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  • TrickyCooln
    TrickyCooln (@TrickyCooln) reported

    Never gonna try to use Crunchyroll on Xbox again, it’s just ******* insane how broken this is

  • HonestSaxton
    Mr.Cucoo (@HonestSaxton) reported

    @Crunchyroll You'll never get full either. That's the problem!

  • chise1966
    james myhre (@chise1966) reported

    @BLVCKBVRT @Crunchyroll His nose broke the impact against the blunt side but you know he also had a cantaloupe sized hole through his chest so at that point its probably not the worst thing happening to him lol

  • Kud_ee
    vɪи¢ǝиt (@Kud_ee) reported

    They seriously need to fix the problem on the firestick for Crunchyroll 😑

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the windows 10 app

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the windows 10 app

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the windows 10 APP

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the windows 10 APP

  • WilliamRmz_
    William (@WilliamRmz_) reported

    @edrehasivars @jupiter1k97 @WatchVRV Probably your Android version is old for the app I mean I haven't any issue until now, and I use my phone ,tablet and an iPhone ,sometimes I use Roku and the PC and everything works well, so I don't think it is an app problem

  • Scorpion__56
    Scorpion (@Scorpion__56) reported

    @Crunchyroll That's funny for some reason for whatever reason screwattack made a top 10 worst dad anime and naruto was one of them

  • Sutairu12
    Sutairu Akari (@Sutairu12) reported

    @Emus4you When I log in the whole app just crashes and when I tap on the icon it shows Crunchyroll then crash back into the home screen of my phone

  • Stageplay10
    🍦Stageplay🍭 (@Stageplay10) reported

    Ok now I see the problem with crunchyroll ads Also THEY WON'T STOP

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the W10 app, it crashes ALL THE TIME

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the W10 app, it crashes ALL THE TIME

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the W10 app, it crashes ALL THE TIME

  • edrehasivars
    Rachel/Loki (@edrehasivars) reported

    @jupiter1k97 @WilliamRmz_ @WatchVRV I've reinstalled the app twice and I'm still having this issue, too. It's been unfixed for weeks now.

  • Moisesaraz
    Moises Ramirez (@Moisesaraz) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the W10 APP

  • jemrock2000
    The Ultimate Gamer (@jemrock2000) reported

    @XxAnbuBlkOpsxX @JoJoTalks2Much @Crunchyroll That's fair. I actually watched it before the anime (it got me to watch the anime) and didn't like it but there's only a few issues that I considered to be really bad with it. Definitely isn't the worst thing out there in it's own canon

  • BungoTaiga
    TORA ❄️ (@BungoTaiga) reported

    @Crunchyroll this episode would have been fantastic but because of that awful cgi it was only just really really good

  • gcfkillua
    yoongi come home (@gcfkillua) reported


  • ThePhoenixFlare
    Phoenix Rosa (@ThePhoenixFlare) reported

    @tef_nelson @1jordanbell @Crunchyroll You're being a bit confrontational about this. We clearly disagree. Im not trying to persuade you or anyone else to feel one way or another about the shows. Further to the point,Jordan simply asked what I was watching,so I shared. Dont understand why you're making it your problem

  • yumi_wumi2
    Yumi Wumi (@yumi_wumi2) reported

    @Shawdytheking @Crunchyroll That doesn't help

  • vegassparkyrich
    Richard Ranft (@vegassparkyrich) reported

    @Crunchyroll "and fix the door...."

  • Sonya7609
    Sonya ⚜️ (@Sonya7609) reported

    @Redcarder It looks like it's only on Funimation. I even checked Hulu, Netflix, and HiDive. The kids are really getting screwed because of the divorce. I feel awful for @crunchyroll to lose so many titles because of whatever this was...

  • averagegumdrop
    Averagegumdrop (@averagegumdrop) reported

    @WatchVRV Your interface is just terrible. It’s slow, and makes no organizational sense. PC, Fire, Xbox. It’s worse than Netflix. After my two free months I’m heading back over to crunchy. Great content. Impossible to use.

  • shianne_http
    me 🔮 (@shianne_http) reported

    @WatchVRV I sent a DM because I’m getting an error signing up.

  • psychadelicm
    Matt (@psychadelicm) reported from Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hey @WatchVRV your PS4 app keeps randomly crashing at startup since the update on Saturday. It makes me sad to have to restart the Playstation...which seems to fix it for now.

  • AutisticThor
    Dad (@AutisticThor) reported

    @cookieplayer12 @LikeTheRogue @Crunchyroll No problem

  • k0rraa
    Korra (@k0rraa) reported

    @Crunchyroll Awful voice for pikachu

  • A2neka
    Michael Cox (@A2neka) reported

    @WatchVRV This is on my I REALLY want list ;) I'd ask Lina to help find the funds, but I'm afraid she might blow up the place instead.

  • RachelM97030300
    Rachel Marsh (@RachelM97030300) reported

    @WatchVRV I'm not sure if VRV is aware but the system has a glitch in it for months now I and I'm sure others are getting free premium I used a throw away card that had just a $1 on it now every month I go to hit the go premium button it just gives it to me for free! Card has $0

  • Okaifern
    Okaifern (@Okaifern) reported

    @WatchVRV DashCon...The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic event in Con history.

  • Be0mtastic
    ★⟪Capricorn Princess ⟫☆ (@Be0mtastic) reported


  • Stygander
    Chris (@Stygander) reported

    @Crunchyroll I am no longer accepting your clients continuous crashing, until you fix the problem i am refusing to pay for premium. i have reached out multiple times over the past year. and i am not the only one, fix your program.

  • JoJoTalks2Much
    JoJo (@JoJoTalks2Much) reported

    @MadnessMayoshi @XxAnbuBlkOpsxX @Crunchyroll Um... I'd say just pretty awful, not the worst thing ever, but pretty bad.

  • starzeyt
    Starze ✨ (@starzeyt) reported

    @Crunchyroll This sounds awful

  • JanDooms
    J DoomsLIKESCHRISTMASSEASON. (@JanDooms) reported

    @Justmikey93 @MrBeastYT @Preston 1/2 Not 100% safely if uploaded on youtube, that's the problem. Every individual creating company of every anime could (in theory) claim the content as theirs.. even around the back of crunchyroll or another distributing partner.

  • SkyShark_X2
    Charles (@SkyShark_X2) reported

    @JonathanBador @Crunchyroll I'd say its decent. Just get yourself in the mindset of watching old 80s cartoons because you are gonna see ALOT of animation errors. Honestly its like half the fun of the show trying to spot them all.

  • ChristlRosebud
    ChristlRosebud (@ChristlRosebud) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fate eventually... what I’m trying to say is that nothing will ever be truly considered the very best unanimously, but after everything we can at least all unanimously agree on one thing: SAO’s Alfheim Arc is the absolute worst!

  • Brandocko
    Brandon Giacomino (@Brandocko) reported

    @Phunkmachine this also is a major problem with Crunchyroll‘ Anime awards. The last two they have done, one anime won almost all awards it was nominated in, which were seven each. It’s really bad when something like this happens, because it proves poor planning.

  • TheFlameLegend1
    TheFlameLegend100 (@TheFlameLegend1) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix your mobile app it's been crashing on me for the past hour. I'm about to drop this damn app and get a different streaming site. This has been nothing but an inconvenient mess!

  • gintaMac
    Gin 銀たまく (@gintaMac) reported

    @Crunchyroll Nope. Author has to finish the manga first before I pick up this series. He has one of the worst track records when it comes to taking very extensive breaks along side kentaro muira. Only then when he finishes the manga will I read/watch it. For now, yu yu hakusho is the bomb.

  • Maria_Ibarra96
    Maria Ibarra (@Maria_Ibarra96) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Crunchyroll isn’t working pls fix

  • My1xT
    My1 (@My1xT) reported

    @Crunchyroll Doesn't help your service when it's region locked

  • sp_ahimsa
    Noorandra Ahimsa SP (@sp_ahimsa) reported

    @MaxyCompy @Crunchyroll No problem. Maybe it depends on where you open twitter

  • KryptoNightmare
    KryptoKnightmare (@KryptoNightmare) reported

    I find it disappointing that Crunchyroll on my Xbox One barely works, but the CW Seed app has no problems.

  • LilRadman
    Michael Andersen (@LilRadman) reported

    @Crunchyroll Reminds me of Red Blood Cell lost again with her map and Neutrofil trying to help her out.

  • CharmyRIP
    C (@CharmyRIP) reported

    @isoLiights Yeah lmao I spent like $40 on vbucks and Crunchyroll likes to make me renew my subscription at the worst times and gratz on ur first check

  • LordOfOppai
    Austin-Sensei (@LordOfOppai) reported

    @Crunchyroll Son of a undead horse. I’ve been doing physics problems Answer is 2 If you got 14 you are wrong 6-2*9/3+2 6-(2*9)/3+2 6-18/3+2 6-6+2 6-8 2 If this was an Rational Problem -2 would be the answer

  • uptown_grrrl
    amanda saunders (@uptown_grrrl) reported

    @arose_z71 I ended up canceling my subscription, a few months back. I use Amazon Prime because I get it free through work and Crunchyroll for my daily Naruto fix

  • amisbro
    HEAVENS in SL when?!! (@amisbro) reported

    @Crunchyroll I would like to inform you that you and Mamoru @miyanomamoru_PR broke my notifications with that math problem you put up, I haven't seen that many likes and replies in God knows how long! #Wellplayed

  • amisbro
    HEAVENS in SL when?!! (@amisbro) reported

    @Golan_7 @Crunchyroll Nah that was like 5th grade math class back in like the late 80s for me. We had to learn like "Pre-Algebra" then so we needed to learn "Order of Operations" and that is how I did that problem

  • ianwexl0rz
    ian wexler (@ianwexl0rz) reported

    @japanrose123 @Crunchyroll No problem! 👍

  • sarkenoth
    kirby is shaped like a friend (@sarkenoth) reported

    ok crunchyroll phone app should let you like download eps to your phone so you can watch it buffer free i cant watch anime like this!!!!!

  • MikeyBuysManga
    Mike (@MikeyBuysManga) reported

    @DETROITDEEZYRE The worst part is, they let the people who advocate for piracy win, I tried to come up with a reason for people to use their site and I couldn't. Crunchyroll spent years pushing that support the industry agenda and then they f*cked the fans outta their money to make fake anime

  • CommanderZx2
    CommanderZx2 (@CommanderZx2) reported

    @Crunchyroll The Crunchyroll App is broken on the new Amazon 4K firestick, it just gets stuck in a loop of error/restarting when you login.

  • SauseySause
    Sausey (@SauseySause) reported

    @Crunchyroll Worst girl tbh

  • lavender___town
    cran-meri sauce 🦃 (@lavender___town) reported from Portland, Oregon

    I want to start the Persona 5 anime already, but the game is so long I don’t want to spoil any part of it that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I WANT TO START THE DANG ANIME ALREADY AND ALL OF IT IS STREAMABLE ON CRUNCHYROLL NOW HELP

    孫悟空 (@DINKDlNKDINK) reported


  • Smarcey88
    . (@Smarcey88) reported

    @Crunchyroll In a time when the Japanese Animation industry is in as much financial problems as it is, its outdated tropes like the ones Goblin Slayer uses that need to go.

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