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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Game Crash 10.43% Game Crash
  • Online Play 5.22% Online Play
  • Glitches 2.61% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 1.74% Matchmaking

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  • a1i3nz Chuck (@a1i3nz) reported

    @JakeStormoen @TESOnline 2014-2018 I would’ve been around, but 2 years ago I realized they’ll never fix PvP performance so I moved on Still down for a digital house party tho...after I download 80+ gigs of game 😂

  • jusmontgomery11 (@jusmontgomery11) reported

    @TESOnline y’all need to fix a problem in the game the shield shows up I don’t push anything

  • firesidespitta tchamp (@firesidespitta) reported


  • stol_ah A.H.Stol (@stol_ah) reported

    @AddictWythAPen @TESOnline PlayStation put the hard word on them, no preorder/sales until they fix the game. Well that’s the rumour

  • HerododusTTV Herododus (@HerododusTTV) reported

    @gatsbyslight20 @TESOnline Yeah. I'm also just farming tickets. Problem is I almost have too many tickets at this point lol

  • HerododusTTV Herododus (@HerododusTTV) reported

    @gatsbyslight20 @TESOnline Yeah. I'm also just farming tickets. Problem is I almost have too many tickets at this point lol

  • heroofnone Hero of None (@heroofnone) reported

    @Casual_Ranger @TESOnline I think there were multiple issues with it, especially with tanks and healers having near infinite resources to block and heal. I think it was a good test on the PTS though and I'm glad they experimented instead of trying to push this out in a chapter/DLC patch.

  • krustykiara Kiara (@krustykiara) reported

    As soon as Elder Scrolls 6 drops all of my problems will be gone

  • discarddungeon Craig (@discarddungeon) reported

    @TinyTriesThings That could be a problem when half the fun of an Elder Scrolls game is modding it...

  • DaveMills79 Flaminir🕯️ (@DaveMills79) reported

    @ADTurelus @AlcastHQ @TESOnline @zimmrin There was a great post by Code, with some super obvious & simple suggestions. Because you're right... It's broken & unintuitive right now. Code suggested Light/med/heavy attacks all work the same... The longer you hold the button the more damage & more resource return you get.

  • xHyp3rr Zack (@xHyp3rr) reported

    @TESOnline how about we fix this lag huh

  • Berserker_093 Caleb Thompson (@Berserker_093) reported

    @TESOnline your load time issue still isn’t fixed, it’s been 3 years now. Sh*t or get off the pot. #chopchop

  • edGy_kun 😈 I'm edgy ⚜ (@edGy_kun) reported

    @KingOmikron I typically like grand strategy like HOI4 and Total War, but I also like the elder scrolls and mobas. The biggest problem I have rn is that no matter what I do I always feel alone :/ Quarantine doesn't help.

  • firesidespitta tchamp (@firesidespitta) reported


  • DarthJohn3 DarksideTrainer (@DarthJohn3) reported

    @TESOnline you need to fix the stamina bug! fed up with my stamina bar running out when i am using magic n not being able to heal or use any abilities

  • Ringod123 Paul Ring (@Ringod123) reported

    @TESOnline You stopped peoples gear being damaged in Cyro a good while ago now since you could not stop people being killed from huge lag spikes etc....

  • JustinHubbard24 🎮STEEL🎮 (@JustinHubbard24) reported

    @TESOnline Group outing in Cyrodiil lol you got to be kidding in that lag infested area!

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @TESOnline i didn't get around to screenshotting it but loading in and out between chars is taking much longer than it did on monday when i did all of southern elsweyrs story and writs, couldn't load in and out of all chars last night and just got an error when i was loading for 10+ mins

  • Lordpooz09 Andrew T. Terry (@Lordpooz09) reported

    @OxventureBlog I gave one of my players (a male goliath) the Wabbajack from the Elder Scrolls & he accidentally turned himself into a goat... an NPC tried to fix it & after turning him into about 50 different things gave up with him being a female teifling.... (I made it wear off after an hour)

  • RainyMaster RainBear (@RainyMaster) reported

    @TESOnline And the game is broken🤣

  • bulldogs0429 Bulldogs0429 (@bulldogs0429) reported

    @TESOnline How about fix the performance for pvp on consoles you idiots. It’s been unplayable for two months. I guess it will get worse like it does with every dlc, patch and maintenance.

  • DaveMills79 Flaminir🕯️ (@DaveMills79) reported

    @TESOnline Thanks, will take a 1 week delay as a win, & great work to keep it that close! 👍 BUT... PC/EU servers are getting unplayable in the evenings... The last 3 raids we've had have all been busted by game breaking bugs/lag/disconnects 😠

  • clfunez 👩🏻‍🔬🆑 (@clfunez) reported

    @TESOnline No problem. Be safe ;)

  • flazuh Austin D (@flazuh) reported

    @theunclerynn @Patrick14113 @DeluxeSkittles @TESOnline These “performance” patches are hardly doing anything for the game. It actually runs worse now then what it did before the most recent patch. Quit **** riding this game and see that it has problems. The only way you don’t notice the lag is if you are a pve quester and that’s it

  • Bonzai_Badger Bonzai Badger 💚 (@Bonzai_Badger) reported

    FYI @TESOnline The support site login doesn't seem to be working.

  • luqlee Luqman Lee (@luqlee) reported

    @Delongest_tv @TESOnline Yes, the lag is horrible for me. Not to mention being booted out from the game periodically. I can't even log in right now - keeps saying server timeout.

  • WhatsAnHashtag Paulo Gonçalves (@WhatsAnHashtag) reported

    @TESOnline Bought all the expansions till now. Will not buy Greymoor since you removed it from the one service that allowed me to play it on my laptop, @NVIDIAGFN . Wasted hours in an otherwise great game!

  • _wnight_ Ekaterina (@_wnight_) reported

    @TESOnline There is still plenty to do with all the existing content so waiting shouldn’t be a problem. Stay safe #ESOfam

  • Delongest_tv Delongest (@Delongest_tv) reported

    @MichaelPetat @TESOnline You're also not good at the game. maybe when you actually understand what your abilities do you can make comments on what lag does

  • Patrick14113 CloudyEyes (@Patrick14113) reported

    @DeluxeSkittles @TESOnline What you are saying dosnt make sence, if you wait til next chapter more stuff will be bugged and broken. Game gets wrost every years, they need to chill a bit on DLC's and polish the game. But wont happen so w/e.

  • prangelovski Predrag Angelovski (@prangelovski) reported

    @TESOnline i understand there is a pandemic at the moment, but your customer service is by any standards extremely slow. I submitted a ticket, added the extra information required and for 5 days nothing... #help

  • Taniwha00667191 Taniwha (@Taniwha00667191) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline fix the latency issues or add an oceanic server the game is unplayable atm for australians and newzealand players i dont pay a sub for an unplayable game

  • Taniwha00667191 Taniwha (@Taniwha00667191) reported

    @TESOnline fix the latency issues or add an oceanic server the game is unplayable atm for australians and newzealand players i dont pay a sub for an unplayable game

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @BethesdaSupport having issues getting past the loading screen for @TESOnline PC NA. played all of southern elsweyr yesterday and did all my writs just fine I go to collect dailies hours ahead of reset, and it takes forever to load between chars until i couldnt load in at all.

  • RyanSixers88 Ryan (@RyanSixers88) reported

    @ZeniMax_Online @TESOnline Your game is a broken mess, how are you even charging people for a BROKEN PRODUCT. Pure slimeballs at ZOS

  • StylishPancake Andy Hall (@StylishPancake) reported

    @TESOnline Really think you guys need to add a "login with another method" button to the PC client. I like auto login, but it seems Steam's maintenance today is blocking me from logging in

  • DeluxeSkittles Logan Courtney (@DeluxeSkittles) reported

    @TESOnline I'm not playing your game again until Greymoor comes out. Especially with all the broken shit going on, that I've heard about.

  • jebodeiasque Jebodeiasque (@jebodeiasque) reported

    @TESOnline Haven't been able to play the game in 2 days due to network problems... missing out on so many event tickets

  • sempay_ds Serge Raven (@sempay_ds) reported

    @TESOnline fix the game, it is lagging everywhere.

  • mdimmick719 Michael (@mdimmick719) reported

    1/3 I feel like charging $140 for an annual ESO plus membership is a big f*ck you to @PlayStation users. @bethesda cant even be bothered to fix their game latency issues, server booting, and countless bugs on @TESOnline but they sure can nickel and dime you for DLC’s, & crowns.

  • Cpt_Eggbeard Captain Eggbeard (@Cpt_Eggbeard) reported

    @n1ckfamous @Fallout To "fix" a trash game that should've had NPC's out to of the box. I got it for free and still refuse to play it any more. 5-10 hours wasted is all they're getting. 🤣 If elder scrolls 6 is even remotely like this trash, I'm giving up on Bethesda for good.

  • TESfangirrl TESfangirrl (@TESfangirrl) reported

    @Jadon_Dracos @Arkhaniir @TESOnline I don't need more than one... that's the problem. I've been getting TONS of them, & the drop rate is completely random!! I have 100% completed mine but I still know folk who haven't so I'm still holding on to them for friends... but they take up a prohibitive amount of space!

  • bearman798 Bear 🌮 (@bearman798) reported

    Apparently one of my Elder Scrolls Online videos has broken ONE THOUSAND VIEWS. WOAH. Never thought I'd see the freaking day honestly.

  • tjsampson TJ Sampson (@tjsampson) reported

    @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online It's bs to be penalized 15m for leaving a dungeon grp of low lvls that have no chance of completion. Can't get past 1st boss! After 3 tries and 45m of penalty I give up. #broken #FreeWeekIdiots #fix #frustrated

  • Grakulen Robert, staying @ home is ez. Keeping sane is not. (@Grakulen) reported

    @Scarybooster1 @TESOnline I would be if I could actually get the game to launch and ESO’s customer service was helpful.

  • zod_b4 Kneel B4 Zod (@zod_b4) reported

    @doublep80 @TheQuartering @RAZ0RFIST Razorfist blocked me for calling the Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall an unplayable glitch fest.

  • CanadianDog Darrell (@CanadianDog) reported

    @KhayreeWilliam1 @ShoesThunder @TESOnline I have the same problem when it gets to prime time and the lag is horrible. Everyone who plays in cyrodiil and even trials has this problem. The ESO servers can't handle the increase in players in prime time.

  • 6Paths5Rings Rudra|ᵀᴱᔆ ⁴ ᴼᴮᴸᴵⱽᴵᴼᴺ/ ʸᔆ ⁸ (@6Paths5Rings) reported

    So I dreamed Bethesda had made a new engine called Dreamsleeve, which was like their current Creation engine but with none of the problems and far superior performance wise And they were remaking Morrowind in it It was called "The Elder Scrolls Reborn: Morrowind"

  • AMofficial810 YongAM (@AMofficial810) reported

    @TESOnline You’re game is rather broken on Xbox at the moment, there times where I can’t attack or cast abilities unless I die and spawn there’s times where I’ll die from something revive and then die again from the same thing despite it not even happening to me and then I have to reset.

  • ShoesThunder Thunder-Shoes (@ShoesThunder) reported

    @TESOnline The lag is making the game unplayable.

  • IrascibleJoker Irascible Joker (@IrascibleJoker) reported

    @TESOnline I've played ESO for years, overlooked some of the horrible lag and almost unplayable DLC and expansions. Within the past year this game and it's bugs have become game breaking. I hope these are fixed prior to Greymoor. If not, I'll have to stop playing.. unfortunately.

  • Thelevyeffect The Levytarian (@Thelevyeffect) reported

    @TESOnline Why can't we put some items in the bank. Can we fix this plz. That would be great!

  • realsilverjunk1 realsilverjunk (@realsilverjunk1) reported

    @Coniar2 @TESOnline It's not free, you have to pay for Sony's bullshit "Plus" service. I don't think Bethesda even uses their servers so you're giving money to Sony for nothing.

  • G3MIN1_SH4DOW Shadow25b 🏋🏼‍♂️♊ 🇺🇸 (@G3MIN1_SH4DOW) reported

    @TESOnline so here is an issue to look at que for random dungeon and instead of getting into one it times out , as in takes so long to que it literally expires .

  • anikadavie rat stew (@anikadavie) reported

    @TESOnline please...please just fix the begging you

  • aNerdskull The Nerdskull (@aNerdskull) reported

    Fallout has always had this problem HARD and a lot of western RPGs seem to emulate it. It's in everything from Deus Ex to The Elder Scrolls.

  • El__Bohemio Bohemio of the Reeeeing Twenties (@El__Bohemio) reported

    @pipandbaby The only problem I had with Elder Scrolls Online was maintaining interest. Not that it was bad. It isn't. (Was when it fist came out). Just lost interest in MMOs. I never had any technical problems. If you got it from Steam, I'd suggest using the repair option.

  • firesidespitta tchamp (@firesidespitta) reported


  • SSzopacs Sharon Szopacs (@SSzopacs) reported

    @TESOnline Any plans on fixing this roster refreshing on xbox na. It has made running a trader guild extra difficult. Its been a huge issue since Hallowstorm. We haven't hear anything about the problem being addressed. Fix please and thank you.

  • wickerjuli julia wicker lovebot (@wickerjuli) reported

    @jaegerjpaw @OXIOXIForever @lazygamereviews only *barely*. the bulk of fallout 76 was designed entirely in-house by bethesda softworks, which is why it's so utterly broken and filled with numerous fuckups. compare it to their only ACTUAL release, elder scrolls online, and you can clearly see none of their competent -