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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Xavion1515 Kyle (@Xavion1515) reported

    @shwifteee @FallenDJ77 @pathofexile Ignorant and stupid statement. I have a PS4 Pro and it runs worse than my old college laptop with shit specs. The problem is GGG never optimized their damn game for PC let alone Console. Nothing to do with consoles handling it

  • DarylWalknhunt Mr. Moore (@DarylWalknhunt) reported

    @Loopyluke1 @pathofexile They generally wait so pc can crash test for consoles since it’s easier to patch pc than console

  • arock0627 anthony rock (@arock0627) reported

    @WhatAFool6 @overblaze12 @pathofexile Arc was broken, sorry you actually have to play the game now instead of cheesing your way through it

  • richardschnurr expert at not being an expert (@richardschnurr) reported

    @pathofexile we need to fix trade on console's open cross play so I don't have to pay 21+c for tabula and allow me to search for items by links and socket color's. That's it

  • WhatAFool6 WhatAFool 🛡️ (@WhatAFool6) reported

    @overblaze12 @pathofexile It was never broken. Broken was just putting it on mines or totems, there are different ways to nerf that.

  • Paladine26 Aaron *Last Name Redacted* (@Paladine26) reported

    @pathofexile It wouldnt have been so bad...if the game didnt lag like hell on console. Other games I have that have lots of enemies on screen didnt lag to the point it either shut the game down or dropped frames so low i was dead before they came back.

  • overblaze12 Overblaze12 (@overblaze12) reported

    @WhatAFool6 @pathofexile The nerf was to a bit of damage but the range and the arc mechanic was broken, that was the nerf.

  • aaGalaxy Nick- (@aaGalaxy) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords you guys have a serious problem with syncing when changing passwords. I tried twice, got the confirmation it worked, logged out, tested my new PW, didn't work, had to use old PW. Someone might want to take a look.

  • TheTenthViking Dustin Rorex (@TheTenthViking) reported

    @pathofexile really ******* sick of the constant game crashes on PS4, losing all of the items I invested for mining, or mapping. You guys really piss me ******** off . Fix it ********. #poe #fixit #*******

  • DudeInTheBlack Austyn Page (@DudeInTheBlack) reported

    @pathofexile Oh god don't make it even easier to get a broken necro build

  • nahaloth Jason G (@nahaloth) reported

    @pathofexile Great game, but there's a problem that needs attention. Many users can't start the game when it was working fine for them a week ago. Looks like a Win 10 update or game patch broke it. Hearing nothing from you is a problem. Please help, check your forums for info!

  • Vox_Nova_Luce Vox Tenabris (@Vox_Nova_Luce) reported

    @ZiiTwitch @pathofexile plus its annoying to get prophecies that require vaal side areas when Im already in maps, so that problem will be gone and I can save all coins till the end.

  • BenJoe72 BenJoe 🎮 BBTGG (@BenJoe72) reported

    What do you have to do to claim the free in-game stuff on Twitch Prime in @pathofexile: 1. Login to Twitch Prime 2. Login to Twitch 3. Authorize Prime to access your Twitch account 4. Link your PoE account to your Twitch Prime 5. Login to PoE through Steam 6. Claim your loot...

  • chaoscontrol71 Alex Moore (@chaoscontrol71) reported

    @pathofexile @grindinggear having Stability issues on PS4. Rubber banding, consistent 1.5-2 second lag, button presses blanking out, lost loot. Makes the game unplayable, as much as I do enjoy Blight league, I can't enjoy it when nothing works

  • HughHoult Hugh Hoult (@HughHoult) reported

    @Hivenst @kamil_milosz @pathofexile I mean. True. But it will take thousands of alts to even see mods like this. Then it's a gamble on ex's like usual. Or just multimod and get 4 decent mods and 1 broken one...

  • HughHoult Hugh Hoult (@HughHoult) reported

    @damondinsmore @kamil_milosz @pathofexile I'm mad cause I wanna play sorta shitty hipster builds like animate weapon but it's non viable if I wanna see new shit. It's mostly a me problem tbh.

  • JeffSmi27892865 Jeff Smith (@JeffSmi27892865) reported

    @pathofexile WTF is with your ps4 server lag !!!! The game is not playable since last night please fix guys

  • Charliedotrose CharlieDotRose [Xll] (@Charliedotrose) reported

    Unless the foundation is fundamentally ******, we dot need sequels to “live service” games. Just a massive expansion. Confused by the idea, see @pathofexile for how to properly do that.

  • ShalemzSisarius SixtuzzzyTV - (@ShalemzSisarius) reported

    @ScripeWoW @CaynaWoW @XyronicWoW @pathofexile i wouldnt tweet me having lag when my raidleader follows me Kappa

  • Electrocutie_ Jaguar Jay 💕 (@Electrocutie_) reported

    @MooseyMcMan It's the speed in which they're releasing content especially consider games like Warframe and Path of Exile which release more and more often. Too much is being poured into Eververse. They need to fix the core problems with the game before getting back on track.

  • CaynaWoW Cayna (@CaynaWoW) reported

    @XyronicWoW @pathofexile I might be lagging in wow next week :)

  • Shaltil Shalti (@Shaltil) reported

    @Xspidman @pathofexile A telegraphed oneshot is acceptable The hc community doesn't mind those (e.g. shaper slam. You get hit by that, you deserve to die.) Bullshit oneshots (e.g. pre-nerf maraketh from off-screen, pre-nerf unreadable vaal legion bloodwave) are the problems This buff is fine

  • Negduke_ Phil 🐨 (@Negduke_) reported

    Hoping we get the likes of #diablo4 and #PathofExile on #stadia and 🤞 I have not had any problems with it so far. @Blizzard_Ent @pathofexile. Would also be good if @EA put their games on @GoogleStadia

  • XeratharWoW Xerathar (@XeratharWoW) reported

    @Theron_Sniper @pathofexile Minions are broken. They’ve been overbuffed for the league. They will get nerfed in some form next league, as did cyclone the league before. But still my initial tweet was a joke, I don’t expect to have any trouble with act bosses. Also please don’t call Witch a Wizard. Thanks.

  • j_d_rock J. D. Rock (@j_d_rock) reported

    @ATVI_AB and @Diablo should probably know that every time there are server issues (NOT server maintenance) I go play @pathofexile The reverse is also true.

  • mixthecake dasgut (@mixthecake) reported

    @pathofexile hey, major latency spikes on EST servers - please fix, I can't buy supporter packs like this

  • EnjarGames EnjarGames "I ❤ Steem.!!" (@EnjarGames) reported

    @BacklogOdyssey You must have broken the very fabric of our universe for that to happen in an RPG! I have over 2k hours total in Path of Exile. Thankfully over a number of years. I just can’t say no.

  • tyme Synnistry (@tyme) reported

    I missed it cause Twitch turned off my notifications. Watch it be when hell freezes, thaws and freezes again before @GeersArt plays Path of Exile again. 😂 Turning off notifications for people who don't login is a HUGE loss for streamers (streamers don't know it's happening).

  • Falalala55 weab (@Falalala55) reported

    @FamousSession @r4be_ @pathofexile To me it was one of the better ones too. I didn't have any technical problems though.

  • Mannyquinns Amanda Shaw (@Mannyquinns) reported

    @pathofexile Since I unfortunately didn't get to play blight league much due to internet issues which are now fixed, I'm very glad to hear this since I really like the league mechanic from what I played


    @pathofexile just letting yall know on xbox when you change games from yours to another then later try to get back on im having a connecting to server issue everytime and have to keep reseting my xbox to fix please help

  • Bmore_G BmoreGaming (@Bmore_G) reported

    @pathofexile I actually really like the blighted league. Anointments are a nice way to get a little extra out of your character and the extra currency was nice. Just wish the drop rates were better in blighted maps and obviously the performance issues were a bummer.

  • Cleanstreetz Nothing (@Cleanstreetz) reported

    @Wrecker_of_days @Cookies76644694 @pathofexile If they can't fix it I'm sure adding a feature that scales graphics down like the PC would help. And I've gone endgame with 3 builds all had the same problem. I don't even have to attack in blighted maps for it to basically freeze so can't blame the build

  • p4zv4ll P4zv4l (@p4zv4ll) reported

    @pathofexile was streaming from East Africa with all the Net issues. Please let me win something :p4zv4l

  • HermanManly Herman Manly (@HermanManly) reported

    @SaltyMurlocz @pathofexile But you get $55 worth of points to spend in the store as well. It's basically just a bonus if you're looking to buy points and if you like the sets. I think the bigger problem is the prices for the armors you can buy with the actual points in the store lol

  • TheUltimateOzzY Oswald Neppl (@TheUltimateOzzY) reported

    @TheActMan_YT I'm glad that the trend goes more towards long time support even for live service games as good games just keep getting content. Warframe , Path of Exile and to an extend even Destiny comes to mind. But even that stuff has its issues.

  • Morikiopa Mad Mori (@Morikiopa) reported

    @skunky_z9 Today has sucked big time. I need my #pathofexile fix! Guess we got lucky though. My culdesac had power all day. The surrounding neighborhoods don’t.

  • carrhae_white ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE (@carrhae_white) reported

    @pathofexile Can you fix ps4 pro fps drops and crashes please.

  • KGDrayken Drayken (@KGDrayken) reported

    @pathofexile Reminder that you claimed there were no technical issues with drops during the second day yet you've already admitted to running into three. 1. Eligible users not being detected as eligible 2. Delayed drops 3. And now, non-functional drops Really makes you question honesty.

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @lndertek @pathofexile ssd dont save me from crashs, but most important, ssd dont save even our favorite streamer Mathil from lagging. i have ssd, an i9 and a 2080. the game is bad optimized

  • AkiraSovu Prince of Purrs (@AkiraSovu) reported

    @pathofexile Not broken at all

  • Natebird Nathan Jones (@Natebird) reported

    @ZiiTwitch @cisnexx @pathofexile Like I said that's not always the case I don't have any issues and other people are the same but like I said with software you can never not have enough optimization it we'll never end

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @CristianFerrar3 @Natebird @pathofexile i play with an I9 and blight was so laggy to me that i considered drop the game till they fix the issues. I was using Necro duoing with a friend Miner, geez, that was a fun league.

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @ponyikaj @pathofexile i was getting problems with betrayal encounters, gettin nearly one shoted while the screen freezes whey they appear, but since now you can nearly always choose what master you want to spawn, they solved that problem to me since the downgrades in blight.

  • CristianFerrar3 DatGuyFerra (@CristianFerrar3) reported

    @Natebird @cisnexx @pathofexile Depends on what build you play, hell fungal maps this league made every pc lag, no matter which specs you are running, overall fps drops are pretty common, people literally stopped playing with Impulsa because it'd make everything lag like hell

  • ponyikaj ponyikaj (@ponyikaj) reported

    @cisnexx @pathofexile considering my game tends to drop to 0 fps during the brine king and depraved trinity fights when the circle of water/blood closes in, seeing that boss was extremely concerning, and i don't even know why it does that and my "own" fix for it is pretty inconsistent as well

  • Kipi_GD Kipi_GiD (@Kipi_GD) reported

    So, while I was playing Path of Exile yesterday it kinda came back to me why I never finished that game. Don't take me wrong, it's really fun game to play, especially for being F2P, but there are some "issues" I have with it and I hope these are not present in the sequel

  • Natebird Nathan Jones (@Natebird) reported

    @__Irreversible @cisnexx @pathofexile Is that always the case with software though no matter how much you fix there's always something to be fixed or added

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @__Irreversible @Natebird @pathofexile yes, they are super kind about that and do some hot fixes when we really need them, blight league is a good example for that, but the game still needs a lot of improvement to be considered optimized. and thats why i love ggg, they are really trying to fix it, even if its slowly.

  • VashurinM MaximVash (@VashurinM) reported

    @cisnexx @__Irreversible @Natebird @pathofexile no, you dont have to do this. I have ryzen 3 2200g and rx570 with 16gb ram and i never had problems in solo play. In a party yeah, there is alot of problems.

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @AJDemera @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile and yes, about servers...i play out of my server since always, but thats more of a regional problem i guess

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @AJDemera @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile but no, lets just gEt A bEtTeR pC like that girl said, the problem isnt in the game at all

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @AJDemera @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile yes, ive played low tier blighted maps with no problems at first, but before they downgrade some of the monsters on the screen even >the GGG< admitted that their game engine couldnt carry all the stuff on the screen at the same time.

  • AJDemera MamboID (@AJDemera) reported

    @cisnexx @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile There's people on both sides, I never had any BIG problem with blight or any league. I had more server problems than performance issues.

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @__Irreversible @Natebird @pathofexile not really low end pcs, i mean, RAM isnt poe's problem, not at first, im not saying the game is unplayable cuz i love poe and i play it since the very start, BUT, even with a high-end pc sometimes u have to adjust the game so it doesnt lag, and im not even talking about t servers

  • KKlouDDN9ne Clou Di Ninay (@KKlouDDN9ne) reported

    @cisnexx @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile I even tried playing the mines and after floor 90 it starts lagging.. no matter what build I have I die

  • cisnexx Cisne ⛧ (@cisnexx) reported

    @MKCreepScorpion @pathofexile ok lets talk about how many people had problems with blighted maps this season, lets talk about why people play so scared of ms in HC, or why every normal person put the game on low textures to play cuz the shadows literally kill the fps.

  • Natebird Nathan Jones (@Natebird) reported

    @cisnexx @pathofexile I don't have any issues with this game probably shouldn't run it on a potato PC lol

  • luchodanvel32 daniel (@luchodanvel32) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the Lich Aura Effect, I can't use it.

  • Cleanstreetz Nothing (@Cleanstreetz) reported

    @Ramin2100 @pathofexile Yeah well it's end game that is broken, as soon as the mob sizes increase the game basically freezes with lag.