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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • BayleyKovacic Baz (@BayleyKovacic) reported

    @finn123xyz @hassanfawaz97 @FUTDonk Either this is hella fake and someone’s done a good job, or your shit is broken bc Anthem isn’t an EA trial anymore. The whole game is in the vault.

  • RoKeT_gal RhondaKTaylor (@RoKeT_gal) reported

    @newsobserver @Panthers @NFL Nope. Our family quit watching NFL when Kopperdick began his anti-U.S. flag/anthem/LEO stunt...just began watching again this season & I can walk away again no problem should he get hired.

  • Breel330 Jibreel N. Hazly❄️ (@Breel330) reported

    @Bsuavelive @luther_holley No that’s not the problem the problem is consumers where complaining and threatening not to watch or come to anymore NFL games because they took him kneeling during the national anthem as disrespect. Him kneeling at NFL games for police brutality made no sense and was costing.

  • LarryTTM Larry L Harris Jr (@LarryTTM) reported

    @GamesRadar "Anthem decides to keep servers alive for roughly another year and try milking constant microtrans updates." Fix Your headline.

  • echase0921 ed chase (@echase0921) reported

    @gregcote @HeraldSports Disrespect the flag, the Anthem the people who died fighting for the flag. I see no problem with him being told to find another job.

  • LeblancFiles ! (@LeblancFiles) reported

    @JoshB00m2 She had a huge anthem with her first single with no catchy hook on it. She certainly hasn’t been overlooked. The problem is she didn’t put out much product on a consistent basis to continue the momentum she had when she came out

  • xnshd Simon Jones (@xnshd) reported

    @Darma60172261 @zTxMeta @FischiiiSC @SkillUpYT @anthemgame again destiny and the division were alot more of a complete experience than anthem at launch and had good core gameplay that could be expanded upon. anthem is very buggy still and before doing anything like a taken king expansion they need to fix the ******* game.

  • MikeMcartyglass M McCarty (@MikeMcartyglass) reported

    We have a numbers problem here, that's only .385% of the total number of Farmers + ranchers. You can get 10,000 people to sign on to anything i.e. the petition to change the National Anthem to  R. Kelly’s “Ignition" (Remix). #StupidNews

  • Nickorilla An Actual Gorilla (@Nickorilla) reported

    Anthem continues to remind me of why I'm starting to hate AAA gaming. Abandoning vague content maps for yet more vague seasonal updates and vague "core issue fixes" and vague "engagements" There's a fantastic game buried under the garbage there. BioWare's fans deserve better.

  • xnshd Simon Jones (@xnshd) reported

    @Darma60172261 @zTxMeta @FischiiiSC @SkillUpYT @anthemgame i never used the word dying, i said low player numbers, no mans sky had low player numbers pretty quickly after launch because of the problems with that game. it had its fanbase which was passionate about the game but it was small. the same apply to anthem.

  • Babajid40347586 Babajide (@Babajid40347586) reported

    @kiddnubian Imagine she was still in the house The body odour thing would have been an issue Mercy's immunity would have been the national anthem The plantain issue a problem Seycha's argument would have been exaggerated And mike would've had to explain every convos he gets engaged in

  • SuperSpacedad 🏳️‍🌈SPACEDADECAPS 🏳️‍🌈 (@SuperSpacedad) reported

    @FoldableHuman @JimSterling Anthem's biggest problem is that it's out instead being cancelled because the whole project was a poorly managed trashfire.

  • FeoUltima 律 | Like A Dragon Warrior (@FeoUltima) reported

    lol Anthem abandons its roadmap six months after launch never trust AAA publishers pushing "games as service" above the game's own quality

  • JSWY303 JSWY🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@JSWY303) reported

    @WarlordMaverick Agree 100% therein lies the problem - UK isn’t a country, The nearest UK gets to evoking pride is a collapsed empire & Jingoistic World War pride. That isn’t a basis for a healthy country. England is a proud country that for some reason has to have UK anthem GSTQ foisted on it

  • AdamThomson___ Adam Thomson (@AdamThomson___) reported

    Anybody know of any current ethnical issues in sports that have created dilemmas. Please don’t say the national anthem as that’s just too obvious

  • FUCKB0ITIM Killa Killa (@FUCKB0ITIM) reported

    I actually think Kaep is a bit of a phony BUT there’s one point I can’t ignore. Tebow literally kneeled during the anthem every game and was applauded. but it was only a problem with Kaep due to the REASON in which he kneeled and that’s ****** up

  • DonNadon9 Don-a-Don (@DonNadon9) reported

    @TheApeBrigade @Spartan901 @anthemgame @bioware @EA Perhaps Anthem was always supposed to be the premier draw for EA's subscription service, I dunno... I can't imagine they're making a lot of money with premium currency...

  • RealGeekImpulse Geek Impulse (@RealGeekImpulse) reported

    BioWare hopes to fix 'Anthem' by swapping acts for seasonal updates #Gaming

  • Danadamthomas Daniel AdamThomas (@Danadamthomas) reported

    @FirstTake @Foxworth24 No NFL for Colin! From day 1, I said Colin cut his own throat with the NFL. Nfl is not a platform for personal problems or govt. problems, to be argued about. The flag or anthem is not toilet paper to wipe his ass with either. Colin chose, he chose wrong. Now live with it.

  • TripleB68210791 Triple B ⚡ (@TripleB68210791) reported

    @kntyoung @tutallokie all those others that dont say the anthem get get the F.O. of this country if they have a problem

  • DennisM17674901 Dennis M (@DennisM17674901) reported

    @ Colin Kaepernick doesn't deserve a second chance look what he did in San Francisco wearing those Pig socks kneeling at the national anthem he's nothing but problems I wouldn't give him a second chance he sucks thank you very much

  • MedicXGaming GhostXProtocol (@MedicXGaming) reported

    @Marth10_16 @anthemgame @bioware This is why we are in the state we are with gaming nowadays. “Look past the issues” otherwise known as I accept shitty products and hope they will fix them. It is unacceptable to be sold a broken product. Anthem had 6 years to get its shit together and it never did.

  • WarinKyos WarinKyos (@WarinKyos) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes more loot equals more fun, we dont need an anthem fix on this Paul.

  • bethanymckx beppy (@bethanymckx) reported

    Issues by the Saturdays is a frickin anthem

  • oscar_perria Season 2 of Shield Hero Confirmed! (@oscar_perria) reported

    Well, by this point, Bioware had already abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda to go work on Anthem. So its not a shock to me that they are still trying to fix Anthem long after its release. Makes you wonder why they released it without it being anywhere near completion.

  • Ashen_Hollow Ashen_hollow (@Ashen_Hollow) reported

    @gijoe0414 The problem is they have EA breathing down their necks with investors, though admittedly, that’s their own fault. Anthem needs a lot of help to be saved, and I think EA may be running out of patience.

  • mnwildfan222 Jeff (@mnwildfan222) reported

    @Crayist @YALESS @nessnitty @KSTiLLS @Kaepernick7 @E_Reid35 @iThinkIsee12 Oh there's plenty of problems in this country. Won't argue that. My thought is that a well to do adopted kid from Wisconsin & sunny Cali who's never defended the freedoms that that anthem stands for shouldn't disrespect it.

  • Beeves_ Angus (@Beeves_) reported

    The fiasco with No Man's Sky really made me realise that games are revivable. I don't think that is possible with Anthem, however. Too many developer mistakes were made with this game. Maybe it was crunch, maybe it was scope problems. Who knows.

  • Bam_MrBedrock Big Bambino (@Bam_MrBedrock) reported

    @boylen_jason @CarthansErik @Steelersdepot It’s no race issue unless you making it . I’m speaking about the whole anthem stance .. We know that’s why fans don’t even wanting this guy to get a try out .. Lol be real with yourself at least .. We making headlines by being trash and that’s not us .. Fans want to win but with

  • JakobBlochN Jakob Bloch-Nielsen (@JakobBlochN) reported

    @SkillUpYT Here's hoping they succeed. Anthem is a great concept ill executed. It is a herculean undertaking with the mass of problems with the base game and it is very late for such an announcement but it would probably be the greatest redemption story for a video game since FF14.

  • FutSpy FutSpy - Steven. (@FutSpy) reported

    @Gav19111269 @FUTDonk No. Origin Premier is a new service this year, they launched it for ANTHEM.

  • InsaneSpyro Insane_Spyro (@InsaneSpyro) reported

    @Ronzoe3401 @real2911 @ShadowRush2112 @kelandons28 @davimachaado @Tef_Nelson @twip98 @CrashBandicoot but is that not a bad idea, do you not think this will cause another video game collapse after all they all want to be a live service and now we are over saturated with them, there are only so many people with so much time, the bubble is already busting with things like anthem

  • skinnytron ί N€€D H£ㄴρ, ㄷ@ㄴㄴ 9|| (@skinnytron) reported

    @AmericanAir Hello, I had an issue with your flight staff. I was put in the back of the plane and when we landed a staff member told me i had to recite the «Amelican» national anthem or else they wouldn’t let me off the plane in an asian accent. It took 15 min before I got out

  • wedgeGTX wedgeGTX (@wedgeGTX) reported

    @probs_a_person @SkillUpYT Than the same should applied for "games" like Fallout 76, Anthem, Youngblood, BF5, Andromeda. For the publisher the first few days are the most important and a review can make a difference in sells. With every new release it getting worst because of we will fix later mentality

  • GenerallyAGamer Generally A Gamer 🎮 (@GenerallyAGamer) reported

    @LetsTalkGames74 @Marth10_16 @anthemgame @bioware Ppl wanted them to fix "core" issues and THEN make the DLC We got a Vague promise to fix "core" issues without many specifics and the DLC is just gone unless otherwise specified. We know even less about Anthem's future than we did before if there even is one at all

  • Gaming___Legend OG Legend (@Gaming___Legend) reported

    @JustTKroma Yea,I dont play much fortnite anymore it's,mostly gears 5 BL2 anthem and DMC5 but hoping I can get gears 5 to update today was having problems updating it yesterday

  • Khada_Fury Knight Guard Fury (@Khada_Fury) reported

    @pcgamer Although that sucks I still enjoy anthem for what it is and will hope to be. Especially if they fix a lot of the problems befor just pushing out continuous updates

  • Usra82350098 Yusra ❤️🇵🇰❤️ (@Usra82350098) reported

    @sarbartha3 @HarrisRichard77 @alam_mujaid @majorgauravarya @OfficialDGISPR Sir y do u have so much grudge for our army hamari army kuch b Karay u should not have problem with this secondly in this vdo they r showing solidarity with kashmiri people at background kashmir's national anthem is being played.Showing solidarity is not a shameful act I think so

  • The_Snot_Locker Virtual Axiom (@The_Snot_Locker) reported

    He must know what he’s doing and he’s gonna be able to kill Vara fast. We finish the event and start in on Vara only to lose when she only has a sliver of life. What a waste. This again is one of my biggest peeves with games as a service.... #anthem #anthemgame

  • IcePanda ʕ- ᴥ -ʔ Ice Panda (@IcePanda) reported

    @chiraaMMO While in certain cases the Wifi is on the users issue, the biggest problem is getting those numbers to connect in. The lack of content isn't an issue as some like to make it out to be if a certain Anthem fanbase kept grinding for Legendarys nonstop.

  • IcePanda ʕ- ᴥ -ʔ Ice Panda (@IcePanda) reported

    @chiraaMMO @Marth10_16 @revMikeGarcia While in certain cases the Wifi is on the users issue, the biggest problem is getting those numbers to connect in. The lack of content isn't an issue as some like to make it out to be if a certain Anthem fanbase kept grinding for Legendarys nonstop.

  • sailurmars love bug (@sailurmars) reported

    give up-the postal service: the district sleeps alone tonight clark gable natural anthem

  • RavenRock423 RavenRock423 (@RavenRock423) reported


  • ghoast_ebooks ghoast_ebooks (@ghoast_ebooks) reported

    calling Ok being bathing anthem service just Use myself don't 🌹 locksmith was humanity

  • thelifeofabear oso blanco (@thelifeofabear) reported

    Fergie singing the national anthem in 2018 is the source of all my problems

  • FerrillMatthew Matthew Ferrill (@FerrillMatthew) reported

    @DrakeArlin @AnthemYour That is because... we are disappointed... and do want more. I've supported Anthem since launch. Love the game. The blog however was a gut punch. Fixing the fundamentally broken system is good to hear... hearing it still is in early stages and no content in the meanwhile... meh

  • vault13guy ben (@vault13guy) reported

    i got thru the first mission of Anthem before getting a disconnect so ive done enough tonight

  • zTxMeta Meta (@zTxMeta) reported

    @SmokeyWyvern @FreakingGompa @SkillUpYT Taken King and Forsaken respectively took a year, we aren't even at the half way point. And Destiny wasn't fundamental flawed, the endgame and grind was lacking, that's about it. Anthem has a life's worth bucket list of problems.

  • Corona_9000 #LivinTheKrewLife (@Corona_9000) reported

    @mwhgyt @stephenkdc @nieseyes @SkillUpYT Yeah, I meant as in at least andromeda had a story, anthem live service relies heavily on the microtransactions

  • JantsenAdkins Jantsen Adkins (@JantsenAdkins) reported

    @LordInfinity84 @bioware @crobertson_atx They're using Anthem's code base for Dragon Age 4, and it'll have the Games-as-a-Service model that Anthem has. So just give up hoping that it will be anything more than the dumpster fire that finally gets BioWare shut down.

  • cypherhalo Zeus (@cypherhalo) reported

    @SkillUpYT That’s fine. The biggest issue with Chad@‘s statement is the lack of any details at all. Nothing to look forward to besides unspecified events this year. Would like something a bit more concrete to look forward to but Anthem has a bright future ahead of it.

  • WenHD Wén (@WenHD) reported

    I remember playing through the game having the game crash on me over and over again like it was made in 2006. I got annoyed and took a break. And now finally returned to test out Anthem again. 3/7

  • RobbzeTV Robbze (@RobbzeTV) reported

    Anthem was and still is one of EA's biggest failures. Glossing over it and telling people to "look past the issues" and "be more positive" is like buying a bag of skittles and finding dog shit in the bag but still eating it while smiling.

  • Kahncub Mew (@Kahncub) reported

    @SteveStreza If they went full ffxiv on Anthem I think I would be down to see a completely different, better game than what shipped. But yeah I don't see that happening to that degree either. I just want to hear how they will ultimately fix the core issues.

  • SteveStreza Steve Streza (@SteveStreza) reported

    I keep hoping that BioWare takes Anthem and goes full Final Fantasy 14 on it, tears it apart, and rebuilds it from the ground up to fix the many fundamental problems at its core. I don't know if they'll go that far, but this sounds like a promising first step in that direction.

  • ChipCheddar Chip Cheddar (@ChipCheddar) reported

    @anthemgame @bioware And thus we have the final nail in the coffin. Active development has ended. The game is what it will be forever. The core design issues present in #Anthem will remain indefinitely as support will only come via seasonal challenges. We’re fully in Maintenance Mode now. Farewell.

  • ksb1976 Dadbod+ (@ksb1976) reported

    @hooklandry I had to block her. Crazy. Wanting to unload other people's problems on the backs of those making good life decisions is the anthem of the left.

  • MagnetismFactor Lauren Fritsch (@MagnetismFactor) reported

    @RosenthalHealth Our daughter went to ER last year and got 5-6 stitches. We have fantastic coverage through anthem/bbg and just got a 12000$ bill from upper east side doc who wasn’t happy w the 3k+ covered by anthem for the service.

  • HardmoreGamer Ꮆ卂爪乇尺 千ㄖ尺 ㄥ丨千乇 (@HardmoreGamer) reported

    @UNTDrew Suggestion. Don't launch a game as a service product until you have your eggs in one basket(content to support it). If Anthem was a single player game only few people would have a problem. The trouble your facing now is clearly a case of mismanaged expectations.

  • joshuaoconrad Joshua Conrad👑 (@joshuaoconrad) reported

    Champions League anthem should be used during therapy for men. I know enough people who forget their problems once it starts. #ChampionsLeague