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FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually by EA Games under the EA Sports label. The game was previously known as FIFA Football or FIFA soccer.

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  • 4lyon MOFO 🏁 (@4lyon) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix the CPU acceleration - it’s too unrealistic. #fifa20beta

  • salmant991 💚salmanonv💚 (@salmant991) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA We don't want your game every game is werst than the other fix your shit then we will play you are giving us trash You are thieves 😶😶😶😑🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • HighRoadSports1 High Road Sports (@HighRoadSports1) reported from Mississauga, Ontario

    @JoshCannon99 @SkySportsPL @ManCity @EASPORTSFIFA According to F.A Hand Ball Laws(Rules) that is a hand ball. If you want it changed then petition for a Rule Change. I dont like the way Hand Ball is subject to Referee really but we have that problem in Hockey with Penalties. Officials will get em right and wrong. #Itllbok

  • rossdenholm980 rossdenholm (@rossdenholm980) reported from Haddington, Scotland

    @EASPORTSFIFA that’s second game in 2 disconnects shocking and that’s only the beta I can imagine the full release, backwards as per with you lot , no point in have a new game when you can’t fix the main problem servers

  • paulshandmade paulshandmadedelights (@paulshandmade) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA servers down yet again, really puts me off buying fifa20, I play to relax not to waste my time...

  • Alinho261 Alinho27🇲🇦 (@Alinho261) reported

    @NotoriousShahid @EASPORTSFIFA Well they giving high rated players there to make ppl buy the game but that's not working with u😂respect for that I'm not buying it to and I didnt get the beta, plus I never believed fifa20 will be good cus u cant change sumtin from horribly disgusting to very good in a blink!!

  • FifaCMNetwork Career Mode Network (@FifaCMNetwork) reported


  • oceanlee4 oceanlee (@oceanlee4) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @BlackYellow Why I can't preorder fifa20 inside fifa19 to get the 10%off discount, it show error code (f19b018)

  • BENZOleski Benjamin Zoleski (@BENZOleski) reported

    If #ARSBUR was a game of @EASPORTSFIFA, the kid playing with Burnley would have broken the controller by now. #COYG

  • ActonCalum Calum Acton (@ActonCalum) reported

    @Lacy_HD @EASPORTSFIFA @EA_GZaro @EAHelp Login to you ea sports account on the website and then try the email again.

  • KevinCapone6 Kevin Capone (@KevinCapone6) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA please actually make a decent game instead of a bundle fuckfest that results in broken controllers please

  • AmoMostofi RockMeAmodeus 🏕🔛🏝 (@AmoMostofi) reported

    @joppedeluxe @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @mirrorsedge @EA_DICE @EASPORTSFIFA I have the same issue. I see t-shirts that I had in pictures and have zero idea where they have gone. Stalkers stealing them...

  • wwfcjoe_ joe (@wwfcjoe_) reported

    @PrimeHazardv2 @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro I’m liking it, need to fix the bugs and glitches then it’ll be sound

  • BrethdenC Brethden Corted (@BrethdenC) reported

    @EAFIFAesports @EASPORTSFIFA @JimmyConrad @DanGaskin @MikeLaBelle Is anybodys fifa not working

  • CoryW__ Cory (@CoryW__) reported

    @_jckk7 @wwfcjoe_ @EASPORTSFIFA yes, I don't want to test these cards which won't be in the game. They've also broken gameplay with it and ****** the market

  • PivaralC Hatchet (@PivaralC) reported

    @EA @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA Volta story mode is getting locked up in the break the windows event, and On FUT am unable to open one of my rewards packs, is the 60 item one. Is anyone else having this issues

  • LeeGrint3 Lee Grint (@LeeGrint3) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix the servers! 2 losses resulting in relegation because of terrible servers!!

  • sholllz Gruncle stan (@sholllz) reported

    The glitch on the new update on fifa19 on hitting the bar is too much @EASPORTSFIFA fix up

  • AmsterdamAj AjAxAmsterdam (@AmsterdamAj) reported

    @NepentheZ @eacoreysa @EA_GZaro @EASPORTSFIFA imagine treathed your community like a bunch of retards with slow gameplay and shit servers kickoff glitch each game and corner shit flick up easier then a 1v1 . Button delay and gk movement timed finishing and then after all no content for them

  • Jono9o9 Jono (@Jono9o9) reported

    @NepentheZ The main difference being at least @EpicGames came out and addressed the issue and gave their reasoning. We are just used to radio silence from @EASPORTSFIFA

  • salvirican Anthony Rodriguez (@salvirican) reported


  • dhanushvelan1 dhanushvelan (@dhanushvelan1) reported

    @aa9skillz @EASPORTSFIFA This problem occurred in PC for Indian users and they fixed it in 5 days.

  • donzerrr Donny, (@donzerrr) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix the no lose glitch

  • leonconnolly6 leon connolly (@leonconnolly6) reported

    @CareerModeInsid @EASPORTSFIFA @TheFIFAInfo I still have the 99 rating glitch

  • DajerbalJames James Walker (@DajerbalJames) reported

    @BCFC @CAFCofficial @roy_smiljanic @EASPORTSFIFA fix your game

  • ceqek05 ceqek05 (@ceqek05) reported

    @EAFIFAesports @EASPORTSFIFA @JimmyConrad @DanGaskin @MikeLaBelle Fix your servers EA Sports. l lost 5 match in FUT Champions because disconnect me with servers.

  • TheBlueHelmsman Smith and Wesson (@TheBlueHelmsman) reported

    @LeeGunner82 @EASPORTSFIFA It’s a broken game.. Consummately scripted to reduce skill gaps.. The momentum and balance of play tilts in Favour of your opponent when winning. I used to think scripting was a lie until I started playing the weekend league. It is pure evil!!!!!

  • justin28385074 YouTube_juxtin (@justin28385074) reported

    FIFA 19 is so ******* shit. Fix throw in calls, fix corner kick calls, fix goal kick calls, fix offside calls, I don’t get how I was playing against Austria and all of the sudden they turn into 2010 Spain like it makes no ******* sense. Such a shit game @EASPORTSFIFA

  • DanStone97 Danny Stone (@DanStone97) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fifa 20 has a lot of issues personally I would put these on the page you put in the email but it apparently doesn’t exist. -Refs still don’t understand the obstruction rule -Fake shotting is still overpowered and unstoppable

  • DonMakaveIi e (@DonMakaveIi) reported


  • fatalgrizzly Bear (@fatalgrizzly) reported

    Has anybody else suffered lag issues with there @Xbox one x project scorpio edition. These issues are common even when playing offline on multiple game types. Such as @EASPORTSFIFA @CrashBandicoot @PlayApex Would be great if I could get some feedback from @xboxuk on this matter

  • Jimmy22231 Jimmy2223 (@Jimmy22231) reported

    @EAFIFAesports @EASPORTSFIFA @JimmyConrad @DanGaskin @MikeLaBelle Fix servers.

  • denix_steel Denix steel (@denix_steel) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA It means nothing if your servers not working I'm not wanna play offline Even if you have 5bars strength you have delay

  • OwenWat74328190 Owen Watts (@OwenWat74328190) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA are servers down @EASPORTSFIFA

  • Mr_DeeJ_ David 'DeeJ' J B 🥃 (@Mr_DeeJ_) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA hey, do you have the link to feedback on fifa 20 beta. The link on the email doesn't work and I've found an issue 🙈

  • suchChrisDavies Chris Davies (@suchChrisDavies) reported

    @TR4NCH @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro Hopefully sliders help, but you can't fix everything with them unfortunately - things like AI reactions, positioning, awareness. I'm hoping - like the idiot I am - that there's a backlash on the forums and they go back to previous gameplay. But I don't think they'd ever do that.

  • E11s_ Ells (@E11s_) reported

    @e2upt @EASPORTSFIFA No way o no I turned my xbox off just went bed didn't actually lag out turnes out bt was doing stuff at stupid o clock

  • retribution83 stephen kennett (@retribution83) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA the scripting in weekend league is absolutely disgusting you should be ashamed for a game to be near end of life and be this broken

  • rhysscfc96 Rhys Owens (@rhysscfc96) reported

    @aa9skillz @EASPORTSFIFA You’ve got more of a chance of them coming out and saying here have 5 125k packs for playing everyday , the games just shit but because YouTubers lick the arse of ea they will next fix the shit game

  • lewis84509448 lewis (@lewis84509448) reported

    @EAFIFAesports @EASPORTSFIFA @JimmyConrad @DanGaskin @MikeLaBelle Ea can u please sort the lag on fut champ

  • lewiscSTFC Lewis Clements (@lewiscSTFC) reported

    @SpursOfficial @MoussaSissoko 76 Rated on FIFA ... @EASPORTSFIFA Fix Up!

  • joshranft_ Josh Ranft (@joshranft_) reported

    Hey @EASPORTSFIFA, fix the glitch that schedules manager mode matches on consecutive days. Or, in my case currently, on the same day. My 28-man squad can only take so much!

  • Mikekiff527 Michael Kiff (@Mikekiff527) reported

    @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA have an issue on #fifa20 closed BETA could I get some assistance please

  • Best1nTheWor1d bastard (@Best1nTheWor1d) reported

    If I could play the beta this wouldn't have been a problem @EASPORTSFIFA

  • Stefan0vich Stephen (@Stefan0vich) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp issues with FIFA 20. What do I do.

  • Samlop69 Samlop69 (@Samlop69) reported

    @PivaralC @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA @AskEASupport @Betafifa20 I didn’t have any issues while opnening mine bro not sure wtf

  • LeeGunner82 Lee Gunner 🔴 (@LeeGunner82) reported

    I swear Fifa 19 consists of, kick off goals, speed up lag, glitched quits that result in no win for you, stoppage time being 2 mins and plays for 5 mins (they score) & CR7 being caught up and out muscled by any CB. Shocking game. Fix it you ***** @EASPORTSFIFA

  • SKartal80 agila (@SKartal80) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA dear ea i couldnt get my weekend league price today, is there any problems with it. If u ask if i played in the past WL i did qualified with zero points already. Please help me.

  • MrZaro2 Mr. Zaro (@MrZaro2) reported

    @Ryan73497140 @EASPORTSFIFA Calm down you rude little twit, the game is perfect. You are the problem

  • MrZaro2 Mr. Zaro (@MrZaro2) reported

    @Ryan73497140 @EASPORTSFIFA Calm down you rude little twit. The game will perfect, you are the problem

  • Ryan73497140 Ryan Rhodes (@Ryan73497140) reported

    Fifa 20 not even released and already ******* stupid bugs! Volta is not working properly! Sort it out @EASPORTSFIFA @MrZaro2 serisouly this Is ment to be getting us all hyped! Yeah it's messing up!!

  • e2upt dZ Erupt オタク (@e2upt) reported

    How does Xbox lag you out @E11s_ and give me the loss, bullshit man @EASPORTSFIFA your game is retarded.

  • antomurphy27 JFT96 (@antomurphy27) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix your shit game keeps crashing and give me the message do I own this game or insert the disc fix your shit

  • Sherida53682952 Sheridan (@Sherida53682952) reported


  • NickT85 Nick Thompson (@NickT85) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA This is basically Fifa 19. Broken game with flicks and trick abuse. 😂😂😂

  • GoldDog81122855 GoldDog (@GoldDog81122855) reported

    @kylewalker2 WEAK ANKLES! Apparently they've been broken many times. #Banter #SayNoToRacism @ManCity @ManCityMEN @EASPORTSFIFA

  • UncleJoe_88 Joe (@UncleJoe_88) reported

    @EA_GZaro @anubhavmehta @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @tomcaleffi @FUT_Economist He replies to casual players tweets giving him praise. Pretty funny lol die hards like myself who have been playing for many years know this fifa was probably one of the worse right next to fifa 18. After playing the beta I’m convinced they will never fix the INPUT DELAY. Sad

  • aboooshhkaaaa ozzzzyyy (@aboooshhkaaaa) reported

    @sweetchilliaa @callumkershaww @EASPORTSFIFA Buy a proper game like crash bandicoot

  • MrInfernusHD Dan (@MrInfernusHD) reported

    @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA I’m aware of the rules regarding talking about the private beta - but just a heads up, there’s a matchmaking issue on Xbox rn. I’ve downloaded the new update and can only imagine there’s a version clash. Causing games to be abandoned 2 passes in!

  • enzo_mahogany Enzo Mahogany (@enzo_mahogany) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA soo as I'm thankful for the invite to play the beta for #FIFA20 but there is still all the same problems that have been in the game for the past two years e.g defenders with no pace out sprinting players with over 90 & how the ball never stays with u when u win it

FIFA Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x7e
  • 0xc00007b
  • ce-34878-0
  • connecting to ultimate team
  • creating game session