Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

 Some problems detected at 2K Games

2K Games problems in the last 24 hours

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January 24: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 10:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Play
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Game Crash

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Bressolles Matchmaking
Nice Online Play
Vienna Sign in
Inver Grove Heights Online Play
Atlanta Glitches
Cupertino Game Crash

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2K Games Issues Reports

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  • Xxgoat3dwoonyxX NSG WOONY✨ (@Xxgoat3dwoonyxX) reported

    @Detroit_te At least those years were when the game was actually good i have 8 friends now due to being hacked 2nd yr in a row never had this issue in any 2k before 18

  • iamkodakmccoy I.G: Whoizkodak (@iamkodakmccoy) reported

    issues with the prize wheel on 2k. One day I won a Jazz jersey. Then the next day was the same Harwood classic jersey. Days after I still dont get coins nor jerseys. Only 2xRep. I won 400 on prediction games today and still nothing @2K @NBA2K @Ronnie2K

  • haowennchan isdatsonic?! (@haowennchan) reported

    @NBA2KMobile Nba 2k Mobile just released on my play store yesterday, and it seems like everytime I press play in season it won't let me, it will crash and bring me to my homepage (it also charges my energy)

  • THEREALNOKNEES isaac payne (@THEREALNOKNEES) reported

    @2KSupport I have a problem with my NBA 2k20 I am shooting shots with people with threes next to there names and there not going in

  • NOP48DH Daniel Harris (@NOP48DH) reported

    @wontgottlieb @PrestonEllis that's that 2k glitch right there

  • Quickzcopez Mitchie_zzzz (@Quickzcopez) reported

    @SoleCollector @Zionwilliamson @Jumpman23 @PelicansNBA ZION URE 2k player Is ******* dogshit FIX DAT SHIT ASAP U CANT MAKE MIDRANGES I LOST A GAME BECAUSE U COULDNT CLUTCH BUM ASS ************

  • mystikaljericho Myst (@mystikaljericho) reported

    I need some tech help. Ever since I started using my new 2k 144hz monitor for PC, when I am streaming my game is fine on FPS but the stream drops to like 30-45 FPS. Can anyone help me with this issue. @StreamElementsS

  • angel_j_rivera Angel Rivera (@angel_j_rivera) reported

    @2KSupport please fix the crashing that constantly keeps happening in universe mode. That is literally the only mode I want to play

  • MenaceOnTheTL llzanagi 💚🐍 (@MenaceOnTheTL) reported

    @2KSupport fix your weak ass servers man.

  • 2legitforevaa Dracco (@2legitforevaa) reported

    I ain’t know I had anger issues until I played 2k

  • ali_labeeb Ali Labeeb (@ali_labeeb) reported

    @AfshanLatheef People are very poor in atolls that’s the main reason we have so many social issues @ibusolih and @MohamedNasheed how about giving at least 2k for each child

  • Mario27833056 Mario (@Mario27833056) reported

    @2KSupport Yo @2KSupport can y'all fix the game and add new dribble moves or add behind the back... Yalk ruined game with this last patcg

  • support_nba2k NBA2kSupport (@support_nba2k) reported

    @truckgirl1973 @NBA2K In just a parody account but instead of taking out a ticket right away try 1 of 2 things restart your console and see if that fixes the issue the other is the risky clear cache. If those don't work contact @2KSupport

  • domdevanny Dom Devanny (@domdevanny) reported

    @NBA2K team 2k need to fix their games and make them good again.

  • domdevanny Dom Devanny (@domdevanny) reported

    @NBA2K team 2k need to fix their games and make them goof again.

  • domdevanny Dom Devanny (@domdevanny) reported

    @NBA2K team 2k need to fix their game and make it great again

  • JRic55555 John Riccio (@JRic55555) reported

    @NBA2K 2k19 captains aka the good 2k FIX YA GAME.

  • Luciani680NEWS Patrick Luciani (@Luciani680NEWS) reported

    The court looks like a 2K glitch.

  • Ijdfwu Zaddy (@Ijdfwu) reported

    @2K can you guys fix the socks. When I choose a game jersey other than the sponsored versions the socks are plain, without the Nike silhouette. Can we get the nike version socks please. #2k #2kCommunity #2KTVWoW

  • uummm_nick Nick (@uummm_nick) reported

    @LXIII_NOVA Fix that PS and come see me in 2k

  • RaiosRogue Raios Rogue (@RaiosRogue) reported

    @WWEgames @2K @WWEgames fix your god damn ******* servers with multiverse outcomes i win the match on my tv screen my friend wins the same match on his screen and my other friend is stuck in the match and we are not playing on his screen wtf is this bullshit 2k

  • Mitchwastaken Mitchigan (@Mitchwastaken) reported

    @2KSupport All the info was sent to you guys. just waiting on you guys to fix it and bring the player back

  • weskingbeats Wes King (@weskingbeats) reported

    Please for the love of basketball........Fix your game!!!!! @NBA2K @Ronnie2K then y’all got the nerve to drop my w% by .2 and now I gotta win x2 as hard to get it back 🤬 @NBA2K_2KTV @2KSupport #NBA2K20 #nba #NBA2K #2ksports

  • KolbyLA98 Kolby (@KolbyLA98) reported

    @2KSupport Nope. No need to considering there are plenty (that's putting it lightly) of other people who have done that exact thing on all platforms and it has fallen on deaf ears. Dev team needs to fix it. Plain and simple.

  • mpenzato49ers mp49ers (@mpenzato49ers) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the game and get rid of the VC bullshit and I MIGHT buy the game

  • ap_thleen_price Amelia Price (reply bi) (@ap_thleen_price) reported

    I've decided to go to massage school but the problem is I can't get student loans for it. My parents said they'd pay for half but I don't think they realize exactly how poor I am. I'd have to pay 2k up front and another 250 or so dollars a month!

  • nick33921505 nick (@nick33921505) reported

    @Ronnie2K @Beluba @LD2K @2KSupport @NBA2K I’m not even a guard I’m a rebounding wing and I hate how you guys take out only fun and video game like move out of the game. It’s not real life it’s 2k!!!!!! I’m refusing to play until you guys fix this game #fixnba2k20 #NBA2K20

  • cuddymike_ Tom Deflatedy (@cuddymike_) reported

    Out here looking like a 2k glitch why his face look like that 😒😒

  • nosimpsallowed dior 4K (@nosimpsallowed) reported

    @2KSupport @NBA2K @Ronnie2K the jump shot that i pick never saves it always resets to jump shot 70 please can you fix it

  • AceGoated_ Shaun (@AceGoated_) reported

    @LD2K Please @LD2K fix 2k ,bring back the behind the back man, guards moving like pure sharps😓 it’s worse than 2K16 Patch 6💯😓

  • ReallySusanSon 444🦦 (@ReallySusanSon) reported

    Myteam mode is broken asf 💀💀💀 2K is literally pay to win... **** that im not getting 2021 its no point... ****** got bills

  • bradley_aime Bradleyioworld. (@bradley_aime) reported

    His face looking like a 2k glitch

  • Controllrs2 Controllrs (@Controllrs2) reported

    @choc I wish we could have a VC glitch without someone trying to kiss 2k dev's ass for clout.

  • Situationship Soup (@Situationship) reported

    @SoLockedIn Its literally only with Certain games. I can run just about every game except 2k and Modern Warfare without any issues other than it sounding like a jet engine

  • jahonthetrack jah😈🙌🏾 (@jahonthetrack) reported

    @XboxSupport Bro I wanna play 2k what’s the problem

  • FixWWE2K #FixWWE2K20 (@FixWWE2K) reported

    @WWEgames @2K You should give everyone free VC to apologize for releasing a broken game & not doing much to fix it... #FixWWE2K20

  • issabucket KingCarter (@issabucket) reported

    @Shod_239 @_Bemused_ @JoeKnowsYT It barely affected the game. Just admit you would play Street over 2K, because you don't know basketball and move on 😂😂 Literally low iq ****** thinking the game is broken because they took the easiest animation away 🤣

  • fofkco kai (@fofkco) reported

    @2KSupport fix the rec center ASAP

  • yourforeignbabe Bella🕊 (@yourforeignbabe) reported

    I do not have full coverage on the car since I couldn’t afford it, I only have liability. A friend checked the car and said the cost to fix it is probably around $2k😭 On top of it, I can’t drive the car at all till it gets fixed, bcs there’s some kind of leak.

  • drSpongklong Daniel Macrohon (@drSpongklong) reported

    Pleasant time at BIR QC. Aircon, kinda organized flow, fast service (as long as non peak), friendly staff and security. But I will never forget what it feels like to tear up 1.2k pesos in the form of voided official receipts. 😢😭

  • BrandonC1323 B3/Brandon (@BrandonC1323) reported

    @BanknoteExpress @Ange_lala_La @Shann_ME I've never had that issue with it. Honestly I'm lucky. I think for the set these retailed at like $2k but my roommate works at Lowes and got them dirt cheap.

  • ANU_BIS_gaming xxPETRYSHENx73 (@ANU_BIS_gaming) reported

    Really 2k lol maybe just maybe if you actually fixed the heap of shit you released. People would maybe say hey this is a good deal. But your latest patch 1.06 was less then perfect it did not fix online match making stability, we CAC has texture problems to.

  • Utdmmahird mmahird (@Utdmmahird) reported

    @RiZzyUTD BREAKING: an agreement between @Rizzy and @RiZzyUTD has been broken down due to @RiZzyUTD not meeting @Rizzy demands for his @, @RiZzyUTD is offering 2k but @Rizzy is stalling on 5k he’s even lowered it to 3k, seems like @RiZzyUTD has the same tight ****** mentality as Woodward.

  • TayyThaDemii WST Tayy 🏝 (@TayyThaDemii) reported

    Since 2K Some took our vc I have found a new Exploit/Glitch to get your vc back load into ante up and play any of these people on guard and your chips will stack once again 1.Jordy 2. Rolleyz 3.Jayden 4. KG Clamp 5. Fahmi

  • Utdmmahird mmahird (@Utdmmahird) reported

    @RiZzyUTD BREAKING: an agreement between @Rizzy and @RiZzyUTD has been broken down due to @RiZzyUTD not meeting @Rizzy demands for his @, @RiZzyUTD is offering 2k but @Rizzy is stalling on 5k he’s even lowered it to 3k, seems like @RiZzyUTD has the same tight ****** mentality as Woodward.

  • glaciereal gwacier (@glaciereal) reported

    really did a big brane move and deleted a post with 2k likes to fix something 99.99% won't even notice ;; i love having OCD !!!

  • Utdmmahird mmahird (@Utdmmahird) reported

    BREAKING: an agreement between @Rizzy and @RiZzyUTD has been broken down due to @RiZzyUTD not meeting @Rizzy demands for his @, @RiZzyUTD is offering 2k but @Rizzy is stalling on 5k he’s even lowered it to 3k, seems like @RiZzyUTD has the same tight ****** mentality as Woodward.

  • william89637597 william (@william89637597) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the glitch in problems where you can create the title without it mess up Fix the glitches what are you doing fix the problem

  • lionfan6953 lionfan6953 (@lionfan6953) reported

    @WWEgames @2K How about refunding the people that pre ordered this broken ass shit game

  • That_Boy_Boogie Boogie The Executive 🦹🏻‍♂️ (@That_Boy_Boogie) reported

    2k ****** sucks xfinity ****** sucks etc I’m laggin my ****** ass off and even tho I’m timing it exactly the ****** samw I still miss wide tf open ever since xfinity had that outage this morning

  • MambaYg YgMamba (@MambaYg) reported

    @2KSupport I clicked download saved data management earlier today because when I had this problem before it worked and everything was fine but now I’m stuck with 60’s I deleted the app Re downloaded it and did the instructions and literally nothing is different please help

  • Th3_Brandon Brandon Watson (@Th3_Brandon) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Why dont the people stuck with this mostly broken game actually get something in return. O wait you dont give a crap about us

  • CRGundy17 CHASΞ (@CRGundy17) reported

    @ThreatLevelNeon @JadenShort7 @CallMeAgent00 But big men can still run as fast as guards and shoot as good as a sharp.... and a single dribble move is the problem. 2k sucks

  • TheEthanHarvey Ethan 🧢 (@TheEthanHarvey) reported

    I grew up on welfare. My parents did everything to get ahead & every time they could scrape together $2K they lost all benefits. Then the cycle started over again. @AndrewYang ‘s UBI would solve this issue for millions of families like mine & give them a new way forward.

  • milffluva Bigg Daddy Kween (@milffluva) reported

    This some 2K glitch shit 😂 he palm grabbed his shot, on the release 😩😭🤧 lmao

  • Jerell2x TrulyJerell (@Jerell2x) reported

    @Echo_The1 @2KSupport all problems have been solved

  • RobertLocke14 Robert Paul Locke (@RobertLocke14) reported

    @2KSupport I'm still having crashing issues on 2k20 wwe. I can do two matches and the game crashes. Explain this to me.

  • imxybe preda (@imxybe) reported

    2k so quick to take my vc and break guards but the ******* subway been broken for 2 years.

  • DRESZN6 Pharaoh ⁶𓅓🇪🇬 (@DRESZN6) reported

    @NBA2K bro y’all need to fix the shit with my animations. It keeps changing my jump shot 😡🤬 this by far is the worst 2k EVER

  • TiedsHD TiedsHD (@TiedsHD) reported

    @wdmarcusreyes @2KSupport 40 on each category. 1 per game. They fixed the glitch where it would take 3.