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  • RichTay56661535 Richard Taylor (@RichTay56661535) reported

    @raquel05993565 Okay fine I can make deposit for you via PayPal or cash app but I will need you to get an $100 amazon card from the store and I will send you $1500 immediately baby,I hope I can really do trust and confide you dear because have been heart broken by many ladies before now so I

  • elmasry Mohamed El-Zohairy (@elmasry) reported

    @AmazonHelp I am already getting help through customer service, but it's absolutely ridiculous that we have to spend our time contacting customer service to resolve issues with AMZL US shipping that often! @JeffBezos @amazon

  • Aoikun Aoi kun🍌🐟 | Momiji's real mom (@Aoikun) reported

    @HeavensPiercing @GiggukAZ Amazon always getting straight fire but douses it under it's terrible UI and no advertisement.

  • Philpeters8 Phil peters (@Philpeters8) reported

    Amazon and the companies are a complete rip off and if things go wrong on the delivery of products that have been prepaid that's OUR PROBLEM! No recourse no way to get anything other than having people from 3rd world countries working the phones and a continual holding

  • daphsun Daphne Sun (@daphsun) reported

    @AnaKasparian @JoeyGDNBoss @liquiddahang @m3gin0 @AndrewYang I think the problem with raising taxes on the wealthy is that you can't always catch it. When you pay taxes at the end of the fiscal year, companies always have a chance to delegate their expenses so their end expenses become nominal. That's how Amazon escaped being taxed /1

  • authorclondon Cecilia 'Kamala For The People' London 🦅 (@authorclondon) reported

    @parlettscarrish @MizzBiddle @Liz_Pelletier That would be NONE. And any time I’ve had issues, Amazon has been very helpful. In turn, any time they advised me of problems, they were resolved the same day.

  • huntingmyths Mandy (@huntingmyths) reported

    @lurkerwrites @amazon I got someone and got told to reach out tomorrow so they could issue me a refund because it wouldn't let them do it today so I screen shot the chat so they can't decline it.

  • lurkerwrites It's a Lurker (@lurkerwrites) reported

    @huntingmyths @amazon if they let you talk to a real person, they might have to actually address your problem instead of hoping you just give up and save them money, which they definitely don't have to spare 🙄

  • MalayaLualhati Malaya (@MalayaLualhati) reported

    @doglab This is terrible. The Amazon rain forest was intentionally set on fire to meet the rising global demand for animal agriculture. To save the Amazon, we need to stop eating animals. #Amazonia #GoVegan #Vegano

  • MrSacs Colin (@MrSacs) reported

    @sparkyandeliza Watching Potato Jet's review the mark 3 seemed to have terrible auto focus and overheated all the time. Mind you it does have 120 fps. I may pick up a MkII if they are still around come Amazon's Black Friday.

  • Momofonly3 Mom of Only 3 (@Momofonly3) reported

    My son bought a part for his 4wheeler from @Amazon but he received a church pew sign instead. He was unable to get another part in , in time to fix his quad for a guys trip, so he wrote a very negative review. He did not use bad language, yet Amazon refused to post his review!

  • nolansordyl nolan (@nolansordyl) reported

    @_jack_fox_ @bordigabro @DTucker88 @pandafresh @leslieleeiii Wow almost like he’s been ahead of the curve or better than literally all of the largely terrible Washington establishment his entire career. He’s shifted the entire conversation since 2016 and he was crucial in getting raises for amazon and Disney in the last year alone.

  • literaryweapnry 🖤🎃 Amanda 🎃🖤 (@literaryweapnry) reported from Blacksburg, Virginia

    Someone: *says that Amazon reviews don’t help authors* Me: *rolls my eyes so hard that they fall out of my head and roll down the street*

  • figgy__ Miguel (@figgy__) reported

    @PopNoFizzle @NICK_GOLDSMITH_ So the Amazon is actually burning at a lesser rate than years prior it was just a slow news week and a man made fire that caused the outrage

  • DougGoodman1 Doug Goodman (@DougGoodman1) reported

    My jaw just dropped. Terrible Lizard is tracking at an Amazon rank of #12,764. Not even Backpacking with Dinosaurs hit those kinds of numbers. For the people who are buying, reading, and sharing this book, I am seriously thankful. I'm going to go walk around in shock now...

  • rojouk Rob Jones (@rojouk) reported

    @AmazonUK , you are the worlds biggest online retailer, yet you still can't find my parcel, the one that Amazon sent with the wrong courier to the wrong depot. And blamed me for the error by telling me I should check my details so it wouldn't happen again - UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

  • Selfabsorbed7 Self Absorbed (@Selfabsorbed7) reported

    @davelevinthal @FEC This doesn’t need to exist. It’s dumb and donating to campaigns isn’t hard. Stop solving problems that don’t exist & start fixing the problems that do Amazon.

  • supahmissile steven (@supahmissile) reported

    @jordoofus @amazon @UPS Not the first time no matter how many times I complain or make it an issue

  • MrFesser Colin Fesser 🎗#LlibertatPresosPolitics🎗 (@MrFesser) reported

    @DependentClause "If traffic is too slow, Amazon can't get packages to me immediately and the local economy will tank" is a true galaxy brain take

  • clockwerks Trei Brundrett (@clockwerks) reported

    Why won’t Apple/Facebook/Google/Amazon work on the really hard problems that impact our lives

  • beijaflor70 beijaflor (@beijaflor70) reported

    I don't watch network tv so I won't be purchasing any of those streaming services. My lineup is/will be Disney+, Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon (It's free with Prime) and Crunchy Roll/Funimation for my anime fix, and maybe Hulu. It's still cheaper than my current cable bill.

  • Distolero_Verde 🌲Matteo El Distolero 🌲 (@Distolero_Verde) reported

    @Waitukubuli1 @Nuria2407 @NikeSkywalker @TRF_Stories @amnesty @GretaThunberg The amazon catches on fire every year pal, so do parts of asia africa etc and its been happening for centuries. I'm not a fan of Bolsonaros plan for it down thete but pinning this on him cuz CNN told you to is petty

  • noteon Keith 🅢nyder (@noteon) reported

    @AmazonHelp It's a "line art outside the margins" error. No line art is outside any margins.

  • PhillipGPittsSr Phillip G. Pitts Sr. (@PhillipGPittsSr) reported

    @ABC Environmental Problems are caused by the burning of the Amazon and pollution from Asia and India need to be talking to those countries that are the biggest causes of global warming. Quit blaming the USA for the problems. Barking up the wrong tree!

  • ProfessorChime Professor Chime (@ProfessorChime) reported

    Got confirmation from #Gamestop that this release there on 11/1, where Amazon's is in December. Always could be in error, but the manager seemed really sure that it was accurate. #Funko #FunkoPop

  • MDSebach John Galt's Plumber (@MDSebach) reported

    @JohnRad15 @PrimateBri @dfalsept @rickballan @gnvrbyd @twisted_words @Musicfreak78 @TeresaRJ3 @MarkRPellegrino @VargaGrinned @x_belief @wellsm8 @AynRand_is_Dead @wjkno1 @Tower295 @Ansari_faizz @platypusrex256 @angejemme @KeepItRealLuke @lucidunity2 @angel_scoggins @_ad_libertatum_ @Anarchofree @_AuberonHerbert @comicalwagner @Harun07321327 @Anarchist_Rants @DuneSlaya @Mr_Abysmalyxia @SageThinker99 @HoundJuliet @JohnFis87569576 @mwhi4321 @djpazzer @RalphScenic @GeneKrupa18 @ProletariatRis1 @vrijomslachtig @anonbene5 @jeffreyatucker You can build a hut in Borneo or the Amazon rainforest to lay down in. But hunter-gatherer tribes are VERY violent, both within the group and in making war against the neighboring tribes, so I'd bring an AR-15 and lots of ammunition if I were you. And there won't be hospitals.

  • karenmrule Karen Rule (@karenmrule) reported

    @DPDgroup_news #losing the will to live. Waiting for a parcel delivery!! 2 failed deliveries, photo of house on app, sat outside waiting and still went to wrong door. App not letting me choose new delivery, absolute nightmare Hermes, Yodel and Amazon all deliver, no problem

  • CMLejjena Corrie M. Lejjena (@CMLejjena) reported

    @AmazonHelp fix this misleading bullshit.

  • never_president NeverMyPresident (@never_president) reported

    @AmazonHelp Thanks for your response. It’s not w/ any specific carriers only w/ Amazon Delivery service. I have had pkgs stolen before & a simple press of the bell 🔔 would’ve avoided this issue.

  • JoePaulson2 Joe Paulson (@JoePaulson2) reported

    Looking, most of the one to three star Amazon for S1 of Deadwood complain about the language. Many 1/2 star ratings solely put that as the problem. One thought it was too depressing.

  • desumersp symon's (@desumersp) reported

    @AmazonHelp Just did it and still not working

  • neilhewitt Neil Hewitt (@neilhewitt) reported

    I’m getting heartily sick of quality drops on Amazon Prime Video tonight. My bandwidth is fine. Fix the plumbing, you lot.

  • mycotian 𓆣✪Bug✪𓆣 (SUmovie spoilers) (@mycotian) reported

    @MotherJones May as well be vegatarian at this point...beef industry bringing down the amazon, fish industry involving forced labor and species endangerment, now this >:/

  • missluv2luvu Ebony Nicole (@missluv2luvu) reported

    @AmazonHelp At day 27 of talking to them, I can’t say I share your trust in them to resolve the issue. There appears to be no clear process. It would help if employees had clear direction on the point of contact & those in HR positions knew the steps to help.

  • ecolive Eduardo C. Oliveira (@ecolive) reported

    @TVGloboInter I see issues with Sling on Globo that do not happen with other channels. Using Roku it looses a day of recorded shows and using amazon fireTV it produces dark screen from time to time.

  • reidsworld Reidsworld (@reidsworld) reported

    @Amazon. Evidently 6 Calls are not enough to get your drivers to stay out of our back driveway. Not an issue with usps ups or fedex. I am done. Nothing has changed with you. All nice on phone but totally nothing done. My blood pressure cannot handle this bs

  • jmm9400 klay toastson (@jmm9400) reported

    @AnaKasparian @liquiddahang @JoeyGDNBoss @m3gin0 @AndrewYang Increasing income tax on the wealthy is way too easy to get around. Bezos and most CEOs have a salary of $1 and get paid in stock options. That does not solve the problem of Amazon paying $0 in taxes.

  • okimichii okio (@okimichii) reported

    @jedwill1999 Amazon ripped me off once of a PS1 game ( RR Type-4 ) and it was just a broken disc, i never trust it

  • Dean_Paz Dean 🇨🇦 (@Dean_Paz) reported

    @Shawhelp That would be grand if it could happen down the road. So convenient with Netflix/Crave You need that, and Amazon Prime integration too!

  • welshjaci Jaci Stephen (@welshjaci) reported

    @AmazonHelp No, this has been an endless problem for about 2 months! I keep being given $5 as meagre compensation, then it disappears! I just want to make sure I haven't paid for boxes I didn't have. And it's pointless your sending anymore!

  • bevilacq12 bevilacq12 (@bevilacq12) reported

    @IconsRobG Amazon listings are routinely terrible, and it says "Director's Cut" right on the cover.

  • desumersp symon's (@desumersp) reported

    @AmazonHelp I tried and it is still not working

  • jedwill1999 a local (@jedwill1999) reported

    @okimichii im more of a hand me down or amazon kind of guy myself

  • JoeComicFan Joe (@JoeComicFan) reported

    @TheJSAHouse All new stuff. It collects 3 different series and a one shot special for 16 issues total. It's huge and def worth the money. It's actually only 17 bucks on amazon right now

  • koditaj koditaj 𓆃 (@koditaj) reported

    @hauslabs @ladygaga @amazon I’m a broke girl but I’m getting this asaaaaap! Can’t turn down an eyeliner from the Queen. 🖤🔪

  • nijikokun code malone (@nijikokun) reported

    The number of times I have not bought something on amazon because it wanted me to login after my session expired, money saving feature

  • livingfaerie Amanda of Living Faerie 🧜‍♀️📸 (@livingfaerie) reported

    How I tweet amazon once in passing and they respond and I tweet usps multiple times about problems and nothing. Lmao 😂

  • head_like_egg Tim Salomons (@head_like_egg) reported

    @RogerKerry1 @TooManyRecords @Channel33RPM Problem for me is that generally shipping to Canada from Discogs is $$$ and takes quite a while, so if what I'm looking for isn't rare/collectable, finding the same product on Amazon is cheaper & faster (and often the difference between buying and not buying).

  • alimay101234 💧alison mason⏳ (@alimay101234) reported

    @KazRockchick Yep, Maccas has been tearing down the Amazon for decades. I never have eaten there because they have crap food.

  • StacyStaggs3 Stacy Staggs (@StacyStaggs3) reported

    @morethanmySLE @amazon @AdyBarkan @BeAHeroTeam @AmazonHelp @amazon Shut. It. Down! @AdyBarkan 's @BeAHeroTeam is far too important and it harms all of us to plunder their work! This must be urgently stopped! 🛑🛑🛑🛑

  • ShednerTheGreat SHOOTERS SHOOT 🇭🇹 (@ShednerTheGreat) reported

    *Notre-Dame burning down* Rich people: *1 billion dollars* *Amazon rainforest burning down*: Rich people:

  • LivvBrokaw Brokaw O (@LivvBrokaw) reported

    Been on the phone with @amazon for over 40 minutes trying to resolve an issue on their end...on and off of hold...come on🙄

  • dave_from_NJ Dave (@dave_from_NJ) reported

    What a mess. Someone opened an Amazon credit card in my name and ordered some faucets in California. I found out when I got a delivery notice today. Worked with Amazon. Hoping they fix it soon.

  • Jtrace4980 CLE (@Jtrace4980) reported

    @joethomas73 Amazon has amazing equivalent product ink cartridges and I've never had an issue. SO much cheaper.

  • JPepperoncini Jerry (smart) (@JPepperoncini) reported

    People love to talk about "the invisible hand of the market" meanwhile @amazon out here with server farms full of market data. We can see that shit yo

  • vPhrike Josh Miller (@vPhrike) reported

    @ATVIAssist Apparently my beta code has been redeemed already. I contacted amazon and they said its yalls problem. HELP

  • wmfiction William Mitchell (@wmfiction) reported

    @LauraNMauro I loved Cixin Liu’s Three Body Problem (the whole trilogy in fact) and kept wondering if (or even how) it could be adapted. Rumours persist (Amazon / Chinese TV, plus the seemingly failed Chinese movie). Still hoping though.

  • julesp__ Julia Peter (@julesp__) reported from Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

    I am beyond disgusted. @amazon take this down now.

  • CoombsSamantha SamCoombs (@CoombsSamantha) reported

    Waited for delivery from @amazon Had message saying package handed to customer. No it wasn't! Checked in safe place-No. Called customer services. No explanation, a £5 voucher as apology which doesn't solve my problem. Really cross cos it's not the first time

  • deckert99 Dave Eckert (@deckert99) reported

    Hey @BurgerKing! Stop giving Brazil a reason to burn the Amazon down. Stop buying meat from them! #lessmeatmoreforests

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