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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • voidlalisa bree (@voidlalisa) reported

    like there are actual issues but y’all claim that because she made an anthem with several gay artists that she’s trying to profit off of the community. even after her literally putting a petition for the equality act in the video... what more do you all want😭

  • nvrfrgt_robs Robs (@nvrfrgt_robs) reported

    @AmandaCerny I would have said Anthem... but they stopped any type of production for the game and it’s entirety. It was a good game and has lots of potential. Just need dedicated people/ producers to continue/fix the game itself.

  • JohhnyRidden1 The Colossus Of Dawn (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @Lilith_Fairen I disagree as far as Jason is concerned: his exposure on the development on Anthem was precisely because he cared about the well being of developers being overworked, some of which he already had major health & mental problems as a consequence.

  • snowbirdfromYYC Tom Luzzi (SPORTS PAGE OPINION) (@snowbirdfromYYC) reported

    I guess @RFlores91 never confirmed (chicken sh*t) Maybe Crash can sing Canadian anthem seeing she liked and was included in wager...

  • obliviousgeek Jason Arnold (@obliviousgeek) reported

    @GarrettArt My biggest problem so far is that what they've shown just doesn't look fun. At least the combat in Anthem looked kinda fun and was for a little bit - this just looks very generic, so I hope there's more to it cause I NEED a good new Star Wars game!

  • Crags2034 Craggles 💩👑 (@Crags2034) reported

    Im hearing that Halo Infinite is looking likely to be a live service game like Anthem! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Get tae ****. #BIGMASSIVEJOBBY #FUCKYOU #******* #UPYERARSE

  • thats1evildude Ghast Whisperer (@thats1evildude) reported

    @chismekween Not for a long, long, LONG time. They rebooted development during the making of Anthem in order to incorporate live service elements. We might get lucky and see a new trailer before year’s end, but it’ll probably be a year before they have anything to show.

  • DynamiteDeegan Sad Boi ディガン (@DynamiteDeegan) reported

    @0kamasumotra @Lilith_Fairen @Noah_Fastel @anthemgame While Anthem was the cause, it's the fault of Sony because they delayed their checks on how the game and updates would affect the system, deciding to send it out before checking. If they confirmed the issues with EA/Bioware, they would have fixed it before sending it out.

  • Lilith_Fairen Lilith Fairen (@Lilith_Fairen) reported

    @CasioGlen Oh, it's not "stating the obvious". It's creating a narrative. A bunch of clickbaiters who've never done anything like making a game want you to believe Anthem is the most broken thing ever because it profits them the most to encourage sociopathic abuse of the devs.

  • ImmersiveGamer2 TheImmersiveGamer (@ImmersiveGamer2) reported

    @DashThunderman @Lilith_Fairen @anthemgame Yes they should be held accountable for what happened during development etc. Agreed. But that doesn't mean that gamers who are hating on the game should try and destroy Anthem and them trying to fix the issues. The levels of hate are not warranted. There's ways of doing things.

  • palandry3 Tony Landry (@palandry3) reported

    @EAthletix @darrenrovell One problem after race Wottle was so ashame that he left his golf cap on while accepting his Gold Medal when playing the National anthem. Most all forgave him.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • RatedViper55 RatedViper55 (@RatedViper55) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I love this game but if these devs dont start rolling updates its gonna end up like anthem. They need to fix the rng, the skill requirements its useless, the 500 loot drop underscore, matchmaking needs to be implemented its hard enough not being able to find people.

  • Tucson_Ron Ron Benjamin (@Tucson_Ron) reported

    @rosedixontx @ernie_plumley I think kneeling during the national anthem is a separate issue and should therefore be dealt with in a different way. Not saying there shouldn’t be consequences. 🇺🇸

  • basche42 Ben Basche (@basche42) reported

    @5Tacos For sure. Take Amazon or Uber versus like, say, Anthem I can tell you that the first two you trust to deal with your issue properly (Amazon already has this robust chat implemented on mobile) versus the latter So the new currency is trust

  • tigercl4w13 mr no flex (@tigercl4w13) reported

    @pontwhoremo It hurts though, because I’ve been wanting to play new games and I loved anthem despite all its problems and a few other but the cash grabbing is insane. Nintendo is doing great at it because they know if the quality isn’t there then fans aren’t going to invest

  • burning55963534 burningphoenix (@burning55963534) reported

    @Joe_Sinister1 @jeremy_peel If companies didn’t lie then this wouldn’t be a problem. Anthem was a massive case of false advertising

  • allysoon17 allison with y (@allysoon17) reported

    crash my car will be my summer anthem

  • johnnycaged85 Travis (@johnnycaged85) reported

    @MulehornGaming I bought anthem at launch, saw it had issues (like Destiny’s, Divison, etc) and decided to shelve it for a while. Played other things and looks like it’s improving greatly now. Excited to try again!

  • pshasane94 prathamesh shasane (@pshasane94) reported

    @melindafarrell British ruled them for 300+ years, def not a problem to have a long anthem..

  • EdgyAime No Moore 2020 (@EdgyAime) reported

    @JimSterling So I don't know much about the "Live service" deal, I know some games (Anthem, Fallout76) are total shit. But the announcement of Square's Avengers game sounds more like Splatoon 2's content rollout. I like the way Splatoon has done content, and look forward to Animal Crossing

  • bullonabike Bullonabike (@bullonabike) reported

    "Anthem is deeply broken at a level that even BioWare doesn’t seem to understand." God. Is it ever.

  • BallaImpala 🏳️‍🌈Phio @ Anthrocon🏳️‍🌈 (@BallaImpala) reported

    @TheYogurtThief I think the biggest issue is that Bioware shouldn't have developed this game. That is to say, the way it was set up (always-online looter shooter). Either Anthem should have been a deep action-RPG akin to Mass Effect or EA should have assigned another developer to make it.

  • M9Thakur Mayank Thakur (@M9Thakur) reported

    Typing “Hong Kong” into China’s largest search engine, Baidu, fails to produce news on protests. Censors removed songs sung by demonstrators:“Do you Hear The People Sing,”a protest anthem from the musical “Les Miserables,” has been wiped from Tencent’s QQ Music streaming service.

  • wordmagicianjam TB (@wordmagicianjam) reported

    @Lilith_Fairen You're such a pathetic Anthem fanboy. It feels to me that you're so defensive about because you cannot accept the fact the game is broken and dead. You defend it because you're in the minority that likes the game. You are one of the many reasons why this game is what it is.

  • Messssut_ wallahi u are not a coach (@Messssut_) reported

    @RahatRk_ CL Anthem won’t do this fix up

  • Facezus FMJR_ 🎮 (@Facezus) reported

    Anthem...Ha!!! I was trying to get my faith in the game but NOPE! The loot droppings still terrible, disconnects, lagging etc etc overall that game just as bad. I had a love and hate relationship with that game but I’m over it

  • JacquelineLelsz Jackie Lelsz (@JacquelineLelsz) reported

    @ScottAdamsSays @Based_Jedi Then there should be no problem for not standing for the National Anthem

  • gallbag123 gally (@gallbag123) reported

    @Latte_Bogan @KTBH_ @RealMarkLatham Changing the Australian National anthem will do NOTHING to improve the plight of Indigenous Australians. They need to fix themselves and come to the party, instead of constantly playing the poor me victims

  • Hobojebus Horambe (@Hobojebus) reported

    @Fetusberry Games as service are ******* devoid of content at launch look at Destiny 2, fallout 76, anthem, sea of thieves.

  • this_Sivana_sef I take God beg una.... make una follow me back.. (@this_Sivana_sef) reported

    @Sammyskopi As in ehn.. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Na national anthem for all of em except my boo.. She no get even one problem.

  • GecgilHakan Hakan Geçgil (@GecgilHakan) reported

    @EAHelp 3 days ago I bought Anthem and I want to play but I cant "Error retrieving Anthem live service data." Please help me I want to play anthem today

  • TheCalthe KAtz (@TheCalthe) reported

    @GalaxySuni a lot of people pretty down about DA4 as multiplayer, bc EA wants it to be full of live service and microtranscations here and there, just like anthem. and thats one of reason why this game is not really good at selling. i hope DA could keep going, sigh... this makes me sad :(

  • YourAussieMate Dinky Di Dongle 🇭🇲🐍🍻🖕 (@YourAussieMate) reported

    There's so many games that come out buggy and broken at launch so I'd much prefer a delay for something to become the most polished, best version of the game for release rather than shit like Anthem coming out. If a customer is interested in the game they will be patient

  • RyujiSaysFudge Justin (@RyujiSaysFudge) reported

    @BlazeTemplar @julioclip Meanwhile most other games have the same problems. Not every game is ******* perfect 76 was a train wreck, anthem was god awful when being hit by attacks from enemies, forza just fixed audio and lag updates ago. again this is game development, its more complicated than it looks

  • RyujiSaysFudge Justin (@RyujiSaysFudge) reported

    @BlazeTemplar @julioclip Meanwhile most other games have the same problems. Not every game is ******* perfect 76 was a train wreck, anthem was good awful when being hit by attacks from enemies, forza just fixed audio and lag updates ago. again this is game development, its more complicated than it looks

  • andrewlukenbach GamerDadMAGA (@andrewlukenbach) reported

    @anthemgame I played Anthem most of the weekend, it was great no problems, I just love the gameplay so much that I have no problem sticking around. I would probably spend more money in the shop but I only play as the ranger and the shop rotating is hit or miss.

  • dami_Bolt OMAR (@dami_Bolt) reported

    Dz girls seem to have the same childhood story. The problem is who to believe. It is becoming a national anthem o

  • Boog0607 Luke (@Boog0607) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fifa 20 hype lol please stop hyping this game up, battlefield 5 hype = failed game Anthem hype = failed game FIFA 19 hype = failed game FIFA 20 hype = game failed by embarrassing glitch on trailer. Can't see many sale this year, pes does look good though.

  • limpbiscuits123 elias (@limpbiscuits123) reported

    Another issue is that the show no longer feels grounded. Previously there was a general focus on ordinary people with a few exceptions. In the first four seasons you have just two episodes with a focus on someone that isn’t an average joe (national anthem, Waldo)...

  • 1ittera11yme Stand Proud (@1ittera11yme) reported

    @ArmoredSaint65 @OneAngryGamerHD @CDPROJEKTRED anthem was always going to be shit just like all the other games that desperately follow the live service bandwagon, despite it being the opposite of what the studio is best at

  • TrulyTayo 🇳🇬Verysmallworld (@TrulyTayo) reported

    @MattWalshBlog If Americans see No issue with someone Burning the Country's Flag then i wonder why anyone should be bothered about a Guy kneeling to the Anthem.

  • frizzette Brooke (@frizzette) reported

    UPDATE. There was more clapping today. There was clapping during singing, and my word it was awful. And then there was APPLAUSE after the choir sang the offertory anthem, and I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. In related news, I have PROBLEMS, y’all.

  • raykellyfitness Ray Kelly (@raykellyfitness) reported

    By dropping Latrell and Cody, I guess Fittler has fixed up that whole anthem issue!

  • RocksElora EloraRocksHockey (@RocksElora) reported from Centre Wellington, Ontario

    Tech problems to start game so awesome fans sang the anthem 🇨🇦 4-2 at end of first. Too bad posts don’t count!!

  • shokmunky Steven Landray (@shokmunky) reported

    @Gaohmee Anthem is a good game, but even so the Devs have admitted they are working to fix a few shortfalls. As long as they take their time and don't push themselves, I'm happy to wait.

  • ShimonLevit Shimon Levit (@ShimonLevit) reported

    Please read this slowly! The issue is not to help Palestinians. It is to eliminate Israel! As a Jewish state! As the only place Jews can call theirs. With their flag, their national anthem, their language, their holidays. Just call this enthnocracy and demand “No Israel”

  • jdecentralized Jeremy Decentralized (@jdecentralized) reported

    @Cernovich divided on the issue, national symbols are "sacred",flag anthem,bald eagle etc. That said personally i dont think it should be illegal but those that do burn the flag should be ostracized by society severely

  • DrMLongbottom Dr Marlene Longbottom (@DrMLongbottom) reported

    @gorgeousgrose Back to the whitewashing of the team. The only reason I watched the game was cos of the Blackfullas. All the white people are in their white feelings about the lads not singing the anthem. That’s the underlying issue, the lads stood up for something important to them.

  • DrMLongbottom Dr Marlene Longbottom (@DrMLongbottom) reported

    @gorgeousgrose Back to the whitewashing of the team.. The only reason I watched the game was cod of the Blackfullas. All the white people are in their white feelings about the lads not singing the anthem. That’s the underlying issue, the lads stood up for something important to them.

  • waywardbaz sher 💖💜💙 (@waywardbaz) reported

    how any of this falls under “queerbaiting” is beyond me. also, she’s never tried to pass off YNTCD as a “gay anthem”... it’s about empowerment and touches on other issues rather than just homophobia. i fail to see how any of this is something other than taylor being a good ally.

  • djjustvince Malia Obama's white boyfriend (@djjustvince) reported

    the troops: me: thank you for your service but the national anthem is trash and doesn't even have a Future verse

  • revbeotch1 judgment friday (@revbeotch1) reported

    @SweetnessGaming @Under_Ach1ever @GrundyGaming @Colteastwood @Xbox Oh I know that my point is saying that love service overblown. Fallout 76 and anthem very bad but then for ever bad one you have amazing single player and multiplayer games every year that kill all concerns.

  • MemaiOtoko43 あなたたちはめまいです (@MemaiOtoko43) reported

    @ur_best_pal @Pilnok @redhood240 @anitasarkeesian @CDPROJEKTRED As with Anthem BioWare has a motivation and depression problem with their team for a while now. Anthem was in development for like 6 years and they hadn’t really worked on it till it was publicly announced pretty much.

  • iamLuv97 Lovekesh (@iamLuv97) reported

    @MovieTime_India wanted to writing this since a long time thought they just improve this mistake but they didn't, now, what is problem - one of your cinema( location - omax NRI mall, parichowk greater noida,u.p) they shows national anthem(jana gana mana) as national song

  • real_puccini AOP (@real_puccini) reported

    @NPR I wouldn't know. I haven't been watching the captain has a problem with our Anthem.

  • RageofAchilleus Αχιλλεύς Λιοντάρι (@RageofAchilleus) reported

    @EAHelp I really appreciate the reply back but this game is broken. Nothing changes the health bar, it randomly changes how much health you have on the fly. Only seems to not affect the colossus javelin either way me and my friends are done with anthem. Game could have been special

  • needyzack Anti-Drug mom (@needyzack) reported

    she was invited to stone wall. She never labeled the song as a gay anthem the fans did. Why is it that people want allys till a famous person does it the its a problem....

  • AnthonyCarm3lo 𝒜𝓃𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓃𝓎 𝒞𝒶𝓇𝓂𝑒𝓁𝑜 (@AnthonyCarm3lo) reported

    @lollipophustler was a push at Jesus. It wasn’t but people interpreted it that way. And it’s not like she said it was a gay anthem, the queer community did. People will find anything and everything to attack someone without addressing the real issues in our community. Like racism.

  • Surfergrrl64 Nightingale00 🏳️‍🌈😋 (@Surfergrrl64) reported

    @Gaohmee I agree 120%... Anthem at it's core is awesome ..and there are so many other games out there with the same if not worse issues but I don't see them being bashed repeatedly via social media...😢 I don't even bother to read these types of articles anymore.they aren't worth my time.

  • _jj_castillo (°Θ) J.J. Castillo ≥≥ (@_jj_castillo) reported

    Anthem isn't lagging in windowed Full screen mode now. Mouse input latency is way better when I play or on my end. Nvidia Control Panel went missing ah well. And quake 2 RTX have picked up like 10+ fps ..4K 55+ now in full RTX. Sick sort of idk