Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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February 17: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 05:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • StevenPlague 𝙎𝙡𝙖𝙢 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙁𝙡𝙚𝙭 (@StevenPlague) reported


  • _mgm152_ Marshall GM (@_mgm152_) reported

    @yasha92862197 @EAHelp @PlayApex My highest was 9 got it earlier today, but this is starting to piss me off, i get penaltys for a crash that i cant fix, i get in games where the servers are running at like half speed, they arent fixing it, let alone the fridge glitch and loud ass thing flying under the jump ship



  • BornaAsi Borna Asi (@BornaAsi) reported

    @PlayApex Refund us for the extra 400 coins you charged on the lovefinder charm. It’s ridiculous how you have zero communication with your fans. Disgusted by your costumer service, if we don’t receive our refunds I’m done purchasing through your game

  • Alexxdiaz2828 ALEXANDER 1️⃣7️⃣ (@Alexxdiaz2828) reported from Clovis, California

    @PlayApex you guys should really fix the PlayStation blue screen I’ve gotten kicked out of so many good games

  • Hinesy06 Hinesy (@Hinesy06) reported

    @Aimtique @BabyJoey_Mixer @PlayApex It’s not a problem, I am just pointing out the fact that when I play Xbox gamers complain about M&K and when I was viewing Shrouds stream they were complains about aim assist for controllers on PC. Just comical to me 😂

  • followilko Eelco Guntlisbergen (@followilko) reported

    @PlayApex great job with those ranked errors.. lost at least 200 points with that bullshit.. #greatgame

  • MysticLeeeroy MysticLeeeroy(Oscar) (@MysticLeeeroy) reported

    @Nokokopuffs_ @Convertibles @PlayApex Your right, its a Nvidia cloud streaming service. Nothing to do with EA or Respawn. Also, they also state that this isn't an official mobile release for Apex in the article. But gotta read all the way in the bottom as usual to get to the point from these clickbaits

  • RexisttXO Rexistt (@RexisttXO) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* engine error. its just sad at this point.

  • eu_rosco Rosco_EU (@eu_rosco) reported


  • BeastModeNZ Bro (@BeastModeNZ) reported

    @PlayApex why can't you just fix all the bugs before you add more shit that causes more bugs...

  • maydeelol maydeelol (@maydeelol) reported

    @BadoliOW @PlayApex I imagine upping the tickrate 2x from what it is now and actually having decent network infrastructure with minimal freezes/lag would benefit them in the long run, even if its a pricey thing to do. The servers have been shit for a year >-<

  • spencer2534 Spencer (@spencer2534) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex FIX YOUR GAME The lstar doesn't do that much damage from over 70m away I got annihilated because you can't fix your game or your audio Ohhh that's right you don't listen to your community or the people that make you your money! Backoffmyjankz and chicken

  • proper66532923 proper (@proper66532923) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* servers I’ve played 6 games today and my whole team has lagged 3 of the games because your servers are ASS #getyourshittogether

  • Tyler_ray90 t (@Tyler_ray90) reported

    @Respawn Please please please respawn. I’m begging you. The community is begging you. Fix the footstep audio for enemies in Apex. It’s almost non existent and completely inconsistent. It’s such a frustrating experience to die constantly to this issue.

  • Tyler_ray90 t (@Tyler_ray90) reported

    @Respawn please please please respawn. I’m begging you. The community is begging you. PLEASE fix the enemy footste audio. It’s almost non existent. Can’t tell you how many times my friends and I have died from someone 2 foot out of our view and no idea they were there.

  • ImAmateur мσ∂ємσιѕєℓℓє (@ImAmateur) reported

    @Reeceg2511 @PlayApex Hope they will fix it as fast as possible

  • BadoliOW Fnatic Badoli (@BadoliOW) reported


  • SKniepi Nori-D (@SKniepi) reported

    @PlayApex this game has too many crashes. Pls fix that quickly

  • cuzurchubby hazell rivera (@cuzurchubby) reported

    @PlayApex fix ya game plz it keeps crashing on me for no reason

  • Drowsyuwu Drowsy🔥 (@Drowsyuwu) reported

    @Liquid_Casper @Respawn @PlayApex one year multiple other games having quals and lans and by far yours had been the worst i hope u fix it for the future but thats what ppl have been saying about all your **** ups since launch and u still haven't gotten smarter or fixed the main issues crazy

  • bruss_ryan Koalle (@bruss_ryan) reported

    @PlayApex when I lag out and my game crashes I shouldn’t get a 7 minute penalty smh. I can’t control when the game decides to crash

  • MichaelKieschn2 Michael Kieschnick-Mulligan (@MichaelKieschn2) reported

    @PlayApex Been having a weird issue lately where 6/10 times I play duos I end up in a Normal play apex lobby

  • Dimenz_ d i m e. 🤙🏽 (@Dimenz_) reported

    @PlayApex y’all gotta fix the hit registration bro. Period.

  • aezrel æzrel (@aezrel) reported

    @PlayApex @EA hey guys. Apex is lagging like crazy on xbox. Its been all season 4. Please fix this.

  • RiffinnTwitch Riffinn (@RiffinnTwitch) reported

    So @PlayApex has permabanned me for "cheating", and wont reverse it after 2 investigations. Only issue is, I'M NOT CHEATING. So, I can't even make a NEW account because I don't know what ******** is flagging my account, and they refuse to tell me. Brilliant ******* system.

  • PurplexedArab Ali-A2.0 (@PurplexedArab) reported

    @Respawn I’ve lost sooo many rank points from the blue screening in apex legends, fix this

  • GViguier Yuz Azaf (@GViguier) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* server/ your pénalité law sucks, we lost points and grades because your appli is a ******* bullshit

  • pollos31400 Pollos (@pollos31400) reported

    @PlayApex your game is ****** up, I'm getting crash for nothign (engine probleme) and my mate is crashing at game start sometimes

  • Justinc4334 Final Getsuga (@Justinc4334) reported

    @PlayApex Could u please fix the refridgerater glitch i have come across a bunch of people abusing that glitch not only can they hide but if u shoot at them u cant hit them the only counter to this is caustics gas please fix

  • Santacrab SantaCrab (@Santacrab) reported

    @PlayApex invites still not working

  • Mackenz200001 Mackenzie smith (@Mackenz200001) reported

    @PlayApex Can you guys fix the bug where you dont here footsteps its got me killed like 5 or 6 times now😠😠

  • spencer2534 Spencer (@spencer2534) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex FIX YOUR GAME Your stability is horseshit I got killed by a laggy caustic in a ranked game are you kidding

  • DeadOffSpawn Dead off spawn (@DeadOffSpawn) reported

    @PlayApex I have received several crashes with different error codes this only happens with your game and I am now being penalized and forced to sit out of games for it I love the game any ideas on ways to fix tried eveythjng on google

  • TrentRoyal1 Trent Royal (@TrentRoyal1) reported

    @PlayApex my @PlayApex game keeps crashing every 2 or 3 games very consistently and i’ve done all i know to fix it... it still crashes so please help me . what can i do to fix it 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Khalid__Soud K10 🇸🇦 (@Khalid__Soud) reported

    @Respawn @nvidia hey guys when u will fix the crash on @PlayApex cuz i lose a lot of points in rank and unlimited banned without no reason :D It’s really annoying

  • thekappaconvict the kappa convict (@thekappaconvict) reported

    @KINGISMYREALDAD @PlayApex I've been screaming this lol its soooooo broken right now it's not even funny

  • SakiNikaidou1 Sakineko (@SakiNikaidou1) reported

    @PlayApex I would love to finish my ranked matches without hour trashy game to crash or kick me out of the ranked match for no reason. You seriously need to get your sh#t together guys

  • bryanwsshere Secret Agent Cody Banks 🤵🏽 (@bryanwsshere) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your game. It keeps crashing during matches 😭

  • fowlerp74 Patrick (@fowlerp74) reported

    @PlayApex @PlayApex I am trying to figure out why I am still getting this error 34878.... I have been getting it since it first came out. It takes the fun out of the game. Got the disk hoping that would fix it. Deleted app 10s of times still no luck

  • ZachEkpe ZACH (@ZachEkpe) reported

    @PlayApex wtf is happening to your game :( it is so broken

  • HeavenDeBruyne HN. (@HeavenDeBruyne) reported


  • kurtisM5 Kurtis 〽️arquez (@kurtisM5) reported

    @MrJDHYoung @PlayApex I love my PS exclusives 😭, I’m not getting the errors my homie is and it’s just annoying that he has lost so many point because of them

  • BordeKareem Kareem La Borde (@BordeKareem) reported

    @PlayApex Having issues returning to lobby today

  • _BaDunCHING_ Tanya. (@_BaDunCHING_) reported

    @PlayApex Hi. I’m havin an issue on PS4. Everytime I go back to the lobby with my squad I can’t ready up for another game & they end up in a game without me. I have to close app or go back to main menu after every game to fix it.

  • HypeKura Hype Kura (@HypeKura) reported

    **** you @PlayApex , Fix your ******* game. It crashed my pc so many times per day !! + the Engine error and the Servers's lagging at the beggining of a lot of games. It's the end for me on Apex. ******* retards

  • salad_fingers93 Flo (@salad_fingers93) reported

    @PlayApex so many game breaking things. No other battle royale has this amount of third partying that you can put nothing up against. At least let us heal up instantly when we kill a squad or lower the sound of gunshots...this issue is litterally since day one....

  • Deonte77103577 Deonte (@Deonte77103577) reported

    @PlayApex yea season 4 where " the lag will be fixed " yall cant even get one server to not lag for a day fix your ****** game!

  • ren2244229 Wallace (@ren2244229) reported

    what's your problems @PlayApex the fxxking crash issue makes me mad!

  • Greedy__GG Greedy (@Greedy__GG) reported

    @REDbySFR is so full of shit. They took 2 months to install internet at my home, and 1 month later it's broken. Now I have to wait 1 week before they send someone to look at it. I'm not even sure I'll have internet by next @PlayApex quals.

  • YozJabMan Gosby (@YozJabMan) reported

    Why are you server so ******* shit, @PlayApex goddamn fix that ****

  • TheKeruu Pinkeru (@TheKeruu) reported

    @KidKinect @Respawn @PlayApex They know but they just don't care. Game is full broken since season 4 and still no patch.

  • Alwalee12541641 zeix (@Alwalee12541641) reported

    Now I need to find something else play since @PlayApex is broken. l miss season 1 and season 2! 💔

  • trashcan1321 1123 (@trashcan1321) reported

    @itsGMBL @fpsnoted @PlayApex sbmm is not working now i think, because im still haiving 5-6 win per day as solo

  • _Odnesor odnesoR (@_Odnesor) reported

    @PlayApex Pls fix your ps4 servers, the game is unplayable, i'm constantly going down and playing games with lag

  • QuaneyBreaux M E M E N T O M O R I 🖤 (@QuaneyBreaux) reported


  • Podmaster2017 Podmaster2017 (@Podmaster2017) reported

    @Shazzajade96 @PlayApex @PlayStation @Respawn @Chris01511768 Yeah, I’m not asking that we should receive credit for what should have been our win, but if you can fix these bugs ASAP that will be compensation enough cause I’m really tired of getting kicked from games for no reason and ruining my play experience

  • N7Silent Trent Hammonds (@N7Silent) reported

    @fpsnoted @PlayApex If they did any of the things listed above as well as fix some issues like bugs and stuff the game would be amazing. I watched some Apex the first month the game was out. I miss those days as the game felt really polished. With all the new stuff added it doesn't feel like that.

  • Podmaster2017 Podmaster2017 (@Podmaster2017) reported

    @PlayApex @PlayStation @Respawn was one kill away from clutching a game after being respawned in final circle with nothing, was just about to finish last guy when A FATAL ERROR OCCURRED AND CRASHED MY GAME!!I respectfully request you fix these bugs please, games almost unplayable

  • _RobertOchoa_ 🏳️‍🌈⃤ Robert Ochoa 🏳️‍🌈⃤ (@_RobertOchoa_) reported

    @PlayApex The error code is CE- 34878-0. I love Apex Legends so much and I hate it when I crash. My PSN is RealRobertOchoa. Thank you if you read this. 4/4