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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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  • Online Play (24.00%)
  • Sign in (16.00%)
  • Glitches (14.00%)
  • Matchmaking (8.00%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (4.00%)

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  • nas_xclusive Yungstunna Nas🚀 ❌™️ (@nas_xclusive) reported

    @Ronnie2K yo fix ******* 2k dawg why tf is a 6’6 sharp shooter shooting over a ******* 7 footer wtf are y’all doing FIX THE ******* GAMEEEEE

  • Gucci_Ak3421 Allen Karas (@Gucci_Ak3421) reported

    @MLBTheShow_Tips You Guys already offer better costumer service than 2k has ALL year. @Ronnie2K @NBA2K fix your game!!!!!!

  • VixBTW Vix (@VixBTW) reported

    @LamiLegend FPS is horrible for no reason my pc is overkill for this game and they can’t simply fix something as simple as FPS $2k pc and can’t keep 200 FPS all the time up until after 2nd ring

  • RippyTred Rippa 👁🗺🏀 (@RippyTred) reported

    3 Rec lag outs in a row! 🙄 ofc it’s only right for 2k to brake one thing whilst fixing another @Beluba 😂👍

  • AbstractSole Andres 3000 (@AbstractSole) reported

    @ThisIsFav @JakeyWelchy I don't play either I just think it's disrespectful to the fan base when it's 2019 and it's had the same issues since 2013. I haven't picked up a copy of 2K since 2016. And I haven't missed out on shit.

  • CMB162536 CMB97 (@CMB162536) reported

    Thanks for that patch @2K, now my my career games are lagging and rubber banding.. 🤨

  • thvtful_ chris (@thvtful_) reported

    2k is out here putting du rags in the game but won’t fix the damn gameplay.

  • lowkeyxcamps Introvert (@lowkeyxcamps) reported

    Had to take 74 Ls at the playground before 2k decided to fix pushing.

  • studiddy studiddy (@studiddy) reported

    @2KSupport where the tickets for y’all ******* servers is ass lag a Mf out with 35 sec Shits ass my park rec ****** up cause court conquer u need to fix this shit

  • Sxvvy_ Papi Trece (@Sxvvy_) reported

    If I lag outta one more 2k game 😤😤😤😤

  • JohnnyBravoBoy Johnny Cashout (@JohnnyBravoBoy) reported

    @2KSupport yo I need help with this issue and I haven’t gotten a email back. Please help

  • deion06 deion0 (@deion06) reported

    I did nothing to harm the game to deserve this ban! Please fix @2KSupport! @Beluba @CHoops4Life @Ronnie2K @NBA2K PSN Id:xdeion601 and my @2KSupport account suspended. @LD2K

  • singareddynm Nikita S (@singareddynm) reported

    Some easy healthcare terminology: Copay - fixed amount you pay for a healthcare service Deductible - the amount you have to pay before your insurance kicks in (~$2K+) Coinsurance - once you meet the deductible, the share of the bill you're charged (eg insurance = 70%, you = 30%)

  • itsyaboi_01 b (@itsyaboi_01) reported

    @2KSupport Please fix the heat schedule challenge. I’m on game 11 and have a full heat lineup but it won’t let me start the game. It says my lineup is invalid. I’ve tried multiple times and nothing’s worked

  • OmgItsKellzz Omg_Its_Kellz (@OmgItsKellzz) reported

    Day 2 Of Being Banned On NBA 2K19 for no reason, literally did nothing wrong no im stuck here with nothing to do can't stream, can't play 2k. And im not the only one dozens of people got banned yesterday around 3-5 pm for no apparent reason @Ronnie2K @2KSupport PLEASE FIX THIS

  • Glolimit6 RS (@Glolimit6) reported from Zion, Illinois

    @2K patch the auto lost for a lag out 😡😡😡😡

  • Jmurda_MOB27 Jmurda_MOB (@Jmurda_MOB27) reported

    @NBA2K It's funny how 2k wanna fix pushing on the big man but dont fixed the fake ass stretch shooting from more then half court I'm dead!!!

  • victors36586076 victor samaniego (@victors36586076) reported

    @2KSupport I can’t log in to my 2k account I keep on getting an error code when I log in

  • Jellybob1134 💮Jellybob1134💮 (@Jellybob1134) reported

    @pgcraiig @LD2K 17 rep system, non shooting builds should not be able to go 100% in 3pt, Get badges like how it was in 17, Centers should get ripped easily, Fix shot contest, No abusing glitchy movement with stretches on the 2’s= Greatest 2K imo

  • fsimon89 Faris Simon (@fsimon89) reported

    @2KSupport can you guys help me with my support request. Its been almost 4 days and i cant play till yall fix it. Thank you. Ticket #4131079.

  • PlugInStage Plug 📦 (@PlugInStage) reported

    Guys it’s not time to get happy about pushing patch.... 2k still needa patch dribble glitch cuz these shitty ass guards think they good for dribbling in circles thinking they Superman @Beluba @Ronnie2K

  • dastar40 Dastar40 (@dastar40) reported

    I am getting a error code of 4b538e50 when I try to connect can u tell me what it is @2KSupport

  • Andrew44011538 Andrew (@Andrew44011538) reported

    @xDcentric @2K @NBA2K_MyTEAM Bro I really enjoy the game but 2k is far from fixing any issue they have but I promise I will keep watching your videos though but 2k can kiss my white ass sorry bastards

  • HolStaples hol (@HolStaples) reported

    need a quick 2k loan to fix my teeth

  • PWhritenour Payton Whritenour 94/99 (@PWhritenour) reported

    @KazuTheGoat @Ronnie2K It wasn’t 2K problem it was Xbox servers they just fixed them

  • MRNBA2K2 MR NBA 2K (@MRNBA2K2) reported

    @NBA2K FIX THE SERVERS 2K!!!!! 😠😡

  • _mnasxx mosfirat🍬 (@_mnasxx) reported

    @_hailang68 sabrina its so sticky, main problem is between birms and kcl - birms will give me 3k kcl will give me 2k scholarship but kcl is more renowned but birms is higher in league tables w higher graduate rates

  • Shavon1987 Shavon1987 (@Shavon1987) reported

    @XboxSupport @2KSupport @2KSupport yes I am still having issues even though the update happened my controller cuts off in middle of a game etc.

  • jaden_stringham jaden (@jaden_stringham) reported

    WHAT 2K TAKING INNITINATIVE AND FIXING BROKEN STUFF i'm actually really hyped about both of these

  • albreezygonz albreezy (@albreezygonz) reported

    @thundercares @okcthunder @LCBallroom This guy has been a problem to me in my 2k career

  • Eastsidedoni Donzillo (@Eastsidedoni) reported

    @XboxSupport Yo this stupid xbox bug just corrupted my NBA 2K Myplayers I swear if I dont get my 💩 back we bout to have a major issue!

  • Big_Meals Ja-Meal Acree Jr (@Big_Meals) reported

    @2KSupport Yes it’s error code 4b538e50

  • Its_Logistics Rest easy J bailey❤️ (@Its_Logistics) reported

    @2KSupport hey I’m having an issue of trying to get my players back that I believe got deleted is there anyway you can I help I already sent in a ticket

  • DNYE19XX Donovin Nye (@DNYE19XX) reported

    @NStrupka @2KSupport Im getting the same error code

  • Alexislevesque5 Alexis levesque (@Alexislevesque5) reported

    @NBA2K Can 2k fix my game It cant connect to the server

  • TheNigerianG OGKT🙌🏿 (@TheNigerianG) reported

    Idk why I need to sign in just to play 2k #XboxLive need to get their shit together

  • 3110Hamm Cédric Hamm⭐️⭐️ (@3110Hamm) reported

    @2KSupport @WWEgames Guys, I have an issue with cashing in the MITB in my Universe.. The game wouldn't let me cash it in in the Extreme Rules Main Event Yes, I made sure that my MITB superstar is not in any other match during that ppv! I'd love him to cash in after the match!

  • deion06 deion0 (@deion06) reported

    I did nothing to harm the game to deserve this ban! Please fix @2KSupport! @Beluba @CHoops4Life @Ronnie2K @NBA2K PSN Id:xdeion601 and my @2KSupport account suspended.

  • Daveetheblogger DTB (@Daveetheblogger) reported

    This was the last straw Xbox. Y’all servers down the day 2k removes “pushing”. PS4 here I come

  • WavyGreens3s IttylittlebittyWavy (@WavyGreens3s) reported

    @JoeKnowsYT I never had a problem getting open with my stretch I had a problem on defense when I got pushed and couldn’t ******* move and than they would either get a easy three or some bullshit in the paint cause you can’t get blocks on 2k anymore evidently

  • attiliofranco attiliofranco (@attiliofranco) reported from Torrile, Emilia-Romagna

    @2KSupport After the update I have connection problems with this error code 4b538e50 #NBA2K19

  • ccccccc40895953 I hate madden (@ccccccc40895953) reported

    @NBA2K Thanks for the ******* error another loss added because of 2k and boost

  • nsavavage NSAVAVAGE (@nsavavage) reported

    @2KSupport i opened a pack lagged out when it showed my pd then i got to a game trying to complete it and got error message

  • gilbert60690863 gilbert (@gilbert60690863) reported

    why do i keep lagging out @2KSupport

  • JuniorThuggin SaUcy GuWap (@JuniorThuggin) reported

    @Ronnie2K you need to fix 2k cause there ain’t no way a glass cleaner can shoot 3s 🤔😒

  • deion06 deion0 (@deion06) reported

    I did nothing to harm the game to deserve this ban! Please fix @2KSupport! @Beluba @CHoops4Life @Ronnie2K @NBA2K PSN Id:xdeion601 and my @2KSupport account suspended. @LD2K

  • CarljamesSeage2 Carl james Seager (@CarljamesSeage2) reported

    @pxmpzhd @thatguymalachii @NBA2K I had the same problem. 2K Support had to copy my player onto another file. You'll keep your progression and badges but it will reset your MyCAREER.

  • Freetheblizz Bradford Bates (@Freetheblizz) reported

    @2KSupport Created a ticket hope you guys can help. I'd hate having played through the first ten games not to be able to get the pack after game fifteen. Never had a problem with schedule Mode challenges until now.

  • 757com Com M. Wealth (@757com) reported

    @2KSupport why is it that i have lost tattoos on 2 of my builds i spent alot of vc just for you to erase them this is not acceptable please fix issues or refund my damn vc

  • Name47734764 Name (@Name47734764) reported

    @2KSupport I don’t understand why your connection problems grant us a loss.

  • CarlCam81207780 Carl Campbell (@CarlCam81207780) reported

    @2KSupport I back because you still have not fix this 56d85bb8 COME Fix it please and thank you

  • Name47734764 Name (@Name47734764) reported

    @2KSupport 45 seconds left, I’m up by 5 points in unlimited, connection error. I get the loss. Everything else is running perfectly. I just lost a game because of 2k’s horrible connection, I lose the MT I earned, as well as a loss on the prize board

  • NoNameGamers00 nngamersTV (@NoNameGamers00) reported

    (5/7)to no improvements every year. I can give you a laundry list of issues with My career, MyTeam, and much much, more. Don't get me wrong I've seen people constructively critique 2K and list how they'd improve the game, but their voices don't impact the product.

  • NoNameGamers00 nngamersTV (@NoNameGamers00) reported

    (2/7)2K has steadily increased the monetization in the game, they seem to not take player feedback seriously when it comes to improvements, but worst of all the outrage from the community mostly goes unheard because most media platforms don't highlight the issues.

  • CynicalBop Lillard/Bop (@CynicalBop) reported

    @Ronnie2K @Beluba @LD2K @2KSupport can y’all fix y’all pro am servers that’s 3 Ls off of us not getting a opponent for 20 minutes and we close app and get a L then we win 5 games in a row and I get kicked before a comp game starts like wtf

  • Poltradise Shaun (@Poltradise) reported

    @ninjakiwigames you might need to look into the disconnecting issue. I’ve lost 2k medallions now that I definitely should have won due to get disconnected sometimes when I send a rush, my connection is fine, no issues on my end. I send a rush, a lot get through, then I get DC’ed.

  • HitzKhalifaTGOD IM A FUCKING BOT (@HitzKhalifaTGOD) reported

    @NBA2K @Beluba Interesting took half the games life cycle to fix this lol wont be buyin another 2k for awhile

  • aswag201245 CJ Collaz (@aswag201245) reported

    Ronnie 2k wtf is this. Im tired of this. Stop adding stuff into the game that doesnt matter like changing atound the neighborhood. Fix the damn gameplay cant tell u how many times this happens in the park, rec, and normal career games fix the freaking gameplay

  • That_SwaggDope Lotto 💰😈 Suave (@That_SwaggDope) reported

    Oh I wanna hear these thoughts 😂 opinion: Delay of game play the servers suck Ass only if you stay ina close region the 2k servers great bt not for everyone fix your game

  • TheFranchiseM TheFranchiseM (@TheFranchiseM) reported

    @lIIMODZIIl @Ronnie2K @Beluba In Xbox network settings nat needs to be open that can cause issues sometimes but it’s probably 2k