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn Now please fix the lag server issues pls

  • Stable_XVII (@Stable_XVII) reported

    @PlayApex please fix ur game and update it more frequently because if not then it's just gonna be like pubg and die after a year.

  • TheFatherJoe Joe Henry (@TheFatherJoe) reported

    @PlayApex my game keeps getting frozen at the opening screen. How can I try to fix this problem

  • Cynguy1 Cynguy (@Cynguy1) reported

    Wow this lagging slow motion crap, so ******* over it...Retweet if you feel my pain so @PlayApex will finally fix it before adding pointless shit to the game.. @Ant1Apex @TitanfallBlog @Dexerto @Xbox @Twitch @TwitterGaming @stelthco

  • dylan_stanland Fatmute (@dylan_stanland) reported

    You know what #ApexLegends needs silencers because everyone runs towards gun fire like @PlayApex #Xbox #pcgaming #PS4 and fix were if i close a door they cant shoot through it plz retweet to they can see this

  • antjonesguitar Ant (@antjonesguitar) reported

    @PlayApex can you fix your servers on xbox...they are trash.

  • D3CODE94 D3CODE (@D3CODE94) reported

    @King_MagnusYT @PlayApex Also slow glitch!!!!!

  • King_MagnusYT Magnus (@King_MagnusYT) reported

    @PlayApex fix your audio bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YtheCod CODYtheCREATOR6 (@YtheCod) reported

    @PlayApex PLEASE FIX THINGS THAT NEED FIXING! NERF THE WEAK ASS SPRAY N PRAY DEVOTION AND CAUSTIC TRAPS. stop sucking at your jobs and actually make the game better instead of ruining it please and thanks. k bye

  • lilt0wn 👤 (@lilt0wn) reported

    @PellinghamQ @TwitchPrime @PlayApex super disappointing and twitch has like zero customer service lol

  • JesseGriffin812 Jesse griffin (@JesseGriffin812) reported

    @PlayApex fix the hit box on pathfinder. I'm sick of killing the guy next to him and then I cant get even one hit marker on the damn robot. Its aggravating. Specially whenever your nerfing guns n stuff

  • excision_sting MogZov (@excision_sting) reported

    @PlayApex I love your game but please, the servers are like the biggest issue, screw the new content please get your servers under control, random stuttering, and sometimes the whole server will run at half speed, it's such a great game but please

  • Gsev7n Gseven (@Gsev7n) reported

    Decided that Im taking a break from @PlayApex until they can figure out how to not make the game crash repeatedly. I cant consistently enjoy the game knowing at any moment during a heated match Ill just get kicked off with no warning.

  • Super_1122 Lance Gladis (@Super_1122) reported

    My God @PlayApex you have to fix the beginning game lag!

  • bloodyz Bloodyz (@bloodyz) reported

    Fix the hitboxs Fix the audio glitches Upgrade your servers so it won't lag Add some content @PlayApex i love your game, I know it takes time, I am patient, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm tired of jumping in, going through walls and stuff dying because of the servers.

  • GalaxyWorm blank (@GalaxyWorm) reported