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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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April 20: Problems at Paypal

Paypal is having issues since 06:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (40.33%)
  • Website Down (33.21%)
  • Errors (26.46%)

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  • Brand38958170 Brand (@Brand38958170) reported

    @AskPayPal hello I want to withdraw funds but it asks to verify my phone. I changed my number so was about to update and it saids there was an error. Pls check dm

  • Pix2Proto Mike - Pixels to Prototype (@Pix2Proto) reported

    @usas1_2018 Yes, Etsy accepts PayPal payments - should not be an issue. Feel free to share the posting/pictures.

  • DigitzRulz ~Shut up Meg~ aka Darksoul (@DigitzRulz) reported

    @JuiceMan99 @MaryPretends Well, she doesn't have it activated then. You don't see the money sign in the right side to click on. She not shy about dropping her PayPal though

  • BeisyP Beisy Pizarro (@BeisyP) reported

    Still nothing resolved with my problem with @AskPayPal. All I have been doing is repeating myself because apparently they have a hard time listening to their customers @PayPal

  • Mphmike330 Mike Herrmann (@Mphmike330) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Can you try to fix the issue with the $1000 dollar PayPal gift card I exit and clear the app to get rid of it and when I go back in it’s still there. I can’t exit the ad.

  • davepermen davepermen (@davepermen) reported

    Whenever something goes wrong with the automatic payments for @microsoft i have to spend like half an hour on their horrible account page to just set up my already set up paypal or creditcard again. it's soooo goddamn slow, and erroring all the time. horrible experience.

  • NuggetScoon Boston Ross, PhD (@NuggetScoon) reported

    @insanechance24 @DNC @AOC Leftist corporations. You never hear about Chase closing down ****** accounts, or PayPal refusing payments to the Che Guevara memorial fund.

  • Riekopo2 Riekopo (@Riekopo2) reported

    @BotanicalEdu I tried to order books on the BEA website. The order process is completely broken. Can't select a State without tricks and once you click Paypal it just loads endlessly. C'mon!

  • Riekopo2 Riekopo (@Riekopo2) reported

    @BotanicalEdu I tried to order books on the BEA website. The order process is completely broken. Can't select a State without tricks and once you click Paypal it just loads endlessly. C'mon!

  • DavidMallinso11 David Mallinson (@DavidMallinso11) reported

    @AskPayPal hey, you just shut me out of my account after I changed my email address and confirmed it. Now I can't login even to contact you to fix it and your help menu is of no use. Very annoying.

  • QueenBittyBee 🐝 | 𝒩𝒾𝓀𝓀𝒾 | 🐝 (@QueenBittyBee) reported

    @AskPayPal @KingLeionidas We figured it out by not using your company. The issue was never resolved so I'm waiting on a supervisor to contact me.

  • ziolongo ZioLongo (@ziolongo) reported

    Since I got more commissions than I thought (0), I think it's better to write down some info: -You have to send me a screenshot of your warframe doing a pose, the higher the quality, the better -I accept PayPal -Every character redone in my style costs 5 EUR

  • johnjishu372 JISHU JOHN (@johnjishu372) reported

    After repeated commitment and all still not able to resolve my issue with the cashback still today not able to take the followup and still making me feel not to go for paypal

  • Tharmim The Tharminator (@Tharmim) reported

    So @PayPal @PayPalUK @AskPayPal #Paypal has refunded someone I’ve sold something to even though I provided evidence that is was purchased & recurved. Not only am I down £50 but now I’ve been charged an extra £14 on top of that for no reason! That’s a joke!!!

  • earth_to_jen JC♡ (@earth_to_jen) reported

    @PayPal @AskPayPal here is what's not going to happen- I'm not sitting on hold for another hour between you and Bancorp. Fix it.

  • WeAreTiltify Tiltify (@WeAreTiltify) reported

    @Shygrim As long as you got a PayPal confirmation, the charity has received the donation. It could be an api callback issue with PayPal, it got donated to a different link, etc. Feel free to submit a support ticket (help link from your user dropdown) so our devs can look further into it

  • TrilogyT1 j (@TrilogyT1) reported

    once my paypal gets unlocked I won’t have issues with money but this shit lookin slow

  • patrickthegooat patrick (@patrickthegooat) reported

    selling pornhub premium login $5 paypal gift

  • mariaskid Magaret Tees (@mariaskid) reported

    @MissBabington Sorry... tried to buy a couple of things but PayPal won’t work properly... anyone else having this problem. I’ll try again later

  • testalways Eusebiu Blindu (@testalways) reported

    @superevr Well yeah, but the issue is @Hacker0x01 and the people there. So that was probably the only think PayPal could have done to piss me off

  • Serg_MUT Serg ~ Dodgers (14-8) (@Serg_MUT) reported

    @AskPayPal if you could respond to my dms and fix my PayPal that would be great

  • Corkayy corkayy hannnn (@Corkayy) reported

    @AdaptsTheGod I'll PayPal u I'm really down

  • Mutati_ Mutats (@Mutati_) reported

    Paypal is ****** up. They're losing their business. They'll close. Doesn't matter how long it takes but they'll sure close down. @PayPal @PayPalCA

  • kimesiuol Kim (@kimesiuol) reported

    @united Yes, when I try to add PayPal as my payment method (two different accounts) I keep getting an error.

  • sassysafy peachy (@sassysafy) reported

    Linked PayPal to pay for my grab. then when the driver dropped me off I paid cash. I GOTTA STOP THESE FIRSR WORLD PROBLEMS FFS

  • newspics Equinox Features (@newspics) reported

    We have one domain name with @ionos_com @ionos_uk @ionos_help_uk because we can’t move it. They agreed to charge £30 and then took £144 on our preauthorised PayPal account. We have had nothing but problems with #ionos and don’t trust them to use our #Paypal anymore.

  • OFAWeSeeYou Online Fraud Alert (@OFAWeSeeYou) reported

    @AskPayPal No, thank you. We, and the consumers, request transparency on this issue. There will be no private discussions until PayPal acknowledges this problem publicly. #scam #fraud #PayPal #shopping

  • jinkijinggi nat (@jinkijinggi) reported

    1 problem down but my paypal is still not working cries god i know that i need so save but please not this way avsjsdkgklg

  • royalchangjo 제희섭입💣💣 (@royalchangjo) reported

    @mozziwoo It's easy to set up paypal! Just register using your email address on their website. Then, during the payment in Vlive on your pc, login to your paypal when it asked during your purchase and insert your debit or credit card for the payment

  • fergilmx FerGil (@fergilmx) reported

    @AskPayPal Ummm, I'm not the one having a problem. @Zirta is. Don't know if you can see that, due to her locked account.

  • maggiejaade maggie💫 (@maggiejaade) reported

    guys my paypal has been acting up and i'm trying to fix it 💗 for now i'm only taking cashapp and venmo :)

  • leemrnho ؘ (@leemrnho) reported

    @staykrids i guess u need login/register on pc and if you have a global credit card u can pay with paypal,,,,,,, i don’t know much about this but if you enter on pc must have some explications

  • mazxing maz; (@mazxing) reported

    My paypal got problem & money that my customer transfer to me can't withdrawal it. Now i have to use more than 2k of my money & my siblings money & still tak cukup rm30 ahhfbdjsj idk what should do now. Atm tak boleh bawak keluar rm10 ahhhh. Terpaksa cancel la giniii

  • 4MISHFELLA ToastBrother (@4MISHFELLA) reported

    @FrankSchnode @black_brad_doom @GaryWil89778475 @drnibble @Cozy___Bear @Tucker_2024 @ThePlainKane @Pug_Apu @PondMarv @TribeInspector @FPoster123 @CelestialGroypr @thundergroyp @TwoLitersOfLuck @TheeArtVandelay @bobo_arrives @RedPilpulman @von_lube @DoomPilled @ZwolfRonin @AmericazLad @CumTweeter420 @Buttfac78032508 What an *******. Your supposed to be giving me your lunch money via PayPal. I'ma fix this.

  • botDonaldTrump_ Donald J. Trump (@botDonaldTrump_) reported

    Paypal stocks are having another terrific day after their terrible commercials! Sell!

  • kkumadarling ♡ jessica ♡ (@kkumadarling) reported

    i'm having so many issue with my paypal, part of the money is finally available BUT when i go to transfer it to my bank it's not letting me for some reason (my bank & everything is linked & confirmed) this is SOOO ANNOYING @PayPal

  • betsmcq2 Betty McQueary (@betsmcq2) reported

    @maximillian_alv @BenjaminPDixon Glad to hear PayPal shut down their donations.

  • CockServe ServeBlackCockMovement (@CockServe) reported

    Hi Twitter, sorry to all my followers, I have been really busy trying to help my black king fix his truck. If any of you good little cucks want to help out send it to my PayPal ; )

  • hamadqr1 Hamad Al-Qassar (@hamadqr1) reported

    Sorry everyone, I just removed the donations form, i added in the page the paypal link, because i got a new problems on it, hope i can fix it soon.

  • hamadqr1 Hamad Al-Qassar (@hamadqr1) reported

    So, I removed the donations form, i added in the page the paypal link, because i got a new problems in it, hope i can fix it.

  • ianspencer Agent 86 (@ianspencer) reported

    Hey, @AskPayPal #PayPal thanks for opening my eyes by stealing money and shutting down #OwenBenjamin account, you clearly only cater to the bankrupt left. Will only use PayPal when only option and can't find another PayPal free shop. PS #VoxDay sends his regards.

  • LostBlueJay cutiekitty01🌱🌹 (@LostBlueJay) reported

    @AnveEloum @NineJackals Ahh well, I do but I keep having a lot of issues with Paypal not sending me my money so I gave up on it xP I’m sorry babe ;;

  • kobatabat koba | 🎁🎂 IT'S BIRTHDAY (@kobatabat) reported

    @AskPayPal Hi, I'm trying to cancel a pending payment that someone hasn't accepted but it keeps redirecting me to a random error page whenever I Try to.

  • evodocNJ Ashley AD (@evodocNJ) reported

    @saladinahmed Hey, @PayPal, they're using your services to fund fascism. Shut them down.

  • gsungie aurora (@gsungie) reported

    hehegbg gi wanna watch hibstay but i csnt even buy ch+ if i want too until i fix my paypal acc thisis so sad why did paypal suddnely decide they need proof of address like sir now i gotta wsit for somrthinh in the maiwif my name

  • 626fazeone Andrew (@626fazeone) reported

    @gamestopcorp you cancelled my order 6190223071730740 and blamed it on PayPal I than called your customer service team & they acknowledged it wasn't PayPal but an error on your part. Why would you treat a customer so poorly & cancel a whole order when there are multiple pre order

  • MissBabington Miss Donna Babington (@MissBabington) reported

    @alexsandrathom1 DM me as I have recently had the PayPal issue dealt with and nobody else seems to have problems but I can invoice you directly via PayPal if you dm me the details.

  • nahsajYnG nahsaJ (@nahsajYnG) reported from Calgary, Alberta

    @elonmusk fix my paypal before I smack the shit outta you in public lmao #machivelli

  • JakizoDesigns Jakizo (@JakizoDesigns) reported

    @Dastanvisuals Dude, when my PayPal issue is clarifyed my man. I'll donate.

  • Yulked Yulk 1.3k (@Yulked) reported

    @PayPal I swear to God if you do not call me back were going to have an issue.

  • bulletgifts Kathy and Rick (@bulletgifts) reported

    @primerealmids91 @PawsAlive @deputy26mcsd @thebingoman21 I know if you are paying through PayPal, once you get through the first couple of pages, signin etc, you will end up with a place to "Add a Note" I'll go see if direct credit card offers anything....BRB

  • imatexan11 Rey Tense (@imatexan11) reported

    @PayPal worthless! Too many issues.

  • KonaCoffeeDrgn Kona Coffee Dragon (@KonaCoffeeDrgn) reported

    @FursonaPins @CurlworksKigus PayPal check out seems broken right now

  • AlexandriaEliz7 AleyKat (@AlexandriaEliz7) reported

    @DontWriteDown @AJawort @whotfisautumn @TalkAboutMMIW @aterriaxo @gofundme Yup I get paid through those apps a lot for my pet sitting work, they did lock me out of both until I linked my social & proved I pay taxes. Paypal linked up with IRS. My mom's response was that they're cracking down on SWs & prob think I'm one.

  • attrbn A B (@attrbn) reported

    @AskPayPal @AskPayPal, @PayPal, the numbers on your website for Credit card Customer care does not work! 2+ hrs hold time on an IVR without connecting to a human is UNACCEPTABLE! Issue unresolved since 6 months!! Kindly advise how to escalate!

  • pethuggg peThug 🇫🇷 (@pethuggg) reported

    @baeutae @pockyandpandas @TXTnews_ @TXT_bighit @TXT_members You can pay PayPal GOODS AND SERVICES I have no problem with that, stop saying shit thanks

  • Backtomono74 Declan Meehan (@Backtomono74) reported

    @residentmusic @justbeccalynne Have tried for 20 mins to get from checkout to paypal and 4 times have had the 504 error.

  • MrsRotnjetski RaKell Rosciszewski (@MrsRotnjetski) reported

    @HerrMorgenholz Tired: nap Hungry: eat Horny: get busy All those will fix the “pissed” I accept Venmo and PayPal 😉

  • MTaylor_tweets Michael Taylor (@MTaylor_tweets) reported


  • joonstittysucc persona giveaway pinned! 🤠❤ (@joonstittysucc) reported

    hey just remembered my PayPal login 🤩 let's go find some spoilers