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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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March 20: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 09:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (50.47%)
  • Online Features (23.36%)
  • App Crashing (12.34%)
  • Glitches (12.34%)
  • Microtransactions (1.50%)

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Tinder Issues Reports

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  • feralbob Bob Shand (@feralbob) reported

    It seems like something is fundamentally broken with phone number/email based login for @Tinder. Their system fails to send SMS via my @twilio Proxy number. Email recovery didn't work..not email received.

  • HilemanJordan jordie 🌼 (@HilemanJordan) reported

    If you think you’re having a bad day, the guy working on my computer asked me if I had toner and I literally thought he asked me if I had tinder. I was like “No I don’t have tinder and I have a boyfriend. Sorry.” And I have never had a more awkward day of work.

  • DEUS_ALT lebi alt (@DEUS_ALT) reported

    @skramzgf homie invented the fire but tinder isnt working out for him ironically

  • souperdoopp Doug (@souperdoopp) reported

    Update to this, I was told that there's an autoban feature in Tinder and that the error I was getting is due to a ToS violation (and wasn't told what my offense was,) then told there was no appeal process

  • sawnod1 SAWNOD (@sawnod1) reported

    @tinder your phone app isn't working! website still seems to work. people have been having issues for at least 10 hours straight now

  • emheywoods Emma (@emheywoods) reported

    I wish you could set your tinder to search people with specific jobs, like ‘mechanic’ to fix my car

  • kazlespaz jess (@kazlespaz) reported

    @Tinder yo why's my matches/messages not working, a girl needs to get her hole somehow

  • ZoeBorlandxx Zoe Borland (@ZoeBorlandxx) reported

    Decided I need to stop meeting guys through tinder n shit and actually go outside n meet a GENUINE NON ARSEHOLE person!!! The only problem is, when I’m out with @sophiehollandxo or Julie ( the only two people I go out with ) .. people think I have special needs 😕

  • meganmcnulty13 megan mcnulty (@meganmcnulty13) reported

    Ahah matched with a guy on tinder but he comes into my work all the time to fix the pool water system (I work at a swimming pool) now I’ll start having to look half decent in work incase he comes in

  • AniruddhaGohil Aniruddha Gohil (@AniruddhaGohil) reported

    @GooglePlay @HDFCBank_Cares Please check the issue here. INR 330 has been deducted twice from the bank account for @Tinder subscription and it has not been paid to @GooglePlay Help plz.

  • ParmeterTaylor doctor bitchcraft (@ParmeterTaylor) reported

    Just a reminder that my tinder is still broken and I need constant validation

  • Djoshua_Eli Full Trottle (@Djoshua_Eli) reported

    @NinetyNine44 @Daire268 Not fair. I would have no problem with taller women. He probably doesn’t either. We’ve both just seen, probably 1000 times, taller women trash us on tinder profiles before knowing we even exist. It’s the only reason guys post their height. You are the exception to the rule.

  • gwe92 George Edwards (@gwe92) reported

    @Tinder matches aren't loading & logging out isn't working. Plz help!

  • pupperinopizza wib (@pupperinopizza) reported

    really into this 41 year old on tinder, i know it’s real because i matched him and then ma****bated and then STILL wanted to text him, about my daddy issues,

  • Ricjames32 Jim (@Ricjames32) reported

    There's a dude in my tinder likes that liked me, that on grinder stopped talking to me because he had gotten a bf 😂😂😂😂 guess you two must have broken up. Had your chance *****

  • AnthonyDitore anthony ditore (@AnthonyDitore) reported

    Boss just asked me if I was planning on working on my tinder during break 😂

  • serendimplelity my (@serendimplelity) reported

    @TaeTurtwig problem is we may have had a little situations over tinder and we said some things, and then I panicked and sent him this long paragraph about how I just want to be friends so like on top of all this I’ve already FRIENDZONED this boy hard

  • Emily_tressa Emily Tressa (@Emily_tressa) reported

    @Tinder My tinder literally isn’t working

  • CA_1959 وهج (@CA_1959) reported

    @Tinder I have a problem with the application how I can communicate with customer service

  • fuckingcutelol alice (@fuckingcutelol) reported

    lol good points, idk what i’m meant to reply but what i don’t know is that i only came on twitter to see if tinder was down bc mine wasn’t working oops

  • ThePatHenderson Patrick Henderson (@ThePatHenderson) reported

    @Lawrence In fairness you wouldn’t have this problem if you stayed off @Tinder.

  • JakeBoys Jake Boys (@JakeBoys) reported

    My mate fab has deleted and restarted tinder 3 times this week because he’s convinced it’s broken as he’s getting no matches😭

  • Da_boiDame30 DAME DASH (@Da_boiDame30) reported

    @chrristiann18 Tinder working out for you huh😂

  • LisaWaddell29 Lisa ‼️ (@LisaWaddell29) reported

    Tried to buy tinder gold n it's not working I can only assume too many people have liked me n that's why :) yeh that must be it

  • AlexWrigstad Alex Wrigstad (@AlexWrigstad) reported

    @Tinder your app is kinda messed up! I have my search radius set to 50km but the app still shows me people who are very far away... the furthest being 6857 km. Please fix!

  • ThatWrasslinFan CharlieMFnMurphy (@ThatWrasslinFan) reported

    @TheMistaGG @_bew1tched I had a girl hit me up on Tinder looking for some DDLG stuff. It just came off like she was an immature girl looking for someone to take care of her because she had father issues. ***** swerve bye.

  • hannahemerson27 Hannah Emerson (@hannahemerson27) reported

    honestly im so over all these greasy little chicken wings running around. i want a working, well dressed MAN. I’m deactivating tinder so I can start sliding into LinkedIn DM’s

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    I mean the fact that people can’t seem to realize I didn’t want to have to make up this stupid name is beyond me.. I tried for months via email and tweets reviews more emails to notify tinder there was an issue .. and got no where ...

  • jortz1 j (@jortz1) reported from San Francisco, California

    @Tinder fix ur bugs boo! we can’t upload cute summer pics for shit💀

  • amrojsandhu Amroj sandhu (@amrojsandhu) reported

    I always thought it's hard to find a match on Tinder, but I never knew it's harder to find a working @skullcandy Bluetooth. Bought Method from @amazonIN, it stopped working in 15-16 days. Exchanged it from @skullcandy support, the new product wouldn't connect at all.

  • raveybaybee raveyy 🥰 (@raveybaybee) reported

    Some of y’all need help on y’all tinder profile. Let me fix it 💀

  • 6emSlime BIG 6 (@6emSlime) reported

    Who used my Columbus state login for tinder 😭 and how did you even get it I barely remembered the password

  • gecrgy 👼 (@gecrgy) reported

    also im so happy i am not working on the weekend like...i may or not have dropped the bar im working at to a few tinder matches...

  • Captain33667843 Captainobvious (@Captain33667843) reported

    @BlunderWoman_ I am amusing cause I have issues . I just sent this message to a ******* tinder right before I unmatched her. "Hey Maria you seem like a nice person but this conversation is more boring than my father's funeral . So have a good life and take care ." No BS

  • lildeak lil🤠 (@lildeak) reported

    i made a fake tinder account to be sent cute pictures of dogs and so far it is working out great

  • MilanandCo Megan Thee Stallion Stan Account (@MilanandCo) reported

    Lmfaooo my tinder def be broken. I never get matches yet it be saying I have 100+ likes

  • Geji00 geji 🍌 (@Geji00) reported

    Wife was looking for tinder date while in a call with me :( actually heart broken

  • spitfirebby in ur dreamz (@spitfirebby) reported

    first world problems that ruin my life: read receipts tinder the algorithm for "shuffle" the amount of sequels nextflix has and the cost of vibrators

  • sidneyalli sidney (@sidneyalli) reported

    been broken up all of 11 days & he’s already back on tinder lol my ******* life is a joke.

  • SGCBarbierianJr Nick (@SGCBarbierianJr) reported

    @Tinder yoooo my account is working for some reason help

  • JoseCastillo_18 principito 👑 (@JoseCastillo_18) reported

    Bro I’ve had tinder for two weeks now and that shit ain’t working so one like and I’ll delete it

  • mymymymytarana Tarana Nushin (@mymymymytarana) reported

    I swiped right on a guy on tinder, and here we are, 3 days later, and he just popped up on my LinkedIn “connections I haven’t added yet” So to the FBI guy in my phone: homie I appreciate you working overtime, but go ahead and take a break, I’m good.

  • kenodog3 @Kenodog (@kenodog3) reported

    @SteveStoner8 @JoeDoucette10 @trickehvickeh @lagatagoloza @JustinTrudeau @trickehvickeh For the love of God, go on Tinder. If the groper is your type then you have much bigger issues than you know. I feel sad for you. Seek help.

  • jsphkrstn hoeseph (@jsphkrstn) reported

    my tinder matches ive talked to really are getting into relationships lol so i guess i really was the problem 😲

  • KingYoqx My friends call me Dad (@KingYoqx) reported

    Seeing my exes on tinder hurts bc I just wish I could start again and fix everything. The last thing I want is for them to be upset and alone. I just want them to be happy bro :/

  • lilligeen lilli (@lilligeen) reported

    after being on tinder for approximately 5 hours in Dallas I’ve decided that Austin men are the real problem.

  • whitneypenn Whitney Penn (@whitneypenn) reported

    The problem with being in the "delete tinder but still trying to be mysterious" phase of a relationship is that getting emotional validation from your phone gets much harder

  • literallylis lis (@literallylis) reported

    tinder upped my age by a year and idk where the settings are to fix it. CAN THE UNIVERSE CUT ME A BREAK.

  • Im_Supaflii Cardi Bae-yoncé (@Im_Supaflii) reported

    @KintsugiSoul I told myself no more online ppl lol ima have to go old school. Idk. Tinder yields better results than hinge or bumble and okcupid is slow

  • makana8it makana8it (@makana8it) reported

    @chazico @jordanknight @chazico at first I was like WTF is @jordanknight doing with a tinder profile. 😂 I wonder if that pic is working for that guy.

  • rcaerss Raine (@rcaerss) reported

    Imagine getting broken up with on St.Patties day when you were supposed to go out with that person and THEN find out they made a tinder 5 hours later :)

  • ClaraReynen Clara Reynen (@ClaraReynen) reported

    Spring Break Extrovert Update: I’ve resorted to using tinder to form genuine connections with people. It isn’t working.

  • stahpplayin Zephy (@stahpplayin) reported

    Bout to change my tinder about me to: looking for a shawty to come smoke with me on my break on the days my girl is working.

  • NillySutton Nilly Sutton (@NillySutton) reported

    @jenlouriemainer @Tinder Yup! Good correction. Are you having the same problem. I woke up to messages this morning which made my skin crawl. Bleugh

  • daytonmeth 𝓰𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓴 𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓮 (@daytonmeth) reported

    i have become so wild on tinder like if i match with someone which itself is very very rare i literally have no problem bumping their inbox first like excuse me but i just need a reason to unmatch you and keep my match box neat

  • kanekioikawa hennyanna (@kanekioikawa) reported

    Tinder lady thinks I’m contacting support because no one’s replying to’am..this shit isn’t working 😭

  • agatha_thrash a small rabbit (@agatha_thrash) reported

    I spent most of yesterday crying in the emergency room, not because of being there but because my heart is oh-so broken, and almost signed up for tinder while waiting for my ultrasound results. BAD DAY but I don’t have appendicitis

  • carlcolglazier Carl Colglazier (@carlcolglazier) reported

    To be fair to Tinder and similar apps, these problems are really hard to solve. I'm not surprised they have gravitated toward a much easier optimization function like time spent on the app.

  • annicmrn anni (@annicmrn) reported

    hope he’s over all his issues he projected onto me and that another unsuspecting tinder girl doesn’t have to deal w his bullshit ;)

  • SassyTravis Sassy Travis (@SassyTravis) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    The problem with a lot of men on Tinder is that they're just not as interesting as they think they are.