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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Online Play (33.33%)
  • Sign in (27.16%)
  • Matchmaking (13.58%)
  • Glitches (13.58%)
  • Game Crash (12.35%)

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  • PyRose1734 Joshua Urquhart (@PyRose1734) reported

    @SMITEGame You guys need to do maintenance or do a server reboot for Xbox. A lot of players in the Xbox Community are currently complaining about connection issues, and I'm getting Self Character Movement lag (My character jumps all over the place, but everyone else moves normal)

  • Nazareno_Chaves Naza. (@Nazareno_Chaves) reported

    @i_mertdogan @SMITEGame Im on ps4 and i can play without problems

  • Super_Shanko Shannon (@Super_Shanko) reported

    @CescoGorno @TheFliteCast I’m not going to smite Elfman as he was just the composer being hired on. The decision to remove the HZ/JXL in the first place was the real issue.

  • DewShpag Hasuntop (@DewShpag) reported

    Me: lol I don't make a big deal out of things Also me: I once had an ant problem and the mass extinction it took to solve it cost me a sizable portion of my soul, the bug spray gave me powers of life and death that enabled me to smite but the megalomania caused my ego to implode

  • MitchTeep meep (@MitchTeep) reported

    Is smite lagging or is it just me

  • bluerobinexe Gen (@bluerobinexe) reported

    @SMITEGame Pls fix the lagging out of conquest problem, thanks.

  • JustaPhella ʝʊรtaקɧҽɭɭa👑 (@JustaPhella) reported

    @SMITEGame This game is officially broken with all the DC going on.

  • silent_guy711 SilentGuy711 (@silent_guy711) reported

    @SMITEGame This community don't deserve a damn thing. Nothing but contentious, lazy and insecure idiots that are only good at reporting. Give these noobs some more broken characters so I can have a decent match. Please.

  • TheRealD1g1Tal Harrison (D1g1Tal) (@TheRealD1g1Tal) reported

    Imagine going on a 2 win streak in #Smite ranked.......... just for your game to crash on the god select screen giving you a 2 hour ban

  • Dillondotson3 The Gaming Dire (@Dillondotson3) reported

    @SMITEGame You need to fix the camazotz ult. Do what you did with the Hou yi Leap and make it to where as soon as he presses it hes untargetable. I die to that shit all the time and its so frustrating.

  • Foungg Mr.Fuji (@Foungg) reported

    @kaitanaroyr1 @SMITEGame Anti heal works for multiple gods though. With loki it just feels like if you dont build a certain way then youre screwed. Obviously its an issue i mean look at how many people are feeling the same way

  • TheFlyingPacman Da Spookiest Bonobo (@TheFlyingPacman) reported

    @MythyMoo @SMITEGame It's just as broken as PC, it's an even playing field

  • Newtling Newt (@Newtling) reported

    @EAcortez @geebend @SMITEGame Because giving people incentive to actually learn to play ranked properly is the only way they're going to stop it from festering, if ranked bothers the majority of the community as much as it seems to, there's a problem.

  • CrimsonBladeXXX Ignoble King (@CrimsonBladeXXX) reported

    @Guile_The_Exile @SMITEGame @HiRezAjax Its true, balancing blows. Scaling is trash, honestly they could fix it but its a no go because its lost brain cells at this point, sorry to say it.

  • Falycbe Rob/Sob (@Falycbe) reported

    @juanfemz @SMITEGame No problem 😁

  • furi_poi Furi Poi (@furi_poi) reported

    I don't know what im gonna stream today. Probably more Smite. Need to fix some people, though it'll be fast. And thats pretty much it.

  • ThePyroPhoenix PyroPhoenix (@ThePyroPhoenix) reported

    @ZirobVG @vainglory Say wat u want ive been playing since 2014 ive seen all the balance changes and adjustments, taka was insanely broken at one point but then there was a time he was horrible nerfed that he was nearly unusable. Id say its pretty good right now. We dont want vg to be like Smite.

  • EMMandrake El Mago Mandrake (@EMMandrake) reported

    You guys seriously need to fix the auto report system.. Got a notification for "harassment" and the only thing I did was laugh at the end of the match... @SMITEGame

  • edace99 Eddie Tristan🍑 (@edace99) reported

    @DeltaCrowX @TitanCupcake_ @SMITEGame I run my xbox off of my phones hot spot daily. No problems playing but updating games. Forget about it.

  • CrimsonBladeXXX Ignoble King (@CrimsonBladeXXX) reported

    @SMITEGame @HiRezAjax Bout time guan got some love, all thats left is to fix the scaling and he'll be viable again

  • LORD97A1 LORD97A (@LORD97A1) reported

    @SMITEGame fix your ******* aervers

  • Sergeantspeshal Sergeantspeshal (@Sergeantspeshal) reported

    @Alnaseeb20 @SMITEGame He shouldn’t be broken by damage because his invisibility is losing its mitigation, and also there are other invisibilities that would be much better if it were removed, like izanamis would outclass it in usefulness because it at least has a dash

  • Dangodofthunder DanGodOfThunder (@Dangodofthunder) reported

    @mmohut @IshyJulu @SMITEGame Malice is absolutely broken. It can facilitate 72% CDR. That is nuts.

  • Inform_Vidal Criminal Vidal (@Inform_Vidal) reported

    @SMITEGame fix your support system its trash ty....

  • TyrecceD tyrecceDonegal (@TyrecceD) reported

    @SMITEGame i have this wierd problem with my acount where i cant see the mastery level of my gods when loading into a game, gods i have masteries with appear as though ive never played them before.

  • AkumakingBlaze 17'𝓼 𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓿𝓮 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓣𝓡𝓞𝓞𝓟 (@AkumakingBlaze) reported

    @SnowMexiican @SMITEGame What's the issue chief

  • smashdexer Smashdexer (@smashdexer) reported

    Server for Xbox oceanic smite never can find a game in anything, and Na server has to much lag and delay. Didn’t play season 5 at all cause it’s not fun to play or can’t find games. Been an issue since season 3. Please help!!!! #SMITEQA

  • LeftHandBlack13 Shawn (@LeftHandBlack13) reported

    @JunoTKs @zDahlin96 @SMITEGame No problem 👍

  • Hidrapond Hidrapond (@Hidrapond) reported

    @TitusJRice @SMITEGame No problem

  • sprint_fire Astendos (@sprint_fire) reported

    @SMITEGame Better fix UI for 16:10

  • arcan9s hinata minaj (@arcan9s) reported

    @SMITEGame shouldn’t y’all be fixing your broken game or something

  • Jamie_Eaves Jamie Eaves (@Jamie_Eaves) reported

    @SMITEGame Why is Pele still broken and op af

  • Dangodofthunder DanGodOfThunder (@Dangodofthunder) reported

    10. Yes but not for egotistical reasons. I will specifically ask for clips if there is a glitch or bug that i can send to Smite. Sometimes it even gets implemented in game!

  • sprint_fire Astendos (@sprint_fire) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix the UI or at least make it work on 16:10 monitors!

  • sprint_fire Astendos (@sprint_fire) reported

    @SMITEGame Better fix UI for 16:10 monitors.

  • sprint_fire Astendos (@sprint_fire) reported

    @SMITEGame Your UI also doesn't feel so good atm, fix ui for 16:10 monitors please

  • Polttuni ImmortalWraith (@Polttuni) reported

    @SMITEGame I hope cross-play won't have millions of issues on launch

  • ChiIdush 🌹 (@ChiIdush) reported

    @Nazareno_Chaves @Alzio28 @Ipodnum31 @SMITEGame Baron has slow that roots, a heal, cleanse, speed buff, & pull into stun. He heals all his teammates for 180ish about every 6 seconds which increases if you build anything that buffs heals. & A passive that allows him to do alot of damage with full defense. He's completely broken

  • Nazareno_Chaves Naza. (@Nazareno_Chaves) reported

    @MrRam429 @SMITEGame Idk why they keeo buffing Zeus. He was already broken but again..

  • LisiastyJaQb LisiastyJaQb (@LisiastyJaQb) reported

    @MrRam429 @SMITEGame Hes still broken, assasins have no chance against him

  • NathanQuinzel Nathan Quinn (@NathanQuinzel) reported

    @CrapiiTomii @SMITEGame Kay let's try with less broken English 😂 I know his passive gives shields to him and allies but it looks like a force field rather than his passive aha and honestly a force field that he can give himself or allies if like more than the revive 😂😂😂

  • ZURM0S Zurmos (@ZURM0S) reported

    The Aphro + Susano + Tanks comp is a huge problem outside of conquest and needs adressed somehow. I'm sick of these anime loving nerds trying to get some e-***** over a couple of Smite cheese comp wins lmao. I'm just tryna have some fun in casual modes and that shit ruins it.

  • ohyoitsalex Alex (@ohyoitsalex) reported

    Broken inside @SMITEGame why

  • FBI_Crime_Stats Mom's Credit Card (@FBI_Crime_Stats) reported

    @GodsWillCrumble @HiRezAjax this is the problem, the smite community is too reliant on relics that they cant go 2 mins without them. if u actually play well and position urself carefully, u wouldn't need to rely on relics, LoL doesn't even have beads and aegis, but their game has way more stuff than smite

  • CowBeep Generic Non-Ordinary Name (@CowBeep) reported

    @SMITEGame Welp can’t use Loki to win anymore guess Ill just have to use a lag switch lol

  • Alnaseeb20 Shayea Naseeb🖤 (@Alnaseeb20) reported

    @SMITEGame His stealth is still too op. It does a lot of damage, grants slow immunity, and on top of that, is not broken by damage like other stealths.

  • SeasonalGent カム @ Jabberwock Island (@SeasonalGent) reported

    dark souls has issues with artificial difficulty that overexaggerates how hard it actually is Assassins Creed could have been A LOT better if they didn't keep tossing out sequels every year SMITE has serious balance issues with new gods

  • JmanTheSecond Esmijosiah (@JmanTheSecond) reported

    @SMITEGame Please fix God pack

  • azure_blaze4 Azureblaze4 (@azure_blaze4) reported

    I'm not sure if I like these smite changes or not yet, there is a lot to calculate for. One normal issue is any changes that make physical/magical stronger normally always makes the already broke gods stronger, will need to see if this is still the case.

  • JmanTheSecond Esmijosiah (@JmanTheSecond) reported

    @SMITEGame I can't play any of my gods. I purchased the God pack like a year ago. Fix this please

  • vr_mama Mama Mercy VR (@vr_mama) reported

    @SMITEGame My godpack is glitched since this update. What's the issue there

  • lord_fluffy Lord_fluffy (@lord_fluffy) reported

    @SMITEGame hey me and my friends are having a glitch where we bought the God pack already but can only play some gods and we have to buy the pack again

  • T_Harris25 Tony Harris (@T_Harris25) reported

    @SMITEGame god pack disappeared Please fix.

  • JonathanRankin Jonathan Rankin (@JonathanRankin) reported

    @SMITEGame yo guys can you fix King Arthur's bio its really broken my immersion. The fact that he can WEILD Excalibur instead of WIELDING it, is really OP. Please fix ASAP

  • thezoost Dylan Fuller (@thezoost) reported

    @HiRezSupport hey i have a problem the smite launcher. I cant access the game nor uninstall the game to try and reinstall. Wondering what i needed to do

  • Nazareno_Chaves Naza. (@Nazareno_Chaves) reported

    @Mr_Pan565 @SMITEGame Its a bug, they will try to fix it

  • Efstable Efstable (@Efstable) reported

    @SoloRenektonLoL Imagine if you had Warmog's Armor ,played in JG with Red Smite (Att Speed Item) in your kit with those Runes and Titanic Hydra it would be "slightly" broken!!!! Love and Respect from an EU fan

  • MarcoKaatz Living Omega (@MarcoKaatz) reported

    @SMITEGame pls guys, stop making season 6, nobody needs it. the matchmaking is so broken. If im not matchend agenst 3 masters then my teammates are just trash or leaving the game

  • temarixwolf chelsea stratton (@temarixwolf) reported

    @sony I`ve been a supporter of you guys from the start and to see you guys not doing cross platform for many of games has my heart broken. I personally am on @SMITEGame everyday or so, poured my time and $ into it , and to see everyone get cross platform but us is beyond me!

  • Hidrapond Hidrapond (@Hidrapond) reported

    @PassTheMemesPlz @SMITEGame Yes, they are having problems with Sony and are trying to take care of them

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing