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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • kinghiyori jelly kelp kelly ❄️ (@kinghiyori) reported

    I started mob psycho because I’m desperate and like I’d like it better if Crunchyroll didn’t buffer every 10 seconds

  • Rail_tracer El Toshio (@Rail_tracer) reported

    @Crunchyroll I have a problem accesing the page, halp

  • AnotherN0B0dy Another Nobody (@AnotherN0B0dy) reported

    @booberlee The worst sin is not adding the Crunchyroll and Funimation charges. I couldn't afford them all, but need my anime.

  • Vicente8101 Vicente810 [RWBY VOLUME 7 SPOILERS] (@Vicente8101) reported

    @DigitalAlucard @OfficialRWBY @Crunchyroll @montyoum That was V1. The bully arc. And forgive me but bullying is the worst way of doing that. Bully’s are ******** to everyone.

  • Vicente8101 Vicente810 [RWBY VOLUME 7 SPOILERS] (@Vicente8101) reported

    @DigitalAlucard @OfficialRWBY @Crunchyroll @montyoum RWBY’s writing in V3, 4 and 6 is the best in the series. And 2 of them weren’t done by Monty at all. Meanwhile 1 and 2 where he was at full control have these problems.

  • igotsmegma Ovate (@igotsmegma) reported

    @TryIgnition fix Crunchyroll roll++ I gotta watch anime 😞

  • TsukiyoYuu 🎁月夜夕🎄 (@TsukiyoYuu) reported

    @Wolfy_wolf_ @Jack_rizqy @Crunchyroll Im talking all of the anime, though every season Kirito has needed help If it weren't for Asuna he would have died in Aincrad If it weren't for Leafa, Recon, Cait Siths, Sylphs, or Heathcliff, he wouldn't have rescued Asuna If it weren't for Sinon he wouldn't have beat Death Gun

  • ZeroSN_ ZeroNS (@ZeroSN_) reported

    @sparkabomb @CesarCortes54 @blehitsjeff @MythicDemon17 @Crunchyroll im pretty sure he did but if he didnt use 100% and broke his arm and then used 100% with a broken arm tht would make less sense

  • Wolfy_wolf_ Joel Arantes (@Wolfy_wolf_) reported

    @TsukiyoYuu @Jack_rizqy @Crunchyroll Plot is OK at best it gets awful the more it goes There's no development Mc is op af and not enjoyable There's nothing lovable about all the characters

  • ZeroSN_ ZeroNS (@ZeroSN_) reported

    @CesarCortes54 @blehitsjeff @MythicDemon17 @Crunchyroll thanks brosssss but still how does he activate 100 percent break his arm and then do it again with a broken arm and complete destroy his arm also homie absorbed the first 100 percent punch how come he couldnt do it with a broken arm

  • ZeroSN_ ZeroNS (@ZeroSN_) reported

    @BrandonLewis18 @Crunchyroll rewatch the video he hits muscular with the purple broken arm for Delaware and detroit smash at 1 million percent

  • BrandonLewis18 Brandon Lewis (@BrandonLewis18) reported

    @ZeroSN_ @Crunchyroll That arm wasn’t broken, it was his left arm. After this is when he badly damaged his right.

  • MoscoMoon 👻🎃 Wee Scottish Lass 🎃🦇 (@MoscoMoon) reported

    @jcraig3k @Crunchyroll Looks like it could be the glitch mobs next album cover 😍😍

  • ACobra6 AxeCobra6 (@ACobra6) reported

    @S_H_J_A_D_T @MsEllyG @Crunchyroll No problem :)

  • TylerCFlanigan It's Snowing On Mt. Fuji (@TylerCFlanigan) reported

    @WatchVRV Hi, I cannot log in on pc for some unknown reason despite all the info being correct it says "account info invalid." Please help

  • TahirahAGreen we need more sleep (@TahirahAGreen) reported

    Pssst if youre tryna swap a disney+ login in exchange for crunchyroll or xfinity let me know 👀

  • damienjoestar (@damienjoestar) reported

    1) last text was from sezzle saying that my next payment to crunchyroll for my diavolo fig I preordered is tomorrow 2) last call I received was from my mom. I called my friend yesterday tho 3) worst habit is probably biting my nails I've been trying to stop

  • bohemecurls aubsbsbs❄️ (@bohemecurls) reported

    @jadeskates_ i need to see if i still have my exfriend’s crunchyroll login cmxhmxn

  • NNYLEIROC Blvck_ginger (@NNYLEIROC) reported from Farmington Hills, Michigan

    @Crunchyroll hey why is your app not working I want to watch anime on my lunch break with my premium service and I can’t.... also I’ve already did redownload

  • _ninarodriguez_ 황성영 (@_ninarodriguez_) reported

    @TryIgnition Fix crunchyroll

  • Turtlehomillano Turtle.h (@Turtlehomillano) reported

    @TryIgnition Help with crunchyroll++ Apps says needs to be updated Thank @TryIgnition for hard work!

  • Rahul97404145 Rahul (@Rahul97404145) reported

    @Crunchyroll No problem

  • SammTheMan999 Samm The Man (@SammTheMan999) reported

    @Crunchyroll the new dubbed episode of “To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts” is out of sync. Just wanted to let you know. Hope you’re able to fix it.

  • SoftDiminiee Hani 🐾 #약속 (@SoftDiminiee) reported

    I wanna watch demon slayer but crunchyroll says that it's not available in my region ㅠㅠ help me please

  • StudyChow Santa-Chow (@StudyChow) reported

    @WNWestiNation @Saaploot @Aakervikis @andyboyz96 And crunchyroll. And it’s likely to be the same issue with S2 on HBO Max. And none of the trailers alluded to when it’d be out on which services. Just who was in it. Same with Rwby. I’ve said this before in Previous Threads. They “Anthem’d” themself.

  • captmotorcycle tanrio (@captmotorcycle) reported

    @The_Amici @TheSocietyDude @AndersHillestad Crunchyroll is an awful service run by awful people.

  • SirNapkin Ian Napier (@SirNapkin) reported

    @RyanHigginsRyan @disneyplus Yeah I had to pause to let it buffer for 30 seconds to a minute. That usually resolved the issue for me. Crunchyroll had the same issue when it launched on consoles ~10 years ago. Growing pains.

  • jaehyunsluvbot ash (@jaehyunsluvbot) reported

    mark using netflix for anime.. baby use my crunchyroll login

  • Vicente8101 Vicente810 [RWBY VOLUME 7 SPOILERS] (@Vicente8101) reported

    @DigitalAlucard @OfficialRWBY @Crunchyroll @montyoum V1/2 have some of the worst writing in the series btw.

  • SorjeiTweets Meg (@SorjeiTweets) reported

    Crunchyroll app crashed earlier and now it's just not working 😒 and the mobile app is shit. Guess no chihayafuru s2 today after all. Atleast not all of it

  • alchemymondays Alchemy Mondays (@alchemymondays) reported

    An OVA that crunchyroll wont get because they are awful when it comes to CANON OVAS

  • brandonvolpee brandon (@brandonvolpee) reported

    deciding to get crunchyroll premium is either tbhe greatest or worst thing to ever happen to me, down the rabbit hole i goo

  • animefan51 AnimeFan101 (@animefan51) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the audio

  • pitzx2 Pitzie 🏳️‍⚧️ CHECK PINNED (@pitzx2) reported

    @Rev_Scarecrow they censor the smoking because jotaro is underaged and there are like, legal standards for tv aired shows Unfortunately Crunchyroll never updates past the simulcast so we get stuck with tv quality streaming

  • Moya2324 daboiHernan ㄣ⃒ (@Moya2324) reported

    @Grimm714 There is a app, it’s Crunchyroll. It’s pretty good with the anime content it has. Ads are terrible

  • joey_earls josè kûn (@joey_earls) reported

    @micahhand1k Kissanime has been awful for me lately I use my friends crunchyroll also lol, totally forgot it wasn’t free

  • clannad2009 Nagisa says follow @savebandoridvs (@clannad2009) reported

    @ProductionsEof @Crunchyroll @Konosuba_Anime @konosubaanime Some movie theaters are adding on extra showtimes. If you willing to take a chance of a broken projector some (censored) theatres are adding shows at 9:00 PM. My theatre had a 9:15 PM show on Tuesday.

  • Thrive30_ Alex☁️ (@Thrive30_) reported

    @cokernut_x I’m getting a 502 bad getaway error on crunchyroll

  • _ted_phillips Ted Phillips (@_ted_phillips) reported

    @Crunchyroll and now it's back! seeing intermittent bad-gateway errors

  • ReadToriko Neo (@ReadToriko) reported

    @3rdSquadCaptain I do it the worst way possible I’m sure but I just screen record from YouTube or Crunchyroll on my iPhone. Then I crop out the end where it makes it obvious I’m screen recording lmao

  • TheUnfitPiece Mando (@TheUnfitPiece) reported

    Since Crunchyroll keeps buffering, I'll recite a 2014 common YouTube comment that I used to see. "I don't mind the ads, I don't mind the buffering, but when the ads buffer... I suffer"

  • GearCrushGC Jonnymarc (@GearCrushGC) reported

    @sdargiewicz @Crunchyroll Your comparing a heavily plot based movie to a comedy there’s your problem. And as good as rascal was the ending wasn’t perfect either I love a good ending but time travel is iffy and her heart magically healed

  • MegRyan15 Diamond Hikari (@MegRyan15) reported

    @Crunchyroll The audio is wrong and off sync-fix it please

  • Brr_Toon Brr_Toon (@Brr_Toon) reported

    @Crunchyroll Can’t even watch the show on the app I keep getting an error :(

  • mManZ10 YuiChad 🗿🦍 (@mManZ10) reported

    @Crunchyroll Aqua worst girl

  • Shady_Knight09 Louis (@Shady_Knight09) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yo, Crunchy, you made a boo boo and got the wrong audio. Please fix this.

  • EddyySpanishhh Paco Aguilar (@EddyySpanishhh) reported

    @Crunchyroll is the only service that puts out QUALITY content every week for about 3/4 of the year

  • Skippe13 Skippe (@Skippe13) reported

    @TryIgnition Crunchyroll++ is not working, Spotify++ is

  • superduperjax #LongLiveNip (@superduperjax) reported

    @KaylynneElise Lob that Crunchyroll login 😭🙏🏽

  • abdulbatin02 Besuto-Sama (@abdulbatin02) reported

    @TimStevens77 @Crunchyroll If only this show didn’t have terrible animation man

  • strange_rasta daniel (@strange_rasta) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the fire stick app, I’m having issues and it’s a real bummer man

  • deadFreak781 deadFreak781: Un Friki Incómodo (@deadFreak781) reported

    It's more than obvious that here in Latin America, our main problem is Funimation that licenses titles to our region but doesn't simulcast them in Spanish. The rest: Crunchyroll/Amazon/HIDIVE (despite they currently don't simulcast titles in Spanish)/Netflix.

  • GunHoFoSho DonutSugarDaddy 🍩 (@GunHoFoSho) reported

    @L33t_Gaming I think it might be lower quality, but their library is well worth it for funimation if u want to pay. Funimation > Crunchyroll

  • GenVociferous VociferousGenXer (@GenVociferous) reported

    @Crunchyroll @collazo_jeremy Ok. Now fix Robitnik.

  • Esc4n0rPride . (@Esc4n0rPride) reported

    @Dragecake @ArgentLeftovers @Crunchyroll Poor guy, worst part was it happened more than once 😂😳

  • ChrisMacbrohn Christopher Macbrohn (@ChrisMacbrohn) reported

    @Girl_GoneMild Same here, Sprint pays for my Hulu, and I have Netflix and Crunchyroll. Probably gonna get Disney+ once they work out the glitches/server issues.

  • _spirxl 💀 (@_spirxl) reported

    The @Crunchyroll app is actual trash, fix up or I'm going back to kissanime 😤😤

  • roocrow Spiced Sprooky Southern Wind (@roocrow) reported

    @Blue_Be7a @Crunchyroll Also many people's families have these damn services already. Just borrow your parents login. I couldn't imagine paying for cable. I don't even have time to watch TV. Also crunchyroll 👍

  • mikasawaifu Mikasa 🧢 (@mikasawaifu) reported

    @OnTakahashi I understand your frustrations, believe me I really do. But if you want manga artists to get paid, push for the current legal aggregator services to support more content. Crunchyroll and Amazon aren't going to do a single thing about the quality of their content.

  • EmbrynAudios Kristina (@EmbrynAudios) reported

    Well not every thing but for crunchyroll. Someone said it could have created an account but not said it. So I tried to login with an email I've never used for anything and I got locked out for 2 hrs... How when I don't have an account. 😭 This bug or whatever is frustrating

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  • 503
  • 520
  • 522
  • 525
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