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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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  • Sign in (18.31%)
  • Glitches (16.90%)
  • Game Crash (16.90%)
  • Matchmaking (1.41%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.41%)

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  • Dylon86281123 Dylon (@Dylon86281123) reported

    @Roblox Oi m8 i bought my 84 robux shirt in my fan group my name is dypsy12345 btw but i bought the shirt and it dident give any robux to my group i am VERY angry now so PLEASE Fix this or im gonna be MAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damon30868238 Damon (@Damon30868238) reported

    @Roblox i cant see the pizza party event on my page FuntimeFreddyMode so could i try to fix that or something please.

  • andyy52504565 andyy (@andyy52504565) reported

    @TreeskersYT @DJSolar6 @jokes4lifex it was broken and not polished before rbw3 was even created but his lazy ass won't fix it because "its to hard to fix, roblox messed it up" #GIVEWHATPEOPLEWANT

  • LePolarBear Daniel Bear (@LePolarBear) reported

    ay @Roblox my game is broken it keeps saying my connection error even tho it's fine when i watch shows or play other videogames.

  • jackkir72630134 jackkirkham (@jackkir72630134) reported


  • lickedy_mp4 Lickedy.mp4 (@lickedy_mp4) reported

    @roblox fix the damn events its way too hard

  • Subscribee10 Subscribee (@Subscribee10) reported

    Hey @Roblox ! When will you fix that stupid # thing becuse it start to get annoying for me. I wanted to say hi,sup,hello but when i sent them none of them work. Wow ur so great roblox for also # sup , hello and hi. Keep the work good becuse it anoying 😡😡

  • Darius76553165 nu_sunt_darius (@Darius76553165) reported

    @Roblox roblox I found out who was hacking me it is DENN888990 he hacked my account I have prooth please fix my account

  • Doggo2103 Doggoncircle21 (@Doggo2103) reported

    @Roblox Fix you damn moderation system! @robloxdevrel

  • Darius76553165 nu_sunt_darius (@Darius76553165) reported

    @Roblox so I was playing roblox and my account stopped working when I loged back in my password has been changed please fix my issue I've been hacked love your game just please fix it get my account back (irealylove911) Please

  • TonymoVn Tony Mo RBLX (@TonymoVn) reported

    @Aeirxl @AmirRBX Call it a SkyBus B420 (due to the copyright problem on Roblox)

  • Roque08V Kittie peach akihara💖💖💖💖💖 (@Roque08V) reported

    @Roblox I Cant get into any game! IDK WHY,it just says,ID=17 error disconnected,i litterally cant get into any game AT ALL.

  • Kermit_is_gucci Kermit (@Kermit_is_gucci) reported

    Sometimes I just dream about a PC that wouldn’t lag while playing roblox.

  • EN_mello_hyung EN mello (@EN_mello_hyung) reported


  • Fred_Bot_ Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    Issue 7 weeks the stars and survive #Roblox for 1

  • dantheman2037 Dantheman2037 (@dantheman2037) reported

    @Shrekblaster @Roblox I had that problem but I just watched a YT tutorial on how to get them.

  • AnimeSpud Pomf (@AnimeSpud) reported

    @Roblox Didn't Prison Royal get abandoned by its development team and hasn't been updates in years and is so broken its hard to play it without encountering a bug.

  • Pokemon19605805 PokemonMaster_RBLX (@Pokemon19605805) reported

    since you are in the star creator program can u join a game and give me the thing for the pizza party event sorry if im bothering you im just having a really hard time finding developers and youtubers and roblox admins id really appriciate it. I understand if not its no problem

  • TrustMeImRuski Trustmeimrussian ☭ (@TrustMeImRuski) reported

    @JadeFlames They've broken so many of their own copyright rules it's actually pretty funny. Like, I'm seeing 10 year old being accounts being terminated over ancient IP uploads from back when Roblox didn't care. I think it'd give them a good kick in the butt to have to scan their own stuff.

  • valentinelalien Val_RBLX (@valentinelalien) reported

    @frickobicko @Roblox its broken for me,i cant move parts on that one.

  • nzuzosowazi J E F E N Z U Z O S O W A Z I (@nzuzosowazi) reported

    Start-ups generally start off solving the problem but sometimes go on to be the problem. #business #BusinessIntelligence #Amazon #Facebook #SiliconValley #Roblox #Robotics

  • PurpleElectrix Mads #PrayForLizzy (@PurpleElectrix) reported

    @Justin_UniPug THat has happened to me before, but I was not hacked. I think that is a common Roblox glitch

  • Shrekblaster ShrekBlaster (@Shrekblaster) reported

    @Roblox roblox pls fix

  • Vader1977 Lord Vader (@Vader1977) reported

    @tiffsstuff Still against their TOS, it's not like with @Roblox how you can be under the age of 13 and play, with @discordapp you need to be 13 to use the service.

  • MightyNetw0rks REN Networks (@MightyNetw0rks) reported

    We are sorry to inform you about this, but due to certain issues with roblox, REN networks’ launch will be delayed until further notice. No new launch date will be released until this issue is fixed.

  • little_baby_bee Little Bee (@little_baby_bee) reported

    @cherriesnlust Literally just texted me “i want a boyfriend:(“ get a roblox bf problem solved

  • Rage_roiter disappointment (@Rage_roiter) reported

    @Alickswoot @TrustMeImRuski roblox moderation is more broken than youtube moderation

  • 123eee555 Nimbles (@123eee555) reported

    @Ben_EastRBLX Stadia is a subscription streaming service for traditional games. I don't think it and Roblox are really analogous. Roblox being an massively online platform for development and play of games locked to the platform.

  • Flluuffffyyyy Fluffy (@Flluuffffyyyy) reported

    imagine quitting roblox for lent or whatever and after those 40 days you're so excited to log on to roblox only to see you've been terminated because of copy right issues on a shirt you made back in 2011

  • Flluuffffyyyy Fluffy (@Flluuffffyyyy) reported

    imagine quitting roblox for lent or whatever and after those 40 days you're so excited to log on to R roblox only to see you've been terminated because of copy right issues on a shirt you made back in 2011

  • Tayyaytay1 Tayyaytay (@Tayyaytay1) reported

    @DebraG0769 @AirennorGAMES @Roblox Okay thinks for letting me know thinks if y’all do fix it trust me it well be that best UPDATE EVER

  • Tayyaytay1 Tayyaytay (@Tayyaytay1) reported

    @DebraG0769 @AirennorGAMES @Roblox Can he make it where if you leave it well still be up there for trade because when you leave it takes it down so no one well buy it in that is bad because you want to get up in the morning in see some money but you can’t because it takes what you sealed down plz fix it plz

  • rcoleisaninjago Kole Owens (@rcoleisaninjago) reported

    @IvGentle @ChiefDineroo @Roblox I feel if you believe your FED is indy you're most likely gonna need to not have grouplock. Main FEDs have problems because they can draw 50/50, but in that 50/50 are exploiters now.

  • Romario8142008 Romario (@Romario8142008) reported

    @Roblox your pizza event's GAME is NOT working please fix this

  • wjojboi WJOJBOI (@wjojboi) reported

    @Roblox It says there was a connection problem to prove your not a spammer refresh this page


    @Roblox can’t login to my account . I tried to get a new password but it says my “no account found”. My account is on my sons account as a friend

  • Zephfan14 Xxxtaction (@Zephfan14) reported

    @Roblox turn my wifi off but it was auto clicking notifications and taking me to them and this Only happens to me it's the game nothing is wrong with the phone please fix this

  • MadManDread1 MadManDread (@MadManDread1) reported

    @Roblox Dear Roblox, We here at Team Mad Men are cross because many of us are youtubers. AND WE HAVE NO STAR PIZZA LAUNCHERS. Please fix this and I love Roblox. Love, Team Mad Men

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    We've got admins, users who will buy the launcher later, devel- Oh. Wait. Here's the problem. Roblox could very well give the launcher to everyone involved, which would probably match demand decently enough, as well as an Eggmin Launcher based system can go anyways.

  • RealDiamondDev OfficialDiamondDev (@RealDiamondDev) reported

    I think roblox studio is broken. I try to insert a sky from toolbox and it completely crashes my pc. It never does this. My pc is running just fine.

  • Doltic_ DC7 (@Doltic_) reported

    Looking for a scripter who can fix or remake a place, and willing to pay up to 3k. #roblox #robloxdev

  • GuestCapone Guest Capone (@GuestCapone) reported

    The problem about designing monsters is, you CAN make something too scary/graphic for #Roblox. I seem to be running into this problem a lot..

  • ColossalGaming2 Colossal_GamingYT (@ColossalGaming2) reported

    @Alickswoot @Roblox fix this please

  • SundaySunlight_ ♡𝐿𝒾𝓈𝒶♡ (@SundaySunlight_) reported

    @MissRoblox_RBLX My problem is My email and password for my roblox account has been hacked!

  • JoshuaRumsey2 Joshua Rumsey (@JoshuaRumsey2) reported

    @Variety Maybe fix everything about roblox before setting up these little things

  • YouFoundUserr User (@YouFoundUserr) reported

    The problem with mobile controls not showing up has been found! It looks like ROBLOX updated the mobile controls and mine was outdated so it didnt show up. The fix is coming tonight!

  • danielsituation danielsituation (@danielsituation) reported

    i just argued with a 'youtuber' on roblox bc he was lagging my life has never sunken this low but it's hilarious

  • baslnamouz baslnamouz (@baslnamouz) reported

    @Roblox @DeeterPlays roblox fix your its taking time time to join and then it says timedout.

  • lewlew344 MasterOneLew ROBLOX (@lewlew344) reported

    @Shrekblaster @Roblox Having the same problem

  • phusedr6 phused ➐ (@phusedr6) reported

    @FrivoIousRBX @sargent179 @berezaagames @TwistyTies Unless your browsing the website 4000x a second, I don't think it's that bad. There are extensions to change the look. Alot of people spend time in ROBLOX Studio or Games. I don't see a issue here.

  • Fabbe1432 Fabian (@Fabbe1432) reported

    @vetexg_ Can you please at least try to fix arcane adventures. Or maybe make a new game with the same concept. I cant seem to find any game on roblox with the same concept. Please vetex i loved Arcane adventures.

  • Tay3erry_ Tay3erry (@Tay3erry_) reported

    I'm really happy I stayed away from brand named clothing. Sounds like there are a lot of issues going on with use of popular brands on Roblox clothing. #Roblox

  • tiger0537684836 Tiger05 (@tiger0537684836) reported

    @Roblox Your system is kinda broken rn I can’t join some admins or video stars

  • starmauri29 Burk (@starmauri29) reported

    @oqtoberr @jakefighter06 @badimo @Roblox the sewer thing is not a bug the vehilcle glitch probably a bug

  • TheNickmaster21 Nick Main 🦑 (@TheNickmaster21) reported

    I'm still waiting for Roblox to three strike a big developer so they can fix the stupid policy.

  • DeveloperNorby Wild Bunny, Wild Norbunny 🐰 (@DeveloperNorby) reported

    @MoVincii That's another thing Roblox needs to fix

  • Im_EmiIy emily (@Im_EmiIy) reported

    so, in roblox, breaking point game, i started having a pretty big drama with someone arguing about gay jokes. i told him to stop then he started to talking nonsense, and yes it caused anger issue to me and i was very offended.

  • Iwona79001203 Iwona (@Iwona79001203) reported

    @Roblox For some reason i cant login to my account and i would like to get it back working 🤨 Plz Help Try my email and send the password to my email. Hope you Have a great Day!!😃😃😅😅

  • GrimlyGengar_ Idekwhattodo (@GrimlyGengar_) reported

    @nightbarbie please answer my tweet! I've been trying to get your attention to share a problem that i have been experiencing :C My outfits are broken (all of them are my roblox avatar) and boots wont work (adorable lace up ones) please help!

  • Ryan27961415 Ryan (@Ryan27961415) reported

    @RBLXcrackop @CloutVal Rpg especialy rpg world got to rebirth 130 but in the recent update my whole game got reset making me get set back to rebirth 1 andcevery server i go into it resets it again plz help me and fix this thats hours of game time lost :(my roblox nameis guidexryan and actualy reapond

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