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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • Thtkidcalledrob Rob Smith (@Thtkidcalledrob) reported

    I swear everyone on tinder is either working for Thomas cook or a support worker

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    Tinder is like that shittie boyfriend you use to date.. ignores any issues you have with the relationship.. can go on social media but ignores your messages ...

  • woahhkelly425 TitsMcGee (@woahhkelly425) reported

    Where do I find a mans cuz tinder isn’t working

  • Corysua Yoshua Ramirez (@Corysua) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Tinder++ Is not working anymore, it says that you need to update to the newest versión and sends you to the App Store.

  • Magickid_ Magikid (@Magickid_) reported

    @the_samueI Reality: Society is complex and has a lot of complex issues with no clear answer to what's wrong, it's important for us to keep looking to find what's really wrong with us as people. Boomer: ITS THOSE GODDAMN PHONES WITH THER SNAP BOOKS AND TINDER

  • liIacpjm jen ✧ (@liIacpjm) reported

    my girlfriend stopped answering my texts to go make a tinder i,, open relationship problems

  • RimaDesai33 Rima Desai (@RimaDesai33) reported

    I have the constant problem of forgetting that I already liked a dog's pic on insta and then getting SUPER frustrated when I can't like it again. Super likes for dogs not tinder.

  • ughkeeks Ki-R-RA-RA McLellan (@ughkeeks) reported

    Ive started using tinder to make business connections and its actually been working out im #shook with the amount of filmmakers but also not at all bc our career field :--))))))

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    I mean seriously for months I’ve been showing at tinder the issues and they haven’t bothered to address it... yet have no problems posting articles about how it’s okay to say no and we owe you nothing

  • BaathBomb 🕋 (@BaathBomb) reported

    @viperwave My most sincere misogynist take is that the same women preaching an end to toxic masculinity and the need for men to be vulnerable will see no problem with making fun of their tinder profiles which aren’t even that corny.

  • sunnyright Orange Muppet Energy (@sunnyright) reported

    Is that photo his Tinder pic because I may have found the problem

  • marculenta welp nope nevermind bad idea (@marculenta) reported

    anyone who thinks women on Tinder have to be shallow bc they immediately swipe left on uggos has not met me, the woman swiping left on completely blank profiles that have not loaded yet because my internet is slow

  • D_gaycloset The Gay Closet (@D_gaycloset) reported

    The problem of using tinder in Orlando is that everyone here is visiting so if you try to get something serious you can’t cause they’ll be gone in a few days. I guess it’s good if you just want a hook up cause they’ll be gone.

  • thePrataman Pavin (@thePrataman) reported

    i know you’ve got problems but tinder is not the way to go :’)

  • GotPickup GotPickup? Gary PUA (@GotPickup) reported

    Tinder game - Make plausible/sarcastic statement like - I hope to make a shallow connection with someone. She reacts. Call her slow @ humor

  • HannahLockhardt Other Hannah (@HannahLockhardt) reported

    I am sick of swiping left on the same men on tinder. Literally the same men. Sometimes they show up 3-4 times in a day so either the app is broken or I am broken.

  • SexualScientist Sexual Scientist (@SexualScientist) reported

    @SamMearns @KellyJoBluen You're on a date, you're not trying to debate on Tinder first date coffee dates. You would think you're trying to judge compatibility. If you bring up a hot button issue you shouldn't be surprised when it becomes a hot button issue.

  • OTmightOD torreira_fan (@OTmightOD) reported

    Can you fix the app I'm not getting any replies @Tinder

  • just_a_lounatic Lou (@just_a_lounatic) reported

    I just read a tinder profile that said “i have a juul if you have a problem swipe left” but the only problem i am seeing is a nicotine addiction

  • simonscat7389 simonscat7389 (@simonscat7389) reported

    When your mate comes back from a tinder hook up covered in bruises and you have to listen to them rubbing a banana peel on themselves to fix it 😂🍌🙈

  • abdulmuhajir Abdul Muhajir (@abdulmuhajir) reported

    Install tinder, login, liat liat, uninstall.

  • Bpavvy Brandon Pavloski (@Bpavvy) reported

    @Tinder yo i got a problem with my account and you don't have a support feature. help

  • eemmaperri emma (@eemmaperri) reported

    My friend has met the actual love of her life on tinder. My app must be broken cannot relate. She’s sending me snaps of them eating at his nonnas rn. I’ve booked the chapel for her

  • Indian_paradox Sicario (@Indian_paradox) reported

    That's why I don't login on Tinder. I get left swiped by girls. **** boys get the matches

  • MoBreezy213 Mo Brown (@MoBreezy213) reported from Syracuse, New York

    And while it's not a women's job to educate her tinder dates.. for about three generations now we've been expecting other people to do it, and it hasn't been working. I have no long term solution.

  • KevinCoppage Kevin (@KevinCoppage) reported

    I finally saw someone I only know on Twitter on tinder, can’t swipe right on that. I already know their brain is broken & they waste their free time

  • BJCR BJCR (@BJCR) reported

    my homie just like dont get upset about a girl bruh, handed me a shot and downloaded tinder back on my phone. I hate tinder 😤 but w.e i cant fix apparently

  • Gwen6930 Gwendydd St.Clair (@Gwen6930) reported

    Here is my issue with @Tinder @Tagged @okcupid why dont uou include rules about not posting pics of kids. Single parents should include they have kids but it's not necessary to post pics. They are not pets. These sites are hookups for most part. With #pedofile & #pervs not smart

  • MrBlackMamba1 Sterling 射手 (@MrBlackMamba1) reported

    Information overload is a problem. Too many options. Too much everything. Constant scrolling of pointless info, daily swipes of multiple partners on apps like Tinder, porn, etc. Overconsumption addictive & unfullfing Limit consumption. Invest in worthwhile activities & people.

  • HiiHannahh Hannah (@HiiHannahh) reported

    This girl needs to fix her snap name on tinder bc it’s my snap and these random boys need to ***, the door is that way. 🧐

  • oodlenoodle_ ♡𝒻𝒾𝓇𝒷𝑜𝓁𝑔_𝓁𝓊𝓋𝓇_𝟨𝟫♡ (@oodlenoodle_) reported

    me: *has feelings for a man* wait i know how to fix this *opens tinder and im immediately disgusted* me: there we go much better

  • bigforheadbitch nelly (@bigforheadbitch) reported

    @umcornell Damn i deleted my whole tinder thinking no one ***** with me no more I had a bunch of matches too and convos were popping i googled it after seeing your tweet and apparently its a bug they didnt bother to fix tinder got people ****** up 💀

  • c____hristopher 𝒸𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓅𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝑔𝒶𝓂𝒷𝒾𝓃𝑜 (@c____hristopher) reported

    i redownloaded tinder to make me feel pretty and...... it’s working

  • WGONnews Sidney Berman (@WGONnews) reported

    @Jason_McEwan @MRichterMontpet @KellyJoBluen @shabbirie Your wife was obligated to be around you. It behooved her to fix your incorrect worldview. A woman isn't obligated to spend her time and mental energy on some Tinder rando.

  • kevinsheaadams Kevin Shea Adams (@kevinsheaadams) reported

    Sitting next to a tinder date and re-confirming: internet is just a slow, slow process of tricking gullible people into ******* you.

  • baitartist i take chances (@baitartist) reported

    I think my main issue is I'm drastically reducing my tinder pool by reflexively swiping left on any girl with a horse i.e. 90% of them

  • _buzz2bee_ Bianca 🌬🌊 (@_buzz2bee_) reported

    @viliceanu “my life consists of two of my tinder friends who have no problem at work yet” yikez 👀

  • maybabyryi lil bean (@maybabyryi) reported

    Pro tip: don’t bring your **** boy friend to the gym. All he’ll do is be on his phone talking to tinder girls instead of actually working out and take for ******* ever 🙃

  • DendiPuddi YOU CANNOT KILL ME, I AM IOZEFKA (@DendiPuddi) reported

    Saw a really pretty lady on Tinder who was part of a band and it makes me wanna get up on a stage and scream about my problems again

  • DaytonBright Dayton Bright (@DaytonBright) reported

    @Tinder someone hacked into my Twitter account and is pretending to be me can you please do something to fix this or deactivate the account with the phone number 2508786361

  • _MileyBrooke Miley Brooke (@_MileyBrooke) reported

    @Tinder is not working, I need your help.

  • alenapiasmd alena md (@alenapiasmd) reported

    @sayELAINEtso magspeed dating na lang tayo. Bumble/Tinder not working for me. 🤣

  • Vbaby2202 Vincent P (@Vbaby2202) reported

    I just want someone to smoke with and tinder seems to be broken...

  • _Mimiii_____ ♈︎asmim (@_Mimiii_____) reported

    I only realised I had REALLY BAD trust issues when my lil sis started hanging out w a guy from tinder and I just don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth EVER

  • chewcacca ericaaaaa 👑 (@chewcacca) reported

    UPdate is so slow, tinder is too much for me, tapos bumble is just meh pota ayoko na

  • xjuniorx_ juniorx (@xjuniorx_) reported

    Just finished my first week of my fitness journey. Got my car into a shop to be fixed. Mentally I’m working on it and I’m in a better place than I was at the end of 2018. Deleted grindr and tinder and happy without it

  • therealdarkmage darkmage (@therealdarkmage) reported

    @Tinder app crashed on me again just swiping right, fix your shit! You’ve got an obvious as all hell memory leak when swiping!

  • lkknntt McLovin (@lkknntt) reported

    @J_Bloodworth All the people calling her thick because of a grammatical error in a tinder message. 🙃

  • Me3ka_02 ✨MyGeniusSUGA✨ (@Me3ka_02) reported

    Sooo I was bored and decided to login on the tinder account made by my elementary friends as a sleepover prank. Me: Nope! Nope! Nope! Oooh dimples, Yes! Nope! Nope! Nope! Paused. Shocked. Saw ex bf’s, the greatest love of my life’s profile. Eeeep! Exit Tinder. 😳😳😳

  • KaeFlexx Kae (@KaeFlexx) reported

    Me trying to figure out ways to stay employed at the gym all while knowing my boss is my tinder match. Lordtttttt the devil is working

  • becca_mcdowall beccaaa (@becca_mcdowall) reported

    “Think tinder must be broken, all the people am liking haven’t matched me back”😂😂😂😂😂

  • ludacribs 070 cribbs (@ludacribs) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @samantharrgh I have to delete my snap off my tinder account but forgot my login details 🙃🥴

  • withoutmalibu julia (@withoutmalibu) reported

    I just set tinder on men and our wifi stopped working

  • irresponsible_0 Shay Shay (@irresponsible_0) reported

    @flawIesstragedy Girl that’s crazy, but also there’s ALOT of guys doing the same like him so it’s kinda hard to fix one case when there’s thousands on tinder lol. I don’t think you should be getting hate for it

  • TheDesertDoll Dolly Patrón (@TheDesertDoll) reported

    @TattooedPearls Waaaaayyyy inappropriate crossing of boundaries. I had a similar experience. A guy I had only barely started talking to on Tinder found out which location of a major retailer I used to work at & showed up at my store one day while I was working. Immediately nipped that in the bud

  • Bethchristineee a total betty (@Bethchristineee) reported

    No, I do not have a tinder account in lock haven. I live in Pittsburgh so even if I did have an account it wouldn’t be showing up there. There’s a fake account going around. Please report it if you see it. Apparently it’s causing problems with townies lmao. Thanks

  • eeveeveee EV (@eeveeveee) reported

    @tansrids Sebab tinder lag and slow 😤

  • lydiaeve97 lyds (@lydiaeve97) reported

    @sophisinthedark I have a problem with people having their pictures taken there in the first place like why would it be a good idea to put these on tinder

  • BrianNorgard Norgard (@BrianNorgard) reported

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make in product is evaluating your experience through the lens of liquidity. Nothing, not Tinder, FB, or IG was fully liquid in the early days. Avoiding the ghost town problem & directing your customer to the absolute core action is the art.

  • rickyhettinger pretty ricky (@rickyhettinger) reported

    My tinder is broken and I’m pissed about it