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  • Playback Issues (30.77%)
  • Sign in (20.51%)
  • Crashing (14.10%)
  • Video Quality (1.28%)

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  • SABROSURAZ Hersoka (@SABROSURAZ) reported

    @throwaw15530980 @Crunchyroll I've had this problem with other shows, too. For example One Piece was only coming up Spanish sub. I removed it from my queue then added it back and it was back to normal.

  • lucescape101 lucescape (@lucescape101) reported

    @AsPeCt4392 @Usrnmetkn @Crunchyroll It literally is. MC with weird hair winning at a card game with some power of friendship bs. That's what Yu-Gi-Oh has always been about, you can like it or not, but don't act like the original didn't have the same issues.

  • FireSpinnin FireSpinninNinja (@FireSpinnin) reported

    @Crunchyroll Ohh I would love to watch anime, maybe fix the broken app.............

  • joaogdv フ0ム0 (@joaogdv) reported

    FIX YOUR DAMN APP @Crunchyroll

  • LoodDood Nate (@LoodDood) reported

    @oni_hat @Crunchyroll God the way kirino was smug at the end too, why ******** couldnt her brother realize how awful it was and just dump her right then

  • Wildbergerrrr 𝙹𝚊𝚍𝚎✩ (@Wildbergerrrr) reported

    CRUNCHYROLL FOR THE LAST TIME, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOUR EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS FROM HAVING LITERALLY THE ENTIRE EPISODES PLOT WRITTEN DOWN. My eyes can't help but skim, and the first damn sentence spoiled what I was wondering from last episode.😑

  • sheridan_wolf_ Sheridan Wolf (@sheridan_wolf_) reported

    @biggno54 @Crunchyroll Godspeed fix

  • CorvoSol Square is the Worst Shape (@CorvoSol) reported

    by rights, Virgin Soul should be the bottom of the genre. The fact that it is not is a testament to how ******* terrible this genre has become, and the complicity of Crunchyroll and its social media influencers in PROMOTING PRO SLAVERY NARRATIVES is ******* appalling

  • RayyIzBaee Ray(Y) (@RayyIzBaee) reported


  • NonVicious ViciousKun 🏆 (@NonVicious) reported from Ottawa, Ontario

    This is the last time I stick my neck out for someone else I legit hype so many people I help so many people out from Crunchyroll account, to money, to advice on personal matters, ect and people seem to take kindness for weakness no more of that unless they are legit bros FThat

  • TBCNoah This is a really, really, REALLY, long name (@TBCNoah) reported

    @jindraisland @Crunchyroll If you have technical problems contact their support. As well I can inference that the main point if this survey was for new kinds of content and understand their userbase, not solve technical problems

  • RamoYum Omar (@RamoYum) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the damn manga app

  • Sirzechs507 King Siirzechs (@Sirzechs507) reported

    @Crunchyroll I have paid a membership but I still a regular user. Please help. I already sent an email without any response from the Company.

  • biggno54 Master Otaku (@biggno54) reported

    @Crunchyroll Quick fix

  • lesterouge L-rouge (@lesterouge) reported

    @Kyon062501 @IncrediBurch @Crunchyroll No problem. Upon re-reading it does come across that way, and for that I apologise.

  • imBluetiful Blue (@imBluetiful) reported

    @Crunchyroll please stop wasting my time and giving me unresponsive grey screens while trying to watch episodes. I’ve been able to watch half an episode in an hour because of this. FIX IT

  • MikeitsOfficial Mikeits (@MikeitsOfficial) reported

    @Crunchyroll Okay Crunchyroll. You better fix that name. It's grammatically incorrect. "Much" is something can't be easily measured without a tool, like water, or weight. "Many" would be what goes here, since you can count dumbbells.

  • SirSophomore Malik @ 20BiTeen (@SirSophomore) reported

    @Crunchyroll Maybe instead of asking if we experience problems clicking on advertisements, ask if we have problems with your subtitles or video player. You know, things that actually matter for the consumer.

  • imBluetiful Blue (@imBluetiful) reported

    Crunchyroll is easily the worst app I have ever used to watch an anime. I’ve tried at least 12 times in a row now to watch the episode I left on, and it leaves me on an unresponsive grey screen. I’m getting so angry. 😤

  • jsheeeh jim (@jsheeeh) reported

    @Crunchyroll plz fix the firestick application it is awful

  • AnimeKing1990 Tony (@AnimeKing1990) reported

    @WTK I hope that crunchyroll fix their app on Xbox one

  • Brandon38729589 SpurnOfHumanity (@Brandon38729589) reported

    @dotwavisito @Crunchyroll Im having this issue too.

  • herecomesbeef ⚠️OMO (@herecomesbeef) reported

    @HunterOfTheSky its on crunchyroll! Ask Brandon for the login

  • adressaskirt ☆*: .*。. adressaskirt .。*.:*☆ (@adressaskirt) reported

    since when is crunchyroll kinda terrible they dropped nichijou, they still dont have lucky star, the original sailor moon still aint there, ***** and stocking is nowhere in sight, etc etc didnt they have a lotta shows at once point lol

  • mike_walter_bot mike_walter_bot (@mike_walter_bot) reported

    Someone bring me on Crunchyroll, pls help.

  • Moecalypse Kemal C (@Moecalypse) reported

    @Crunchyroll tbh this looks so freaking high quality. Hype is here!

  • IvanNeal7 IvanNeal (@IvanNeal7) reported

    @RichardHata @playCRgames @Crunchyroll Nah, after reading the light novel I believe irregulars are a adventurers worst nightmare. Close up would be other adventurers, then a monster party, and then a hostile Xenos haha I don't think Goblin Slayer logic follows DanMachi because of the power lvl difference.

  • botanicalpurge kiri ✨ #saveODAAT (@botanicalpurge) reported

    Friends please help me how are u watching mp100 s2....... i dont use crunchyroll and it was taken off Funimation please friends

  • RichardHata paypalmeblvnk (@RichardHata) reported

    @playCRgames @Crunchyroll I think goblins are an adventurers worst nightmare

  • RedBlackKnight7 Tj Reed (@RedBlackKnight7) reported

    @playCRgames @Crunchyroll For me, it's either I forget to save or my data is gone or my console somehow gets broken

  • vexthias Vexthias (@vexthias) reported

    @WatchVRV is the serious lag and issues with the app ever going to be fixed. Downloaded app bought preium can't even use it cause it locks up or lags constantly. Been know issue from what I can see. Please fix canceling membership now 1/10 never again

  • Corupeco cOWOpeco (@Corupeco) reported

    @Crunchyroll help pls

  • definitiondeny definition (@definitiondeny) reported

    @alam_mizanul @Crunchyroll Nah fam, not even close. You look at shit like YYH, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and the quality of those dubs compared to the trash today. Ain't even close. We've regressed.

  • superlunarin (@superlunarin) reported

    discovering crunchyroll isnt blocked on the college wifi is arguably both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me

  • HyruleCastle64 矢澤理 (@HyruleCastle64) reported

    @RyanJFurlong It's not just the capitalism. It's the quality. Crunchyroll has HORRIBLE translations/localizations, butchering lines and culture to insert memes and changes to the script. It's downright disgusting at times. They're what killed subgroups and Crunchyroll users are the problem

  • Jose_Briceno830 José Briceño (@Jose_Briceno830) reported

    @Crunchyroll I need support with your iOS app! it's been about 2 weeks now and I cannot log into the app as it crashes as soon as tap the login in button, I've tried removing the app and installing again without sucess, your forums are quite useless as wll as your support.😡 HELP

  • KindKyojin Kayden💙🍀👺 (@KindKyojin) reported

    If the switch had netflix and crunchyroll with custom backgrounds I would have no issues with it

  • JasePlaysGames Jase Okawaiikotto (@JasePlaysGames) reported

    @BestGirlAnime @Crunchyroll worst girl

  • komi_senpai Komi (@komi_senpai) reported

    @Crunchyroll No not another one! This freaken chain has to broken! 😭

  • ishnirii (@ishnirii) reported

    nvm crunchyroll is god awful

  • Ashurareborn Fairy King Harlequin (@Ashurareborn) reported

    Yo I swear crunchyroll is the worst when it comes to commercials

  • Iamgod97726532 Iamgod (@Iamgod97726532) reported

    @Crunchyroll your app is still not working

  • AnimeKing1990 Tony (@AnimeKing1990) reported

    @Crunchyroll I hope u fix the app on Xbox one

  • ThitOneGuy ThatOneGuy (@ThitOneGuy) reported

    @Whackmanthe3rd @YuukoBaka @Crunchyroll When you skip the filler the anime is still really good. The later part of the TYBW was the only time it dropped in quality imo, and that was likely due to Kubo's health.

  • sleepyboi17 sleepyboi (@sleepyboi17) reported

    @WatchVRV fix your ****** app

  • 0_MicSZ 🌯Mic Ξ to the ∞ 運命 (@0_MicSZ) reported

    @Crunchyroll THE RATES ARE GOD AWFUL!!! And grinding for a chance at 1 saint quartz is the dumbest thing. But I haven't given into the IGP yet....... I won't.

  • StodioJames StOdio James (@StodioJames) reported

    @WatchVRV hello my VRV app keeps pausing and my gift cards are not being redeemed it’s tells me I’m paid though April 1st but I have 0.01 as a balance when adding my card it’s not allowing me to please help

  • greener_andrew Andrew Greener (@greener_andrew) reported

    @Crunchyroll I completed survey but its not just ad issues (of which there are many), I've been having technical issues (casting not working) recently and my customer support message wasn't followed up. Only an automated email saying I'd be contacted soon... It's been two weeks.

  • AusetAnima April Newton (@AusetAnima) reported

    Wondering if @WatchVRV having some issues. Can login fine through mobile or Xbox. Web saying “account info invalid”. This is cutting into my daily #anime bingeing! What am I to do 😭

  • gredxra ɢʀᴇᴅᴏʀᴀ @ road to GF 6k skill (@gredxra) reported

    The worst $60 I spent was the yearly Crunchyroll subscription.

  • TheUpsetOne Upset (@TheUpsetOne) reported

    @Crunchyroll You got a lot more problems than just ads.

  • Jer91131 Kakesu (@Jer91131) reported

    @Crunchyroll Also,the privates messages are "temporarily disabled"since a month. You can't even login your maga app on ios 12.Also,ads related,the ads on top of your screen should be a more diversified,it's always the same series that have ads

  • jindraisland Peter Jindra (@jindraisland) reported

    @Crunchyroll the survey only asked about problems with ads, but I've experienced all sorts of technical issues

  • Dredjir DredjirNSFW (@Dredjir) reported

    @WatchVRV Guys, PLEASE add an option to turn off those awful clicking sounds in your linbrary navigation. I genuinely want to look through what you have to offer, but trying to set off the misophonia like crazy

  • calvin_thefreak 匚丹ㄥ∨工れ 匚. (@calvin_thefreak) reported

    @Seiki_rin @ShojiAsakura @J_BecerraF @itanimeirl @Crunchyroll @FUNimation Hmm didnt experience any problems yet, actually if you have a router that supports the OpenVpn protocol then any device works via VPN. (My router is an old PC (thinclient HP t610 with @pfsense)

  • NeonDracula Love Grown Wild (@NeonDracula) reported

    @nthistlethwaite @Crunchyroll Worst Tweet

  • calvin_thefreak 匚丹ㄥ∨工れ 匚. (@calvin_thefreak) reported

    @Seiki_rin @ShojiAsakura @J_BecerraF @itanimeirl @Crunchyroll @FUNimation First, Buy NordVPN 2,99€ ≈ 3.30 USD (Use a ref-link if possible search for it most bigger youtuber place them) then connect to a server in America. Works great for me, litterally any plattform out there that is Legit has better Video-Bitrate (Inform UR self, (Higher Quality))

  • Leviulty ‎ ‎‏ً (@Leviulty) reported

    @lordiebtw My crunchyroll ran out... but i went to watch it and i always got an error.

  • HazMeme Haz 🍀 (@HazMeme) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your app on the amazon fire tv

  • KAKAHSl orion (@KAKAHSl) reported

    i started mob psycho but my crunchyroll trial ended and i dont wanna tell my mom about my anime problem so i guess i’ll suffer

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