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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • LowellYuki YukiLowell (@LowellYuki) reported

    @SMITEGame U have so much issues with exp in joust it's not playable to the point it's not funny. Just to get max exp u gotta clear the wave itself but kinda hard if there 3 people in lane. If u play a assassin them camps dont help u at all either bc u cant get them with out enemy team

  • LowellYuki YukiLowell (@LowellYuki) reported

    @SMITEGame Up and 2 people hits lvl 4 and other still at lvl 3 there an issue. Ur classic map with a rework is shit and shouldn't have been brought bk into the game. First tower is ****** small as hell while Phoenix is huge as a mother ******.

  • AxG_Twisted Twisted Fate (@AxG_Twisted) reported

    @1Psycho_Dude @SMITEGame You do know that in the traditional Chinese Lore her identity was ever revealed. She retired after 12 years of service and denied all awards they tried to give her. Only in more modern adaptations was her identity revealed, such as Disney's Mulan. So, no, they are off base.

  • research_mouse research_mouse🐁 (@research_mouse) reported

    @thegoodgodabove The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging one exists. Good for you! Your mindless groupies are awful. You should smite them!

  • Siinrajiaal 🧢❣ - Travis Liberty Ridley -❣🌺 (@Siinrajiaal) reported

    @F0X35 @Tobmoh @BraybrayMK @Harleyquinnox @SMITEGame Federal Job Guarantee is outdated and Automation is not a future issue. It is here. He suspended his campaign to break through a very extensive media blackout. He makes every other candidate look ridiculous. Ties for 3rd in NV poll after suspending his campaign lol.

  • one95605 Toby (@one95605) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix y'all raggedy ass PS4 servers

  • KV86381614 CV (@KV86381614) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends I created new mmr account for fun, to try to climb as high as possible, just a challange. I get 50cs Pantheon in 20 minutes, Garen jungle, adc with smite, and more disguisting stuff. (Different games) Its impossible to get out of this elo hell.Can u fix it please

  • Christophurer Christofuhrer (@Christophurer) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix your shitty rank system please ffs! Stop hard resetting elos and keep all the shit kids out my ******* games!!!!!!!!!

  • JuniorportilloR GOLDFIRE864 (@JuniorportilloR) reported

    @SMITEGame Why can’t we play on Mac plz fix

  • GroyperRandom 👓☦️Random Groyper Is Immune To Corona-Chan☦️👓 (@GroyperRandom) reported

    @WojaksP Im more of a mid top jg player. Tho this last month i have had horrible lag spikes and decided to switch to csgo. Was gold in all seasons since s5, only missed it in s4. The most fun i have had in years was mid cho gath with smite and cinderhulk. Youre literally a 10k hp raidboss

  • Kyoshin76 Kyoshin (@Kyoshin76) reported

    @Hashinshin Imo it's more a sustain problem, junglers have so much sustain with junglers items and smite, they can just farm a camp after a gank and regank just after, they can literally stay alive and gank/farm until they have are forced to reset ONLY because they have +2k gold to spend 2/2

  • Monarchvanir MonarchVanir (@Monarchvanir) reported

    @EeveeBot_ @Oswaald_ @sBennyQ @GeneticSaber I think he was trying to say that there are a lot of problems in the amateur scene and in smite in general that may discourage players from playing smite which I agree with

  • chea_richie APB1234 (@chea_richie) reported

    @xXxBillHKxXx @SMITEGame this game has a bug every patch and they dont bother to fix it

  • iNavarone Nav (@iNavarone) reported

    tarkov servers down smite in safe mode 😞🤙

  • TrueBingham true bingham (@TrueBingham) reported

    @BinghamTC Flooding sadly caused by new estate north of railway being built on Raf Newton east flood plain diverting water into West Bingham instead of the River Devon and Smite @BarrattHomes @Rushcliffe @NottsCC you have to solve the problem you have caused. #Bingham

  • nimbus_yosh Nimbus Yosh, the GAME master (@nimbus_yosh) reported

    I've had some of the worst teammates I've ever had in my life tonight. They're literally cueing in, expecting to be carried, and want to surrender as soon as they die. It's garbage season, because #smite has a troll problem.

  • accureye FA_eye(formally Accureye) (@accureye) reported

    @SMITEGame Personally hate your toxic community no one knows how to play their role on Low ELO and im the one who ends up getting the wraith of the people fix this up cause at the moment i quit this game @LeagueOfLegends has a better community than this but i can't speak

  • bizarrequazar Ennis || body in the abyss, heart in hualian 🦋🌼 (@bizarrequazar) reported

    "Oh yeah I can definitely finish eleven books before April, that shouldn't be a problem." This feels like hubris. Ling Wen is gonna come down and smite me for saying this.

  • JohnyTwoTimes13 Just Some Guy (@JohnyTwoTimes13) reported

    @Salt1estGaming @MzLadeeSuga @XboxGamePass Biggest problem with a game like this is updated. You need more champions,constant updating, hot fixes, map changes, new maps, new modes. Again if they can keep up with League, Dota and Smite, they may have a chance. Otherwise, DOA.

  • MountainGoatDK Martin René Andersen (@MountainGoatDK) reported

    I don't frequent /r/Smite. And on a personal level I have no issues with the /r/Smite moderators. I know the downsides of moderating /r/Smite, you have to deal with a whole lot of idiots that are trying to ruin your day on purpose.

  • JustAnotherAxel AxelBlake (@JustAnotherAxel) reported

    @Adapting r/Smite is beyond salvation and this is all the proof u need The only discussions that ever appear are golds saying "(Insert god name here) iS BuSteD as ***", "Hi-Rez should make (insert ongoing problem that has been like this for years) better" and skin ideas

  • Reverieroses ReverieRose (@Reverieroses) reported

    @SMITEGame Please fix the matchmaking- all of my games have been incredibly one sided, like 47/78. Its happened for nearly all the games I've played since the last big patch. I'm usually on the side getting stomped too. Please, please fix this. It isn't fun.

  • lokilickedme Patricia Clarke (@lokilickedme) reported

    @DarkHeartsKing @SMITEGame When I had this issue on Xbox I had to delete and do a fresh install of the game unfortunately. I've never had it happen again though 😊

  • Jinn_net Mr. Mirror (@Jinn_net) reported

    @Adapting Problem here mods of this subreddit tread this page as Smite praisers and skin designs.When you post thread about Smite mm or bugs or status of game"THis is personal problem or low quality post.Oh if you praise to game its general but if you critize to game its personal.Hypocricy

  • UwUjustaweeb Dexo (@UwUjustaweeb) reported

    @XboxSupport Missed opportunity This smite be and issue for some players

  • Snake122591 Snake122591 (@Snake122591) reported

    @Xenogenic @Cowsep The problem is you didn’t take smite and built 6 zeals🤔

  • 3vanD blank 🍁 (@3vanD) reported

    This is the biggest problem with Smite. @HiRezStudios needs to have a solid dedicated team to filter this trash out the game. It's literally like 50% of the games someone trolls or gets tilted with vgs and it's just pathetic at this point

  • Hagreto Reto Schneeberger (@Hagreto) reported

    @SMITEGame giving odin a broken stun was a great idea hi-rez! great idea!

  • VinnieMcMaster outcAst (@VinnieMcMaster) reported

    @Weak3n @SMITEGame not a streamer only issue. so many toxic ********* who afk after they die once

  • TwitchMasekurr Masekurr (@TwitchMasekurr) reported

    Tweeting at riot till they fix the afk situation Day 1 @riotgames I get at least 1 afk a day in ranked. I can make a montage of afks from my stream. Please fix your game. Smite the afkers

  • SirLexion Sir Lexion (@SirLexion) reported

    @vicente_delara @SMITEGame If there ever was a fix for it on PS4 that’d be great but I don’t think there is currently

  • SirLexion Sir Lexion (@SirLexion) reported

    @SMITEGame Still waiting on any word if the worshipper ranks not showing on loading frame glitch during loading in match will have a fix anytime soon lol

  • McCrocken_814 Ryan (@McCrocken_814) reported

    @Weak3n @SMITEGame Yeah this isn’t just a problem in streamers games. The smite community is horrible

  • xyzPUFFzyx xyzPUFFzyx (@xyzPUFFzyx) reported

    Are you going to be lonely tonight. No problem come hang out with me for a Valentine’s Day stream. Will be starting at 5:30pm tonight. Playing MK11 and some Smite later.

  • Pukhovka babebarian (@Pukhovka) reported

    @_Euphemos_ Aurelion so: i am literally taking you out to smite people, bring your wife if you want to, i don't care 8DD ja nun uvu true love 8D WILL OVERCOME THAT PC PROBLEM

  • DEPNation_ DEPNation (@DEPNation_) reported

    @Relating313 @MisterQuakee I don’t blame Hirez for not banning someone because you say so. Considering the toxic and unprofessional manner you posted this, clearly Smite isn’t the problem. Also if the game is “shit” stop playing. The rest of us will have more fun without you.

  • VGAyra Arya (@VGAyra) reported

    @plutoonz I dont see an issue here Jax ADC w/ Chilling Smite = Dub

  • YeshuaLoya Yeshua Loya Valenz (@YeshuaLoya) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix his ugly Gaston face 🙄

  • codezing codie diamond (@codezing) reported

    @SMITEGame hey are the servers not working

  • Captivehonor Jimmi (@Captivehonor) reported

    @JacobWolf @sigtaulord @FionnOnFire Smite runs into the problem that OW has and its hard to watch as a viewer for them.

  • Cassius102 ⚔Schweet 🏳️‍🌈 (@Cassius102) reported

    @SMITEGame aye fix your servers, i just got logged out and tried logging back in and sat there for 15 minutes waiting to reconnect to the match and never did, then got a deserter penalty.

  • xTuPayasox F.F Best Algae🥤💚 (@xTuPayasox) reported

    @Derpybearr I only play smite when it's with friends but then I lag so bad lately that it's not enjoyable,so I havnt even bothered.

  • Raava21 Rohan (@Raava21) reported

    @Hinduman_ @SMITEGame Trying to submit a clip for This Month in Smite and the form is giving an error. Says it can only be seen by members of the organisation.

  • iRaganko Raganko (@iRaganko) reported

    @DrunkMovementt @Ov_True @SMITEGame They will let Achilles and King Arthur be busted as **** for like half a season but these gods clearly struggling with clear as day problems don’t ever get touched on then for years. Like it’s blatantly obvious what the gods need

  • Aurora09785555 Aurora (@Aurora09785555) reported

    @SMITEGame when are you going go fix your game.

  • HydraBravoWC Hydra Bravo🔞 Writing Commissions open! (@HydraBravoWC) reported

    I'm wanting to let go of a long time friend. Problem is. This person also has other people under his belt that I don't wanna get rid of either. He's been rude, and he's been absolutely awful to me and others, and extremely, god smite me for using this word. Toxic.

  • BlindKoreanGirl Dr Pepper (@BlindKoreanGirl) reported

    @AlphaJackal @_JMacTucker @LermyWermy @SmitePro @SMITEGame @SPJithins @fuzzywuzy01 The playerbase population is sadly the problem.

  • Pmccarthy777 HonestlyWhoElse (@Pmccarthy777) reported

    Someone’s gotta fix leaderboards on smite. Can’t see ranked leaderboards. Can’t see god leaderboards. Makes me sad

  • HandFeeds The Hand That Feeds You (@HandFeeds) reported

    @LizRNC Roger Stone is fascistic vermin and you're being paid to slobber on his feet in service of an effort to collapse the @TheJusticeDept to benefit a diseased domestic enemy. May God smite you for your avarice.

  • SadBunglesFan Y Bengals y (@SadBunglesFan) reported

    I don’t get why people think Matthew Stafford is the problem. The problem is the Lions, the football gods will always smite them no matter who their QB is.

  • Aimbot_Falcon Falcon (@Aimbot_Falcon) reported

    @Wraithyn1 @Relating313 Thats the main problem imo, in overwatch you report someone talking shit and he gets a strike, 3 strikes you get perma ban and can’t get on the game anymore. Smite needs something similar to that.

  • Woodkind2 Woodkind (@Woodkind2) reported

    @SmitePro @SMITEGame @SPJithins @AlphaJackal @LermyWermy @_JMacTucker @fuzzywuzy01 Fix your servers theres to much lag

  • EvilIntention25 StankFaceAllDay (@EvilIntention25) reported

    @S3xyrexsi Ok so I’ve been playing smite and I’d be in the middle of a fight and it would just lag severely for 3 seconds. Is that just a common thing now

  • Sawbek4Real Sobek 🐊 (@Sawbek4Real) reported

    @S3xyrexsi I had this problem before. I had ping spikes alot and I just left Smite for 1 week. Then everything was back to normal. The thing is, smite is the only game where ping was an issue and even now, sometimes I have ping spikes

  • _tonberryking TonberryKing (@_tonberryking) reported

    @dyrus_fanboy @MarkYetter If that’s a problem, they could just lower even more, or remove exp and gold from killing camps without having a jungle item and smite. Personally I wish it they did that anyway. There’s enough resources in the lanes on their own.

  • Mooncromancer OrochiBre🌙 (@Mooncromancer) reported

    Smite stay having issues!!!

  • scientaku Scientaku (@scientaku) reported

    My argument for five man queues/in game scrimfinder. A personal anecdote but I have a lot of friends who don’t play smite and/or are just getting into because of me and one of the biggest issues they have with the game is not being able to play seriously together in convenience.

  • profswarn Swarn Gill (@profswarn) reported

    @ErinLouis666 People who believe in an invisible father figure who thinks you're special and has the power to smite your enemies might just be the ones with daddy issues. Lol

  • Who_You_Knew Kendall (Used Danish) (@Who_You_Knew) reported

    @AceWindstorm @SkoochLoL I literally googled if toxicity was a problem in smite/overwatch and sis there's just links of people agreeing that it gets hella toxic and the companies cant do anything's in voice and they arent recorded 🥴

  • Gelunix Frost™ #AlliedStrong (@Gelunix) reported

    @Kitten0fDoom Add an option on pc for safe frame Could be an issue on my end, but controller vibrations are not working on pc for smite while using a preset (I am connected using a micro usb to usb cable on my xbox one controller, and it vibrates when it connects)

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing