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June 17: Problems at Reddit

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  • fakten2018 Hopeful2019 (@fakten2018) reported

    So, I posed the question to @andweknow on Reddit, if he has a problem with Catholic Christians. I got blocked. I am so sick and tired of born-again christians who think they are better than every one else. If you are born-again and think you're better than me. unfollow me.

  • dominicrudin dom (@dominicrudin) reported

    @TimothyJPass @Jen_Lumley what the actual hell is your problem lmao maybe stop taking jokes so seriously and go back to neckbeard reddit where your hate can get some upvotes

  • Ffdags Rhys (@Ffdags) reported

    When reddit is less toxic we’ve got a problem

  • NikeDnT Nike! (@NikeDnT) reported

    re: the meme video that was posted all over reddit from this week's Teatime. First, I wasn't trying to belittle people with emotional or mental problems, I was trying to be over the top and irreverent while making the point that GW2 *does* have a surprisingly high...

  • BrataGeorge Brata George (@BrataGeorge) reported

    I’ve done some terrible things for money. Like getting up early to go to work. #smile #reddit #jokes

  • StatKingUpWs Angus Johnson (@StatKingUpWs) reported

    Amazon Prime/Hulu need to capitalize on Reddit NBA Streams being shut down

  • maddukun maddu 🌈 maddu™️ (@maddukun) reported

    Oh no I clicked into this post on reddit about copying other people's tattoos, apparently most of the people there don't understand the issue with it yikes. But then I remembered this episode of ink master where one contestant went to the judges to tell them another one was

  • DavidBenioffAlt Bobby B (@DavidBenioffAlt) reported

    @NianticHelp Adventure Sync is broken again on the latest iOS update. Multiple people on reddit are having the same problem. I have the latest software update and it was working fine the last two weeks when you sent out the update but now it’s not counting again.

  • antoonoww Antoon (@antoonoww) reported

    its the year 2119, the femenists have just taken over reddit and are aproching the gates into tumblr facebook and twitter fell long ago you and your group are the last straight males left. they break down the door infiltrating you memes but just when all hope is lost he apears

  • persianbandito nabil from down the street (@persianbandito) reported

    ******* reddit is taking down all the sport streams that i do not illegally stream

  • Lower_Merion33 Jordan (@Lower_Merion33) reported

    We got no water in Flint, racial killings everyday and billions of dollars of student loan debt issues, but yeah let’s make taking this reddit page down the top priority

  • quotesdeezy That's Actually Hilarious (@quotesdeezy) reported

    @xMOONS Reddit had subreddits dedicated to streams of every major sport but they were all taken down today.

  • TruckstopTwank Truckstop Twank (@TruckstopTwank) reported

    @NightTimePod @reddit @SarahMcLachlan So I lay down fully clothed thinking, I’m going to get up once I hear him snoring- but instead, I totally fall asleep! I wake up to him whisper-singing the same two @SarahMcLachlan songs! And saying That I don’t need to live with all this pain.

  • StangerBanger35 Mason (@StangerBanger35) reported

    @wolfnick23 I used to stream all the games I wanted to watch for free on reddit but the page got shut down today :(

  • LucasKohli LJK 🦅 (@LucasKohli) reported

    reddit shutting down many subreddits is going to be brutal for overall viewership of sporting events😓

  • k0hum Kohum (@k0hum) reported

    @Scuhltzie @falloutplays @SeanHypnotiq777 The spike in usage is because of all the attention it's getting on youtube and reddit by people calling it broken and people wanting to test it out. Not because it's actually broken on console.

  • Tristanthememer Goober(bottom toad) (@Tristanthememer) reported

    @pathofexile a trending post on Reddit not a guy losing an exalt cause of crashes :) it’s not going good pls fix

  • DarrellAlcorn The Omega (@DarrellAlcorn) reported

    @HappyPower @ITalkFortnite Careful, Happy Power. Last time you spoke about something like this, Reddit came down on you hard. Watch your words carefully.

  • Official414 KDG 🧀 (@Official414) reported

    @OGJ33ZY I'm sure someone will find something when it gets closer to the season. I even heard their soccer Reddit went down too

  • J_Tigris 🌻J. Pride Ally! 💜🏳️‍🌈 (Comms OPEN) (@J_Tigris) reported

    Crap, someone on Reddit just suggested the name Jessica, and I really like it. Issue being is that she’s not a sona, and that’s MY name...

  • courtim18 Courtney Timothy (@courtim18) reported

    I’ve fallen down the filth of reddit rabbit hole and I can’t seem to get myself out

  • dynoNBA Jordan Schultz (@dynoNBA) reported

    @YoungNBA You must be one of the lucky 8 people ever that actually got League pass to work. I’ve bought for 5 years in a row, try to watch, constant freezing and buffering, switch to reddit and it’s crystal clear with no issues.

  • chamamron bin emoji (@chamamron) reported

    @rosiehuz really wish i'd taken your advice. having now read it all i suspect that Gillian Flynn is in fact two 10-year-olds in a long coat with spell check and a shared reddit account. truly a terrible book

  • vamproy vamproy (@vamproy) reported

    @xWormer @draftpunkk @El_Chouch So I might be a little late to this, but, has this been on STOTG and has it been properly acknowledged, because I still see post everywhere over Reddit with people saying the camera can glitch through and there is a box behind the door.

  • kakegetlit Kake 🎂 (@kakegetlit) reported

    RIP @reddit NBAStreams...held me down for years

  • Whitevato Reinaldo🐊™🇲🇽 (@Whitevato) reported

    Just cus they took down the reddit doesnt mean the website went down btw

  • th3sky Seth Davis (@th3sky) reported

    Thank you @nvidia @reddit user, for solving desktop color settings on Nvidia Control Panel. And I hope there would be a fix for the 0% GPU utilization.

  • DeepImpactDepo Yabu (@DeepImpactDepo) reported

    Reddit shutting down /r/nbastreams is unconstitutional

  • MakGaming MRLOLSLEEPERKEEPER (@MakGaming) reported

    I’m getting bs on reddit talking about pathfinder isn’t broken...Reddit can **** off

  • HenryBushnell Henry Bushnell (@HenryBushnell) reported

    Guys, once and for all: If you think the hundreds of experts trying to stop illegal streaming didn’t know about reddit streams (a public website!) until my article… uh, be smarter! (Soccerstreams, btw, was shut down before I started the reporting)

  • conandos7 Sex Machine (@conandos7) reported

    @mold12545174 @ZachoIogy @MartozFN ive never seen that error before. it might mean your monitor cant change the 16:9 ratio. my best guess would be to google it or go on reddit

  • enchanting_em encнanтreѕѕ eмιlee ☽♡☾ 7/12 вday 👑 (@enchanting_em) reported

    @BioSubby @Brun0Parent @RobertGiguere59 @loneleyguy69xxx Yeah, I’ve dabbled in reddit and I just don’t like the platform as a whole. I had someone mention Discord but the server is full for ****** so that doesn’t help 😂

  • ex_wallace Ex Justin Wallace (@ex_wallace) reported

    @cedarsjwsurvey @therealjomjohns @Exjwfifth @jwfacts I read a post on reddit about a CO doubling down on "listening to the slave even if it doesnt make sense... Not even questioning them." What interests me about this is it seems this is contradicted both in scripture and...

  • Heimatlost Carlos Columno (@Heimatlost) reported

    @jasonbaumgartne @pewresearch @YouTube @facebook @instagram @Pinterest @LinkedIn @Snapchat @Twitter @WhatsApp @reddit I'm glad it is. Its low popularity is the reason it's not entirely broken yet.

  • SMDC_Flashy Flashy💎💎 (@SMDC_Flashy) reported

    They really took down NBA Streams off reddit!!! Today’s a sad day!!

  • pgcraiig 2K20 🤫 (@pgcraiig) reported

    Dang, they took down the NBA Streams Reddit thread..toughhhhh

  • luke_bread Luke Brand (@luke_bread) reported

    reddit nbastreams is down 😭

  • Brenny_Bren Brenny (@Brenny_Bren) reported

    @alipasha_ they did same thing with Soccer, reddit is really cracking down on streaming. It's why I had to buy league pass last year, but even then league pass is kinda wack because if games are on NBA TV/TSN/Sportsnet then it's blacked out

  • HennyOmega HULK HOGAN, WE COMING FOR YOU NIGGA (@HennyOmega) reported

    @123Pins @JayOrtez Feds shut down Reddit NBA streams

  • NickVereb_87 Nick Vereb (@NickVereb_87) reported

    @jamensh8 Dudeeee all the reddit streams are getting shut down 🙃 #ripfreemma

  • hasselihas1 Hasselihas (@hasselihas1) reported

    @JagexAsh I have contacted both Sween and Gambit thru reddit and twitter but they haven't gotten into fixing my issue. Maybe you could hit me up with their phone numbers or something so I could reach them.

  • ideaoneup brandon dalley (@ideaoneup) reported

    @hansenjames So the moderators got ahead of this (due to seeing other sports streaming sub Reddit’s be shit down) and created their own website. I can’t remember the name for the life of me but they did it months ago.

  • kaleabb_dg leave me alone (@kaleabb_dg) reported

    You can still look up the sites directly. That reddit page was only taken down, not the streaming sites

  • MakGaming MRLOLSLEEPERKEEPER (@MakGaming) reported

    I’m getting bs on reddit talking about pathfinder isn’t broken...Reddit can **** off

  • Blue_Boy_V Billy (@Blue_Boy_V) reported

    @mintkooks_ There are worse places to go down holes than reddit, at least reddit is really interesting

  • RealJoeSullivan Barbacoa Joe (@RealJoeSullivan) reported

    @Niklas496 Reddit is too big too ignore all the dmca’s and the whole process of appealing or fighting it is so ****** and broken it’s never worth them attempting to appeal them, plus in a lot of cases it is heavily copyrighted content so they do have to comply. We’re in scary times

  • 407Wrld christian (@407Wrld) reported

    all u bums complaining about reddit streams being down you realize theres multiple illegal streaming sites out there + league pass😂

  • kaleabb_dg leave me alone (@kaleabb_dg) reported

    You can still just go straight to the site like buffstreams or ripple. They just took down reddit page, not the actual streaming website.

  • CCool_CCCool CoolCool (@CCool_CCCool) reported

    @sportingnews @reddit It was nice while it lasted, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking that it was even sort of legal for Reddit to host a landing spot for illegal streams of every NBA game. It was going to get taken down eventually.

  • AnimeWarehouse Anime Warehouse (@AnimeWarehouse) reported

    Made a Reddit post about an error message being unintuitive to users and some total moron decided that the context of this meant that I must be selling server slots. As all of you know, this isn't true and you're all cool dudes that I invited for free, but this really annoyed me.

  • thealiendude101 Lil' Ivy (@thealiendude101) reported

    Reddit really took down NBA streams... smfh

  • Aaron_Briggs1 Aaron Briggs (@Aaron_Briggs1) reported

    @StrikaNation24_ Reddit took down r/soccerstreams in february

  • GoBlueTexan G. (@GoBlueTexan) reported

    @aprilnicole82 Reddit cracked down on everything I love with streaming but there may be hope with the internet, just gotta find it

  • blkck 🔰 (@blkck) reported

    @EbbieSprightly @GoogleStadia I am so thankful to sit as far away from anyone as possible. I usually browse reddit until people need me for software issues or something. I legit thought about bringing in my production laptop and making beats in the downtime haha.

  • Matty_Ice114 Matt King (@Matty_Ice114) reported

    @SkiptoMy_Lu2 Yea maybe a little more sketchy than reddit streams but used it for months and had no issues

  • Matty_Ice114 Matt King (@Matty_Ice114) reported

    @SkiptoMy_Lu2 When premier league Reddit went down last year moved to first row sports and it was exactly same type of deal. Assuming translates to NBA as well

  • keithcalder Keith Calder (@keithcalder) reported

    It was wild watching this as it all went down over the last couple days. These reddit-scraping pic-spam accounts are almost always run by people like this, and I don’t get why they’re so popular.

  • HintonMcleod REMAIN INDOORS (@HintonMcleod) reported

    @CartoonsHateHer Fell down a wormhole of reading a bunch of "redpillcomics" some fella posted earlier today. Short Dudes who use Reddit are this planets angriest minority. Every swipe left is a swipe towards genocide.

  • Benixty . (@Benixty) reported

    Just because reddit stream pages got shut down doesn’t mean you can’t watch them. Just have to find the websites yourself now

  • Petros_filios8 Peter Wilder (@Petros_filios8) reported

    @HakeemTheLean @nitzbluv Reddit got threatened by the premier league to take the streams down due to a loss of money due to illegal streaming. I’m sure the NBA is doing the same thing to reddit now. They can’t keep us down though😤