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  • KWierso No, they're saying "Vote Blue-erns No Matter Who" (@KWierso) reported

    @MarcoInEnglish I found the Portland Pokemon Go server from r/pokemonpdx on reddit. Rust server was mentioned in IRC or Slack or Matrix at some point. Roommate and Family servers made myself. Others were ones I joined that others made and invited me into.

  • rinni_epic7 Rinni 団長 (@rinni_epic7) reported

    @Tk_Haste I left it for like 5 minutes and it didn't change. I found a reddit post last night with other people having the same problem so I guess it might be a problem from sg

  • jaaakrell Jake K (@jaaakrell) reported

    China takes down a lot of posts on reddit, especially if they are critical of China. I believe they bought into the company awhile back, and now they have the ability to take down anything that criticizes the country or Xi Jiping. Pretty concerning.

  • NagiYamaoka Nagi (@NagiYamaoka) reported

    @wwzthegame so i came back to thsi game after a year and im level 1. I looked at the fix you guys posted on reddit 7 months ago and the storage file doesnt exist in my ID folder ,please help.

  • jyctan 🃏𝙹𝚘𝚢𝚌𝚎 🍊📙🧡🟠🟧 (@jyctan) reported

    Reddit has lured me down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories 😣

  • TF2_Bot_ tf2 bot (@TF2_Bot_) reported

    The Market Gun Can’t be cancelled 80% more reddit gold on kill successive shots become less accurate Alt-fire: Share a Sandvich with a friend (Medium Health Kit). This is a broken weapon who's job it is to never bunny hop over Pyros.

  • csxioz ؘ (@csxioz) reported

    @KeemExorcist yes!!! and no, it’s a real problem, found on reddit a lot of people with this same issue

  • SwXennial xennial-sw-fan (LouellaWilla) (@SwXennial) reported

    @scavengertrash @secretreylo That was a popular theory on reddit... I am a sucker for a time loop story twist but my God, what a terrible ending for Rey and everyone that would have been!

  • Andre_Cardoso_M André Monteiro (@Andre_Cardoso_M) reported

    @KophiNero @Pwn20wnd Ahhh, you also have these random restarts. God, I thought I was the only one with this problem. Personally, I installed the tweak "jetslammed" from ModMyi I saw on reddit that it could fix this problem of memory management I'll keep you posted

  • IittIeleagues 𝐤𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐚 ✰ (@IittIeleagues) reported

    @boooboothefooI i’ve cried to my mum like 19 times today she’s so sick of me IDKBWHAT TO DO just wanna go back one week when we didn’t have any of these issues our biggest issue was trying to figure out what day the reddit ama was and then we told u the wrong day and then we had to wake u up

  • Femioxi Jerilyn 🌻 (@Femioxi) reported

    @ProdigyXXIII I’ve read all about the people having issues on Reddit, I’ve also contacted them 5 times.

  • kshutch Ken Hutchins (@kshutch) reported

    @RealDanB95 @CNBCnow I made this account long ago and just never really used it. I was trying to promote a video service back then. Never had a use for it after that until hurricane harvey hit and reddit was slow on info...twitter was faster. Now I use twitter for fast news.

  • speedydukesart speedydukesart (@speedydukesart) reported

    I’m mad about this query from reddit asking about “what to do when you know someone is becoming or is obese and they don’t see the problem. I literally commented it’s good to show them doctors and nurses perspectives. Then I was accused of fat shaming...

  • RomeRamirez 𝕽𝕺𝕸𝕰 (@RomeRamirez) reported

    @KeebPlays Down! I saw that on reddit. These were oven baked 😩

  • CCStrickland CC 100° (@CCStrickland) reported

    Corona based relationship problem posts on reddit are my new addiction. "I found out my husband was cheating on 3/12 quarantined with him on 3/13" "found out y my SAHW cant lose weight, shes always snacking!" "He said hes quarantined at work but I found he has another family!"

  • _braquo_ Secretary of no state-No pasaran🏴 (@_braquo_) reported

    @jaybeware I made a joke about it on reddit and got banned from r/NBA. Wasn't even a terrible joke. Didn't wish death on him. Just a little joke. Lol.

  • mistermoviespod mister movies (da podcast guy) (@mistermoviespod) reported

    (a twitter account called Internet Explorer News posts a tweet that says "heard there was a pandemic. i hope we fix EBOLA SOON!!!!!") reddit guy, shaking: oh my god dude, oh my ****** GOD dude

  • SerWeezus Ser_Weezus (@SerWeezus) reported

    @andrinnnnn @Bowblax Yeah bro my girlfriend kept wanting to show her tits to random strangers online and I wouldnt have it so she sat me down and said "if you really cared about me you would let teenagers ******** to me on reddit" then we broke up 😭😭😭😭

  • TinoDev Tinotenda (@TinoDev) reported

    "Easy problems feed the ego, hard problems feed the mind" Source - Reddit #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie

  • oliviergat oliviergat (@oliviergat) reported

    @boomslam345 @discordapp Yeah a lot of people seem to be having this problem and discord doesn't do anything about it, even on Reddit lots of people are complaining about it and not even one single person to answer this problem.

  • street_feets Street Feets (@street_feets) reported

    @yourz_truly312 @HalleFan7171 you'll have to search under her name on Reddit. I dont see it off hand, but it was up last night, I didn't have to look for it, maybe the person took it down

  • chereshki 🔪😂🔫 (@chereshki) reported

    @IndoorSitup @2gay2lift this has been public knowledge for a few years now tho. anisa's discord chat got posted multiple times on ian's reddit and no one cared. now that she's got an only fans, people are bringing up dirt on his gf that was already known, but suddenly it's a problem for them

  • itsTMJL TMJL (@itsTMJL) reported

    @Dai_Dai2500 @yourleakplug oh same. 😂 I paid reddit a visit and it fixed all my problems

  • AdamMonroe1981 Unfoundhero (@AdamMonroe1981) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Activision Why.. just why.. only call of duty would crash and cause windows to malfunction. Maybe they will pay attention to players when the numbers plummet and start fixing the issues at hand like all the crash complaints daily on Reddit and twitter

  • rmkenney1 Robert Kenney (@rmkenney1) reported

    @Western2A To all of you MAGA not getting the "/s", you obviously failed to participate in the /r/The_Donald subreddit on Reddit. Of course, you dawdled, and the Chinese-owned lefties at Reddit shut down /r/The_Donald, eliminating the major Pro-DJT subreddit. UR too late!

  • Ya_boy_dougE Doug Elliot (@Ya_boy_dougE) reported

    @VeeAlmighty I find myself more on reddit. For IT advice, workout advice etc. I like it Mainly because there’s is some form of accountability. All Bullshit gets down-voted then removed. On twitter, bulls it runs rampant and you are rewarded for it

  • chamomile_crow equalizing my humors to stop coronavirus (@chamomile_crow) reported

    also i fell down the mechanical keyboards reddit hole. once shops and the recycling center are open again i'm gonna see if i can get an old apple 2 keyboard, paint it, and then swap out the keycaps for a hiragana-english set. gotta do it for the clicky clack.

  • crgomolka Hellsa 🥑 (@crgomolka) reported

    Lock down got me so bored I made a reddit account

  • crgomolka Hellsa 🥑 (@crgomolka) reported

    Lock down got be so bored I made a reddit account

  • Rain395 Denzel (@Rain395) reported

    @Matias_Redfield If anything they could totally re-use the guy's face but please fix the face scan. It did not turn out well in 7 lmao I agree. I made a post about this on Reddit and I got downvoted and attacked by everyone haha but he really looks more like Chris in the right pic.

  • LegendOfAK Legend 🤘🏻 (@LegendOfAK) reported

    Yeah if they don’t fix the PC side of Warzone and continue to let these hackers roam free it will be dead AF soon. The entire Reddit group and TL is full of losers hacking. I can’t believe they released it and didn’t have better anti cheat systems in place!

  • vesprem1 Randy Randelman 🎙🎙🥓🔌🎙🎙 (@vesprem1) reported

    @heaven18 @ellenspencer03 @MelissaTront @GovWhitmer @FLOTUS Your first link is a Wall Street Journal Opinion piece. And that’s the problem: you people refute the science and use your Reddit PhD to spread the bullshit. Again, I gave my credentials as they relate to human biology and pharmacology. Still waiting on yours.

  • afzalvvs 🕊 (@afzalvvs) reported

    i read about peoples failures on reddit to make myself feel better when i'm down

  • _Shower_Bot ShowerThinker_Bot (@_Shower_Bot) reported

    One day, The Onion will shut down, since satire is becoming less and less distinguishable nowadays. - #ShowerThoughts #reddit

  • benthepigg nah 🅱️ (@benthepigg) reported

    @JDEnriquito32 @WasabiKitCat @Pogsire Ok, look, the terrible thing that happens with suicide, a lot of the fans try to forget it, and all denounce it. All the fans hate that, that was a long time ago, and there are very little toxic fans anymore, I hate reddit but the fandom on reddit is nice.

  • TerminusEterne J. Kastronis (aka HolyMittens) (@TerminusEterne) reported

    @Minta_Krikomi @CeladorMythica @kcunning Reddit is actually really good as long as you stick to the hobby-related and more niche subreddits. It's the large areas that give it the reputation as terrible.

  • GabrielMonky2 Gabe.exe (@GabrielMonky2) reported

    i haven't seen the light of day in 3 week, became morbidly obese and have breathing problems but if i post myself to reddit i may be a Wholseome chunker!

  • MinhTost the tost with the tost🍞 (@MinhTost) reported

    @ironically_edgy twitter is good for whenever i am banned from reddit and discord is slow

  • _Shower_Bot ShowerThinker_Bot (@_Shower_Bot) reported

    Some people have trouble sleeping because the dream server is full, you need to wait for someone to wake up so you can sleep - #ShowerThoughts #reddit

  • Harvey_10k Harvey10K (@Harvey_10k) reported

    Why are the @reddit servers still down on my app it's been says that for days now 🤔

  • lady_ruthven Lady Ruthven (@lady_ruthven) reported

    I wish reddit users understood that the "down vote" feature isn't because you disagree, it's because the comment doesn't contribute (pos or neg) to the discussion.

  • bearcanyons bearcanyons (@bearcanyons) reported

    @ontheappj_d @hutchinson pornography (the terrible sin) caused my poor nepheww to become indulged in the great vices of this age hip hop music pornography and reddit and now all he does is sit around and 'simp' women on twitter.......... THIS IS WHY PORNOGRAPHY SHOULD BE BANNED

  • DigitalResist0r Delta Rogers (@DigitalResist0r) reported

    @BadassBowden I'm 31, and my nudes are still available on Reddit. There was a lot of shame when I first found out, it took me years, and a lot of body issues, but I stopped caring. Still find it hard to trust people, but I do still share my nudes too, because she can't take that away from me.

  • southkoreanal Lex (@southkoreanal) reported

    Only on reddit do I see folks claiming that if we stay home from work completely and smoke throughout 4/20 as protests we can fix America lol my god

  • chesleydohl Chesley J. Dohl (@chesleydohl) reported

    @Dimitri46931489 @rigan36 Yes. But he's still down in a bunker talking shit on Reddit. Might be a rouse to inspire false confidence in "science" like everything else...Hopefully, he'll be carted away to GITMO in a week, God Willing. 😊🙏

  • DontSuspendPls Juan (@DontSuspendPls) reported

    @wannalisten @Noah82045686 @MusicMonki @KuronaeKirimu @m_warre_ @h3h3productions @Idubbbz Yeah i mean except reddit puts medals on their poo and calls it original, and then proceeds to force their poo down the throats of the innocent masses

  • sorrysedated PASSING math 💅🏼 (@sorrysedated) reported

    i actually answer morbid questions i’m getting more and more toxic by the second reddit please shut down immediately i feel like a basement dwelling goblin-esq teenage boy please say sike

  • XAFrankalore Frank | XA Top 5 (@XAFrankalore) reported

    @kyledemes @EA @XboxSupport @respawnent I was just checking reddit and most people have the same issue. I have seen people try reinstalling it but half the timenit doesn't work. I'll keep looking though.

  • Soupaman32 That Guy Who Sends You Wobbles (@Soupaman32) reported

    @taylor13013 If you really want to go down a rabbit hole, go on reddit and then search something interested in. Guarantee there’s a whole subreddit for it with tons of posts 😂

  • billy_brummel Billy Brummel (@billy_brummel) reported

    @TaraAnnThieke Reddit is not terrible for this purpose.

  • Healz_911 Werner (Healz_911) (@Healz_911) reported

    @dire_ZA Yes... however on reddit this was n problem just after the game launched. After the 20gig patch, more people seem to be getting this disconnection issue

  • ArnoldSwachn1g John 'Saabun' McTavish (@ArnoldSwachn1g) reported

    @JackChambers98 @RyRock26 @iamwaxwonder @CrookedIntriago It's like people on reddit trying to tell me to listen to the track again when they themselves don't explain anything and I'm asking them for it but they down vote me 💀

  • mjBryant16 〽️iles James 🔜 The Evolution Tour (@mjBryant16) reported

    @trav_allen @ThorniestBerry have some faith. the servers keep going down on 3 so i imagine we have 4 coming with the new consoles. there are a bunch of theories on reddit.

  • DeviDranity Devi (@DeviDranity) reported

    @chhopsky @GarebearTellEm @DevinNash @coL_Asmodai @Twitch I'm a Discord server Admin/Moderator and a Reddit sub Moderator. If Twitch mods are anything similar, I can guarantee that "powertripping" mods are 100% a thing and 100% an issue. We've had to remove many from their position for going crazy with punishments.

  • raafiqheey Afendani (@raafiqheey) reported

    So I've read a lot of comments in the past at reddit saying "oh I played for 2 hours and that game was stupid. I wrote a terrible review for it" 😂

  • PocketGrok ultimate pocket stuffing (@PocketGrok) reported

    @Tirrelous @DarkPhox @JaiyDaWoof We can reenact that one famous Reddit story about the kid with broken arms

  • raafiqheey Afendani (@raafiqheey) reported

    So I've read a lot of comments at reddit saying "oh I played for 2 hours and that game was stupid. I wrote a terrible review for it"

  • lexi_the_star Alex_star_🔞 (@lexi_the_star) reported

    So I went on Reddit and someone has stolen my content, I messaged them and they took it down but it's v creepy to do stuff like that. So I am going to respectfully ask y'all not to save my content. Also I may start watermarking my stuff

  • dielornodeal michael scott (@dielornodeal) reported

    Reddit relationship problems keeping me entertained

  • shoyobito alex 𓀐𓂸 (@shoyobito) reported

    can’t believe i’m talking about my issues on reddit