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Roblox Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Kittzillaa Kittzilla | Heaven 💖 (@Kittzillaa) reported

    @iistarXP @_angelicmou @The_Real_Bina @pbjsamwich_ @nightbarbie @KateKa22 @cybernova @cookiecornpop @OceanOrbsRBX @lxylirblx @ThatBoyWish @Roblox @Pokediger1 @DeviBuns I think he was just saying the people you tagged can't help you, only roblox can if you are having an issue

  • dylanxroyale ᴅʏʟᴀɴ (@dylanxroyale) reported

    @UnicornPloxx @nightbarbie @CupCakeBitez Ah yes lets use depression as a means to make Barbie feel bad about trading. She’s mentioned numerous times that trading IS done, Roblox needs to fix some stuff first. I asked Launce last night about trading, he said there is no big news to share.

  • Chimamire_Shi 🎄🐝 Rei 🐝🎄 (@Chimamire_Shi) reported

    @JadeLadyPerson Thank you, I already reported the issue to Roblox themselves because she was truly violating multiple rules that are against the Terms of Use. I really hope no one listened to her.

  • coolpizzle iCoolp (@coolpizzle) reported

    @Sanne_Liebscher Yes, but youtube isn't doing anything to fight it. It's youtubers who are fighting it, and one ROBLOX youtuber is actually meeting up w/ one of the people behind these laws to try and fix it so we aren't all ****** come december 10

  • AFlamingo22 albert.flamingo22 (@AFlamingo22) reported

    @Roblox i can’t get onto roblox and my internet is fine please fix your bug

  • Natalie43065399 uGh (@Natalie43065399) reported

    okay so @OnettDev, i have an issue. so im completing quests on bee swarm and i complete “black bear: mission for mushrooms” but i cant turn it in to black bear.. help im conflicted.. #beeswarm #Roblox

  • TheBlueGamer818 TheBlueGamer818 (@TheBlueGamer818) reported

    @Festivereinhard @Roblox If you're gonna be updating that crash site, I will say that I was one of the adventurous few that decided to scale the trees and make my way up to the tree huts, only to be disappointed that the doors are just aesthetic. (Hint hint.)

  • paulie1984 speedypaulie smith (@paulie1984) reported

    @TeamAdoptMe @G4merKn @Roblox can you give any idea when this will be re enabled, I thought it was an adopt me issue as only seem to have issues when things are mapped to the left direction on the dpad penguin update was mapped , halloween toys was and now bees

  • Oddshadow101 𝓞𝓭𝓭𝓼𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀🦋🐺 (@Oddshadow101) reported

    Well so Roblox is not working so there won’t be posts on there till my wonderful mother fixes it lol

  • TeamAdoptMe Adopt Me! Help + Support (@TeamAdoptMe) reported

    @G4merKn Roblox recently disabled the chat feature on Xbox, leading to the problems you are currently experiencing. This is sadly not something we can do anything about for the time being. It will hopefully be re-enabled in the near future, but we're not sure when that might b...

  • Naydon Pablo Naydón (@Naydon) reported

    @Scriptbloxian In the Roblox group of Scriptbloxian Studios I already became a member but there is no possibility of writing something. I demand an explanation about this error from the creator of the game. My roblox user is "Sloyter66". From what I see all the users the same thing happens.

  • legend_angle Legend_Angle (@legend_angle) reported

    @Roblox this is a real problem fix this right now!!!

  • greendevman green (@greendevman) reported

    @Amiyukiii the issue is that online dating is being spread as this huge and widespread issue that's exclusive to roblox when it's really none of those things

  • Cloudy_Change Leah (@Cloudy_Change) reported

    @spooklesyt Awh I feel like that with Roblox too sometimes! A break would probably fix it <3

  • lizb3thh18 Lizbeth (@lizb3thh18) reported

    @Nalkyks @Roblox @Zwelfium Ok well thanks cause I tried changing my password cause I got a notification to my Gmail saying my password was changed and I tried but kept saying unknown error

  • Lord_Workclock Lord_Workclock (PE Support) (@Lord_Workclock) reported

    @Bofferinq @RblxSnickers roblox problems needs roblox solutions

  • Geladuu1 Geladuu (@Geladuu1) reported

    @Roblox Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life.

  • Geladuu1 Geladuu (@Geladuu1) reported

    @Roblox I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning.

  • Somethingiswei2 Somethingisweird (@Somethingiswei2) reported

    @Roblox on the recent update of wich you have to change your chat settings on the website, this update had stopped xbox players like me from having the ability to chat, and it has made me stop wanting to play the game, try to fix this in anyway possible

  • BarryAllen170 The Flash (@BarryAllen170) reported

    @Roblox If you don't see my pants, I actually am wearing pants. It's just a glitch. 😅

  • R_RandomMonika Weirdo Monika💕 | •Online/afk• | (@R_RandomMonika) reported

    @MissRileyLane yeah. people dont know how hard it is to make and script and stuff (im not a builder, but all i really know its hard.) and you guys arent the owners of roblox so you cant really fix things that are problems with roblox, some people really need to be respectful about it.

  • SNKU1_ SNKU1 (@SNKU1_) reported

    @SharkBloxYT @AyeshaPlayz New glitch! You can make a roblox group WITHOUT PREMIUM! 100 robux to make it.

  • PlazmaIts SadlyItsPlazma (@PlazmaIts) reported

    @InsideRoblox @Roblox roblox you are the only problem with roblox bullying as you are ******* ignoring the reports

  • MissRileyLane Riley Johnson (@MissRileyLane) reported

    @TeaEmmBay They are working to fix everything there’s a lot behind the scenes u guys don’t know and assume, old roblox games had so much stolen stuff and free models. Not that it makes it ok either.

  • Nomaki Shaun Wall (@Nomaki) reported

    @Roblox We've been back and forth with their support about this, and amongst the glaring security holes which led to this happening in the first place, they just don't seem to care about the well-being of the children using their service. Thanks for letting the bullies win, @Roblox.

  • SavageLlama96 SavageLlama (@SavageLlama96) reported

    Hey @Roblox I have a bug that doesn't allow me on the mobile version and says internet connection while my router is right next to me pls fix this


    @adoptmeteao1425 My service isnt working well to lod roblox im at the dr’s but once i get home ill be able to add you and do a trade. I cant believe we havent added each other yet anyway lol...

  • RetroGameDays36 Retro Game Days (@RetroGameDays36) reported

    @So_cool135 @Andreigamer4 @Roblox @PlayAdoptMe @newfissy I didn't even Threaten him,I just spoke that the English is broken and weird,And you don't sound like a Gamer,The true (Pro) game society never gets angry just because someone is teasing them,I fight back when someone piss me off,So get out of here,This isn't your place noob

  • Plaid11496488 Plaid (@Plaid11496488) reported

    @ElliottMozley @ShyIuna @YouFoundSam_RBX @Roblox Botting isn't the only issue with the catalog. It's easy enough to make copying bannable while they find a solution for it.

  • Plaid11496488 Plaid (@Plaid11496488) reported

    @ShyIuna @YouFoundSam_RBX @Roblox Thats super cool but....That isnt the first thing we need FIRST they need to fix shirts and pants then they can talk about other stuff....But its roblox so they wont do it🙄

  • Gentius_AQW Matt | Gentius Maximus (@Gentius_AQW) reported

    @iamjasonbunch @RBX_RTS It's a common error that ROBLOX hasn't fixed, it may never actually load in. If your thumbnail isn't bugged then it may just take a few hours+ to load in.

  • Svil_Laxx Andre Ty. E (@Svil_Laxx) reported

    @jakehun43383983 I don't think that'd work out quite well. Since Roblox would be making a profit, and that could lead to problems. Which is why they didn't approve the Jotaro hat.

  • x0uls x_Xouls (@x0uls) reported

    @Roblox hi please help me cuz my account is hacked but I manage to revert it one problem is that the person that hacked in it put on a pin so now I can't add a phone number in(backup cuz I didn't have phone number b4) please help

  • MichelZimmerm11 Michel_LP (@MichelZimmerm11) reported

    @Roblox @Zwelfium Roblox your game is broken yet again please fix that

  • marufah51313793 F8_Maruf (@marufah51313793) reported

    @FortniteGame What is this game like tell me I randomly get lag spike now all of a sudden 121 ping tf i never ever got lag spike no one using internet or anything what is this roblox server better

  • Mixed_Nutz Brokemono (@Mixed_Nutz) reported

    @Roblox @Zwelfium Sure but the sites gives out this Error all of a sudden: 503 Service Unavailable

  • GiornoBrando7 Giorno Brando (@GiornoBrando7) reported

    @Roblox @Zwelfium -robux we spent on that game was for nothing. Your trip is starting to fall because of your mistakes. Then you apologize and think its going to make things better again. Creators are starting to switch developing platforms. Some are trying to make a real game. So you need to fix-

  • AdonaiPatrisha Patrisha Adonai (@AdonaiPatrisha) reported

    @PlayAdoptMe @Roblox Hey, just so u know please fix it. Because i lost my neon unicorn and neon parrot, please give it back

  • trashygroot 𝙡𝙞𝙡𝙮 *⊹˚.✩🌱 (@trashygroot) reported

    I’m lagging in roblox... ******* ROBLOX

  • Joanne_Prime Joanne Prime(Only Member Of Autobots)🦃🍂 (@Joanne_Prime) reported

    @Roblox Uhh Roblox Connection Issues Can You Fix It

  • ShySakura2 ♡ Lapidot || Online || 📌Pls Help Rt Deal📌|| ♡ (@ShySakura2) reported

    @shortcinds Oki but right now Roblox is not working with meh

  • AswynnNew Ashwynn (@AswynnNew) reported

    O.K. XD lol, this one has a point. It is aimed at kids. And antialising etc really isn't a problem and my 6 y old would probably laugh his butt off over visual bugs (He finds them excessively funny in roblox as well) - poor code optimisation tho... if the game is slow and laggy -

  • Limelighted_ Limelighted (Comms Closed 3/3) (@Limelighted_) reported

    Have you guys ever found a gamebreaking secret/glitch in a Roblox game no one else knows about

  • blackuuuplofc BlackuuuPLOfficial (@blackuuuplofc) reported

    roblox fix your human verification thing or im leaving

  • deadlytamer70 Deadlytamer (@deadlytamer70) reported

    I was literally playing aresenal in roblox and some guy had a problem with me even tho I did nothing so he decided to target me Taunt me when I got killed by him and hell he even said Deadly = Trash I dont think @ROLVeStuff won’t do anything but his username is Thewii125

  • pezzo63973182 pezzo (@pezzo63973182) reported

    Ok so while i was making monarch roblox decided to crash lol

  • Capyboyw 👻SpookyCapy👻 (@Capyboyw) reported

    @MyUsernamesThis Roblox"Issue"

  • ErickSosa101 Erick (@ErickSosa101) reported

    Coin Simulator is currently broken. I’m not sure why, but it happened right after the roblox update.

  • DrPadhiRajesh Rajesh Padhi (@DrPadhiRajesh) reported

    @Roblox @Zwelfium Im serious ITS A BIG PROBLEM

  • Ty44436292 Ty (@Ty44436292) reported

    @InsideRoblox @Roblox @robloxdevrel @Roblox when i was playing adopt me some how a roblox bot was stalking me talking about taking my roblox acount say if i dont give him my whole inventory i was gonna get hack and he shut off my pc can u plz fix the roblox bot i cant keep see k

  • swonger_jason Jason Swonger (@swonger_jason) reported

    @Roblox Yep and my bones are still not broken yet 😄

  • lourkeyon lourkeyon (@lourkeyon) reported

    @Araki_Hirohiko i have a problem in roblox A bizzare day i was joining and says im banned and i didnt do anything

  • GamePlayer751 Spooky Halloween (@GamePlayer751) reported

    @OfficialFuzionn @YTCreators I don't think there is problems with minecraft and fortnite because it's more adult games and roblox is kids game 😑

  • OutOfFundsRBX 🎃OutOfFunds🎃 (@OutOfFundsRBX) reported

    My game will be delayed quite a bit. My laptop was hit with a virus a few months back and since then my storage has been practically full of nothing. This storage issue is preventing me from updating Roblox Studio. Making me unable to work on my game as of now. #RobloxDev #Roblox

  • robinson_sylas SDIONCT\DO_ONLINE (@robinson_sylas) reported

    @DaniTCR @CaribBros Roblox broke it remember they won’t fix it soon because they are supper focused on Star life and shinobi origin

  • MicoStudioz ۞𝑀𝑖𝑐𝑜 𝑆𝑡𝑢𝑑𝑖𝑜𝑧۞ (@MicoStudioz) reported

    @Roblox Hey, I can’t play any games for some reason, I checked my internet and tried every device I own, I don’t know if it’s a bad glitch or it’s just me that’s having this weird problem

  • bran_franciscoo Brandon Francisco (@bran_franciscoo) reported


  • LealBoySheerBoy Kenny Smith (@LealBoySheerBoy) reported

    @Windows Hey, Something happened while I was playing Roblox. I was attempting to manually crash the game by hitting right ctrl, right shift and the scrl lock key, when I accidentally hit some other key combo causing my screen to change.

  • TypicaltweetM 𝓣𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓢𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓮𝓻 (@TypicaltweetM) reported

    Roblox is broken for me it says Lost connection due to an error then {error code 272} help me pls

  • IshaanTheBunnyL IshaanTheLegend (@IshaanTheBunnyL) reported

    𝐀𝐜𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 𝐃𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐝 Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Service. Reviewed: 11/13/2019 04:13:27 Moderator Note: Your account has been deleted for violating Roblox TOS BAD WORDS ARE A NO NO. Logout:

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