Is Tinder down?

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

 Problems detected at Tinder

Tinder problems in the last 24 hours

Tinder Outage Chart

April 02: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 07:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 42.56% Sign in
  • Online Features 28.21% Online Features
  • Glitches 20.00% Glitches
  • App Crashing 7.18% App Crashing
  • Microtransactions 2.05% Microtransactions

Tinder Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Brisbane Sign in
Oaxaca Glitches
Barcelona Online Features
Solna Online Features
Birmingham Sign in
Hamburg Sign in

Tinder Comments

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Tinder Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TheEvilShort Solivagant (@TheEvilShort) reported

    Narrator: In the middle of a mental breakdown, she unmatched all of her Tinder matches and regretted it immediately, but it was a bit too late to fix that mistake.

  • AnthonyVilches Vilches (@AnthonyVilches) reported

    @Tinder FIX YOUR STUPID ******* APP

  • Momneedsalatte Angela Twardosz (@Momneedsalatte) reported

    @616DT @GovWhitmer Tinder is still working and people are still using the app for meeting strangers and hooking up. All blood is screened after donation anyway and this is some discriminatory bullshit.

  • pcysbabymother 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕪 𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕖 (@pcysbabymother) reported

    Tinder dudes ghosted me love how I just ignore it and my problems solve themselves

  • nan1ks1 Killua Stan ⚡️ (@nan1ks1) reported


  • rachelwoos Rachel (@rachelwoos) reported

    Just found out my tinder isn’t broken I’m just ugly

  • JadeKathleenx3 Juicy Jade (@JadeKathleenx3) reported

    Dating apps honestly are the shit. First bumble gave me a guy to fix my car. Next tinder gave me a dude that Venmo’d me money for crab rangoons.

  • EthanForrester_ Ethan (@EthanForrester_) reported

    Harry Carter has subscribed to tinder gold because he said “I’m not getting enough matches, so I think the free version is broken”

  • taylor_gleason тαуℓσя (@taylor_gleason) reported

    Most of y’all are out of work right now while I’m at work getting paid to swipe on tinder... Working at a grocery store when it’s slow and being an essential has its perks.

  • taylor_gleason тαуℓσя (@taylor_gleason) reported

    Most of y’all are out of work right now while I’m at work getting paid to swipe on tinder... Working at a grocery store at a beach store as an essential has its perks.

  • natalieejacobb Nat Jacob (@natalieejacobb) reported

    all I’m saying is if a man like young (or present day) bernie sanders was on tinder we would have matched by now. time to fix my age range 👀

  • akshay_jpeg Akshay kumar (@akshay_jpeg) reported

    @hereditaryangel @Tinder It's not working me @Tinder I just want to smash my phone on the floor....🥴

  • emmaexc Wasspoppinemz (@emmaexc) reported

    @maandit0 Lol if she didn’t want a grown man swiping than she needed to fix her settings in her tinder. He was able to see her and he swiped. She’s 18 years old. It’s not illegal for him to swipe on an 18 year old. There ya go. Facts.

  • vickiemorisset3 VICKIE RULES TWeETS king pin (@vickiemorisset3) reported

    You can’t fix this one when tinder said purple **** about my hair I did my self ya **** you mean ass ***** it took me so much time and money to do my purple hair cry me a boat.

  • hotgirIsam sam (@hotgirIsam) reported

    when U find a cute ass dude on tinder with a shitty top spotify artists list don’t worry baby im gonna fix you

  • kendrickscomer Crystal - odaat spoilers (@kendrickscomer) reported

    The problem with straight people: Yesterday night, I got bored and decided to get tinder.(I know a joke) as a *******, I am suppose to match with other ******* who lives near me. Funny enough, while I was swiping left and right I came across this girl in my grade

  • itsmattnow Matt (@itsmattnow) reported

    @Tinder my Tinder isn’t working it’s giving me an error message about the App Store

  • onyesonwu_ Ony thee Stallion (@onyesonwu_) reported

    One time I flaked on a tinder date with an excuse at the last minute and then I later found out the dude was a ****** and a stalker. I feel this situation probably taught me a bad life lesson about flaking 🙈. Still working on stopping tho.

  • pathawkk pat (@pathawkk) reported

    lie I hear most often- “I’m only on tinder to make friends..” yea and I’m only on pornhub to see if that plumber rlly gon fix her sink

  • KimiGalaxi Kimi (@KimiGalaxi) reported

    the problem with be a ******* on tinder is that no one wants to message first

  • simpghoul cum goblin (@simpghoul) reported

    @_doublesunday Social validation at this rate. Back in 2016 I was ****** tinder hoes no problem. Nowadays they just wont even respond.

  • sincerelyYTx 🦋🥀 (@sincerelyYTx) reported

    @MeganFortune98 @Shankebabisback @Recklsss_ Tinder just isn’t working for me so I switched to bumble 😂

  • Fauxhubris Certified Chump 🥺 (@Fauxhubris) reported

    someone on tinder asked to see pictures of my goats and they are all too cute i can't pick this is a new problem for me

  • corey_tits 5’8 little piece of shit boy, little mousey boy (@corey_tits) reported

    tinder isn’t working :/ how am i gonna meet hot guys from australia now

  • ohclumsyheart Dayah (@ohclumsyheart) reported

    This is probably the longest i havent been back on tinder 😂 the last one really ruined it for me. I kinda miss talking to him i hope he’s doing okay during this pandemic especially working in the hospital

  • devilzpedicure v i e v e (@devilzpedicure) reported

    texted a queer jewish guy i meet on tinder till 5 am. Time to get my heart broken

  • TaskForceAEGIS AEGIS (@TaskForceAEGIS) reported

    @afneil Don't worry Andrew, Sean has bigger problems like the ratio of women who swipe left on him on Tinder.

  • lilgemstones Sarah (Divina) (@lilgemstones) reported

    So the tinder thing, I think it’s working I’ve already got like a dozen matches but match #3 seems really interesting and we talk a lot which I like 😊

  • aditeaorcoffee ronald raegan's grave (@aditeaorcoffee) reported

    I DO NOT HAVE 8 PIERCINGS & SEVERE ABANDONMENT ISSUES for u to call me a ******* BUBBLES in my tinder DMs. sure i wanted to be a blossom but ban gayi buttercup kya karoo

  • rochellugh_bijj ˢᵒᶜʳᶦˢᵗᵒ (@rochellugh_bijj) reported

    @Stevenots1 way kachat no problem yes to tinder arat na

  • RIP_Pussy Alex Craig (@RIP_Pussy) reported

    @udaas_harami Well quarantine has been somewhat fun, I’ve been working, playing ps4, smoking up, getting high, watching your tweets and wishing to secretly breed you 😂. Also realised Tinder and Bumble is not for me.

  • tinyghost420 🧚‍♀️🌟 (@tinyghost420) reported

    people using pictures from 1-5 years ago on their tinder is the reason i have trust issues. u kno damn well u don’t look like that anymore

  • BatHawkDown 3 (@BatHawkDown) reported

    ~You’ve reached the Tinder hotline To report a problem, swipe left. To invest in Tinder because we’re going to blow ******** up post-COVID, swipe right. You swiped right. We are experiencing high demand. Our first available ****-boi/grrl will be with you as soon as possible~

  • AtiyaAbbas_ Atiya Abbas (@AtiyaAbbas_) reported

    Paying for tinder won't fix your personality bruv.

  • thecowardford Sam Glass (@thecowardford) reported

    @mrjaxtaylor Oh so we are acting like the stock market didn’t crash and the CEOs didn’t bail and sold their shares high, so it has to be a satanic apocalyptic event that for some reason Satan said to the Juul CEO “hey u got the Tinder guys number, gotta let em know im comin lmao”.

  • PaulVinzent @PaulVinzent🌱 (@PaulVinzent) reported from Berlin, Land Berlin

    I'm ******* HATEFUL towards all those bloody apps such as Grindr, Tinder and all. They should be PUNISHED FINANCIALLY SERIOUSLY to keep working at a time when the WHOLE WORLD is making a break to stop the spread of this strong pneumonia. ******* PISSED OFF.

  • WhySo_Frivolous emothickstud (@WhySo_Frivolous) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    It’s times like this I’m tempted to get on tinder again but then I remember my trust issues 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • McLellanWyatt charly (@McLellanWyatt) reported

    @WhiskeyWarrior0 Tinder working is a myth

  • enjunxy Renjun (@enjunxy) reported

    @Tinderloverp_ Room tinder fix

  • watitdobih HOTBOY P😎⚠️ (@watitdobih) reported

    I’m bout to download tinder and find me a boo cause this shit ain working 😂

  • cierralynnxx litty titties (@cierralynnxx) reported

    working at a place that is the second largest or sum employer in Nevada is cool until half of my tinder n bumble matches also work there and all the sudden a bunch of nurses n shit are looking for me at starbucks 😬

  • Jemmo87 Jeremy Martin (@Jemmo87) reported

    @G19971998 @VictorianCHO Realistically, it isn't the people who are going to do the right thing that are the issue. It is the people that will use this loophole as an excuse (tinder hookups etc). So my point remains the same. I don't want more people to die because people complained.

  • theonlyAggie Aggie Marchel (@theonlyAggie) reported

    Yo @TinderSupport @Tinder I keep getting women and people who live thousands of miles away despite my setting being men and 15 miles. PLEASE FIX IT

  • TheJellicleBall Meatsplosion (@TheJellicleBall) reported

    You ever see someone on tinder that you know irl and you want to match with them just so you can tell them what they need to fix on their profile

  • kaitefoster Kaitlynn (@kaitefoster) reported

    “Heart broken” -Doyle takes my phone Me: “just let me go on tinder”. -takes my phone again 🤣🤣

  • gab_mariaaa G🧡 (@gab_mariaaa) reported

    Love hearing about how my 24 year old ex is out here on tinder with grammatical errors in his bio...nothing has changed

  • rusherwaaa rusherwaa (@rusherwaaa) reported

    @Tinder I keep getting an error “failed to match” please help.

  • michael_a_way9 Michaela (@michael_a_way9) reported

    Tinder is letting you swipe anywhere in the world. I am working my way through Ireland, Scotland and Sydney. Don't bother me.

  • bavier_jardem stinker (@bavier_jardem) reported

    The problem with rewatching shows during quarantine is watching characters start to fall in love and then realize it and passionately embrace and it’s springtime and I’m so bored but I told myself I wouldn’t redownload tinder in 2020 bc I’m an idiot and now

  • cikcuyie 𝙎𝙝𝙚'𝙨 𝘼 𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙥!🌈 (@cikcuyie) reported from Ulu Kelang, Selangor

    @helpmeunifi my wifi connection is bad. All videos are loading for infinity. Tinder is not working. Same goes with Twitter. Loading in FB. Its been days like this. Tried Live Chat but no one's replying. Please do something about it

  • CindyLouCoffey1 CindyLouCoffey (@CindyLouCoffey1) reported

    You're assuming she is following directions. Remember she wants the US to fall so her ass is out there touching, sneezing and infecting us all. A new kind of "terresa" for Muzllims, sue-in-side w/out masks and gloves. Probably working Tinder.

  • noirnympho 𝓂𝑒𝓃𝒶 (@noirnympho) reported

    my peak dumbass moment was when i worked at a ********** and i invited a man from tinder there while i was working to finesse him into buying a lap dance jssjskksm

  • kianamccoyy kiki🦔 (@kianamccoyy) reported from Cocoa Beach, Florida

    my problem with using tinder is I am so picky.... I don’t ****** like anybody lmao

  • floridaman87 enzo (@floridaman87) reported

    maybe scrolling tinder will fix me

  • Jib00Tae vas⁷ bang²⁰¹³teez (@Jib00Tae) reported

    @Tinder why isn’t my tinder passport working 😭

  • gtgIucy (@gtgIucy) reported

    sorry to be a pain in the ass but does anyone know how to fix tinder it won’t let me create an account

  • NlGHTDRIVING iz (@NlGHTDRIVING) reported

    me realising im probably gonna get d*ck from tinder once quarantines over: :) me realising that means i have to start working out again: :(

  • sgtbridgette Rollergirl (@sgtbridgette) reported

    tinder uk is nice but i’m still thinking of james acaster so apparently it’s not working

  • blakeslun blake slunaker (@blakeslun) reported

    what do i open with when i match with a ******* tinder....”hello” doesn’t seem to be working

  • Heirakurei Jheisus【へい】@ ✧CORVUS✦ (@Heirakurei) reported

    uninstalled tinder to install tik tok I guess I'm done with guys forever now men stinks anyway, the only issue is that I'm gay oof