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  • mbarrymiddleton Barry Middleton (@mbarrymiddleton) reported

    Need help with recent fillings via /r/Dentistry Hello dentists of reddit, I recently had some fillings done on the front of my teeth and for some reason I've only been having problems since then. Firstly two of my teeth in the front (on the side) seem to close and it was so…

  • Looktoyourleft2 Looktoyourleft (@Looktoyourleft2) reported

    @EveOnline pretty terrible tbh, but i guess in a few days once you get your bonuses and have appeased the reddit crowd you'll go back to not giving a shit.

  • AnastatiaAnna AnnaLanna 🏳️‍🌈 (@AnastatiaAnna) reported

    @JealousWeeb I got my meds from a UK site that shortly after got closed down(it was a very reputable site). If I were you, I’d check out Trans DIY section of reddit for answers. I do know of In-house pharmacy. That site is pretty well known all over. It’s pretty legit but a tad more pricey.

  • SycausTik 🌕La Luna🌕 (@SycausTik) reported

    @xKasss Arctic killed reddit... They became too popular and now other servers copy them so creativity with hosting is gone. Only server slightly different is nightshade since the ore rates are high so its less bowy but still basic scens.

  • HoundOfGod Nick Bates (@HoundOfGod) reported

    At some point ESPN has to fix their shit, maybe you don’t give a **** cause you are getting paid anyway but reddit has espn beat

  • DigiAtlas James Cobb (@DigiAtlas) reported

    Instead of sitting around and arguing about how game development works, I urge you to go learn about it yourself. I really do. It’s fascinating stuff and Twitter/Reddit/Forums do a terrible job grasping it.

  • IAmFloridaMan Florida Man (@IAmFloridaMan) reported

    @RealDylanD1 [Title is directly from Reddit, copied and pasted, sorry for any grammar errors.]

  • DaGreatNatePeck Nate (@DaGreatNatePeck) reported

    @reddit I also read that the decision to ban and remove people is entirely up to the moderators. Usually decided on 'how' you promote. The conversations regarding the video were entirely based on the show and not pushing people to support me. So, another site with broken laws @reddit

  • thillothemighty tanner smith (@thillothemighty) reported

    @ufc Hell no. I didn’t see any of it cuz Reddit streams down but HELL NO!

  • NAYS_Anthony Anthony Dietrich (@NAYS_Anthony) reported

    @lawnmowerpranks I find it better than twitter, at least on Reddit you can funnel down the idiotic comments to the bottom. However the circlejerks...

  • thejrocktv Duo Maxwell (@thejrocktv) reported

    @3rdAndMiles Yeah that’s raised a few eyebrows, I went down the Reddit rabbit while with this and the theories are wilddddddddd

  • sitaradidi the sad queen (@sitaradidi) reported

    Gwen’s third cry was today. Someone on reddit had to put their dog down

  • Convertibles FLY Convertible (@Convertibles) reported

    @MonsterDface Reddit doesn't like helpful guides and improvement. They'd rather complain and post stuff about how things are broken and what drama is happening etc.

  • hellofridays Jenn Cooper 🌛 (@hellofridays) reported

    Post your problems on Reddit and not twitter. You'll get actual advice instead of looking like a fool 😉

  • wendymakespuns nonbinary pal #1 (@wendymakespuns) reported

    i did mess up! in a reddit aita, i am indeed the *******! here's the thing: i know that and i know all the reasons why, but i can't do anything to fix them short of a time machine!

  • mghtyprt KibuFox (@mghtyprt) reported

    @TushyTushie @ash_pyle @lomadia The vibe I've been getting from the sub-reddit doesn't seem some 'let's harrass xyz' type of vibe, but more a case of "You're holding this person accountable, but you didn't do anything when that person did something." I think that's the main problem 1/2

  • MalDrogo Mal (@MalDrogo) reported

    @Cara_Mel615 @DIRECTVNOW @CBS Scott was so pissed last week that he was thiiiis close to cancelling DirecTV now. There are HD streaming links on reddit that he watches so he ended up calming down.

  • Ruyf John Ruyf (@Ruyf) reported

    @CLE_Dave Absolutely sir! I’m in Ohio so I don’t have the problem. I am guessing you might be able to do a Reddit stream

  • Brandatello Brandatello  (@Brandatello) reported

    Tip to improve toxicity on @reddit remove down vote option. You should be able to upvote or not. Too many users downvote for no reason.

  • TBow82C T Bow. (@TBow82C) reported

    @bertkreischer Pay for it. Last time a comedian asked this question entire Reddit groups got shut down. Yes we are looking at you @BrendanSchaub

  • OlajuwonDR34M OlajuwonDR34M (@OlajuwonDR34M) reported

    @STOP_S3LLING Anytime!! Just need to find a good stream for the main card tho, they took down UFC Reddit streams like they took down NBA reddit streams 😔

  • fishfearme86 fishfearme86 (@fishfearme86) reported

    @HTGomez @NFL Just type nfl streams reddit in your search engine, itll come right up and just find the game and try out the links. I have a burner laptop I use that is a pos so I dont care, but make sure you got a decent virus protector, better safe then sorry. I've had no issues though.

  • DirtyDizu 🇺🇸DIZU🇺🇸 (@DirtyDizu) reported

    @avendoreldera @Karegos2 @HiMissParamount @MonteCristo @RLewisReports How am I mentally ill by saying “it’s funny that the pot is calling the kettle black.” As far as I know he is the only media personality to actively witch hunt against random reddit comments against him. That’s having severe mental issues.

  • Saif00120 Saif Mohammed (@Saif00120) reported

    @_apandah_ "kind people of reddit" lmao what a joke It could really be a big problem I think he needs specialist not stupid reddit users

  • SeniorNoodle89 David Gondo (@SeniorNoodle89) reported

    Have been trying everything Ppl on Reddit, YouTube, and Steam have said will fix game for over an hour. & it still won’t load. Willing to keep trying. But I’m pretty close to asking for a refund and writing this game off completely

  • SeniorNoodle89 David Gondo (@SeniorNoodle89) reported

    Have been trying everything Ppl on Reddit, YouTube, and Steam have said will fix game for over an hour. & it still won’t load. Garbage

  • Qanonstorm Q-Storm (@Qanonstorm) reported

    This is what happens when you have broken homes and no proper parenting... allowing your kids to be raised by TV sets, Tumblr, Reddit and other social media platforms. This would not happen if the Bible was influential in these degenerates home-life.

  • DianaBored Diana🅱️ (@DianaBored) reported

    @MikeyMicale @kawaiiDida @flouzethemaker I was tempted to mention everyone around my age/older than on the reddit and ask him if he had a problem with all of them as well. I'm sure it's just because I'm a woman.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • ThornyLin Linda_T 🇨🇦 (@ThornyLin) reported

    @mattbc @biz @reddit pure evil over there. no shame, no concern for legal ethics. its clearly not just a forum problem, it's a @reddit problem. they're the dark web, operating out in the open.

  • SoniaMunSigra s•o•n•i•a ✨🦋 (@SoniaMunSigra) reported

    I should have filmed that cat eating the fries that I had once that fell down the floor... maybe I could've gotten some Reddit clout but idk

  • Fafhrd9 ay_its_alan (@Fafhrd9) reported

    @MelodyMarksxxx I would but I don’t know how to find something on reddit and People are saying it’s not working. Either way you always look so beautiful

  • Gladari D.K.A. (@Gladari) reported

    👏👏👏👏 A poster on reddit had this suggestion "Ammo should be priced the same as insulin, that would fit down on gun violence!"

  • DCConnah . (@DCConnah) reported

    @FLShift @xiibo_ @pcgamer uh, faerlina, or whatever its called, they mostly have issues with asmongold, when name reservations went live there were countless reddit and forum posts waiting to see what server he was playing on so they could avoid him

  • Pikachu69078426 Pikachu. (@Pikachu69078426) reported

    @farshadbeyond @golemproject @GolemGrid Golem problem is that they dont have community. Every week i see the reddit followers number going down. Even number of testers are down now the number is 160 last moth 200. 6 month ago 300.

  • transporbation Amanda Sledz (@transporbation) reported

    @UR_Ninja Heads up! There are reports of a large group of trucks coming down from Milwaukie to meet this group. Video on Reddit of the procession, from roughly ten minutes ago.

  • KPL2383 Keith Larson (@KPL2383) reported

    @kyleleehufnagel @allthelostsocks @JordanUhl I don’t use reddit. Not sure what you mean by that. What is the problem we are on the same page

  • PeterTheAlright Peter the alright I guess (@PeterTheAlright) reported

    Yo tip I learned on reddit yesterday: if you're ever having problems getting a wifi login page to pop up, type into your browser and it'll force it to! Just tried it and it works

  • Bigu_Stinku Big Stinko (@Bigu_Stinku) reported

    I kinda wish there was an upvote/downvote system on Twitter like there is on Reddit. There's too many morally righteous people here that need to knocked down a bit.

  • sinithwar Tommy Mertell (@sinithwar) reported

    lol Respawn removed my comment from Reddit about how terrible their subnet is. I guess I nailed the reason as to why it's bad or else they would tell me I'm wrong instead of just removing my comment. (No cussing, no foul mouthing, just explaining why it might be bad)

  • qcantoine LeBeauGringo (@qcantoine) reported

    @Acekidder @TheSpaceyjake @Remnant_Game The best version is clearly PC and if you don't know what i am talking about go look on Reddit Remnant are even aware of the problem.

  • mattbc Matthew Cortland, esq (@mattbc) reported

    And when I brought a disability issue to @biz, I got a response. What I'm saying is that I've never gotten :any indication: that @reddit cares, at all. Even a little. 8/8

  • agustdsummer summer misses yoongi (@agustdsummer) reported

    @vsweet_tae yep they said it was a human error 😐 anyway we need to drive dr*vvie off reddit is what we need to do NSBBS

  • GalaxyDragons12 GalaxyDragons (@GalaxyDragons12) reported

    @YT_UKRailwayss @Buick_Regal_GNX @fckeveryword Calm down kid, this isn’t Reddit.

  • FleXyCOD Sam (@FleXyCOD) reported

    @Comps_Alot @adrianoizquier1 @NaqeebParker @TheGamingRevoYT Reddit, and the post got taken down by Activision so its basically confirmed. Its going to be the "special announcement" at gamescom on Monday

  • mattbc Matthew Cortland, esq (@mattbc) reported

    Seeing renewed calls for @reddit to take down "r/illnessfakers." It's a subreddit dedicated to bullying disabled folx that the self-appointed illness-cops believe are faking their disabilities. The people they target for harassment are almost always young women. 1/

  • kanab_farsen Kanab (@kanab_farsen) reported

    @kemonodad A thing I hate about reddit/imgur is 'guard *******', where people go through and down vote all new stuff so their thing will do better.

  • firetipmyballs kez 🌻 (@firetipmyballs) reported

    @madiasmr I just looked. Some subreddits are hard to take down (and keep down) but it’s only one person posting all the content it looks like. Just share with reddit how uncomfortable it makes you.

  • PrxCy_ Empire.ψηξρφθς🇬🇷 F/A (@PrxCy_) reported

    @_Ubi_mT @Rainbow6Game Firstly EA is worse,battlefield has same problems. Also, ubisoft hear us, but fans of reddit....

  • dk_prabhu Dwarkanath Prabhu (@dk_prabhu) reported

    I find it amusing that there is probably a professional player who gets down voted on Reddit and called an idiot for not knowing anything about the game. Like Jimmy Neesham on r/cricket when he uses an alt.

  • beyond_truee Alyah 🌻 (@beyond_truee) reported

    Sometimes I wish you could down vote tweets on Twitter like Reddit.

  • the_toast_fairy ~#STANWALLACE~ccc~ (@the_toast_fairy) reported


  • VaushV Vaush (@VaushV) reported

    @NROL42 Believe it or not, that’s actually a fake. That showed up in his reddit during the drama, but there are no logs of that anywhere in my server, and when called out on it the person who posted that image deleted their thread. That’d be some CRINGE shit to say my dude

  • DocRoc94 DocRoc (@DocRoc94) reported

    @ssbscicky It's the same problem every competitive online multiplayer game faces, a bunch of scrubs on reddit and twitter complaining about something they don't have the time to learn the counters to, so it should either A) Be nerfed into oblivion or B) Completely removed/banned.

  • Johnquan44 j (@Johnquan44) reported from Olmos Park, Texas

    @Badmoncee It is man honestly using Reddit is still the move because the espn app has performance issues as well

  • smith_jasona I am Jasona (@smith_jasona) reported

    @Falconer084 I see your problem. You read reddit. Hint reddit isn’t real

  • Tredmillionaire grufflepants (@Tredmillionaire) reported

    Freaked out on somebody on the cars reddit. Trying to calm down.

  • AshHultman Ashley Hultman (@AshHultman) reported

    Health care providers going onto reddit to make fun of or discredit EDS patients is low. >_> @reddit DO SOMETHING. Shut it down.

  • ThornyLin Linda_T 🇨🇦 (@ThornyLin) reported

    @marinagamba1909 @DRathsbone @alexisohanian yep. your read it correctly Marina. @reddit has ignored all attempts to have it taken down. Most of these (usually young women) 'subjects' they bully have asked @reddit to get their info off there. The forum members openly laugh at their 'threats' with police & lawyers

  • Commentator191 Internet guy (@Commentator191) reported

    @UshirajG @IdiotslnCars The full video can be found on reddit actually. The idiot of the video stopped at a yield sign because of the traffic, camera man honked at him for going too slow. Both people are idiots.