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January 26: Problems at Reddit

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  • ItzAbhinavHere ItzAbhinav (@ItzAbhinavHere) reported

    @Kiyobolo04 Ah yes NOW I REMEMBER, a cringe Kei fan on reddit with terrible grammar...that must be you right...? Kiyobolo was their username.

  • SebastinPatron3 Sebastián (@SebastinPatron3) reported

    @FinanceLancelot @YahooFinance @zGuz Btw #Reddit #wallstreetbets telling followers to watch for reddit to shut them down and put some aside in case SEC comes knocking. He seems concerned abt SEC S13D, but keeps denying it. This indicates he's talked to counsel and been warned.

  • michealasymone Kay. (@michealasymone) reported

    i don’t wanna get stuck down a reddit wormhole but 😣😣

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Playerinthgame Via Getty Jr. (@Playerinthgame) reported

    @LiviaLove @realwillmeade Sure! Basically a bunch of ppl on Reddit got together and drove the price of GameStop’s stock up and that screwed over all pro traders who were counting on its price to go down. (That’s what shorting it means.) To try to stop that, trading on the stock was halted a few times +

  • blvdconnection hercules rockefeller, esq. (@blvdconnection) reported

    @JawnQuixote i hope so. its down almost 25% from the opening price but thats really inflated. i dont think it really traded more than $10-$25 before these reddit goofs. wouldnt be surprised if the SEC gets involved too

  • B_Whitewind Bishop Whitewind (@B_Whitewind) reported

    @Xrcalo The point is to stop murdering people in cold blood. Bonus points if they aren't all of a certain race. Should they bake cookies and plead on reddit instead? You see resistance to genocide and your response is to pearl clutch that a few windows are broken?

  • twiss Tove ・ とうふ (@twiss) reported

    @orangerful Yeah, looking at the demo user it gives me nice nostalgic vibes. The concept of actual -active- communities excite me. I tried to get into reddit for a while, but it's too chaotic for me to sit down and devote any time to it. Maybe this is a better alternative.

  • CustodesPraeco D. Sinclair (@CustodesPraeco) reported

    @AndyBandana Now that the gig is exposed, the price will come back down on its own (or when Reddit sells), but the fund is already (potentially) screwed.

  • newi_bewi Skinny Baguette (@newi_bewi) reported

    @tajh256 @Misokrattz The establishment is hoping to artificially drive the price down because they bet it would fall, instead Reddit brought it up, causing them to lose millions. Reddit is going to keep investing. Hold onto your money and join WallStreetBets for more knowledge

  • fake_use Fake Name (@fake_use) reported

    @Brad_Glasgow Unfortunatly, they only lost money on paper. Gamestop is still a faling business and the stock is certain to go down hard sooner or later. For now they’ll eat the paper losses when when gamestop stock will eventually crash they’ll have the money while reddit lost a bunch.

  • BetaDecayPlus Beta (@BetaDecayPlus) reported

    @OmanReagan Hell, today a bunch of people on Reddit managed to manipulate the stock market as a joke. This system is flat out broken.

  • HammerZeit88 Buffalo bandwagon (@HammerZeit88) reported

    @JC1053 Oh I certainly did. Expected all the down votes. But was pleasantly surprised. Some of us know better on reddit after all.

  • RubenDior *505 (@RubenDior) reported

    Aspie kids on Reddit gonna singlehandedly bring down the institution of greedy wall street bankers profiting off the misery of the American ppl and no one cares :/ that’s why y’all don’t deserve free healthcare

  • TylerTutt_12 Tyler ✌🏻 (@TylerTutt_12) reported from Tyler, Texas

    If y’all wanna help **** the system, head on over to r/WSB on Reddit and buy GameStop stock! It’s time to take down the machine

  • ConnorMaki Connor Maki (@ConnorMaki) reported

    I had 376 notifications stacked up on reddit and they just dropped down to 9. I am distraught and seeking help.

  • PowerTripReport Power Trip Report (@PowerTripReport) reported

    @jimcramer It’s the rise of Reddit—in general. WSB has quintupled since I joined. The amount of LOTR memes has gone down but that’s about it

  • sncrlyannoyed sincerly, annoyed. (@sncrlyannoyed) reported

    My #niche is creating chaos on Reddit and deleting once I reach 100+ down votes.

  • plavers Paul Lavers (@plavers) reported

    When Reddit moves financial markets we’re in trouble. Beware. #wallstreetbets #Bitcoin

  • TadzioMatrajt Tadzio (@TadzioMatrajt) reported

    @MilosParrots @GoddessofGrain Since I was put in Twitter jail tried reddit, it’s terrible... dumb young people, mostly city people, it’s a horror show... and too much lies

  • SeraphinaAnd Seraphina ‘Sera’ Anderson (@SeraphinaAnd) reported

    @_PurplexRose_ She was thinking of stuff like Reddit, but that might be an issue, too. Not everything in the modern world is great. "Can you do magic if I don't specifically ask you to? Just to do things for yourself?"

  • AndrewRickli Andrew Rickli (@AndrewRickli) reported

    Just had some random thoughts about what is happening in the markets right now. A Reddit group literally took down a hedge fund causing them to need a 2.75B buyout. Traders now are so much more informed and ready to build wealth. (1/2)

  • laurr_michh Laur (@laurr_michh) reported

    Is anyone having issues with #reddit?

  • Urban_struggle Urban (@Urban_struggle) reported

    I won't be buying corsair head sets again. To many issues and to little help. Shouldn't have to look on YouTube or reddit for a fix.

  • DjangoWexler Django Wexler (@DjangoWexler) reported

    @rszasz @JulietteWade You still need human moderators -- community moderation is a a force multiplier, but not a replacement. A reddit forum, for example, uses up/down votes to moderate the threads on posts, but you still need someone to ban bad actors or else they take over.

  • JustinRoskamp Justin Roskamp (@JustinRoskamp) reported

    @antolmos28 @ripnpepperonis @ShutUpJamiePls I think a TCA on Reddit said the waste is incinerated since it's medical waste, so if that was accurate it might come down to what's in the straws and funnels that would be burned into the atmosphere. There’s enough interest that the university should release a fact sheet imo

  • planned_havoc Metalcutter 🌲🏹🦌 (@planned_havoc) reported

    @DGroypette @MethEnjoyer A hedge fund bet that Gamestop stock would go down. Small investors on reddit bought a bunch and made it go up, costing the hedge fund a lot of money.

  • shawnmullins_5 Shawn (@shawnmullins_5) reported

    @24prib @SEC_Enforcement @SECEnfDirectors When rich hedge funds do it, it’s ok. When a bunch of nerds on Reddit do it, it becomes a problem. #Logic #AMC

  • SyndicalistAfro BeYourTrueMind (@SyndicalistAfro) reported

    why do people end sentences like this! when they're explaining something very simple on bird site **** comes off so condescending, it's like reddit positivity boiled down even further into infuriating insincerity

  • jessgrieser Jessi Grieser (@jessgrieser) reported

    Someone on a reddit thread once was talking about how their dog would not stop fetching and someone else asked what kind of dog and the op said "Labrador/Blue heeler" and then someone else just quoted the "Blue heeler" and wrote "Well there's your problem." I felt seen.