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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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November 17: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 04:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (39.16%)
  • Sign in (27.11%)
  • Crashing (20.48%)
  • Playback Issues (11.45%)
  • Video Quality (1.81%)

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  • SeanaSteve
    Seana Stevenson (@SeanaSteve) reported

    @RosieChad @Jenners86 I have major issues with the accent but am all in otherwise! Also, the Holiday Calendar on Netflix was filmed in Niagara (you will recognize the shops! Cows!) And is great.

  • taedelin
    ً (@taedelin) reported

    @netflix maybe you need Burn The Stage The Movie and The Series to solve your problem

  • 1Easterbrook
    Richard Easterbrook (@1Easterbrook) reported

    @PeteBarronMedia Precisely. There's loads of quality stuff already out there but it is drowning under clickbait. People aren't going to pay for that - I still say we need a Netflix for journalism, one subscription paying for a number of titles. But publishers need to nail their strategy.

  • lukkpr
    Lukkpr (@lukkpr) reported

    @RWoked @124_christine @CupOfCancer @KWLM2 @SpeedMcDean @ganim_liz @JoshMorrow1993 @DiscussingFilm @netflix @LHissrich Real fans want everything according to the book. Only rasists see the problem of skin color, like you 👎

  • Nathan_Lunt
    Nathan Lunt (@Nathan_Lunt) reported

    @DMUwriters Overwhelmed by potential choices, Kasandra decided there were worst things than a Saturday in bed. Drafting a quick apologetic text as the kettle boiled, she slipped back into her cozy pajamas and booted up Netflix, regretting nothing.

  • NatookIsLate
    Natook (@NatookIsLate) reported

    @netflix Auto-Preview is still a ******* terrible idea btw.

  • kabutomoaki
    goonkba!? @ im monky gang (@kabutomoaki) reported

    i wish the subtitles were more accurate :/ hire me, netflix, so i can help my fellow hearing-impared

  • whoisabak
    Abak 🦋 (@whoisabak) reported

    Rick & Morty is being removed from Netflix today, this is the worst news I have gotten today

  • ard0508
    Riv (@ard0508) reported

    Netflix got rid of the x files so to ge my fix I gotta stay up late and watch it on bbc america

  • PoodlesForHire
    P͙o͙o͙d͙l͙e͙s͙F͙o͙r͙H͙i͙r͙e͙ (@PoodlesForHire) reported

    @LarwehEnock @techplughd Don't use free VPNs they are terrible if you are actually trying to be secure and NordVPN is better than express unless your trying to access streaming sites like Netflix

  • lary
    hillary (@lary) reported

    the princess switch (available at ur local netflix) is v cute but i died @ the christmas prince (best worst movie) plug

  • NicholasDGHikes
    Nicholas D.G. Hikes (@NicholasDGHikes) reported

    Living frugally means no Netflix. Hit me up with that sign in info though.

  • MrS_Primary
    Brett Summersby (@MrS_Primary) reported

    @MissC_1717 Probably doesn't help that I was up til 1 binging Netflix.

  • AmirulAC
    Mel 🕊 (@AmirulAC) reported

    @farhanmohamad PM pswrd & username login Netflix 😌

  • catch_infinity
    Thank You, Stan Lee R.I.P. (@catch_infinity) reported

    @daddyrheeIG The only problem with that is that Disney won’t be producing any new shows w/ Netflix anytime soon as they are gearing up to launch their own streaming service next year so, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a PJO series on Netflix.

  • pjh139
    Phil J. Harrison, Author (@pjh139) reported

    @SamHooker @neilhimself @netflix Netflix recommendations are always all over the place. They give me 90 % On unmitigated crap And 25% on films I really like. Worst System ever

  • jo_smethurst
    Jo Smethurst (@jo_smethurst) reported from Manchester, England

    Christmas wedding planner on Netflix... that awful it becomes brilliant 😂😂

  • nightshiftDE
    The Night Shift DE (@nightshiftDE) reported

    waiting for B+T doesnt help either. Tweet about it. Add Netflix and plattforms you think that would fit. #baronandtoluca #BandT

  • subrhymes
    YOKOHAMA BAD BOY ☠️ (@subrhymes) reported

    reffie just sent me their netflix login in our server and pinned the message so i just always have it now

  • KyleWarner3000
    Kyle Warner (@KyleWarner3000) reported

    The 'Bravo, Zeus' episode of Netflix's DOGS is wonderful. Sad, yes, because it is about people and animals stuck in awful situations, but ultimately uplifting because of the lengths they're willing to go to make a difference in each other's lives. Good dog. Good people.

  • dazai_ebooks
    dumbass rights with dice arisugawa (@dazai_ebooks) reported

    kris, one would think you'd know my netflix login by now

  • subrhymes
    YOKOHAMA BAD BOY ☠️ (@subrhymes) reported

    @dazai_ebooks send me your netflix login on discord and ill see if theres anything new on there first

  • uksoccamcrobbie
    Andrew McRobbie (@uksoccamcrobbie) reported

    Had 2 practices or games for close to 2 weeks because of this stupid smoke...air quality the worst in the world at the moment. Silver lining - I am absolutely getting value for money from Netflix! One episode of Bodyguard left!

  • Kayterpillars
    kaytlinnnnnnn 💫 (@Kayterpillars) reported

    Alright it's to the point now that I've watched literally all the Christmas shows on Netflix and hallmark. Send help.

  • Eddie_Yeti
    Eddie2Sweaty😅😅😅 (@Eddie_Yeti) reported


  • dhanorelalit
    lala (@dhanorelalit) reported

    @NetflixIndia why am I unable to download anything on Netflix. Pls help. I hv got enough storage space on my device

  • RogueSenpai69
    Big UWU Boi (@RogueSenpai69) reported

    @IKUSANAGl I fr got Netflix to watch 13 reasons why just to see how awful it was

  • ShaArt555
    ShannonR *💜🇨🇦* (@ShaArt555) reported

    @notherealnour @SusyBangtans @BTS_twt @netflix It isn't available in mine either. Just bringing a logical element to the conversation. We absolutely can try and I've done my part for that but being realistic will help in the disappointment department if it ends up not being a possibility.

  • kayceebrooks_
    kaycee🌻☀️ (@kayceebrooks_) reported

    i need new shows to watch on netflix !! someone help !! 😩😩

  • KaitlynMayo
    Kaitlyn (@KaitlynMayo) reported

    I can’t stop watching Christmas movies on Netflix. Someone help me 😅

  • sheIovesctrl
    gucci puta ✨ (@sheIovesctrl) reported


  • AlayaRei
    𝓐𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓪 𝓡𝓮𝓲 (@AlayaRei) reported

    I just watched the new Netflix movie CAM and...... what. the. ****. That was the worst thing i have ever seen. It starts with her doing a fake suicide to make ranks & then her identity & account gets stollen it just made no sense. What ********

  • leslie_ariaz
    Pxrxdise (@leslie_ariaz) reported

    Someone send they Netflix login plz :(

  • SusyBangtans
    Susy ♌️ local girl passing by... (@SusyBangtans) reported

    @ShaArt555 @notherealnour @BTS_twt @netflix Well of course we'll stay until B T S leaves, but YT won't get anything from me. Not even ad revenue if I can help it.

  • MrSukiSan
    🇸 🇺 🇰 🇮 ☯️ (@MrSukiSan) reported

    @fan_of_ninjago I kinda prefer Netflix in the end, because on YouTube, they were in a low quality. Netflix is like watching Ninjago on Blu-ray.

  • HoserUSC
    Just DD (@HoserUSC) reported

    Jesus H Actual ****, I really want to watch this Ibiza movie on @netflix but these are the absolute worst female characters I have seen in the first 5 minutes of a movie. GODDAM, you make women look like ******** w so little effort

  • la__paz
    LA PAZ (@la__paz) reported

    This new Sabrina Netflix show is awful idc what anyone says. My sister loves it. 🙄

  • joshuagabriel__
    Joshua Gabriel Elone (@joshuagabriel__) reported

    Watching #Cam on Netflix and can't help but think of Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches when looking at the lead character

  • MarisaModlin
    Marisa Modlin (@MarisaModlin) reported

    the netflix “dogs” series is the kind of quality content i signed up for

  • vaultground
    Jeremy J (@vaultground) reported

    @netflix your @xbox app has all of these little white dots that pop up on it. other than that annoying thing, the picture and sound quality are better than other devices. plz contact me if you need a customer id

  • hilaryleachman
    Hilary Leachman (@hilaryleachman) reported

    @dog_rates @netflix @aleachman help

  • GWillicker8
    G. WiIIickerᵴ (@GWillicker8) reported

    @GeekCollage @BaddCompani @ChiefCovfefe @RealMsFeathers @karolcummins @facebook @Twitter To be clear when I say quality content I mean Washington post and ny times and Hulu and Netflix, all of which could be open to public and without signing up you pay 20 cents a show or whatever usage rate, micro metered globally

  • FlossAus
    Felicity (@FlossAus) reported

    @JodiMcA @netflix This is a problem for sure ...maybe *ahem* DIVERSE ROYALTY *ahem* would help.

  • luizalizzard
    Luiza (@luizalizzard) reported

    @Fo_Ramin @elenalennon_ @Navatso_IR @J_Navarro25 @nima_ab @ajplus I mean this in the nicest way possible please educate yourself, if really is like that. There’s a good documentary on Netflix called the Hunting Ground that goes in depth with this issue and you’ll realize that evidence does not even guarantee guilt

  • May_ackeyLay
    👁Eye Hear You (@May_ackeyLay) reported

    @tomwaits This film is gawd-awful. Worst Coen Coercion I’ve ever watched. Thumbs down. Gave it 45 minutes and finally shut it off. @netflix sucks. Stick to rentals of actual blockbuster movies.

  • ChrisMorales59
    The Chris Morales™ (@ChrisMorales59) reported

    I need a good movie or show to watch on Netflix pls help me

  • sonofposeidons
    shelly #exovember (@sonofposeidons) reported

    Riverdale has to be one of the least self aware shows ever. imagine writing these lines, doing the table read, acting the whole thing out, editing the episode, putting it on Netflix and not thinking Once. about how awful this line is.

  • DJYareYo_
    Yare (@DJYareYo_) reported

    @supershayne My campus feels the same way classes have been cancelled for a week now and wont start up till the 26th... they say it's cause of the air quality but I really think it's because of Jeopardy on Netflix.

  • mhlira
    Marc (@mhlira) reported

    I’m trying to watch #Narcos and @Netflix is f**** this up for me! Why am I getting an error message @netflix

  • HenriettaSnacks
    HenriettaSnacks (@HenriettaSnacks) reported

    @OneFootDown @Negronomics I was talmbout Cesare, btw. And you can't even be serious with Lucrezia and Juan. The ******* the Netflix version was an awful actress.

  • ttmn0
    Tam 🌿 (@ttmn0) reported

    @amandae_taylor @Xbox Also Netflix quality SUCKS on the Wii

  • ttmn0
    Tam 🌿 (@ttmn0) reported

    @amandae_taylor @Xbox Also Netflix quality SUCKS in the Wii omg

  • GFandGlittery
    GF&Glittery (@GFandGlittery) reported

    I always have to google or make husband check to ensure that now dogs die in any Tv show or film I watch. The world is in a pretty terrible state & I just can’t handle any dogs dying. Full stop. I am an emotional mess with dogs. Thanks for sharing, Netflix!

  • jshelat1
    Jay Shelat (@jshelat1) reported from Greensboro, North Carolina

    Watching #ThePrincessSwitch on Netflix. It’s terrible. The protagonist is a duchess but is unmarried... it makes no sense.

  • SUSMITA63505874
    SUSMITA Paul (@SUSMITA63505874) reported

    Da writer who is busy with her cats..and busy with worldwide things..busy in Netflix and Amazon Prime video..why not u busy with it forever..just stop writing for IB...and get lost...just bcoz of ur worst writing...yeh sab ho raha h... @Harneetsin #NoIshqbaaazwithoutSurbhi

  • QuirkyWest
    Meme Meister. (@QuirkyWest) reported

    @BadLuckSorcerer "Well think of this as Netflix then, but an interactive version." Wally couldn't help but chuckle as he now swiftly turned on his feet and ran backwards so he was looking at her. The way she struggled made him smile but just because it was entertaining sight. "We're almost+

    J☭ (@FRONTIERLEGEND_) reported

    Draft 8: Netflix has the worst selection of anime of all time and Death Note ******* blows. This is what happens when normies get ahold of anime 😐😐

  • warriorprotocol
    Simon Smart (@warriorprotocol) reported

    @primalpoly They require larger teams because individual scientist quality has degraded. They do their work in the day, drink soda, go home and watch mindless Netflix. Very few modern people in the field of science are open to the inspiration and sudden understandings that mark history.

  • cathysarreal_
    snowcat(hy) ☃️ (@cathysarreal_) reported


  • Adam_isaac_b
    Adam Burgos (@Adam_isaac_b) reported

    @IHE_OFFICIAL I NEED you to do a “search for the worst” on the Netflix show “Super Drags”. Thx.

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  • 1016
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  • 11800
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