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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Hynotama1 Hynotama (@Hynotama1) reported

    @BobBobberton16 @jakyvir1718 @Pokemon I strongly disagree. Anthem is horrible. Especially as a 60$ game with freaking microtransactions in it. It used to kill/brick consoles, and every time it accidentally made a step in the right direction with more fun loot, it was immediately patched up. Faster than actual issues.

  • Vambomarbelaye Vambomarbeleye (@Vambomarbelaye) reported

    @JamesMelville A lot of England’s problem lays with the lyrics of Rule Britannia. Comparable to the old German national anthem. Jingoistic nonsense

  • JackyCharette Jacky (@JackyCharette) reported

    @BunggoydaUnggoy @ThirdWeedman @benoski73 @UberNick_ Made us think "this game is gonna be great". Same with Anthem. I bought anthem at full price, just so I can get an incomplete game, and promises broken to me. It sucks. Is it illegal, not really and what hf is doing is not illegal (asides of the money issues)-

  • Wisdom_Gohodzi Wisdom Gohodzi (@Wisdom_Gohodzi) reported

    I didn’t wnt to say this my heart was broken at the #curriecupfinal #curriecup @CheetahsRugby vs @TheSharksZA. A lot of Afrikaans people didn’t sing the anthem till the Afrikaans part when they joined in very loud. Here are foreigners doing it to support the @Springboks #love

  • DarthChillash Darth Chillash 🏳️‍🌈 (@DarthChillash) reported

    @madzgamingpl @YouTube This game is like Anthem. It will take a few months until they sort it all out. Anthem was in a rough shape on launch and it took them three months to fix the bugs and most performance issues.

  • koukoubean Victoria | Kou (@koukoubean) reported

    My usual pet peeve as regards the Anthem being played at midnight/sign-on/sign-off is that it's played louder than the rest of the TV channel/radio station's programming... but this time, I took issue with the version played. Nah, not issue. Offense. It was nightmare-inducing.

  • tweet4avinash Avinash Agarwal (@tweet4avinash) reported

    We have a National Anthem / Bird / Animal / Sport / Flag and so on... What's the problem with a National Language. English is acceptable but Hindi is not. All states coexist in a Nation. National Identity makes regional identity vibrant. Jai Hind !!! #StopHindiImposition

  • NiranjanNayakN4 Niranjan Nayak Nayak (@NiranjanNayakN4) reported

    @akashjalan4 eyelex Jharkhand in Jamshedpur is not available drinking water. All over India they given this facility why Jamshedpur eye'lex not effective one major problem you are not screened national anthem before the show

  • jackforall1991 Jack (@jackforall1991) reported

    As much as the rumors of Anthem possibly acquiring ROH pleases me, I would prefer that money be invested on @IMPACTWRESTLING more tbh. So many lingering issues persist. Poor Marketing, Talent retention, Poor production, live Impact, fyi @EdNordholm @CyrusOverHuge @ScottDAmore

  • elpkew elpkew (@elpkew) reported

    The ban on the de facto anthem by the #rthk (government-funded public broadcasting service) #thegloryofhongkong had shown that it *is* powerful enough!

  • MadisonU Madison Underwood (@MadisonU) reported from Birmingham, Alabama

    @Michael_Rae @tashaaaaaaa I think some who would otherwise have been fine with Rapinoe’s iconic goal celebration were NOT fine with it because she earlier kneeled during the US national anthem to protest/in solidarity with protestors of police killings of unarmed black people, which is a race issue.

  • CChatzopou ConnieCh (@CChatzopou) reported

    @twiztidmagic @WellKnownAlias @SkillUpYT Fair enough. And just to be clear, this is on Gearbox. If Bioware could more or less fix Anthem's Frostbite performance with a Day 1 Patch, so could Gearbox. But oh well...

  • leastimnotfugly Ironically Defiant 🌹 #NoMiddleGround (@leastimnotfugly) reported

    @BernieSanders I missed a payment to Anthem because their site broke, called customer service, said I didn't owe. So all my medical bills are my responsibility because I missed one payment. Over $3k because "they still sent a notice in the mail". They say "you should have sent money anyways."😮

  • CChatzopou ConnieCh (@CChatzopou) reported

    @twiztidmagic @WellKnownAlias @SkillUpYT Because Anthem's issues went far beyond performance (especially after Day 1 patch). I'm not saying you are wrong. BL3 definitely needed more time for optimization. But I don't see how Anthem can be used as the basis of any comparison since the game was broken from top to bottom.

  • LeftHandBlur Left Hand Blur (@LeftHandBlur) reported

    @EricCheungwc Since you wrote such a nice story about the anthem I am writing to you about it. There is a small problem in the third line of the "bridge" after the first two (identical) verses (more)

  • twiztidmagic MGCXIII (@twiztidmagic) reported

    @CChatzopou @WellKnownAlias @SkillUpYT What I meant is that they shipped the game way before it was ready, performance issues galore due to them not being polished enough. That is what the Anthem effect is.

  • aJellyElectric 9fm (@aJellyElectric) reported

    @Alyssa_Milano This is similar to the GOP anthem protest argument. Essentially, "You're free to protest, as long as you do it in a way that doesn't bother me or force me to think about the issue from different viewpoints."

  • CChatzopou ConnieCh (@CChatzopou) reported

    @twiztidmagic @WellKnownAlias @SkillUpYT It's nothing like Anthem. There are enough differences from BL2 to warrant a third entry and there is a ton of content. In my opinion, this is Borderlands, perfected. At least as far as gameplay goes since people seem to have performance issues.

  • beve_stauer Steve Bauer (@beve_stauer) reported

    From now on, I will be kneeling for the national anthem to raise awareness to the fact that the troops cost me money on any bet I place involving the service academies.

  • PteMajorKarras Mario Karras (@PteMajorKarras) reported

    @bioware Fix the Anthem servers already. All these updates and the improvements are moderate or OK at best

  • Sistersara52 Sistersara 💙 (@Sistersara52) reported

    @BrandonStraka @sdc22554 Oh Brandon..y'all should have broken out and starting singing the National anthem...that would have sealed the deal...

  • goldenclaymore Jijibibi 🌟 (@goldenclaymore) reported

    @kiyomitsuu anthem is a huge mess. i watched a long ass vid that showcased all the problems the game has and also bioware, who doesn't know how to handle their playerbase in an online game. x( saaame. :''( pls let them actually manage another good game after two shitty ones lol

  • ayemcclane Aye McClane (@ayemcclane) reported

    If we can't get the authorities to, at least, consider this as our new (21st century independent) National Anthem ... Then we have a problem. 👍

  • AGayGuyPlays Rob the Mother of Dragonfruit (@AGayGuyPlays) reported

    @Pred_X26 @theRealBenFolds @rdheepak @LifeofRio Aww sweetie, we all have better things to do. I'm not white knighting Anthem, I'm just telling the bold faced truth to people who don't have perspective the subject. Anthem had a WAY better launch than Warframe, both have issues, but one was shat on constantly by media

  • Retrolovertje 🙈🙉🙊 (@Retrolovertje) reported

    @THEREVEFESTlVAL @officiaIWINK The main problem, imo, is that the song's weak. It doesn't have a hard-hitting anthem; it sounds more like a background music if anything. I think it's the hi-hat that makes it monotone.

  • AnthonyCurtis68 Anthony Curtis (@AnthonyCurtis68) reported

    @usafss74 I have to think that is some awful one off thing. Every game at Gillette, the fans still remove their caps, sing the Anthem (I get tears to this day) and cheer like crazy for the service people in the seats on honor.

  • knoweuro Knoweuro (@knoweuro) reported

    @rd1iemzcog54sk7 @LJ67039620 Germany can't do that as Germany (historical problems). They *could* if it was an EU initiative with a 'we have to do this folks because, you know, European Union'. A State with an anthem & a flag (the EU) would seem to need an army. I was just wondering who'll control it

  • GloriousKev ⌨ The Glorious K.E.V. 🖥🖱 (@GloriousKev) reported

    @Hobojebus I don't mostly because Mass Effect 2, 3, Andromeda, Dragon Age 2, Inquisition, and even Anthem weren't ruined by Microtransactions or Live service. Well maybe Live service for Anthem. The ones that were ruined were done so by being rushed and not polished games.

  • The_Lucky_Hyena LuckyHyena (@The_Lucky_Hyena) reported

    @Arttmadness If you haven't started over, bootup your system in safe mode and select the option that says rebuild the storage or some shit like that. It was a fix for when anthem ****** your PlayStation. My boyfriend used the same fix to get his MHW data back. It's just not garunteed

  • JanamJanamManam SenaSword (@JanamJanamManam) reported

    @Kanth__ Dc tappa migilinavi baane untaayi.. cult anta ledu kaani.. dc is a mockery.If there is an issue to highlight, shldnt deal with it the last 20 min. And shldnt cut unrealistic trailers trying to elevate hero.. no relation with comrade anthem ,title and film.Comrade is a strong word

  • TheGoldenCARR0T Carolynn Valbuena (@TheGoldenCARR0T) reported

    “As long as we continue to be sidelined by arguments for the need of more symbolism — changing the date, replacing the anthem, finding racism where it does not exist — the real issues will not be solved.”

  • Simplybeautif71 Karen Lewis (@Simplybeautif71) reported

    @LittleAnthony14 @nessnitty @Kaepernick7 @yourrightscamp If u believe that these relatives of Jim Crow still doesn't exist is a problem right there. He sued the nfl for violating his work right. There is nothing in that CBA that says he has to stand for the anthem.

  • NeelamShaw9 Neelam Shaw (@NeelamShaw9) reported

    One does not want to stand during national anthem is played, the same set of people find it difficult to say 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'. Now they have a problem with Hindi language. Trying to figure out what exactly are their intentions 🧐🧐

  • Weinersweiners Weiner'sWeiner (@Weinersweiners) reported

    @Oneoneder @MaozSuzanne @ShadeandSun @YousefMunayyer @SethAMandel @benshapiro They have a full government, police force, secret service, national anthem, independent laws. Not a single israeli (soldier or Citizen) is located in any west bank town or in gaza. They refused an independent state 4 times!

  • Paul_Bradley425 Paul Bradley 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 (@Paul_Bradley425) reported

    @gigglesreynolds @1FreshTake @Goss30Goss I have a Humana Advantage Medicare plan. I have no complaints about the coverage or service. Easier to deal with than Aetna or Anthem before I was disabled.

  • Zak_NYCMetroWx Zack Jacomowitz⚡️ (@Zak_NYCMetroWx) reported

    @The7Line @Clear It was a problem when I went several weeks ago too. Maybe I should’ve gotten there sooner but I missed the National Anthem and anything pre-game

  • eiacqer7 Edmund Samuel (@eiacqer7) reported

    @thepartimthinkr @BuletRaja8329 Additional problem is he can't even recognize national anthem also. #StopHindiImperialism #StopHindiImposition

  • pranav_vg Pranav VG (@pranav_vg) reported

    @AairahHasan @vijai63 How do u expect people to drink it when then have a problem even standing up for national anthem 😑

  • theRealBenFolds Justin Reich (@theRealBenFolds) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays @Pred_X26 @LifeofRio Anthem was, is, and probably always will be a dumpster fire of a game. This is coming from someone who has roughly 120 hours in it, so I definitely did more than dip my toes in, and I still firmly believe that Anthem is too broken at it's core to ever make a comeback.

  • Paradox_GameNet Paradox Gaming (@Paradox_GameNet) reported

    @marklutchman But all those homeless and hungry people sure do want a new anthem to sing and a flag to honor while they are dying this winter. Wait. No. I don't think they want an anthem or a flag. I agree. Focus on the problems or ****

  • lil_writer Lily Bargheon 🐱 (@lil_writer) reported

    @CalwynDirtharan @everymage_jo design and writing wasn't just there, it wasn't interesting/immersive, it didn't make you really "care" for the characters. That's the issue many players add with Anthem too btw. But you keep defending it and the issue is that you see, they are still right because the fact is

  • N3R0_032045_ Nick Avila-Rose (@N3R0_032045_) reported

    @RutherfordRocks @boris3324 @TheUSASingers @psychdr100 @B52Malmet @AllanMargolin @DesignationSix @pebbles_9010 @mcspocky @essenviews @PalmerReport @JesusChrysler15 If you have no problem with NFL Players kneeling during the national anthem, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. And if you hold that opinion while applauding NFL Players for doing essentially the same thing, than you’re a hypocrite flat out. Just how it is.

  • Terrymc1939 Texmac10 #GTTO (@Terrymc1939) reported

    @viewsfromleft @c3iq @JohnEdwards33 @OjazzO Yes he's made errors, but he's fighting the most rabid anti-Corbyn press who have demonised him. One woman on a post office closure protest was asked why she will not vote for Corbyn, she said, because he doesn't sing the National Anthem. I mean where do you go with that.

  • Wild_Bill_OU • Wild Bill • (@Wild_Bill_OU) reported

    Broken Arrow out here with flyovers during the national anthem for high school football. They didn’t have that when I was in high school lol. Damn.

  • J_vingtquatre Kitto (@J_vingtquatre) reported

    If I set the Papal Anthem to be my ringtone, I might have a problem picking calls

  • iamfromwakanda David Johnson (@iamfromwakanda) reported

    @NaffyTaffy Wait on it, bad launch, a lot of bugs, problems, etc like when Anthem released. Wait a month

  • ShadowSnyper01 Chris Snyder (@ShadowSnyper01) reported

    @EA I had an issue with my Legion of Dawn DLC & preorder DLC back in March for Xbox.I did submit a case # 47132943& #47114523. The person I had main contact with tried to help. Idk if it was game share or a magical faulty code.But 1 of the updates fixed it & now I got it #anthem

  • xStormxBringeRx ian 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 storm (@xStormxBringeRx) reported

    @Retr0Gen @bobbydazzler500 @artfulc0dger @TheOldLoftyOne @daft_badger Sounds like the game isn't optimised for 4K HDR and causing the X to overheat. The same issue happened for some, with Anthem

  • Cypharion Cypharion (@Cypharion) reported

    @Zepp1978 Honestly, Inquisition was the game that got me into the series and loved it. Really hoping DA 4 doesn't take the "games as service, online only approach" like Anthem & Destiny.

  • 599bt Brett (@599bt) reported

    @robbiechad1420 @joswinson No Robert, you support a person who cheered when the IRA murdered civilians & our service men & women. You support a person who couldn’t be arsed to sing the national anthem for Battle of Britain heroes. Shameful.

  • Gwen6930 Gwendydd St.Clair (@Gwen6930) reported

    @samsmith I as being trans have a problem with removing self identifying pronouns. Read Anthem by ayn rand. To remove identity has ramifications in society as a whole

  • OverUnderClover America, you're in danger girl... (@OverUnderClover) reported

    @JoeBiden Look Joe...i want to be able to keep insurance regardless of what my job is. We have lots of Indiana drs that take some anthem, but not aca plans. So we can't just say oop we solved it already, it isnt enough. I cant go to q startup bc they have massive insurance problems.


    “The most ****** up thing about the national Anthem is NOT the kneeling, it’s when they bring the Troop out and let everyone clap for them and paint the illusion that they care for him, they don’t want to talk about their issues”

  • gahgsouza Gabriel (@gahgsouza) reported

    I played the Anthem demo and really like it, so I bought it. It’s a pity the launch was so riddled with issues, which made me stop playing eventually... #FreeCodeFridayContest

  • gahgsouza Gabriel (@gahgsouza) reported

    I played the Anthem demo and really like it. It’s a pity the launch was so riddled with issues. #FreeCodeFridayContest

  • bgarry63 B (@bgarry63) reported

    @majornelson @APlagueTale I try to play demos and betas when I can. I had originally no interest in Anthem. Played the demo when it was working and had a blast. Bought the game and regretted my decision after all the issues made it unplayable and my friends gave up on it. #freecodefridaycontest

  • MrZoltec MrZoltec (@MrZoltec) reported

    @majornelson @APlagueTale #FreeCodeFridayContest @majornelson The last beta I played was for Anthem. Besides having all the issues and bugs during the beta period, I ended up getting the full game. I tried to fight through all the issues at launch but lost interest a month in.

  • headgamer Sean McKay (@headgamer) reported

    @majornelson @APlagueTale #Anthem and #Division. Both convinced me NOT to buy the games. Broken and stayed that way. Most games I know I want I avoid the beta's so it is a new experience #ghostreconbreakpoint when it is released.

  • MrZoltec MrZoltec (@MrZoltec) reported

    @majornelson @APlagueTale @majornelson I do play the trails and betas to which they can sometimes persuade me to buy or not buy the game. The last beta I played was for Anthem. Besides having all the issues and bugs during the beta period, I ended up getting the full game.

  • kindredzia Kezia Kindred (@kindredzia) reported

    I am reminded and all I think about now is how a song that could've been my anthem in the past years, only existed now. Now when I am no longer the hurt Kezia, the broken hearted Kezia, and the devoted Kezia to that guy. Sayang kasi eh HAHAHA