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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • crowley666_mr Mr-_-Crowley666 (@crowley666_mr) reported

    @TESOnline 😆 😆 how about fix your game 15 BLUESCREENS an hr aint pleasing at all

  • Console_Convert KamikazeKenny (@Console_Convert) reported

    @TESOnline Appreciate the update, but the PC EU servers have been having so many issues lately, I do hope permanent solutions are coming.

  • RachG38368403 RachG (@RachG38368403) reported

    @TESOnline Just sort out the problems and start the event at a later date

  • dustin_rivard KingOfWombat (@dustin_rivard) reported

    @jameser78 @TESOnline @XboxSupport Hey there, a power cycle might fix that issue. Press and hold the power button on the front of your console until it powers down -> pull the power cord out for 1 full minute -> plug it in and check again.

  • RedJem63835387 RedJem (@RedJem63835387) reported

    @ShadyKnights @GoodGuyChip @NotTodayTanas @OneAngryCat2 @TESOnline So yes, maybe if we all throw a fit and scream at them for being dumbasses, they'll *finally* fix what should have been fixed ages ago...

  • RedJem63835387 RedJem (@RedJem63835387) reported

    @ShadyKnights @GoodGuyChip @NotTodayTanas @OneAngryCat2 @TESOnline Very true. Also, I noticed if you scream and throw a fit at businesses, they scramble to help you instead of throwing your ass out. I have witnessed this many times. Any yet, whenever I try to be nice and calm about a problem, I get ignored or bull shitted.

  • kelseauxx Kelsey Ivy (@kelseauxx) reported

    @TESOnline How about y’all fix the laggy mess and blue screening all your “updates” have added. In the last 20 minutes I’ve disconnected and blue screened 6 times while in Cyrodiil. Lag before this latest update was bareable. At least everyone wasn’t getting kicked from the game -_-

  • Kalehart Benjamin (@Kalehart) reported

    @TESOnline Honestly at this point please just overhaul the activity finder system. If you haven't managed to fix it by now, I'm going to assume that something is deeply flawed in the way it functions. Or you're not trying very hard, I'm hoping for the former.

  • kmeline kerry (@kmeline) reported

    @TESOnline Evidently the only thing the Undaunted Fear is Server Issues...

  • IsaiahY59107119 Isaiah Young (@IsaiahY59107119) reported

    @TESOnline ESO has gone so downhill it's embarrassing. ZOS, fix your game.

  • WonHundredK Hoff 'n Haim (@WonHundredK) reported

    @NickFirzen @TESOnline 5 years on and we’re still waiting for that patch to fix the LFG tool. (It may take some time though)

  • LateralusXs Mike Thompson (@LateralusXs) reported

    @GinaLBruno @ZeniMax_Online @TESOnline Well I've been playing ESO for 2 years and paying an online subscription and still get infinite loading screens for Battlegrounds. This is absolutely ridiculous that this is still broken 2 years later. Yeah I'm a very unhappy customer.

  • Miss_SEB Sarah Breimayer (@Miss_SEB) reported

    @DontDoFeelings @TESOnline I'd honestly prefer no crown crates for a few months just to maybe have them prioritize fixing known issues from the past few years.

  • Miss_SEB Sarah Breimayer (@Miss_SEB) reported

    @JamieLVNSam16 @TESOnline PC is where the issues seem to have been, but all platforms have paid the price by having it cancelled. Ridiculous in my opinion. Better to just compensate PC players than cancel it for everyone on every platform.

  • MrJoufflu Joufflu (@MrJoufflu) reported

    @TESOnline Well at least you own it. Hope ya’ll figure out a fix. God bless 🙏

  • alyksandur Alyksander (@alyksandur) reported

    @TESOnline Just turn the event back on and let people go into dungeons manually until you "fix" your activity finder. Fungal grotto I is easily solo-able, if not im sure anyone can find another player in zone chat.

  • kelseauxx Kelsey Ivy (@kelseauxx) reported

    @TESOnline How about y’all fix the laggy mess and blue screening all your “updates” and “maintenance” has added. In the last 20 minutes I’ve discounted and blue screened 6 times while in Cyrodiil. Lag before this latest update was bareable. At least everyone wasn’t getting kicked from game

  • the7thlettter Gary Aldo Anselmi II (@the7thlettter) reported

    @TESOnline You guys cancelled Midyear Mayhem and now this. More and more people will stop playing and supporting this company until you guys put ACTUAL effort into fixing issues. Til then, keep cancelling events 😂😂😂

  • Dragon_God2012 Dragon Lee (@Dragon_God2012) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline This isnt just an EU problem!!! A shit load of us cant even log in here in the US. You charged us so much money for this damn game and still continue to charge us for broken ass shit! Im ******* done. **** you, **** your boss, **** your piece of shit servers and **** your game

  • BlopKitsune Blop (@BlopKitsune) reported

    @TESOnline oof. had a day off and wanted to grind the opal sets but yall have yet to announce any replacement or resolution to the issues. but what can I expect from the people who HAVE YET TO RESPOND TO MY TICKET ABOUT THE BROKEN DUNGEON RIPPING ME OFF LAST EVENT

  • TrevonHollis Savage187 (@TrevonHollis) reported

    @MoreRicePlz @TESOnline Letting them "do what they do" just means that it's still gonna be broken. This year, they cancelled Mid-year Mayhem and Undaunted, extended Witches Festival, and any zone specific event is accompanied by a ton of lag and disconnects. They don't know how to fix these issues.

  • L0rdAtr0city John (@L0rdAtr0city) reported

    @TESOnline You guys going to fix this shit or what , 2 days and I cant get in smh

  • ScumDeluxe scumdelux3 (@ScumDeluxe) reported

    @MoreRicePlz @TESOnline I'm feeling the same way. Alot of these comments are ruthless and clueless. I'm sure they hate being constantly attacked for bugs and stuff not working. Maybe fixes cause worse problems. Unless you work for the company you can't know what they are doing to fix the problem

  • WanderlustKT84 MakeUpLoverJPN (@WanderlustKT84) reported

    @TESOnline do what you need to do to fix stuff but do try to bring the event back eventually. I was really looking forward to this one....... much more than the witches festival even......

  • UTE4LIFE Joe S. Winrow (@UTE4LIFE) reported

    @TESOnline Maybe if you spent as much time figuring out how to fix the game as you do nerfing everything to the gound the game may work. Mr CEO also needs to take a haircut to hire people that know what they are doing and hardware.

  • WoeWolf Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @TESOnline maybe if you spent the time you waste nerfing everything and instead fix the problems, we wouldn't be having these issues.

  • CrystalMoon13 Kayra K. (@CrystalMoon13) reported

    @Lady_Sleepless_ @TESOnline I can't take another broken AS. Hurts my soul.

  • DragonShrieking ShriekingDragon (@DragonShrieking) reported

    @TESOnline This is ridiculous, you claimed last year this same event would be fixed and that groupfinder would run. We deserve so much better than your constant failure to deliver basic gameplay service. I hope you come up with good compensation because this is crazy

  • Billyd2484 Billy2484 (@Billyd2484) reported

    @TESOnline Here's an idea for whichever genius is in charge...Stop, I repeat STOP, f'ing with "balancing or characters" every 3 months, and fix the shit that's actually broken! Signed, Every player ever!

  • JoannaDowling1 Joanna Dowling (@JoannaDowling1) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @LoreseekersCast @TESOnline And this is why you should play eso on console never had this problem.

  • ShadyKnights Shady Knights (@ShadyKnights) reported

    @NotTodayTanas @GoodGuyChip @OneAngryCat2 @TESOnline Exactly, customers are frustrated, and rightly so. The original comment was bang on. If they fail to fix the problem with group finder several times, then they are idiots. It is not a personal attack, just a fact.

  • gowcpttemmo MC (@gowcpttemmo) reported

    @TESOnline I report issues with Acitivty Finder at least once per day. I’m sure there are thousands of people doing the same thing on a regular basis. There is no way they thought the activity finder process was sufficient enough before this event.

  • russelljcook35 silverspooninmouth (@russelljcook35) reported

    @TESOnline As usual your protections are never up to standard. Unfortunately this is a common issue every time there is any update. Time to catch up Bethesda other servers and games are leaving you behind. Sort it for the sake of the subscribers

  • chaieb_zied ZI&D (@chaieb_zied) reported

    @mattfiror @TESOnline The activity finder is broken again. When are you gonna clean up and fire those devs.

  • SteelLonghorns3 Juan Rodriguez Jr. (@SteelLonghorns3) reported

    @TESOnline I understand that issues happen. I do not understand how there are issues everytime something is new in game. Yet, this has become the norm. As the consumer, we are supposed to just accept it. However I am sure if I had an issue paying for ESO+, I would lose it immediately.

  • Lumiirac Lumberjack (@Lumiirac) reported

    @UnderskorGryp @TESOnline Tbh I completely forgot about that (It both doesn't affect me and I've been sick, so forgetful xD) but yeah I really agree. Fix your shit before getting new players, zos. You can barely handle the players you have...

  • GoodGuyChip GoodGuyChip (@GoodGuyChip) reported

    @NotTodayTanas @OneAngryCat2 @TESOnline It hasn't been broken for 5 years friend.

  • EverySoOrphan Orphan (@EverySoOrphan) reported

    @kaibuk @TESOnline Lol bruh I know. I said it was unimportant. Thanks for trying tho, that must be my issue

  • EntPlague PlagueDoctorEnt (@EntPlague) reported

    @TESOnline Activity finder has been messed up since the update... But right now is the time decide to try and fix it

  • Derrick65872352 Derrick (@Derrick65872352) reported

    @TESOnline Lol fix the voicechat on console ps4 first been bad for several months now

  • GoodGuyChip GoodGuyChip 💀 (@GoodGuyChip) reported

    @NotTodayTanas @OneAngryCat2 @TESOnline As someone with a lot of leadership experience, I can confidently say belittling people is very rarely an effective measure for positive change or productive discussion. Vent all you want, calling people idiots won't fix anything though.

  • Carlenburger Carlenburger (@Carlenburger) reported

    @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport Get your heas out of your asses, get your shit together and fix the god damn game

  • MercSauce11 MercSauce11 (@MercSauce11) reported

    @TESOnline Fix battlegrounds queue while you’re at it been broken since the last patch...

  • CraizieAimie Aimie (@CraizieAimie) reported

    @toomanysnipers @NotTodayTanas @Mayhem3750 @TESOnline I've been playing since beta, and there have alwasy been issues. It's gotten worse as more new players jump in

  • kim_ikazi Skooma Khat [Diva Sativa] (@kim_ikazi) reported

    @TESOnline Not a fan of PvE anyways .. part of the reason I don't play much anymore ... please fix Cyrodiil balancing & teaming (EP&DC - EU PS4) you've destroyed PvP .. & that hammer "Volendung" sucks ass .. I hate saying this bc ESO was my favourite game 😒

  • kulp_julian Julian Kulp (@kulp_julian) reported

    @_wnight_ @TESOnline Search as tank. If you cant find a match in 1-2 min its broken.

  • lepistesselim Lepistes Selim (@lepistesselim) reported

    @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport Need 500 gb update maybe fix this game

  • Frosty_XI FrostyXi (@Frosty_XI) reported

    @TESOnline Lol just give it up! This company it the worst by far! I hope the servers crash and you never get them back up.

  • wikviya WIKVIYA (@wikviya) reported

    @TESOnline not to mention BG issues for 2 weeks

  • Quasimotos Brock (@Quasimotos) reported

    @TESOnline you guys need to fix this.. people exploiting the shit out of this in game charging 1 mil gold for the motifs etc.. cancelling the event altogether seems silly

  • MultimediaJay MultimediaJay (@MultimediaJay) reported

    @TESOnline Fix the infrastructure and reschedule. 😊

  • zzzlolz Stapler (@zzzlolz) reported

    @TESOnline @TESOnline "Top priority making sure you can log in and play" In the last month we've had log in error issues, more frequent disconnects and Cyrodiil is still a flaming piece of garbage. Unplayable! What a joke.

  • JoannaDowling1 Joanna Dowling (@JoannaDowling1) reported

    @TESOnline Taking a long time queuing for veteran dungeons but other than that not had any problem on Xbox One EU not seeing what the problem is

  • neenoodeena neenoodeena (@neenoodeena) reported

    @TESOnline Hahaha like the servers havent been screwed for the longest time, we bluescreened 52 times in 3 hours a few nights ago BEFORE THE DAMN EVENT... fix your game!!!!!

  • Ben_Appleby benΔPPLEBY (@Ben_Appleby) reported

    @Sheogore @TESOnline Agreed but there's no denying it's been at its worst since just before Elsweyr came out. Each 'fix' just makes the game worse & it's ridiculous.

  • GovannonTweet Not on Your life (@GovannonTweet) reported

    @TESOnline shock horror, suprise suprise -- howe isd it that everyone but the company staff knew there would be problems!!!

  • kaidmcloud kaidmcloud (@kaidmcloud) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @DTamerial @TESOnline Cannot login it crashed on me in a dungeon now saying this account is already logged in

  • esoAgogo esoAgogo (@esoAgogo) reported

    @TESOnline One year later same problem lol

  • TJLovesFood Panda Café (@TJLovesFood) reported

    @TESOnline Take time to fix and make quality of life better. Instead of events try adding more for us to do honestly, farming, fishing overhaul to make it a lot more fun. I just want more in general to give it that classic mmo feel where you do anything you want.

  • NightoathGw2 NightoathGW2 (@NightoathGw2) reported

    @TESOnline Infinite loading screen.... Please do something! I am new in this game, i did not start good to play this, and it have problems.