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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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January 26: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 09:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • sylveonswalmart sylveonscasino (@sylveonswalmart) reported

    making funeral service for a fallen alt account of mine on roblox. you will all be there 5:00 cst or else. i'll provide the link 10 minutes prior to its opening. be there.

  • DirtGurl2 DirtGurl (@DirtGurl2) reported

    @Katveyn I really feel for Designers... You are Not the only one with this problem that I have seen now... Roblox needs to address this and not make it so hard for you designers. GET IT TOGETHER ROBLOX SUPPORT i need more of Katveyn's Clothes dang it!

  • PlayzYahya XYahyaPlayz (@PlayzYahya) reported

    @badimo @Roblox I have a problem I was just donating money from my old account to my new one it did not let me get my money so can I get my 10k back pls.

  • Sky25783845 Sky (@Sky25783845) reported

    @Roblox there is some issue with royal high and everyone is like what happend to royal high I wanna know to so please can you tell us east happened

  • DavonSmith67 Davon (@DavonSmith67) reported

    Hello @InsideRoblox @Roblox @robloxdevrel I just recently bought a Vip server for Jailbreak and every time I try to join it’s say “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again. (Error Code: 529) and I was wondering if you could help me or give me a refund.

  • nochopstix _nochopstix (@nochopstix) reported

    @20DEADLYSlNS @19DEADLYSlNS Same issue here. Can’t get it to work on iPad at all. Took reinstalling roblox on my laptop for it to work on there but I prefer iPad.

  • AyphiRBX Ayphi (@AyphiRBX) reported

    I have been having some issues lately with @Roblox. The constant favouring to Star Creators is insane. Developers keep the platform going. Youtubers do nothing but get children to play the game and be toxic. I respect youtubers like @AlbertsStuff and @KonekoKittenYT for making-

  • jastherobloxian 🎀 𝒯𝒾𝑔𝑒𝓇 𝒮𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓁 🎀 (@jastherobloxian) reported

    Roblox just started working again. Meet n' greet will be on February 10th in case of the glitch.

  • mathep1 mathep (@mathep1) reported

    @selfhate19 It's not stealing but more of oversight for the toy situation. It's literally impossible for roblox to stop the clothing problem and they do crack down on games with stolen assets tho.

  • AoD_D33pfri3d Michael lajeunesse (@AoD_D33pfri3d) reported

    @RBXnewsOnline @YtDil @Roblox That's wrong it's their fault they gave them their login info

  • HenryAsh11 Colonel Augustus Autumn (@HenryAsh11) reported

    @halo57634 aka roblox suspension with lag

  • Raayycast 🖥RaayyCast🖥 (@Raayycast) reported

    i might make a video regarding this problem on roblox, as it is actually kind of annoying

  • CubicRalsei Cubic Ralsei (@CubicRalsei) reported

    nvm. seems like it's an issue on roblox's end or something.

  • PetabyteFox PetabyteFox🏳️‍🌈 (@PetabyteFox) reported

    I pretty much never stopped playing roblox since the day ive joined its changed soo much where I just have a platform for all the games I enjoy. Thats what soo cool about Roblox. Just get over the problems they had over the years, its pretty fun

  • ADOPTMEPROFORL1 Adopt Me Mobile Gamer Pro (@ADOPTMEPROFORL1) reported

    The time came I quit Roblox For Several Issues..

  • MrSpikeVsRoblox Mr. Spike 🏴‍☠️ (@MrSpikeVsRoblox) reported

    @mysticrobloxian 1st: this has nothing to do with trading nor anyhting about it its a joke about friends dining 2nd: neither me nor beeism are involved in the trading of royale high 3rd: they already mentioned roblox server had some kind of problem and they are solving it

  • xxitzevanxx Evanthemsmfan (@xxitzevanxx) reported

    @yunsoyboy @Roblox A glich happened on booga booga and I randomly lost everything in my eventory and I don't know why. Please fix this.

  • IIDreamRBX ClawPlush▶️Small YouTuber ▶️ 🔳Plays Roblox and 👵 (@IIDreamRBX) reported

    @Roblox I can't access my original account which was ClawPlush (please help me get my account back it went away when we had the data storage issue please reply back if you can get it back and set the password to Minerva1 please and thank you!!

  • psykuk Spacial (@psykuk) reported

    if you have a problem wth roblox you have a problem with me

  • Robl0zD Robl0z Dude (@Robl0zD) reported

    @Fm_Trick @Roblox Hello umm can u fix I think is a glitch is that when I am on mobile and try to get hit cause I am star ving in game it doesn’t do that is it a glitch or is that how the game is if it is ok

  • pssa41 HierXu (@pssa41) reported

    @TwilightPoiison Sorry if I feel like a random person just coming in, but this is an iOS exclusive issue only. This applies to any private server in any game, and the issue is something on ROBLOX’s end(your device or network isn’t the problem etc). It’s been a problem for over two days :(

  • Ooof59356645 Sugar Plum Fairy (@Ooof59356645) reported

    @Roblox FIX THE ERROR 277 PROBLEM! My internet is perfectly fine and yet I still get kicked off every 5 minutes (I have tried redownloading the game and resetting my internet)

  • lifeofquemaa Connor (@lifeofquemaa) reported

    @WidgeonRBLX Please bring mini golf bsck, it’s currently broken and I miss the good old times #myminigolf #roblox #imissit

  • Spicymonkey693 ItsYaBoiSpicy (@Spicymonkey693) reported

    @Roblox Fix the link

  • RitchUK Ritchie (RitchUK 🇬🇧) Clarke (@RitchUK) reported

    @WhackingBadge As far as I know, that is a problem on the Roblox servers.

  • RPhoeinx RBX_Phoeinx (@RPhoeinx) reported

    @Roblox I found a glitch with the filter system that lets you bypass the filtering system and allows you to swear. So basically if you say m((s w e a r h e r e))m I think it tricks the chat to think that it's appropriate Sincerely, @RPhoeinx

  • zionrod1 Omg ninya (@zionrod1) reported

    @Roblox Fix error 529

  • tnt0Productions tntProductions (@tnt0Productions) reported

    @MineJulRBX @tntwatch0 Attempt to rejoin once more. This is not a bug I am able to prevent; it is up to Roblox's API to return up-to-date information If the problem continues feel free to ask again and I'll try to resolve it

  • Princess_Icicle Princess Icicle (@Princess_Icicle) reported

    @Roblox The link is broken.

  • ImEatinPie ImEatinPie (@ImEatinPie) reported

    @JakeWillaert @DeshawnMemes @RPlusNotifier Install an application on your pc called “bluestacks” and get roblox, sign in and buy from there. It emulates a google device so you can buy

  • brownin2000 brownin2000 (@brownin2000) reported

    @NooberBy @Roblox Ok for some reason every time I try to play in my private server for bss it says we are experiencing technical difficulties, I checked to see if it was only me but my other friend is experiencing the same problems. I tried joining vip servers of friends and it still doesn’t work

  • TFAspect TFAspect (@TFAspect) reported

    Lmao ppl saying roblox is shutting down due to "overpopulation" thats a problem irl not in roblox #justiceforroblox #Liars

  • Avein01331673 Avein (@Avein01331673) reported


  • PCLllama nikoruu (@PCLllama) reported

    @got_dumb @Roblox sorry buddy you can’t do anything roblox’s customer service is shit

  • xXxphantomkill1 xXxphantomkillerx1 (@xXxphantomkill1) reported

    Im not going to keep trying to fix it if it won't work in the end @Roblox

  • xXxphantomkill1 xXxphantomkillerx1 (@xXxphantomkill1) reported

    I've been in contact with roblox for the past what i can say month, I've been having this error 227 and a good 37 emails back and forth, roblox has been giving "solutions" as they say and nothing works. Im deciding to give up because nothing will ever work @Roblox

  • HitmanGamer_YT ItsAbdullahGaming (@HitmanGamer_YT) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox i hve a question that can u pls change jailbreak Genre to FPS it will decrese the lag for alots of ppl so i hve a request BTW i hve a complete log of hackers in jailbreak and some bugs in the game if u want just replay me ok :D

  • taeseobtitties johnibear 🍋 (@taeseobtitties) reported


  • Dj92460372 Dj (@Dj92460372) reported


  • Allen80655225 Allen (@Allen80655225) reported

    @Roblox fix the membership I want to renew my membership it says it will renew on 1/25/2020 but it is 1/26/2020 today tell me what I’m doing wrong

  • Doggo76160729 Doggo (@Doggo76160729) reported

    @Roblox Can u please fix the bug i cant play anything on my roblox account i have error code 279 and im always for some reson failing to connect to any game and server please fix this cuz i am a roblox player sins 2009 please ROBLOX PLEASE.

  • SINNERIOT bunpunk (@SINNERIOT) reported

    i hate roblox's teleport service so much just let me play entry point

  • Alicia04561209 potatogirl637o8 (@Alicia04561209) reported

    @roblox I can’t get into my own private server. It says technical difficulties error code 529. I spent just 100 robux on it and I hope u can fix it soon.

  • NourozGaming Nouroz Gaming (@NourozGaming) reported

    ROBLOX is not working for me today. My internet is a piece of shit

  • gamercrazy179 Gamer (@gamercrazy179) reported

    @Mandaf6221 @SandiBeeches8 @IsaacRBLX It’s prob a Roblox issue

  • ZombieYT_PLAYz Zombie! 🕶) (@ZombieYT_PLAYz) reported

    @GoCrayzeeGaming @Roblox No problem

  • Wrenchineer1 Wrenchineer_Dev (@Wrenchineer1) reported

    @robotteddd Sorry I didn't see your message until now, I'm still kinda getting used to how twitter works as I havn't used it much before. As for that player's behavior, it'd be best taken up with ROBLOX, they're usually the ones who handle behavioral issues such as that one.

  • kuroslvr akko @ KURO DAY!!!!💗💗 (@kuroslvr) reported

    i never play roblox but im playing it rn instead of studying i think i have a problem

  • MariaBa43156415 Maria Barquero (@MariaBa43156415) reported

    @nightbarbie,Hey Barbie when i try to join royale high it wont let me so if you read this my user in roblox is 0541255m please fix that for me.

  • tommychars9 tommy (@tommychars9) reported

    @Roblox whenever I try to join my own vip server I get error 529 however public servers are fine, has been happening for 2 days now

  • coolestman219 Coolestman219 (@coolestman219) reported

    @roblox I keep getting this error code 529

  • ArtsyRosez Zoey (@ArtsyRosez) reported

    @Roblox Can plz look in on moblie glitch with vip severs no one pn mobile can join nor theres glitch on ipad where ypu get 3 slots

  • WhoElse4 Who.Else (@WhoElse4) reported

    @Roblox Mobile players can't join vip servers, fix that.

  • ThatGameDev_ ThatGameDev (@ThatGameDev_) reported

    @Roblox Me playing Roblox: 🤨😑 Me trying to have a normal conversation on Roblox: ### ### #### #### Fix your filters, @Roblox

  • Rycanlase2 Rycanlase (@Rycanlase2) reported

    @kimetriusbaby Roblox is has big bug because of adopt me crash roblox

  • HouqinLin lin houqin (@HouqinLin) reported

    @PolarisRBLX @StudiosSplat @Roblox @Kieran_Cham @not_famouss @EncodedLua @MyUsernamesThis @KreekCraft Dude fix the shift issue for mobile players plz

  • StevepocalypseA 🎛StoveTop Cowmations🐮 (@StevepocalypseA) reported

    Well I’ll be honest, Roblox should have never stolen that oof sound illegally and just bought the sound to avoid the problem. Even though I love the game I’m on Tommy’s side here they should have just made their own sound and not have used it illegally for a decade now.

  • tytVictor Sammy-Boi (@tytVictor) reported

    @Roblox I can’t join vip servers error 529 keeps popping up fix it I’m staring to get mad

  • yessie79276227 Ace (@yessie79276227) reported

    @Roblox fix your ******* moderation system

  • Real___Scream Marcus (Scream) (@Real___Scream) reported

    @asimo3089 @asimo3089, if your having trouble scroll wheel, just go to the roblox menu and get out of it to fix

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