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  • Rellen2 Rellen2 (@Rellen2) reported

    @naija0329 Rkpoop reddit was saying cultural appropriation is only an American sjw Fake woke issue. After that one gg did something problematic

  • DJNYified DJ (@DJNYified) reported

    @brianstelter @VaughnHillyard @CHueyBurns @brithume Oh shutup Brian. No one needs yet another partisan tool masquerading as a journalist weighing in. Stick to hunting down meme-makers on Reddit. #EnemyOfThePeople

  • CookinWithJake Kuba @ The Darkness (@CookinWithJake) reported

    I've learned the new tech. If you're getting looped by gotenks in casuals. Just don't ******* play. Seriously. Put down your controller and browse reddit or something. They'll get just as bored as you were.

  • JeanaMobley7 VanillaCoker Defense Team (@JeanaMobley7) reported

    @NASCARonReddit we have contacted Reddit and your sub will shut down. Quit stealing content from @jcoker1. All the photos on the forum came from his personal computer.

  • harley5sos ʎǝןɹɐɥ (@harley5sos) reported

    scrolling down reddit makes me so happy because literally all i’m subscribed to is animal sub reddits

  • jm_xxvii 528Hz (@jm_xxvii) reported

    So I find myself on reddit, and I see people are talking about the ending, and thoroughly arguing over it all, for no reason, as it's down to subjective opinion. So I sit back and read the comments

  • Myas10 Myiesha S McFarlin (@Myas10) reported

    I read Game of Throne theories on reddit at least once a week. I have a problem!

  • ThrowATwit Eric Winnington (@ThrowATwit) reported

    I got nerd sniped by a question on reddit. Ended up not solving the problem, but finding that it was not necessary to solve the problem for the poster but still helped him to advance. Exchanged a few emails and got a wonderful thank you email. I like helping people.

  • leiaporgana thank u magic trashcan (@leiaporgana) reported

    I saw people on reddit reassuring undergrads that PhD's aren't so terrible and like...biiiitch that sort of thinking got us into this mess. Call out academia for what it is.

  • KevinKorruption Kevin Cronan (@KevinKorruption) reported

    Found a thread on @reddit over a year old, full of people who are still dealing with this. It appears the issue with the @PlayStation's resolution settings. Maybe we'll get a fix in another year. Nah, just buy the ps5!

  • foreverarchery8 Bill the archer (@foreverarchery8) reported

    @sahouraxo I am not sure what she is saying, or what happened that she lost her eye. Sometimes it is reddit yo point fingers at a problem, and blame because its esdoet yhsn trying to solve them. Also, not duty you are correct about France being the oldest democracy.

  • SaltyJitsu Jitsu (@SaltyJitsu) reported

    @Raphash0w @DKiwnl @PlayApex Can't even tell if this is s meme post or not.. They literally explained in reddit that just saying "pls fix" with no info for them to reproduce the crash on their end doesn't help

  • tomxander t0m.exe (@tomxander) reported

    Completely baffled at knowing that @bungie never actually plays the game and only depends on youtubers and reddit. I doubt they play the crucible much less the comp playlist. @DeeJ_BNG's profile is a sad but true testament to this 🤣 #Destiny2 #crucible #unbalanced #broken

  • ashleyaokii Ashley Aoki (@ashleyaokii) reported

    i don't understand reddit's issue with me posting about my PO box and amazon wishlist, like i'm not requiring you to send me anything jesus ******* christ, that was just for people who wanted to send me mail or gifts sometimes i just really hate reddit. what a toxic community.

  • MatoozTBuilder Matoozeusz (@MatoozTBuilder) reported

    @Tobilikeoctopus @PaladinsGame I doubt it, this seems to be a setup towards some realm-wide disaster that only the datamined champion can fix, I won't name them here but there's plenty on reddit about them if you want.

  • G2RazZzero0o RazZzero0o (@G2RazZzero0o) reported

    @LAAL39325904 I even said that in the reddit post. Im doing it to show how stupid it is. Im not trying to witch hunt im trying to fix the issue itself.

  • Ecksearoh Xerø (@Ecksearoh) reported

    Until they can publicly be honest about this, maybe put a hold on the "my problem with Mike Burnham" reddit threads. Because their real problem with Michael Burnham is the fact that she's a woman and she is black. These are the same ******** that needed a smiling Captain Marvel.

  • yaruxiv yaru (@yaruxiv) reported

    @hellogames hey I’ve discovered a bug with the Scientist on PS4-it’s pretty common according to reddit, last quest with the convergence cube, he doesn’t seem to register the player having it and has no options to choose from to progress, simply “Leave” A fix would be great! Ty c:

  • EricSharp_Real Eric Sharp (@EricSharp_Real) reported

    @DanielN200113 @JasperBoerstra There's a whole Reddit post showing all of the BS about the Epic launcher. It really is terrible and I agree with the people that are outraged about it. It's not really easy as "just clicking a button". for instance, the epic launcher doesn't let you get refunds.

  • ghorayebm_ Mila Ghorayeb ☕️ (@ghorayebm_) reported

    @AManInTheSun I genuinely think Emile can be broken down into multiple reddit posts on r/incel

  • ChronoGlitch Chrono⏱️ (@ChronoGlitch) reported

    I was looking at stuff on Reddit and found a comment saying. If you don't get affiliate on twitch within like a week. Your doing something terrible wrong and that you must re think your whole channel!

  • harley142squad ♣♣Queenofdevotion ♦♦ (@harley142squad) reported

    @gotham_lover53 The one who posted it was someome on Reddit 😒 and even a tumblr blog says they won.t take it down because it is funny to keep up like wtf 😒

  • Dimitri96307333 Dimitri (@Dimitri96307333) reported

    @EAHelp This is an In game issue , not an install issue. The main campaign quest, regarding the tomb achievements. Please look on reddit to see countless people with the same issue.

  • gl0ssgarten riley 💋 (@gl0ssgarten) reported

    hey @PlayApex i get bad_module_info crashed every single game and so do thousands of other people on reddit and every forum you have fix this please :]]]]] rx580 4670k :]]]]

  • LG_2607 LG_2607 (@LG_2607) reported

    @ATVIAssist Morning, I’m sorry, but I’m not the one who had their game suffer this bug, I’m only tweeting you the reddit post of the person who did. I only wanted to let you know about the bug and fix it, as multiple people’s games are having the same bug happen to them when they prestige

  • meervo_PKAskarr Meervo (@meervo_PKAskarr) reported

    @bestofRvaporwav Dang, I wanted to see that fake ass leak, since the link got taken down on reddit. But I understand

  • csstefan Stefan Ciric (@csstefan) reported

    @Rixiz2 @FortniteGame In-game, it says that only pin is needed to unlock prospect division. I see now that a lot of people are complaining about it on Reddit. I hope they fix it.

  • TheCopyCait Caitlin Hannah (@TheCopyCait) reported

    @fuggirls I am really excited for this. Bad Blood is one of my favorite recent reads. It was batshit. I kept thinking if someone pitched this as fiction the notes would be “too unbelievable”. I went down a rabbit hole after and Reddit has good clips of her real voice too.

  • Citizensix4 Citizen six (@Citizensix4) reported

    @DentonVanZ @Treyarch @CallofDuty If they weren’t tied to Activision and could keep the game in early access, they’d have no problem pumping out content like Fortnite can. The balancing updates have been because Reddit is so toxic and filled with crybabies who constantly whine when they get outplayed.


    @TheDPurcell Yes reddit is a pretty good hack. But I don’t have issues finding new people. I have issues with my videos reaching the new people who have already decided to join me lol

  • MartinHIIIIIIII MartinG (@MartinHIIIIIIII) reported

    @CanderousXOrdo @SetnaroX You can use Super Trainer 9 from infernal works. I suggest you to join some DMC discord server (the reddit one is the biggest) if you are truly interested, because Twitter is not really comfortable to give proper explanations.

  • Captain_Aries01 ⭐️Captain Aries🔥 (@Captain_Aries01) reported

    @ZGhazoul @excoundrel The community forums are a fairly nontoxic place to hang. But twitter and reddit are filled with twelve year olds, mad that they didn’t win a match because of some server bug. Thus, we have our current predicament.......

  • pspiq3 PSP ☃️ (@pspiq3) reported

    Ugh I hate my absolutely terrible Twitter spelling and grammar. On Reddit I typically type my comments stream of consciousness style first and edit the mistakes later, but there's no editing on Twitter.

  • gLenJ631 Glen J (@gLenJ631) reported

    @jfunk33 I usually just google "college baseball reddit streams" & navigate from there...I try and stick to the bilasport streamed links (never any issues w pop ups)

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • SypherPK LG SypherPK (@SypherPK) reported

    @Bigfatcunt4 Wasn’t sure if the original reddit post was the guy who made this image. It turns out he put it together but didn’t credit @t_visADL for the Jonesy image he used. Both of whom I’ve credited no more than 20 minutes from posting this tweet. So why don’t you pipe down @Bigfatcunt4

  • RaulAcosta1172 Dredgen Geist 🇵🇷 (@RaulAcosta1172) reported

    @IshtarCommander What I mostly remember about Trials was that it was a well of controversy and conflict in the forums and Reddit. A focus of the great divide between the pve and pvp communities in regards to weapon/ability balancing and other QoL issues... (1/2)

  • BobLoblawtx Bob Loblaw (@BobLoblawtx) reported

    @GodOfPopTarts I played Titanfall, don't remember thinking the lag was bad. I searched the Apex Reddit. ZERO relevant threads about lag or netcode issue before today. Now it will become a big netcode circle jerk. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's still 90% skill, 10% lag.

  • ColbysAMV Colbz-16 (@ColbysAMV) reported

    @The_Poolshark Do you mate, but putting your comments on the Reddit thread would actually get those things looked at/fix it. Stay salty my friend, just trying to help out the community

  • cosmicteaars a (@cosmicteaars) reported

    that reddit post made a hell lot of sense what ******** help im having issues

  • SpudzMackensy Ray Burke (@SpudzMackensy) reported

    @hazzachelseafc @_2OLEGEND_ Apple support is super trash...Better off Googling the issue or finding info on Reddit lol

  • finrekt finrekt (@finrekt) reported

    this has been going on for a long time. the r/ethtrader sub literally banned mentions of #chainlink back in the fall. when i brought it up during a mod's "reelection" post (do you think i should keep my job y/n) the issue was completely sidestepped. you did it @reddit, now ***

  • sproingus Booburry🌹 (@sproingus) reported

    I feel like he saw some reddit post about her or something and is now just parroting it. I kept asking him what his actual issue was because he kept jumping from random thing to random thing. Reminded me of that one caller on @majorityfm who just had a hate ***** for her.

  • Feeegz Feegs (@Feeegz) reported

    @RealG_Rip Lmaooo I’m convinced that Bellator advertising budget consists of like 4 jelly donuts and a broken washing machine. If it wasn’t for Reddit I’d have no idea what was going on over there 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ColbysAMV Colbz-16 (@ColbysAMV) reported

    @The_Poolshark I just wish people would wait to post about “bugs” on a social platform until after the 22nd when the day 1 patch comes out. Otherwise, voice your bug issues on reddit so the devs can see and work on it.

  • siyeonpet Rafa 🐺 #PIRI (@siyeonpet) reported

    reddit is a trashcan on the issue as well YIKES

  • Moose_dot Ishaq (@Moose_dot) reported

    Only problem with Nintendo switch is you can’t connect your Netflix on. Seen the rants on reddit, they need to fix that soon.

  • lorandkoncz 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕶𝖔𝖓𝖈𝖟 (@lorandkoncz) reported

    @lcn_ the quality of life and performance problems that were excusable for a beta have not been remedied and are just unacceptable for a full retail release. this has nothing to do with me, you're free to browse reddit for how BioWare ****** this game up.

  • Zaperad Zap (@Zaperad) reported

    @SleepyHaru That Reddit post about how to fix the problem with cosmetic items and RnG

  • ANTH0NYPEARS0N Anthony Pearson (@ANTH0NYPEARS0N) reported

    @tweethue Hi there. Yes. Indeed if you read the Reddit link I gave you’ll see much that people have tried. Some things fix in the short term but come back. And many are tech savvy people experiencing it, which suggest a software bug

  • Aktivarum Erik Wedin (LiberalKonservativ) (@Aktivarum) reported

    @stillinhognito @nickmon1112 @MrAndyNgo Its not the false police report which is the problem. It is the false media hysteria which followed - Covington style. While even REDDIT concluded on early stages that the story about what happened was highly unlikely media still made "MAGA country" and "Noose" trending subjects

  • EhHypnos Hypnos eh (@EhHypnos) reported

    @EpicGames @PeteNub Hey @PeteNub The SEA sub server to the asian servers have been non existent on Mobile. Can you please look into this, people on reddit have the same problem. It will be highly appreciated since I have gotten no replies from our community manager @FreightTrainUSA

  • bowiezbulge 𝔳𝔲𝔩𝔠𝔞𝔫 𝔡𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 𝔤𝔯𝔦𝔭 (@bowiezbulge) reported

    if you're wondering how I'm doing I went on reddit just to talk to people about my problems

  • mpk Mike K 🇬🇧🇦🇹 (@mpk) reported

    Seriously, if you’re running a “trading business” and you’re really wondering why opening a bank account solely to channel tens of thousands of dollars a month in poorly traceable funds from one place to another is a problem for the bank then... well, you must be on Reddit.

  • alexeyguzey Alexey Guzey (@alexeyguzey) reported

    from reddit: "therapy is like when you need someone to proofread your paper and point out silly errors, except with your thought process instead of a paper." *this is also a very good explanation of why you should have a spouse*

  • SirAdmiralKled 🤰🔪 Kled (Pregnant) (@SirAdmiralKled) reported

    i wish they could shut down reddit league reddit: hehe super op anivia urf trick you wall minions in so the enemy cant push this ******* anivia: let me lane 1v2 without minions then has her huge wave destroyed by a sivir

  • carnehola maria (@carnehola) reported

    @bryanrustache also the channel calbel has good vids to pass time, it just reads reddit responses to different questions but scroll down to a little while back cus the content now is all just shower thoughts lmao

  • jgrahamc John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc) reported

    The other thing is when explaining something to anyone (me included) it’s vital to consider the other person’s context. Reddit’s ELI5 (explain like I’m five years old) is really about explaining like I don’t have all your context. I don’t! Please slow down and help me understand.

  • kurtsh kurtsh (@kurtsh) reported

    @Daniel_Rubino Exactly. Suggestion: A Reddit page to crowd source potential news items for inclusion that can be voted up or down Also: A subscribable voice version for podcast listeners.

  • etacarinae1 Christopher Dobson (@etacarinae1) reported

    @UrmanioGeek @RobotBrush Reddit is full of corporate sycophants and pseudo-intellectual contrarians. They can't downvote a tweet. Nothing wrong with being a valve fanboy. Don't play into their kafkatrapping when being accused of being a fanboy. Valve deserves the loyalty. Double down.