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January 21: Problems at Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is having issues since 10:20 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Sock_Cucka LivingProof (@Sock_Cucka) reported

    @YonkouProd I don't see any HDTVs there... Crunchyroll might finally be acknowledging their broken app for Firestick

  • StevennKun スティーブンさま (@StevennKun) reported

    Why do I pay for Funimation lol this shit barely ever loads I never have a problem with Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, or Crunchyroll just Funimation

  • HaroSama Harold Roberts (@HaroSama) reported

    @WatchVRV I miss your service. I switched to follow Funimation but they have the worst most unreliable app. I wish I didn't have a few shows there I was already watching.

  • __detention minji (@__detention) reported

    @tyongroove LMAAOO IM WATCHING IT WITH CRUNCHYROLL ( it’s has like so many adds tho) do i have a whole story about me trying to read a manhwa and anime tits just being on my screen 24/7 omfg was the worst

  • BichHemden Catchyourshorty 👿 (@BichHemden) reported

    @Indoman456 @Crunchyroll So youve seen most of the major moments and fights, so for u to say the animation and art is awful when those exist juat proves u dont know what good animation looks like, im not tryna be a **** just speaking facts

  • dazedbadger adrian🍺 (@dazedbadger) reported

    @WatchVRV fix the ******* PS4 app

  • mushabear mushie is cold ✨😈🖤✨ (@mushabear) reported

    can crunchyroll ever get their shit together and fix their roku app lol

  • K9521_ K9521 (@K9521_) reported

    @SCAR736 @AguyonT @sinofsomeone @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @FUNimation @hypland @Crunchyroll @ichigonumber1 @AnimeSpectrum @Sorokima It being high quality doesnt make it anime, it's not some honor to give out

  • wisalallen wisa lallen (@wisalallen) reported

    @DYBALAMASK15 Hell no but he uses my Crunchyroll login so he knows what I’m up to LOL

  • _Giftia 𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘤 (@_Giftia) reported

    @guccishades I bought them at crunchyroll expo tbh but I'm sire you can find some, thing is I figure they'd be off with the quality or whatever but nah they're all just plastic anyways what's it matter and the paint is completely fine doesn't look half assed

  • perona_chan63 Perona ٩(^‿^)۶ (@perona_chan63) reported

    @Kalongam1 @madonko_a @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @ichigonumber1 @AnimeSpectrum @Sorokima I have the biggest problem with continuing bleach bc of all the filler there are literally filler characters in the main story 🤧

  • nattygarb nathaniel (@nattygarb) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll y’all need to fix your connection to the @iTunes store. #whatamess

  • belleisaweeb Belle (@belleisaweeb) reported

    I'm so upset, I wanna watch Haikyuu! to The Top but at the same time my brother who is an Anime addict told me it's not worth it to buy a membership to Crunchyroll, someone help I'm in pain I just wanna see my bb Hinata ):

  • doolydooke Dooly❌🐝(stream poison Klan) (@doolydooke) reported

    @Crunchyroll I wouldn’t mind him being over powered but I don’t want him flat out broken like gt goku

  • puzzlinggamer puzzlinggamer (@puzzlinggamer) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll any reason why you decided to brake something that wasn't broken. Now my queue is all over the place for no reason instead of how I wanted it to be. Thanks.

  • exanter Mark Maurer (@exanter) reported

    hey @Crunchyroll have some massive issues over the last 2 months with your payment system, it's getting irritating.

  • morganator06 Jake Morgan (@morganator06) reported

    @Crunchyroll issues with my queue. It seems to organize my queue on its own now, and i cant change but i like to have shows in order of the days they air on my queue. I remove them then add them so they are in order. But right now everytime i do that and return, the order changes

  • jbetteridge Jesse Betteridge (@jbetteridge) reported

    @karlrolson @CBC @BellMediaPR @Crunchyroll Despite the fact that this was trending all day yesterday, we seem to be the only people concerned about the specific issue of these films not streaming in Canada. I guess we're boned.

  • AdmaAnime El serpent warden (@AdmaAnime) reported

    @Crunchyroll What a terrible day. He’ll be missed. R.I.P. Brice Armstrong.

  • orpheuseleven In Every Reality❤️🖤 (@orpheuseleven) reported

    @neyasochi Oh shoot. That makes it way harder to keep up. Come ON Crunchyroll, help a guy out!

  • wrosales35 pokemonmaster (@wrosales35) reported

    @Crunchyroll why was my email switched on my account i didn't authorize this to happen I can't log back in even with the new email that was sent i need this fix or would be cancelling my account

  • signal0six spicy bathsalts (@signal0six) reported

    Crunchyroll can yall update your ps4 app so that ads don’t take forever to buffer and take 2 minutes for a 30 second ad. I s2g im trying to watch anime legally and this makes me REALLY not want to

  • xgame1500 mad hero (@xgame1500) reported

    @ReZero_En @Crunchyroll laughs in rem's broken heart :')

  • alam_mizanul mizanul alam (@alam_mizanul) reported

    @redclayrob @TigerAnime2 @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @ichigonumber1 @AnimeSpectrum @Sorokima Lmfao I also had this problem in the past so I just call everything anime coz that's what it is I don't see why ppl make it complicated by saying American Japan and all this bs

  • meddaa_ 『meda』🍥 (@meddaa_) reported

    @Gunner_MJS @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @ichigonumber1 @AnimeSpectrum @Sorokima Jiren is literally the worst character to come out of dbs

  • yoruskii aren is withering (@yoruskii) reported

    pleass @Crunchyroll help

  • Bgeeezy__ 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖞𝖍𝖔𝖔𝖉. (@Bgeeezy__) reported

    @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @ichigonumber1 @AnimeSpectrum @Sorokima Krilln is the ******* worst. he held evb back in dbz man

  • dazedbadger adrian🍺 (@dazedbadger) reported

    everyone please slander ******** out of @WatchVRV until they finally fix the PS4 app

  • dazedbadger adrian🍺 (@dazedbadger) reported

    @WatchVRV maybe Raphtalia can fix the PS4 app!

  • melbelled_ Poseidon Patty (@melbelled_) reported

    Crunchyroll pls stop giving me the same commercial three times in a row and having each one buffer multiple times this is uncalled for and rude

  • fuccbatman 👌 (@fuccbatman) reported

    @WatchVRV Fix the ps4 app. Episodes don’t play at all. People have been complaining about this for months and you guys have just ignored them. If it can’t be fixed, just say it so that people can unsubscribe.

  • william31836786 william (@william31836786) reported

    @DylanMarks15 @LunarStargazer @tolucafreak @Crunchyroll There is a trashy cam version on 9 anime video and audio quality is terrible tho I don’t recommend it if you want to truly appreciate the art and music of the movie

  • Blank_Gaming_ Sora | #StoneOceanAnime (@Blank_Gaming_) reported

    @EzTnT @Crunchyroll No Problem!

  • kesstun 🏳️‍🌈Maddie Sadana🏳️‍🌈 (@kesstun) reported

    @Crunchyroll There seems to be an issue with RWBY Vol 4 Chapter 2. In able to play it. Tried on multiple devices.

  • DylanMarks15 dylanbk15 (@DylanMarks15) reported

    @LunarStargazer @tolucafreak @Crunchyroll It aint in my area :( i need help from the pirates

  • yunniemon 💖sohyun💖 (@yunniemon) reported

    @Owatatsumi_kami I think it's like how crunchyroll can't stream anime in japan, licensing issues

  • whewtaewoon bully da be$t (@whewtaewoon) reported

    @JohanSeong what if i have someone crunchyroll login but instead of using it i just watch netflix anime.

  • Spooky5yd sydney @ on that ffxiv grind✨ (@Spooky5yd) reported

    crunchyroll has the worlds worst manga reader but it's the only place i can find chapters 290+ of arakawa under the bridge uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh

  • YaBoiErenJaeger T_R_EJ iFunny🌐 (@YaBoiErenJaeger) reported

    @vVenturex @LunterAround Mid doesn’t crash Crunchyroll, kiss anime , and every other anime site streaming it several times throughout the series hell it even crashed youtube from people streaming it there cause Crunchyroll already crashed

  • adr1ell_ hoes mad (x24) (@adr1ell_) reported

    @Crunchyroll not in quality tho

  • caseymugar Casey Mugar (@caseymugar) reported

    @Crunchyroll Need help getting into premium account. Sent email but can’t send DM. Help! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • SE_BA_ST_ Sebastian (@SE_BA_ST_) reported

    @Crunchyroll I know what you feelin I watched neon genesis evangelion and got so hyped about it(i got deppresion from it thou) that my friend that didnt really liked anime decided to watch it And im really happy because i can talk with her about it but i think she will be broken after

  • protagz213 Babu (@protagz213) reported

    @YonkoAqua **** around and change the password. She finna hit u up like Crunchyroll not working bae 😂😂

  • dolcesapphic 🐥 (@dolcesapphic) reported

    Would anyone let me use their crunchyroll account I just wanna watch magia in not shit quality

  • CronicBrownie Brownie (@CronicBrownie) reported

    @lord_godflow Idk I watch all my anime on crunchyroll, so whichever one that one was. It started out so awful I couldn’t even get passed the first episode.

  • dimkwon erin (@dimkwon) reported

    crunchyroll not working asf 😂

  • ChloeFenix Chloe Fenix (@ChloeFenix) reported

    @Crunchyroll That doesn't help me at all.

  • zoozooquest newzu quest🌟 (@zoozooquest) reported

    Crunchyroll news: we have broken into the home of AFRO to ask whether the protag of yurucamp is rin or nadeshiko :D AFRO, arm stuck in a deep bong: alcohol sensei canonically has a sister named eel sensei who the girls meet while trying to dump their tempura in the trash

  • AkibaSasha It's Sasha! (@AkibaSasha) reported

    LRT yeah, only three series even exist here, two are Netflix-exclusive with a 4Kids-esque dub, and one is exclusive to Crunchyroll and is only in potato quality

  • NotCecilMcfly Cecil McFly (@NotCecilMcfly) reported

    Crunchyroll only has issues streaming BNHA idgi

  • sarahrectenwald sarah "the coward" rectenwald (@sarahrectenwald) reported

    yeah call me a weeb and then ask for my crunchyroll premium login u simp. beg.

  • CollectingGee Simply Gee (@CollectingGee) reported

    @ReporterDem @Crunchyroll Both my phone and tablet (both android) has just refused me login for the last 2 days. I just wanna read my manga!!

  • CollectingGee Simply Gee (@CollectingGee) reported

    @Toukochan @Crunchyroll The Kodansha simulpubs are still being updated, but I don't know about anything else lmao. The app actually had an update not too long ago, but hell if I noticed a difference. Still buggy, pages out of order, broken favourites lists, etc

  • ReporterDem Demelza Ward (@ReporterDem) reported

    @CollectingGee @Crunchyroll It was doing this to me on iOS recently as well, but only on one device… It has had some updates recently so I was hoping it had solved that issue :(

  • animequeen369 🇺🇸 Lisa 🇺🇸 (@animequeen369) reported

    The fact that #Netflix has excluded the US from seeing some programs only hurts themselves. I get my anime fix from Crunchyroll.

  • animequeen369 🇺🇸 Lisa 🇺🇸 (@animequeen369) reported

    I get my anime fix from Crunchyroll. Now, if Netflix puts out an Overwatch series, than I'll pay for their service.

  • GetALifePodcast GaLP - having a Marvelous Time ! (@GetALifePodcast) reported

    @darkkai3 Yeah this is licensing... what annoys me is that us in UK get ****** over because if licensing. Cant even watch Mob because only season 2 on Crunchyroll. Alot of the shows on Crunchyroll either had both seasons then lost one due to these issues or they target a popular s2

  • namitsuruu Shuna (@namitsuruu) reported

    @DrStone_EN @Crunchyroll Dr stone worst fear..."pneumonia"

  • snacklesbian BedWords (@snacklesbian) reported

    uhhh anybody have a crunchyroll login i can use

  • miguelbibanco Miguel BibancoⓋ (@miguelbibanco) reported

    someone trade me their netflix login for my crunchyroll log-in

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