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  • Lil_Minako Lil'M (@Lil_Minako) reported

    @666domaintrue @Joooouf @Boogie2988 @666domaintrue Reddit claims they dont want boogie dead yet the way they are going is directly going down that path with the mental abuse, exactly what happened to Etika, I'm amazed they can claim that when what they are doing is worse than what happened with Etika.

  • ccakeyy max tulpa (@ccakeyy) reported

    @thewickedavatar i...made the first mainstream male ****** mod for FFXIV and posted it onto the reddit. it made the front page and not long after, the textools server i wa sin went from 10 users to several thousands.

  • pr3ttyquiet ABC Always Be Crying (@pr3ttyquiet) reported

    You are already moved on to the next young thing u can trick into ur bed but I will never forgive u for making me click a reddit link after we’ve been broken up for three months

  • rayounni Napsta (@rayounni) reported

    reddit moderators are terrible, not just bad, TERRIBLE.

  • TwinEdged TwinEdge (@TwinEdged) reported

    @TimSweeneyEpic Bad for competition, which in turn will be bad for everyone except you. But please, continue to spin the whole issue by masquerading it with "free games" and anti-competitive exclusives. Sounds like Reddit is getting under your skin.

  • sarhan_aashir PunisheR_Carii (@sarhan_aashir) reported

    @iBBAA_ @PUBG The CPU usage has been raised up to like 90% after the update so its not the rig its the game. I had experienced these lags tooi thought i was server problem but when i check our reddit many people are complaining about the same stuff..

  • tessillate 🖤 goth grandma 🖤 (@tessillate) reported

    you would think by this point in my life my dumb ass would know that reading a bunch of creepy reddit threads alone at midnight IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. but alas. this ***** will never learn.

  • a3ceo WOPILA (@a3ceo) reported

    Man reddit is definitely a go to these days if i feel like going down rabbit holes

  • kittykyle9 🌒🌟Kyle🌟🌘 (@kittykyle9) reported

    @lsthart From the Reddit and their own discussion pages it seems like it's an issue that's been going for like 2 years. I guess not enough people have the problem for them to care

  • snakemlm Scaley Slut ⚣🐍💦 @ Bullying Club (@snakemlm) reported

    Finally broke down and made a reddit exclusively for r/nosleep anyone have any good forums to follow

  • xiolyph Alexis (@xiolyph) reported

    Living in a society where saying Fayetteville is a terrible place to live gets you downvoted on reddit, lmao

  • omegalps I need a bigger gun (@omegalps) reported

    I sometimes forget how much of a hellhole Reddit can be until I make a comment calling for a nerf for a broken ability in a game. Then the fukbois come out with "jUsT bLoCk Ur bAd"

  • JoeyTheRedKRoo1 JoeyTheRedKangaroo🦘 (@JoeyTheRedKRoo1) reported

    @tyrone_brother They are protective Elvis. I got like 50 down votes one time on Reddit since I pointed out that Elvis at start spit.

  • Tommy_2__Tone Pim Tool Unscrewed (@Tommy_2__Tone) reported

    @mtracey yeah, your candidates are all terrible. its almost a violation of reddit rules

  • ErinInTheMorn Erin, leggings mom (@ErinInTheMorn) reported

    @JulieYBM Eh.... that's the thing though, I legitimately don't know if he supports transition care for teenagers though. It's an issue that Rogan surly doesn't, and the reddit Bernie sub has a highly upvoted comment that doesn't, and he has no record of supporting it...

  • NewAgeOutlaw58 M.D.(Doc)Jones (@NewAgeOutlaw58) reported

    @Motomom128302 My son says that on Reddit they have named it the #KungFlu...nearly pissed my self laughing,but then I'm old,feeble,broken down and busted up...lolol

  • _Shower_Bot ShowerThinker_Bot (@_Shower_Bot) reported

    The reason everyone is crazy in post-apocalyptic movies is probably because they're the descendants of the only people to make it through the apocalypse: Doomsday preppers with psychological issues. - #ShowerThoughts #reddit

  • liminal_warmth Literal Warmth 💕 (@liminal_warmth) reported

    @mr_archenemy @eigenrobot @venusianfriend Reduces the chance of neurotoxicity issues Six weeks is the bare minimum for safety There are some good reddit threads on this hang on

  • orangelikejazz Jazz, Author of BAKE OFF: a micro RPG (@orangelikejazz) reported

    @ZauberExonar @ecgarrison A few ideas I have: Join a ttrpg development group on FB or a Discord server or a Reddit sub Talk it out to yourself - how you would explain it to someone else Playtest it with a group that understands it's a playtest and know how to give feedback

  • khjbvfhhyiooo trash (@khjbvfhhyiooo) reported

    @melizzle71 @BrightAndHollow @urfeministboss Men can never accept when their the ones who are wrong. Especially when it comes to violence against women and female issues. I had these types of experiences on Reddit all the time it's disgusting.

  • VenomDeathNinja That Yakuza Guy 🎮 Yakuza 7 (@VenomDeathNinja) reported

    @UltimaShadowX Some rando on reddit will fix the netcode and Nintendo online by the first week.

  • tylermarsh4 Tyler (@tylermarsh4) reported

    @jordynmercer Just search Reddit tennis streams jord!! I legit do it all the time and no issues

  • PrincessAsr Rooftop Korean (@PrincessAsr) reported

    @soerxpso I've been saying this for so long about Reddit. That site has many issues but one major problem is that they're all anon and unless you want to dig through their history, they're all nobodies with 0 real world knowledge about any given topic (especially on default subs).

  • AJwesome Intolerant Gay Leftie (@AJwesome) reported

    Just sayin’, you come at my friends, you come at me, and I’m not someone that has an issue arguing and will back down, nor will I be bullied by pissants. . . . . . Though this does feel like a post that will end up on a cringe reddit thread. 😬😬😬😬

  • supermelloww danielle (@supermelloww) reported

    I literally cannot stop reading glitch in the matrix stories on Reddit and I’m absolutely terrifying myself

  • OpinionsOfNikki Nicole (@OpinionsOfNikki) reported

    @deb1ballard @trash_mouth3 @UnclePennybags5 @otaku_cringe @CNN The problem is there are too many kids transitioning when it isn’t the right choice for them. Just look at the detrans reddit. People are in tears and ruined because they were pushed into something too fast and didn’t fully understand the ramifications.

  • unarmoredking the nero respecter (@unarmoredking) reported

    @captaintransma you're looking at it. people on his reddit are registering dem right now, looking leftward for the first time in their life. new people are listening to sanders standing by marginalised voices. it's a matter of inches right now and slow progress is better than no progress.

  • josealvarezn José Alvarez (@josealvarezn) reported

    @RadicalRosh @D1m1tr1s4 @BrawlStars @Frank_Supercell Reddit's post explains the lag problem on Wi-Fi, including a stable connection, it’s a big problem in Brawl Stars. Yes, I know the position of servers and region of players is a technical requirement, but still; I think isn't relate at all with that.

  • irpschay eathday 🧢 (@irpschay) reported

    My activision account I’ve been using since 2012 has been deleted out of nowhere without warning. I posted to the reddit and it turns out some other people have had this issue since the last patch for MW. @ATVIAssist

  • DamnnnnnnMakoto ℕ𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖│𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕠𝕥𝕠 🗾🖤 (@DamnnnnnnMakoto) reported

    @AskPlayStation It would be nice if Sony could put an update that would fix the Unreadable disc mess up after the 7.02 update. After the 7.02 update, my PS4 no longers read some of the discs. And no before you ask it's not the laser. there are MULTIPLE users on Reddit 1/2

  • AltHiko Hiko (wholesome) (@AltHiko) reported

    @ironicsimp i cant remember the login to my reddit

  • MM4ynard M4ynard (@MM4ynard) reported

    @zyconetic It is. I crashed, my buddy crashed and read twitter/reddit. it is down for now

  • yungtiide hip hop in name (@yungtiide) reported

    @rlysam_ This been a problem on Twitter for a while. I seen a Reddit post exposing this shit, there is like an underground community of pedos on this site, and Twitter still not doing anything, but are still banning people for dumb shit.

  • redpenLtrenDs 🤦🏾‍♀️🖕🏾 (@redpenLtrenDs) reported

    @craigg901 @SchwartzApprovd @mguggenheim @ARROWwriters I’m just saying the spoilers are on Reddit. But yeah we been knew the ending would be terrible because Beth and Marc wrote it. They ruined this show years ago.

  • NoodleShak DisBeltalowda (@NoodleShak) reported from San Diego, California

    Damn I’m over here surfing reddit and this person is building airplanes. HOLY INADEQUACY PROBLEMS BATMAN!

  • The2kpluq Ethan King (@The2kpluq) reported

    @ghostmaker36 @adam86165157 @BosaROTY That’s funny because plenty of big reddit coin sellers know me very well I have worked with plenty of them once again I have rep everyone neglects to ask for it because it isn’t forced down people’s throats when they come to my twitter

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • bridag81 Brian Dagnall (@bridag81) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @XboxSupport Posted it on reddit and lots of people having this issue. Since the turn of the year everything has gone from bad to worse. It’s about time Microsoft sorted it out

  • mashcore4mums fooly cooly (@mashcore4mums) reported

    (Joe Biden voice) you wanna spend some time on KiA. go down to the sub reddit. kotaku in action. a lot of... a lot of... a lot of gamergate supports Bernie. That's a fact you can take to the bank, Jack.

  • EphraimGopin Ephraim Gopin (@EphraimGopin) reported

    @tclaybuck @Gingerheaddad This Reddit thread about this issue is GOLD! "No, no, you're thinking about this all wrong. The farmer was like George Foreman in this regard. Bingo was his name and the name of all of his animals."

  • AqBoga Hulagu (@AqBoga) reported

    @monad1630 I really don't care, except for blasphemies, though I do think much modern swearing has a terrible whiff of Reddit, particular for women. I just wish people would be more creative.

  • BL000DYSUSHI hail paimon hail (@BL000DYSUSHI) reported

    $25 dollars for Pamela onlyfans. Don’t let me down, Reddit.

  • EverydayReddit Reddit Everyday (@EverydayReddit) reported

    @_likeasorethumb @egregiousknives @sisterofonline @mikesmicYT (14/14) So it's a total hypocrite complaining about the same things that he does. My money puts him as the prototypical Redditor because those are the only people who have an issue/dislike with the r/AskReddit YouTube videos and any other time people post Reddit content elsewhere

  • Rat_Goof shane II: refollow (@Rat_Goof) reported

    > write down "i wish i was normal" on piece of paper > *** in the palm of your hand > lap it up like a goat being fed grains at the petting zoo > "gee, i wonder if it worked" reddit moment lmao

  • badmoth15124630 Shinobi Robbie (@badmoth15124630) reported

    @LironBerisha @kiefondareef420 @mmaconscience Break it down for me bud cuz when I read the results of the test it says he’s all good. Having high lh could point to drugs (even ****), but it could also point to many other things. Maybe find a more credible source than reddit when discrediting someone’s career. 😂

  • Benwickham19 Benjamin Wickham (@Benwickham19) reported

    @SplashGallery @AskPS_UK Nah still isn't, did some research on reddit etc and apparently a lot of people are getting the same issue since cod released there update. So hopefully a patch will be released so will try again in a day or so

  • sallyexactly SallyX (@sallyexactly) reported

    I found this article on Reddit and loved it. "Cyclists may be riding farther out from the curb than normal. Don’t become annoyed. It’s not a personal affront or a case of entitlement. They’re not trying to slow you down or get in your way..."

  • jalterbosnia dzabriel (@jalterbosnia) reported

    if reddit was a minecraft server .

  • Jelly1873835 Daniella (@Jelly1873835) reported

    @DoxycDreamer My issue with the editing function is that some people can say something shitty, but then it backlashes, so they change it for something innocent. I've seen this kind of shit on reddit. :/ Also, I don't really care about typos as long as we get the message. :P

  • kewlbot Kewlbot series X (@kewlbot) reported

    people saying its stupid that people get upset about social justice issues on twitter but at the same time they get upset at ******* *reads paper* spamming cringey reddit memes

  • Blankzilla Zoe! That's Me! (@Blankzilla) reported

    Apparently there is an email address (which they don't surface, I had to get it from a trans reddit post) that can resolve the issue, potentially I would love to be able to use Messenger without having to constantly change my name and see my shitty profile pic

  • bodil40 Bodil40 (@bodil40) reported

    @jettkenyon @AorusOfficial And people on reddit saying stuff like “the quality control of the RTX 2xxx is garbo” but ... I hadn’t heard much about it before I experienced the issue ... so I really don’t know why it isn’t a more known fact

  • chconkl Christy Conklin (@chconkl) reported

    @tedbauer2003 I would suggest an actual survey option to quickly narrow down what's important. For us, quiet was top of the list. It also would help to have reviews or be able to talk to people who have previously relocated to the area. I ended up getting this info on Reddit.

  • Adhering Cart (@Adhering) reported

    @Gunversitys MW. I went on reddit and saw a slew of problems.

  • JustPeople77 Indiana Steve (@JustPeople77) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg @XboxSupport The original console and controller did not have this issue in my original controller does not have this issue with my current console. I do not like that controller because I no longer have the adapter. I have read your message boards, I have been on Reddit, and searched Google.

  • bitchas__ bitch (@bitchas__) reported

    Wish I was one of those reddit guys telling a story like “when I was fourteen, I was jerking it in the living room when I accidentally came on the light socket. It exploded and started a fire that burnt the entire house down, killing my pregnant mother. I seriously fricked up”

  • euthlogo Euthymios (@euthlogo) reported

    @sisterofonline @whiffmybiff @Philgebunts @_xvvier_ @MeganBitchell my bad. reddit is so rarely self aware i thought it was worth pointing out. as soon as i saw the anime avatars liking the reply i knew i had made a terrible error.

  • jasercilla jmac 🅙 (@jasercilla) reported

    @AngeliClemente read reddit theres this anon who said whole city got locked down cuz of the plague yes by means THE PLAGUE 😔

  • bodil40 Bodil40 (@bodil40) reported

    @DaraDouglas @AorusOfficial Tried. No change. Apparently the sag and fan1 not responding to anything and going full speed is a REALLY common issue with nvidia’s latest RTX cards and everyone on reddit is saying RMA ...

  • TheNorseCrow TheNorseCrow (@TheNorseCrow) reported

    Quote from a Reddit post that summarizes the issues with PvP in general perfectly. "Every single game developer is taxed with the unenviable burden of hiding the player's lack of skill from themselves."