Is Path of Exile down?

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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October 15: Problems at Path of Exile

Path of Exile is having issues since 08:00 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile PLEASE FIX LAG — it’s not fun lagging out during blight, losing the instance and no one, no matter how good their build is, can beat that LAG BOSS. PLEASE DON’T RELEASE BETA BUILDS. THANK YOU. 😡 #facepalm

  • savageturist a real gangsta (@savageturist) reported

    i want to do a login and start in my hideout, plz bring this to us.. i hate start in some city @pathofexile

  • moninchi28 Ambrose Spellman 💁🏽‍♂️🌟 (@moninchi28) reported

    @pathofexile You're having several server issues right now 🙄🙄🙄

  • JohanssonJSG Simon Johansson (@JohanssonJSG) reported

    @JeremyPenter What a load of bullshit... The silver lining is that this has opened my eyes to these kind of issues. Path of Exile is my favorite game but its developer GGG is owned by Tencent. I'm not comfortable supporting Tencent and will therefore not spend money on PoE.

  • FlynnWurm Katherine (@FlynnWurm) reported

    @TheRibTickler_ Bad advice. Tencent is the Chinese company that owns 5% of Blizzard, but they own 80% of Grinding Gear Games, who makes Path of Exile. Do research. Learn the real problem.

  • lokybarz89 Jason Kobylarz (@lokybarz89) reported

    @DymnastyInc @Blizzard_Ent @pathofexile @EternalCardGame No actually don't go do POE. Tencent is the issue and they own 80% of the POEs developer. You'd still be supporting whose actually pulling the strings.

  • MHArcadia Alexis Valentine (@MHArcadia) reported

    Honestly, if Path of Exile was on the Switch, a lot of my problems would just be instantly solved. Sucks when all your games are on one system.

  • SarahMariaKath Sarah the wireless handheld peacekeeping device (@SarahMariaKath) reported

    @Baronesa1980 @lisaquestions Yes. And I don't even care that much for resolution. I play Path of Exile on dynamic resolution. The only thing I hate is when it goes below 5fps. So I will have to upgrade RAM and get an SSD, so I don't run into loading issues any more.

  • Muzza__19 Murray (@Muzza__19) reported

    @DatModz @pathofexile They are so out of touch with fanbase if they don't, such a simple fix and fanbase have been pretty vocal about it.

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile 5-weeks In for those fix is embarrassing and should have never made the league release; this still feels like a beta release with all the LAG and this needs to be addressed in certain zones, e.g. Uber elder boss, burial chambers boss room, group play, blight maps; please fix.

  • MattiaGaldi Mattia Galdi (@MattiaGaldi) reported

    @TwintopTahoe @Blizzard_Ent @EpicGames @riotgames @Ubisoft @grindinggear @pathofexile 2nd I don't think that Tencent is the real issue here, it may be for other companies where Tencent has a bigger cut, instead the market and the economic value of that market has, in a scenario where the western market has more value we would've had a fast response from Blizz

  • DukeRamze KingRamze (@DukeRamze) reported

    @mjarbo I don't have a problem with micro-transactions if they are done well - like "Path of Exile." Paying for cosmetic changes and very minor conveniences like extra stash tabs are fine. Paying for options that amount to "pay to win or fast progress" are game-breaking, though.

  • raizenangelo A.P.R. (@raizenangelo) reported

    @pathofexile nice new mtx new crashes ... pls fix the servers

  • lilwayne70001 King Caruso (@lilwayne70001) reported

    @pathofexile Another MTx that will fix bugs. Thanks GGG!

  • TeferiMTG Spooky Teferi 🎃 (@TeferiMTG) reported

    @majin_shinsa @steveexplosion @YUNGCOOLATTA @feingersh I don't care if my opponent plays a plains with "Path to Exile" sharpied on top. I don't care about proxies. They don't affect the outcome of the game. They're 100% an economic issue and don't affect how games are played. I'm okay with proxies.

  • Liquidwillv William Vanderpool (@Liquidwillv) reported

    @gigiosantin @pathofexile The higher blighted maps are terrible just lag so bad lose the map

  • SystemsReady assertSpooky(SystemsReady); (@SystemsReady) reported

    I legitimately have no idea how Path of Exile managed to crash while I was viewing the Atlas, but here I am with a PS4 error screen anyway

  • DoubleDipz DoubleDipz (@DoubleDipz) reported

    @pathofexile so I've sent a dozen crash reports from my ps4 pro from yesterday to today. It's never been this bad. Hope there is a fix on it's way. Currently unplayable which is a shame.

  • wAlyyy_ Eetu Lahtinen (@wAlyyy_) reported

    @David01745955 @pathofexile Haven't had much problems with OC'd 3570k and a 1070 the last couple of days. The mob densisty hasn't been that high, but I hope my rig can manage.

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix server lag, zone specific lag. Please fix group lag. Please fix blight map drop rate. Please do t release beta version of league in future. Please stop peddling MTX until you fix game— 👌🏼

  • Zultarious96 Brandon Duncan (@Zultarious96) reported

    @pathofexile I just wanna know if you guys are working on the massive frame rate issue with the necromancer on PS4 (pro). I've literally had the game pretty much come to a halt because of the frame issues, where it slowed down so bad. Also have been getting a lot of errors too

  • Metalhead9806 JGMIII🎮⚽️🤘🎸Ⓥ💪🔥 (@Metalhead9806) reported

    @Tamikuz09876 I am worried that we will get a negative reaction to Diablo 4 being a online service mmo/shared town online hub game like Path of Exile.

  • p_sapph Sapphire 2: Sapphic Boogaloo (@p_sapph) reported

    @pathofexile if you select a different language at the top left of the login screen, select no, and then reboot the game, it changes to that language anyway

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix lag in certain boss zones e.g. the Uber elder or the burial chamber boss; please fix lag when playing in group; please fix blighted map drop rates.

  • CrazyMadCoder Michael Lafreniere (@CrazyMadCoder) reported

    @dante_vergil182 @MacleodKallin @pathofexile First league I've not had a single client crash or login issue. Likely jinxed myself now mind you. And I've played over something like 100 hours of it.

  • ZiiTwitch 🍕 GGZII 🍕 (@ZiiTwitch) reported

    @GowFeed @GearsEU @CoalitionGears A tiny list that would be patched ina day if it were legaue, cs, dota, path of exile. Meanwhile GoW UK has been down in ranked for 12 days and flashbangs are broken and many key issues ignored

  • blakeyOCE Blake Garner (@blakeyOCE) reported

    @pathofexile hey this league is bugged. fix fast!!!

  • Wynn_B Wynn (@Wynn_B) reported

    @pathofexile "Client Memory Usage We have noticed unusually high memory usage, likely due to loading too many game assets. We believe this may be causing performance issues and we are investigating." In the meantime, here's more MTX and sources of global illumination to compound the issue :)

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile Still no blighted map drop-rate fix (I’ve hat 7 low tier natural drops ALL LEAGUE); still no PC SERVER stabilization repairs to address lag in various realms including Uber elder lag, group lag, etc., — stop peddling MTX until you fix your game!! #YouHadOneJob

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile Can’t beat the lag boss!! Fox your game FIRST BEFORE YOU PEDDLE MORE MTX— you should be ashamed #YouHadOneJob

  • mothudragon Mothu (🐀 mode) (@mothudragon) reported

    I feel I would enjoy Path of Exile more if it wasn't so full of seemingly very stuck-up choices Extreme performance issues on machines of all ranges yet they also insist on not letting you turn problem elements down unlike basically every other game '~'

  • maxsokf maxime (@maxsokf) reported

    @discordapp Still Happening, tried 4 diff games all working except Path of Exile. Assumed it was the server issues, but nop still there. Happening since last night's discord update I believe.

  • edhoutrijk Refuse, Resist (@edhoutrijk) reported

    @b3agz @SparkPeepz @AutoRunFail Not if said game uses steam for login, Path of Exile not working, SF4 not working... and those are the only games I tested so far.

  • RBImGuy Robert Johansson (@RBImGuy) reported

    Keep dying to Blight lag and bullshit design as usual. No money from me #GGG #pathofexile

  • crustindurbagio Justin (@crustindurbagio) reported

    @Raeannekitty @pathofexile See isn’t it annoying when you can’t play a game you like. The issue with @pathofexile may take time to fix. Plz keep that in mind

  • mrphiLip phiLip (@mrphiLip) reported

    @pathofexile Okay..meanwhile-EVERYTIME I run Jun Research my game just happened & instead of just loading back up the game and continuing..[I didn't]-the game starts an update..which means I lose my well-rolled map and Master mission-please fix this. Never had issues before Blight

  • Metalhead9806 JGMIII🎮⚽️🤘🎸Ⓥ💪🔥 (@Metalhead9806) reported

    My biggest issue with games as a service. If you take a break from the game and come back you are so far behind you feel lost. This has happened to me in guild wars 2, path of exile and Warframe.

  • RBImGuy Robert Johansson (@RBImGuy) reported

    @pathofexile 3 weeks to find a bug that wouldn't been there if you did you testing properly before a league. broken delve etc...

  • phlawski piotr hlawski (@phlawski) reported

    @CapsFan20 @pathofexile Actually it’s a problem of every single league. It’s called PTDD. Players Test Driven Development 😂☝🏻

  • Evandrofelix6 ApkGamerPs4 (@Evandrofelix6) reported

    @pathofexile I stopped playing due to a big crash on ps4, especially in bosses

  • youshantknowme_ howdidwegethere? (@youshantknowme_) reported

    @pathofexile I've had to stop playing because this game (and only this game) causes my computer to hard crash within a few minutes. It is likely a hardware issue but a shame how it seems to affect only this game.

  • bosgotnojams bosgotnojams 🏳️‍🌈 (@bosgotnojams) reported

    i seriously want a computer where i can play path of exile lag-free

  • Kamahl_Prime Kamahl_Prime (@Kamahl_Prime) reported

    @pathofexile Players are pissed the games not working right. Let's release more mtx.

  • UltraGasi F to the G (@UltraGasi) reported

    @pathofexile Fix servers instead of cosmetics

  • _nathan_arizona _nathan_ (@_nathan_arizona) reported

    @pathofexile Blighted maps way too sparse still on PC version. Still server instability on PC version. Please fix. 🤞🏼

  • SomaydPOE somayd (@SomaydPOE) reported

    Just spent 2 hours helping a beginner PoE player who watches my stream. Screen share and vocal to fully fix his character and boy, he was SO HAPPY at the end, clearing maps like it was nothing. Path of Exile has this power on people, it just FEELS good

  • xeridanus Xeridanus (@xeridanus) reported

    @LGG_Azazel @pathofexile They're worth more than they cost. /Shrug not my problem.

  • LGG_Azazel Julius Reid (@LGG_Azazel) reported

    @xeridanus @pathofexile I run all the blight encounters that I come to. The maps do not exist and if you think buying them from other players is an answer then I think you need to stop being a sheep and speak up about balance problems. I heard that same BS answer during synthesis when maps needed buff

  • DOTR_YT DOTR_YT (@DOTR_YT) reported

    Please fix the crashes on PS4 @pathofexile my game has crashed 4 times in the past 30 minutes. I beg.

  • MAbilmouna Arcana (@MAbilmouna) reported

    @pathofexile Funny how they expect us to just keep buying mtx and supporter packs when there are more and more bugs every league and it takes a month, sometimes 2, to fix. Its been two leagues I didn't buy any supporter packs and if things remain this way I won't buy any in the future either.

  • lilwayne70001 King Caruso (@lilwayne70001) reported

    @TheOneNamedQ @pathofexile They keep adding comestics which could possibly also add more problems coz people have different PC build.

  • lilwayne70001 King Caruso (@lilwayne70001) reported

    @TheOneNamedQ @pathofexile Coz every team is part of the game. The problem is they prioritize cosmetics than fixing the game. If you take a look at other video games, they fix issues first before releasing other stuff like accessories/DLC.

  • TheOneNamedQ Q (@TheOneNamedQ) reported

    @pathofexile Incoming people screeching about bug fixes and whatnot when the Art Designers making MTX has no ability to fix it, as per usual. Big Brains

  • northlending Alexander Myhra (@northlending) reported

    @pathofexile Blight is a joke...disconnect because of to many actions....wp..I really love PoE, but this league....sigh

  • Vox_Nova_Luce Vox Tenabris (@Vox_Nova_Luce) reported

    @pathofexile I can't wait for performance issues fixed on the console with 2 to 3 freezes is making running Maps real difficult, blight encounters hit-and-miss, and delving impossible.

  • BrandonHaddock1 Brandon Haddock (@BrandonHaddock1) reported

    @cs_cowcow @Theonlybigpp @pathofexile Even if there is less work going into micro transactions, there APPEARS to be More work going into them based off of how many they are producing and how often we are getting updates. That and with the issues the league mechanic has is a poor decision.

  • BrandonHaddock1 Brandon Haddock (@BrandonHaddock1) reported

    @cs_cowcow @Theonlybigpp @pathofexile Even if there is less work going into micro transactions, there APPEARS to be work going into them. Based off of how many they are producing and how often we are getting updates. That alone with the issues the league has is a poor decision.

  • BrandonHaddock1 Brandon Haddock (@BrandonHaddock1) reported

    @cs_cowcow @Theonlybigpp @pathofexile Getting multiple updates about micro transactions in a league where the league mechanic isn’t balanced and there’s a lot of issues is a poor long term business strategy. Am I saying they aren’t working on it, no. Seems more work going into micro transactions though.

  • BrandonHaddock1 Brandon Haddock (@BrandonHaddock1) reported

    @cs_cowcow @Theonlybigpp @pathofexile Imagine representing GGG and expecting people not to be upset when there appears to be more work being done on cosmetics than fixes for a league that has issues.

  • WeiZ_Official Martin Rasmussen (@WeiZ_Official) reported

    @pathofexile Hello. Please fix ur shitty as broken game. Thanks. Im sick of losing useless xp cuz of ur shitty bugs.