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June 17: Problems at Reddit

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  • PaintdropsLive Paintdrops (@PaintdropsLive) reported

    @blackmcyttwt That reddit post is disgusting, the upvotes all of it ******* disgusting. Black people are ALLOWED to be offended and hurt when someone does something to hurt them mentally or physically, and allowed to state their opinion on poc issues in the mcyt community

  • SpiderManFan02 sensationalspideyfan (@SpiderManFan02) reported

    @ThePhantomSpidr Maybe!! I found it on Reddit, but it was very quickly taken down!

  • SpiderManFan02 sensationalspideyfan (@SpiderManFan02) reported

    @ThePhantomSpidr Maybe!! I found out on Reddit, but it was very quickly taken down!

  • syafii_phs Muhd Syafi'i (@syafii_phs) reported

    Reddit has allowed us to create a community that only knows how to raise up issues but not act on them.

  • Shadowmoses086 Snake Eater (@Shadowmoses086) reported

    @TheQuartering I read his Reddit post. He probably thought it wasn't worth the drama. Was he asked to step down?

  • KBareega kenny Bareega (@KBareega) reported

    @TheWomenOfEden Was once a Reddit pick, now taken down. No Identification on this very adorable IRLgirl [I am assuming].

  • badpunname fiction denier (@badpunname) reported

    @Simprano_Tony There's RSS feeds for that, you don't even have to go to Reddit. Though the TrueAnon one I was using went down so I do have to go to Reddit sometimes.

  • ryujimint_xx1 Ayumi • 아유미 (@ryujimint_xx1) reported

    To this kind of "reposting problem". And if you're okay with that, then go away. I'm speak up for the one who doesn't allow reposting and without a proper credit. Stop using, "credit to pinterest, credit to google, credit to reddit blabla" That's not how u give a proper credit

  • mariaaafdzzz ♡maria♡ (@mariaaafdzzz) reported

    Lol I dropped my sister’s card in the little opening where the car window is and I’m internally freaking out. People on Reddit said it’s an easy fix so we’ll see tomorrow 🥴

  • vandeRede Taal! (Emu Respecter) (@vandeRede) reported

    @_dr_g_st The highest and darkest and most terrible citadel of Reddit. They say none who venture there ever return

  • waffurukuru Waffle (@waffurukuru) reported

    @golden_wolfram Also if his Reddit post is anything to go by, then he's been getting several personal threats aimed at him and his pregnant wife and she's been extremely distressed. I find perfectly understandable wanting to back down when there's a new life on the way.

  • ThatRoseBitch 🏳️‍🌈💗Rose💛Butt💙🏳️‍🌈 (@ThatRoseBitch) reported

    @GladClam @AlphapupCade @DumbBitchHour13 I’m not sure, to me it seems like it would put unnecessary stress on everyone. I’m not a Reddit mod but I am a Discord admin, and if I make a rule I make it a rule 24/7, not one that can be “broken” on certain days. Maybe they’re going for the idea of having a “cheat” day but——

  • dumbMonkeyBrain stoopid monkey (@dumbMonkeyBrain) reported

    I saw someone on Reddit using a pic of my **** in various groups, problem is I don’t remember who I sent it to

  • InfendoJustin Justin [✜--ⒷⒶ] Clough (@InfendoJustin) reported

    @lonebengalsfan @assassinscreed @NintendoAmerica By the way, thanks that Reddit link. I’m gonna try that as soon as the game is done downloading (if). What a stupid glitch. Also, why did it take this long for it to affect me?

  • makroutellouz meesh (@makroutellouz) reported

    i did actually make a reddit to ask about it but got no leads sadly. i MIGHT repost it but i already did bc of clarity issues

  • BaldSwordGaming BaldswordGaming (@BaldSwordGaming) reported

    @reddit for the past month or so I've been having extreme lag on the mobile app(android) when logging in with it not loading the 'hot' list of my subscribed pages for around 3 minuites of just sitting there waiting at best. Is there some sort of server issues currently occuring

  • DurekTom tom durek (@DurekTom) reported

    @wmiddelkoop they almost did. But they diverted it and called us hedge fund bots got reddit off the scent. Wouldve been the biggest FU to the establishment and big banks if everyone went into silver. Just that 1 weekend they had to throw like a year and a half of mining supply to tamp down

  • MarkHodder3 HootahMan (@MarkHodder3) reported

    @ZssBecker What about ONE? They’ve been having some bug issues lately...according to the Reddit sub at least. All mumbo jumbo to me

  • CMcKayFL Corey McKay (@CMcKayFL) reported

    @ForensicFarmer That was the hope of the Reddit user that had the issue, he's waiting on permitting for the tower. Hopefully getting off the ground with better airflow will keep it just cool enough to prevent shutdown.

  • eliopdagod eliop14 (@eliopdagod) reported

    @cameony1 @EZScapeYT @HCIM_Deaths I don't hate pvmers. Ive pvmed myself. The problem is entitled little noobs like you who think the whole game should be a safe medieval cookie clicker. Go make a reddit thread about it you dweeb. Wilderness has been around forever. Why start crying now.

  • H3ctic4328 H3ctic. (@H3ctic4328) reported

    @MargaretsPlant @JustinMasse @Biast12 I believe they talked about this on a recent Reddit AMA and said they wouldn't be doing it. I don't remember the exact reasons, but it was along the lines of "far more trouble than it's worth"

  • TheCoffeeBlock Coffee On The Blockchain (@TheCoffeeBlock) reported

    @iamjchase @ZssBecker ONEs reddit is a shitshow. Massive dev / community problems from the actual team

  • JuneMitm june 🌙🌃 watch mitm (@JuneMitm) reported

    reddit is NOT ok everytime i see a post about what malcolms life will end up like theyre always like "he's going to ******* suffer and live a terrible life because he's an evil ******* and he will be worse than herkabe and-" you're talking about an 18 year old boy RELAX

  • sjmillerart sir @ sleep (@sjmillerart) reported

    thank you to nerds on reddit for tracking down photos of Ethan Winter’s exact jacket so I don’t have to

  • hikiganebousou Ikka 👹 壱火 (@hikiganebousou) reported

    i'm bored i'm gonna read about strangers' life problems on reddit

  • EternalDepresso Depresso (@EternalDepresso) reported

    @DeadByBHVR Hey twitter guy, just as a random stranger that is a part of the DBD community, let me say this on behalf of the reddit bros, we dont hate you twitter guy, we hate the game play balancers that are causing the issues, much love, Depress

  • ElektrodriveUK Sparky (@ElektrodriveUK) reported

    @filthy_casualx @ChainLinkGod Wasn't that issue about decentralisation one of the criticisms @VitalikButerin had on a Reddit thread? Despite all this, wouldn't you agree that chainlink is the number 1 go to for oracles, that being said other oracles will be relevant too in the coming years.

  • CAMELOT331 CAMELOT331 (@CAMELOT331) reported

    Even with all of youtube's issues. It still seems to be the last acceptable place to exist. On reddit nearly 90% of interactions are negative. Tik Tok is overwhelmingly negative regardless of content. Even though there is negative comments on youtube. There is still support.

  • 50firstkates arvind swamy's juul (@50firstkates) reported

    @Burnkruczynski LMAOOOOOO that reddit server’s always come up with the craziest ****, they used to track his flight plans too??? some real weirdos on there

  • XinxaxStarbird Xin | yellow space birb (@XinxaxStarbird) reported

    Kobold post on reddit got taken down by r/furry mods 🥲 And also deleted from servers for being too suggestive Ill see what I can do without risking too much for a post deletion next time prob