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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ChickenNuggetRB Chicken NUGGET. (@ChickenNuggetRB) reported

    @Roblox Fix your popular page jesus christ it isn't even in order ITS GIVING ME HEPATITIS B AND OCD AT SAME TIEM OK

  • Kevin69620441 Kevin (@Kevin69620441) reported

    @KyleRBX @YouFoundSam_RBX @realEvanPickett @Roblox @robloxdevrel Please update pirate sim you are the person that can make lots of money by just updating one game we dont even need a new item just fix the game that's all we ask for

  • Riley39021616 Riley (@Riley39021616) reported

    @Roblox @nightbarbie Games on Roblox have gotten so bland and unoriginal that it's not worth looking at the front page and you might have better luck searching for hidden gems, unless you like adopt/dress-up genres and that's fine there's no issue with that it's just some people don't like that thing

  • Riley39021616 Riley (@Riley39021616) reported

    @Roblox @nightbarbie And I know slot of people are gonna "hate" on me for pointing out the games fundamental flaws and yes I know the game isn't for my demographic but that doesn't mean it doesn't have issues that NEED to be pointed out, and I'm happy games can get milestones like this but the recent

  • Kaleb54620584 Kaleb (@Kaleb54620584) reported

    @Ronnie2K @Beluba Roblox 2k is better then nba 2k20. please fix #Fix2K20

  • RealRyanRBLX RyanRBLX🇺🇸 (@RealRyanRBLX) reported

    @ChefDevRBLX Microsoft is getting rid of old edge replacing it with chromium edge i mean heck chromium version is twice as fast the other problem is roblox plus notifs not working right even tho they said any plugin from chrome store

  • akakslove3 ratboy (@akakslove3) reported

    This is urgent @Roblox PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the old building blocks with base plates thing. I really want to play build to survive zombies again. please look out for the vets.

  • Leoiskool Leo (@Leoiskool) reported

    @Roblox im getting this mouse and keyboard delay how do i fix it

  • bro64jh Bro64jh (@bro64jh) reported

    @Roblox please fix the unblockin it wont let me unblosk pls help

  • NuggetCringe Cringe Nugget (@NuggetCringe) reported

    @Roblox this has nothing to do with this tweet but FIX YOUR LAG ISSUES

  • Sphinx751 Sphxied™ (@Sphinx751) reported

    I have problems joining Roblox games.

  • MichaelSlay10 MichaelSlay (@MichaelSlay10) reported

    My account on roblox was deleted for undisputed charges ain't that some stuff and I wasn't even on the days I had some private issues I always knew the day would come when roblox yet again made a terrible ban for some odd reason now if someone was on my phone then they could of

  • bbkiwwi Bbkiwwi/roblox/YouTube name Phong tube (@bbkiwwi) reported

    Please fix this scam in roblox roblox developer watch the full video

  • Helpfulazz2 Sir penguin (@Helpfulazz2) reported

    @vladdy69 @MarcosYt0 @PhoenixSignsRBX Roblox up date replace more of the software wither newer ones and developers have to change it or the developers have to many objects in there game there for causeing lag duh

  • NewPatriotUSA New Patriots of America (@NewPatriotUSA) reported

    @greenlegocats Reminds me of a fake Roblox login.

  • notfatjustthick redwildinq (@notfatjustthick) reported

    The reason I don't really blame @AaronauticalOG for leaving is just because Roblox hasn't been listening to the community recently I mean they got rid of skateboards and people wanted them to fix and for gods sake you can get paid 14,000 for recreating a limited or other things.

  • blackroseroblox Black Rose (@blackroseroblox) reported

    @Roblox the site is broken xd i'm guessing it had something to do with the site themes since the light mode is gone now currently I cannot follow or friend anyone on the site, clicking it highlights it and does nothing, its stuck

  • AWildAventador Aventador (@AWildAventador) reported

    @Roblox @BeeismRblx fix ur game pls i cant log into my account

  • TiLtEdSaLt052YT Connor (@TiLtEdSaLt052YT) reported

    @asimo3089 my brother bought a vip server but can't join he plays on xbox and when i try join off the roblox friends list when i log in my alt on my alt it says Error the game your joining is unavailable Error code 103 please help

  • AWildAventador Aventador (@AWildAventador) reported

    ok so roblox is broken right now and i can't log in into my account, idk how long this will last but #Roblox can you like fix this pls i have work to do for lakeside.

  • TotallyUnfTwit trec~ccst 🇬🇧 (@TotallyUnfTwit) reported

    @greenlegocats i like it. we no longer have to deal with the ******* atrocious track-shaping of the coaster from the old login page. jokes no-one gets aside, it is actually quite nice and fits with the modern direction roblox wants to take the platform.

  • ItsSkyJustSky 𝐬𝐤𝐲 is straight clownin (@ItsSkyJustSky) reported

    @greenlegocats Now that's good! It looks exactly like Netflix's login/signup page except you know It's Roblox. But the new design for the website I still think is bad. But good to see they've got this right.

  • LeArmenti Armenti (@LeArmenti) reported

    @BeeismRblx Roblox: No limiteds Beeism: No problem

  • NguyenK1444 💎 ᴷᶦᵐ•ᶜ 💎 (@NguyenK1444) reported

    @TheKasodus ME TOO!!! ROBLOX IS BROKEN!!!

  • Miniak2009 Miniak2708 (@Miniak2009) reported


  • ThisIsSoEpicOmg Epic (@ThisIsSoEpicOmg) reported

    @MonaBlox Lol i couldnt play roblox for a week i have code 441 i think byt we fix it soon

  • AloeNewYou Alison Fidler (@AloeNewYou) reported

    does anyone know anything about roblox gift cards and using them im having issues with one

  • SS_RBX SuperStudios (@SS_RBX) reported

    @kidrl There’s unfortunately nothing we can do about this as we have a no refund policy in place. If you did not make the purchase please contact roblox support about the issue.

  • Tom6558R Tom6558_roblox (@Tom6558R) reported

    @RPlusNotifier @roblox thet is The Worst Way to fix it

  • BuilderNiller BuilderNiller (@BuilderNiller) reported

    @Op_Master_Gamin I will buy it ;D I will text you soon when I have the robux. Currently, there is a glitch that makes group payouts not function as it should. But I hope roblox will fix it soon.

  • chubby2584 Chubby2584 (@chubby2584) reported

    Roblox: *doesn't fix the skateboards* Also Roblox: Let's make all of the skateboards offsale

  • RandomStryder_ RandomStryderYT (@RandomStryder_) reported from Stockport, England

    @StevieWLevine Rhett and link are the most annoying things and I have no idea why this app has been broken for once but I don’t wanna play roblox.

  • realbuntyking Annand Virk (@realbuntyking) reported

    Get this to 100 likes or I’m going to DDoS your cringey Roblox server.

  • BurningDryIce 🧊Ice🧊 (@BurningDryIce) reported

    @ImNotImWhat Roblox skateboards are super broken and instead of fixing it like the coummity begged for a month they took them all offsale (they could come back but i highly doubt it)

  • UiVital Vital UI (@UiVital) reported

    @Roblox @Xbox Take out game dragging while in a party and fix invites

  • FoqhaAbdallah Abdallah Foqha (@FoqhaAbdallah) reported

    @Roblox hello roblox so actually I have been trying to open roblox studios but its not working i dont know why

  • T1NY7331 T1NY (@T1NY7331) reported

    @lucadukes_stuff Actual state of roblox skateboards and how much roblox staff is lazy to fix it.

  • viragjagtap Jagtap Viragkumar (@viragjagtap) reported


  • BangtanKenny Kenny Bangtan (@BangtanKenny) reported

    @iibxbblx cant add you...I kept trying to but can't...I think Roblox has a problem...

  • KagameLin Lin (@KagameLin) reported

    laptop screen broken, pc driver is too old to run roblox, whats next

  • natablox Noob Bloxington (@natablox) reported

    @eugenekrabzz No problem Krabs. The Roblox community is filled with kids ready to throw away their money :)

  • cinnamonartistu E (@cinnamonartistu) reported

    @CarolineClinten I don’t blame everyone else for my problems, I blame myself for being a dumb b—-h but, my best friend cheers me up which I’m glad about. Once on roblox, I had an online friend that made me feel bad about myself and she unfriended me but I apologized and she accepted the apology.

  • Lopez1R32 Lopez1R32 (@Lopez1R32) reported

    On roblox I dont know if I got banned but it wont let me login or either I got hacked and somebody chanhed my password @Roblox

  • rojer_drage rojer_dr (@rojer_drage) reported

    @Roblox your game is currently glitch out when you have a item on your back and if you wear any preset costumes and it has a back item it will glitch and bug out and people will say how did you do that

  • Shaunthehumanm1 Shaunthehumanmonster (@Shaunthehumanm1) reported

    @Roblox yo wtf your service sucks cant get my account pin reset cant remember it

  • blackroseroblox Black Rose (@blackroseroblox) reported

    @Conor3D @Roblox please stop with these updates, dont fix something that isnt broken

  • Dekkonot Dekkonot (@Dekkonot) reported

    @Anaminus I feel that way with a lot of Javascript libraries. They solve problems that are prevalent in Javascript or web development... None of which exist in the same form as they do on Roblox.

  • Fred_Bot_ Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    Watch new #Roblox items in 2018 issue but not a

  • gianarasps1 -Artillery Only- (@gianarasps1) reported

    @Roblox @rcouret aw yes the game where we still waiting for an update and not a bug fix yes

  • ShellDropp _ShellDropp (@ShellDropp) reported

    The Admin Gamepass is Removed from @Roblox Enemy INVASION!, due to some problems.

  • FlakezAir airFlakez (@FlakezAir) reported

    @ClanAtlasROBLOX I tried to join Group Recruiting Plaza, but when I joined, it instantly kicked me out of the game. My roblox account is: CaptainAirflakez. If you fix this problem, I will buy the booth on your game and I will get straight to recruiting. Thanks.

  • Legion7722 Legion772 (@Legion7722) reported

    @CheOsana osana i like the game im a builder.. work for free and would like to make buildings for your game... i do good work and have very low block count (so there is no lag) message me.. i been around for years.. just started this twitter for roblox

  • Titas40574465 Titas (@Titas40574465) reported

    @badimo @KreekCraft @MyUsernamesThis @Roblox FIX THE DAMN NO ARREST please it kinda feels like you wasting your time playing as police

  • musixito1 Musixito (@musixito1) reported

    tf, is anyone having a same problem where they can't connect to roblox to play games or is it me

  • Anaminus Anaminus (@Anaminus) reported

    Don't get me wrong: Promises are a fine solution... to problems with Javascript. A direct translation to other languages and other domains does not necessarily hold up. I believe that the ideal Roblox/Promise API looks vastly different than that of Javascript/Promise.

  • BuzzFeedRoblox BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeedRoblox) reported

    There has been a problem and @WoodReviewerRBX has said it for years. @Roblox Fix your Wood Grains!!!!

  • Grey11080924561 Grey110809245679 (@Grey11080924561) reported

    @Itamar220 hi bro, i have a silli problem wih your game scp because i bought a game pass but it will not reappeared pls help me my name on roblox is Happy_tycoon thx

  • TheGloop_ Gloop! (@TheGloop_) reported

    @ProGamer_Guy @Roblox @BeartikalRBLX not that many games even use the skateboarding gear, and they won't fix it.

  • Nickereal_RBLX Nicky Newacc (@Nickereal_RBLX) reported

    @Roblox Please Updating about Reduce FPS please I feel so lagging right now my 4gb laptop cannot holding your game and i going to quiting this.

  • ztarfhigter Albin (@ztarfhigter) reported

    @Roblox @22Pilots_RBLX 22Pilots i just want to say please fix the guns for civilians! I been trying to rp as a police for many month now and i have never been able to rp because of other players shooting me every time. When ever i get a police car and drive to westover spawn i get shot at by 2 guy.

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  • 0x80072efd
  • 102
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
  • 17
  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 501
  • 6
  • 901
  • 906
  • 912
  • 914
  • 918
  • 918
  • dcc
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