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Sea of Thieves is a shared world action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox. The game allows players to take the role of a pirate, sailing the seas of a fantastical world either solo or as part of a crew of up to four players featuring both co-operative and player versus player combat.

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  • camelfromlunch3 Camelfromlunch3 (@camelfromlunch3) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Take them back offline and fix the bugs. Manage the forums. STOP CATERING TO PC PLAYERS. Suppose to be a even game with no advantage yet there is obvious advantages in every way imaginable

  • camelfromlunch3 Camelfromlunch3 (@camelfromlunch3) reported

    @ChappersChapman @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd can you focus on fixing your buggy game rather then selling out and putting out more broken content. Loads of bugs and no stability or quality is being considered.

  • camelfromlunch3 Camelfromlunch3 (@camelfromlunch3) reported

    @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves spawning I’m in unmarked islands with no boat what a great way to sail the seas. Not to mention the lack of hit markers on other players when you shoot them. Can we PLEASE have a game that isn’t filled with bugs! STOP RELEASING CONTENT FOR A BROKEN GAME.

  • AnUnmachedSock AnUnmachedSock (@AnUnmachedSock) reported


  • DILLIGAFAU1 SeaDogDilli (@DILLIGAFAU1) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @SeaOfThieves May i ask if there is a fix to this yet

  • HarlemsYandel Harlems Yandel (@HarlemsYandel) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I’m having issues playing SOT on my pc from my game pass anyone else having this issue

  • BradTheTitan Brad The Titan (@BradTheTitan) reported

    @SeaOfThieves please fix PVP vs Mouse and Keyboard. I dont know how you expect me to enjoy a game when its completely uneven and i can get killed before i even load in fully..

  • justin133434 TDGxTIGER (@justin133434) reported

    @elusivepidgy @doug8751 @SeaOfThieves Lol ok you're legend wanna cookie, and yes hit registration does seem to be a problem... and before you say I'm also legend and just say garbage...

  • OxxINFAMOUSxxO 🏴‍☠️INFAMOUS🏴‍☠️ (@OxxINFAMOUSxxO) reported

    @SeaOfThieves just a thought... how about we fix the bug that wont let you move side to side with your mouse.

  • ATruePatriot36 xVerKx (@ATruePatriot36) reported

    @doug8751 @elusivepidgy @SeaOfThieves Yes. Hit reg is the absolute number one problem with this game. People who dont notice it dobt play everyday. I constantly get screwed out of kills because of the failure to register my shot.

  • JohnMoo81908115 arer2468 (@JohnMoo81908115) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Also fix the game crashing so much in adventure mode, happened to me 4 times in the past 3 days!

  • doug8751 Erik Douglas (@doug8751) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Fix hit registration while your at it. Arena is unplayable

  • Brooks96663175 Brooks da last (@Brooks96663175) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I just encountered that issue lmao

  • RiviereJ2 Riviere.J (@RiviereJ2) reported


  • gourdeau_gwen DarkShaco (@gourdeau_gwen) reported

    Hey @SeaOfThieves my friend can't launch the game the game crash after the appearance of the sea of thieves image is there a solution pls ( sry for my bad english i'm french )

  • airowdis Airowdus (@airowdis) reported

    @Bokor_Zombie @aarongreenberg @XboxSupport @keeyaaaa @majornelson @SeaOfThieves So the best way to fix this is the option to opt out of cross play we pay for xboxes and xbox live to have a p.c. free ecosystem one in witch every one has the same hardware. This is why we play here to have fun without being harass or trolled by toxic p.c. players on xbox live

  • itz7med 7maid⭐️ (@itz7med) reported

    @SeaOfThieves the issue with matchmaking in arena is taking long time we don't have all day to wait for a game , you need to fix this issue , that will affect your hard work in this.

  • LaurenBrookRob Lauren Robertson (@LaurenBrookRob) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @SeaOfThievesHQ when are you going to fix it to where PC can’t use aim bots! I am console player. I was playing with a PC player who heard other pc players cheating! Then boom they left the server, and went to another. I hate having my ass handed to me, please fix!

  • JohnAngelesUSA John Angeles (@JohnAngelesUSA) reported

    @SeaOfThieves ok so idk what happened since I last played 2 weeks ago but I just played for 4 hours and accomplished nothing because of crews sinking my ship, I’m a solo player and I understand the risk but i never had this problem before.

  • Bokor_Zombie Bokor Zombie (@Bokor_Zombie) reported

    @airowdis @aarongreenberg @XboxSupport @keeyaaaa @majornelson @SeaOfThieves Hi, we are sorry to hear you are having this issue. Unfortunately, this is something that i too have encountered, where a PC gamer is able to move and do things quicker then a console. It is something that is strongly being looked at and hopefully in the short future we will /1

  • Zenocide_Exe Zen (@Zenocide_Exe) reported

    @SeaOfThieves my crew was fighting the Kraken on the brig and one of the tentacles layed ontop of the stairs to the lower deck preventing us from throwing water out and getting ammo. Can you fix this because it sunk us immediately since we couldn’t do anything about it

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @RiviereJ2 @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves i NEVER said the game was free. i said PLAY IT FOR FrEE on game pass. game pass, the service, is what you pay for; not the game.

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @RiviereJ2 @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves classy, lose an argument and go to petty insults 🙄 you arent paying for the game sooo $0. You pay for the service, $1 atm, to play the game (that you dont own) for free. i cant explain this any simpler..

  • pownage_panda Pownage Panda (@pownage_panda) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I know you wont see this but please fix the lagging issues I enjoy the game and love sailing the open seas with friends but the lagging is unbearable at times.

  • heyyimjustin Justin 👋🏻 (@heyyimjustin) reported

    anyone having hit registration issues on @SeaOfThieves @SoT_Support

  • dull_lyric Amika Prasad (@dull_lyric) reported

    @Captain_Falcore @SeaOfThieves Nah his problem is those child baring hips of his.

  • Garfinkus Garfinkus (@Garfinkus) reported

    Videos like this make my day. Please don't ever fix this @SeaOfThieves

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @Everburnerfish @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves A dollar for a service. much like Netflix. The game is free on a paid service 🙄 $1 to play many games for free over $25 for the single game is a heck of a better deal. Ive been playing Sea of Thieves for free since release.

  • crypticpanther CrypticPanther 🇨🇦 (@crypticpanther) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @WarmGlassOfMayo @RareLtd I am not having the issue still, I fixed it by sinking my ship and dying, but I did submit a help ticket

  • SlooperSolo The Wandering Reaper (@SlooperSolo) reported

    @MRriNICKulous @Toxus52 @mrdazzathomas @SeaOfThieves @Twitch I like earning them in game, but I've not much issue with them opening up the purchasing of them to support the game and continued content. Tho I'd have to admit there'd be the tiniest sting if they put the Meg Figurehead up :)

  • Matt23739222 Matt (@Matt23739222) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @SoT_Support let it be known that these guys do not care about their fans. I've been trying to reach them with a major issue for weeks

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @RiviereJ2 @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves and $1 for a service with an unlimited free game isnt a single game for $24.99 😬👀

  • think_B4WeSpeak Ethan Vose (@think_B4WeSpeak) reported

    @AntonioNovas1 @SeaOfThieves Not working for me

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @TwitchTvGodSeq @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves $5 to play MANY games is cheaper than half off of one 😬 And you are paying for game pass, a service, so what you play is free while available. You dont buy Netflix to complain you had to pay to watch Attack on Titan or whatnot 😂

  • MudbloodWolfie MudbloodWolfie (@MudbloodWolfie) reported

    @RiviereJ2 @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves $5 to play MANY games is cheaper than half off of one 😬 And you are paying for game pass, a service, so what you play is free while available. You dont buy Netflix to complain you had to pay to watch Attack on Titan or whatnot 😂

  • YaBoiPaptart Paptart (@YaBoiPaptart) reported

    @daeus0 @SeaOfThieves Huh never had that problem

  • phillipasykes50 Darkshadow (@phillipasykes50) reported

    @SeaOfThieves the update is cool and all but my character still has a clothing glitch where the clothes change back to the old ones and it’s bugging me

  • WarmGlassOfMayo warmglassofmayo (@WarmGlassOfMayo) reported

    @crypticpanther @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd The reaper runs are broken did the wilds got no credit for it

  • shnewmy o h g r i n g o (@shnewmy) reported

    @AutarkisMike @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves @SoT_Support Same happened to me, completely full lobbies that just won't start. After 15 mins people just start leaving...Hard to find a match at the moment. Hope they fix this.

  • Redlambs2 Redlambs (@Redlambs2) reported

    @1Chenzo @SeaOfThieves Sad to hear. I think about coming back every now and then, especially to try arena, but I just think I'd be frustrated by the same old problems they never fixed.

  • Redlambs2 Redlambs (@Redlambs2) reported

    @1Chenzo @SeaOfThieves Yes. Though it didn't bother me all that much, I like pvp (tho it got old fast), it put my two sons off and their friends who all used to play. None do now. It was a big problem, but all Joe and the gang cared about was them whinging about summit and double gunning. Shame.

  • Justmy2cents11 Justmy2cents (@Justmy2cents11) reported

    @LunarHalo69 @SeaOfThieves I'll leave the shoe reference alone. Crossplay is fine, as i said in my other reply. It was never an issue until Arena was added, its not a level playing field and theres no way around it. Thats why in JANUARY they said it'd be coming, way before Arena arrived. It's still coming.

  • Justmy2cents11 Justmy2cents (@Justmy2cents11) reported

    @LunarHalo69 @SeaOfThieves Sorry bud but they replied to me. It's still coming. And ya its been crossplay since day 1 and that's fine. The issue I have is crossplay in the Arena. Its an unfair advantage for PC players, keep the adventure world crossplay that's fine. But Arena needs an opt out option.

  • TheRealStyli Styli (@TheRealStyli) reported

    @EGGamer_ @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @SoT_Support Having the exact same issue, dude

  • EGGamer_ EG Gamer (@EGGamer_) reported

    Hey, @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @SoT_Support I have now another issue 😂 But now it's with the forums. The web shows me that I'm logged in, but it turns out that I'm not, so I can't reply to posts, access to my profile or access the insdier forums 1/2

  • Captain_Trident 🧜‍♂️The Infamous Atlantean Trident🧜‍♂️ (@Captain_Trident) reported

    @GG070305 @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd No problem. I had to look it up myself. Especially since I seen on the SoT website that Twitch Rivals was coming to SoT. I immediately started looking up how to join

  • EGGamer_ EG Gamer (@EGGamer_) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @SoT_Support The main menu's What's New section in Spanish is broken. The images are badly placed and do not correspong with they text.

  • crypticpanther CrypticPanther 🇨🇦 (@crypticpanther) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Fix your broken game

  • crypticpanther CrypticPanther 🇨🇦 (@crypticpanther) reported

    @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves Aim bot skeletons are game breaking, fix them already.

  • g_play84 Gianni🅿lay (@g_play84) reported

    @QueenMinxy @WarHawkk26 @SeaOfThieves i know what u mean, I'm a pioneer since the very 1st session. i tried to report those problems in almost every possibile way and the "end" is always the same : no answers, no e.t.a., nothing. I'm not even disappointed anymore, I'm just sure they don't care as they pretend to.

  • g_play84 Gianni🅿lay (@g_play84) reported

    @QueenMinxy @WarHawkk26 @SeaOfThieves i know what u mean, I'm a pioneer since the very 1st session. i tried to report those problems in almost every possibile way and the "end" is always the same : no answers, no e.t.a., nothing. I'm not ever disappointed anymore, I'm just sure they don't care as they pretend to.

  • darrenkerwin Darren (@darrenkerwin) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @phucksalt It's been happening for a while for me personally on certain sea posts and on sloops at the back right. I figured it was a known issue.

  • QueenMinxy Minxy (@QueenMinxy) reported

    @g_play84 @WarHawkk26 @SeaOfThieves My friends and I have been reporting problems with PC players since before the launch of the game. Who knows maybe sometime this century they will finally give us the pc opt out they promised us.

  • WarHawkk26 GeneralMcPepperballs (@WarHawkk26) reported

    @DoseOFLogic @SeaOfThieves That’s not their problem lol, it’s your internet connection being slow.

  • JudaZuk JudaZ (@JudaZuk) reported

    @harleybrownlie @_LarZen_ @SeaOfThieves Yes it does.. I stopped playing after I became Pirate Legend because I was so tired of the crossplay crap. It is definitely making a difference... and they refuse to fix it.

  • Matt23739222 Matt (@Matt23739222) reported

    @Freyline_ @BooneBros @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves Now all we need is them to fix the major PvP issue...

  • Matt23739222 Matt (@Matt23739222) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @SoT_Support when are you gonna address the PvP problems or are you gonna ignore me forever

  • C007Moshe mosheC007 (@C007Moshe) reported

    @The_Electasy @SeaOfThieves They should atleast make it so that if you want to continue you can do so but only able to start on your sloop alone so you can finish the voyages i hate when a legend voyage takes so long all to be kicked from thier server or have constant spawn killing. SOT fix this!

  • skeledog2 skeledog (@skeledog2) reported

    I was SUPER exited for the #SeaOfThieves black powder stashes update, I get home, start computer, begin update, then..... Thunderstorm....😑 Power outage 😠.... Then I GET A MESSAGE SAYING POWER MAY NOT BE BACK FOR 2 DAYS🤬😠👿🤬🤬😡😡😠 AAAAAAAHHHG!

  • Radiusity Radiusity (@Radiusity) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Please fix your game, I really don't wanna have to reinstall 80 GB just because it crashes on start

Sea of Thieves Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x80070005
  • AlabasterBeard
  • AllmondBeard
  • AvocadoBeard
  • BeigeBeard
  • BronzeBeard
  • CinnamonBeard
  • CyanBeard
  • DaffodilBeard
  • FluffyBeard
  • KiwiBeard
  • Lapisbeard
  • LavenderBeard
  • LazyBeard