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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • App Crashing (15.60%)
  • Online Features (11.20%)
  • Microtransactions (.80%)

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  • portxdogg
    ℗ ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏ (@portxdogg) reported

    @LifeIsGood_LJT @aceee_x idk tbh because when i was stuck in macon due to legal issues i couldn’t do drugs so i used tinder and was able to **** different girls every night from mercer girls to auburn *******.... it’s sorta disgusting fr

  • mferrennnn
    Maddie Ⓥ (@mferrennnn) reported

    Today I opened tinder like normal and an Indian dudes profile came up. Okay cool no issues whatever but then I read his bio and that shit got me... “Trying to find the right one before my parents arrange me”. Okay dude that was funny.

  • Djcali1985
    D. james (@Djcali1985) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @billyeichner i just swiped right on you on tinder but it wasn’t a match. My heart is broken. Haha.

  • noulelle
    noulelle (@noulelle) reported

    soft blocked that tinder tweeter. they're too much 'on stage' about their life & have some ethical issues despite attempting to establish a reputation for being some kind of ethical firebrand.

  • _iKaMikaZe
    CrazyCoder (@_iKaMikaZe) reported from PETROL BUNK ORR, State of Karnataka

    @Tinder I'm not able to login!

  • wildirishrose__
    🥀 (@wildirishrose__) reported

    @just_bargain Lmaoooo girl try matching someone on tinder then he starts working at yo job 😂

  • meggrablick
    maaaag (@meggrablick) reported

    *goes on one tinder date w a guy w an obvious coke and alcohol problem but he quotes always sunny* my brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it me: i think he’s the one

  • arcthiccfox
    cursed noodle ☁️ (@arcthiccfox) reported

    stop using twitter as tinder and your problem is solved babes all love 😌😌😌😌

  • photome
    LSDeGroot (@photome) reported

    @atrupar It would be an issue if the fires started in the forests. Hey dumb ass the fires started in the dry, grassy areas and spread quickly because of the overheated ground that caused it to be a tinder box from climate change & the high winds.

  • sophiegrenham
    Sophie Grenham 🐞 (@sophiegrenham) reported

    Overheard the most appalling wagon in Sheehan's of Chatham Street, #Dublin earlier. This 'wan asked the handsome bearded Derryman working behind the bar if he's on #Tinder. He says no, he prefers to chat to people next to him. Her cackling friends ask his age. He says 33.

  • aerzyliana
    aernieazzizzattuliyliana (@aerzyliana) reported

    These tweets are the **** of how my brain work and doesn’t know how to shut ******** up. One second I’m on an issue and then swiping to 1000 more like swiping tinder mcm tu. E’eh

  • WildChoked
    MinnesotaWildRIP2017 (@WildChoked) reported

    @TweakBoxApp How do I fix tinder ++ says I have to update now

  • emmiillyyh
    Emily Henderson (@emmiillyyh) reported

    i’ve been swiping on tinder for 4 years now and im still not engaged so what’s the issue

  • cistifellea1
    cistifellea (@cistifellea1) reported

    I thought I was ugly, but it was Tinder that wasn't working. Still pretty ugly though.

  • TjBrown16268374
    Tj Brown (@TjBrown16268374) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Is there anyway you guys can update the tinder++ app every time I download it it says to update now basically making it unusable .. hopefully you can fix it soon ..

  • ReereeSoko
    ree ree soko (@ReereeSoko) reported

    “I have a few hunches as to why tinder isn’t working out for me. Mainly this hunch on my back!!!” - me doing standup if I had a hunchback, probably. Thanks for reading.

  • WildChoked
    MinnesotaWildRIP2017 (@WildChoked) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Fix tinder ++

  • SunCityJimmy
    Wer wird die Beobachter beobachten? (@SunCityJimmy) reported

    Gov moonbeam Brown veto a bill 2 years ago to have locals aid in on potential problem areas; a bipartisan bill both houses passed unanimously. It may not have prevented this case, is an example of failures and millions of unculled dead trees were tinder for the slightest spark.

  • ShewolfTee
    @SheWolf☺️ (@ShewolfTee) reported

    @Tinder How do I report a problem

  • herequeerfear
    A Clingy Bitch (@herequeerfear) reported

    So i ****** it all up again by making a joke to J about how i was trying to fix the imbalance of dating by joining tinder since F is always making out with someone and J, trying to help, cornered F and made them I was going to dump them if they didn't focus on me

  • finalgirlq
    Quincy Carpenter (@finalgirlq) reported

    @SteveAdams1123 Tinder has been way too slow for me lately.

  • kylenoguera15
    (@kylenoguera15) reported

    my sister watched Fantastic Beasts without me. I mean it's okay and all, but now the pact is broken. *cries* :< *opens tinder

  • WhadHeSay85
    Steven James (@WhadHeSay85) reported from Houston, Texas

    @Tinder so like what ******** is up with the "top picks" section. It’s literal “insanely good looking people” if you don’t want a lawsuit I’d fix that soon.

  • DigidesignHD
    Dennis Mcgivern (@DigidesignHD) reported

    Tinder gold is broken Location is a joke Please fix it

  • VForVeronica2
    V_For_Veronica (@VForVeronica2) reported

    Here's my first world problem. I'm joining Tinder because I have forced myself to get over the last two women I have been interested in because they're with someone for the long haul. However trans pre op means I have to sign up as a guy but I'm not..

  • sofiaaaa143
    Sofia❤ (@sofiaaaa143) reported

    Guys are getting smarter, they’ve started putting dog pics on their tinder profile🤨 and it might just be working.

  • bloodweiserband
    Bloodweiser (@bloodweiserband) reported

    My #Tinder & #Bumble have gotta be broken again cause I’m just not getting any matches...

    Erica (@NEVERaRUFFday) reported

    @TransTonies @IAmBrendenScott @jaysaysthemost @seanrad @Tinder @KaysPlayArt @MaxxyRainbow @demonicvveed I mean frankly I’ve seen better twitter responses from @kfc @dominos @BurgerKing @Walmart ...ect ... but an app that’s being told they have major issues that are putting people at risk.. who are actively choosing to ignore their “community” I don’t respect

    Erica (@NEVERaRUFFday) reported

    @TransTonies @IAmBrendenScott @jaysaysthemost @seanrad @Tinder @KaysPlayArt @MaxxyRainbow @demonicvveed People shouldn’t have to get legal in order for tinder to start realizing their is major issues with their app... I’ve never seen an app especially in the error of metoo allow such crap on their app...

  • superstarian21
    Superstar Rian (@superstarian21) reported

    Hey @Tinder , I cant get the messages that my matches sent, but i did receive the notification. Pls fix it. Its annoying.

  • nickbakernz
    Nick Baker (@nickbakernz) reported

    Replaced, receiving no presents, dabbling in the field of Tinder, wanting to get even. What becomes of the broken hearted. #rāmereshorts

  • Hot_Mrs_Monarch
    Sultry Sheila (@Hot_Mrs_Monarch) reported

    @Breathes_Fire I like to give male rprs a chance (even if they play a female futa, IDGAF) the problem I run into is they want to make shit weird by asking for nudes or ask irl details and it's like, look man I just want to get ******** off and go to bed. This shit is not match .com or tinder.

  • e_mac36
    Eric McAlpine (@e_mac36) reported

    Seems I have unlimited likes on tinder, still cant find a match #dating #problems

  • LeKuroKami
    Follow @CupsNConvos on IG! (@LeKuroKami) reported

    Shorty tweets me about introducing me to tinder after me simply stating why other ****** do what they do. This is why y’all have so many issues. You can’t disassociate the subject from the messenger.

  • CaycePollardx
    Severus Tenenbaum (@CaycePollardx) reported

    “I never really learned how to meet people in real life,” she said. /// Then she remembered that she’d seen his profile on Tinder. “Maybe next time I sign in,” she said, musing aloud, “I’ll just swipe right so I don’t have to do this awkward thing and get rejected.”

  • languidgold
    pure bred yamaguchi thot (@languidgold) reported

    @dickaeopolis I like vegetables so no problem. I’m *******. I’m already deeply involved in the illlegal drug market it’s too late to get out. I will never get a tinder I’m too lazy. And I haven never half-***ed anything in my entire life don’t worry.

  • georgiadunlopx
    georgia 💀 (@georgiadunlopx) reported

    my tinder isn’t working and I just matched a peng ting ! FML

  • Estebane04
    take me out of November (@Estebane04) reported

    Someone fix my tinder

  • Paolaherzz
    Paola (@Paolaherzz) reported

    telling my lil sister about my guy problems and she asked if I was on tinder lmaooo

  • _brit_c
    Britt 💖 (@_brit_c) reported

    It be like that sometimes though 🤣 tinder wasn’t working for me 😅

  • xDesprin
    Desprin (@xDesprin) reported

    Tinder bad bc I don't get matches, not that I should change myself at all, I'm perfect, others are the problem

  • kelmariecc
    Kelly marie (@kelmariecc) reported

    @jessa_fayehere I knew a girl who used tinder to get followers. She was my ex bfs friend. She ended up losing followers bc she became less attractive over the last year so she buys followers now. It’s pathetic but its her problem & her self esteem she needs to deal with. Be happy you aren’t her.

  • DIorioNathaniel
    Nathaniel Diorio (@DIorioNathaniel) reported

    The problem with matching with U of T girls on Tinder is all we end up talking about is school.

  • _cocochanel16
    Edsicie ♥️ (@_cocochanel16) reported

    This tinder ***** just messaged me on snap talking about some he want me ... you don’t want these problems big fella

  • mlathrop3
    Mark Lathrop (@mlathrop3) reported

    @SBRSportsPicks Adding a +477 parlay @5dimes Furman -46.5 vs. North Greenville San Diego Christian +44 vs San Diego Kentucky Wesleyan +30 vs. Evansville San Diego plays too slow to run up the score. Cross-town rival for Furman - guys are competing for the same girls on Tinder.

  • MartianOrthodox
    Martian Orthodox🌲☦️ (@MartianOrthodox) reported

    Imagine the problems Buck Rogers would have on Tinder.

  • exactlybaby_
    anna (@exactlybaby_) reported

    I’ve decided I only want to date men over 30 from now on the only problem is I don’t know how to meet them aksjksjsksjsk men on thirty over on tinder kick in fight or flight response so that’s a no

  • ricketyoldshack
    Derek (@ricketyoldshack) reported

    @Comishav1990 "Sir, you claimed to be a grower not a shower but your last 3 Tinder dates indicate your ******** are merely substandard regardless of tumescence. I'm going to issue a warning and suggest perhaps a regimen of tying weights to your shaft."

  • AshlynOrtego
    Ashlyn Ortego (@AshlynOrtego) reported

    “Probably some ***** for the night that he met on tinder, maybe her heater was broken”💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my friends are too much😭😭😭

  • mackhale
    Mack Hale (@mackhale) reported

    When you want to tinder but because you are using @LiveSmart Smartbro pocket wifi as your internet connection, you can't because it's an issue that @SMARTCares did not bother to resolve or something. Lolol.

  • punditcomment
    Baatooni Bandariya (@punditcomment) reported

    @NobodysDamsel @Tinder No clue. Suddenly, I'm locked out with an error message. The facebook sign in stopped working the first time. This time, the # attached isn't available to me for the next two years so I can't receive a verification code.

  • punchedmonet_
    F Í A (@punchedmonet_) reported

    Every time I turn my head my neck and shoulder get stuck and it’s really painful but like my phone screen has been broken for so long and life is expensive maybe I can just get someone off tinder to fix my neck for me

  • PipesAreCallin
    Dan (@PipesAreCallin) reported

    @raveseesstars ..large amounts of tinder sitting all over your state forests. The Cal fire chief said this, Little Hoover Watchdog said this, & Jerry Brown admitted that not doing controlled burns was a problem. 40+ people are dead because of moronic childish activism people like you engage in.

  • blezztari
    Tari (@blezztari) reported

    Yes, I also have problems naming my books. What I do is, I get a working name. A name to use while I work on the book then when I'm nearly finished, I start to hunt for a better name. E.g from FLAMES of Love to TINDER.

  • imorenni
    poet of ur heart (@imorenni) reported

    he told me that my tinder profile makes me look like I have an attitude problem and then asked "if i was back in moose jaw because saskatoon didn't work out"

  • ForestStxlker
    Liana (@ForestStxlker) reported

    @BestWindrunner "Sure, I could without a problem, dear." She would grab rock and arrow from yesterday, some tinder and start working on it. She would take some logs later, it didnt matter at all on the given moment.

  • maatme_
    maat_me (@maatme_) reported

    saying "hey" to girls i match with on tinder isn't really working

  • jmoneyonfya
    unsweet swisher (@jmoneyonfya) reported

    @jasmine_tyy tinder ain’t working for me

  • souvyy
    s o u y u n g 🇱🇦 (@souvyy) reported

    My brothers tinder bio Deadass says “just got my heart broken. Looking for a rebound. Just being honest” IF DIS NOT MY LIL BROTHER 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • _princessica
    🌹 (@_princessica) reported

    my tinder stopped working and I think that’s a sign that I need to stop wasting my time with **** boys