Is TikTok down?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

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January 20: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 08:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Nocis88 Nocis88 (@Nocis88) reported

    Damn, already 3:37am and I'm working at 9:15am. Going through tiktok really makes me forget the time 😱😱😱

  • Mhiramhira Anmira (@Mhiramhira) reported from Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang

    Almost install tiktok last nite. Almost... Thank god for my slow internet connection

  • bizzlesluh e (@bizzlesluh) reported

    i need to delete tiktok... i have a problem

  • needysovard riley 57 (@needysovard) reported


  • pvladins sarah (@pvladins) reported

    noah had to delete his innocent tiktok with millie, millie had to change her caption on instagram although she DOES have anxiety, and adults on twitter are back at it again ridiculing and analyzing her looks. they claim to worry about her but don't realize they're the problem

  • biannncccaaaaa Bianca (@biannncccaaaaa) reported

    @Esthelaaaaaaa @luci00764398 @drarrysdaughter @xlilhuddy Literally nobody gets tiktok notifications, it’s so broken 😂😭

  • AVshame Antivax Wall of Shame (@AVshame) reported

    @stepheileen2010 @noUpside Because she got swarmed by THOUSANDS of antivaxer comments. Many wishing her or her business death. Anti vaxers are not owed a platform to spew their dangerous rhetoric. You have bigger issues if you take offense to several seconds of a doctor on TikTok.

  • alexlindsay alexlindsay (@alexlindsay) reported

    @jdavphoto I think part of the concern over TikTok is that it’s so addictive and makes other forms of content feel really slow. After a few weeks on tiktok, it’s hard to watch 90% of the videos on YouTube. So it’s not just sucking up user time, it’s invalidating everything before it.

  • igotyounivers dre⁷ (@igotyounivers) reported

    your girl is about to finally reinstall tiktok coz space is no longer an issue 😌

  • KaipoDash Kaipo (@KaipoDash) reported

    I only have a problem with TikTok dancers if they think they're actually good at dancing

  • SarahHunter1_ sarah (@SarahHunter1_) reported

    Tiktok has cured every problem there ever was in my life I'm so much happier

  • OsiaaH Léo ✨ (@OsiaaH) reported

    @lauvslany Sooo weird!! I don’t really know anything about TikTok but the problem is definitely from them :/

  • ChenruiYao Chenrui Yao (@ChenruiYao) reported

    @nnatalie666 @BiIlionaires Not there fault that most billionaires spent most of their life working their asses of while we we watch TikTok and play video games

  • BethLMorris beth (@BethLMorris) reported

    lmao just saw a Tiktok saying girls with mummy issues got attached to their female English teachers in high school and I was NOT ready to be called out on my shit like that

  • KiwaPlay Kiwa 👽 (@KiwaPlay) reported

    @casperspicy They took down a bunch of videos because of the "bulge" problem. I don't see a issue with your video but I would imagine tiktok sees it differently. Because it's 100% not the music. Either someone reported you for trollz or they just scan for bodysuits an inappropriate duets

  • loracthal doctor lahiri (@loracthal) reported

    i'd have really good tiktok material but there's the small problem that i'm fugly

  • loracthal doctor lahiri (@loracthal) reported

    i have really good tiktok material but there's the small problem that i'm fugly

  • TheMelonOso [❄️Winter]MelonOso🍈🐻 (@TheMelonOso) reported

    but then I see some cute shit like those 2 girls on that TikTok meeting for a date and having the best ******* time and my hearts like- ok ok ok I'll deal with this site and its damn issues😂

  • Fair_Adrift Immmm ✨💫 (@Fair_Adrift) reported

    Im pissed off. I upload covers of me singing to TikTok and now the sound isn’t working because the ‘copyright owner hasnt made the sound public in my region’. It’s ******* ME SINGING. WHAT THE HELL @tiktok_uk @tiktok_us

  • __shellby shelby (@__shellby) reported

    I have a problem, I’m addicted to tiktok in a bad way.

  • bloodsvtears hilal⁷ (@bloodsvtears) reported

    i've been watching tiktok videos for 3 hours now someoNe give me their working braincells

  • Aslamkh78760988 Aslam khan #fixit (@Aslamkh78760988) reported

    @howiemandel Sir what is the problem My tiktok video not viral

  • TwinklBeyond Beyond: Secondary Teaching Resources (@TwinklBeyond) reported

    @EngChatUK @Team_English1 ...but even that has its problems because if students have mainly viewed TikTok in a fun/ positive light then they could view it in the sense that we are completely out of sync with their reality.

  • nhlhayds emma | 54 (@nhlhayds) reported

    the link isn’t working for me so like go stalk me, my tiktok is emmakronks

  • DestinyMcNeal I smoke crack bitch, know your smells (@DestinyMcNeal) reported


  • DuhTabria bri (@DuhTabria) reported

    You gotta be alil slow to like tiktok

  • ariouse e'♡ (@ariouse) reported

    nvm it was about her tiktok not working lmao

  • KimberlyAAlonso Alonso Possible (@KimberlyAAlonso) reported

    The worst part of 2020 is that while I’m busy working full time, going to grad school, loving on fam and friends, dating, journaling and manifesting and shit I HAVE RUN OUT of the brain capacity to learn TikTok dances 😭😭😭

  • SamStrake SamStrake @ Home (@SamStrake) reported

    @indieannatv I'm working on it. It's mostly because I record my videos for Twitter and people on tiktok don't like the 16x9 format.

  • icew0man soph (@icew0man) reported

    this is literally the tiktok equivalent of trying to fix ur eyeliner

  • gamerwizard8 JackF (@gamerwizard8) reported

    @PMSeymourDoodle Though it’s less of a problem now since TikTok has taken that place

  • zubinwadia Zubin Wadia (@zubinwadia) reported

    @adamnemecek1 @balajis Correct -- but that's a separate issue (centralized vs. decentralized governance)... I was merely referring to the celebrity-as-a-service suite, which is what TikTok offers.

  • adrucechin AdruceChin (@adrucechin) reported

    TikTok shows how creative people around the world but for Malaysian, we just need to wait for the beats to drop then we slow mo the video because it shows that we are lack of ideas and lack of creativity 😂

  • joeonnet Jose Felix (@joeonnet) reported

    @deepakabbot @U_pasana There was creative content that emerged from small towns too. Tiktok is working class ppl's middle finger to SoBo types. Guess that worked. A lot of previleged IG folks still say eww tiktok, while its growing into villages.

  • realsarahkate Sarah-Kate (@realsarahkate) reported

    I have no issues with TikTok, I love it. But the one thing I can’t stand is when little kids start doing the Renegade while staring blankly at your face when you’re trying to speak to them.

  • BrainFrameDotAI BrainFrame (@BrainFrameDotAI) reported

    @richardstartin well, that's it then. i guess i'll go take up another career now that all the universe's computational problems are now solved. maybe i'll be a tiktok star or sell "masterclasses"...

  • TheChurchWorker Mr Reece (@TheChurchWorker) reported

    I downloaded TikTok...2 hours later and I think I may have a problem 🙈

  • lodhiya_nimesh nimesh_lodhiya (@lodhiya_nimesh) reported

    @TikTok_IN my tiktok has issue help me out

  • a6dove ZlatinaN🖤 (@a6dove) reported

    I really need to solve my problems but tiktok is one of the only ways I can deal with my emotions and its not working that well tbh

  • hvwra taetae’s yr (@hvwra) reported

    frl if i see the ‘suga how u get so fly’ tiktok rted on my tl one more time ima lose it🤢 get that corny shit out of my sight yall r not as funny as u think u r,,. fix urselves!

  • bleurever hannah (@bleurever) reported

    the problem with tiktok: 12,000 strangers have now heard me say the word “poopies”

  • TrialPivot HeAlsoWangs (@TrialPivot) reported

    @judwaite @tanayj I hope...soon. Maybe I need start working on tiktok/douyin healthcare

  • tbzfinity 이cha (@tbzfinity) reported

    @0014_hjs Tiktok, scene stealers, broken compass, small things

  • stanhalfalive shay :) (@stanhalfalive) reported

    the only thing bad about working at walmart is that people my age control the music that plays and it is 90% of the time just songs from tiktok and i have to refrain from dancing

  • ootwliz liz✨LFW N1 (@ootwliz) reported

    I’m working from home today because cramps have me immobile so my goal is to get some makeup on get my hair done and duet @missdaniaruiz on TikTok

  • juxxxtine tine. (@juxxxtine) reported

    my happiness: tiktok my sadness: twitter my loneliness: instagram my issue: facebook

  • catherineesson catherine (@catherineesson) reported from Peterhead, Scotland

    i feel like every other artist thrives on tiktok but mine just do so shit, it’s so frustrating. i love the app and the idea anyone can get a massive audience off of it, but it’s just not working with me 😪

  • Iron_Spike Iron Spike (@Iron_Spike) reported

    If you seriously moon over the Mona Lisa, or Louis XIV portraits, or the local hall of Habsburgs, then fix your face to shit on something 10,000 times more relevant, like some kids filming their skateboard tricks for Tiktok, you are MONUMENTALLY missing the point on the daily.

  • VOIDBERGARA 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙚 ✿ (@VOIDBERGARA) reported

    The ‘ Break My Stride ‘ tiktok trend is canon Drakkar and Roman and if you don’t think Roman wouldn’t send Drakkar detailed and edited snaps of this while they’re supposed to be working you’re wrong

  • BenevolentEms_ E. (@BenevolentEms_) reported from Bronx, New York

    I can literally be in tiktok for hours I have a problem

  • kylee_massey 🌵 kylee (@kylee_massey) reported

    me: wow I need to fix my sleep schedule it’s kinda wack also me: stays up till 2:45 watching tiktok bc apparently i hate myself

  • lyrratic nagi senpai (@lyrratic) reported

    I keep thinking about the kid doing that tiktok challenge with 3 photos ,, someday I wanna be powerful enough to slow clap my own creations

  • jagordon John Gordon (@jagordon) reported

    @noUpside @Facebook Interesting that tiktok sees the least harassment. As a Chinese company, they are required to have *extremely robust* content moderation tools fro their product in China. There are obviously some major problems with that, but in this case the effect was positive.

  • Gomfelf SCO-REGON 🦆 (@Gomfelf) reported

    @DuragCody @SwipaGotNext my biggest problem is that he half-asses all the tiktok dances, like he never puts in full effort lmao

  • amanda_church12 Amanda Church (@amanda_church12) reported

    I think I have a TikTok problem 😅 I never sleep anymore.

  • maggiemorenoo margarita moreno (@maggiemorenoo) reported

    I’m tired of having to swipe up on TikTok can y’all fix that pls 😔

  • rverbarkley abby (@rverbarkley) reported

    there are these two guys on tiktok who queerbait so much then act like people expecting them to be dating are the issue i

  • Madison_leitke ☯ maddiee ☯ (@Madison_leitke) reported

    I used to laugh at people who watched tiktok. Now it’s 1am and I’ve been watching tiktoks since 10pm .... this is an issue 😂😂

  • ReppySam (@ReppySam) reported

    So there was a minor car crash outside my house and my first thought was “should i make a tiktok” i suck

  • IHarjeetR Legal Indian Citizen (@IHarjeetR) reported

    When I login anywhere I see TikTok videos 😭