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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Lookadistractin Steve Fairweather (@Lookadistractin) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I’m hoping that means the fallout account errors have been resolved as well I was so disappointed yesterday when I logged in to an error

  • Andrea85754255 Andrea (@Andrea85754255) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Fallout 76 crash on startup when press a key! Fix

  • syraena7 ⭕ Ashleigh Spooner 🔜 #PAXEast2019 (@syraena7) reported

    @Knight_legacy @TESOnline That's a huge reinstall, but I may have to do it. Ugggh. It's been a known problem for at least a year but none of the patches have touched it.

  • AlexBrangwin Alexandria Brangwin (@AlexBrangwin) reported

    @buzzspinner @crecenteb @netflix It does actually affect the user experience wether a person cares or not. In fact @TESOnline recently apologized to its Oceania customers that they are not setting up local servers to alleviate this issue due to low potential patronage.

  • JudgeDreaddSlo1 Fantastic Mr. Sloth (@JudgeDreaddSlo1) reported

    @TESOnline I am so incredibly disappointed in you right now. I have been fighting a launcher issue that forces me to add the .zo1 file to patch data folder for months now, and once again I cannot stream it, because you have managed to ignore the problem.

  • GregoryRasputin Ivan Elmanov (@GregoryRasputin) reported

    @NeoSabin @abzhuofficial i can see the service being great for people who have poor hardware, or only own one device and if it was reasonably priced it would be great for them, but i like modifying the games that i play, suck as Elder Scrolls and Fallout, not sure how great that would be on Stadia

  • _Zer0Tw0_ 002 (@_Zer0Tw0_) reported

    @bullseyeuu I remember that games glitch thats so broken u dont even need a weapon to beat the elder scrolls

  • gavinralbag Gavin (@gavinralbag) reported

    @TESOnline you've kinda times my wood elf character by getting rid of stealth... I spent way too long in this character it would be nice if you didn't just give me a useless skill in exchange since I don't pvp. You really should fix this and go back to the old Bosmer

  • butguesswhat butguesswhat (@butguesswhat) reported

    @LadyLilianaRose @alexjamespeter @TESOnline That update has caused some issues. I know cyrodiil has been worse than usual. Freezing load screens. Constantly having to exit the game.

  • MrSolveProblems MrSolveProblems (@MrSolveProblems) reported

    @TESOnline So i got the Elder Scrolls Online : Collection with morrwind and summerset , gold pack upgrade installed it and nothing works , where do i go to fix this cause i cant shell out another 50 bucks..

  • Berserk_Zodd Berserk_Zodd (@Berserk_Zodd) reported from Norfolk, Virginia

    Not sure what you put in your patch today @TESOnline but I cant update it. Gets to about 35% and just fails. Its been three years since I had any sort of issue updating.

  • crowbo360 Dave Crowe (@crowbo360) reported

    @TrueAchievement Honestly, games like Doom Eternal are damaged by their Bethesda association for me. F76 was a shit show, their Fallout games have always been glitchy trash they're too lazy to fix. Elder Scrolls cant compete with Witcher 3 for gameplay or looks. They need to figure shit out.

  • PurpleAshMMM bigbroseks (@PurpleAshMMM) reported

    @TESOnline I've missed like 7 dailies because your stupid, unnecessary amount of ******* updates brakes my ******* game every single god damn time i update it, and i have to go through the repair procedure which takes hours each ******* time, fix your shit

  • WickedWolf17 🐺 Wicked Wolf (@WickedWolf17) reported

    @BladedMischief @TESOnline Yep you can contact support and request it without any issue

  • Mateo_Salvaje Mateo Salvaje (@Mateo_Salvaje) reported

    Hey @TESOnline I just wanted to shout out a thanks to your customer service department. Even though they couldn't undo my mistake, I really appreciate them looking into it 😊

  • FoxSpiritBooks Aunty Fox 🦊📚 (@FoxSpiritBooks) reported

    sooo elder scrolls online 4 hours to update. won't play without the update. lost half an hour because ps4 went into power saving mode. not sure how to fix that without interrupting download so now sitting here twitching the joystick (don't be rude)

  • BeanerOfSnow Snow Beaner (@BeanerOfSnow) reported

    @Equality_Ninja @PlagueJesterSky Texture problems, copy pasted dungeons and puzzles, and a nonsense story. Probably the worst elder scrolls. I'm still salty about it

  • sylvie_moone Sylvie (@sylvie_moone) reported

    @TESOnline @cocomichelle11 Sorry. This UI error isn't "caused by" addons, they are caused by a mistake on your end. Just seems disingenuous to say they're "caused by" folks that work really hard for free to help make the UI tolerable for other players.

  • particleman518 John Hanley (@particleman518) reported

    Then Oblivion came and thrust the Elder Scrolls so hard back into Western Fantasy tropes and traditions that Tolkien's ghost choked on it. I like Oblivion, but its so bland and devoid of interesting things that I'd rather play Morrowind, despite its issues. 7/

  • CrownEss0 CrownEss0/Devin Pearce (@CrownEss0) reported

    @TESOnline Zero... Still moving things over but hard to do with two vehicles that are having problems, 3 jobs and 3 kids one of whom is teething and sickers

  • ArtemisOzimmer Artemis Ozzimmer (@ArtemisOzimmer) reported

    I have to, at some point, make a CCG with a custom card suite and no microtransactions to speak of, just 1 price. Get that right and Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls Legends and whatever Magic the Gathering has these days will have to either do the same or crash.

  • malloclamarca Malloc(lamarca) (@malloclamarca) reported

    @TESOnline I couldn't because the server was lagging af

  • sg53d kai'iano (@sg53d) reported

    Im so sick of the damn f****** lag with @TESOnline @bethesda No wonder people are leaving in droves. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. #eso #teso #ElderScrollsOnline #ps4

  • tavisjaich Tavis J. Hampton (@tavisjaich) reported

    @Valomir @Alan7615 It actually didn't have more issues than a lot of these other so-called AAA games. Elder Scrolls games have issues fundamental to their engine that will never be fixed, yet the nerds can't stop talking about how great they are. It's just fanboyism.

  • BigDBurrows Daniel Burrow (@BigDBurrows) reported

    Not sure if it’s @TESOnline @ElderScrolls Servers or the problems that @XboxSupport is showing, but the constant lag in sound effects and interruptions has made us suspend the current stream until I see an improvement in the quality. I will keep you posted #TwitchFans

  • x8sharrock3x Christopher (@x8sharrock3x) reported

    @TESOnline fix the lagging on your servers on Xbox. Not even playable.

  • EmotionKebab 🙏 💃Pray for Lady GaGa to beat 🅱️ayonetta 🎅🏿🤸 (@EmotionKebab) reported

    the true Elder Scrolls are the ones you use to do the item duplication glitch

  • uniquePlayer12 Matt H (@uniquePlayer12) reported

    @BethesdaSupport How do I fix the operation could not be completed on The elder scrolls V Skyrim even after I did everything it said to do

  • Dreamy__Blues Dreamy (@Dreamy__Blues) reported

    @TESOnline The update broke my game and it took me two weeks to finally have time to fix it and be able to play so I missed the gifting for the pig. I’ve been able to do what’s left of the event dailies and haven’t touched new content but don’t like the new guild store at all.

  • Sekkerhund Sekkerhund (@Sekkerhund) reported

    Well, crap. Was going to stream an AvA event on Vivec campaign map in @TESOnline but was disconnected and dumped to login screen and forced to re-queue at #125, which means an hour+ wait. Can't wait for them to separate Imperial City from Cyrodiil and improve server performance.

  • GlitterGhosty GlitterGhosty (@GlitterGhosty) reported

    ESO News: TESOnline: ICYMI: Monday's incremental patch will have a fix for UI errors caused by add ons.

  • esoAgogo esoAgogo (@esoAgogo) reported

    destination ,awasome guild storer woaw they are worked so hard, maybe u should fix bugs before using fan developper ideas @TESOnline banned for the truth lol #eso

  • esoAgogo esoAgogo (@esoAgogo) reported

    destination ,awasome guild storer woaw they are worked so hard, maybe u should fix bugs before using fan developper ideas @TESOnline banned for the truth lol

  • flunkie_ebooks desert squirrel (@flunkie_ebooks) reported

    My loadout owns. Ok but like if I was gonna have a problem with their game in less than a month until Elder Scrolls Online.

  • ZanexxxAshford Zane (@ZanexxxAshford) reported

    @TESOnline With the latest update guild ranks have been broken. This allowed a guild I was in to be robbed.

  • iordamos Kyle Swanson (@iordamos) reported

    @AxolotlCure Ah, I see what you mean. And I am working on fixing that same problem in my games as someone who came from Elder Scrolls into D&D.

  • tinteIfruit TintelFruit (@tinteIfruit) reported

    @HavokRayne @IDontGetIt0000 @bethesda_nl @TESOnline @SWTOR all expansions are part of the subscription service, plus when your subscription ends all the expansions up until that point will be unlocked permanently.

  • Gaming___Legend TTV AXIS (@Gaming___Legend) reported

    Time to crash after close to 8 hours of elder scrolls today I am wiped lol

  • BeinKemen 🎨 D E M I 🐝 (@BeinKemen) reported from Manchester, England

    @angelcastshelp Oooh I love Elder Scrolls! I got a Platinum on my old PS3 but it broke so I want to earn it on my current PS3 and PS4 😂 I’ve got one for each Spyro game so I just have to earn them for Crash now!

  • angelcastshelp Angelcasts (@angelcastshelp) reported

    @BeinKemen To get to a decent level in elder scrolls and finish Fall out! So behind as work takes over. Although smashing spyro and crash with the kids atm 😂

  • MistressGrim Melanie B. (@MistressGrim) reported

    @TESOnline I can tell you my least favorite part was having loading issues that interfered with doing my event dailies on time so now I'm going to miss out on some event tickets! 😡

  • Stevonchie Stevonchie (@Stevonchie) reported

    @FalloutGirl____ @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I don't have the lag issues in pve. Just in battlegrounds. But I can't run, sprint, or gallop either. Same problem with npc's not selecting either. They break this ******* game with every update. I stopped subscribing a while back because I'm sick of zos's laziness in responding.

  • FalloutGirl____ Kikki Kasumi (@FalloutGirl____) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline You may of fixed the load in & load times but the game is practically unplayable on PS4 NA in Australia at the moment. Single digit frame rates, massive lag spikes, unable to sprint or gallop on mount, constantly needing to /reloadui because doors won't open & NPC's won't respond

  • gib_meg TheRedAbsol (@gib_meg) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @ElderScrolls Today the latest update for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for PS4 has downloaded for me and have had 2 crashes from the game for the first time. Haven’t experienced a crash even while I was on PS3 rip

  • xIDiablax Mariie Hernandez (@xIDiablax) reported

    @CentsOfUrgency @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport @XboxSupport Sorry to read/hear that your having some problems. I recommend you to contact TESO developers for that. We don't have nothing to do with the servers.

  • RomeroCarpenter Stu (@RomeroCarpenter) reported

    @4l15741r @TESOnline @PlayStation I fixed mine already within a few minutes of my post when I read about facebook being down. I couldn't login to elder scrolls until I thought of unlinking my facebook & PS4 acoount. Then I could log in.

  • CentsOfUrgency Eric Guerrero (@CentsOfUrgency) reported

    @TESOnline Just when you think the quality cant get any less, yall are never going to fix pvp servers, now we have even longer load times, but hey the crown store works perfectly, go figure. @BethesdaSupport @XboxSupport

  • RomeroCarpenter Stu (@RomeroCarpenter) reported

    After reading about facebook being down for hours I unlinked my PS4 & my facebook account & I was able to login to @TESOnline again. #psndown

  • TraskenDX terry ray autwell (@TraskenDX) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Still getting loading profile failed error

  • CoffinGreg Gregory Coffin (@CoffinGreg) reported

    @TESOnline Still cannot log in on PS4. Got in briefly last night. Got disconnected. Just tried again and no go. Need extension on my ESO Plus to account for your problems.

  • smokelessjvapes Smokeless J Vapes (@smokelessjvapes) reported

    @TESOnline The lag has been terrible and I’m watching my toon disappear and reappear in dungeons. Plus the 1hand weapon nerf kind of put damper on my dps.

  • fgijonc THE JonC :) (@fgijonc) reported

    @Skirtzzz I'm sure whatever that issue is/was has been fixed. I've thought reinstalling it off and on but hell, I dunno. Who knows :P Because I absolutely loved Oblivion on the 360 back in the day. First elder scrolls i ever played.

  • ThomasLamour2 Thomas Lamour 🇪🇺 🇫🇷 (@ThomasLamour2) reported

    @TESOnline The exploration assistant is cool, the new guild shop menu is cool, I have no more issue with "empty" container that I need to be elsewhere to open. On the other hand, the new wood elf racial abilities is crap for PvE assassin / thieft.

  • PinkPandaNep126 🌸Niki🌸 (@PinkPandaNep126) reported

    @TESOnline I feel like you guys should give us a small reward for having the same problem every time a DLC or update comes up. Because it happens every time.

  • GreeneBantern Lord Zebulon (@GreeneBantern) reported

    @TESOnline Haven’t been able to log in with server issues. Can’t play the event either.

  • butguesswhat butguesswhat (@butguesswhat) reported

    @TESOnline I received a ui error then it went to a blank screen in the trader search. Had to turn my console off since all the buttons on the controller became unresponsive. Makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for. This was a much needed add on

  • JBernier519 James Bernier (@JBernier519) reported

    @TESOnline I couldn’t play due to the excessive load screens (5- 15 minutes) and broken chat. I eventually gave up, signed off and watched TV instead. I’m looking forward to trying again tonight. Hopefully the loading has been fixed.

  • Ice_veins22 JonathanKerr (@Ice_veins22) reported

    @Promethean99 @TESOnline probaly just a vet mode issue cause ive done it on normal everytime

  • Zylyen Christopher McGowan (@Zylyen) reported

    @TESOnline Not being able to login

  • gamingdcdean Dean Merritt (@gamingdcdean) reported

    @TESOnline Lost out on daily login as it took ages to download, otherwise liking the changes