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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • antoniomochi Antonio Mochi (@antoniomochi) reported

    @Evandrofelix6 @pathofexile Ok, those are big issues. I hope the next patch fixes that.

  • 2flower2furious a zombie for all seasons (@2flower2furious) reported

    Given how much time I've put into it as-is, I can only imagine the shambles my life would be in if Path of Exile's servers didn't disconnect me whenever I breathed loudly enough to mildly trouble the sleep of a gnat.

  • phlawski piotr hlawski (@phlawski) reported

    @RoleplayerAngry @Remnant_Game @pathofexile @twitchtvhost @MyGamingCareer I believe simpy disallowing mods you already unlocked to pop up again would fix this shit once and for all.

  • TheSpaniard1876 TheSpaniard (@TheSpaniard1876) reported

    @firstpinkchaos @pathofexile I'm a junkie. I keep going back for a fix. Plus, I need to dust off before this new league starts...I'm not sure how I feel about the tower defense minigame, but hey, TBH, I'll play anything. At least for a while.

  • Skeith_Gaming Skeith (@Skeith_Gaming) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords Looks interesting, hopefully not too weird in its click requirements on the towers. I can see that being an issue.

  • YoourSunshinee a + desesperada do site (@YoourSunshinee) reported

    @pathofexile i'm trying to love you but the lag is make me cry

  • SystemsReady assertEquals(SystemsReady); (@SystemsReady) reported

    Just had Path of Exile crash while loading the epilogue too 😂😂😂 this is fine

  • freykin freykin 🏳️‍🌈 (@freykin) reported

    @gambit4k @pathofexile I’m so sad that I had other life issues get in the way of participating. Thankfully my idea isn’t time sensitive, so next contest I can hopefully put it together 😁

  • Evandrofelix6 Evandro felix (@Evandrofelix6) reported

    @neverHealthy @pathofexile Me and several friends stopped playing due to lag is crash here on ps4.

  • leebedford12 💋💕💕L.U.K.¥ G.O.L.D💕💕💋 (@leebedford12) reported

    @Flasharc666 @pathofexile Ye I also have this issue on X also lag as in leap slam jumping bugs out bad to the point u die as in u jump in one direction and u get stopped be hind pls pls fix this issue thank u GGG Poe is a great game 💋 I’ve died to meany times to this bug thank god am not epileptic :( 💋

  • TrevorDMerrill Trevor Merrill (@TrevorDMerrill) reported

    @JBNZ_ @pathofexile I have a high end PC for anything PoE is gunna need lol. And fine, I only have 1 SSD thats for my OS right now and my next purchase is a 2TB M.2, but I seriously shouldn't require that. No 2019 games I own require that, I play them all at max settings online no issue.

  • TrevorDMerrill Trevor Merrill (@TrevorDMerrill) reported

    @JBNZ_ @pathofexile I have a high end PC on high end internet and it states my connection to the closest server is only like 20 ping. I believe this may be the simple fact that this game now requires an SSD to be playable. My friend a few hours away put his PoE on an SSD and it fixed his issues.

  • leebedford12 💋💕💕L.U.K.¥ G.O.L.D💕💕💋 (@leebedford12) reported

    @pathofexile why is it rubber banding on Xbox one keeps getting me killed also my friend has the same issue pls fix this :) thank you I knw it’s the weekend but come on guys it was not doing it 2 ish days ago never had an issue just some times trying to level sigh 😔:( 😘😩💝

  • Chiefner Sleepy Joe (@Chiefner) reported

    @Zizaran @DatModz @pathofexile For this exact reason I will never seek a 50c+ service that is not provided by a streamer. It's just too risky

  • sanda_robert Sanda Robert (@sanda_robert) reported

    @dewgel @marsh1066 @DuvalMagic @pathofexile Yes and I would have no problem with it if I could put money in the launcher without plugging in the credit card information I don't have

  • kibrakul kibrakul (@kibrakul) reported

    @PlayApex Have a look at how @pathofexile does their microtransactions, simple and straight foward. Stop scamming people and then wait for the backlash and issue fake apologies.

  • stimie01 MrPg13 (@stimie01) reported

    since iknow @pathofexile on #ps4 will crash after 15minutes of playing

  • Introdile 🐊💛🦌💛🦙 (@Introdile) reported

    i found out my problem with running path of exile was it was randomly eating all my gpu and as i looked to a fix, it turns out having vsync off makes it do that. now it's running way better with it on LMAO

  • KvltLaw Trve Kvlt Law 🌹⚖ (@KvltLaw) reported

    @davidslavick @Heidi__Matthews This is really the part of the modern discourse that gets me. Its all condemnation, punishment, exile but there is no path to re-integration. Pushing someone out of your community doesn't make them not a problem, it just makes them someone else's problem.

  • M_Ev1s1 Marius Evensen (@M_Ev1s1) reported

    @osuTitus @heelvsbabyface If it is a ftp game like Path of Exile, I have no problems with it, but you allready pay a nice sum to play Wow, and BFA hasn't exactly delivered either

  • PheganGaming Phegan (@PheganGaming) reported

    It was certainly an odd stream last night. Had people asking for free items in #pathofexile. Got a random spam host, and had internet issues causing me to cut it short. Back to the grind tonight, hopefully my internet behaves. #smallstreamers #TwitchAffilate

  • JustaPhella ʝʊรtaקɧҽɭɭa👑 (@JustaPhella) reported

    @pathofexile I would love a reveal of better servers for the xbox one. Shit has rubber band lag and it freezes or just auto kicks you to dashboard

  • FinancialPotato bloop (@FinancialPotato) reported

    @RiotSupport not sure what is going on with your servers but I'm heading back to path of exile for a week till you get your shit together. Only internet connection errors I get is on your game lol.

  • Serious_Bacon Josh (@Serious_Bacon) reported

    @Gabbynaru @themightysnckrz @Silky_Z @pcgamer I would consider Path of Exile a "live service" game, but I certainly wouldn't consider it an mmo, at least not what we as players consider as an mmo. Your game can also have a massive fanbase, be multiplayer and always online, but that doesn't make it an mmo

  • Jump_Shot_HD JumpShotHD (@Jump_Shot_HD) reported

    @TNSvapes @pathofexile ******* crazy thought but maybe just maybe the issue can just be magically fixed with the press a a key these things take time my guy just report the bug and move on or even better buy a pc and join the big kids table.

  • freedom_stanley Stanley Freedom (@freedom_stanley) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Path of exile is FREE and yet still has a much better story line and loot rng system than this. Ive spent 300hrs + in this game to now only play it for 2 hours a week.. im heart broken @TheDivisionGame

  • 86ed_ttv 💀👑86ed (@86ed_ttv) reported

    Idk wtf it is but i just cant make ot to shaper and uber elder in #pathofexile extremely frustrated. Idk if its lag or my pc but 1 shots just make it impossible to progress. Maybe its just lack of skill idk.

  • kbmagee143 kyle magee (@kbmagee143) reported

    @pathofexile ever since this update went live.... I have been experiencing multiple crashes. I had never experienced before. I am not sure what is doing it.... but what I promise is that its the update. I havent had any issues with the game since I have played, now Ive had 8 crashes since.

  • zobe_bryant oopsie doopsie (@zobe_bryant) reported

    @pathofexile the amount of XP you take away from players upon death is ridiculous. I’m level 85 and can’t level up because it takes an hour to get the 5-10% XP you lose getting one shotted. Fix your game 🙄

  • Kattigan_Malt Kattigan (@Kattigan_Malt) reported

    @pathofexile with all that current lag, my char feels like teleporting already 😳

  • LamWaiSeng EvilReaperZ (@LamWaiSeng) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix Singapore server overload lag issue.

  • JustinBonestell justin bonestell (@JustinBonestell) reported

    @pathofexile How about you fix the ******* lag guys hard to play when you can’t do anything

  • 68100_nc Twix (@68100_nc) reported

    @pathofexile Your game freeze, lag and crash and you don’t resolve that...just make pet for your cash shop !!!

  • ReaperOpToXic ReaperOpTTV (@ReaperOpToXic) reported

    @pathofexile I just purchased the supporter pack on console and got a service unavailable code but the funds were taken from my Microsoft account and I don’t have the content. What should I do to fix this.

  • Zero504 Zero the Maverick Hunter (@Zero504) reported

    @pathofexile I am not sure, but i been noticing connection issues to the texas realm. can you kindly check the servers please.

  • r4be_ r4be (@r4be_) reported

    @pathofexile What we need is an ice crash mtx that does not cover up the entire screen including mobs...

  • venomstrike The Plague Dr is in (@venomstrike) reported

    @PARUQT @pathofexile I was guna shill and say they do but I have had non stop damn issues with my connections to tghe server this league

  • PARUQT Paru (@PARUQT) reported

    @pathofexile maybe fix the servers and the game instead of releasing some new mtx :))))

  • FreezardB Freezard (@FreezardB) reported

    Video games are totally the problem though. I've been playing a bunch of Path of Exile and now I want nothing more than to run around poisoning people so that a magical pet scorpion will appear out of the ground and start shooting spikes and acid bile at everyone

  • Garf412 Garf412 (@Garf412) reported

    busy day.. re-spawned elder #pathofexile lvl'ed some in #lastepoch added more commands to my streambot. ordered extension cable to fix microphone... #twitch #newstreamer #SmallStreamerCommunity first live stream should be Wednesday 7th about 07:00hrs BST

  • the_gonzite Eric Davison (@the_gonzite) reported

    @BrettzkyColdAM Path of exile is the **** man. Only issue is not really any PvP

  • RiseOfAmber Nicholas Cairns (@RiseOfAmber) reported

    @pathofexile The issue i'm referring to is it might not be reserving the correct amount of mana. As 10% of 251 should still be 25 if rounded correctly, correct me if i'm wrong.

  • RiseOfAmber Nicholas Cairns (@RiseOfAmber) reported

    @pathofexile Not sure if its a temp error, but whilst levelling on Hardcore Legion, I had an unlinked War Banner, and with it reserving my mana (shown as 10% mana reserved). I have 251 max mana, but it reserved 26. Not sure if this is an issue later on with larger mana pools.

  • stimie01 MrPg13 (@stimie01) reported

    @M83new @pathofexile i just got some real nasty input lag its fine atm

  • pfaieta Paolo F (@pfaieta) reported

    Tons of server issues with @pathofexile apparently patching it means burning all the server racks.

  • Hamittoo hamit m.alioğlu (@Hamittoo) reported

    @pathofexile Did you fix the curency drop on me :) 4 months no drop any exalted with more then 50 quantity 100 rarity

  • CallMeNoDeep NØ DEEP (@CallMeNoDeep) reported

    @pathofexile please fix exc present

  • Qomatose Q-Ball (@Qomatose) reported

    @pathofexile fix the totem skill effects on the allelopathy sorcerer gloves and I might buy something else at the store.

  • Shaltil Shalti (@Shaltil) reported

    @Akax1337 @rainbabe42 @pathofexile Cyclone has never, ever, been "bad". Underwhelming at times, far from S-tier clearspeed at others ; but even if they cap its aoe or nerf its damage, it will still be 100% usable Only problem with that skin is that it doesn't work very well with ngamahu

  • CristianFerrar3 DatGuyFerra (@CristianFerrar3) reported

    @chopsue40351859 @pathofexile HH is not really the root problem tho imo, it's Legion emblems having too many yellow mobs and self-curse Temporal Chains that is the problem

  • tehhellhound666 😈The Hellhound😈{SSC|Asylum} (@tehhellhound666) reported

    @WizardWhistle Sounds like the exact reason I have to use my 2 computer setup when I stream Path of Exile, even though technically I shouldn't have to. The game performs fine but OBS Studio goes to crap. I am going to be watching this because maybe a solution to your issue will help this.

  • AntoniChristop5 Antoni Christopher (@AntoniChristop5) reported

    @neverHealthy @pathofexile Yeah 4-5 crash per day for me... too much problems on consoles

  • codyvasy Thizz (@codyvasy) reported

    Losing a majority of a an area. Country on down to neighborhood. Sorry. Thats not erasure. Thats not genocide. If nobody wants to login to play diablo path of exile to warcraft erasing diablo sorry top of my head.

  • PlumpoLumpo Joshua Meehan (@PlumpoLumpo) reported

    @FractalJosh Path of Exile. About 2100 in I don't have a problem. You have a problem .

  • elroduke Elric Barkey (@elroduke) reported

    @neverHealthy @pathofexile They really need to fix this crap like God damn

  • neverHealthy L B (@neverHealthy) reported

    @pathofexile I really wish my ps4 didn’t crash every single time I ran a map. Or delved. Or breached. Or turned on the game.

  • DroopyBallz Valerie Hancock (@DroopyBallz) reported

    @pathofexile you get a shitty company like GGG that allows botting, scamming/player frauding others. Yet they won't do shit to fix their servers or anything else

  • DroopyBallz Valerie Hancock (@DroopyBallz) reported

    @pathofexile How about you stop releasing shit to take more money from players and just fix your god damn shitty ass servers. when you're in the US and the EU servers have a lower ping there's a ******* issue. learn to do scheduled maintenance and server reboots like every other company does.

  • AndyBar72715263 Andy Bartlett (@AndyBar72715263) reported

    @pathofexile Fix your game on PS4 first. Crash every few hours

  • _knutaf knutaf (@_knutaf) reported

    "I would prefer to make one more mistake than fix one of them." -- @snoopyt7 (re: getting a passive point vs a respec point in path of exile)