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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • d23co Sweet n' Savage Dev (@d23co) reported

    @mellcath Sometimes when I see someone make a grammatical/spelling error in their tinder bio I will swipe right just so I can match and correct them on it

  • CrayonPFish Copperpot (@CrayonPFish) reported

    @equilatera7 I like working for my OBGYN because when he asks me "hey how's the IUD working out" I can say things like "well I let dudes from tinder raw dog me and I'm not pregnant so it's working out great."

  • UKnowSymba i want a girlfriend :/ (@UKnowSymba) reported


  • kozyiscute Koz-yee (@kozyiscute) reported

    @DeltaforceSsb Your experience could differ from mine but I used tinder okcupid and bumble for about 3 years and only managed to date two people who ended up being shit with commitment and many dozens just ghosting me with no apparent issues

  • realDKoelling Dallas Koelling✨ (@realDKoelling) reported from Manhattan, New York

    are we ready to talk about how tinder the app as a piece of technology actually sucks but they’ll never fix it because the only people who use it are a bunch of useless horny ***** who cant even be bothered to report all the bugs

  • Cxmilee95 Cami-lee (@Cxmilee95) reported

    @Tinder why has my account been banned again I have not broken any terms and conditions I think it’s vile that you just ban a trans woman without any actual reason it’s pathetic!!

  • perksofbeinggod Jesus of Nazareth 👹👹👹 (@perksofbeinggod) reported

    I’m trying the bold approach on tinder. AND IT IS WORKING.

  • CapnDavidson Psyduck King (@CapnDavidson) reported

    Brain working overtime to make me want a girls affection and I won't be having it we gay now and Tinder ain't coming back

  • zaaachginn Zach (@zaaachginn) reported

    @Abbsurd Your tinder must be working

  • rickkingswood Rick Keane (@rickkingswood) reported

    @RadioHumberside I know this is a very serious issue and story. But I can’t help but wonder what their Tinder profile was like.

  • garfieldcumbaby TJ (@garfieldcumbaby) reported

    maybe. my issue on tinder. isn’t that i’m not cute, bc i know i am. but it’s that i only swipe right on cute sorority girls.

  • fro_wilson Willy G (@fro_wilson) reported

    I guess working out isn’t a norm here in minot cause man tinder here ain’t it 😂

  • jamieb521 Ëzekiel (@jamieb521) reported

    My Tinder is defo broken because I am matching with people wayyyy out of my league

  • kayyy_L0vee Diversity Hire (@kayyy_L0vee) reported

    I thought working at the hospital would be like my own tinder service but doctors are weird AF!

  • Iselldrugs2 Iselldrugs (@Iselldrugs2) reported

    Lol I'm killing it on tinder problem is we all psychos

  • Coodywoo kådy (@Coodywoo) reported

    @Modulate i made a pal on tinder by msging her can i borrow a tenner you really just gotta be yourself guys it really be working

  • ndipalmo_48 Nick DiPalmo (@ndipalmo_48) reported

    @BriAnneHolthaus @venticatpuccino All you need to do is go on their website and login with your phone number. Boom. Tinder on your computer

  • sinbb3 sinlauren (@sinbb3) reported

    Going through Tinder and ******* girls are not going to help to fix the emptiness you feel inside.

  • _DeanMugisha_ Kihugu's Child (@_DeanMugisha_) reported

    We are all on Tinder to make friends the same way we watch porn to see the plumber fix the sink

  • hmrainy borandon (@hmrainy) reported

    tinder ain't working out

  • whoretikulture astrogirl 🦋 (@whoretikulture) reported

    can’t ******* believe that i applied for a job where my tinder match works and now im ******* working w this dude like it’s nothing smh

  • 114lbs_ 💫 (@114lbs_) reported

    If I match w u on tinder and continuously blow u off.... take the ****** hint dude or I’ll scare ur ass off w my problems

  • prettyreckles0 Mikelle Rae (@prettyreckles0) reported

    My boyfriend made a second Tinder right before we started dating because his stopped working. We actually matched on both of his accounts and he messaged me from both. But I apparently never responded to his first message and now I feel so bad 😂😭

  • The_Names_Ava Ava Jorgenson (@The_Names_Ava) reported

    Like a month ago, my store had a temp truck driver and he was the cutest man I’ve ever seen in my life but I didn’t wanna say anything bc I was working and he lived far away but I just matched w him on tinder so if that’s not a sign idk what is

  • RealCineGamer CineGamer (@RealCineGamer) reported

    I'm gonna reinstall Tinder and change my bio to say I'll take them to see the Sonic movie since it seems to be working for others lol

  • megduberg Megan DuBerg (@megduberg) reported

    @wintersadam Yes not a real loss & we keep on going 🙂 And yes it’s been called the “classier” Tinder but still have all the same dating app problems

  • MuskyTheBot Musky the Bot 🤖 (@MuskyTheBot) reported

    @marcia_visual @PaulTookXTC @SpaceX @Commercial_Crew You were saying this before the Model S crash I thought you were on Tinder 😱

  • BriaaBankss Briaa Bankss (@BriaaBankss) reported

    @actuallyhollyv @Tinder I’ve been banned like 3 different times with no explanation 🙄 I use other multiple other dating apps now and have never had that issue.

  • realcoolducky ducky ζ⃠ (@realcoolducky) reported

    The mans fault for being so cold-hearted but if a man is broken from being crushed with rejection then he needs to grow up or man up or be better man and that’s the pain women almost never deal with because it’s like going on tinder picking and choosing every one that lines up-

  • brittanyterry_ Brittany Terry ☃️ (@brittanyterry_) reported

    men, for $5 i will fix your tinder because your guys’ picture choices and bios are atrocious

  • _beetlejuiced payton 🌹 (@_beetlejuiced) reported

    The funny part of it all is he’s literally been paying ******* fat stacks for their services (which I have no problem with) however he was on tinder, bumble, and sending ******* money while we were together. Like I’m ..... oh my god lmao

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    Why do we continue to allow tinder to ignore victim complaints over the same issues.. and worse block us.. and when is enough enough

  • aquarigod Aquarius God (@aquarigod) reported

    5th House That booty call was a bad idea, basically. Tinder isn’t a good place to be, and it’s just gonna cause more problems/annoyance. Likely will be late to dates, get confused and go to the wrong place, moan someone else’s name. If you’re committed, you’ll notice —

  • guccci_witch Emma (@guccci_witch) reported

    my tinder is broken not getting any matches

  • peachhyjin tilda⁷ (@peachhyjin) reported

    google how to find soulmate tinder not working

  • kait_tiffany Kaitlyn Tiffany (@kait_tiffany) reported

    please email me if you lied about your age like 12 years ago to get a facebook account and haven't figured out how to fix your age across half of the internet services you use (i'll email you back that you can sign up for tinder with a phone number now)

  • maxmaxxed max (@maxmaxxed) reported

    @xLAWx_ @fwitter_famous @rgxmez @milkinhisbag thanks for pointing out that ***** inflation is so bad with Tinder/hookup culture that even relatively decent-looking men are often incel the first step is identifying the problem!

  • moontaemm britney 🥾🌍 (@moontaemm) reported

    downloaded tinder again and put the maximum age to 35 (!)... maybe..just maybe... I have some issues

  • michaelreb0rn ♕ michael ♛ (@michaelreb0rn) reported

    I thought that every attractive ******* Tinder was a bot until I upgraded my phone... and here's the problem: I wasn't wrong

  • onetrueoverlord The Viscount Guyliner is angry about TRoS (@onetrueoverlord) reported

    This isn't working, Tinder didn't work, and *the idea of* IRL approaches have filled me with full blown anxiety attacks recently. What can I do.

  • Wake_n_Blake1 BLVKX LVZVR (@Wake_n_Blake1) reported

    Me: my tinder must be broken, I’m getting no matches. God: nah b you just ugly.

  • g0thdirection maggie (@g0thdirection) reported

    tinder must b broken because i am not getting any attention

  • Jay_Da_Villain 🦹🏿‍♂️ (@Jay_Da_Villain) reported from Alcoa, Tennessee

    @TheCodyMcLemore @Brennan_Rashad I’ve never messed w a chick who follows me on tinder, Snapchat, AND Twitter. You just asking for problems then

  • Aronsbutt Vali (@Aronsbutt) reported

    I have 2 Tinder matches with men and they both look good and sound interesting but it does scare me to write them since I have trust issues on men

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    These aren’t working because tinder really isn’t implementing anything.. it’s just fluff to put on a great front and y’all fall for it everytime

  • uccconfessions uccconfessions (@uccconfessions) reported

    Problem, I’m a second year arts gal and for the past two years I’ve just wanted to have some fun with girls, tinder is useless unless I actually state what I want but most people get turned off, BOYS ARE SO MUCH SIMPLER TO GET THE RIDE FROM !!! HELP MEEE

  • DoloFromThe7 #ISFYB! Dolo! 💯 (@DoloFromThe7) reported

    my man from Nigeria been beggin me to let him sign in my tinder for like 2 years , he finna scam mad cougars and not give me a cut I’m good beloved

  • bakchodlaundha Ru$Ty (@bakchodlaundha) reported

    We do want to care about you. But there have been lot of women in the past who have broken our souls to pieces making us not trust any of you. @Tinder #women

  • Ianguore ☙ ︴isidore. (@Ianguore) reported

    tinder is the solution to your problem.

  • JackDunc1 Jack D 🌹 (@JackDunc1) reported

    Was chatting to a cute guy on Tinder who told me that he recently changed his profile name to "Mo" from "Mohammed," and he's had 3 times the likes since!! Racism in online dating apps is a major problem. We've really gotta do better than this

  • Aeternus_Nox Tom Lord (@Aeternus_Nox) reported

    @clakklaa @IonaItalia I wouldn't say that I was in the top 20%. I'm not in the bottom 20%, sure, but I'd say I'm average looking. That said, when I was going hard at tinder I didn't find I had an issue finding a date. I think confidence is the issue more than anything else.

  • realistleft Realist Left (@realistleft) reported

    @IonaItalia The issue with OLD is that the 'standards' and attraction is all on paper, and those standards go sky high. If a woman swipes on 100 guys on Tinder, 2-3 will be swiped right based on 'attraction'. If a woman meets these same 100 guys in person, she'll find 20-30 attractive.

  • ele_mana mana (@ele_mana) reported

    Lmao we browns don’t have this problem. We just call our uncle in the motherland to find us a match 😂😭😭😂😭😂😭😭 it’s honestly like antiquated tinder tho the way arranged marriages work. The process isn’t that scary except ur first date is ur engagement.. jk

  • PornPanic Jerry Barnett (@PornPanic) reported

    @IonaItalia The problem is an imbalance between male and female standards. You end up with a market in which women all compete for 50% of men. Women are far pickier - I've quoted a tinder study in which men swipe right about 15x more than men

  • remilouiseeee rem (@remilouiseeee) reported

    If I don’t match @LewisCapaldi on tinder when I’m at Wembley next month, life’s a fix

  • remilouiseeee rem (@remilouiseeee) reported

    Whenever I feel down I watch @LewisCapaldi interviews on repeat and I instantly feel so much better, if I don’t match him on tinder when I go to Wembley next month, life’s a fix

  • remilouiseeee rem (@remilouiseeee) reported

    Whenever I feel down I just watch @LewisCalamari_8 interviews on repeat and I’m instantly better, if I don’t match him on tinder when I go to Wembley next month, life’s a fix

  • mohsenrf Max (@mohsenrf) reported

    @telegram great foundation but pretty useless on its own. either go all in like tinder or just drop it. no sense getting spammed by others or getting blocked for saying hi! also, the distance indicator, not cool!! that could be a serious security issue.

  • drcab1e ada (@drcab1e) reported

    When will terfs get upset at the real men invading ******* spaces: couples accounts on tinder. (like no actually this is a significantly more pressing issue for ********)

  • drcab1e ada (@drcab1e) reported

    Like 90% of London tinder has "no swerfs no terfs" in their bio and the one person who's ever had an issue with it turned out to be a couples account so.