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TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

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February 17: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 03:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • imacheckneck ✰-Luca-✰ (@imacheckneck) reported

    @ggukieluvr97 charli most likely found the dance from someone else on tiktok you total clown. stop trying to make a 15 year old girl doing a dance into a race issue to feel better about yourself

  • hollymcdonaldd Holly (@hollymcdonaldd) reported

    Tiktok is the solution to all my problems

  • wickales wicka (@wickales) reported

    it’s not right that the original creator didn’t get her credit to begin with, and it’s an actual issue of black creators being silenced, but that is in absolutely no way the fault of those teenage white girls doing tiktok trends they don’t know the origin of.

  • ghostinangel aurore ♡ (@ghostinangel) reported

    omg this girl was in my school and she have like 25k on tiktok and she put fake things for likes like “peoples harassed me” the fact is that she was the popular girl who insult and she always search problem where there isn’t problems, ridiculous..

  • indirdaad 👩🏻‍💻 Indira (@indirdaad) reported

    After browsing Dutch tiktok for awhile I have no hope in the next generation. Sad thing is, I'm a part-time teacher go back to working with teenagers tomorrow

  • StrongestEvnger Evan J (@StrongestEvnger) reported

    @moneypleaseeee @TheKalenAllen Finna have the whole neighborhood’s sewer messed up behind stunting for TikTok. Fix it Jesus!

  • MamaOwon water💧 (@MamaOwon) reported

    So this Charlie TikTok ***** is a problem I see

  • abboyabbo abi is seeing h !! (@abboyabbo) reported

    tiktok landed me with a broken shower head

  • abboyabbo abi is seeing h !! (@abboyabbo) reported

    tiktok life hacks landed me with a broken shower head

  • ThaRealV12 Enzyl // McV12 (@ThaRealV12) reported

    @JackUltraMotiv That's the problem posting stuff on tiktok

  • goldeneroda 𝐫𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐨 𝟐𝟎𝟖 (@goldeneroda) reported

    fell in love with a tiktok girl and then two seconds later i saw one of her videos that said she had a bf and now my heart is broken

  • Intraventus Intraventus (@Intraventus) reported

    @SkylarSkynyx Yes Instagram is a lost cause. I've been shadowbanned so much it's just not even possible to grow on there. It just blows my mind actually problematic shit like harassment, ********** and transphobic stuff is allowed on tiktok with no issue.

  • TheRealWoodWood Alex Wood (@TheRealWoodWood) reported

    @ProSyndicate. I saw a tiktok where a guy said the Konami Code to his Alexa, I tried it and she said “RAISING DONGERS!” “Error no dongers found” Made me think of you 😘

  • daintypIs chili (@daintypIs) reported

    @seoulkgs wtf is his problem and WHY is he so popular on tiktok

  • ganseysparker will solace lovebot (@ganseysparker) reported

    @angeIrodrigos literally everyone on tiktok does the dance and no one knows where any of the dances are from. they fixed it when they found out so what’s the problem

  • notanotheranime The Weeb Whisperer (@notanotheranime) reported

    @WTFisLACY @PhinesseNFerb A young black dancer, jalaiah, created choreography called renegade, some white girls stole it and it went viral on tiktok. They started getting $$$ and opportunities for it meanwhile jalaiah was never credited thi she asked. A NYT article exposed this issue of black creatives

  • ayreisskye Ayreis Sleight (@ayreisskye) reported

    @camrine_j3 That was me!!! 😂 I made fun of TikTok so hard and then I was addicted! Lmao. Levii always has to pull me off my phone at night if I start watching them it’s a problem.

  • lethalbom 𝐫𝐧 ♡ (@lethalbom) reported

    Nobody on TikTok ever got credit for their dances so what's the issue now

  • perchbird_ perchbird🔜pax east (@perchbird_) reported

    @babieccino i avoid this issue by watching tiktok exclusively via comps on youtube

  • j3ongwoo justi (@j3ongwoo) reported

    They were invited to do tiktok dances and the popular ones ... i dont see the problem

  • mandagracexoxo manda 🌻 (@mandagracexoxo) reported

    this girl in my psych group keeps doing tiktok dances while we need to be working

  • Vanessa67092794 A mess (@Vanessa67092794) reported

    how i solve others problems 1+1=2 How i solve my problems 1+1=alcohol -tiktok,2020-

  • sportyidk kae (@sportyidk) reported

    Tiktok dance credit arguments are gonna get weird very soon. On one hand I feel like the Renegade situation was unique & a little more involved than Charli not giving credit BUT no one had a problem crediting the yt girl who made the dance to Doja’s ‘Say So’.

  • HalsnadMahesh Mahesh BHEESHMA (@HalsnadMahesh) reported

    @WhatsApp @Facebook Some people today have problems with 1. Whatsapp group messages 2. Whatsapp Status 3. Facebook shares 4. Tiktok of only their friends My suggestion to them : Sell your mobile and purchase landline 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fandomscalmdown Sara ✨ (@Fandomscalmdown) reported

    thinking about how 13 yr olds on tiktok get paid tens of thousands for lip singing and dancing in their room when they're already spoiled and rich while most us editors work hours if not days/weeks on edits on half broken laptops bc we're broke af and we dont get shit for it

  • kaity_jack kaity 🤠 (@kaity_jack) reported

    you know you have a problem when you say “ok let’s go over the counts” while learning a tiktok dance. @_sadiemiller22 @sophiaschroer

  • katieboue Katie Boué (@katieboue) reported

    Speaking in front of dozens of executives, no problem. Leading a rally with 400+ attendees on the steps of a capitol, no problem. Talking for 5 minutes to a group of teenagers who understand things like TikTok, TERRIFYING.

  • unicccrn saf (@unicccrn) reported

    the slow down trend on tiktok passing by my for you timeline really makes my heart skips a beat

  • skpd_kylaolu 💫❤ (@skpd_kylaolu) reported

    that slow motion grind I be doing for tiktok 🥴

  • wingsforus Hamza (@wingsforus) reported

    @Meena_Harker Good content, weak visuals. Often a problem one runs into on Pakistani tiktok.

  • EmmaHayhurst Emma 🌟 (@EmmaHayhurst) reported

    If I... Am sad: watch tiktok Am happy: watch tiktok Want to procrastinate: watch tiktok Am bored: watch tiktok ...tiktok solves all of my problems

  • chuugrls LOONA LOCKDOWN (@chuugrls) reported

    @itssunshin3 @destiny_youngg @ntltcmax @makeupIady the ******* the left did nothing and is just popular on tik tok tho .... charli doesn’t give dc which yes is a problem but popularising and stealing are two different things! if you want ppl to get mad at get mad at the popular tiktok boys who are actually trying to downplay the

  • lovenvtes t ⁷ (@lovenvtes) reported

    i can’t believe the internet has been so pressed over a TIKTOK dance like we don’t have bigger issues to deal with

  • bethk154 beth (@bethk154) reported

    she collabed with the og creator on her HUGE platform and credited her. what more do you want. there is no deeper issue other than the whole concept of tiktok. you all clearly don't understand the app because you all joined it when it became 'funny' and 'trendy' so please do-

  • teaccup_ rie | kR SToP (@teaccup_) reported

    me: i wanna fix my profile and carrd. also me: *watching vine and tiktok compilation while playing solitair and candy crush on my bugged laptop*

  • LuxTheW0lf 𝐿𝓊𝓍 𝒢𝒶𝓉𝓈𝒷𝓎 🔥👼🏼🔑 1.2K (@LuxTheW0lf) reported

    If I ever leave you on delivered, I’m not ignoring you I’m either busy working at my vanilla job or filming for MV, OF + TikTok, having a meltdown or sleeping or fighting the urge to not drop out of college. Sometimes it’s also a combination of all of these.

  • notHereJoseph 𝓙𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓹𝓱 𝓡𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓻𝓼 (@notHereJoseph) reported

    Man i really love doing drawing TikTok and I’ve been working on it all night i hate me but I’m tooo determined to finish

  • MontzerratA1 Montze is taking a small break (@MontzerratA1) reported

    Wow. Never in my life I think I'd cry at 4:30 am over a tiktok comment. I did the God Picks Favorites video in early January and I released the draft in February. I was struggling with self love and I still do but I promise you guys that I have been working on it.

  • MikeandBruno That Witch, Jai 🌛🌕🌜 (@MikeandBruno) reported

    Working at a middle school has made me HATE everything tiktok. Buncha rhythmless little girls doing these dances NONSTOP. Like we're in social studies Miranda please stop 😭

  • diminilia aerin ⁷ (@diminilia) reported

    do you guys have the tiktok video where this girl is asking how many of her braincells are working 😭😭 please drop it, its for science

  • foulkian 𝐯𝐚𝐥 (@foulkian) reported

    I got recognized on tiktok from working at brandy help

  • dsquintana Dan Quintana (@dsquintana) reported

    @neuropoetic 🤣 I think Twitter is a bigger problem for me than TikTok

  • pim_ketras (@pim_ketras) reported

    me before vs. after posting a stupid tiktok about my daddy issues

  • pim_ketras (@pim_ketras) reported

    me after posting a stupid tiktok about my daddy issues

  • prismataech Raine⁷ 💜 SH00TER FOR BTS • BORAHAE BlTCHES (@prismataech) reported

    @luvekth Someone link that tiktok crushing of purple heart vid in here quick because I am BROKEN

  • Exposeddddd4 Exposeddddd (@Exposeddddd4) reported

    @tiktok_us im extremely dissapointed in this app (but still like it though) I frequently post videos on tiktok and they end up getting 0 views.They don't appear on the following / for you page. This also happens to many other people, please address this issue

  • brooke7estrella Brooke Estrella🌟 (@brooke7estrella) reported

    i love you but being the therapist friend is tiring. kinda wearing. im not saying I need therapy but sometimes I just need them to suck up their problems and duet me on tiktok :(

  • pip_silas Silas Pippenger (@pip_silas) reported

    Imagine thinking that people who are paid millions of dollars for putting a ball through a hoop, are more important than these hard working, talented tiktok influencers.

  • generationyuh sofiYUH ❀ 49 66 (@generationyuh) reported

    @lovesicksami are ur dms broken i have a tiktok to send u

  • BTSOfficialMeme 19yearold (@BTSOfficialMeme) reported

    Jungkook looks like me tryna figure out that Tiktok vanishing trend but it isn’t working-

  • megan_roczey Megs 🌻 (@megan_roczey) reported

    I will curb stomp all you creepy ass kids who ****** tiktok or just record people working without us giving you consent. It’s ******* uncomfortable and weird. **** you.

  • chhaannyy_ nicole 🇰🇭 (90%) 🔜 excision 🤯 (@chhaannyy_) reported from Broomfield, Colorado

    I’m tryna make this TikTok and literally it’s not working and I’m annoyed

  • _Duckworth_4 David BayBay (@_Duckworth_4) reported

    @SavinTheBees TikTok streams are always so ******* fire. Ended up watching it while I was working and it made a boring night better!

  • pompriya priyanka mondal (@pompriya) reported

    Kindly please resolve my problem, as before my tiktok vidoes used to get 50k to 1 M views, but recently have observed that my vidoes are not getting good response, just 2k to 10k vidoes. #tiktokindia need response from you, how to solve this matter #TikTok

  • BodhisattvaPink Pink Islah Bodhisattva (@BodhisattvaPink) reported

    @thekillakay_ ok what is TikTok . I need a full explanation and how to download and what to do next . I’m slow

  • xavier_jones23 goat malone (@xavier_jones23) reported from Ferndale, Maryland

    Watch this mans whole TikTok page he’s a hard working family man love him 💕

  • LeaNLSN Lea (@LeaNLSN) reported

    @maknaechanel 5. Bts keep working with white mediocre ppl so no one would be surprised if they do collab with tiktok ppl next

  • hannahcglaser hannah (@hannahcglaser) reported

    someone on tiktok said my cat has a thyroid problem i’m dead

  • wuksbackup sickandtired (@wuksbackup) reported

    Give it a break! Tiktok girls never claimed to have created the dance. They made it popular&remixed it.. And now the creator is revealed, they are giving her, her shine. Let teenagers mingle b4 yall put your black agenda problems on their shoulders. Not everything is a race war.

  • RiddimRico Rico ⚔️ (@RiddimRico) reported

    @44rosendo @WEHKIA @brxxiena @CBrichelleS @mukhtarhuh i’m not hating. i’m just stating the point that white people have been stealing and capitalizing off of black people for decades. i’ve been using tiktok since they started the app, you have to be slow if you can’t realize that sound and dance blew her up.