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  • FallenHero71 Jake (@FallenHero71) reported

    Bro I think I'm doing Reddit wrong, every time I make a post/comment it always gets taken down. Like god dam sorry I'm tryna be social for once

  • JennE_Penny Jenn E. Penny (@JennE_Penny) reported

    I’m so tired of @beatsbydre beatsx headphones. It’s such a great shape and fit for my ears but my god these are my 3rd pair on the last year. No one can explain the phantom “flashing white lights” and yet there’s reddit threads galore about this same issue smh

  • jovishark the her (@jovishark) reported

    i found a fix on reddit im good

  • Thelostman6 sky glass (@Thelostman6) reported

    @moneymakinmiaaa I was watching this on reddit, truly arrogant to turn a issue your having into a unrelated issue of his own.

  • a_solo_tripper A Solo Tripper (@a_solo_tripper) reported

    The DOJ is who can arrest people SHOULD be investigating this and Congress SHOULD be coining money. But no. We have congress investigating this and 8 little dudes (aka the federal reserve) coining money from their ass. Its an upside down world. via reddit The DOJ is who can…

  • ippaku ippaku (@ippaku) reported

    @NickiTaylor @elgatogaming Most people do not use the game capture and audio. If you are running a dual PC setup the audio is the biggest issue because webcam and latency of audio etc. If you are doing capture for switch on single PC then there is a reddit forum I think that can help.

  • JulienB_Twitch Julien B (@JulienB_Twitch) reported from Montréal, Québec

    @HopliteDestiny @Respawn @EA I wish, but it doesn’t work on PC. I was just on a reddit thread and people at the same problem :(

  • Tom_Hunsberger Tom Hunsberger 🧢 (@Tom_Hunsberger) reported

    @alexisohanian @reddit Live stream it on reddit & have networks pay for the rights to simulcast it. It'd be way more informative & show the real differences between the candidates. You'd see who has actual plans rather than sound bites. The current debate format is terrible & networks aren't impartial

  • rossipedia rossipedia (@rossipedia) reported

    Reddit headline: ‘The 16” MBP is fast’ My comment: “then why does mine feel so slow” Reply: “you should upgrade the HDD to an SSD and double the ram” Me: 😐😑😐

  • KL_Filomeno Krista Filomeno (@KL_Filomeno) reported

    @RealBrianCutter @StoneyD Well that's your problem right there! You were on Reddit. 😂

  • quitecontrary29 mary 🍂🍁 (@quitecontrary29) reported

    if you have a problem with my clearly satirical "pilates" routine posts, (which by the way.. i genuinely like going to the gym and doing my thing there) go ahead and unfollow. cancel me. but dont pretend hiding behind reddit forums to talk shit is somehow more upstanding.

  • BlushiMC Blushi ♡ (@BlushiMC) reported

    @Dymforreal @Pikaclicks @sammziie @AsteIic @xDemoned Please just be nice I’m sorry. Reddit is always a great place to rant. I use I to talk about people who drive too slow

  • GreenEagleGames lnimicus (@GreenEagleGames) reported

    @RaeA_94 @joey_capaiu @DisneyPlusHelp I sent one earlier today even linked them to a Reddit post about the issue and not a response

  • The_Fleabag Hafied (@The_Fleabag) reported

    @HANHDREW Get on reddit, it's got the same issue but that depends on what subreddits you decide to follow

  • stupidraya thurraya (@stupidraya) reported

    reading stories on reddit is the reason behind my trust issues

  • Odd_Nightsky Test account please ignore (@Odd_Nightsky) reported

    Welp turns out my brain has decided I'm gonna be loosing sleep over this so I guess I'll just lay in bed scrolling down reddit for the next five ******* years

  • MirrorballmanFI Dominik (@MirrorballmanFI) reported

    @valeryan24 @HPWizardsUnite Given reddit, the time issue was all over Europe (starting at 10 instead of 11). Many were didn't know about an extension, or it even came to late for GMT +2 countries (or it was buggy).

  • NorthWestClass PNLeft🌊🌲🏞️ (@NorthWestClass) reported

    @Marque_plays It's part of why I vehemently claimed you haven't played the game. I feel like I've seen word for word what you've said on Reddit for months now. I agreed with a lot of those statements until the game actually came out. But there's other problems no one is talking abt like this.

  • TheStickMan94 Sean O'Neill (@TheStickMan94) reported

    @jackdooley1999 They never will, they blatantly don't give a flying **** We've had server issues for years and if that reddit post is to be believed then they actually know how to fix it but the higher ups refuse to let them do it And honestly it wouldn't surprise me. Nothing but ***** at EA

  • lozemusic Loze (@lozemusic) reported

    @Barbwalters_ yeah he took it down off streaming platforms 3 days ago, came back but someone on reddit noticed that Pleasant was changed, especially in the second part, i checked and as of now it's the only track that was changed but it's still interesting 👀

  • JustSikko #tacorevolutionary (@JustSikko) reported

    between sports journalists and reddit investigators the whole ass astros organization might just get burnt down.

  • FlowerOfHumbaba Eɴᴋɪᴅᴜ ❀❁✿ (@FlowerOfHumbaba) reported

    @KnightLightsss |: - side eyes reddit - Yeah. It's pathetic tbh.. 🙄 They're still angry about the login streak thing and they're taking that out on the wrong places.

  • spikhykaran Karan Harsh Wardhan (@spikhykaran) reported

    @RayeShiloh @jjbounty @bigherm1734 @JordanUhl @KimKardashian I don't know much about them but I saw a clip on Reddit about her shooting down Kanye when he said her met gala dress was too revealing. I think this is his own personal manic trip and she's just like "Christianity isn't bad as long as it doesn't hurt sales"

  • HamzahAkram786 Ely for Eli (@HamzahAkram786) reported

    @elitevincent @JagexSupport well the reddit post got removed, due to jmod cant help with account issues, so hoping Yutu gets it sorted

  • patrick_herrity Ya Boy P dot (@patrick_herrity) reported

    @vm_one1 @Alex_85S @ICannot_Enough @gmbankrupt Dude the feedback is all over reddit, forums, etc.... and Tesla knows they suck at manufacturing. They literally have SCs fixing issues after they arrive prior to delivery. And it’s expected. They already know. It’s engrained in the company.

  • ThriverSign Pierre Viola (@ThriverSign) reported

    @TheSpellCast Anyone, anywhere, is capable of great or terrible things. Reddit isn't special in this. It's just organized, meaning it's easy for a bully to find you. Moderation is important in any community, and failing that, the pluck to soldier on despite detractors is paramount.

  • omega_ssbu Ωmegα (@omega_ssbu) reported

    @Zaskyl @Pokemon Again with the overlooking part, i said they have problems, like every game Im playing through them right now actually and the problems im talking about have nothing to do with that reddit post, i dont mind having mediocre animations or half the dex cut etc

  • tarheelsmiley Syrup Sippin Smiley (@tarheelsmiley) reported

    I get unreasonably upset when Reddit is down

  • KASSHHMusic 3ndwr (@KASSHHMusic) reported

    The problem with online card games is called shufflers. I don't play league's new one but in magic it's pretty common (and why I quit) that spending money gets you a better shuffler. Read about it on their reddit.

  • lmcvitti Leanora McVittie (@lmcvitti) reported

    And it feels important (in a bad way) that the people posting these comments and upvoting these comments don't understand that. But I don't know how to fix that in way that doesn't involve getting into an argument on reddit, so I'm posting here instead. 9/10

  • lmcvitti Leanora McVittie (@lmcvitti) reported

    Then I scrolled down to read the comments - because that's what I do on reddit - and I was immediately reminded that r/books is not r/trollx or even r/twox, because I expected to find a lot of "I feel you; I had the same experience", but that is not what was there 4/

  • 13_paul_13 13paul13 (@13_paul_13) reported

    @reneritchie I posted my Handoff issue on Reddit and someone provided a workaround. On my iPad, I have the “Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Show Suggested and Recent Apps in Dock” toggle turned off. If I toggle it on and off again my iPhone apps then appear in the Dock to Handoff from. 😊

  • CallMeMatub My name's Matt but you can call me Matub (@CallMeMatub) reported

    @Whiticar I once saw a comment on reddit that said "Jason Witten out-slows the coverage to get wide open, especially on 3rd down."

  • truegreenarrow ~MC (@truegreenarrow) reported

    @RetroBlasting @Change The language on this is unconvincing, imo. There are multiple problems on both sides. YouTube has never been kid-friendly & can’t be policed (like Reddit). But for parents it’s free. YouTube Kids is not really the answer. I don’t have answers either, tbh just more questions.

  • super_sapphics kris (@super_sapphics) reported

    for real though i feel so terrible for the majority of straight women. it's like nearly every post on reddit ships is like "my husband leaves me to do everything & doesn't understand why i'm always crying" & "my wife spilled milk & won't stop crying, wtf lol" i just 😣😣

  • kemixoh 𝖁𝔦𝔯𝔤𝔬🪐 (@kemixoh) reported

    Every time I try to sign up for a Reddit account it literally has an issue, then I get frustrated and close out of it until the next time I try & the cycle continues.. uninstalling because life’s to short to be frustrated by an app.

  • Starkaveli7 Starkaveli7🇩🇴🇩🇴 (@Starkaveli7) reported

    Only reason i started using reddit a year ago was cuz all other websites are shutting down comment section But boy is reddit such a ******* website them mods need a life

  • tribalxcouncil dom (@tribalxcouncil) reported

    @MsRomiMichelle Check vevmo and reddit, theres one female eliminated thats been narrowed down to Big T Bayleigh or Kaycee, they were out before Bear

  • Cryptekz Shane "Waiting for the Padorus" Armstrong (@Cryptekz) reported

    @Justin_Stuartxo @WeefreemenYT @SirScoots Let's also just casually skate over the fact that Reddit and r/leagueoflegends admins were permabanning Reddit accounts for even mentioning his ******* name at one point. He's just a narcissist, yup, that's the problem.

  • bartekci Bartek Ciszkowski (@bartekci) reported

    @phillmv sleep training is the worst. It was one of the few times in life where I hit the end of reddit. sitting there in the dark, counting down until the next interval like, I didn’t even know that was a thing

  • Josh_Smith Josh Smith (@Josh_Smith) reported

    @BrownDogWelding Unfortunately it’s some form of Sunday Ticket, a shared login from streaming in that region and a vpn may work but not totally sure. Also reddit links for illegal streams. But no easy legal way for one game.

  • seriesera seira @ keito-saaaaaan! (@seriesera) reported

    @silentoath the OG season is on japan netflix but it doesn’t have english subtitles. I watched all of it and it’s sooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO boring!!! my friends thought so too... reddit is completely wrong on this one if you have a login you can watch netflix anywhere, in the app or browser!

  • PvPVexilus Vexilus (@PvPVexilus) reported

    @minds_full There's something going on with reddit that I'm not sure how to fix, currently I have the post re written. But it's instantly removed when I post it. It's shown as still there on my Reddit account, but viewing my recent posts from incognito are showing it removed. 😔

  • elizabethraine elizabeth lorraine 🦄💙💜💖 (@elizabethraine) reported from Minneapolis, Minnesota

    “Dear reddit, my boyfriend is great except for these really glaring issues with his personality that come up all the time. I’ve said nothing in the last year and I’m not sure what else to do. Help me, random internet strangers!”

  • Mrsunshinesprkl DISNEY PLUS AND THRUST (@Mrsunshinesprkl) reported

    @CoffeeeVampire @LionOhDay From what i've read (and what i've read is reddit comments so not exactly the most accredited source of info lololol), the issue with SwSh is not entirely NEW but the game does exacerbate it.

  • giantgio 🇻🇦Gio's 🎨AESTHETIC CONTENT🌄 Corner 🏞🌲 (@giantgio) reported

    Of my problem, that's all on ME, and I realize that now. So I'm sharing this so you can look into yourself and be honest with your problems, For years (this sounds so stupid and even "Reddit") I hid from my body by purely focusing on my mind...

  • Ya_Boy_D r i c k y (@Ya_Boy_D) reported

    @WillPresti twitter been like this, same for instagram and reddit and most of the huge feminist infested sites, this shit happens on the daily and its ****** up but it's a problem in america and it's a HUGE problem in the UK

  • retrowifey Retro wifey (@retrowifey) reported

    @BlueCourtlands @awfultruth01 Holy cow! I knew she locked her stuff down. Damn I need to go to Reddit.

  • Creeper_ND 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable (@Creeper_ND) reported

    Ok I’m back I haven’t been to r/HongKong where things are the worst, but the comment section of some posts regarding HK protests in r/instant karma is already very bad. And for some reasons my connection to Reddit was extremely slow just now. Fixed after a change of VPN location.

  • josefgusta Jose Garcia (@josefgusta) reported

    @maxtaco @KeybaseIO This way you avoid a lot of the clutter and hassle from people that is a little impatient. Keybase's reddit and github issues are a mess right now.

  • benevolentWand1 Ben. E. Wanderer (@benevolentWand1) reported

    @edg3duch3ss Lack of aliases is biggest issue w Reddit, bc it makes it hard to talk abt both sfw and nsfw things. Retroactively orphaning posts is also *chefs kiss*

  • MariusKwo Mariusz Kwoczko (@MariusKwo) reported

    @Thooorin OP of this reddit post has to be the biggest NPC in the world "Seems like he is tired of people spreading rumors about the Fnatic players. Good to know that they aren’t fighting and that the problem in the team isn’t them." I caaaaan't

  • jaymeejarvis jaymee (@jaymeejarvis) reported

    @nirak my most popular reddit post was one were i shared that the only reason my husband and i (millennials) have financially secure lives with children is because we “lucked” into dead fathers who left us with some money that we were able to use as a down payment on a home-otherwise no

  • BrataGeorge Brata George (@BrataGeorge) reported

    The janitor lady just asked me to smoke some **** with her. I turned her down. I don't like high maintenance women. #smile #reddit #jokes

  • Witcha0ne Jake Witcher (@Witcha0ne) reported

    Me: *defends The Last Jedi on Reddit until 3 in the morning* Also me: *leaves ***** sock on bedroom floor for three months because picking it up would take, like, effort man and I’m not down for that*

  • DaveImbSays Dave Imbriaco (@DaveImbSays) reported

    @DevilsRedAlert I never would have guessed from the Reddit gameplay thread. It's getting so damn toxic in there you'd think we were down by 10

  • MindYourGames Chemseddine Henni (@MindYourGames) reported

    @brave @reddit what happens is that clicking on 'Continue with Chrome', stays on Brave, so I think it might be the engine that gets picked up and gives Chrome a spot in the misleading prompt. Still, that locking pop up is thoroughly annoying, and your mobile app is just slow

  • 8_notalex Gerzeea (@8_notalex) reported

    @Diminishedrose Reddit isn't taking the posts down, it's the subreddit's rules. I'd recommend reading the rules.

  • soulsearcher85 David Simpson (@soulsearcher85) reported

    @JagexSupport already looked through every tech page you have available on jagex's website and have been on several forums including Reddit and no one can fix it as it is an issue with your software ie runescape mobile.

  • Diminishedrose Kristenn (@Diminishedrose) reported

    Reddit is the worst platform I've ever tried posting on. 90% of my posts get ******* taken down before they even have a chance. And then they make you wait 6 minutes ! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 NEVER again.