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  • Video Quality 1.54% Video Quality

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  • d_youngworld Fruit Punch Samurai (@d_youngworld) reported

    @ReadTokyoGhul @AryTheDoggo The Crunchyroll subs also give context to the jokes and they’re of much better quality. You can find them on gogoanime or 9anime.

  • STEPHANlEBR0WN Stella (@STEPHANlEBR0WN) reported

    Crunchyroll I'm going to need you to fix your app on the fire stick or I'll be unsubscribing again 😤

  • Beabosaur David (@Beabosaur) reported

    Like yeah Crunchyroll and Netflix and all those other legal anime streaming services are terrible but good lord they don't even hold a candle to how atrocious funimation is, holy shit **** funimation

  • Beabosaur David (@Beabosaur) reported

    Hate on Crunchyroll all you want but they at least position their text and everything so that it's readable, also they don't **** with terrible dubs like Funimation does Also Crunchyroll doesn't hide all of their content behind a paywall and make all their licenses exclusive

  • Beabosaur David (@Beabosaur) reported

    Hate on Crunchyroll all you want but they at lease position their text and everything so that it's readable, also they don't **** with terrible dubs like Funimation does Also Crunchyroll doesn't hide all of their content behind a paywall and make all their licenses exclusive

  • Shady_Knight09 Louis (@Shady_Knight09) reported

    @Crunchyroll @FoodWarsAnime Not me, because I have seen the future, and it is Bleach. By which I mean, the series is gonna crash and burn faster than Bleach did.

  • gohan_94 Pedro (@gohan_94) reported

    if i don't find a way to fix it or at least do something about i might just cancel my subscription, i try to reach to crunchyroll but never heard back from them

  • j_per3z J Perez (@j_per3z) reported

    @Crunchyroll I want to pay for premium but keep getting "pending checkout" message on he site. Help

  • JimUheard Heard (@JimUheard) reported

    @FoodWarsAnime @Crunchyroll I was hoping this be delayed so yuuto can fix that clustered ending some more

  • GeraldJo_33 Asclepius ⚕ (@GeraldJo_33) reported

    Need help from Anime Twitter should I get crunchyroll or funimation. Very stuck right now. #anime

  • uhbokuto carol✨is rewatching hq (@uhbokuto) reported

    netflix spain only has hq s1, crunchyroll says it’s not available “iN mY rEgIoN”, in conclusion: spain worst country


    Crunchyroll has the worst place ads

  • BonnieIsHome 🐰🅱️🅾️nnie🐰 (@BonnieIsHome) reported

    @ObiiWanShiinobi @DabiDeveloper @HeyItsHectic @pakistaniperso1 I just had the same problem LMAOOO I almost posted a COMPLETELY different list at first Helps to go thru ur netflix n crunchyroll looool

  • frankslouse bee • 13 (@frankslouse) reported

    someone pls donate their crunchyroll login 😔

  • Codyjuggalo1000 Cody Juggalo (@Codyjuggalo1000) reported

    @Crunchyroll The ps5 controller looks so terrible, its almost an Xbox controller at this point. If I wanted a bulky gross piece of trash id buy an Xbox. Its the worst design for a PlayStation controller so far, it makes me sick.

  • perezsusanab susana (@perezsusanab) reported

    I once matched with a guy on tinder and 30 mins after talking, he gave me his @Crunchyroll login info. Miss him 😔

  • AndrewMcLemore1 Andrew McLemore (@AndrewMcLemore1) reported

    @Lighthugger1 Yeah I really don’t have and big issue with Funimation or Crunchyroll, as long as they put out a good finished product I’m happy. I don’t get why some people pay attention to every little thing they do.

  • FelixConcepci14 Felix Concepcion (@FelixConcepci14) reported

    @CrimsonPrince26 @DiscussingFilm While I enjoyed Chip and dale, Duck tales and Gravity Falls, the way Disney is handling Marvel characters is appalling. Especially with the terrible people they keep hiring. It’s like they want Marvel to go under. I will say I have been getting a lot out of Crunchyroll

  • philobrainiac1 vis🛹 (@philobrainiac1) reported

    @BarackObama if you tell crunchyroll to drop the pv they will help us out king 👑

  • ProtagonistThee TheeProtagonist (@ProtagonistThee) reported

    Holy crap after 2 weeks I finally didnt get nothing but errors from @WatchVRV and can actually watch anime again, woo!

  • Daiz42 Daiz (@Daiz42) reported

    @FeoUltima Kinda silly to talk like this would be some sort of general official localization issue rather than just a case of Crunchyroll being an odd duck all on their own seeing as the official localization for both the light novel and manga use Katarina

  • geno4president Sans (@geno4president) reported

    @Rider_Nexus @Crunchyroll Honestly I think making Anime into live action ruins the quality by leaving out all the magic of Animation

  • sayn_ae Sayn 🐢 Angel Knight (@sayn_ae) reported

    @xclubby14 @Crunchyroll Bam is basically suffering from Amnesia and is basically a baby so I don't see how his ignorance is a downside. Track Suit does try way too hard lol. At least that's why I appreciate his character personally. He's the realistically scaled character who will eventually be broken.

  • xclubby14 banana bus (@xclubby14) reported

    @Crunchyroll honestly worst than the first ep. annoying characters and bad comedy, only good character so far is Yuri, she'd make a great ******.

  • EddiePearsall Eddie Pearsall (@EddiePearsall) reported

    @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Yea this couldn’t come at a worst time smfh

  • DislexicPotato DislexicPotato (@DislexicPotato) reported

    @bitch_loona @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Kpop twitter really is the worst twitter huh.

  • Masongham Mason gorham (@Masongham) reported

    @Shiv_Vy85 @Crunchyroll That kind of quality looks exactly like the picture they posted not the one high quality shot you cherry picked

  • tjolsen87 TJ Olsen (@tjolsen87) reported

    Hey @laureninspace not sure you can help with this at all but during my time here in quarentine I've been delving back in to the streaming anime. Discovered very excitingly that on Netflicks Voiceover is able to read subtitles. Trying to reach out to Crunchyroll to see 1/2

  • Dave1017_ DM ⚡️ (@Dave1017_) reported

    @we_wuzz @Jet0o @dontfindmytwter @RedWithSomeBlue @Crunchyroll I do think that it deserves a good adaptation too, but that has nothing to do with Boruto and more to do with SP, because when Naruto and Bleach were airing they were capable of putting out 2 high quality shows, even S1 of Tokyo Ghoul before it went to shit

  • t3rrorbite TheTerrorBiter (@t3rrorbite) reported

    @Crunchyroll im trying to sing in but it says incorrect login information i have reset my password and im certain i am entering it correctly

  • JamesSherratt92 James Sherratt (@JamesSherratt92) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi. Been trying to set up an account online but keeps saying my email address is invalid. Any help would be appreciated 👍🏼👍🏼

  • bubaigawarauwu lil💌 (@bubaigawarauwu) reported

    if my mf crunchyroll doesn’t stop freezing we’re gonna have a major problem

  • L__7UPP S is for Shameless (@L__7UPP) reported

    Crunchyroll is probably the worst streaming service I have ever used. Their app is awful, things love buffering even on a perfect connection.

  • WYK997v4 {𝐈𝐃𝐌} FUG Slayer Greg (@WYK997v4) reported

    @btwnova @introverticon @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA No problem

  • FlowMerchant Regular Sized Rudy (@FlowMerchant) reported

    Still haven't finished Golden Wind because Crunchyroll is the worst streaming service I've ever used.

  • pancakeparadox p☔ (@pancakeparadox) reported

    @ChurchChills I guess Crunchyroll just owns him for life now! LOL (I feel a certain obligation to eventually watch the awful aforementioned thing, but it's going to have to be long discarded in the ash heap of anime history before I'll give it any oxygen.)

  • Ph_bev Phoenix Bevan 🐢 (@Ph_bev) reported

    @40Phenom @tog_anime @Crunchyroll That is quite possibly the WORST thing ive heard. Do not compare this masterpiece to SAO lol

  • ggflackito Boku no Cucci (@ggflackito) reported

    Crunchyroll, please fix your ads. I'm so tired of them freezing and preventing me from watching my shows.

  • Ryan93541044 Ryan (@Ryan93541044) reported

    @Crunchyroll tried to buy premium like 6 times in 2 weeks. Keep getting the error "unable to access online features" tried my credit card, keeps saying there's a problem with the card. Literally used it to buy something online 10 mins before. Your App is absolute hot garbage. Bye

  • nobody43215 OwlofAthena (@nobody43215) reported

    @Colton5clvr @BlackClover_EN @Crunchyroll The quality of animation drop was faster than the Titanic sinking

  • PARA7ISE raymond pls come home (@PARA7ISE) reported

    giving crunchyroll another try cause honestly ive avoided hq smuo til now bc crunchyroll pisses me off but if it errors out again im deleting it

  • junthefluke Jun (@junthefluke) reported

    @Crunchyroll can y’all fix the manga app or

  • BankaiDex Dex (@BankaiDex) reported

    @HoboRich8 @Ario_Tengen @choco_bosnia @GonzaMonsalve @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Well if thats the case then it makes no sense because he literally told him what to do its gotta be a translation error or something- that aint a hint

  • BankaiDex Dex (@BankaiDex) reported

    @HoboRich8 @Ario_Tengen @choco_bosnia @GonzaMonsalve @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Bro if u consider basically saying “your still trying to copy me as a hint” idk what to tell u. Maybe its a viz translation issue cuz that makes no sense

  • HfxRankin Michael Rankin (@HfxRankin) reported

    @Crunchyroll my OCD is though the roof since you took away ability to sort the queue. Please fix this, the new system is broken and has no real benefit compared to manual setup you had.

  • BankaiDex Dex (@BankaiDex) reported

    @HoboRich8 @Ario_Tengen @choco_bosnia @GonzaMonsalve @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA I enjoy his fights and ik a mc needs issues at the start to develop but it just hasn’t been enough tbh, i was expecting him to man up a bit atleast 200 chapters in but even during the overhaul arc he cries for stupid reasons

  • exosapphic bea ☾ 8 years with EXO! (@exosapphic) reported

    Why Crunchyroll is not working ...

  • PersonalJezzus Jesus 🐺 (@PersonalJezzus) reported

    @JeremeyJaded Tri is pretty much a movie broken up, but it's all on crunchyroll

  • LilSwedeBrony Tera 🏳️‍🌈 (@LilSwedeBrony) reported

    So crunchyroll is a bit of a shit website. I registered so Id be able to watch one piece but everytime I try to log in it tells me "incorrect login information". Ive googled the issue and the only answer i get is "oh you get this error if your trying to make a new account"

  • Joeyking25 Joeyking (@Joeyking25) reported

    So I went to go watch Black clover and it's come to my attention that some HACKED my @Crunchyroll account. Let me tell you how horrible of a feeling this is. @Crunchyroll please help me get this resolved.

  • aiyonagi ji ♣ (@aiyonagi) reported

    @sugamamakoushi2 @ironallmaiden i was in malaysia and THE CRUNCHYROLL WAS AWFUL worst month of my life

  • sans58100 Animeboi (in space) (@sans58100) reported

    @pluuta @Crunchyroll well one of my codes expired like 1 hour before expiring but it might be wrong sometimes because they had this glitch once where it says you purchased/redeemed a code at a different time than you did redeem it and you got 2 days extra instead of 4 days after they fixed it was 3

  • 888kkyo 𝐑𝐄:🀄 (@888kkyo) reported

    I've to use crunchyroll in low quality bc of my Internet, but today my parents hired a new service, I'll have to wait a week🙏🏻

  • kamimusashi_ Kami | Read Orient and Radiant (@kamimusashi_) reported

    @Dusk83841183 @ddred12 @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Recently the manga has dipped in quality with a dragged out Muzan fight. There's been asspulls throughout the whole thing and had a major plot convenience since it became clear around a few chapters that they weren't going to win against Muzan without help from an outside source.

  • brainfreezecold the twizz (@brainfreezecold) reported

    @WatchVRV My vrv it broken can you help

  • kaptn_key key is watching bleach for the 6th time🏁🐍 (@kaptn_key) reported

    @WatchVRV For the love of GOD fix the app on ps4

  • Jet0o Jet「確かめなくても間違いないことは」「君に出逢えてホントにホントによかった」 (@Jet0o) reported

    @pokedude1110 @RedWithSomeBlue @Crunchyroll The director had nothing to do with it. It was Shueisha's decision to have the series get an anime. It's not an "infamous filler monstrosity". People are just ridiculous because they expect the show to adapt a MONTHLY manga. This is only a problem in the west.

  • pokedude1110 Fuze_Pokedude1110 (@pokedude1110) reported

    @Jet0o @RedWithSomeBlue @Crunchyroll at least naruto's anime started a few years after the manga's first volume came out. that way it didn't need too much filler. it also had seasonal breaks, which boruto doesn't have, which leads to terrible writing and filler.

  • Chokocchii Jess・友華✨🌙 (@Chokocchii) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @ChoboCrucius @Crunchyroll I had this issue last time too!! It’s such a pain. Customer service wasn’t much help either. Thought they would have fixed it by now 🙄🙄

  • dontfindmytwter Rleach1003 (@dontfindmytwter) reported

    @Jet0o @RedWithSomeBlue @Crunchyroll It’s not manga cannon and anything that’s not been manga cannon has been terrible

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