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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • top_mes Juegos TOP siguiente mes (@top_mes) reported

    >>> Mejores juegos de 6/2019 según el #Tweets <<< Octopath Traveler-> 716 Slay the Spire-> 697 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled-> 680 The Sinking City-> 417 F1 2019 game-> 277 The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr-> 264 Judgment game-> 244

  • Enundr1 Enundr (@Enundr1) reported

    @KarmaDragonia @AmaliaTodorov @TESOnline Mmmmmm that sucks tbh , I always sac varen myself , cause of the problem and becomes a weapon to end it......granted when you make a new character you start in the new expansion zone , so it feels like its throwing that reason a bit off , cause your meeting Tharn b4 all that....

  • top_mes Juegos TOP siguiente mes (@top_mes) reported

    >>>>>>>> Mejores juegos de 6/2019 #Tweets <<<<<<<< Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled-> 15 The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr-> 15 F1 2019 juego-> 15 Slay the Spire-> 15 Octopath Traveler-> 15 Judgment juego-> 15 The Sinking City-> 15

  • RoonKolos Roon Kolos - Jump And Hit The Circle Button (@RoonKolos) reported

    @TheRadicalJawa What “they” want is self insert fan service which one can easily do in RPG like Fallout or Elder Scrolls just to make off the top f my head and that’s just two of god knows how many RPG

  • CorgiCorgiW Judith the Phoenix 🔶 (@CorgiCorgiW) reported

    Prediction: The Elder Scrolls wargane will have the miniatures problem of Finecast and the rules problems of AoS but on crack

  • MADshadowman MADshadowman (@MADshadowman) reported

    @TESOnline @TESOnline_de Disconnect after only 5 minutes of pvp. Feelsdepressedman.

  • MatthewSchweig6 Matthew Schweigart (@MatthewSchweig6) reported

    @TESOnline don’t buy this garbage game. 5 years and they can’t fix shit. Lmao what a joke the developer team is, all they care about is money and streamers. **** ESO!!

  • theholyvirtues wenutter saladiar (@theholyvirtues) reported

    @TESOnline idk if this is a known issue, i couldn't find anything about it though. everyone here in the building says they've been waiting since 8 EST and he never even spawned.

  • PowerThruWisdom James (@PowerThruWisdom) reported

    @TESOnline @Sanguine_Seraph @CP_WoodyJohnson Master salesperson right here😏 not rude but straight to the point. I cannot help you but you can buy one in the store. Y'all's customer service has always been on point and squared away and honest. I like.

  • reb1012 reb101 (@reb1012) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline PS4 here having same issues.

  • OnionRingsGames Onion Rings (@OnionRingsGames) reported

    @TESOnline Well its not working. This one has seen many crispy khajiit.

  • xFullMetalRagex Ray - FullMetal (@xFullMetalRagex) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline This problem has been ongoing for years now and recently its become more apparent it isnt our ISP or connection its account related.

  • Neoopets GayBrat (@Neoopets) reported

    I would pay so much money if @TESOnline had oceanic servers. I’ve waited YEARS to play and I can’t because of the lag.

  • Someguy314 Jack (@Someguy314) reported

    @goodbyecomputer as long as fallout and elder scrolls go towards funding the wolfensteins, the dooms, the preys, and the dishonoreds of the world, i could care less about todd and his big dumb broken games lol

  • JessPushToPlay JessPushToPlay (@JessPushToPlay) reported

    @JessPushToPlay so- had some mic issues, will edit get day 2 @TESOnline #Elsweyr on @YouTube asap!!

  • llElLoboll llElLoboll (@llElLoboll) reported

    While lag and overall performance in pvp seems pretty good rn. The amount of health desyncs that are happening is insane. @TESOnline

  • SamuelJones2104 Samuel Jones (@SamuelJones2104) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline It's always been a problem even without the Xbox, issues. Have to replug my WiFi for it to work.

  • mistressjaskra Jaskra (@mistressjaskra) reported

    @CP_WoodyJohnson @TESOnline @BethesdaStudios @ZeniMax_Online To clarify, you need to login to one of your characters, but when you log back out it'll have added the character slot. Didn't see it initially on character screen and was like, "I thought..." then googled it and relogged, all was good.

  • chaoschaos111 keryilias (@chaoschaos111) reported

    @DunkleSeel @TESOnline @CP_WoodyJohnson Same issue

  • Grimace221 Nicholas Gerace (@Grimace221) reported

    @Kytahl @TESOnline The problem with a group finder is, it's so hard to know what you are going to get. People que for pledges in the wrong role to speed up que times all the time, imagine that with trials. At least using Zone chat or an LFG site, you can control who you get.

  • CLC_1000 📱🎧🖥CLC1000📺🎮🎞 (@CLC_1000) reported

    @vuk_ninja @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I sometimes have this problem myself but works after a few attempts.

  • BrianAngeles25 Brian Angeles (@BrianAngeles25) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Yup keeps saying login failed and now im sad

  • TvM_Marco MarcoTvM (@TvM_Marco) reported

    @TESOnline Xbox NA unable to connect/login... Xbox EU is fine,so are PS EU/NA and PC EU/NA

  • FailSeqProc Failed Sequitur Proc (@FailSeqProc) reported

    @codinghorror To be fair... Elder Scrolls SE "What have you tried." No help at all. "I have this problem too" Answers question with me too. Closed as not on topic. (because this is a lore question SE, but they didn't bother referring to the Skyrim game SE)

  • JasonArgonian Jason And The Argonians (@JasonArgonian) reported

    The Mac client launcher is broken again, producing a camera that spins and spins and spins. The official workaround fix for this, involving changing system prefs, now has to be re-done every time I load the game. It is very sloppy and needs properly fixing fast! 😡 @TESOnline

  • TediousTakes Pathicus (@TediousTakes) reported

    All the Elsweyr posts have finally broken me, and I'm installing The Elder Scrolls Online. If I had to blame someone, it would be @TheElderMemes

  • Caltress Caltress (@Caltress) reported

    @TESOnline Since the latest patch I cannot log in. When I click log in the game crashes. Black screen then "fatal client error". Please look into this asap. Wanna get to Elsweyr and pet some cats.

  • spartan1337god craig labonte (@spartan1337god) reported

    @XboxSupport elder scrolls online is telling me i need to renew my game pass even though i own the game. please fix this right away. i had purchased the game through the elsweyr pre-purchase.

  • simon_lum Lumdog Millionaire (@simon_lum) reported

    @Optus From about the time of this tweet, I started getting random disconnections from Elder Scrolls Online. Every 5-10 minutes I'll disconnect for 1-2 minutes, unable to access their website or game. Other sites are okay (eg. google, facebook)

  • k4ischrader カイ (@k4ischrader) reported

    @TESOnline Please better concentrate to fix the nightmare plateau boss bug in Elsweyr. Seems to work for only a few players, for the most who kill him it doesn't count for the archievement :(

  • allweknowisgone Æon (@allweknowisgone) reported


  • kai_kata Kata-Kai (@kai_kata) reported

    @Optus lol I was trying to play the game elder scrolls online and was blaming them for the issue for hours and trying to do dns flushing and all sorts of stuff, only to find this was the issue

  • skymagpie maria (#1 luciana pullo fan) (@skymagpie) reported

    @frazzled_fox @TESOnline I think it's only him because he is a healer 🤭but if remaking him will fix it I wanna do it now and level him from tomorrow on again

  • tylermatthewrt Tyler (@tylermatthewrt) reported

    @TESOnline can you please fix the group finder, holy hell.

  • Asu_Mir Andreea (@Asu_Mir) reported

    @TESOnline Thanks for the reply but I am able to log in to my account normally, it is just the support page. When you press log in nothing happens. I've asked other people to try and tried multiple web browsers & the issue persists.

  • Asu_Mir Andreea (@Asu_Mir) reported

    @TESOnline Thanks for the reply but I am able to log in to my account normally, it is just the support page. When you press log in nothing happens. I've asked other people to try and tried multiple web browsers & the issue persists.

  • MadMackZA Markus Kuhn (@MadMackZA) reported

    @TESOnline Tried both with extensions enabled and not. Chrome, edge, safari and firefox no luck :/ inspected the source and looks like its some javascript issues. JQuery for example isnt defined so seems like assets not loading

  • MadMackZA Markus Kuhn (@MadMackZA) reported

    @TESOnline guys please fix your account portal. Cannot log in no matter what browser. Tried all browsers. Its stopping me from buying crowns and starting the game for the first time. REALLY bad first time experience

  • Asu_Mir Andreea (@Asu_Mir) reported

    @TESOnline Thanks for the reply but I am able to log in to my account normally, it is just the support page. When you press log in nothing happens. I've asked other people to try and tried multiple web browsers & the issue persists.

  • Asu_Mir Andreea (@Asu_Mir) reported

    @TESOnline Hello again, dunno if you saw my previous tweet but I can't sign in to send a ticked, it's not just me, other friends tried & they couldn't either. Let me know if there is another way to send a ticket or when you guys solve the problem, thanks, take care xxxxx

  • jevongrigg Jevon (@jevongrigg) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Well at least I’m not the only one with issues logging in.

  • top_mes Juegos TOP siguiente mes (@top_mes) reported

    >>>>>>>>ToP GAMES 6/2019<<<<<<<<: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled F1 2019 The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Octopath Traveler Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Judgment The Sinking City

  • Eugene_Snakez Snakez (@Eugene_Snakez) reported

    @TESOnline Server issues high ping in dungeons, dungeon finder still broken

  • KING_OF_EPI william harrison (@KING_OF_EPI) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Still need to fix the other bugs for the badges like I the musical badge playing an instrument in certain bars or taking a picture of a vertigo etc.

  • SeidonV Seidon VanDolf (@SeidonV) reported

    @withoutamaster @aluthin @TheVicAnthony @CSN_GunZ @TESOnline Must be nice. I lost half an hour of progress last night before I got so frustrated I quit and the zone chat was blowing up with others having the same issue. Although my husband was actually IN Elsweyr and did not have this issue and I was in Stonefalls. 😕

  • withoutamaster Joseph ferreira (@withoutamaster) reported

    @TESOnline Speaking of bugs, I played my necro for about 2 hours last night and didn't have a single issue. Can't wait to get home from work and get back to business 👍

  • withoutamaster Joseph ferreira (@withoutamaster) reported

    @TESOnline Baby PCS get Early Access because it's easier to find the remaining bugs in your game when tested on a variety of systems instead of a cookie cutter and PC gamers are more likely to report bugs in an effort to help fix the game instead of just complaining

  • withoutamaster Joseph ferreira (@withoutamaster) reported

    @SeidonV @aluthin @TheVicAnthony @CSN_GunZ @TESOnline Speak for yourself, I played my Necro for about 2 hours last night without a single glitch on crash

  • Fadelfe Jay S (@Fadelfe) reported

    @TESOnline I'm trying figure out how you changed it back to the same email a year ago we troubleshoot and you helped me fix without noticing me

  • Fadelfe Jay S (@Fadelfe) reported

    @TESOnline I'm trying figure out how you changed it back to the same email a year ago we troubleshoot and you helped me fix without noticing me

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @BubbaBeefcake @PS3GG_Maxxamus @TESOnline maybe they can do super sales on the shards or cycle them to a price of 0 every month or something. But it's still agregious the way they are taking our feedback and complaints and selling the fix instead of just giving the workaround or ability to do so with currency in game

  • GinaLBruno Gina Bruno (@GinaLBruno) reported

    @llElLoboll @TESOnline It should be free. There was an error found yesterday where some people didn’t get the free home assignment, but will be fixed next time we have downtime for PC.

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @BubbaBeefcake @PS3GG_Maxxamus @TESOnline I understand the point of s company is to make money. Just feels shitty when they address players feedback/dislike of shard farming with a "give me money" approach. On their streams announcing it they state they know it's something players dislike. So here's a fix for 150$ +

  • SeidonV Seidon VanDolf (@SeidonV) reported

    @aluthin @TheVicAnthony @CSN_GunZ @TESOnline Considering the MASSIVE server issues we’re having (getting kicked no matter where you are and losing up to 15 minutes of progress) yeah glad we could help. 😒 lol

  • SeidonV Seidon VanDolf (@SeidonV) reported

    @TESOnline People are having a LOT of trouble with the servers. We are being booted off every couple of minutes & are losing 5-15 minutes of progress. A lot of us are in Stonefalls yet my husband in Elsweyr is not having trouble. Need a fix.

  • itehache Itehache (@itehache) reported

    @TESOnline Just make achievements account wide like some other MMOs and problem solved. I love playing with just my main but of course I want to level up a necromancer. Would be cool to play elsweyr storyline with the necro but... I'd rather get the achievements on my main

  • ShadoPaint Shado (@ShadoPaint) reported

    @TESOnline holy crap the cyrodill lag is soo much better! Awesome work!! But please get more agressive about the losers that use cheat programs to create lag on opponents. Soon their cheats will be updated to work again & theyll be crapping all over cyrodill if you dont something

  • LotusOfDoom LotusOfDoom (@LotusOfDoom) reported

    @ElderScrollsOTR @TESOnline @JessFolsom @GinaLBruno Yeah the fact that the players need to accomplish the thing first and then may pay to bypass doing it again if they want is why I have no issues with it. I’d be fine if it was a similar situation for titles or whatever. As long as you prove you can do it first

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @TESOnline Selling player fixes or workarounds instead of just implementing them is a bit gross. They know people will buy it because it's a complaint/issue they've heard from their community. Extremely disappointed with how you guys went about addressing an issue/want from ur community.

  • Yeshalot yeshalot (@Yeshalot) reported

    @TESOnline I just dont understand the pay part. You guys know and understand it was something players didn't like doing or had the time to do so the fix will cost money per character. I know the purpose of a company is to make money but selling fixes or workarounds players want kinda sucks