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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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July 19: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 12:40 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Netflix Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • eftihios01 efti📲 (@eftihios01) reported

    Mad how Netflix keeps increasing the price while the quality of content keeps decreasing

  • ernestchidi12 ernest chidi (@ernestchidi12) reported

    @layo_oguns Chai problem dey ooo, it's in English version ooo. Me I don't want English version of netflix

  • xoGabss87 Gabrielle (@xoGabss87) reported

    Help! @Netflixhelps

  • fckafalsearrest ø (@fckafalsearrest) reported

    Just like she did it with the Vogue September Issue and Netflix. 😭

  • ArkayneDraws Arkayne @EVO 2019 (@ArkayneDraws) reported

    I'm watching the new Saint Seiya on Netflix and this is actually solid so far. My only problem is for the sake of Andromedas backstory/character development they should have kept Andromeda Male. If they were gonna change a character Long would have fit female better. IMO.

  • Brandon_IsGuapo CLUTCH MASTER FLEX (@Brandon_IsGuapo) reported

    The Society on Netflix is some quality tv, I need that season 2

  • ARIYAN32878072 ARIYAN (@ARIYAN32878072) reported

    @iamsrk @netflix @sujoy_g Sharukh sahab i am verry injured i need your help please sir help me .

  • _ahmadudu احمد💰 (@_ahmadudu) reported from Samaru, Kaduna State

    BRo Come help me with your Netflix details now, make I watch too🙏🏾😂

  • MendesDa_ H0bbit f33t (@MendesDa_) reported

    Secret Obsession is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on Netflix and I only watched the first 10 minutes

  • nerdynathan78 Nate (@nerdynathan78) reported

    Finished a whole bottle of white wine tonight and I’m watching movies on Netflix to help distract me from the fact I’m missing someone :) aha

  • Jad_Kobeissi 𝕵 (@Jad_Kobeissi) reported

    I need a netflix account to binge watch money heist pls help

  • Dhenley221 Daniel Henley (@Dhenley221) reported

    @MissSlip your the most awful actress I have ever seen. The first pilot of Shakespeare and Hathaway was ruined by your blatant talentless skill and lack of ability to hold us in suspense. Everyone knew you were the killer from your first scene. Forget @netflix I wouldn't even try

  • brybrychris B🦂 (@brybrychris) reported from Fremont, California

    Can somebody put me on a new Netflix series.... not all the basic issues


    @tkrektime @MOATZ01 @HHalanzyy @aboudash90 @ridataha221 yes, and if the problem persists try to connect to the application NETFLIX PC then you go into setting to change the password

  • AndrewRWhite Andrew White (@AndrewRWhite) reported

    @seanfarrington @FredianiITV I think the problem BritBox has with that price point is that Netflix has built up a reputation for a premium product. BritBox already seems to be an outlet for archive and recently broadcast programmes, so without new originals it shouldn't be at the same price...

  • MaestroDigi DigiMaestro (@MaestroDigi) reported

    I went through a Netflix phase once where I watched as many terrible 'horror' films I could. And it's bad me wonder about what the worst horror games are. The ones where you cant get scared because you're just laughing so much

  • estellejoym JUIC•Y (@estellejoym) reported

    Secret Obsession on netflix is so good but got me having even more trust issues w guys lmao

  • PurgeHollywood M.M. Griffith 🇺🇸🐍 (@PurgeHollywood) reported

    @DDayDoggy @realDailyWire There's alot of good series and movies and some terrible ones ex: Hand Maids Take but I filter what I watch. The Spotify + Hulu Deal is good enough for me. The only reason I still have Netflix is for some of their Original Series like ManHunter.

  • Jacob_John6 Jacob (@Jacob_John6) reported

    Should I crash or watch Netflix

  • _Calling911_ calling911 (@_Calling911_) reported

    @rgaminecraft Upset stomach Issue in server Neighbors pets barking Power went out You got hungry Binging a Netflix series

  • bessyboo Bessy (@bessyboo) reported

    Infinity War is the worst movie I‘ve sat through beginning-to-end, and I: • was forced through all of that horrific Nice Guy Fest written/directed/starring Josh Radnor by my mom • have seen 80% of all DCOMs ever produced • watched most of the trashy Hallmark romcoms on Netflix

  • alexandramill94 Alexandra Miller (@alexandramill94) reported

    I just found the worst movie on Netflix with the worst acting I’ve ever seen 😂

  • scottygb Scott Bryan (@scottygb) reported

    My take: Expect a lot of BBC and ITV shows to leave Netflix and other streaming services, as both try to make BritBox work. The issue will be whether viewers feel compelled to pay for shows they may have already seen before or care to watch shows that aren’t on iPlayer / Hub.

  • sammyborras Sammy 🔜 Manchester MCM 🗺️ CV3 (@sammyborras) reported

    I thought it would lag a bit but it wouldn’t even connect. But idk maybe it was just an error so I’ll have another look later. I can run Netflix etc through the tablet itself if I want background entertainment. I just was really hoping I could have double screens for photoshop

  • Wattre855 💀 Waterworks 🎃 (@Wattre855) reported

    season 1 of Netflix’s slasher series was good, second was mostly crappy, third was complete trash. I swear netflix’s horror section has the quality of gas station sushi.

  • sheikh_hamzah Sheikh Hamzah (@sheikh_hamzah) reported

    People have told me that they no longer watch TV, because of Netflix, YouTube or because there is not a lot of quality stuff on TV although for me the sole not to watch television is the poor timing of ****** ads. I just want to spear myself the embarrassment & awkwardness.

  • yunghellraiser kyle (@yunghellraiser) reported

    about to watch that new brenda song netflix original movie it loojs so terrible i’m excited

  • ByeWeather weather_bye_hater$ (@ByeWeather) reported

    the air quality index is 10000, like, out of control and you should stay home and watch netflix

  • mc_swaggletooth matt col (@mc_swaggletooth) reported from Oakland, California

    @azizansari's recent @netflix special is really relevant as I sit here and watch Never Been Kissed on @hbonow. At the time, all of this was no problem. But under the lens of 2019, the whole movie is pervy as hell. The whole premise is based on statutory **** urges. 😲😧😮

  • GamerScribeUK GamerScribe (@GamerScribeUK) reported

    @dannyodwyer Netflix just needs to scale back on content, up the quality. Less is more. That auto play is infuriating tho.

  • HeMustGotLuckyy Kee🧩 (@HeMustGotLuckyy) reported

    every time I tell myself i’m about to watch a movie on netflix, I go right to Grey’s Anatomy😭 I have a problem

  • GentlemanRascal Andrew Lynch (@GentlemanRascal) reported

    @RedWhiteAndSail I’m thinking this is a perfect way for them to go, because if Daisy or May don’t end up in the rest of the MCU or show up in other shows even as cameos, they are seriously wasting some of the best characters they have. And there’s not even any contract issues with Netflix there.

  • MExHIMxHER RainaTheBadGuy (@MExHIMxHER) reported

    Netflix til I crash

  • JxxJones xsomethingx (@JxxJones) reported

    This was a major trigger for me following my accident, thought it was just me. Wow. @netflix get it together and fix your audio drop of original productions while you’re at it. Abrupt & upsetting.

  • Aubburrito1 Aubs (@Aubburrito1) reported

    I always stay up till like 5 am, watching Netflix and writing, but my WiFi just died and I can’t reset it and everyone in my house is asleep so help

  • Radlein Ray Radlein (@Radlein) reported

    @netflix Another problem is only having one glassblowing expert judge. Having two would allow for more of an interplay of opinions on technique and practice. #BlownAway

  • harveyjleeds Comet : UK . A concept of Time and living History (@harveyjleeds) reported

    @michaeldickson @netflix @ChrisEvans Quite possible Israel may have clandestinely brought to Israel other groups from a myriad of African countries that suffered terrible barbaric African violence. Not Falashmura ,not Ethiopians, not Jews ,but that seems to be the Pandoras box started the whole African "Jewishness

  • nat_00001 Nat 1 (@nat_00001) reported

    @Caddicarus I watch with subtitles because I have hearing issues. So... I guess I'm not allowed to enjoy Netflix

  • tami_klomp tamara klomp (@tami_klomp) reported

    @smh you missed one issue with the Netflix tax,most internet companies don’t count Netflix in downloads

  • CharlotteGore Charlotte Blood Everywhere 🇸🇪🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️ (@CharlotteGore) reported

    @Aerothorn Anyway I get what you’re saying. The problem for me is I enjoyed Netflix a lot more when there was a sense of every “Netflix Original” being something special and worth watching...

  • tarynoneill Taryn O'Neill (@tarynoneill) reported

    @carrollpm @Scirens @netflix They didn’t get speak to that. Only the narrative I knew of not wanting to contaminate Enceladus thus needing to crash and burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere.

  • _itsmack Uncle Mack🤟🏽 (@_itsmack) reported from Dallas, Texas

    @netflix it seems to be a problem.. money heist ain’t up yet 🤨🤨

  • _stephh23 Stephanie (@_stephh23) reported

    I rewatch the same 4 shows on netflix, someone help

  • TheYansterr Adrian (@TheYansterr) reported

    I’m watching Brenda Song’s movie on Netflix and it’s literally the worst movie I’ve ever watched but I’m in too deep to stop watching it

  • yourRHOleModel Brit C. 🏁 (@yourRHOleModel) reported

    Netflix released this new good/terrible movie today that I can’t wait to watch Saturday.

  • _LastGrayson Nightwing (@_LastGrayson) reported

    @BenevolentBat This is beginning to sound like a venting discussion. If this is the route they are going down, then it's time to grab pizza, the crappiest chick flick they can find on netflix... And hack into Jason's Facebook profile and post terrible outdated memes.

  • b2gee__ bianca 🥀 (@b2gee__) reported

    this netflix movie im watching is terrible. The crazy part is two of the actors have definitely acted better in other shows/movies. #TheWrongBabysitter

  • JacobaHollander Jacob A. Hollander (@JacobaHollander) reported

    @valleyloogie @OvertlyCanadian @jhebertcomedy @willmenaker I'm not defending them, just pointing out stupid user error and lack of any logic in the arguments here. But I'll say it, Netflix is smarter than you.

  • CarlTolsoncourt Agent 47 (@CarlTolsoncourt) reported

    Jesus FC, these remoaners really do need help. Can’t wait to leave, the suicide rate amongst the snowflakes will sort out the housing shortage overnight. Lunatics. You really think SKY, Netflix etc will tolerate losing millions of subscribers.

  • HexisGames Michael “Hexis” Ray (@HexisGames) reported

    @CoxHelp y’all just had an outage last night PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE NOT HAVIN ANOTHER ONE IN MY AREA RIGHT NOW. IM JUST TRYING TO WATCH NETFLIX!!!! I can not wait to be with @comcast @Xfinity when I move to Oregon in two months. Cox = Pay For Nothing

  • ippus ✧ Ipporo ✧ (@ippus) reported

    Watched Anohana finally cus it was on netflix and bf sat me down to watch it. It was good...but... I didnt end up crying cus everyone's problems seemed so insignificant the moment Popo confessed his trauma. Popo needed help and support guys holy shit;;;

  • RemcoTensen Remco Tensen (@RemcoTensen) reported

    I don't feel sorry for Netflix. Buying up shows, making them worse. The price increase was crazy. And the discrimination on the international markets is terrible I don't like how Disney now practically runs everything though. Incl. both Marvel & DC. They do a lot of things wrong

  • HarryMasonDad Harry Mason (@HarryMasonDad) reported

    @conspiraboomers Sounds pretty much the opposite though But instead of Netflix, it's some 60 year old baby boomer with an awful camera and mic on YouTube

  • DJ_DeAnt De Ant (@DJ_DeAnt) reported

    My amazon prime video not working I guess Netflix it is

  • siobhan_415 Siobhan Diores (@siobhan_415) reported

    This glass blowing show on Netflix is great but the judges are the worst

  • KINGEMMILY ᴇᴍɪʟʏ☽ (@KINGEMMILY) reported

    Ok it’s official. I’m obsessed with watching Lucifer on Netflix. I can’t stop. Help.

  • bgos10 Bishal Goswami (@bgos10) reported

    @mail2arjunm POCO didn't have AMOLED display with HDR Glass + metal build Pop-up camera Support for Netflix HDR Triple camera setup with each lens being useful Hi res audio What POCO did come with is lots of issues and if you're willing to spend less for more issues be my guest, buy POCO

  • LifeHacks247 Life Hacks (@LifeHacks247) reported

    While watching Netflix (Instant Play) hold down Shift+Alt and click on the screen to access buffering settings to change your video quality.

  • monica_alexndra Monica (@monica_alexndra) reported

    Taco Chronicles before bed was a terrible idea 😭 #netflix

  • gtaxerxo Gabby (@gtaxerxo) reported

    I don’t understand this movie #SecretObsession @netflix, someone please help. What happened to the husband!!!!!

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