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Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. Originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as its own electronic devices.

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November 14: Problems at Amazon

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  • Nb4powerup Christopher DuCrest (@Nb4powerup) reported from Raleigh, North Carolina

    @AmazonHelp Nope, not delivery, y'all canceled my pre-order for my Funko Batman. And you waited so long, I can't order it anywhere else now. $100 wasn't easy, now it will be down to resellers...

  • JayVegas702 JVegas702 (@JayVegas702) reported

    @AmazonHelp I have called and my case was “escalated to the technical team.” It’s been a week and no resolution to the issue has been found. I love my FireStick but the one Anime Series I love to watch I can’t view.

  • CeRz207 Albin Nilsson (@CeRz207) reported

    @TheOdd_Canadian @thisisjonhill @BobbyDukeArts @amazon On the surface, this seems bad, but I am positive that the cardboard from these trees comes from logging companies that legally grow and cut down trees on tree farms. So the trees always get replanted, and when a tree is growing it actually takes up more CO2

  • HeroJamesLynch James Lynch (@HeroJamesLynch) reported

    @amazon royally, royally screwed the pooch with a recent order. Over an hour speaking with 3 customer service representatives and there is no information or resolution to be had. I've had problems with Amazon's inefficiency in the past, but this takes things to a whole new level.

  • CeRz207 Albin Nilsson (@CeRz207) reported

    @SwitchAndLever @X10Lawless @BobbyDukeArts @amazon On the surface, this seems bad, but I am positive that the cardboard from these trees comes from logging companies that legally grow and cut down trees on tree farms. So the trees always get replanted, and when a tree is growing it actually takes up more CO2.

  • SuperNikoPower SuperNikoPower 🎮 (@SuperNikoPower) reported

    Someone asked for a status update. @amazon Amazon still hasn't followed through on their promise to give me my credit back or even have one of their account specialists reach out to me. 289.33 down the train because they want to continue to "withhold" it. @AmazonHelp... useless.

  • oxkidox Joey (@oxkidox) reported

    @arthur_b_chaney @amazon I had walk up and down the ice sidewalks looking in doorways like a creep and didn’t find it. But I took the one at my house to the right person. Glad it wasn’t a case of baby formula again.

  • starrbasket Evelyn (@starrbasket) reported

    Should be taken down immediately and Amazon owner should be ashamed.

  • dre_65 (((andrewcormack))) (@dre_65) reported

    @KateAndrs Though many of these internet companies like Amazon pay very little tax and so put out of business thousands of enterprises on high streets up and down the country, which have paid their rates and business taxes which contribute to local communities.

  • moronfs moronfs (@moronfs) reported

    @AmazonHelp This is not today problem. I haven been 3 weeks trying to solve that.

  • sonniemavakian Sonia Maria Avakian 🥀 (@sonniemavakian) reported

    I think imma order me a tasbih from amazon because I have attention issues lmaoo

  • arseneelupinn ps3controller (@arseneelupinn) reported

    @Queen_Miso @amazon I swear bruh these ******* born after 1993 can't even fix up a Christmas tree either

  • ConnieRomans Connie Romans (@ConnieRomans) reported

    I spent 30 minutes on @amazon's website trying to find a way to tell them my package has been delivered to the wrong address. I give up. Botched delivery is only PART of their problem.

  • dylan0527 Dylan Thompson 🦃 (@dylan0527) reported from Worcester, Massachusetts

    @Queen_Miso @amazon Your first problem was ordering a Christmas tree off of amazon

  • MISSSIX Siobhan (@MISSSIX) reported

    @Queen_Miso @amazon Apart from not knowing HOW to put up a tree,you might also have a problem knowing WHEN. It's November 14th for Gods sake.A full six weeks before Christmas.


    @AmazonHelp Ticket number 415474319 ticket issue date 27oct So far, you guys have not given any information.@amazonIN

  • CheyyxO___ ~ Chey 🖤 (@CheyyxO___) reported

    Just as I about to shut down, Amazon: Glow in the dark phone case! 😑

  • FrankBeard Frank Beard (@FrankBeard) reported from West Des Moines, Iowa

    Gotta say, the Amazon Returns program at Kohl's is extremely convenient. Dropped off a product at the store down the street. Didn't cost anything, and I didn't need to box it. 👍

  • theballness theballness (@theballness) reported

    @Wario64 Amazon isn't honoring the reduced price if you had already pre-ordered. Likely a system glitch.

  • justdrape_ Drape (@justdrape_) reported

    Amazon, now I ain't worked for you long.. but this direct deposit better hit at 12 or we gone have some Reeeeeal problems kinfolk.

  • larryburns5 larry burns (@larryburns5) reported

    @AmazonHelp why do you even attempt to use @FedEx ..why do you promise times of delivery when the driver and the next person you talk acts like that doesnt or cant happen. 3 to 4 packages a week come here and @FedEx you are the only problem child.

  • ZodaSoda ZodaSoda (@ZodaSoda) reported

    @IStanTraps @callieesws @JustinWhang She doesn't have to put anything on, it doesn't matter, what matters is, one or two of these girls will eventually go too far and Amazon will have to issue new guidelines and the entire thotmmunity will be outraged and it'll be funny.

  • GrottyPuff 🕷️ Grotty 🕷️ (@GrottyPuff) reported

    @Rosana44411841 Amazon, walmart, etc - they're in a lot of stores now due to the growing shooting problem in the US

  • cheako911 Mike Mestnik (@cheako911) reported

    @AmazonHelp Thanks this, after some fumbling about on my part, fixed my issue.

  • cmoticons ًoakley (@cmoticons) reported

    sad that i cant join wilburs server bc my dad forgot his amazon password )): cant get the free twitch sub for a while

  • lasvegas2004 Fiona Richardson (@lasvegas2004) reported

    @AmazonHelp Thank you for your prompt response. I have now had a live chat with ‘Suraj’ at Amazon and she has arranged a refund and will look into the issue with the delivery driver.

  • ciaramitari Victoria Ciaramitaro🙏#WWG1WGAThe Mighty 200🦅🇺🇸 (@ciaramitari) reported

    This needs to come down. This is disrespectful. New York will pay for this. God SEES all. New Yorkers need to demand they take it down. He is one of God's Chosen one. Amazon you just lost business. Me my family and I have a big family.

  • ChairmanRom Chairman Rom (@ChairmanRom) reported

    @HoratioSkald I really hope this comes down to people being gross and not because so many people are sleeping in their cars between their shifts at Amazon or wherever.

  • EmmaSR1 EmmaSR1 (@EmmaSR1) reported

    @AndrewCastle63 @5liveSport @BBCTwo And WHAT a performance by Federer! Unplayable. Which it nearly was as broadband went down. Disastrous decision to give to Amazon Prime. Sky need to get rights back for ATP. Missing so much tennis as a result. BBC also need to blow budget on more of it.

  • TechKingMike Tech King Mike #SNTF (@TechKingMike) reported

    @amazon y’all bout to make me cancel my prime membership. First your driver delivers my items to the correct apartment number in a different complex, then you try to make me pay to order the items again but won’t send your driver back out to fix their error.

  • KikiDoodleTweet Kikidoodle's Purrmaid Delivery Service (@KikiDoodleTweet) reported

    @WolfWings Createspace's main website has been shut down, and everything was migrated to amazon, so Ill have to see if I can even find my new account information to fix it, woooo

  • mmatlock79 michael matlock (@mmatlock79) reported

    @chrissyteigen Singing in #heavenvoice in a onesie is winning wine drunk. Mine usually involves a broken plastic spoon, an empty pint, and eventually some odd Amazon returns.

  • uwleah Leah (@uwleah) reported

    @AmazonHelp My 4 year old is being locked out of her Amazon Fire tablet. We determined it is something an Amazon engineer has to fix, but I have been given no time estimate, no progress report, and no replacement device.

  • DaveLeeBBC Dave Lee (@DaveLeeBBC) reported

    "Numerous aspects of the JEDI evaluation process contained clear deficiencies, errors, and unmistakable bias", Amazon cloud spokesperson tells BBC. DoD said it would not comment on potential future litigation.

  • junbagu jac🧘🏻‍♀️ (@junbagu) reported

    ive been having the WORST acne lately and ive gotten so many things to fix it but i finally just ordered a mask off Amazon with over 2,000 reviews saying its like magic and combats cystic acne very basically it arrives tomorrow and i’ll be beautiful again

  • officialkarmah karmah (@officialkarmah) reported

    @Queen_Miso @amazon 2019 ****** slow.

  • amymischa memeless mischa (@amymischa) reported

    Stolen, obviously, ain't given no pennies to amazon, stand down

  • photo_bloke Mike Hillman (@photo_bloke) reported from Stone, England

    @AmazonHelp Well, this issue has been successfully resolved I hope however that lessons are learnt from the mistakes made

  • uwleah Leah (@uwleah) reported

    Nothing like 90 minutes on the phone with @amazon customer service only to have an issue go unresolved.... But at least I killed a spider in my daughter’s room. So there’s that.

  • ARELinNH Rich Lewy (@ARELinNH) reported

    Thanks for NOT getting back to me @AmazonHelp You’re pretty much confirming this is a known issue. My Fire tablet is a paperweight. Guess I’m shopping for a replacement come Black Friday.

  • DrunkWolfUK Drunk Wolf (@DrunkWolfUK) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yeah, see, you've not read my problem correctly. The link to watch As Good As It Gets doesn't go to the correct version. It goes to an entirely different film. I didn't ask if it was free on Prime or not.

  • JimsBT510 Sailing Free (@JimsBT510) reported

    If you want storage and protection by a plug in 4 Terabyte server/storage for about $150 online from Amazon or others. Backup your own info, then disconnect it from net, 100% secure when off line from internet, cheap, simple solution

  • DakinMarketing Shaun Dakin (@DakinMarketing) reported

    @noahtelli interesting.. amazon stock price down

  • SamVimes6 Sam Vimes (@SamVimes6) reported

    @AmazonHelp "Search is not available". Rebooted the firestick, but still not working.

  • BeanKennedy1 Bean Kennedy #VoteLabour (@BeanKennedy1) reported

    @MikeBessell1 @SkyNews @johnmcdonnellMP @jeremycorbyn They're not getting the money for this by increasing your income tax - they're going to clamp down on tax avoiders such as Amazon and Facebook....

  • bridangerous da danger 🍜 (@bridangerous) reported

    Amazon barely ever fails me USER ERROR

  • angiebulkeley Angie Bulkeley (@angiebulkeley) reported

    Hey @Amazon: you sent me a broken candle, so you sent a replacement. In an ENVELOPE. It’s also shattered. You gave me a ZERO DOLLAR REFUND because it was the replacement. Not even opting to send another or refund my PURCHASE.

  • SavvyStardust 𝓛𝑜𝓋𝑒, April 🎄❤️💋 (@SavvyStardust) reported

    @Queen_Miso @amazon You folded down the branches, but you have to spread them apart.

  • NoTalentAC /dan/null (@NoTalentAC) reported

    Amazon, I bought a toilet from your site. It is a quality item. Bravo! Moving forward, you have helped me solve the problem of needing a new toilet. I need no more toilets. I am not a toilet collector. Please stop with the toilet advertisements. Seriously, I'm good, now.

  • dariasolo Daria (@dariasolo) reported

    Amazon's having a case of fomo: "Numerous aspects of the JEDI evaluation process contained clear deficiencies, errors and UNMISTAKABLE BIAS - and it's important that these matters be examined and rectified."

  • CanadianDee2019 Dee (@CanadianDee2019) reported

    @bopinion So tell amazon to use recycled cardboard. The issue isn’t with consumers. Tell the company to do what it right

  • thelionheartd__ ♊️ (@thelionheartd__) reported

    Why ******** do iPhone repair companies charge $300+ to fix a screen when you can buy everything you need to do it yourself from Amazon for $30 💀💀💀💀

  • jstirling41 jeannie stirlingw (@jstirling41) reported

    @LancsFraudCyber had phone call on house phone today from someone telling me "amazon" had taken £400+ from my account I put phone down..used mobile to contact Amazon who were very helpful..said just been made aware of the scam..thanked me for call.

  • ChanseBatchelor Chanse Batchelor (@ChanseBatchelor) reported

    @brneyeddut @UPS You already know my problems with @FedEx today. Things are only going to get worse by Christmas. The only carrier to deliver on time was @amazon today!!

  • JacobNewby7 Jacob (@JacobNewby7) reported

    why labour’s broadband plans are absolutely terrible: 1. taxing big companies to death either makes them a) move away from production in the UK, at the cost of jobs or b) avoid tax. taxing google and amazon massively like proposed will harm many sectors, especially in the future

  • igorjrr Igor Ribeiro (@igorjrr) reported

    @NYCDCA @NewYorkStateAG How @amazon is able to, after losing pkg, provide incomplete refund ("technical error" they said), not notify me until I contact them, and the customer service was very pushy, not understand this was illegal. Amazes me not see them paying a lot of fines.

  • alexjoseph88 Alex Graham (@alexjoseph88) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes I have. And it's the usual no explanation here's your refund even though I have to complain atleast once a month. 3 deliveries a lost at the exact same time down to the minute...... Slightly hard to believe.

  • acouture_13 Austin Couture (@acouture_13) reported

    @ZacDiSalvo This is cap I’ve NEVER had a problem with amazon

  • TetleyCasey Casey Tetley (@TetleyCasey) reported

    @fmartins911 @nationalpost Our linerboard (cardboard) mill is currently considering a huge expansion. I'm convinced it's due entirely to amazon! We are 100% recycled though. But in general you are correct. Mills have been shutting down or are being converted to linerboard all across canada.

  • ben__h BenH (@ben__h) reported

    @AmazonHelp Easy, expecting an order to arrive on Tues, its a no show Contact customer support - get told not our problem, you'll get it Saturday Try to cancel given the attitude, not allowed to as its being prepared for shipment on the whole a completely abysmal experience

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