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FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually by EA Games under the EA Sports label. The game was previously known as FIFA Football or FIFA soccer.

 Problems detected at FIFA

FIFA problems in the last 24 hours

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December 11: Problems at FIFA

FIFA is having issues since 09:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (52.98%)
  • Sign in (21.52%)
  • Glitches (10.60%)
  • Matchmaking (9.27%)
  • Game Crash (4.97%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.66%)

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FIFA Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Steve21913211
    Steve (@Steve21913211) reported

    @EAHelp @ramongrob First of heard of it being 'user error' I was announced that this would be patched.... not that there were steps to be taken my the player to resolve this... @EA_GZaro @EASPORTSFIFA this should not even be in the game post Beta!! Sort it out please

  • lkm050882
    Liam (@lkm050882) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA so yet anothet patch and STILL the cam position is broken in pro clubs!!!!! Thank **** you took the hyphen out of zulte waregem. Wankers!!!

  • Mieciel90
    Mięciel (@Mieciel90) reported

    @PhilEkuwem @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA Dude. They cant fix It since fifa 09.

  • PhilEkuwem
    Phillip Ekuwem (@PhilEkuwem) reported

    @Mieciel90 @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA He's actually addressed this in a recent post. Says the team are working on a fix so I guess we gotta be patient bro hopefully we'll get some good news about the servers soon.


    @EASPORTSFIFA Since the latest Title update dropped, I noticed these issues weren't addressed: - Dribbling (Dribbling needs to be closer to the player) - There's a bug in which players will flick the ball up when receiving a pass, although the user doesn't flick the stick.

  • LiamFryer
    Liam Fryer (@LiamFryer) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA stop patching this game ! Each patch you remove another way to score... Your programmers love this 'shot error'... My days.

  • JackBeatty28
    Jack Beatty (@JackBeatty28) reported

    Can @EASPORTSFIFA fix the fact that when my players have the ball and I’m smashing the square button to clear the ball I don’t want them to hit the deck into a slide tackle and give away a penalty

  • MayciKun
    Mayci 🤟🏼 (@MayciKun) reported

    @Citizen_Carter @EACoreySA @WoJCC @Llafranchntsmn @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp They don't care about pro club, they will never fix anything in this mode 😩😔

  • JPM9685
    John Millington (@JPM9685) reported

    @Alekzandur Are you getting the speed up lag aswell Mine has been shit Went from 9-0 to scrape 12-18 Speed up lag Disconnecting and under review. @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA need to fix this problem

  • macartney_ben
    Macartney- (@macartney_ben) reported

    @Ekulinho @EASPORTSFIFA Just Like last year it was low driven. There has to be one thing that is broken every year otherwise there would be no way to score successfully every time. But yeah it makes the game look horrendous

  • macartney_ben
    Macartney- (@macartney_ben) reported

    @Ekulinho @EASPORTSFIFA Exactly ahha so true. So many problems with this game. I understand certain things they can’t change and stuff but like come onnnn. Just did the servers that’s all we ask. Then we can still use players like van aarnholt and rudiger and there first touch won’t be disabled 😂😂

  • Anthonyoldroyd
    Anthony Oldroyd (@Anthonyoldroyd) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA good morning my dad keeps getting disconnected from games online and he has done a couple of fu drafts and he keeps getting disconnected from them and they are offline ones it’s not fair on him he’s loosing coins and fitness because of a problem that’s not his fault

  • 2kPence
    Wunter Wubel (@2kPence) reported

    Dear @EASPORTSFIFA, If you plan on having ANY sort of fanbase next year, I seriously suggest that you start listening to the community, and not just “claiming” to. It’s evident that you don’t, because there are still serious issues with the game that need addressing.

  • tjarrett33
    Thomas Jarrett (@tjarrett33) reported

    Fix your ******* servers @EASPORTSFIFA

  • mignolo6
    Francesco Migliore (@mignolo6) reported

    This game is completely broken. Every singol goal i conceed is a finesse from 30 yards. I honestly can't remember the last goal i conceeded in my own box. Such a joke. @EASPORTSFIFA @EA_GZaro

  • tejadsam
    Samu San (@tejadsam) reported

    @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA I have the same issue trying to apply contracts, fitness or other consumables... 5 patches and counting...

  • MayciKun
    Mayci 🤟🏼 (@MayciKun) reported

    @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA I thought I was the only one who has this issue. It's there since the start of FIFA 19. Good to see you try to fix that issue

  • radev_tsvetan
    somebodyyy (@radev_tsvetan) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix the game you brainless *****

  • JonathanREX17
    Jonathan Rangel (@JonathanREX17) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix your shit. I am winning a game a you ******* disconnect me. But when I am losing, I lose with 1 goal, 1 shot on target while I register 5 shots on target and kot a single goal.

    PVT McBain (@DRWHITEBOY97) reported

    Yo @EASPORTSFIFA is the most unrealistic, broken game I have ever played in my life. There's no skill required to play this game, and a luck driven game. I'm done until they fix this shit. Some how FIFA 18 was a better game. Like wtf @EACoreySA

  • ATrainGaming25
    A-TrainGaming😎⚽ (@ATrainGaming25) reported

    Your refs are broken @EASPORTSFIFA #fixyourgame #brokenreferee

  • futtaxcom
    Futtax (@futtaxcom) reported

    @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA I think it’s time you start refunding the people and start working on the next installment as FIFA 19 is finished. Even the menus are broken as ****.

  • Kasper81684777
    AJ🇪🇸🇪🇸 (@Kasper81684777) reported

    @EA_GZaro @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA The team is full of retards, fix the shit game

  • AnxSrkr
    ᴀɴxᴜᴍᴀɴ (@AnxSrkr) reported

    @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EA_GZaro @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA Yup, its a known issue. Happens many times during applying consumables too, you need to log out of FUT and log back in. Irritating AF

  • ch3lsawy
    :o (@ch3lsawy) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Your company is pathetic. Banning innocent fifa players who pay real money to play your game. Your ban system is horrible, fix your shitty game, respond or I will pursue this legally.

  • coyswhite
    Your Club isnt serious (@coyswhite) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix stamina in career mode. It was fine pre update!!!

  • olly_hodgey94
    . (@olly_hodgey94) reported

    *** rivals is legit unplayable. The difference in player movement and overall speed from draft, WL and online single matches compared to rivals is embarrassing. Fix your shit. @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA19

  • Issuesfears
    Fernando cruz (@Issuesfears) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA your game is fully broken I can’t believe the shot people can take by simply just pressing the b button quick not even time finishing and apparently my curtouis is shit. Thanks

  • EA_GZaro
    Mr. Zaro (@EA_GZaro) reported

    @JDOriginals @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @ImADuckQuackk @NepentheZ @farhandinhoFIFA It's a known issue, you have to back out of FUT as a workaround, but the team is already aware and I'll let you know as soon as I have any updates about it. 👍 Thanks for the heads up!

  • JJ122791
    Jose Jaime (@JJ122791) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Trash, server's status is reaching a collapse point, it's been a week in Latin America since disconnection have been a day to day problem and you haven't even care or look at it, all you care about is Ger, Eng and West Eu, hope a competitor comes soon and crash this company.

  • MarkLarter6
    Mark Larter (@MarkLarter6) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA **** your shitty ******* game! ******* pack of useless *****.. Step ******** up and fix it... Literally drives me ******* crazy 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Samlop69
    Samlop69 (@Samlop69) reported

    @GonzoisSavage @EASPORTSFIFA I used Hazard for 2 Weekends before prices crash and he was mental for me I kinda want to go for an icon now but just not sure who and what to do I really need way more coins to do bigger/better upgrades I was thinking baby Best but I’d also love a strong Mid field😫😫

  • Agol2013
    Ageel Al-Jeffri (@Agol2013) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA I have a problem when I complete the challenge of the player Laporte and by mistake I did him quick salts I want to get him back please 💔 @EASPORTSFIFA

  • HammerCj
    Irons (@HammerCj) reported

    For a game to allow a team with 9 players to go on and win a game of football is atrocious. You need to fix your shit @EASPORTSFIFA

  • Alexand32415625
    Alexander Eriksson (@Alexand32415625) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix game !!!! 😠

  • Alexand32415625
    Alexander Eriksson (@Alexand32415625) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Please fix the ******* game. This game have now sucked for a long time.

  • ambridge_shane
    Shane A (@ambridge_shane) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Why dont u reply i cant get in #ERROR

  • Alphabetx1
    (@Alphabetx1) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA ultimate team is working awfull today. I hope there is a gift for us users after a horrible day to play FUT, too slow, many errors in comunication

  • KingCes_War
    KingCes_War (@KingCes_War) reported

    @TradingTipsOTW Rumor has it EA did a glitch and are actually updating his PAC to 70 and PHY to 82 @EASPORTSFIFA

  • lee_spear92
    Lee 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@lee_spear92) reported

    Anyone know how I report issues with @EASPORTSFIFA

  • stephenramsdale
    stephen ramsdale (@stephenramsdale) reported

    fix the keepers in gameplay @EASPORTSFIFA or give people a refund it's not ******* hard!!

  • Cammy79061989
    Cammy (@Cammy79061989) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix Pro clubs Match making x #FreeDaleCrawford

  • per_sir
    SirPerE (@per_sir) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Servers are horiffic. Played my first match in two weeks because the servers are so bad. And its just gotten worse. Not one single second was lag-free. #fixservers

  • RustyCGC
    christian carranza (@RustyCGC) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix your trash ass servers

  • PhilEkuwem
    Phillip Ekuwem (@PhilEkuwem) reported

    @Jit6181 @NepentheZ @EASPORTSFIFA I feel you bro. I've also tried to grind the game and get good enough players but it's simply not fun anymore. I realised there's no point in playing regarly until all these issues are fixed

  • eddiie77
    Adnan Khan (@eddiie77) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix the servers 😤

  • marius87petr
    petre marius (@marius87petr) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA most broken game

  • johnr4444
    john ronnie mbe (@johnr4444) reported

    @EAHelp what hells up packs nothing over 80 for near 2 weeks now fix it ffs @EACoreySA @EASPORTSFIFA

  • Razorbacker24
    RazorBacker (@Razorbacker24) reported

    @FUT_Icon_Trader @EASPORTSFIFA It truly is broken! I was transfer market banned early in FUT 19 for doing nothing other than opening packs, comparing players, then selling them for cheaper. @EAHelp or anyone @EASPORTSFIFA affiliated had no answers for me.

  • NotEvenClose91
    NotEvenClose (@NotEvenClose91) reported

    I genuinely dont know what @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro @tomcaleffi @DoonansNDragons just dont understand. #FIFA19 atm is like a broken car because the engine (servers) is completely done. Instead of fixing the main issue EA fixes the wheels, the mirrors, the seats, the

  • BallerChilds
    Daniesta🤙 (@BallerChilds) reported

    @tazzzyboy11 @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp FUT Champs is even worst... 3-0 up then the lag would start and all of a sudden there up the opposite end of the pitch and your conceding 🙃

  • Bailz84
    David Bailey (@Bailz84) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA the speed up lag glitch on 19 is garbage, needs sorting out

  • TheCraigHopkins
    Craig Hopkins (@TheCraigHopkins) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA I just tried to sell my ultimate scream Ampadu on mobile app and there was a problem listing it. Now Ampadu is no longer in my club.

  • JoshCapaldi1
    Josh Capaldi (@JoshCapaldi1) reported

    Right @EASPORTSFIFA This is a serious rant. Since Friday i’ve had seriously bad input delay, please can you ******* fix this! My internet is really good and It isn’t even lagging, it’s just the shitty servers as usual. I go on Fortnite, 28 ping and I go on cod it is fine..😐

  • Curtism47
    Curtis Moore (@Curtism47) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA screw you I just paid real money for draft got disconnected by your dead servers and you refuse to give me a token back as it is my issue 🖕🖕

  • Hahahah98550322
    Hahahahaha (@Hahahah98550322) reported

    @CallumLeech5 @EASPORTSFIFA People who think icon sbc's will return are dumb, those sbc's crash the market for the icons completely. That is the reason why they dont do it anymore, baby icons earlier costs 250k - 400k, now allmost a ******* million. Absurd

  • TravellingMack
    Mackie (@TravellingMack) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Zzzzzzz + fix gameplay and servers + full refund of all the money you've stolen

  • tp_yim
    TP (@tp_yim) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @premierleague I recently used the “change club name” item from EA Catalogue, now I have to put a name of my FUT club everytime I enter FUT. Just fix this please.

  • EA_GZaro
    Mr. Zaro (@EA_GZaro) reported

    @till_ruprecht @TradingTipsOTW @cricadharsh @EASPORTSFIFA @EACoreySA @diogoalvespe Already got in touch with him. Unfortunately account issues are not 'my thing', but I'll always try to raise concerns to the responsible teams.

  • adamwsinc
    Adam Wallace (@adamwsinc) reported

    @EA_GZaro @EASPORTSFIFA he won't respond, he knows EA are useless when it comes to customer service

FIFA Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x7e
  • 0xc00007b
  • ce-34878-0
  • connecting to ultimate team
  • creating game session