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  • Wisppeons Wisppeons! (@Wisppeons) reported

    @Crunchyroll I wish this was old animation Ash this new shit looks terrible .. son dead looks like a Pokémon.

  • sneak13579 Nobody (@sneak13579) reported

    @Pussijuusto @PoppiQT_Pi @SwiftyTO @Crunchyroll Try to rewatch it, it is awful lmao

  • wikiyea wikime ヾノ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ (@wikiyea) reported

    @Crunchyroll What happened to the art quality..

  • Shen_mo_lng Ya Like Jazz? (@Shen_mo_lng) reported

    @Crunchyroll why do i feel like its the company's way of saying sorry for the terrible animation

  • bushey_anthony Anthony Bushey 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 (@bushey_anthony) reported

    @Xion136 @Crunchyroll That would honestly be perfect. The only problem is that the anime is getting rebooted with Sword and Shield

  • PornIsWayOfLife ChampionDelphox (@PornIsWayOfLife) reported

    @Crunchyroll So like this is cool and all, but I still can't help but feel bitter about Sinnoh and Kalos. Like, Ash would totally be champion in a few regions by now if he didn't keep getting robbed.

  • kevintheboom MrShneakyShnake of FAIRY TAIL👆🏻🧚🏻‍♀️✨ (@kevintheboom) reported

    @Youss__H @SoumaMooncrest @Crunchyroll The problem with Tobias was he was made simply so Ash could lose.

  • Marcel_Hard MarcelHard (@Marcel_Hard) reported

    @A14265289 @Crunchyroll Like the worst of this year

  • Leprechaun69420 Unlucky Leprechaun (@Leprechaun69420) reported

    @SwiftyTO @Crunchyroll 3rd worst tbh

  • pokemonnext Pokémon Next (@pokemonnext) reported

    @NickSchwebe @Crunchyroll Unima is the worst. He had in Sinnoh Gible and Buizel...

  • VectorX12 VectorX (@VectorX12) reported

    @MPBMWT @Crunchyroll @yodogloI No, the animation is fricking amazing. It's the artstyle that is awful.

  • AndrewArocho MR. A (@AndrewArocho) reported

    @Crunchyroll In the worst gen tourneys loool

  • Nate_A_C ♠️Nate🎮🇹🇹 (@Nate_A_C) reported

    @PoppiQT_Pi @SwiftyTO @Crunchyroll This is runner up. It's also the worst performance I've seen from ash in a league. This is definitely a league he should have lost.

  • MPBMWT MichaeL (@MPBMWT) reported

    @Crunchyroll @yodogloI The animation looks ******* awful LMAOOOO

  • Gaiash Mathew Gibbons (@Gaiash) reported

    @GarmoreW @PriestCoke @Crunchyroll I wouldn’t say it was awful, it just ended awfully through a loss that was entirely Team Rocket and Charizard’s fault instead of a loss to a more experienced trainer. It had some decent battles in there and wasn’t the worst league.

  • J_18910 Vash "The Stampede" (@J_18910) reported

    @Blanked__Space @McquaigeCarl @Crunchyroll Absolutely ridiculous I remember when manga 1st released went from my favorite series to the absolute worst because there was just no story to it anymore much like Detective Conan which I also use to love

  • SteelJacket729 Jared Contraguerro (@SteelJacket729) reported

    @Crunchyroll His design looks awful...

  • NickSchwebe Nick (@NickSchwebe) reported

    @Crunchyroll How ironic of him to win with his worst team ever

  • Mozzla_ Dylan (@Mozzla_) reported

    @Crunchyroll So he won the region which is terrible, cool

  • SwiftyTO Zachary Chafe (@SwiftyTO) reported

    @Crunchyroll Why they gonna make him win in the worst anime tho 😭

  • ZachMousseau Zach (@ZachMousseau) reported

    @trevortbird1 @Crunchyroll 2nd worst. Worst being BW

  • McquaigeCarl Carl McQuaige (@McquaigeCarl) reported

    @Crunchyroll He’s broken the spell. With this win he can now turn 11 lol 😂

  • SvenMjolka Sven Mjolka is MFFbound (@SvenMjolka) reported

    @trevortbird1 @Crunchyroll Id argue that Black and White is still the worst

  • Nyasumune Himeru🌙 BELI WHERE ARE YOU (@Nyasumune) reported


  • cosmowreath Genesis Dragon, Luard (@cosmowreath) reported

    It's really representative of Crunchyroll's general service quality that their app doesn't autoplay on chromecast. It Is The Year Two Thousand And Nineteen What Is Your Excuse.

  • MPMcCURRY Michael McCurry (@MPMcCURRY) reported

    @IskraTheOmen @Crunchyroll This also just happened to me. I was about to start episode 20 and then suddenly i get an error message and the whole season is gone.

  • Smug_Legend 『Smuggy』 (@Smug_Legend) reported

    No Crunchyroll was dropped by Funimation due to licensing issues that were completely Crunchyroll's fault. So this makes even less sense.

  • BlueTeam_RT Josh Phillips (@BlueTeam_RT) reported

    @Janthraxx @Crunchyroll Help, I'm dying from the cuteness!!

  • roaringtide Lio🦋 (@roaringtide) reported

    crunchyroll quality going to SHIT

  • HamonBeat Hamon Beat 🐞 (@HamonBeat) reported

    @Charlie_McLovin @Nretsewtheperv @Smug_Legend I don't want people to bandwagon on to anime and then proceed to whine about it and demand it be changed. I have no problem with a company distributing anime overseas, the problem is when you have something like Crunchyroll and its supporters, with a blatant agenda.

  • Gurr2085 Sandy Flinch (@Gurr2085) reported

    @fire_grayson Oh yeah, sometimes they have it a new episode up around a half hour before Crunchyroll and they rarely crash like them. Great selection too. I'm still pissed that they ended their contract with shutter because before I was getting two of my favorite things but they're still good

  • yato_calamity Calamity God Yato (@yato_calamity) reported

    @Crunchyroll can you fix your app. Demon slayer ain’t showing up

  • SanjiGoat sarz🇸🇴 (@SanjiGoat) reported

    I think Crunchyroll is broken ..

  • blackWookie91 Johnny Tsunami (@blackWookie91) reported

    @WatchVRV Fix your chrome cast playback

  • _MahmoudF1 Dohickey (@_MahmoudF1) reported

    @drwhofan19 @DevinColson @Crunchyroll @DrStone_EN And a protag that isn't doesn't have anime intelligence where he pauses time and instantly calculates and factors in every singke thing going around him. He makes logical errors like a human would

  • justgoutbh gou ••• (@justgoutbh) reported

    I would do anything to see this for Fire Force, on god say the word and I will fly over and help however I can @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @FireForce_PR @FireForceAnime @Atsushi_Ohkubo

  • matt_reduce Matt in Kent #B2B (@matt_reduce) reported

    @Crunchyroll having loads of trouble with my login - trying to get premium and keep getting "Sorry, you can have only one free trial per payment method." - really annoying

  • Marcel_Hard MarcelHard (@Marcel_Hard) reported

    @Crunchyroll For people wondering if you should watch this, don't do it, maybe it's the worst anime of this year

  • DVaporwave Bulga whale (fun_lump) (@DVaporwave) reported

    @Crunchyroll @Crunchyroll I'm having a problem trying to use your app because its around every 10 to 15 seconds or even less it will buffer im getting really mad because i want to use your services but i can barely watch a episode.

  • ThatRPingGuy James (@ThatRPingGuy) reported

    @Crunchyroll —in restoring the original email address I have assigned to hat account, however I can’t reset the password due to receiving a permissioned denied error. This is a premium account that I am paying for and after multiple attempts at reaching out to customer support, my situation—

  • BoiLewk Lewk (@BoiLewk) reported

    @Crunchyroll it says the new demon slayer episode is out (24) but when i go to look for it nothing is there. My premium membership was supposed to run out yesterday as i cancelled i still have the features, like no ads and such. Please help

  • boppinlesbian Bileth von Hresvelg (@boppinlesbian) reported

    @yurifucker Crunchyroll's servers are so inconsistent it's awful

  • fortem0 fortem (@fortem0) reported

    @defaultformat @HexxNX @Alpharad Screw crunchyroll. It's free on Kissanime as well and that's in higher quality

  • bellakohai ♡ bellakohai ♡ (@bellakohai) reported

    @WatchVRV This whole problem loading media bullshit is why people pirate anime. I cant stand paying for a service just for the service to tell me i cant watch what i paid for its ridiculous.

  • Khammii_ Khammii (@Khammii_) reported

    crunchyroll ads are the worst

  • Zlanarod Yun (@Zlanarod) reported

    @Crunchyroll Basically isekai shit magician, I literally get anger issues from this anime because of how bad it is on every single aspect, e v e r y s i n g l e a s p e c t

  • Zlanarod Yun (@Zlanarod) reported

    @alan_gurung @Crunchyroll Worst anime I've ever seen, every single part of it is sad to look at, the animation is garbage, the scenario is garbage, the character design is garbage, the romance is garbage, the death scene is garbage, the opening is garbage and the ending is g a r b a g e

  • Elfean_ Elfean_ ₪ (@Elfean_) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll i am premium but i can't see new épisode, help.

  • cinestress Kino McFarland (@cinestress) reported

    Prime, Shudder, Netflix, Crunchyroll, CuriosityStream, CriterionChannel, 300+ DVDs/BluRays... and yet, I have no idea what to watch. #help

  • padfootps4 Padfoot (@padfootps4) reported

    @Tweakbox_App Texas Crunchyroll and Spotify not working

  • jurassic_pork0 Nurgaett (@jurassic_pork0) reported

    I paid $17 dollars for internet here in the plane so i could finish watching Dr. Stone and ******* Crunchyroll is not working 😤😤😤

  • KilledComedy Samuel the prophet (@KilledComedy) reported

    @WatchVRV You STILL have a playback issue.

  • LoganMcClure21 Logan McClure (@LoganMcClure21) reported

    @Crunchyroll Not going to lie this series is pretty fun and after experiencing some very bad isekai’s this season this series is going to help those bad isekai wounds heal quicker

  • baronessbamf Beth🛡️🏳️‍🌈♿🌹 (@baronessbamf) reported

    Why ******** do I even pay for Crunchyroll when they can never buffer shit in HD

  • B4Ochan 𝓂🦋 (@B4Ochan) reported

    yo. crunchyroll is the worst... i only paid for it bc of the new season of AoT but if im gonna start reading the manga theres no point of it,,,, dont ******* pay for crunchyroll lol

  • slimydustypink [ free keith davis jr ] v. enomou sharpie✃☂☢ (@slimydustypink) reported

    @Crunchyroll its this same anti juul commercial making a joke about animal research ]which mind is you coming from a campaign paid for by tobacco sales an industry that does terrible shit to animals

  • BrandonLadick Conky129 (@BrandonLadick) reported

    @sonii @Crunchyroll send help

  • atl_gn Re kgatetse. (@atl_gn) reported

    does crunchyroll need to buffer every 5 seconds

  • That1Fan_ Nothin (@That1Fan_) reported

    @Radicaldude15 @Crunchyroll I thought about pirating it a while back but decided against it. Partially cuz I couldn’t find it in high quality partially cuz I enjoy it too much to want to not “support” it

  • MxGiniInABottle The A.K.I. 🤖⚔🍂 (@MxGiniInABottle) reported

    Wow, Crunchyroll your loading speeds for video are really awful. I've been trying to watch the first episode of Fruits Basket for about ten minutes now (after trying for about twenty last night) and I'm still on the dang loading screen.

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