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  • _Anarkii_ Christoph (@_Anarkii_) reported

    @WGame423 @Toto_R6S_ @GameSpot Anthem was “okay” when it launched. It had server issues and no end game content, but other than that it was half decent. If they delayed release and actually put a decent game it would of been excellent. Now the studio is a total mess.

  • ravipathak59 Ravi Pathak (@ravipathak59) reported

    @UE_UpperEchelon Don't worry guys, day 1 patch is still 2 days away. It'll fix everything. Just like Anthem and fallout 76

  • ThelmaB06893137 Trump2020Pence2024 (@ThelmaB06893137) reported

    @TommyDidIt2 @NBCNews No, he has his right to his opinion, he earned it through his service. Kap has never served flag in service and has no right to disrespect the Anthem that plays when we salute it. Kap has sacrificed nothing and deserves no respect for using our symbols for his failure to stand.

  • AlexBrangwin Alexandria Brangwin (@AlexBrangwin) reported

    @XSTREAMS_STUDIO @Bungie Anthem's seemed to be a malfunction, JC3 seemed to be actually working normally as intended. I don't know which is worse outside of Bethesda's old Gamebryo crash during an infinite loading screen.

  • DarthRagnhild 🇳🇴 Angel Ragnhild 🏳️‍🌈 The Mistress of Sin (@DarthRagnhild) reported

    @TheCrossDM This game is planned to be a live service so it will be anthem style trash littered with micro transactions so likely to be a massive dumpster fire

  • HemantkumarGVa1 Hemantkumar G Vasava (@HemantkumarGVa1) reported

    @INCBihar You have problem with BJP & all who support BJP . But , this time almost entire India is in support of BJP . SO, YOU HATE ENTIRE INDIA & that's why you don't even like our national anthem to be declared as best national anthem.

  • justin_mcshan Justin McShan (@justin_mcshan) reported

    Reid has not done a damn thing but kneel during the national anthem, & criticize other players doing amazing things in their community. The man is all talk & no action. That’s why he bashes players who actually do something about issues.

  • MichaelALewis73 Michael A. Lewis (@MichaelALewis73) reported

    @TonyBrunoShow @JohnKincade @brownie81372 @KrystleRich @robwiii @Stephen_Amo1 There is no other interpretation of the pig socks than cops are pigs. Kaep has had a few missteps early on; this and sitting for the anthem, before it was suggested he kneel instead. They had to resolve the issue with the PD who threatened to stop doing security at the games.

  • woIfensteins ༺♥ (@woIfensteins) reported

    @OedonChapel DA is chalk full of issues in regards to writing and real world messages but this is their last shot lol like ME4 sucked anthem sucked i dont understand what happened. i dont want them to rush and overwork their people at all but all these articles say they just. are giving up

  • SaltRockLicker SuperVolcano2020 🌋🇺🇸 (@SaltRockLicker) reported

    @TXRebelAnnie @sav_nannah @onewalleee Have a safe round trip and a quick fix! Sending you on your way with the anti-douchebag anthem 🎶 How much douche could a douchebag douche that douchebag could bag douche🎵

  • IrishFurySG The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression (@IrishFurySG) reported

    @Conrguy @al606 @TSNSimmer The problem in the US isn’t ‘the anthem’ or ‘the flag’ themselves.

  • Mboatenhamer BrutalJustice (@Mboatenhamer) reported

    @pcgamer He probably left because they wanted him to make the next DA into another live service game like Anthem

  • Joneemartian John Martin (@Joneemartian) reported

    @Cernovich I can see how many would have a problem with this as the NFL is now seen as an Unpatriotic organization since they allow for acts like kneeling for the National Anthem. That negativity still exist.

  • BWrfwd Worfwood (@BWrfwd) reported

    Not even Anthem devs knew what they were doing and what kind of game Anthem was supposed to be, or even that it was called Anthem. "Don't worry guys, the Bioware Magic ™ will solve all our problems" Well, I don't think there's anyone left there who believes in ******* magic.

  • stedywidimattic Chin🤪 (@stedywidimattic) reported

    @cess_rouge Side problem , anthem, 220, 6 braff, custom, cheat, women's empowerment e.t.c

  • askariali askariali (@askariali) reported

    @Jesuorobo 1. Colin SUED NFL for collusion against him & won a settlement. 2. NFL has blackballed Colin as evidenced by him NOT playing. 3. NFL policy against players kneeling during the anthem remains in place. My issue is with NFL's sincerity.

  • uncleogwatt Big D (@uncleogwatt) reported

    Kneeling during the anthem is just pointing your finger at the problem , now ask yourself then what .. Jay two steps ahead #JayzNFL

  • Beauchamp1947 Beauchamp (@Beauchamp1947) reported

    @marcelluswiley @E_Reid35 @djvlad You wanna call someone ignant for having a problem that Mark Sanchez and countless other players got jobs meanwhile Kap couldn’t! It wasn’t about kneeling it’s about the fact he knelt for injustice while Lynch always sat eating while the anthem was being played (1)

  • WYSIWYG2017 KPKahder󾓦 (@WYSIWYG2017) reported

    Basically her big problem came down to my pointing out the hypocrisy in white nationalists wearing the US Flag as a "cape" but claiming ultimate "Patriotism" when it comes to the flag or the anthem. She made it about their anti semetic views. Which was not my point.

  • ShortyMamba24 Shorty Thee Pony (@ShortyMamba24) reported

    Reason why I had no issue with Gladys Knight performing the Nat’ Anthem last year while Black Twitter was in their feelings.

  • DROIDTASTIC4 Bender B. Rodriguez 🇮🇹🇺🇸 (@DROIDTASTIC4) reported

    @AnthemYour @BenIrvo FFS stop with the brown nosing. Anthem is dead. No more brownie points to earn. Guys like you are a huge part of why we get broken unfinished games because they know people like you will support it no matter how bad because all you want is to grow you brand, channel, Etc 👎👎

  • seniorghost007 Ethan AKA SeniorGhost007 (@seniorghost007) reported

    @EAHelp my Anthem game keeps saying lost connection to EA servers when I load in,or when iam loaded in my suit doesn't have a head or I cant use my weapons and then it kicks me out to main menu,havinh this problem since I bought it platform is PS4

  • ElfFromDenerim Faewriter (@ElfFromDenerim) reported

    @BoomyNation Agreed! Tho what I find tragic is the DA team immediately learned from and tried to fix their DAI mistakes for DA4 preproduction, but EA made them abandon it to help with Anthem, then scrapped it to make them start all over. Time will tell if they avert MEA & Anthem's issues...

  • BoomyNation 🏴‍☠️ Boomy 🇺🇸 (@BoomyNation) reported

    @ElfFromDenerim I agree, and I believe Anthem is learning as well. I just wished these companies would learn and not release broken products.

  • PCmor7 Philip Cmor (@PCmor7) reported

    @ChrisMorelli @Requiem_Boogey @deanosborn42 @ProFootballTalk And that is a problem, that people are more offended by him kneeling for the anthem than for people actually dying! Being offended, last I checked, wasn't injury. It's the NATIONAL Anthem. Not the military anthem. BTW, all branches have their own flag and own anthem.

  • Bridney9 Bridney Thabo (@Bridney9) reported

    Blacks are apologiest yaz @ntsikimazwai I fully support you. Why when we don't sing the afrikaans part of the national anthem is a problem but this boers only stand up and sing when is afrikaans in the rugby match and no one see something wrong with it 🙄 #RSAvARG

  • Vavalium Jaime (@Vavalium) reported

    @Arumi_kai I think it’s a whole bunch of things snowballing to make one big problem for the whole studio. I really liked Andromeda despite the eye shit, but Anthem is not winning fans over like they thought.. not to mention EA as well, with all the stuff they force on studios.

  • Matrix_Refugee Matrix_Refugee🇺🇸 (@Matrix_Refugee) reported

    @mrshaheedmalik @IVANISTHEMAN @RealTimers @KillerMike I just said that, the anthem protest are hurting ticket sales. A lot of people who don’t like the kneeling are tuning out. People on the Kap side of the issue are not, lol.

  • Matrix_Refugee Matrix_Refugee🇺🇸 (@Matrix_Refugee) reported

    @mrshaheedmalik @IVANISTHEMAN @RealTimers @KillerMike The empty seats and decline in ticket sales are due to a lot of things. Cost of going to the game, a lot of fans rather watch at home, etc. Also, let’s not act like there are not fans that don’t watch because of the other side of the issue, they don’t like the anthem protests.

  • ElfFromDenerim Faewriter (@ElfFromDenerim) reported

    @BoomyNation Whenever people disparage Anthem and SWTOR in the same breath, I like to point out that SWTOR learned from its launch mistakes and tried to help Anthem during production, and a lot of the same issues Anthem devs didn't listen to them about ended up getting panned on release.

  • matirodriguezse Mati 🇦🇷🇺🇸 (@matirodriguezse) reported

    @WhitlockJason Police brutality was the #1 topic on social media everytime it happened, before Kaep ever took a knee. Its wasnt an issue that was flying under the radar Kaep kneeling just made people argue about whether its right or wrong to take a knee during the anthem.

  • garybrock4 gary brock (@garybrock4) reported

    @ASadword @bioware Live service will be the downfall for Dragon Age 4.After that it's "Game Over" for Bioware. I'm surprised EA has not axed Anthem already but its coming.

  • MalcolmMolver Malcolm Molver (@MalcolmMolver) reported

    @DStvCare Channel 206 at the start of the game. Sound was on before England anthem, went off for the anthem, came back on, went off for Wales anthem then came on again. Broadcast started at 15:05. And please don't say it was technical problems. It was censorship. Just way too coincidental

  • fighter_isha isha_fighter 🇮🇳 I LOVE MY INDIA (@fighter_isha) reported

    @brianypaul she is suffering with Islamist radical Islam duffer is associated Jai Hind to nuke war how disgusting brainless who is suffering with Mental problem can allowed to get space in media tomorrow Priyanka will sing National anthem being a India then such Islamic radical will object

  • MAGA2038 Charles Kirkington III (@MAGA2038) reported

    There are so many better ways to protest “systemic oppression” than to kneel during the National Anthem, when that is one of the very few times our country can you unite but by kneeling you decide to divide. Therefore you’re helping the problem.

  • PedroRelvas94 Pedro Relvas (@PedroRelvas94) reported

    @BenjiSales @jasonschreier We can’t simply ignore the fact too... Anthem had the very same issue alongside many other games that ended up bad at launch. I do hope the game ends up being excellent we all know how much MS needs it. @iHuGi

  • conserverterian Conserverterian (@conserverterian) reported

    @TRexterminator @Race_Imboden That’s the problem Stupid, he didn’t stand, he knelt during the anthem!

  • JudgeDewie Alex (@JudgeDewie) reported

    @danmersh @vitriolamusic @RafaDavies Just wanted to clarify by the way...not sure why this topic is so important to’s almost as if I’m not right in the brain...but I dislike Wasted Years because the chorus sounds to me like a a failed attempt at a rock anthem. No issue with any band trying to have a hit.

  • DMel33 Saiyan Prince (@DMel33) reported

    And the other thing about that video is remember...for Rog to know what the issue is...he never spoke against owner rhetoric of making people stand for the anthem and what not. He folded in the face of pressure like a table napkin

  • caddfive Caddius (@caddfive) reported

    @iamkoreylovell @fgarlands @E_Reid35 @he_is_Dre @Mr1738 I agree it became it became issue about kneeling during the national anthem it should have been an issue about #police / #government acting as #tyrants for a long time regardless of your race color or creed mostly based on the size of your wallet And your influence in societie

  • direcktgaming Direckt Gaming (@direcktgaming) reported

    @GreyAussieGamer @EhrgeizTV @Platonakii @SpawnRespawnPC @AdamLikesGames1 @MaxPowerPlay @xSTiCKFiGAx @WhippaTV @AFracturedWinky @blackragedc @ProveItChannel Yeah I get that, but I just don’t think that one member of a huge team (despite his position) leaving equates to the issues that plagued Anthem and BioWare is general for years. Look at Mass Effect Andromeda - huge IP, almost Halo huge, and dev issues also plagued that project...

  • ADoomMerchant ᴅᴏᴏᴍ | Carth Onasi Hate Blog (@ADoomMerchant) reported

    I can say with absolute certainty that unless I run into render/upload problems beyond my control, there is absolutely no way the Anthem video won't be done and uploaded and live by the end of Sunday. I could get it all done tomorrow if I weren't playing Game™. We're so close.

  • direcktgaming Direckt Gaming (@direcktgaming) reported

    @GreyAussieGamer @EhrgeizTV @Platonakii @SpawnRespawnPC @AdamLikesGames1 @MaxPowerPlay @xSTiCKFiGAx @WhippaTV @AFracturedWinky @blackragedc @ProveItChannel Anthem apparently suffered from years of indecisiveness and pre-production, and didn’t even ramp up into full development until 18 months before release. I would be very very surprised if Microsoft allowed such issues with their flagship IP and next gen launch blockbuster.

  • Cobra18yus Manu Arques Yus (@Cobra18yus) reported

    @EAHelp Good ea a few days ago anthem hurts me well but since then he does not let me play I get the error to get the live services of anthem and I have tried everything I would like to know if you will solve it with an update Greetings

  • EhrgeizTV 🥚 Ehrgeiz 🥚 (@EhrgeizTV) reported

    @Platonakii @GreyAussieGamer @SpawnRespawnPC @direcktgaming @AdamLikesGames1 @MaxPowerPlay @xSTiCKFiGAx @WhippaTV @AFracturedWinky @blackragedc @ProveItChannel Anthem had far too many issues to have one person leaving being responsible for all of that. Completely different kinds of game too. Not worth comparing.

  • fullofbass DeaconFATAL (@fullofbass) reported

    Apples and oranges sir. In every way around it. Let’s go through the timeline. Kaep didn’t start off kneeling he was just sat down during the national anthem, he spoke with a service member that just advised him on a different way of protesting. Continued +

  • moinuddin_b Moinuddin B (@moinuddin_b) reported

    @sapnabhavnani Not standing up for the national anthem is not illegal The rule makers of our nation have broken their morals long before the concept of a rule and the nature of our existence is a dream made up of democracy

  • dipayanconnect DB 💥 (@dipayanconnect) reported

    @anthemgame @2AngryGamers Anthem - Before you give tips FIRST FIX MOUSE DISAPPEARANCE BUG 🐜 IN FORGE....seriously pathetic developers

  • Sentinel_Gray_ SentinelGray (@Sentinel_Gray_) reported

    @Spartanblue517 @MyNameIsByf @Isa_Kole @anthemgame You should be able to play it no problem. If your old X1 was 1st Gen then thats probably why it "blew up" Anthem is a hefty game which it might not have been able to run at best but also consoles wear out fast nowadays.

  • azfury Deplorable AZ Hispanic: Sick of Dems (@azfury) reported from Bullhead City, Arizona

    @Scavron @hredriders @skillern No its Not. Its about respect for that miraculous Flag the Anthem was written about . To many have fallen in the service of our nation and to many coffins have been draped w/ Our beautiful Flag. You don't have to like it. But you do have to respect it.

  • _Gamesh Strattos (@_Gamesh) reported

    @msperry72 @haruspis Remember with anthem, we never know before anthem is out that there is some big problems in the development, and it was too late.

  • tami_klomp tamara klomp (@tami_klomp) reported

    @Benjami61889657 @TheYoungTurks @AnaKasparian You do get there are 4 protests going on in regards to the same issue right,Hong Kong(China), and supporting protests in Adelaide(Australia),Melbourne(Australia)and Sydney(Australia) hence the AUSTRALIAN FLAG and ANTHEM in the AUSTRALIAN CITIES

  • Tryme81359798 I'll_make_ya_famous (@Tryme81359798) reported

    @Eske14 @ern_br @EscapedCroxteth @NorahODonnell @CBSNews @USWNT @ussoccer That was supposed to say *shut people down. I had a problem with the tea drinking thing and how Rapino responded in defence with wah wah wah. If you have to explain your celebration, you're doing it wrong. I'm never in agreement with anyone who kneels for the national anthem,

  • brandonkscott B. Scott from Hiram Clarke (@brandonkscott) reported

    Just STOP with this "the whole point was to bring attention to ..." No, it wasn't. Colin just wasn't trying to stand for the anthem. And those who care about the issue he raised were already attentive. This became about images and messaging for the NFL

  • daveranan David Svezhintsev (@daveranan) reported

    @slayer0000666 @jasonschreier @stephentotilo The problem with Anthem was partially on EA. Bigger cause of Anthem downfall was that the Casey Hudson, the Creative Director, left the company during the pre-production stage. Very similar story to today's news.

  • _BrianDaniels Brian Daniels (@_BrianDaniels) reported

    @AesSilverFang @AngryJoeShow I do see the problem. The problem is people giving EA their money to yet another game and then bitching about it later. Again. So I guess people didn't learn from Evolve, Battlefront 1&2 and Anthem, but here we are.

  • iboudreau Ian Boudreau (@iboudreau) reported

    Anthem still is riddled with problems but holy Moses is it ever gorgeous on ultra

  • justjwill88 justjwill88 (@justjwill88) reported

    @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport It’s about the platform, HE made people at my job aware of the issues he was protesting. Also, we don’t play the anthem at my job...If the NFL had the same policy he wouldn’t be able to kneel through the anthem at can’t be as oblivious as you portray yourself to be.

  • LChenevert2 Lesly Chenevert (@LChenevert2) reported

    @DevorahLeah In any case, he should be proud of his efforts to bring attention to important issues. I'm not sure he would continue to kneel. If he wants to play and will now stand for the anthem, I think he would get a 2nd chance. Never liked how violent offenders were treated leniently.

  • LChenevert2 Lesly Chenevert (@LChenevert2) reported

    @DevorahLeah I agree there is a problem with racism and police brutality. Fans just didn't make the connection between that and kneeling during the anthem. He could have spoken out, created a forum for discussion and given to defense funds. I think fans would have been happy to support him.