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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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January 20: Problems at Netflix

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  • Playback Issues (12.55%)
  • Crashing (9.96%)
  • Video Quality (2.21%)

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  • DownYazzyLane_ Tht Crazy Puerto Rican ❤️ (@DownYazzyLane_) reported

    @netflix y’all and these error messages blowing me I want my money back for this month. I’m not paying for trash service

  • SegunThePundit Segun Agbede (@SegunThePundit) reported

    I know this is very wrong but I simply can't help myself. I'm ashamed to say , I'm cheating on my Mrs. I think of the other woman all the time. Her name is Netflix. Narcos, Luther, Shooter, Bodyguard etc. I think I love her.

  • AuriValcin Auri (@AuriValcin) reported from Manhattan, New York

    I literally just finished the Hulu one and I’m watching the Netflix doc now! I have SO many thoughts but it’s all just a hot, hot mess. Fortunately there ARE agencies/people who don’t make such awful decisions w/ influencer marketing.

  • moshik_temkin Moshik Temkin (@moshik_temkin) reported

    @classiclib3ral @InMyMargins The Netflix one does show the aftermath for the workers and locals in the Bahamas- really the worst part of this story.

  • _dahfeeIs feels (@_dahfeeIs) reported

    Anyone wanna gimme their Netflix login 👀

  • ChrisMatthews14 Chris Matthews (@ChrisMatthews14) reported

    Funny this Fyre Festival thing on Netflix, made up they all had a shit time because the people who went are the worst.

  • BokangWrote Bokang Maragelo (@BokangWrote) reported

    - Netflix doesn’t care about quality anymore, they just want to have as much content as possible

  • raisedbywooves Raisedbywolves🔥 (@raisedbywooves) reported

    Every time I come to granny's I can't seem to explain what Netflix is and how it works, and I end up feeling awful about taking it away from her... But I really want Internet back....

  • KhayKapri femdaddy💅🏽💦 (@KhayKapri) reported

    I need a movie to watch on Netflix Help😓

  • THEkarliehustle Karlie Hustle (@THEkarliehustle) reported

    Hey guys. Watching a doc on Netflix called Root Cause. If you have ever had a root canal and at some point afterward developed unexplained health issues, please check out the film. It could help you in a big way.

  • SweetLikeAli Alexandra Ryan (@SweetLikeAli) reported

    For people asking. I preferred the Netflix #FyreFestival doc to the Hulu one. Both brilliant but Netflix have actual footage on the island with Ja and Billy on the lead up. They documented even the worst moments... Couldn't write this shit

  • EmieMack Emer Nic Dhiarmada (@EmieMack) reported

    @Emily_Glen Netflix is going to have to provide one of those “if you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme...” phone numbers for this. Yes I’m bloody affected Netflix, you cast GILLIAN ANDERSON as MARGARET THATCHER! I am shook to my fecking core!

  • StoopidWild88 Fem Zaddy ✨ (@StoopidWild88) reported

    K watching Netflix for the Fyre scam. Wanna see how awful Ja Rule was 💀

  • indicarly Carly Esquivel (@indicarly) reported

    netflix taking donnie darko off is the worst news i have encountered today

  • Roseman33374224 Roseman (@Roseman33374224) reported

    I'm watching #TWD everyday because of signed up for Netflix. It's so much fun! I finally get to season 5. Watching this and I can't help to think that I want to try actor again. I should have gone to America.

  • whathahuh andrew (@whathahuh) reported

    Just watched the FYRE doc on @netflix and can’t help but see a similarity to America right now. Workers not being payed, bratty guests whining and the guy who is running the show is lying to everyone

  • _soucouyant Tamera (@_soucouyant) reported

    Netflix needs to stop okaying any and every damn movie concept that's presented to them. Quality over quantity.

  • ResJudiGator D Esq. (@ResJudiGator) reported

    watching the #Fyre documentary on Netflix and i can’t help but think i am looking at a doc i watch in 3-6 years but replace the fyre people with Lindsey Graham and Pail Ryan and Ted Cruz

  • taejinworId 𝖓𝖆𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖆𝖊𝖏𝖎𝖓𝖐𝖔𝖔𝖐 (@taejinworId) reported


  • Blue_McKenna MCFC McKenna (@Blue_McKenna) reported

    Why don't @primevideouk change the layout to Amazon Prime and Amazon Premium. I can't be bothered scrolling through shows I have to pay for. Seperatr them. I don't even use it anymore and it's all down to the terrible layout. Netflix it's all there and easy to navigate.

  • AlyssaAlly Alyssa Ally (@AlyssaAlly) reported

    5th time internet has been down since getting @Rogers. Tried to cancel my plan cause I don't wanna deal with them any more and they hung up on me. Called a second time and got hung up on again. Literally the worst. I just wanna watch Netflix.

  • Bill48689699 Bill (@Bill48689699) reported

    @veryshady @QBusy @coco2louis @strongblacklead @netflix @KillerMike I had the inkling you were some sort of Tariq nasheed hidden colors fan Problem is that your "we wuz inventors" narrative falls apart faster than your "we wuz kangs" narrative when you go outside the realm of pure speculation and lack of peer reviewed historical evidence

  • QuaNadira 𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓾𝓻𝓮 (@QuaNadira) reported

    Frye is giving a error on my Netflix

  • captkristaway Ares (@captkristaway) reported

    @netflix @hulu use some of the profits off the docs to help Ms. Rolle but since we know that's not gonna happen here's another way to help!

  • Esqueuezme Esqueuezeme ⚓ unofficial Pres. M Hirono Fan Club (@Esqueuezme) reported

    @EricaJong Nearly all of us have inadequate knowledge of history. I strongly recommend John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons on Netflix to help broaden one's knowledge base.

  • cake__p0p e daunch 🍒 (@cake__p0p) reported

    How terrible would it be if Netflix crashed this weekend 😂

  • gatamchun Ana's Tal Mask (@gatamchun) reported

    I have so many issues with Netflix being the sole source and authority on viewership for their content

  • HepoCube HepoCube (@HepoCube) reported

    @TheRobDyke @netflix I started following your work when you started the "serial killer files" and since then I've seen lots of channels do similar stuff but none had the quality of your videos

  • tinksalways margaretRANKINE (@tinksalways) reported

    @Scots_Geek @ThePunisher Problem is .... Netflix are cancelling most of them now😩

  • Brodie_Turner Brodie Turner (@Brodie_Turner) reported

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the worst thing I’ve watched on Netflix, total shite, not a clue what was going on. There’s an hour and a half of my life I won’t get back 💩

  • factnofeels DeShawn Saint Shwarma (@factnofeels) reported

    @NathalieRoyCAQ @VLacMegantic @netflix @reedhastings @Netflix_CA A pipe line would have prevented all that death...If that incident was to happen tomorrow the blood would be on your hands. Oh ya! Quit dumping shit in the ******* River, but then again I guess you and @JustinTrudeau can’t help but to spew shit

  • Lebogangkk Lebo 🇿🇦🇺🇸 (@Lebogangkk) reported from Ankeny, Iowa

    It’s crazy I finally watched the #Avicii documentary on #Netflix and it’s sad how the people around Tim couldn’t listen to his cry for help, they kept on pushing him even though he wanted to stop. He repeatedly told them doing these shows will kill him.

  • inperfectclouds 🚙👬 (@inperfectclouds) reported

    @Krista_Doyle Netflix. It was better all-around, and Hulu paid Billy $250K for his interview. FuckJerry did help produce Netflix but likely because of their provision of so much BTS footage. Hulu also portrays millennials as a bunch of idiots.

  • KDub0910 krystal (@KDub0910) reported

    I have just watched Abducted In Plain Sight on Netflix, and my brain is broken.

  • _alexxxandraa Alexandra Margets (@_alexxxandraa) reported

    @cynthialarcon The Netflix one is like watching a car crash from start to finish

  • nidavellir_ cB (@nidavellir_) reported

    @SYMBlOSlS some dubs are killer like 7DS' netflix dub is pretty damn good as opposed to OHSHC's dub which is god awful

  • Neilgateley Neil Gateley (@Neilgateley) reported

    @martinhodgson I know what you mean. Think Netflix need more quality over quantity. There’s so many Netflix originals now.

  • derekliverpool1 Derek (@derekliverpool1) reported

    @MrCharlieGill Not sure there’s some issue with Marvel Netflix shows

  • kwasizzle fatniss everdeen (@kwasizzle) reported

    Had to change sites🙄 Okay now we really watching Cruel Intentions (I wouldn't be having this problem if @adizzlesa would just pay for our Netflix but ke🙂)

  • notoriousALY Amanda (@notoriousALY) reported from Houston, Texas

    I finished Netflix’s Fyre Festival doc. Currently on Hulu’s Fyre Fraud. The fact that these rich kids dropped over many many grands for this is so dumb lol. I feel bad for the local help for not getting paid. The worse. That Billy dude finesse his way.

  • beyskittles Be an Asset not a piece of Ass (@beyskittles) reported

    watching the netflix version and god i ~******* hate~ ja rule so much jesus christ his face and his voice is the ******* worst and so irritating GOD

  • DBrennanHQ Deborah Brennan (@DBrennanHQ) reported

    @petstarr @netflix @hulu I was smugly chuckling right up until the local Bahamian woman at the end crying over how she'd lost all her savings having to pay the local workers herself. That was awful.

  • josephbush Joe Bush (@josephbush) reported

    Been watching Dark on Netflix, now I'm watching this Fyre festival documentary and now I fear that my brain is even more irretrievably broken than it was before.

  • drywallsarcasm Drywall (@drywallsarcasm) reported

    @web @netflix @AMCTheatres Makes it up for grabs on high quality torrent sites that much faster. People will pay to get out of the house to see Avengers, but if they can just steal that shit in 4k opening weekend...

  • crystalopez9581 Fineapple 🍍 (@crystalopez9581) reported

    @_not_your_ally Na well I do my part which is the physical aspect. She have to work for this OT. I not gettin sooo she’ll pause that Netflix n do what she’s being paid to do. I already know she hates when we on the same shift but definitely not my issue

  • FR314 Ben Ellis ⚡️ (@FR314) reported

    I’ve just finished watching the #FyreFestivalDoc on Netflix, and...phew! It was a monumental fail from so many perspectives - financially, legally, but most importantly, morally. I’m not surprised that the people that were hit the worst were the locals.

  • snstevenson Shawn Stevenson (@snstevenson) reported from Regina, Saskatchewan

    I’m all about keeping tax rates responsible, reasonable, manageable and fair - but the outrage machine over charging PST on Netflix accounts defines “First World Problems”. If this is your struggle in life - I’m jealous. So jealous.

  • _MyNameIsAdam_ Buffay the Vampire Layer (@_MyNameIsAdam_) reported

    @patchaaay Well Rings is on Netflix now. Hint: do not watch, it’s awful.

  • TheGreatGaresby Drew Garesby (@TheGreatGaresby) reported

    Watching the Netflix Fyre Fest documentary. People who say shit like "We aren't a problem oriented group, we are a solutions oriented group" are people who shouldn't be trusted.

  • snstevenson Shawn Stevenson (@snstevenson) reported from Regina, Saskatchewan

    I’m all about keeping tax rates responsible, reasonable, manageable and fair - but the outrage machine over charging PST on Netflix accounts defines “First World Problems”. If this is your struggle in life - I’m jealous. So jealous.

  • blacksticky Pearl 🍌 (@blacksticky) reported

    Watching my fave Netflix series "Grace and Frankie" and they have problems with their website and I'm like.. "nooo honey please let me help youuuuuu!!" Aaargh! 💖

  • haysaan_ hasssaaaaaaan (@haysaan_) reported

    My dad has learned how to use Netflix, the only problem is he calls it Necklace

  • 08038470882a3 Fatai Nesta (@08038470882a3) reported

    @4loxie_bv I have the Login that has been subscribed on Netflix

  • mrbakerphysics Chris Baker (@mrbakerphysics) reported

    @Mumta_sharma @cleverfiend @rondelle10_b @MrsSingleton @debrakidd @TeamScienceEdu @mrthomson @doc_kristy @prof_di_chimica @MrsHumanities That because they've 'chosen to be there' they will be intrinsically motivated and really interested from day 1. It wasn't a free choice. It was from a list of subjects. Xbox, phone or Netflix weren't options available to them. Your subject was the least worst, not the best.

  • hauntedstudio Julie ★ (@hauntedstudio) reported

    @shawnlenore I have Windows 7 and have no issue with my Wacom driver + Netflix. However, I haven't updated my driver past 6.3.29-6 due to other issues. (I also prefer Windows 7 to Windows 10.)

  • CMcAuley99 Ⓒⓐⓛⓛⓤⓜ-Ⓛⓔⓔ ⓂⓒⒶⓤⓛⓔⓨ (@CMcAuley99) reported

    @Lindelohf @NetflixUK They don't answer you have to ask Netflix help team but they've already announced it on there twitter - March 8

  • AngelBTweetin Angel Brooke (@AngelBTweetin) reported

    Also, I thought I was shameless until this old dude admitted to Netflix, A GLOBAL STREAMING SERVICE, that he was willing to perform ******** to help the festival... he’s got me beat on oversharing.

  • RushkaAriefdien Rush 🧜🏾‍♀️ (@RushkaAriefdien) reported

    The worst thing Kiran has ever done to me is teach my mom how Netflix works.

  • pinku_1999 Nimisha (@pinku_1999) reported

    @Netflixhelps Hi, I don't see Bates Motel Season 3 on Netflix and I'm in Canada right now. I watching it just last night and now it's gone. Please help! Thanks

  • pinku_1999 Nimisha (@pinku_1999) reported

    @Netflix_CA Hi, I just noticed that there's no Season 3 for Bates Motel on Netflix. I was watching it just last night and now it's gone. Please Help!

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