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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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February 19: Problems at Anthem

Anthem is having issues since 09:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Sign in (46.15%)
  • Online Play (14.53%)
  • Game Crash (14.53%)
  • Glitches (12.82%)
  • Matchmaking (11.97%)

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  • Darkharmony Darkharmony (@Darkharmony) reported

    @badnewsbaron The problem is with the consumers of the games. Anthem has hundreds of hours of content I feel. But people rush to the end excessively fast. The other thing people are just dismissing is all the small personal stories that are put in the game that makes the world feel alive.

  • big__cum ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ Tsim Fuckis (@big__cum) reported

    After hours of playing I can truly say that anthem is a steamy pile of broken shit.

  • Krakn3dfx The Kraken (@Krakn3dfx) reported

    @JeremyPenter @DeeLiRiouS13 @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2, hands down. Anthem seems to have problems out of the gate that can't just be patched out, core issues beyond excessive load times and lack of content. The Division was a great game that Ubisoft spent the time and effort to build onto, D2 looks just as promising.

  • JefDrouin Jef drouin (@JefDrouin) reported

    @K41N_of_2358 @SkillUpYT I get what you are saying. But what we have on pc is still the full game. Some bug fix with the day 1 patch will not fix anthem.

  • Jllane512 Jeffrey Lane (SpiderT@nk) (@Jllane512) reported

    @anthemgame @MTashed Honestly, people that bought a game and exploit for gear are missing the point and cheating themselves out of the joy of anthem. Yes, they should fix the exploit and yes we should inform them of it. As players though, we should see things like the gm3 freeplay chests and run lol

  • Dutch_Duckyyz Dutch Duckyyz (@Dutch_Duckyyz) reported

    Haven't been streaming the last couple of days because of some PC problems. Tomorrow I will be back on Twitch with some Apex Legends and some Anthem gameplay. Starting around 17:30 CET till about 23:00 CET. I have some catching up to do :)

  • PantlessSteve 🆂🆃🅴🆅🅴 (@PantlessSteve) reported

    My Anthem trial ran out last night and while there are glaring issues, I kinda just want to play more of that. Only a few more days.

  • NeilM81 Neil Mollison (@NeilM81) reported

    @xxSCOOPxxx @PaulTassi I think the content issue is separate and it's important to not conflate technical issues, content (or lack thereof) and design decisions. There is good and bad present under all these umbrellas for anthem. I don't see the content argument to be fair. I think it's decent

  • Begaria Begaria (@Begaria) reported

    @PlaystationBrah @CrazyJuan77 @Open_Critic GT Sport and SoT's lower scores were a problem of a lack of content, generally, from reviews. Anthem has a lot more problems than content from what I've read: buggy, lengthy load times, gameplay loop isn't great, troublesome main campaign. Everyone likes the shooting tho

  • ixJayCee JC (@ixJayCee) reported

    @BrownDarin @DattosDestiny I’m not really raging myself, I’m just sharing my viewpoints as someone who expected Anthem to have a sloppy launch like every other looter shooter. There’s no such thing as a perfect game. And while they may be patching bugs and glitches and performance issues, (1/2)

  • DashuriShoket Dashuri Shoket (@DashuriShoket) reported

    That Anthem release patch can't come soon enough, some really odd loading/streaming issues happen every couple of launches and the game only seems to use 4GB of RAM instead of more for cache.

  • Mx3M Mathieu Mayer (@Mx3M) reported

    @JohnnyLinnert You’re totally right but I wasn’t actually referring to free to play multiplayer games. I was thinking of Games as a Service, so in my head things like Warframe indeed, Destiny, Division, Anthem. From memory, all of them launched in very poor states and I don’t think that’s ok.

  • GamersResonance Gamers Resonance (@GamersResonance) reported

    @anteriorlobe @anthemgame @bioware Most wrote Anthem off weeks ago and the game technically still isn't out. True there have been problems but to give @bioware the fallout 76 treatment before launch is just wrong. Plus they listen and work constantly to fix all problems brought up but still get bad talk.

  • FGrandizio Frank Grandizio (@FGrandizio) reported

    @AB84 AB never been a Ben fan. He has been a problem with the steelers since he got with the team. One screw up after another the biggest being the standing for the National Anthem. I call him jughead. Athletic ability but nothing between the ears. Let it go.

  • siemorse Si (@siemorse) reported

    In HS, tenured teachers allowed us to sit during the anthem. It was always substitutes that had an issue. How disgusting that it’s multiple places where subs feel more powerful then the first amendment.

  • Limmitlesss Fame Limmitlesss (@Limmitlesss) reported

    So anthem is sort of a broken game. I'm gonna get my refund while it's still broken 😂😂

  • Uncagedcs Uncaged (@Uncagedcs) reported

    @yarnx_ @Gothalion @pcgamer Anthem devs fixed a chest exploit within like 4 days destiny took weeks id not months to fix the loot cave and 2 different games to fix titan skating

  • ACsonic1093 sonic1093 (@ACsonic1093) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Have the fundamental issues with design and content that Anthem has. In fact, the Division 2 seems like it is made to appeal to different playstyles and has a lot of content for each. Also Ubisoft has done this before. Bioware and EA have not.

  • ACsonic1093 sonic1093 (@ACsonic1093) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem's issues seem to be more fundamental in my opinion. The way the game is structured, boring mission design, uninteresting story, lack of pvp and endgame, etc. From what I've heard and played from both betas/demos, both have technical issues but the Division 2 does not

  • Aerysta Greg Cox (@Aerysta) reported

    Might be late on this one, but the problem with @anthemgame is there's too much downtime. Loading screens, FMAs, clunky menus. It's a pretty game, but it plays so slow. #Anthem

  • giggityguiles Randy Guiles (@giggityguiles) reported

    @AngryJoeShow I think I will just keep playing Destiny. Unless all these issues get addressed, Anthem doesn't seem to be worth the money so far.

  • FL1NTZ Joe (@FL1NTZ) reported

    @PaulTassi So true man. I don't know how they think this improves anything. It only makes things worse. In Anthem's case, because it released early, the day 1 patches weren't implemented, so all the problems it wouldn't have had on the 22nd are in now affecting sales. So asinine!

  • ShingetsuMoon 🌙🌸 (@ShingetsuMoon) reported

    Anthem has technical and structural problems. I’m not arguing that. But just saying “it needs more time” misses the fact that they’ve already made big changes specifically because players brought it up. Not because they saw the problem on their own. #AnthemGame

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    And no, EA isn't to blame for the problems with Anthem. Bioware is. Playtesting, QA, etc... that's all handled by the developer, and not the publisher. Anthem being littered with bugs, and questionable design choices isn't an "EA" problem.

  • redtieguy Basil Frank (@redtieguy) reported

    Mass Effect Andromeda was considered a Game of the Year contender before release. It released as a broken mess and one of the most disappointing titles of that year. Anthem was looking to be GOTY worthy and look at it now. This makes me worry for Bioware.

  • Alcoholikaust Drunk Cat™ (@Alcoholikaust) reported

    @Hyl_ian you be the judge Sir I like Crackdown 3 quite a lot. Genuinely fun game. Anthem seems rushed, broken, and empty for a Bioware game.

  • redtieguy Basil Frank (@redtieguy) reported

    @DestinLegarie @Arekkz @DanticsOfficial I myself have been following Anthem since Project Dylan and even though I enjoy it, it has massive glaring issues such as repetitive and dull mission design, uninteresting characters and the fact that in a Bioware game your choices doesn't impact the story - at all.....

  • Damagedg00ds247 Adam (@Damagedg00ds247) reported

    @GeneYus71 @PaulTassi Totally valid point. Sadly, publishers are seemingly pushing developers to get games out faster and that seems to be creating this "fix after launch" mentality. Believe me, I'm not cool with that. At all. But I am enjoying what Anthem is and fingers crossed it's better later.

  • redtieguy Basil Frank (@redtieguy) reported

    Anthem has fun moments but it has some major problems. I've watched many voice their opinions and I get a pattern that all "bigger" content creators who were part of EA Game Changers and has their name in the end credits are saying pretty positive things overall.... 🤔 #Anthen

  • xxSCOOPxxx Scoop (@xxSCOOPxxx) reported

    Hey gamers/reviewers your entitlements are showing! You all had early access to Anthem. You got to play and now you’re crying about how hard it is because they needed time to fix things and you didn’t get to play with the build you wanted. Issues happen and take time to fix.

  • MysteryMann8 memusicman (@MysteryMann8) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think division will have a better release but I think that anthem will be a better game (give it some time) because it definitely has the potential, there’s just some glaring issues in the current build that make it not as enjoyable as it could be

  • OmariAkilNewton Omari Akil Newton (@OmariAkilNewton) reported

    @jonkay This issue with vanilla Ice was not one exclusively based on class. The main issue was him misrepresenting the socio economic class he came from, and being exposed as a fraud. The Beastie Boys are beloved white figures in Hip Hop who first rose to fame with a Frat Boy Anthem.

  • ruru_xD MisterRuRu (@ruru_xD) reported

    give #Anthem a year to patch all the issues and then itll be a decent game

  • Dizzymcfable DizzyMcFable (@Dizzymcfable) reported

    @SkillUpYT The issue with reviewing these kind of games at release is you aren’t just paying for what you get at release. You’re paying for the next year or two of content. Reviewers made this mistake with Destiny and the original division and I bet you all make it again with Anthem.

  • StingReyz Rey (@StingReyz) reported

    Fixed my issue with random lag spikes in games and stuff not loading in playting games like anthem etc turns out my i5-8600k was auto clocking itself to 4.90ghz which in turn thermal throttled my cpu which was taking extra power from my psu that should have been going to my gpu.

  • Mx3M Mathieu Mayer (@Mx3M) reported

    Games like Anthem/Destiny probably launch in very poor states because they’re designed as minimum viable products. The ability for devs to “update” and react to player feedback can explain why so little care is given to basic game systems during production: “we’ll fix it later”.

  • VernNox Ali Kanaan (@VernNox) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2, because everything about itself is an improvement of a game people enjoyed by a ton after patch 1.8, while Anthem launched in such a sad technical state after 6 years of dev time with issues that games had figured out 10 years ago. Also Ubisoft's writing delivers.

  • GamerPalmSweats Guy (@GamerPalmSweats) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame The Division 2 will turn out better. TD2 has so much more content and story to offer when it releases. Anthem seems unfinished, loading screen issues, poor pacing, and weak story. Anthem open world looks lifeless. TD2 will have even more great content in future DLC. “RAIDS”

  • MrWaldini Corné (@MrWaldini) reported

    @GarethAJackson Aaahhh... yes. Destiny 1 all over again. Look how that turned out. @anthemgame and BioWare has a long road ahead... pretty sure if the devs remain transparant... Anthem is gonna turn out fine. It has its problems, lots of 'em. But this "I told you so" mentality is baffling.

  • AodanTwitch Aodan | Ranger 211 (@AodanTwitch) reported

    @Maull3rTTV @anthemgame @bioware Not exactly. The issue is, Anthem was obviously rushed out and that it obviously wasnt that great of a port to PC. My issue is that Apex did so well, only for anthem to follow and feel like a typically rushed game.

  • FuzzyBearbarian FuzzyBearbarian (@FuzzyBearbarian) reported

    Okay, #Anthem. 1) Loading Screen Simulator. 2) Fort Tarsis is cancer. 3) NPC dialogue and response options ... just kill me. 4) Worst campaign I've ever played, in any game, ever. 5) AAA priced bug ridden, crash plagued, unworthy of a pre-alpha. Fun when you're in the javelin.

  • MrViCeKC Kristan 🧠 🇹🇹 (@MrViCeKC) reported

    Anthem looks fun af but lackin content wise. I'll wait till summer an recheck it again. For now i got #TheDivision2 and Monster Hunter World for my PvE loot fix

  • adler_gustav0 Gustav Adler (@adler_gustav0) reported

    @GlitterBroker @fazor3d The background is the problem. You guys canceled Mass effect and came with anthem. If you guys said mass effect will be continued after anthem you guys would have less hate.

  • adler_gustav0 Gustav Adler (@adler_gustav0) reported

    @eletania_ @GlitterBroker I don't think the departure from bioware succes formula is the problem. It's the timing, background of Anthem. If you say you threw your child's favorite toy away the child will not be satisfied if you come home with a different one and say you didn't threw it away but stored it.

  • Majorfalcon00 Major Falcon (@Majorfalcon00) reported

    @SkillUpYT Cant wait for your review. I like aspects of the game, but overall its been a sour experience for me due to the horrendous performance issues it has on older rigs. I can play Destiny 2 on full Medium, but cannot play Anthem on Low without horrible hitching and loading times.

  • Nestledrink Michael (@Nestledrink) reported

    @SkillUpYT Day 1 patch will not solve any fundamental issues with the game. It'll be bug fixes and some quick wins to fix small stuff but if the fans are telling me that Anthem is suddenly going to get things like the entire UI overhauled in a week then maybe I am also Bill Gates.

  • Nestledrink Michael (@Nestledrink) reported

    @SkillUpYT Day 1 patch will not solve any fundamental issues with the game. It'll be bug fixes and some quick wins to fix small stuff but if youi're telling me that Anthem is suddenly going to get things like the entire UI overhauled in a week then maybe I am also Bill Gates.

  • ShirakoTheFirst Shirako (@ShirakoTheFirst) reported

    @anthemgame @MTashed 2)....But on console, it's all the same. I played all 10hrs of the EA access trial in a row, and I didn't get dropped or disconnected once. So I'm not seeing a problem on console from my perspective. #AnthemGame #AnthemInterceptor #Anthem

  • __Somniloquy__ Somniloquy (@__Somniloquy__) reported

    Anthem is a decent game underneath all the shit. But wow does it have a whole host of problems. They didn't even bother to look at games like The Division or Destiny that already had certain problems solved. That just blows my mind since the purpose was to tackle that market.

  • WebbySpidy Spiderous (@WebbySpidy) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame I think Ubisoft has been doing very well with their continued support and updates to their live service games. R6:Siege, For Honor & The Division1 are at a much better place right now than they were at release, Bioware are completely new to this and Anthem is looking very rough.

  • BobsFloorHole Bobs floor hole (@BobsFloorHole) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem, if they handle it well. Currently looks like it has huge issues, but most are fixable. Division looks very dull. Hoping Anthem takes me away from destiny, save me save me please :)

  • twbkeysersoze TWB ICEMAN (@twbkeysersoze) reported

    @anthemgame I would publicly like to apologise to all involved in making Anthem. I moaned about the big pink cloud event during the beta how broken in general the game was. HOWEVER. What you've created here is probably the best looking game I have EVER played. #absolutegenius

  • BIG_RIG_MUDDER Josh Walker (@BIG_RIG_MUDDER) reported

    @anthemgame @BenIrvo @GambleMike I know anthem may have bugs or issues, which i can forgive. But not being able to play after you finish the story is really bad. Loading the game multiple times hoping when you go to the launch bay you can start an expedition. Very frustrating!

  • kyledavidtan Kyle David Tan (@kyledavidtan) reported

    @JeremyPenter @anthemgame @TheDivisionGame Anthem. This game has a LOT of potential with the stories they can make in the world that they made if they just fix the poor design choices. TD2 seems to completely ignore story and focuses on the grind hardcore players love, which is good but not very welcoming to new players.

  • BryanKaiser3 Bryan Kaiser (@BryanKaiser3) reported

    @alishamarss @anthemgame Yea I have to wait till the 22nd for a fix .. until then I have to deal with bugs and this loading screen mess.. but other than that I love anthem it's pretty awesome for what it is at the moment

  • haughtskywalker sero (@haughtskywalker) reported

    i really hope anthem is good cause toms been so excited for it and preordered it like as soon as it was avaliable. if its trash @EA we may have some PROBLEMS

  • StephFarnsworth Steph Farnsworth (@StephFarnsworth) reported

    My Anthem phone cover has finally arrived which is great as I just cut myself on my old broken cover. Would have been better if the post was a few seconds quicker but there you go

  • SNIPERMikeUK Mike May (@SNIPERMikeUK) reported

    @dark1x I had already had enough of the Destiny formula and have literally shown no interest in Anthem, and Bioware left a bad taste with Mass Effect Andr, but Crackdown3 is really good, and absolutely gets what made the first one fun, the aiming system is probably my only real issue.

  • OldManAlbs Albs (@OldManAlbs) reported

    Anthem is a disjointed mess, the characters and like-able and the combat is fun enough, hopefully the day 1 patch fixes some bugs but that won't fix the bigger picture, if Bioware can make end game decent enough in a timely matter it won't be so bad of a game.

  • Comrade_Kaizer Do you guys not have phones? (@Comrade_Kaizer) reported

    @LORANT92 Oh dear God no... No, these issues with Anthem are actually workable and likely to be fixed. Just the waiting game I dread and what they bother prioritizing.