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  • zimbloggy Micah #SharkWeek (@zimbloggy) reported

    Well reddit is absolutely terrible I guess

  • iamhurtin damien hanigan (@iamhurtin) reported

    @arsenalvision Oh nice. Didn't know there was a mac client I just went to check reddit for streams and it's been shut down again. I don't know where to look anymore

  • darkmattercook Kyle Weeks (@darkmattercook) reported

    went on reddit for 2.5 seconds; then remembered why never go on reddit. Terrible people.

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Honestly there concept of reasons to be appropriate to put a song up all the credits rolled up and have been broken because i miss playing urf and smashing kids on reddit

  • logansucks__ logan! (@logansucks__) reported

    I have some guy messaging me on reddit from a post about bump keys from like six months ago and he’s homeless. Like I’m down to help but I feel his intentions are not pure. I made bump keys because cutting a freehand key was a challenge.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • shyenia_chant Shyenia ~ (@shyenia_chant) reported

    @Twitch 2 weeks since I wrote to support because my account was hacked and no response. Forums and reddit full of people with same problem. Nice security and support Twitch

  • colbyklaus colby klaus (@colbyklaus) reported

    @DavidGhirahim I think a lot of this thread is you’ve never looked an issue yourself, and instead rely on fifth-hand retelling provided by reddit and Chan boards because they’ll tell you how smart you are for thinking just like them. You’re an NPC buddy.

  • Edgy_Ezreal Ya Boy Reagan 👍 (@Edgy_Ezreal) reported

    @AbhorrentTV Should've put that video where the reporter knocks down a jenga tower... Smh -100 Reddit Karma.

  • notsara Sara (@notsara) reported

    Sometimes when I'm using my tablet, which is literally a bigger version of my phone, I put it down to pick up my phone to do something, like browse Reddit or pay a bill, and maybe most of the time whatever's already open on my tablet and that's just how things are going.

  • MissMaris21 Maris (@MissMaris21) reported

    From Reddit: "Fun fact: At high temperatures like that, bees will fly away from the hive to gather water and then return to spray down the hive and it's occupants (or feed them water directly), cooling it down in the process" ****** bees man holy shit

  • takelgryph 🌻Takel, a cattebirb🌻🏳️‍🌈🌹 (@takelgryph) reported

    @AuroraPenguin that'd be asymmetric unfortunately, there's not much detail that i can track down about this beyond someone on reddit saying there was a lot of leftover development code and more server calls than a pizza place at a furry con

  • mischelka33 Mischell 👻 (@mischelka33) reported

    @sadashel @A_n_t_h_o_n_y_P @kimpetras Reddit. There is also other cover for song called Broken. Broken is supposed to come out next week and this one May 2nd.

  • NapoXIskandar {FGO} Napoleon Fanboy 🌈 (@NapoXIskandar) reported

    @wolftendo I don't even open twitter or pixiv in public 😂 Problem is there's some risk factors in FB, reddit and YouTube too but they're much less and usually not straight up porn lol

  • shiyanzhuyi Waddle Deepfake [snufkin] (@shiyanzhuyi) reported

    "actually, that's being a socdem, not a demsoc" has trickled all the way down to the reddit comments, the boomers are running out of time

  • ZachFromIthaca Zach Winn (@ZachFromIthaca) reported

    @CathyYoung63 Hillary had a bootleg email server in her bathroom and her IT guy Paul Combetta (Stonetear) posted her IP address on Reddit asking for help securing it. @KStylePodcast

  • Zombiellaa Stacey (@Zombiellaa) reported

    Some fresh takes on DBD tonight courtesy of baby reddit killers. "Dead Hard is the strongest exhaustion perk!", "Dead Hard is OP & broken!", "DS is OP bs & should be removed". Big 4head

  • Mantis_X2 Mantis-X (@Mantis_X2) reported

    @kyoshourz THey've had a super private server running for ~5 years; just released their code so others can pick up the mantle too. CoH Reddit is buzzing right now lol

  • jorywea Joe Weaver (@jorywea) reported

    @burns_alana This person received the same DMCA takedown notice I got. And freefolk mods confirmed Reddit took it down.

  • xchajon_ Erick Chajon 🌌 (@xchajon_) reported

    @DJB22 @HaaxZaak @XXL If this was Reddit I’m down but Twitter nah Twitter is just for memes

  • DianeD44 Diane Doyle (@DianeD44) reported

    @CdnCapedCrusadr @CaitlynGolem Those weren't my picks. I'm not that prescient. It was an Avs fan who did them. Yesterday, Down Goes Brown linked to a Reddit thread with discussion of that bracket.

  • DeadEyeMIDGET David Pereira (@DeadEyeMIDGET) reported

    @kureigu21 @I_AM_WILDCAT @BigJigglyPanda I use Steam to report problems I have (if they're big) with a glitch. Steam, Reddit, I go to every possible source, to make sure that theres a better chance of someone seeing it.

  • JearHd JearHD🥶😴⭐️ (@JearHd) reported

    @SynergyXBL Well I mean I figured if they can reply to people on reddit about a ******* saug shooting BBs they can fix the enemy glitch

  • _smromero Shelly Romero (@_smromero) reported

    @lilliamr I did a reddit discussion dive and hella fell down the rabbit hole

  • BabyPeraltaa anna (@BabyPeraltaa) reported

    @dino_whisperer You can’t anymore. They have all been taken down. Reddit has a whole thread for it

  • mperezwritesirl michelle perez (@mperezwritesirl) reported

    zizek and peterson about to enter divorce dad/incel territory. reddit gonna burn down tonight

  • 5i2ish hip grandma (@5i2ish) reported

    im reading a reddit thread of what people want in the new animal crossing game to torture myself. someone’s like “making paths something you can actually construct instead of laying down patterns” and i cry

  • Keyblader007 Exodus (@Keyblader007) reported

    @BeatSaber I just got to play beat Saber again after a few month hiatus due to moving and such. The red Saber (left) randomly goes insane. I read on reddit a lot of people have this issue on PSVR. I tried every combination of adjusting and calibration one could do. Please help.

  • CallAliceWonder Alice Wonder (@CallAliceWonder) reported

    @CoradoSoprano4 you finally got your wish. The O&a Reddit is shut down. The mods of that sub, couldn’t take the heat when everything turned on them.

  • ClappedJordan ( 10-8) (@ClappedJordan) reported

    Dude I can’t watch the games all the Reddit streams are down /:

  • thereaIkerma [RockHard] Kerma (@thereaIkerma) reported

    I would unironically rather use 4chan or facebook any day over reddit and those are both terrible

  • halhighball Steph✨ (@halhighball) reported

    I saw a post on reddit where someone said they were hard boiling eggs in a coffee pot at their work brain is a bit broken. I don't think I would do that.

  • riordainn riordainn (@riordainn) reported

    @bIuesaffron @london3673 @therefore_I_M @rxmeister28 @jaketapper Yeah I think I'm going to share this one on reddit tomorrow. I appreciate it! This is a frustrating issue bc it's so clearly cut and dry legal stuff and he did absolutely nothing wrong but it's going to be so easy to spin because people are sensitive about race (understandably)

  • sagemakescont sage. (@sagemakescont) reported

    Why do people refer to Reddit as being the place without normies Reddit’s community is pretty terrible and has normies, and subreddit moderators are among the worst of mods

  • BubbleButtBaddi Hoephia (@BubbleButtBaddi) reported

    My mom posted something on reddit and got 2 down votes and she is currently spiraling

  • MahdiHasanChou1 Mahdi Hasan Choudhury (@MahdiHasanChou1) reported

    Just saw on sub-reddit today that if we can raise 600 million dollars in 24 hours to fix a Church we can solve the world problems if we really want to.

  • BigBallerToxic Hassan (@BigBallerToxic) reported

    @TheBeast14101 my nba reddit streams not working 🥺

  • marketwarbles Robert Smithson (@marketwarbles) reported

    @reddit Guys! I'm trying to place an advert on your site, but I get a "Too many redirects" error. Help me out please

  • wicketwarwick j hill+ (@wicketwarwick) reported

    pretend sictuation. thousands of reddit usseers and only a few who pay for "gold" i see a problem. example. grandfather passes and left 18000 golds. but you have to give them away one at a time. like we used in the old days., son

  • KaraFlops Kangayroo (@KaraFlops) reported

    @cordy_fox @AyrenTheWolf @Trankoalaty Yeah I really don't use Reddit much, other than a few subreddits where people post stories, because then I have something quick and easy to read on slow days at work.

  • QQbdsm j̷u̷s̷t̷i̷n̷ (@QQbdsm) reported

    @Whereitattho1 @FalconsUp @reddit it’s shut down right now, i blame that *******

  • BondageLand AliceInBondageLand (@BondageLand) reported

    Fell down a reddit thread and rediscovered/reconfirmed how evil multi-level-marketing schemes really are. You too can be broke and bereft of friends if you just sign up here!

  • PiccoloJrs Entrapta Pro Minecraft Youtuber (@PiccoloJrs) reported

    @groovypeaches Oh yeah, I used to get it from their website but I guess that taken down so I found a Reddit post with this link

  • wolfgang_rush Rushikesh R Mahajan (@wolfgang_rush) reported from Chandrapur, State of Mahārāshtra

    @Ubisoft @TheCrewGame First of all check your reddit and fix the problems on uplay client

  • BryanCBennett Bryan C. Bennett (@BryanCBennett) reported

    @bwinterrose @austinmcraig @reddit @kays310 FYI the login doesn't work

  • eduroameo Aaron 🚀 (@eduroameo) reported

    back then I was part of this anime site's forum which sadly closed down, but in those pre-reddit/discord days this was my first excursion into online communities - mad to think how much has changed since then

  • NVGhost005 D'Enise Arabella Qi'ra Daenerys Trikru (@NVGhost005) reported

    @jon_snow39 @BaldMove You can find it on Reddit. It was posted by Frikidoctor. The first episode summary was about 60% accurate but I am terrified of the rest. It was taken down but I was able to find it one more time to read it by shaking the internet. You may have to do the same

  • Drawnimations Angel (@Drawnimations) reported

    I hate the internet endgame was spoiled for me through me and my friends smash discord server some user came in and copied a spolier section from a Reddit post with everything that happens in the movie. To sum up tread carefully on the internet also heck the guy who did it

  • MarxoneX Mark Swan 🐸 (@MarxoneX) reported

    @pathofexile "I actually think GGG is just tripling down on "player retention" via RNG and it's just a turning into a shitty experience." Taken from reddit, but could be written in stone.

  • sportsfan2333 sportsfan233 (@sportsfan2333) reported

    @TheRealJHair the ratings are down because of the NBA REDDIT STREAMS. The numbers this year has also shown the NBA went down 22% cause they're not including the reddit Streams

  • sportsfan2333 sportsfan233 (@sportsfan2333) reported

    @RobParkerFS1 ratings are down because of the NBA REDDIT STREAMS. The numbers this year has also shown the NBA went down 22% cause they're not including the reddit Streams

  • TenichiYohkoh Tenichi (@TenichiYohkoh) reported

    @JessiePaladine @DavidAVosburg @leandrotlz @MassivelyOP looks like the boys making good on his word and opening a server today, may wanna hit up the reddit @jessicapaldine for info on how to install

  • abdulrahman0ch AbdulRahman Ch (@abdulrahman0ch) reported

    @tldyesterday @madebygoogle the problem is I didn't do anything, not even an update, and there's some articles on Reddit saying the same thing since February

  • BenzATF Bad Benny (@BenzATF) reported

    @CountOnVic I mean he rode the dragon and commanded it blow down the wall. What gems did you find on reddit

  • JenMsft Jen Gentleman 🌺 (@JenMsft) reported

    @ClintRutkas @campuscodi @warnecke This was posted to Reddit yesterday - we've made a number of improvements to search between 1809 and 1903 and this particular issue with "updates" doesn't repro for me, but please let me know if it repros for you

  • stumpnga Jeremiah Rowell (@stumpnga) reported

    @TalkinXbox @XboxSupport He has tried hard restart and uninstall with reinstall. We have found a reddit post from another user about the same issue. @Bungie replied on that reddit post that it was not on their end.

  • gibberishista Gibberishista (@gibberishista) reported

    It to every moment of people avoid the issue, but rather than this better not understanding reddit.

  • Z3ta_Male Mgtow_Sentry (@Z3ta_Male) reported

    @madmanmikey I been down to -20 since 2017. I ended up deactivating my shit months ago just to not let that shit get to me and I'm not planning on ever reactivating it. I guess the mgtows in Reddit were right after all. FB is a cuck atmisphere

  • 1oftheaudience mr ball legs (@1oftheaudience) reported

    if ur posting on reddit about your relationship problems I can almost 100% guarantee the solution is to break up. save yourself some time and typing. dump their ass

  • sportsfan2333 sportsfan233 (@sportsfan2333) reported

    @Chris_Broussard @coachdavemiller @BuckyBrooks @FoxSportsRadio @iHeartRadio @Chris_Broussard the ratings are down because of the NBA REDDIT STREAMS. The numbers this year has also shown the NBA went down 22% cause they're not including the reddit Streams