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  • ohnomoho
    Mohammad Hossain (@ohnomoho) reported

    @FrenzyTheGhost @claystripe @Surefour Also if people think that GOATS will be the meta forever, I doubt it. Characters will get balanced. Like someone on reddit said, this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • dylancolestew
    Dylan Stewart (@dylancolestew) reported

    @tiggr_ Somple solution to all our problems: Servers that group players by their levels. Saw this on Reddit and just hoping people have directed your attention to it. That way we won't have 50s grouped with level 5s and complaining "we're dying to quick". REVERT

  • ApertureAce1
    📷Aperture (@ApertureAce1) reported

    @ViralTofu @Fractal_Edge @reddit He doesn't believe trickle down works... He didn't mention that at all.

  • Fractal_Edge
    愚蠢的鹿 🦌 (@Fractal_Edge) reported from Baltimore, Maryland

    @ViralTofu @reddit Don't get me wrong; local business is the lynchpin of upward mobility, wage growth, and community fidelity. Job creation is, however, what my city needs, and to that end, I propose subsidization of such neighborhood institutions. Trickle-down isn't how I describe my view at all.

  • ViralTofu
    Radio (@ViralTofu) reported

    @Fractal_Edge @reddit I don't think your terrible. But trickle down economics doesn't work. Job creation starts at the bottom not fortune 500 CEOs wallets. Additionally I agree improve schools & the best way to do so is increase teacher pay & not tie school taxes to property.

  • SssshhhhTv
    SssshhhhTv (@SssshhhhTv) reported

    @WartesJames Surely. The problem with tips is that they usually end up as someone else's Youtube video, Reddit post or end up in someone's E-Book. I have plenty of tips for this type of game play. I'm just going to put them into a video first for everyone to see all at once.

  • FreightTrainUSA
    Thomas Frato (@FreightTrainUSA) reported

    @blackKage2 You need to put in a support ticket as the reddit post said if you are still having issues. Some players have reported after several matches that it was fixed as well.

  • TamaraTattles
    TamaraTattles (@TamaraTattles) reported

    I am thinking 2019 looks like a lot of fun. There is literally nothing I love more than a court case. And I have two, one against Reddit, who will probably comply with the take down because they are not idiots, and the other with the **** who stole my property.

  • TamaraTattles
    TamaraTattles (@TamaraTattles) reported

    Well this ***** will still sue you every time you steal my content @Reddit and send take down notices ALL GODDAMN DAY to @Fastly until you ******* get it.

  • TamaraTattles
    TamaraTattles (@TamaraTattles) reported

    Ha! I just got several screenshot of the idiot admitting she stole my copyrighted photos I purchased and my intellectual property. This is now a cut a dried case. I am glad someone suggested I screen grab the comments before the take down. @reddit

  • weightsandbooks
    Trey Goff (@weightsandbooks) reported

    But according to leftists on Reddit the Internet should be shut down by this time

  • parkkamijihyo
    ariana’s servant (@parkkamijihyo) reported

    @memestar69698 @TheSeaRefuses @Ka1ll3r @outmagazine @Pornhub 1. Get that long af time and add some extra. That’s how much ******** have to look to find content that is supposedly made for them. 2. I’m on multiple communities on reddit that have talked about this issues and there are plenty of ******** on the comments of this post who agree

  • LukeLawrie
    Luke Lawrie (@LukeLawrie) reported

    @TheSpudHunter I saw someone do some calculations on reddit and it's apparently around 33% on average longer to down someone. Good players are still always going to be on top but it's about people being bullet sponges. I think it was like 9 bullets to kill someone with medic weapons. Crazy.

  • CanipaShow
    Canipa (@CanipaShow) reported

    There was a big issue when the deal broke apart with PR. Neither side wanted to provide a full list of shows leaving their service (leading to Reddit being the only source) and nobody spoke about why it had ended. That's how Fukunaga can present his unobstructed one-sided story.

  • Hockeyplyr81
    Joe Rifle (@Hockeyplyr81) reported

    @TopherJenis5 Some guy on reddit is reporting that he’s getting ass ****** by the abominable snowman and King Kong while laying down on a bed of razor blades

  • jtrier1
    JT Patrick (@jtrier1) reported

    Caught a 3 day ban on @facebook for posting something from @reddit . Oops. I deleted the post, so I hope they can drop it down to just a simple 24hr ban.

  • stillgray
    Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) reported

    "We did it Reddit!" is my favorite meme. It's when a bunch of amateur sleuths (lol) decided to hunt down the Boston Bombers and misidentified a suicide victim as the perpetrator and harassed his family into submission while they were still looking for their missing son.

  • LAThinkingMen
    LA Thinking Men (@LAThinkingMen) reported

    We have seen the Reddit report of Harper to the #Dodgers and CANNOT confirm. However, our sources have told us that Harper has narrowed it down to two teams: The #Dodgers and the #WhiteSox. Decision expected in the coming days.

  • k_odenwald
    Kevin Odenwald  (@k_odenwald) reported

    @AppleSupport Yes, the issue is still there after reboot. Many other users on reddit have the same issuse. :(

  • balefire1401020
    Balefire15 (@balefire1401020) reported

    @FortniteGame @arjanbrussee @EpicGames on reddit it says you have a fix for the sword glitch everything but mobile explain to me why not trying to sound rude

  • MarkMyWords35
    Money Mark (@MarkMyWords35) reported

    @chisox2727 @ChiSoxTheory And broken clock is right twice a day. That's on par with Reddit's tally for breaking significant baseball news.

  • kissedbygravity
    ˗ˏˋ khara ˎˊ˗ (@kissedbygravity) reported

    im curious at the vld meltdown like can there be anything worse than the long drawn out waifu war from nge and the discourse on ditf reddit/discord server earlier this year

  • gabroll
    Gabroll ◉_◉ (@gabroll) reported

    @VincentHatesGod They may have a profile of you from your login IP, browser type, etc. Reddit does that. I'd try making an account via a VPN, but I have a feeling you're being watched closer than that.

  • Nekomizus
    Neko Mizu (@Nekomizus) reported

    @UnAmericanOtaku Mate we all know Reddit is a terrible site in terms of free expression but I feel that they've taken a whole new level with this lolicon bullshit. Even just normal sfw images are apparently banned now because r/loliconsunite was taken down.

  • allournonsense
    AllThingsFuckingConsidered (@allournonsense) reported

    @insomniacgames I’m going to continue to tweet this until you get it the Screwball challenges are terrible there is a whole reddit thread dedicated to people who hate them take them out

  • beccaxxs
    rabocop (@beccaxxs) reported

    no reddit lendo glitch in the matrix pra nao ver spoiler de rpdr

  • Fraps77
    Francesco Antolini (@Fraps77) reported

    @NicO_GameR_142 @justcause Nw, I'm spending quite some time reading players comments and reviews, especially on Reddit. We're aware of issues and doing our best to fix them. This said, a patch is already on its way, hang tight!

  • Nekomizus
    Neko Mizu (@Nekomizus) reported

    Okay I know, I know. Reddit is terrible and you shouldn't go on there to begin with. Blah, blah, blah. But seriously, they've taken a whole new level in censorship of lolis.

  • newsgroundsbot
    news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • yvngamanda
    manda 🖤 (@yvngamanda) reported


  • haleyacocella
    halez (@haleyacocella) reported

    @ShadowCat1266 @BlizzardCS Other people are having this issue too, because she provided a reddit link and you guys said there was latency issues less than 24 hours ago..... so I suggest eventually trying to click on that link and maybe recheck your servers because there’s obviously an issue.

  • mchduma
    if youre a gamzee stan thats between you and god (@mchduma) reported

    @hopefulsylph i just googled this to see if theres more evidence and someone on reddit said pewdiepie is a confirmed homestuck fan i need to put my phone down for a while

  • darryldexter
    Darryl D. (@darryldexter) reported

    @reddit I don't want to use the mobile app. Ever. Please stop forcing it down my throat 😑

  • AverageSociopat
    Sacré Bleurggh (@AverageSociopat) reported

    @CaffeineThena Reddit is a great place to shop around IMO; half the accounts are porn accounts, it’s basically a full run down of all that persons kinks and DMs build rapport really quickly. Autobot messaging is frowned on though.

  • OsGNightrider
    OsG Nightrider (@OsGNightrider) reported

    @jamesamong007 @HungryLips1 Bro I totally agree with you there. the reddit site is to blame for this at first the comments that I've been getting was funny but now it's becoming a major problem she doesn't deserve any of this hate she's a strong woman she can hold her own. their trying to hint something

  • jessfoxrox
    Jessfox (@jessfoxrox) reported

    @VixenVen I'm not a serious streamer lol. I do it for fun and have donations turned off. I'm sorry if he was inappropriate or creepy in dms to you. That's uncalled for. But I didn't see an issue with a Reddit post clearly communicating what you're looking for.

  • Bearsk1n
    Bearsk1n (@Bearsk1n) reported

    @MaMo_tim @G2Pengu They're trying to fix the state of ranked and the game overall, complaining is the only way Ubisoft will listen, that's how Reddit did it and everyone else who wanted Lion banned.

  • clototheflo
    Carlos S. de la Cruz (@clototheflo) reported

    @DustinNosler Word on Reddit is Bryce is coming to LA it's coming from the same guy that broke the angels signing bour ten hours before it went down

  • clototheflo
    Carlos S. de la Cruz (@clototheflo) reported

    Word around Reddit is @Bharper3407 is joining the @Dodgers let's see if it's true supposedly it's coming from the same guy that broke bour joining the #angels ten hours before it went down

  • AnthonyGibbs
    Anthony Gibbs (@AnthonyGibbs) reported

    @PlasticTheGame saw your post on reddit and am just wondering how on earth you have the time to work on something like this in flight school. 😂 I’m down here too.

  • Hjorvard92
    Will, Warrior of Sunlight (@Hjorvard92) reported

    @Wowhead Some classes are having a terrible time, looking at the forums, reddit, Facebook etc, Enhancement Shaman, and Prot Warr constantly come up as people begging for improvements, just for them to say "we're listening, but..." and then ignore it until the next Q&A and repeat... 2/2

  • charlie
    Charlie (@charlie) reported

    @tstyle11 People on reddit are saying you are shutting down the ZRX token. Please clean up your post to make it less confusing.

  • evtg_2002
    Clarkzero (@evtg_2002) reported

    ATTENTION: All #Fortnite Leakers, I'm sure you've heard that #FNBRLeaks was forced to shut down because he promoted mods, not leaking. MrPopoTFS, the guy on Reddit who said this, does not speak for the company. He only works on the game. Even if he's true, YOU GUYS ARE NOT SAFE

  • GASpriggs
    subversiveasset (@GASpriggs) reported

    @FirahFabe @Thennecan basically, only 10% of the things you post on reddit should be yours. For every 1 thing you self-promote, you should have 9 other things that aren't self-promotional. It's not a hard rule, and every subreddit works a little differently, but lots of subs look down on selfpromo

  • GASpriggs
    subversiveasset (@GASpriggs) reported

    @FirahFabe @Thennecan Although I won't lie: Reddit is hard. People can be very critical, or, on the other hand, just completely ignore you. I think niching down works better (if you can find the right subreddit) because you can tailor-write your reddit post to fit what they are looking for

  • MadNSanE
    wasseem (@MadNSanE) reported

    @dan_mitre @DRUNKKZ3 First of all thank you, but i still have a problem with this.. i posted why as a reply on the reddit post under the username wasseem20. I would be glad if you would take a min or two to read it.

  • ClarkDennisM
    Dennis Clark (@ClarkDennisM) reported

    @seanmmitchell @28delayslater look like most folks tend to use Reddit nowadays to complain about TSLA issues.. maybe worth signing up and helping folks out

  • aman_bhavsar
    aman bhavsar (@aman_bhavsar) reported

    Fortnite players are not able to play the game on college wifi ! Please check @reddit @FortniteGame please work on fix ! It’s been almost 2 weeks now please patch it!Thanks!

  • HashtagHarry__
    Harry Hesketh (@HashtagHarry__) reported

    @Ashley_Payne95 I’m fishing bro 😂 Someone replied to the original tweet with some Reddit link about a glitch atm when you redeem it whilst weekend leagues on

  • JoeKereb
    Joe Kereb (@JoeKereb) reported

    @hellostoic @pullmygoalies @VividConfusion @eugenegu @kathygriffin I’m a fourth year medical student and I know dozens from other schools. No pharma companies pay us or even take us to dinner like companies used to. You have a lot of conspiracy theories running around in your head, maybe put down the tabloids and reddit forums.

  • DaCarolinaKidd
    Lord Scumbag (@DaCarolinaKidd) reported

    @Shogun_Saimoto @Rubbishmael @HEEL_dAEAdpool @MasterAgenda68 @EdLegend @Psidestep1919 Yo it's funny I said this shit on njpw Reddit page and got mad down votes

  • crispy_petal
    chemical (@crispy_petal) reported

    i'm gonna watch some cringe on reddit to calm down

  • 1128nesecret
    1128nesecret (@1128nesecret) reported

    Reddit has always been bad with actual content and tech. Damn_nohtml got banned a while ago for showing a tilt glitch with the lance

  • blackhammertech
    BlackhammerTech[DRP] (@blackhammertech) reported

    @TheBeardMB Hmm, I need to look into this, without falling down a Reddit Rabbit hole and spend too much time. Thanks

  • kyphlosion
    Kyphlosion (@kyphlosion) reported

    Nah, y'see the real problem with the Youtube Rewind 2018 video is that Youtube forgot their main audience was a bunch of sweaty neckbeards from Reddit who REEEEEEE at the sound of someone saying "representation".

  • cliotech
    Jennifer Dorman (@cliotech) reported from Bad Tölz, Bavaria

    Sometimes it's waaay too easy to fall down the Reddit hole 🤔

  • TheQAccountant
    TheQAccountant (@TheQAccountant) reported

    @MrPlatoni @sean297297 @TheSilphRoad Same problem here, and many others on reddit reporting the same. I suggest submitting a bug report and hopefully niantic will fix soon

  • Falconer084
    Ben Bridges (@Falconer084) reported

    @celticriverside I found the red pill Reddit. It was like Infowars with a massive dose of misogyny. I hope they take down these pages but I'm sure they'll make them again.

  • gregorynorris
    Gregory Norris (@gregorynorris) reported

    @garius Nobody steals to flog down the pub any more, it's 2018. People steal in order to brag on Facebook they nicked £200 quid's worth. Or to get respect on burglar's reddit. I'll be online and boasting about my £200 while you're still lugging a giant sack of twirls around

  • GeneticSaber
    Genetics (@GeneticSaber) reported

    Really hope smite pushes marketing hard over the coming months, Heroes of the storm going down could be a player base increase that would really help grow the player base. I've seen players mention smite as their next location on the Reddit threads already.