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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • GunnplayFPS GunnplayFPS (@GunnplayFPS) reported

    im trying so hard to like path of exile but the servers lagging every 2 secs is really killing it for me yeah theres alot of end game but theres also alot of lag too lol

  • RBossly RossBossly (@RBossly) reported

    @Feiruz_1 @pathofexile you're complaining about drops on a post saying the drops had an issue and they will distributed asap, there was also 300k viewers at 1 point and reportedly over 1 million unique viewers over the weekend. Odds of getting a drop were very slim. Id says its very COOL GGG.

  • Turismo1337 Jacob Wolfe (@Turismo1337) reported

    @FallenDJ77 @MrSlimyTaco @pathofexile You would be correct, however GGG is not a AAA developer with a giant publisher funding everything. GGG will fix things, but a little slower since they care more about the content for the time being

  • FallenDJ77 DJ Malsidious (@FallenDJ77) reported

    @alx_twitch @pathofexile Same. Dumped quite a bit in tabs to support the broken game. Console is a hot mess though and ggg never responds to anyone in console.

  • FallenDJ77 DJ Malsidious (@FallenDJ77) reported

    @Turismo1337 @MrSlimyTaco @pathofexile Crashes, major fps issues, more crashes. Console is a mess.

  • GreenDudeHC GreenDude (@GreenDudeHC) reported

    @Trakis @GamesDoneQuick @pathofexile The reason why they dont is because they want offline games to avoid risk of technical issues or lag during online play. So if PoE had a singleplayer mode it would certainly be allowed there.

  • Cleanstreetz Nothing (@Cleanstreetz) reported

    @pathofexile @Junglaa_ Here's a question, When are you guys going to address the ps4 performance issues, because it is game breaking and you guys havent even made it clear you are trying to fix it.

  • Cleanstreetz Nothing (@Cleanstreetz) reported

    @pathofexile Here's a question, When are you guys going to address the ps4 performance issues, because it is game breaking and you guys havent even made it clear you are trying to fix it.

  • Cleanstreetz Nothing (@Cleanstreetz) reported

    @pathofexile Are you guys ever going to fix the ps4 version because it's pretty unplayable right now and i never see you guys respond to the complaints.

  • DZjho Duazzet (@DZjho) reported

    @Feiruz_1 @pathofexile Its not GGG's fault... You are blaming wrong place. Its Twtich fault it seems. It seems they had some kinda problem with their drop system and GGG has nothing to do with that.

  • Tyrrant25 Tyrrant (@Tyrrant25) reported

    @pathofexile Awesome event , great announcements and display of game play. Unfortunate the twitch drops were not working correctly.

  • KGDrayken Drayken (@KGDrayken) reported

    @Vagari_Gaming @pathofexile They aren't, they've completely dodged the issue despite knowing a week in advance and are still ignoring it. This isn't a fix covering the eligibility bug. Talk out of your ass less, use your brain more.

  • vonBarrel Peeps (@vonBarrel) reported

    @pathofexile Translation: we broke the drops and couldn’t fix them during the stream so we’re giving them out retroactively, but we don’t want to admit that we screwed up so we’re pretending we had to distribute them manually the whole time

  • Vagari_Gaming Ralph Martin (@Vagari_Gaming) reported

    @KGDrayken @pathofexile Settle down. Rage less, breathe more. They are doing their best to fix the situation.

  • KGDrayken Drayken (@KGDrayken) reported

    @pathofexile Great, can't wait to get nothing because your heads are so far up your ass you don't realize people are having ******* eligibility issues because of a twitch drops bug which has been happening since its inception.

  • DegenCanuck Degen ❄️🎄☃️ (@DegenCanuck) reported

    Path of Exile is disappointing as hell. I have an amazing PC and internet, every single spec I have should run this game on ultra zero problems yet it's like watching a slide show regardless on HDD or SSD I play on. Sadly, I was looking forward on playing but it's a big noooooope

  • Yohandy49526129 Yohandy (@Yohandy49526129) reported

    @pathofexile Now I know why HoGM is impossible, it's because your shitty server capability to process all the character at once! Please fix the damn server!!

  • OgloOlio Crypto Mözi (@OgloOlio) reported

    @LandPuma @Diablo @pathofexile Poe in a nutshell refuse to fix lab enchant since years trading is a suffering hardcore is unplayable because of lag unplayable servers every league forced shit new meta every 3 month fake depth with everyone doing the same broken shit systems waiting for fix every league

  • KGDrayken Drayken (@KGDrayken) reported

    @pathofexile The issue has never been drop chance, it's that the majority of people aren't even eligible for no reason. Bex said 12k were eligible out of the 1.6million viewers yesterday. Support said there was an issue on Twitch's side. Double drop rates doesn't fix anyone's issue.

  • flaccidpianist1 flaccidpianist (@flaccidpianist1) reported

    My buggest problem with Path of Exile was its horrible performance issues it developed over the years. If they can improve that with PoE 2 I will be very excited

  • Seldara1 Selanne (@Seldara1) reported

    @DewFella @pathofexile Rsi is a real issue for a lot of gamers GGG, please make it happen. Your competitors do it and it makes the game much more comfortable.

  • javi137 Javi (@javi137) reported

    @playrolgames @pathofexile I don't know if there's a language problem here, or your first language isn't english, but they said "ON AVERAGE". Pulling out the definition of average: "a number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data". Key word, central. Some are lower, some are higher.

  • Killadrix Killadrix (@Killadrix) reported

    For all of the broken promises, greedy bullshit and low-effort, rehashed, vapid bullshit games out there cashing in on once-great franchise and name recognition, @PathOfExile continues to stand head and shoulders above with their commitment to #PathOfExile and their community.

  • playrolgames Elder Soul (@playrolgames) reported

    @pathofexile 5 minutes 1.5% chance. 1 Hour = 60 minutes = 12 times 5 minutes = 12 x 1.5% = 18% per hour. 100% chance = 100/18 = 5.6 hours. Your Drop chance Statement is a Lie, after more than 9 hours and 0 Drop. Fix it or remover the FALSE ADVERTISING.

  • CocoCukkorino Jackanapes (@CocoCukkorino) reported

    @pathofexile fix twitch drops. stop the scam!

  • Uniqueflowerx UniqueFlower 🖤 (@Uniqueflowerx) reported

    @casualbattlers @Stark4Machines @pathofexile No. In the past they said something about after 3.12, so Decembre 2020. But that is no fix date. I think, if they need 3 months more or 6, they will take 3 or 6 months more, so the game is finish, if they release it :)

  • witchingcloak The boy that's blue (@witchingcloak) reported

    @DeathbyWookiee @SkillUpYT @pathofexile Not really. While everything gameplay wise is free and I have no problem with paying for extra tabs, cosmetic wise, you have to pay a hefty price if you wanna look good. I finished the game as a golemancer and I looked like a hobo.

  • BaconLordBear BaconLordBear (@BaconLordBear) reported

    @pathofexile Great stream, super psyched about 3.9 and 4.0! Sad about the issues with the drops though, as out of the 21 guild mates I watched the full stream with NONE of us got ANY drops.

  • MindScoped MindScoped (@MindScoped) reported

    @VashurinM @pathofexile Bots already do it and have a much bigger advantage over us. With a proper auction house these issues would be minimized. So, **** off with your uneducated opinion.

  • CocoCukkorino Jackanapes (@CocoCukkorino) reported

    @bexchangewords twitch drops not working people keep talking about in forum and reddit also twitter please talk to devs. @pathofexile FeelsBadMan

  • StrangeMortim StrangeMortim (@StrangeMortim) reported

    @pathofexile Suggestion for the animation issue: render every skill instance after the main, a little bit more transparent/less bright or even smaller. in case of i.e. ark this could even be a very nice effect itself, creating a branching effect like a tree

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile Fix ps4 and I'll have no problem playing this game again for sure.

  • rodrigosoliv Rodrigo Oliveira (@rodrigosoliv) reported

    @pathofexile The livestream went down!!! I'ts not working!!

  • madhi19 John G (@madhi19) reported

    Path of Exile 2... It's like Grinding Gears is slapping the whole live service bullshit on the face of the game industry. That's how you do real live service dumbass!

  • StevenX_DFA StevenX (@StevenX_DFA) reported

    I will say with Path of Exile 2 is I haven't seen a single thing that addresses the actual issues with the game. Still no built-in loot filter (lol), still nothing that suggests the game won't be played entirely by external guides. Increasing the barrier of entry for new people.

  • KillerPigeon KillerPigeon (@KillerPigeon) reported

    @pathofexile But if my PC gets to 1 fps with troll builds then how is my phone not going to crash 🤔

  • digibluez digibluez (@digibluez) reported

    @pathofexile @Kripparrian @TarkeCat @ZiggyDStarcraft pls fix audio crackling before :(9

  • Ycleptlingly keks (@Ycleptlingly) reported

    @pathofexile THIS IS A ******* TRAGEDY! FIX YOUR SHIT!

  • LilithQoS Lilith🇩🇰 (@LilithQoS) reported

    @Stark4Machines @pathofexile You have serious mental problems, believe me!

  • Otifex0 Otifex (@Otifex0) reported

    @bexchangewords @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile Email support they were pretty fast when I had a problem.

  • _Asuzara_ Asuzara 🔜 Exilecon (@_Asuzara_) reported

    @bexchangewords @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile I'd like to file a complaint too. Streamer rng not working. 😤

  • epiphanyosu Epiphany (@epiphanyosu) reported

    @kojink15 @pathofexile there probably isnt a single engine that could handle poe with how much shit is going on behind the scenes, it'd lag just as much.

  • jal1ppos jalippo (@jal1ppos) reported

    @pathofexile This doesn't make me feel nostalgic, but if you implement 20000ms lag again it would made me feel like I'm at home @pathofexile

  • Anundir Christopher (@Anundir) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix your multiplayer. My video card should not melt from all the pixels on screen when I try to play with friends.

  • FallenDJ77 DJ Malsidious (@FallenDJ77) reported

    @pathofexile I just deleted my POE off ps4 because it's an unplayable mess. You're so quick to take my money, but not to address all the issues with console right now. Fix your game!!

  • Alexchyyyy Alexander Alexandrow (@Alexchyyyy) reported

    Because of that Paris EU realm crash all my blighted map loot is gone... thanks so much GGG @pathofexile

  • Titan_Observer Titan 🇫🇷🇻🇪🇨🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸🇭🇰 (@Titan_Observer) reported

    @heelvsbabyface no problem with cosmetic MTX provided it goes toward better the game/company (doubtful) - I say this as i load into #PathofExile lol i kid you not; i had #PoE loaded up before u even saw ur comment lol

  • Metalhead9806 JGMIII🎮⚽️🤘🎸Ⓥ💪🔥 (@Metalhead9806) reported

    @AldiaGaming @SkillUpYT I pay for a service I feel is worth investing in. Path of exile and Warframe offer thousands of hours of content so I spent on cosmetics. If d4 is amazing, gets continuously updated then I will also spend money to support the game.

  • gbrady4 Grant Brady (@gbrady4) reported

    @Gibbss501 @whwy24 @shwifteee @pathofexile Standard is fine. League is broken, has been for months. People play league because player count on standard is non existent

  • BleedingEvil BleedingEvil (@BleedingEvil) reported

    @pathofexile Was trying this for the first time on ps4 . Kept crashing and my chAracter is lagging ( would run a bit then be sent back like 20 feet) Please fix console issues I would love to play this

  • Ghaweink00 Ghaweink (@Ghaweink00) reported

    @pathofexile excuse me is there a fix coming anytime soon for necromancer on console, with your A.I, and enemy units the game crashes at maps, tier 1 map 15-20 secs in crash every time

  • TeddieYoung teddiejohan (@TeddieYoung) reported

    @pathofexile I would say it is server problem. Because i can play guildwars2 with no dc or super laggy problem.

  • BleedingEvil BleedingEvil (@BleedingEvil) reported

    @pathofexile Tried jumping into your game on ps4 and my game crashed a lot . Also my character keep jumping back like lag .. so yea, lol

  • xeridanus Xeridanus (@xeridanus) reported

    @devistofeles @Natebird @pathofexile It could be the way your ISP handles PoE packets, doesn't mean the problem is on GGG's end.

  • devistofeles Devisto (@devistofeles) reported

    @Natebird @pathofexile Well, thing is this issue is PoE specific. No other game, no matter how big or small, did such to me. And there is quite a bunch of ppl complaining about it for a long time.

  • GinormousCabals Karl Cooper (@GinormousCabals) reported

    @pathofexile Wheres the fix that sorts the endless blue screens on ps4.. I reallly dont think this games designed to work on consoles.. And should be taken off.. Its an awesome game and highly addictive but get to end game t11 or deep delve and its game over

  • Natebird Nathan Jones (@Natebird) reported

    @devistofeles @pathofexile That could be a lot of different things if your DCing not the game or the server cause I have no problems on my end

  • devistofeles Devisto (@devistofeles) reported

    @pathofexile Yeah, I'd like to see "fixed an unexpected disconnect bug".

  • HabrielGenrique Gabriel Henrique (@HabrielGenrique) reported

    @pathofexile The game is running like shit Just for me or is it a common problem

  • Convexraziel1 Convex (@Convexraziel1) reported

    @Jonahlobe I feel like i can get the same out of path of exile considering its always online so that means microtransactions, no modding, spotty/limited service life and a bunch of other things that bogs down the ip with games as a service mentality. So id rather play the free to play model