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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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September 18: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 04:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Ahmed_splash Ahmed Mohamed (@Ahmed_splash) reported

    @dsquirtle88 @LakerFanYT @LD2K @Beluba I assume 2ks player boxes have the legs as one because this has been an issue basically since I played 2k

  • guesswh0itis JamesHulena (@guesswh0itis) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I have some issues with mission objectives disappearing. Play on PC

  • Supernintaco Dro🌳 (@Supernintaco) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Nah, I get I can switch to performance to reduce frame rate issues on PS4 pro....but I kinda want to play in resolution.

  • Tmuus1981 Thomas muus-falck (@Tmuus1981) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Some performens issues. Bougth i dont care. I LOVE THIS GAME. Got the LEGENDARY shredder shootgun 2 day. What a super OP gun. Omg..... Sorry for the bad english. Stupid Norwegian BL3 ADDICT 😁😁😁

  • akatoned 94/99 All Star 2 Toned... 🤯 (@akatoned) reported

    FIX YOUR ******* GAME 2k wtf #fixnba2k20

  • yaseer79128358 yaseer (@yaseer79128358) reported

    @NBA2K **** all of you at 2k y’all don’t do shit right every time I hop on 3v3 pro am I’m going against fake ass 99s with all badges. Just cuz I ain’t wanna get banned I ain’t do the glitch but look where that ******* gets me L’s on my ******* record. **** every single one of you

  • 410_charles 🖕🏽 (@410_charles) reported

    @WB_Spoon Right they was posed to fix that dumb shit on this 2k

  • TuckerOlson3 Tucker Olson (@TuckerOlson3) reported

    @2KSupport hey my game is still crashing mid game! i’d like a fix please.

  • Brawler1432 Brawler14 (@Brawler1432) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport A bit of lag when opening inventory or pressing the select button to show skills, map etc. even in single player. There’s also lag too online along with driving having a couple second delay when trying to do anything with any vehicle.

  • BeardedMan1911 BeardMan (@BeardedMan1911) reported

    @TwoDryDucks @DarkKnight0907 @tailosivetech I'd much rather go back to the old days. Phones didn't break, atleast not from a drop. Battery was no big issue as you could change them out, and there was no 1k phones. I mean come on I bought a 2004 Ford expedition great condition and have had it for 3 years for 2k.

  • ImExonerated MUTE [ES] (@ImExonerated) reported

    2k need to fix when u set a screen and roll why tf am I rolling so slow Like wtf

  • Handsumsean Yogi (@Handsumsean) reported

    Whoever did the 2k badge glitch your moms a ***. On me

  • LyfeTyme4 🏀👑LTG2K🏀👑 (@LyfeTyme4) reported

    Every mode tainted .. played on both sides of the coin w/ glitch & non-glitch players NOT FUN ON EITHER SIDE so forced to stay in MC🙈 I want to give 2K more of my hard earned EMPLOYMENT 💵 😂 but it’s hard when everything keeps changing

  • JohnSmi49114758 John Smith (@JohnSmi49114758) reported

    @2KSupport, @Borderlands is bricking my Xbox one X on loading screens and when I inflict huge amount of damage at once, it literally switches of the Xbox. I am already in performance mode and have never had this issue before on any other game, please help

  • Raalm_Neeth jordan carter (@Raalm_Neeth) reported

    @RWBYAmityArena @Kriscerosaurus If you want to fix this then you need to remove the reduced trophies below 2k. Its doing nothing but hurting newcomers to the game as they rise too quickly and this inevitably happens. If you need more proof of this just look at the reddit and see all the new A7s asking for help

  • Clay_Pruitt Synder (@Clay_Pruitt) reported

    @2KSupport I did. Hopefully they can fix my issue

  • zaytoveno FBG ZAY (@zaytoveno) reported

    Just lost 3 games in a row and I didn’t even play💯lagging out the game on dots count as a L🧐fix your bootsy ass game it shouldn’t say “servers lost connection” went from 72-18 to 72-21 @2K @Ronnie2K

  • MiamiVikings #🔥🔥🔥NATION (@MiamiVikings) reported

    I’ve been trying to play a game all day I have played once yet I keep getting “A problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing. This game will not be counted” In Play Now Online & Neighborhood @2KSupport

  • Mrdipdip chase drumheller (@Mrdipdip) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I had problems with missions were you have to follow someone and the person glitches out and don't complete the next action.had that happen a couple times and had to exit the game and enter again

  • KnicksClique_ Clique (@KnicksClique_) reported

    I feel like @CallMeAgent00 saying this but the past 2 days the 2k latency has been muuuuch worse than usual. By the time me clicking square to shoot registers the defender already closed out. Not lagging at all either just latency. Smh @2KSupport

  • johnnyistrippy Johnny Test Ketchum (@johnnyistrippy) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Just the lagging..

  • HazakimT Hazakim tov (@HazakimT) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport No problems at all so far thankfully 🙌👏🥳😎

  • richrrjr rich r r (@richrrjr) reported

    @Ronnie2K @White216Goated Every year same bug in 2k - your fault. The terms of service don't define what exploits or glitching are, so weak to ban players. Hate playing fake 99s, but it's on you and not these kids giving you $. U should be focused on apologizing for lying to the entire 2k Community No. 1

  • AWritefag AWF (@AWritefag) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Not so much a bug or a glitch, but the enemies all seem to be a helluvalot tankier than older games. I have to reload after every kill and I'm using Epic tier gear.

  • itz_prettyboy30 prettyboyalec (@itz_prettyboy30) reported

    @Ronnie2K fix 2k servers bro their garbage I just lagged out of a game so bad and I have pretty good internet speed bro that's bad

  • Devinpace216 Devin pace (@Devinpace216) reported

    @2KSupport I need mad help with my 2k my player I haven't been able to play this game for more then 2weeks after the game comes out every year since 2k15 I got mad support claims open and never get the help I need to fix the game my player moving perfomance is bad please help

  • Mazzy_maxx maxwell greene (@Mazzy_maxx) reported

    This game glitch asf man I can’t get my endorsements vc or my items I won from spin 2k pissing me off #fix2k20 @NBA2K

  • WeavusChrist Man Boy (@WeavusChrist) reported

    I’m doing drills and getting zero progression for them. Y’all gotta fix this shit man @2k @2KSupport

  • Kurt_769 Kurt (@Kurt_769) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Fix the One X version. The amount of years you've had to develop this game. What a joke.

  • MarcelloJacobs3 Marcello Jacobs (@MarcelloJacobs3) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Im having an issue I only have 1 health and i cant fix it or add health to it im stuck at 1 hp plz fix it

  • CarterRicherodt Illmaster Chamber (@CarterRicherodt) reported

    @ZendayasFuture @Borderlands @2KSupport They should probably fix the game first.

  • spooky_62701 @matthew_horn13 (@spooky_62701) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport i have the guardian token bug and i cant fix it

  • dgripper00 Damon (@dgripper00) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I just need that menu lag fixed, other than that menu lag my game has been fine

  • TwixLimited Yira (@TwixLimited) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I’ve already submitted a ticket and many ppl that I’ve spoken too have the same problem

  • its_gbj Gary Barker©️ (@its_gbj) reported

    @2KSupport is the worst service I’ve ever had to deal with. Definitely makes me not want to ever buy a 2k game again because I am not confident I can get assistance when it is needed.

  • DemureGamer DemureGamer (@DemureGamer) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I'm having issues, on PC, where the XBox One controls sometimes make it impossible to navigate the ECHO device. If I move the mouse that will fix it, but it randomly happens again.

  • Cootikus Ian R (@Cootikus) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Just want to say that I don't know if you know bout this but I just put my monocle sniper in my vault and a 2nd one appeared in my lost loot pretty sure duping is frowned upon so I just thought I mention something I found which seems to me like an issue

  • CROSSEYED10_4 Crosseyed10-4 (@CROSSEYED10_4) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Other than freezing for a second or two before my inventory pops up, I’ve had zero problems. Regular PS4, couple years old.

  • dragoskai CJ (@dragoskai) reported

    @Pan_the_Puppy @ryan_kleeb @Borderlands @2KSupport Or... wait for it... they can release the game finished. Indie devs can have an excuse, and if it was just network issues, I can see it. “Wait” is BS for a AAA game. I love Gearbox, but man this launch is rough. Some, like myself, can’t even play the game right now.

  • FoxhoundOnline Mercury (@FoxhoundOnline) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I’ve noticed that Pain and Terror’s blender attack, specifically the one where you’re supposed to duck or slide under the saw, is glitched to no matter how many times I try to dodge the attack, I get hit. But I may just be garbage cuz nobody seems to have this problem.

  • hidinggiant Le oof~ (@hidinggiant) reported

    @LaughingLazer @Borderlands @2KSupport I'm having inventory issues, where weapons pictures and trinkets would be all mixed up

  • dragonboy21454 borderland fanatic (@dragonboy21454) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Borderlands the only problem I'm experiencing that isn't list ist gotta be either TOO MUCH MAYHEM Or RAISING WAY MUCH MORE HELL THAN 3 & 3 COMBINED

  • TwixLimited Yira (@TwixLimited) reported

    @2KSupport Have you guys had any luck on identifying the problem

  • CoulterRalph Ralph Coulter (@CoulterRalph) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport There a glitch where your iron bear can get automatically destroyed on using your action skill. Moze will jump into iron bear and load the screen for the mech and you will get kick out.

  • ryan_kleeb Ryan Kleeb (@ryan_kleeb) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I've done all that but my problem isnt fixed. What do I do

  • west_warden Dylan (@west_warden) reported

    @2KSupport I making a expansion team in my league,im starting in the off season and draft has no face scans...Is there a way i can fix this

  • NIGHTMARE3422 NIGHTMARE3422 (@NIGHTMARE3422) reported

    @NBA2K going against 96's and above the way I know they glitched is because they have less hours played than I have and I'm only a 91. You guys can't pretend line you don't know about because you just released an update to fix it. I've bought 2k over the past 8 years. Come on now

  • OCBLUR YouTube: OCBLUR 🕹 (@OCBLUR) reported

    @2KSupport just finished a whole game and didn’t get any attribute/badge progress.. i thought this issue was patched 🙄

  • JoshuaCheeley Joshua Cheeley (@JoshuaCheeley) reported

    @2KSupport So since you guys didnt answer and I had to resort to talking to Epic Games, I have now come to another issue. So. Ive already submitted a ticket for boderlands 3 refusing to run. Now after following all the advice being sent the game will not run as will LITERALLY NO

  • MartinZF22 Martin Z (@MartinZF22) reported

    @2KSupport FIX THE ******* GAME. MYCAREER MYPLAYER GET StUCK on the bench wtf and everything is in slow motion. And online games literally don't work at all. How can you guys release a game that's so ******* broken. I want my $60 back.

  • TheDonCoogi Cøøg ✌🏾 (@TheDonCoogi) reported

    2K has too many black athletes for the lack of fire hair choices. @Ronnie2K fix this.

  • DatBoiOhSo OhSo 🤓🎨9️⃣🏁 (@DatBoiOhSo) reported

    2k gotta fix this server issue. Shit blowing me 😑

  • Taliban26nc John shinabarger (@Taliban26nc) reported

    @adinross Bro it's not that lose a game when you green every shot but the last one and they come hit all they whites wild contested and all that's the problem I got to beat 2k and these bums lol

  • Zae_Papi Zae (@Zae_Papi) reported

    Anybody that think Center is the easiest position on 2K never tried to guard Fab in a P&R, then crash the boards and try to boxout Hotshot

  • michael60883217 michael reyes (@michael60883217) reported

    @2KSupport fix 2k20 i can’t unlock rewards in 2k20 myteam i have the proper qualifications to have the reward but it just says 0 until next level i tried dipping under 30 and going back over but it still won’t give me auction house

  • mattyrob26 McFly 🦅 (@mattyrob26) reported

    2k broken this year bruh

  • influencers360 Influencers360 (@influencers360) reported

    @2KSupport @NBA2K Mypark is terrible, connecting from ITA. Having always connection problems on wired console. Can't play a single game without having freezing, teleporting and connection attempt messages. Waste of money as the last year. Last time i'll buy it. #2k20isbroken

  • Csayers35 Cam (@Csayers35) reported

    @NBA2K @2K how about you fix your crappy game. Just because I’m playing the hardest level doesn’t mean they can make TERRIBLE shot selections. But when I’m wide open with Tracy McGrady and other good 3pt shooters I miss 🤔 #makesnosense

  • HiighPressure PRESSURE (@HiighPressure) reported

    @2KSupport @Wardawg_ R u ******* dumb just fix ur game. do 100000 users have to submit a ticket for a blue screen to orrrrrrrr

  • OG_Billi YungBilli (@OG_Billi) reported

    Tired of 2k shit literally the asses basketball game out shit be hype one week then glitch after glitch shit gets old yall like that shit yall weird asf dumb as bums 🤣