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  • Venomwing Mandatory (@Venomwing) reported

    @AyCeeArt If anyone is having issues finding a doctor willing to do the procedure, they should check it the r/childfree subreddit on Reddit. Their wiki has a list of doctors that perform the surgery.

  • Supertoast_GT SupertoastGT (@Supertoast_GT) reported

    @AskPlayStation Tons of poeple are having the "An error has occurred" issue with logging in today. Myself and friends included. Reddit is swamped with this issue. My error code is CE-33992-6. Nobody else lists their error code so I can't confirm that they are the same.

  • pork_stew PorkStew (@pork_stew) reported

    @BesuBaru >reddit I found your problem.

  • billndotnet Bill Nash (@billndotnet) reported

    @h0ly_nati0n @NFlirtGamer @Kotaku If @kotaku wants to dive into the issue, they should look into the botnets and brigades operating within Twitch and reddit. Interview some moderators for the creative streamers. It's an issue.

  • JulioDaFattest ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ :D (@JulioDaFattest) reported

    @demonatemu @PokemonGoApp Yeah it’s not working for me and solutions on yt and reddit don’t work it’s pretty annoying

  • ryomogami Ryō Mogami (@ryomogami) reported

    @imgur @discordapp @reddit I thought it would be related since the problem only affects me because of the way this images are being shown in discord. And this is not only affecting new uploads, many old photos that I used on a discord bot are having an embeed problem.

  • oniyons oniyons (@oniyons) reported

    *fortnite goes down* we did it reddit!

  • BlankOctober Full October (充実した) (@BlankOctober) reported

    @TheAlexValle @samuraishodown Happening to me too. According to Reddit posts this is a glitch or something that Sony inadvertently caused while fixing the problem with him not showing up at all last night.

  • Grac0423 👻 A Spooky Grac 👻 (@Grac0423) reported

    Someone on reddit victim-blamed me for all the terrible shit that has happened to me 🙃

  • fandumbitch Mags💀 (@fandumbitch) reported

    @mystic_milks People claiming that AO3 has a “cp problem” are either deeply ignorant or lying. There is no cp on ao3. Hosting cp is illegal in the US and ao3 is in compliance with US law. If there was cp, they’d be compelled to remove it (as reddit was when it hosted ACTUAL cp) or shut down

  • AJHaefele AJ Haefele (@AJHaefele) reported

    @AzraelPC Yeah Reddit streams work. Sucks it comes to that for a lot of people. Really it just bums me out I cant go to a bar and watch a Nuggets game. That's really what I'm dreading once they get going. I have unique Avs access so I can sidestep that problem.

  • ArtCloudStrife Art Cloud (@ArtCloudStrife) reported

    @1up2play @AskPlayStation I read that in Reddit and I did it last night but it didn’t work. More likely the battery needs to be replaced. I found a place in NY that replace batteries and broken buttons but I’m hoping that @AskPlayStation has a better solution for me.

  • TheTrueVanguard True Vanguard (@TheTrueVanguard) reported

    @TeeLXBL Big nope. Literally all over reddit, Bnet, and twitter. Not a personal issue unless my personal issue is affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

  • BillNaq64944549 Bill Naquin (@BillNaq64944549) reported

    @ambassador_roe We have too many problems in America to be worrying about foreign countries right now.. let's get America right.. Reddit foreigners figure out their own way to settle problems!

  • jcrdycollins JCRDY (@jcrdycollins) reported

    @BrandonRich12 @KingJames No problem, Reddit is a good place to find some info if you want it.

  • JenAndersonNYC Jen Anderson (@JenAndersonNYC) reported

    I wish there were a website that followed up with people who write to advice columns, AITA, etc. a few months down the line. Not just to satisfy curiousity, but so we can marvel at Reddit improving lives. Somebody please do that because I don’t have the energy.

  • kennboii1 Kenn. (@kennboii1) reported from Santa Maria, California

    @Jacobikes805 Yeah there use to be nba live stream page on reddit but took it down smh lol

  • bencrussell90 dolphin 𖤐 boy (@bencrussell90) reported from Wichita, Kansas

    Yesterday I was accused on reddit of making the internet a terrible place and they were right I hate the internet and think it should burn to the ground

  • Jamushroom Jamushroom (@Jamushroom) reported

    @OwlAsea @IFTTT Haha that’s what I often do as well! This time only on Reddit and didn’t find a similar issue there oddly enough.

  • Pixel_One_ Jazz McGrumpyPants (@Pixel_One_) reported

    @gw2efficiency Very weird. It's not a huge issue for me and I figure I'm the only one having it cause I tried to check Reddit, discord and the bug tracker but didn't see anything. Maybe at some point it will just fix itself.

  • sianamis Sarah Amis (@sianamis) reported

    @collectdust You know I actually saw a man on reddit spin those stats as down to men being the primary earners so women are incentivised to stay married to inherit their money whereas men aren't. Yes, women are selfish when they STAY with cancer sufferer husbands...

  • LoganChoosesYou Logan (@LoganChoosesYou) reported

    @thewossy @Lions @dallascowboys They’re holding a meeting right now if I saw the Reddit post correctly. One can only hope @NFL does something about it, especially when calls all over the place have been terrible

  • magnet_stat memeturd (@magnet_stat) reported

    @EmperorLemon The same can be said for reddit but the lifespan can actually exceed a little longer ex. Car salesmen, big chungus, Area 51. The problem with reddit is the fact that they don’t know when to quit with the meme in question which ends up in all the “meme crossovers” and shit.

  • dmarcusbaus 🎃 Ŝ 𝔭 Ⓞ Ⓞ 𝐤 у _ в ᗩ 𝐮 ˢ 💀 (@dmarcusbaus) reported

    1. Blizzard literally shut down their own reddit page after people called them out on it. 2. Released a weak damage control contradicting statement claiming “every voice matters”, yet still went with their decision to suspend Bliztchung. Miss me with that bullshit.

  • flat_snake sparky sparky boom boom (@flat_snake) reported

    Do not ever post on reddit complaining about something being broken in your house because at least six contractors will explain to you how you can fix it using tools you do not own

  • PANDAHEROTV ライアン (@PANDAHEROTV) reported

    Literally, just go to the G2A reddit & you can see a ton of posts with people sending their complaints about payment issues & getting scammed right from their site. They are at a point, a place where nobody should go. Instead, subscribe to Humble Monthly.

  • BeigeFrequency DJ Jazzy Jeff Epstein (@BeigeFrequency) reported

    I don't think so. Reddit was shutting on the new subs down and it seems like most of the people who were posting in those subs got IP banned.

  • BurtLancasted burt lancaster (@BurtLancasted) reported

    @SammyGuichelaar The switch community is worse then r/jailbreak TBH I never thought it was possible but learned quickly to stay away I stay on discord communities to avoid the problems from reddit

  • Cameron93229155 Cameron Boyd (@Cameron93229155) reported

    @CountJaccula I prefer Reddit I think, but it’s good that all of humanity can agree that Facebook is terrible

  • NeoNighthawk Nighthawk (@NeoNighthawk) reported

    @BesuBaru >reddit I found the problem. For real though, reddit is just a ********** of mindless copies of copies without an original.

  • OleBats AShriekingCloudOfBats (@OleBats) reported

    @saturns_day yeah, reddit has a real like, potential mod tyranny problem, thankfully it's not on any really large subreddits IIRC and it's mostly petty drama, hoho

  • Jamushroom Jamushroom (@Jamushroom) reported

    @OwlAsea @IFTTT Thanks for letting me know! Didn’t hear back from them nor got any replies about this on Reddit. So kudos to you! I do hope they’ll fix this issue soon though 😕

  • Some166382325 Some1 (@Some166382325) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Latest GR: Brakepoint patch has made the drone non deplorable for many users reporting on Reddit an official forums. A major gameplay feature is broken and there has been no word or update ina fix. #Brokenpoint

  • MikkytheHamster Mikky Maulen @ CEO of burnout (@MikkytheHamster) reported

    The last arc cemented shokugeki's demise on the shonen , which apparently was just a stew of internal problems between the team that manges shokugeki no souma. apparently the mangaka and the writter wanted different things (according to reddit). So yeah... ending bad

  • baileyxcarter bailey (@baileyxcarter) reported

    sat in the back row today so i could read reddit glitch in the matrix stories today in class without anyone seeing

  • CryWasTaken Cryaotick (@CryWasTaken) reported

    @ItsVengey I'm really good at shilling for things I like for free 😭 But in actuality, I honestly have been having issues just streaming videos on Reddit or INCOGNITOMODESHENANIGANS and I switched to my VPN to test and it was like night and day. Shizzles wildizzle ma frizzle.

  • DotProto Simeon.spooky (@DotProto) reported

    @gorhill No problem. And as I mentioned on Reddit, I realize this is a systemic issue and one I'm hopeful we can address. First step is to make our emails less terrible 😅

  • FURIOUSSScs Anıl Bozdoğan (@FURIOUSSScs) reported

    @bloodsh3dxd I had 3 copies, all of them had the same problem, i'm not the only one there is tons of peopt that experienced this defect. You can easily find many people that have this problem on Reddit or YouTube.

  • Heather_Poole Heather Poole (@Heather_Poole) reported

    @iHoW17 @sylva_luca @Grummz My experience is different but at the same time feels similar. The people I encountered would probably write the same thing about me. It was both fascinating & disturbing to be on my end. I got doxxed. Started researching Reddit. Discovered Tencent. Went down the rabbit hole

  • GBrayUT Greg Bray (@GBrayUT) reported

    My first day taking on call for Reddit's Kubernetes infrastructure, and within the first 90 minutes Docker Hub goes down 🤪 Luckily we use ECR for most things and ALL **** images... but quickly finding builds that are referencing Docker hub base images

  • Poem2Self Fuck the NFL Refs (@Poem2Self) reported

    I hate running down a twitter rabbithole, most of this site is full of seething ignorant pricks shouting their opinions in their echo chamber. It's like reddit v2.0

  • maybenathansbud zack-ish (@maybenathansbud) reported

    whenever i feel too good about myself i enjoy looking at old reddit posts of mine to knock my self-respect down a few pegs

  • CK20XX The Creature Keeper (@CK20XX) reported

    YouTube's algorithm is said to suck people down rabbit holes of extremist content. For me though, that's been Smash Ultimate matches, Reddit prorevenge threads, nature documentary snippets, and various trivia. YouTube is still a brain drain though and I need to turn it off.

  • Ray7or RayloR #ForSale (@Ray7or) reported

    @bumhsfn It ain’t my PC. Both cloak & tfue been saying the same too, not to mention Reddit is full of people talking about performance issues. i7-9700K w/ RTX 2080

  • DrgnProductions Lucas Adams (@DrgnProductions) reported

    @JinxTuna Honestly my issue is that on Reddit a lot of commets one will get when they post build posts they usually get "it isn't 3 piece Teostra and beta Garuga boots" and it's honestly annoying because it just seems that 80% of people only care about damage instead of unique builds

  • gambino818 🎃🎃💀Spoopy Minecraft Fox💀🎃🎃 (@gambino818) reported

    So uh reddit is down I think

  • chrismsutcliffe Chris Sutcliffe (@chrismsutcliffe) reported from City of London, England

    Delighted to announce that 'Chris+', a new premium streaming service, launches next month. It includes 14 videos I have on my camera roll, a few terrible YouTube videos I made while unemployed, and some dog gifs stolen from reddit. £12.99 a month, sign up now

  • chrismsutcliffe Chris Sutcliffe (@chrismsutcliffe) reported from City of London, England

    Delighted to announce that 'Chris+', a new premium streaming service, launches next month. It includes 14 videos I have on my camera roll, a fee terrible YouTube videos I made while unemployed, and some dog gifs stolen from reddit. £12.99 a month, sign up now

  • thisboyisjd jd 🥵 (@thisboyisjd) reported

    @FrankieKazarian @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @LiacourasCenter ive got SCU down to win the whole tournie in the reddit pick'ems so you goddamn better ive got karma riding on this

  • OscabiMarketing Dean O Toole (@OscabiMarketing) reported

    I just got told I don't understand #SEO because I turned down the offer to pay £99 for a #backlink - I ******* love @reddit sometimes. "The webmaster has bills to pay and he's getting no benefit from the link to your site so £99 is a great price"

  • mayjai1er h (@mayjai1er) reported

    Reddit is down whenever i need it for smth productive

  • Brenny_Bren Brenny (@Brenny_Bren) reported

    @Umbra_Witcher I see some tweets here and there and see some in articles and reddit. I just think weird for american media and people to highlight this when US is responsible for some F'd up things at the moment. Plus there are other issues in other countries that nobody is highlighting.

  • tentaclelesbian Caw Caw Motherfucker (@tentaclelesbian) reported

    @socializmus fake ass spoopy story infohazards need not apply - first they just tell you about a thing that is supposedly an infohazard but not the infohazard itself and second I don't care about the expanded creepy pasta universe written by watered down reddit types

  • kee_neow Kurtz (@kee_neow) reported

    @originalspin You need to write for all those insecure asian incel subs on reddit. You have inferiority issues. Get a shrink.

  • NicolayaD Niek Dingemans (@NicolayaD) reported

    @imgur @Kuro_dll @discordapp @reddit Stop ******* around with new shit when even your most basic browsing is broken.

  • alexnambawan Alexnambawan (@alexnambawan) reported

    @BitCoinBanka @reddit Although we've already seen a lot facing the same problem, we, ourselves also can't avoid this issue. Sometimes peoples' carefulness aren't enough to prevent loosing money that's why we need something that can help us regarding this problem.

  • jasnahstan Divya (@jasnahstan) reported

    everytime I go on SA reddit/insta to look at fanart, I end up going down the rabbit hole & inevitably get to a wh*te washing thread & SOME people are subconsciously PRESSED that BSandy's magnum opus centers around characters that are racial ambiguous lighter skin brown people.

  • browns_brewer Mark Wood (@browns_brewer) reported

    @RyRyInToledo @NFL DirecTV helped with that Sunday, ST was down for most of the first games. I had to find a reddit stream. Pathetic.

  • imgur Imgur (@imgur) reported

    @Kuro_dll @discordapp @reddit Hey! We're aware of this bug on images <10 minutes old. We're working on that fix separately.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.