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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

 Some problems detected at Apex Legends

Apex Legends problems in the last 24 hours

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February 19: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 03:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (56.47%)
  • Matchmaking (22.58%)
  • Online Play (10.67%)
  • Game Crash (7.74%)
  • Glitches (2.28%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.26%)

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  • IsaacCummings1 Isaac Cummings (@IsaacCummings1) reported

    @duttlesSC2 @PlayApex No but I was having the she issue yesterday repairing the game files seemed to work for me but only played a couple games after repairing

  • Fireborne12 Anthony Jenkins (@Fireborne12) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the lag on PS4 please it's wrecking my squads.

  • yerlidanzillian YerliDan (@yerlidanzillian) reported


  • leathermonster Michael Smallwood (@leathermonster) reported

    @PlayApex Yeah, um, getting "Party leader quit" error message regularly for the second day in a row. It's either me or my teammates getting booted about 3 out of 10 games. I'm quitting in disgust for the second day in a row.

  • LukeIsStillHere Luke_is__here (@LukeIsStillHere) reported

    @TACTSMNorth @Activision @EpicGames @Respawn @PLAYERUNKNOWN @MortalKombat 007,doom, prototype, cod online, crash bandicoot, Skylanders

  • TankForde Vicious (@TankForde) reported

    @PlayApex Really need to fix the server stability Disconnecting mid match

  • AlexSlone5 Alex (@AlexSlone5) reported

    @PlayApex Having issues when going into inventory while moving then the controls get stuck

  • JohnyPlesescu Johny Plesescu (@JohnyPlesescu) reported


  • uiPimz MARTIAL FC (@uiPimz) reported

    @PlayApex if yall could fix late load in that would be ******* great

  • TheRealDucky96 Ducky (@TheRealDucky96) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* game

  • colt27137794 Colt (@colt27137794) reported

    @PlayApex Well, experienced my first crash ever during a match on ps4. You only worsened things with the update..

  • SAS_Tr4cer AK rooki (@SAS_Tr4cer) reported

    @PlayApex I truly love your game, but I have one issue with it. The fact that the currency you get for lvling is almost completely useless. I feel like everything in the store should have the option to be bought with the lvl currency, but besides that you made a amazing game!

  • chuch44 Old School Gamer (@chuch44) reported

    @Charalanahzard @Respawn That's the problem nowadays there's no human interaction that was the best part about the early days of Xbox Live and into the 360 area people talk shit nobody's feelings got hurt everybody laughed now everybody scared to communicate so they text everything

  • Akiinas 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓷𝔂 (𝓐𝓼𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓐𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓪) (@Akiinas) reported

    @PlayApex hello please fix this noise glitch already! It’s really irritating!

  • takumiae92 Jean-Francois Martel (@takumiae92) reported

    @PlayApex You guys need to work a fix on sound lag cause every game there's lag with shooting, step, opening door, looting..... On Xbox One X and there no word from RESPAWN about this !!! I know im not alone !!! Its the fourth time i reinstall the game Do something or say something !!!

  • Guardians_Realm Guardians Realm (@Guardians_Realm) reported

    @RemasteredGG @PlayApex @TeamOxygenGG @OutfoxEsports @ApexElites @ApexProDiscord @apex_intel @ApexLegendsTXT @ApexNewsBR @TitanfallBlog Fix it

  • FireZavier Zavier||Viral Fire🔥 (@FireZavier) reported

    @PlayApex Can you fix when 2 other playstations are game sharing or on same wifi because when you play with them it makes you play as their account not your and they get black screened or it happens to yourself...

  • rafiqmuhsin Encik Rafiq (@rafiqmuhsin) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the's lag and freeze ..and please fix when we play the game..don't let us join other party while still in game..cost a lot of loss

  • Angry_Picture c.s.s. (@Angry_Picture) reported

    @PlayApex tell EA to fix your severs.... The lag is terrible.

  • Nasseralkindi94 Nasser Jamal Alkindi (@Nasseralkindi94) reported

    @PlayApex the game is full of bugs.. I was hoping you guys to fix connection problems... but nothing changed! What a game ! Bad servers and bad matchmaking 🤙🏻even after the patch :)

  • Reece19464000 Reece (@Reece19464000) reported

    @PlayApex im still getting a crash now and then with GTX 1050 TI please fix every time this happens makes me feel like i dont want to play the game again and it has, this is a good way to loose a playerbase please fix pc and not shitty console

  • Blaze_knight123 Blazeknight123 (@Blaze_knight123) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn sorry to bother you, but my game takes 10 minitues to load in the main menu, my Internet speed is around 90mbps(download) so I don't see that being the problem, I play on a ps4 Pro. I tried reinstalling it(ik I won't get a response but you never know)

  • Nathan_Rea_4 Nathan Rea (@Nathan_Rea_4) reported

    @PlayApex Mirage has to improve soon. His passive and tactical are good but his ultimate is useless. IMO he should go completely invisible. It'd be balanced out by bloodhound and caustic's vision anyways so it wouldn't even be broken. #ApexLegend #apexlengends

  • Polttuni ImmortalWraith (@Polttuni) reported

    @PlayApex I really do wonder when you're going to fix the PC crashes and issues related to AMD FX-6XXX processors.

  • vamsireddymvkr Vamsi reddy (@vamsireddymvkr) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the Singapore servers which has 65-70ping or add a new server to the indians

  • RobertoManuelE1 Roberto Estevez (@RobertoManuelE1) reported

    @PlayApex hi i have somo problems of performance because i got al the graphics in minimun at all and the still goin lagin in fps i want to know if the problem is my computer or is the optimization of the game

  • vamsireddymvkr Vamsi reddy (@vamsireddymvkr) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the Singapore servers for better ping for Indians

  • Liegeneer Sam (@Liegeneer) reported

    Been getting more crashes after the latest patch. Game randomly closes without any error. @PlayApex

  • Mojito92i Abe/Glenn dans mon ♥ (@Mojito92i) reported

    @PlayApex please can you do something to fix that, my game was fine since the last MAJ, now i have 1 fps, i cant play and my game is crashing, my gpu and cpu work at 100%

  • Chozen_Warrior alex branco (@Chozen_Warrior) reported

    @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex we don’t need wall running or Titans please don’t mess this game up it’s perfect how it is just fix the looting add more legends and all that other stuff PLEASE DONT MESS THIS GAME UP!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • maicol99662500 maicol (@maicol99662500) reported

    @PlayApex In this update you have "solved the problem of crashing with the mirage passive" but I think you had the opposite of what you wanted. Because after the update I did a couple of games with mirage and 1/3 game crashes, and before that it did not happen.

  • kaden_coffey Kaden coffey (@kaden_coffey) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix achievements

  • maicol99662500 maicol (@maicol99662500) reported

    @PlayApex In this update you have "solved the problem of crashing with the mirage passive" but I think you had the opposite of what you wanted. Because after the update I did a couple of games with mirage and 1/3 game crashes, and before that it did not happen.😡

  • CameraGuyScifi CameraGuySciFi (@CameraGuyScifi) reported

    @Stylosa @PlayApex The problem with this is it happens to majority of the people including myself at the begging of the game when you land or when your teammate separate in mid air at the beginning. When you down yourself, and then get revived, the problem is fixed. I’ll have to see.

  • BrianMurano Brian Murano (@BrianMurano) reported

    @PlayApex Pretty bummed that there are no changes on PC, still random crashes and lag at beginning of games...

  • shiogagne Matt (@shiogagne) reported

    I wonder if @Respawn will ever fix the issue, apparently the game doesn't run well @AMD Fx-6xxx and Phenom processors unless I take out 2 cores (which is absolute bs)

  • LilAugiee Augie (@LilAugiee) reported

    @PlayApex thanks for having my disconnect during the final fight of my game. Can you actually fix this please.

  • kaden_coffey Kaden coffey (@kaden_coffey) reported

    @PlayApex @ZackaryMGould Fix Achievements I hit level 50 last night no achievement I am I going to have to restart all my progress

  • Xxxuluz Xuluz (@Xxxuluz) reported

    @PlayApex Im having a issue where i cant ready up unless i restart the game after every round

  • JamesThyGoat James (@JamesThyGoat) reported

    When is @PlayApex gonna fix the stupid PC crash bug. I get kicked out of like 1/2 games I play

  • NaParamore Obey Para (@NaParamore) reported

    @PlayApex If I See game modes come out before you fix the shotgun glitch when you have 0 bullets and can't shoot it or reload I'm going to lose my mind

  • antben70 __Toinou__ (@antben70) reported

    @PlayApex i crash again again and again.... 😤

  • LeVraiKaZu Kazu 🇫🇷 (@LeVraiKaZu) reported

    @PlayApex i hope i dont crash. if i crash i delete this game

  • ToTheGatMobile Gatlin (@ToTheGatMobile) reported

    @JustTwoLetters @PlayApex I don’t have solo/duo issue since all of my friends own PCs, but it does need to be added for people that don’t have that luxury. I am absolutely against them adding vehicles. Movement feels good in the game and the ring doesn’t hurt enough to make running in it an issue.

  • Mickelbro Michael Broughton (@Mickelbro) reported

    @PlayApex This patch didn’t fix Xbox servers...

  • xEliteVx_VF Vasilij Russkij (@xEliteVx_VF) reported

    @PlayApex Can you guys please fix the crash issues for the the last 2 hours my game crashed about 10 times...PLEASE 🥺

  • ZoaWar Zoa (@ZoaWar) reported

    @PlayApex This random game crashes are getting on my nerves, please make it your priority fix or make sure players are able to get back into the game in progress. thanks!

  • Jkim3434 Jeff (@Jkim3434) reported

    @PlayApex @EricJ0ne5 no more lag monster hopefully

  • necrify ty (@necrify) reported

    @PlayApex Pls fix the issue where the peacekeeper is not able to fire after switching guns. no way I'm able to drop my gun and pick it back up in a close qtr gun fight just to fix this bug.

  • AuthenticFN AuthenticFN (@AuthenticFN) reported

    @PlayApex huge lag going on right now

  • Ben_Fredro Fredro (@Ben_Fredro) reported

    Tip: Anyone with a curved Samsung gaming monitor. If you get a blue hue while playing @PlayApex you need to turn down your monitor to 120hz. 144hz has issues with just Apex. Create a 2nd profile that runs 120hz.

  • Ghs7Z MGhs7Z (@Ghs7Z) reported

    @PlayApex I hope to solve the problem of the server selection button because at some times it is Except if I did not move the hand of control for some time until the season of the game after the Dahr naturally I hope to be dazzling me the first thing I play the game

  • adde12440 adam arvidson (@adde12440) reported

    @PlayApex with the new update you cant play fullscreen the screen just turns no signal on and off all the time :/ fix it... happened after the new 130mb update....

  • TjBurns19 Tj Burns (@TjBurns19) reported

    @belmans_jef @NortoDesu @PlayApex Issue since day one. Another issue is people death boxes molding into and disappearing from the ******* supply ship. Couldnt recover so many banners

  • figuedroga Figueroa_ (@figuedroga) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the sound

  • Iewiis ً (@Iewiis) reported

    @PlayApex fix the crashes you useless mongs

  • NathanIrwin16 Nathan Irwin (@NathanIrwin16) reported

    @PlayApex I don't know if this issue has been fixed but there's been this thing where when you land to a location for 1 minute or so everything moves in slow motion and there's also a glitch I believe in Cascades where I got stuck on the ledge after opening the door.

  • Hatersss13 Hatersss (@Hatersss13) reported


  • jethro_bharata jethro (@jethro_bharata) reported

    @PlayApex Still waiting for fix about crash

  • Shadotora Vincent Ruiz (@Shadotora) reported

    @VinceZampella @PlayApex I did and it did not yield any positive results. I can't get connected but once a day, if I'm lucky. I have no problems whatsoever with any other game. In an effort to play with friends, I have put in the time to get it to work, but my patience is wearing thin at this point.