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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • badgaljoscey dumb dewicious (@badgaljoscey) reported

    Just went on a coffee date with a tinder match and I’m starting to think I only attract guys who are 5’6” and broken

  • mccogdog The Friendly Hound 🐶🇺🇸🐶💜 (@mccogdog) reported

    @DawnNovelli @gesb2 @FrancisWegner @JromeroRaymond @jose_fiasco @Clarendafalls @HuluSharon @Msmariablack @Flaminglunatic1 @traytaymakeup @1zzyzyx1 @DebRMT @14th_gen @ddarko1072 @KDawn___ @wysiwyg503 @HoodlumRIP @DawnFoss28 @ItsJMcManus @meandmines6 @thomcogley @MotherGoose1919 @ConsoliFred @NYdouchebag @thmscog @2024WonderWoman @JWodeshick @SharonShazzaroo @Giimboden127 @NowhereQueens @zuuliebullie @GordonShumway66 I was on tinder and some other apps looking for some trashy company to spend a few hours with. It just didn't happen so I worked. I've been working nights lately

  • OTRrob50 Rob Crawford (@OTRrob50) reported from West Sacramento, California

    Only problem with that concept, he'd move to Facebook or Tinder.

  • 3cbPerformance Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT (@3cbPerformance) reported

    Completely abysmal second half. Sokratis’ ridiculous error lights a pile of tinder and the team is lucky to get one point.

  • bnotbea_ B Mensch (@bnotbea_) reported

    @Tinder you recently updated to fix bugs I didn’t have but now my app is too glitched out to even use

  • DefinedPolitik Turning Pint (@DefinedPolitik) reported

    @elcome2ell In terms of what other people think of you, they aren't me. Although I'll say if I had known you had such an insecurity and problem with Tinder and being frequently rejected I wouldn't have bothered with this conversation as you have personal issues.

  • OskariOinonen Oskari Oinonen (@OskariOinonen) reported

    Then real or fake messages from Tinder, claiming that my Tinder account will be closed if I do not re-login. Hmm, I have none. Repeatedly, until it ended. Ei muuta kuin odottamaan lisää odottamattoman sattuman varalle.

  • supremeiam_xo coexist. (@supremeiam_xo) reported

    @Don_Farai I rate yes. It shouldn't be an issue because tinder can be great place to make friends and a good partner will have a bio that stipulates their intentions.... but i doubt a lot of people are built for that if i am being honest.

  • EllaBoBellaBoo1 🇨🇦Ella Bo Bella🇨🇦 (@EllaBoBellaBoo1) reported

    @DDestiny_Diaz Tinder needs a: "I have an STD" button option so you can send out a private message saying "I got tested on and have an STD" function for all these crazy ass barebackers making STD's a problem again.. Let their past partners know to get tested..

  • AceBoujie Boogzz (@AceBoujie) reported

    Girls love airing good men then coming back later with their broken heart pls get that rubble out of here. You had your chance nobody wants your ruined self better jump on tinder or depop

  • mellowmarci 𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔦 ☆ (@mellowmarci) reported

    shekdjskkff i think i just saw a guy i matched with on tinder working at this local spanish store and im- i look so ugly bro

  • lvitag1 larry vitagliano (@lvitag1) reported from Goodyear, Arizona

    @TheReal_Hurl @FuctupMike Let me finish story: ...I shot them but only wounded them, as they lay in agony i snapped thier picture and posted on tinder where they died a slow death from knowing they were swiped "left"

  • AkhilDiwan Dr. Akhil Diwan (@AkhilDiwan) reported

    @Tinder not working

  • hyunjinkgs ♡ bella ♡ (@hyunjinkgs) reported

    @osakacals @hyuckkgs listen 16 year old me had some self esteem issues and people on tinder fixed it

  • TheGhostyOfMel Melvan🤷🏼‍♀️💊❤️ not melvin it like melvon. (@TheGhostyOfMel) reported

    Update tinder has to be broken bc I got no matches after like 2 hours of swiping

  • muralishastry MS (@muralishastry) reported

    @kswamynathan3 @ajavgal Even twitter,facebook,whats app,tinder,instagram,belongs to American....then why this guy is using such kind of English media to develop and save our kannada language..😂 Hmm,as i know many Hindi talking people are working in above mentioned Social media,applocation development😂

  • Gino_MMG Gino Lucia 🇮🇹🇺🇸 (@Gino_MMG) reported

    @zZMaV3RiCkZz @DripR6S Not my attempt at all. This was in reference to our previous conversations of drips anime tinder pickup line not working. I honestly don’t take it tinder that serious. To each their own in how they live idgaf what you do as long as you’re happy in your life

  • watland007 a man da (@watland007) reported

    Yeah well I moved the wifi router two feet closer to my room so I don't use all my data on Tinder. You could say I'm an innovator of sorts. Modern solutions for modern problems.

  • SPBPHD scott poulson-bryant (@SPBPHD) reported

    I been seeing a lot of #tinder pics shot in hospital beds, guys with broken arms, one with his head wrapped in bandages. unfortunately that does not turn me on; just makes me want to say “yo, feel better, bro” and keep on swiping.

  • _smithalexander Alex Smith (@_smithalexander) reported

    some girls take pride in the fact that they have never signed up for Tinder, like working at a titty bar or selling feet pics is so much classier

  • peeman420 K. Lumsy (@peeman420) reported

    Just realised I matched with this girl I thought was very cool on tinder a few years ago who at the time was working where I now work and very clearly isn’t anymore so I’m very upset about it

  • ItzMcDonaldFor3 I don't break cuz I ain't brittle. (@ItzMcDonaldFor3) reported

    So...I blew it ******* with one chick and I'm thinking I've already blew this new chick. I think I'm just gonna stay working the Tinder angle and see what happens.

  • ctywellnssatlas CityWellnessAtlas™ (@ctywellnssatlas) reported

    Sunday for thecultureproof Billion$ and *****: Facebook to Working for Epstein --- Tinder in Sheep's Clothing.

  • thecultureproof "They Called Me High Yellow Nigger" (@thecultureproof) reported

    Sunday for thecultureproof Billion$ and *****: Facebook to Working for Epstein --- Tinder in Sheep's Clothing.

  • doubtingfrances Frankie (@doubtingfrances) reported

    Scrolling through Tinder and realizing the problem is that I hate all of the men.

  • Kaelath_The_Red Kaelath The Red 🔞 (@Kaelath_The_Red) reported

    @WeAreMel Women have been doing this shit on tinder for years now it's only problem because someone did it to you, grow ******** up.

  • pasta_eater smol and angry (@pasta_eater) reported

    I changed my tinder bio so it says "need someone to teach me how to parallel park" because I'm 22 and still don't know how and it's becoming a problem for me

  • epilesbian c*nla Ⓥ☭⚢ (@epilesbian) reported

    @cinntithe i had an anonymous tinder guru account ages ago which was fun but honestly i can’t fix the world! especially men!!!

  • The_Hard_Fox Catarina | DC 9/28-10/1 (@The_Hard_Fox) reported

    @Stashapp2 @lailas1903 I’m not on twitter asking for dates. So The fact that men treat it like tinder is the issue. I’m not trying to catch a partner. I would Rather someone pass me by than try, w their entitlement, to date me for free on my working Page.

  • dumpstercryptid 🌟fake woke🌟 & 💸real broke💸 (@dumpstercryptid) reported

    this HUGE musclebro messaged me on tinder and said "i'm not as much of a meathead as i look i promise" and included a picture of him dressed in a lab coat working in a university research lab as proof

  • jugpopjones esmée🌺 (@jugpopjones) reported from Zaanstad, Provincie Noord-Holland

    omg this day really went so grrat and my tinder match was working with me so... we had some good conversations

  • jtamadmoney420 Child psychologist with gold teeth (@jtamadmoney420) reported

    The biggest turn off *has* to be when your gf is super jealous and gets mad when you crash at your ex’s place and use tinder to make friends. Not only is it a turn off, but it’s toxic. Full stop

  • GiornoHave i, giorno giovanni have a dream (@GiornoHave) reported

    Turns out the girl I matched with on Tinder who is a gamer, has daddy issues, does **** on the first date, spends all of their paychecks on vbucks, and listens to lofi hip hop 24/7 beats to chill/study to is actually a guy. Why am I still alive.

  • civiseuropasum Alex (@civiseuropasum) reported

    I don’t know who they have working at CNN HR but I want them to come and manage my tinder profile 🤣

  • beastknife_1234 beastknife (@beastknife_1234) reported

    @thegirl_youhate That's the reason Tinder and Zomato having slow business like automobile industry as millenials are having masala dosa with friends

  • AstroElephant 💥BANGhead💥 (@AstroElephant) reported

    dang that’s crazy he’s the love of ur life & he’s still on tinder & wants me back in his life not to mention he said u weren’t it & he was sad the whole time cause he was comparing u to me.. & it don’t add up!.... u have fun, he’ll **** u up 100%!! not my problem anymore 😋🤘🏻

  • thatsballin Rapinoe Grigio (@thatsballin) reported

    I had to log in to my dad's email on my phone to help him fix something, but it downloaded all of his contacts to my phone. As I'm going through deleting them, I'm forced to confront how many of my contacts have the last name Tinder or Bumble and I have no idea who they are 😬

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    @pisanettes @SpeakSarahSpeak Yes... I started this account only after constantly being ignored via email and tweets on my real accounts.. I thought it was an error.. it’s not.. tinder just doesn’t give a shit... they are so untouchable that when the magazine reached out for a statement they didn’t bother

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    @pisanettes @SpeakSarahSpeak No that’s the issue.. I’ve seen many post trying to remove ****** that actively are doing probation violations and tinder ignores them...

  • newclassprince Active Hoe 💃🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ (@newclassprince) reported

    I was just swiping on tinder lmao and I caught myself saying “nah ***** you look like you support j*” ... I have problems lmao

  • campbellsoup907 🥀S I S I 🥀 (@campbellsoup907) reported

    When you get dm’d about your mans on tinder and you block the person trying to inform you how slow you look lmaooooooooo poor chile

  • Libbyyy__ libby (@Libbyyy__) reported

    Ffs I’ve actually lost my phone so all the millions of people that are probably trying to message me rn I can only login to twitter and tinder so u have to use one of those

  • Libbyyy__ libby (@Libbyyy__) reported

    Ffs I’ve actually lost my phone so all the millions of people that are trying to message me rn I can only login to twitter and tinder so u have to use one of those

  • ryytlid idk what new thing to put here lol (@ryytlid) reported

    I'm lonely but like if I go to tinder to fix this and sleep with a rando I'll feel like shit the next day :(

  • alextraaa Alexa the fool (@alextraaa) reported

    I accidentally superliked a “Trevor” on tinder. The problem here is his name

  • hellmindedhotT Nat (@hellmindedhotT) reported

    Everyone on tinder is defective as ****. These people have small *****, communication issues, asthma, bad attitudes, etc... Smh.

  • babysloane baby sloane (@babysloane) reported

    I’ve spent 2 hours on tinder trying to get ******, but it’s just not working 😂

  • Misaki92Chi Misaki Chi (@Misaki92Chi) reported

    @jessblazecos Actually going out with someone either this week or next from tinder, seems okay so far but I take it slow and usually just chat a little and FaceTime before meeting up and keep it pretty casual until I know a person better.

  • camachoo_ boo boo, the fool (@camachoo_) reported

    tinder not working

  • mayahyacoob 🌿 Mayah 🌿 (@mayahyacoob) reported

    @Tinder please unban me my daddy issues are showing and I am desperate for an older man’s attention

  • sidneybozmoff sidney✨ (@sidneybozmoff) reported

    If this tinder *** doesnt stop snapping my man we’re gonna have a problem🙂

  • gpierman Gab (@gpierman) reported

    I’ve matched with so many mechanics on tinder therefore each one of them gets to fix something that’s broken w my car !!!

  • 0Risk0Reward Fingyz (@0Risk0Reward) reported

    @CustCarptry @bensdad143 @PaulieP2 @swifcrook @DallasTatlow @RealRudeBoyV @_theperfesser Dont you worry fam I got this He gone try to Google rhymes To hit me with a dis He spits sludge slow is his kind I tried not to judge And tried to be kind We were having fun no hate I guess its time for me to wake He tried to rep but got swiped left Like a sad tinder date

  • MemoriasIT MemoriasIT (@MemoriasIT) reported

    @EvolvedPopeSec @p1nt1nh0 I met my gf on tinder and bots is not really a problem where I live. I guess it depends on the location

  • WillKillHimself present-day based nigga (@WillKillHimself) reported

    @GonGroyper @buellerevsky @thermionitron @Landedpaisa @NoHoldsStarBard i think the problem is that no matter how genuine the person is in tinder it seems unreal. its like edating but ur trading connection/relatability for accessibility

  • Jxscn Jason (@Jxscn) reported

    My tinder is broken again no matches :@

  • brianmathuna1 Brian Mathuna (@brianmathuna1) reported

    This DP issue in rural ireland has potentially huge implications. Peter Casey showed the latent feeling is there to be exploited. *How* we report on these issues and whose content we use is important. This issue is a tinder box waiting to be exploited.

  • s_stein49 forgiver of shins (@s_stein49) reported

    Tinder but it’s actually @reverb and I swipe right by adding things to my watch list. Pros: I know exactly what I’d buy if I had $5,000 Cons: I still get my heart broken on the app daily (when my card gets declined for trying to spend $5,000)

  • Karley_Metzger Karley Metzger (@Karley_Metzger) reported

    The kid who ghosted me on tinder is working at the tattoo shop I'm in rn 🙃

  • zymto Code: Zymto #SoaRZymto (@zymto) reported

    @usetweakbox can you guys fix tinder , it won’t even download no more