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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • digital_damag_e mendé (@digital_damag_e) reported


  • JkRetired MyNameIsRouge (@JkRetired) reported

    @CNN 👍🏼 Good..... controlling the problem starts in the home..... not Facebook Instagram Twitter Tinder SnapChat TikTok etc ....maybe if parents parented and checked on their crumb snatchers once in awhile.... maybe we can finally move forward again as a society.....

  • 93toyotacorolla СПОРТСМЕН (@93toyotacorolla) reported

    yes i have my astrology sign in my tinder bio no i dont have any self respect

  • Huw_Merlin Huw Merlin (@Huw_Merlin) reported

    @FairDinkumCap @Peter_Fitz The issue is the physical conditions which make it possible for the place to go up like a match. Fires can be caused by broken glass refracting light like magnifying glass. Just takes tinder surrounding the rubbish, sun does the rest.

  • mise_aine Is Mise Aine (@mise_aine) reported

    @Postvox if my local post office had eye candy working in it like your man in the ad on the telly, I would be lodging money everyday....and get rid off tinder...

  • RealBigKahuna1 J.R. Watson🏄🏻‍♂️ (@RealBigKahuna1) reported

    Slow day on Tinder for Katie...

  • nattsssss_ nattttz. (@nattsssss_) reported

    That’s the problem with adding all your tinder guys on Snapchat, they all think once you upload a story it’s opportunity to talk ... NO I ghosted you for a reason

  • thepainterslink rebecca (@thepainterslink) reported

    I was wondering why no one off Tinder had messaged me all day, until it was 6pm and they all messaged to say they had finished work. That’s when I realised they were all in their mid 30’s and I have a problem

  • Argonauttales Argonaut (@Argonauttales) reported

    @TinderSupport Hey I think my tinder acc has been unrightfully banned. The staff member responding to my support request was less than unhelpful, therefore I hope to solve this issue with your assistance ( Request id 14014152) .

  • jakepriem Jake Priem (@jakepriem) reported

    "There's no one new around you." Yeah, Tinder, you get it. That's exactly the problem.

  • ChaneDoolabh 2 chainz (@ChaneDoolabh) reported

    this girl goes “im more tinder and he’s more linkedin and that’s why it isn’t working” lmaooooo

  • realfakepersona 𝔸𝕟 𝔸𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝 ℍ𝕦𝕞𝕒𝕟 ℙ𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟 (@realfakepersona) reported

    my favourite thing about working retail is smiling and joking while serving people that I'd previously unmatched on tinder and trying to convey how unfulfilling they were to talk to purely through a dull look in my eyes and forgetting to put their receipt in the bag

  • KlNGCHALAMET 𝘣𝘳𝘢𝘭𝘺𝘯 (@KlNGCHALAMET) reported

    people not from the midwest: do you have the problem of going on tinder and swiping through his pictures going “oh he’s cute” just to get to the end and he has a picture of himself holding a dead animal and all hope is lost

  • explodingsemen Jewtalian aka The Megazord (((not white)) (@explodingsemen) reported

    Using girls on tinder for Adderall and it seems like it's actually working

  • spooookyspice dumb fuck flower boy™️ (@spooookyspice) reported

    Deleted tinder and bumble because I no longer want that shit in my life. Much better off working on myself alone.

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    @HPJones95 @pdjones84 @Tinder @TinderSupport No worries I hope you find something of value in them, and I agree sometimes apps make it easier, the down side is sometimes it becomes a game to some and worse is tinders banning issue.. sorry you have to deal with this

  • hashtagdion Dion Beary (@hashtagdion) reported

    @DailySpecialCLT Opposite problem. My girlfriend tells me all the time we only went out because I looked taller in my Tinder photo.

  • incelated french ufologist g r o y p e r (@incelated) reported

    This is my ideology Tinder devs get the slow slicing

  • _TheNalayakBeta Huh🤨? (@_TheNalayakBeta) reported

    @__anxieties I m not able to swipe left.. 😢😢 My sasta tinder is not working 😭

  • _AndeKarim Andé Karim (@_AndeKarim) reported

    The author however did acknowledge that the issue effects trans women the most but I wish that she included those quotes. But ya Tinder is garbage


    Problem is due to forest fuel not being burner away during early spring. Country bush areas are dry as tinder box due to budget cuts and those enviro bastards/Greens who continue to say "yOu CaNt BuRn FoReStS". This is the real reason for why we have catastrophic fire seasons...


    @Siegmeme The problem Ryan had was that he was looking for women on Tinder to begin with... :')

  • finalfag 𝔞𝔡𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫 𖤐 (@finalfag) reported

    ngl i feel like chanel no 5 when she said her tinder was broken bc nobody would swipe on her... i feel that but on grindr

  • br0ceans grim puppy 💀 (@br0ceans) reported

    just saw someone's tinder bio that said "I'll probably remind you of your dad" and uhhhhh sir unless you've got raging AODA problems that is impossible

  • AlphaKep AlphaKep (@AlphaKep) reported

    Been at the library for 5 hours straight working on 1 assignment for a class. You bet your ass tomorrow I’m getting drunk and doing a tinder stream. This shit got me going crazy.

  • mat_perry Big-Time Film Executive (not sexually active) (@mat_perry) reported

    🚨URGENT🚨Need someone to send me a picture of a $50 bill. My phone's camera isnt working and i need the pic for my tinder profile. Gotta show those women i have enough money for shoes or clothes or whatever they like

  • dankbluetrees Nito (@dankbluetrees) reported

    All my friends have issues with me not ******* girls if/when I can. They tell me bro **** her, but honestly I dont feel it. I gotta feel a connection. The stranger I met off Tinder had a connection with me and I slept with her in the first 3 hours of hanging out together lol

  • HenryEdmondson Jon (@HenryEdmondson) reported

    No nut November and Tinder are just a giant problem. Standards weren't that high before but they have definitely dropped a few points

  • KarlaRivadenei1 KGRR •💋 👑 (@KarlaRivadenei1) reported

    No tengo Tinder ni Facebook, y jamás tendré. Borré snapchat porque ya no era lo mío. Soy bien old Fashioned way You know.!! 🧐 If You are not ok with that, its your own problem mother ******.

  • skimbleshanks_ Natalie Price (@skimbleshanks_) reported

    Tinder date thinks my dad’s drinking problem is random and I have to say that I agree!!

  • MessmerLela Lela (@MessmerLela) reported

    I met my boyfriend on tinder and we’ve been together for over a year, I know tons of people who’ve been with people they met on tinder. Sorry I told have to go out and meet people I’m too busy doing homework and working to pay for my 50,000 degree

  • Yungcaspah Wrong Turn 69 (@Yungcaspah) reported

    One time I had some tinder dude over and I had him fix my moms garage door then ghosted him

  • ExGFsPuss Kangaroo Queef (@ExGFsPuss) reported

    dating app slogan=Tinder: because AA wasn't working

  • ElitistPolo Polo’s Wife (@ElitistPolo) reported

    @mauvebrinas I get thrown compliments left and right on tinder everytime I even blink. The issue is the guys are ugly ... nobody hot is on there rip

  • SWFCAzza Azza (@SWFCAzza) reported

    @Victoria1867 Howling at this. Yes Tinder. 😂 Also you have 99 swipes... But a match ain't one. (Not gonna lie, sounded way better in my head to the tune of 99 problems but now I just sound like an idiot. 😂 I've committed to it now though so I'm gonna press reply anyway. Yolo and that.)

  • mylksteak1993 hazey Joe i (@mylksteak1993) reported

    Someone on tinder asked me if I was typically monogamous I said I'm still working on the " gamous " part

  • briannnabangz bri 🦋 (@briannnabangz) reported

    I put “I require a back massage before you go anywhere near my tits, it’s not easy carrying these things around all day” in my tinder bio and in a day I’ve had 15+ people tell me they wanna give me a massage. Back problems will no longer be an issue of mine. S/O @Marcella132

  • JIrwinOfLarne John Irwin (@JIrwinOfLarne) reported

    How much money do you need to earn to be a sugar daddy cause this tinder caper is no longer working out for me...

  • dukhiyetsukhi breathe on a song (@dukhiyetsukhi) reported

    Tinder does nothing but add to my body issues, self esteem and the never ending dear of always being alone. But here we are swiping like no tomorrow.

  • amaaariii marithedon👑 (@amaaariii) reported

    @CurlyCappuccino first problem... tinder.

  • tokyosensui tokyo sensui ⚧️ (@tokyosensui) reported

    That’s why I always tell people swipe LEFT on profiles that “love hiking”. My bad. Had to fix that. As y’all can tell I don’t use Tinder. Lmao

  • Indigoisanadult Indighost Wolfe (@Indigoisanadult) reported

    And let's finish this up with a story. Awhile ago, I noticed that I had a trend of swiping right on white folks and swiping left on black folks on Tinder. I knew it was a problem, but I wasn't quite sure how to fix it at the time.

  • KobeVansevenant Kobe Vansevenant (@KobeVansevenant) reported

    My Tinder doesn't seem to work. I can't get any matches. Fix please. @Tinder

  • cruelsummerzayn Tara (@cruelsummerzayn) reported

    My friends parents are out of town so she’s having her tinder date at her own damn house literal clown that girl istg 😩 I’ve told the b*tch multiply times don’t do sh*t like this it won’t always end up working out (bad things can happen) but she ain’t listening to me

  • GloomPilled gloom (@GloomPilled) reported

    Tinder except it's only broken white girls and melanited titcows

  • zettacure EVA @ she ra s4 🌕 (@zettacure) reported

    i have a seasonal problem where i will question of i like men, turn on tinder for guys and realize that NOPE!!!

  • JColbyT21 Jared (@JColbyT21) reported

    The problem with just swiping right on everyone on tinder is you accident match with your coworkers you didn’t want to match with 😂😂

  • an_anemonee Alli Z. (@an_anemonee) reported

    I go through laptops like Tinder dates. On my 4th in 8 years, I'm currently using my mom's older one. It's old-ish but very lightly used and yet, I'm working on my thesis paper & Microsoft Word keeps freezing. A bad sign when Word, of all programs, nearly crashes.

  • FairySwift1 Burning RED (@FairySwift1) reported

    So today my neighbours are renovating their house and my head is about to explode from the noise, my water heater stopped working, my Tinder date cancelled on me and Taylor dropped that abomination of a remix with a bland male artist who uses her for clout. 10/10 day

  • haiseoks #12 gumball🤍 (@haiseoks) reported

    Just realized tinder girl is 1 year younger than me , and although that is not a problem, I‘m acting chaotic at this acknowledgment

  • twt_msia_ebooks Rakyat | Ebooks (@twt_msia_ebooks) reported

    Working on Tinder, relationship, that one affects another sad to meet Tan Sri Nirwana Maju, restoran Darul Ehsan tu. Ada anjing tlg whatt

  • newtrdr1 newtrdr (@newtrdr1) reported

    @QuisitiveInvest @amazon @JeffBezos Get off your tinder app and focus on evolving the @amazon shopping experience! Then your stupid stock would stop treading water for the year at $1770- and go to 3k. Focus!!! Seriously your site is worse than the sleaziest discount seller's. Fix it.

  • Jesus313 𝕀𝕥’𝕤 𝕁𝕖𝕤𝕦𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕁𝕖𝕤𝕦𝕤 (@Jesus313) reported

    @BlvckJxsus I legitimately don’t understand how all of the data is easily searchable but nah, let’s blame tinder for a non existing issue.

  • bIushywhore 🍓 (@bIushywhore) reported

    im so ******* mad. someone reported my tinder for me being underage and they just banned me with no proof whatsoever and wont let me make a new acc or prove that im 21 i emailed them and they basically said sorry not our problem lolz

  • lickmyvic Vic (@lickmyvic) reported

    Maybe tinder isn’t broken, maybe all the guys are blind ...blind to the fact that im wife material and would make them happy and feel loved, possibly make them a sandwich (crust off bc guys are *******) care for them and make sure they are doing their best! But no, swipe left

  • savannahseymour sav (@savannahseymour) reported

    got on facebook for 2 seconds, saw "guys! we have a problem, my cousin swiped right on me on tinder" and immediately logged out she knew because they matched

  • luzecitauah luz (@luzecitauah) reported

    Y'all I tried to delete tinder at least ten times right now and it wont let me wtf. I got issues, I cant be on there lmaooo

  • k_benschop katie 🌈 (@k_benschop) reported

    The problem with being single in a small town is you could literally swipe left on tinder three times and run out of people

  • indxxvva 🏁💙TMC🏁💙 (@indxxvva) reported

    Not me lmao im working ***** i aint on tinder LEAVE ME ALONE

  • EXOAbracadabra Baekhyun's Sixth Sense (@EXOAbracadabra) reported

    @lanadeltrese All gay people do is crash cars and swipe left on Tinder.