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  • AguChamp64 AguChamp (@AguChamp64) reported

    @miloucomehome Crunchyroll has a lot of stuff they need to fix.

  • mafiabossakiko erin (@mafiabossakiko) reported

    someone give@me their crunchyroll login in return i will@give you a smooch 😀

  • PrplTee Onfleek (@PrplTee) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm, not saying Dragonite is terrible, but I wouldn't call him the best either...

  • IsaiahWithAnS E sigh E Oss (@IsaiahWithAnS) reported

    @Crunchyroll This is, quite possibly, one of the WORST shows to consider adapting for the U.S.

  • SwordSaint1st Reinhard Van Astrea (@SwordSaint1st) reported

    @MusumeShi @BestGirlAnime @Crunchyroll issues had nothing to do with it. She never asked for his attention, he gave to her because Subaru belived such well meaning person who went out of her way to help others at determent of herself deserved it

  • TheAtrain3000 Adam H (@TheAtrain3000) reported

    Their apps are pretty much broken across the board, I wish they would make up with Crunchyroll and get their content back on @WatchVRV

  • RandySTG Yoshikage Kira (@RandySTG) reported

    Crunchyroll gotta fix their shit still. No notifications when the email is being changed, confirmation or anything. Only a notification after it’s done. Luckily the Customer Service rep was about to reverse it.

  • ChrisWarcraft Cassandra, Irredeemable Pudgy Nobody (@ChrisWarcraft) reported

    @CALMicC Yeah I noticed that one, my problem is it’s on Crunchyroll and I just can’t stand their service :/ (Which sucks, because it seems like literally half of all the stuff I want to watch only comes out there)

  • MasonYourSavior Mason (@MasonYourSavior) reported

    @Roserade777 @snivy218 @Yashimora_ @Crunchyroll Can’t vouch for it, but still. ONE out of Several terrible remakes.

  • is_rival ANTIVAXX_AVDOL (@is_rival) reported

    @Crunchyroll There was a issue with that reply. What I meant to say was nobody cares about that anime shit. Post a rip please.

  • Lukeumon Cyber Sleuth Luke 🏳️‍🌈 (@Lukeumon) reported

    @Dreamy_Slime_ @Th0tTherapist_ @Crunchyroll I totally get why they made an article about it and the relevance to the site, but they couldve been more subtle about it. Some people may not be in circles that discuss Pokemon but still watch it and follow Crunchyroll. Ive no problem with people discussing it...

  • Th0tTherapist_ OG Th0t Patrool ツ (@Th0tTherapist_) reported

    @Lukeumon @Dreamy_Slime_ @Crunchyroll well i wouldnt care less if i get spoiled and im into that one show, plus i dont watch game of thrones, and like i said if i wanted to avoide spoilers id just simply mute the tweets or account for now do what i want to do and just unmute them without having any problems

  • Lukeumon Cyber Sleuth Luke 🏳️‍🌈 (@Lukeumon) reported

    @MikiIsHere @Crunchyroll Thats literally the problem. I dont want to see spoilers.

  • a2zmerp A2Z (@a2zmerp) reported

    @Crunchyroll Well doesnt help on what is currently happening rn

  • RealBlooJooce BlooJooce (@RealBlooJooce) reported

    @Crunchyroll I can't seem to login to my account. I have premium and started getting ads. It logged me out and even after a password reset its telling me my password is wrong. 😰😰😰

  • 01ALHO16 アレックス (@01ALHO16) reported

    @Crunchyroll On the bright side this way they can fix the harem undertones distracting me from actually enjoying the show, but other than that, they can go to hell.

  • Simok123 Simok1234 (@Simok123) reported

    @Tresskzilla @Crunchyroll I like Steins Gate for that matter, but if series I really love got western adaptations, I would be fully on board even if they were awful. I'd be more fascinated at different interpretations of the franchises than offended.

  • Pieronaldingo dingo (@Pieronaldingo) reported

    @Crunchyroll We are living in the worst timeline

  • Tresskzilla Kurisu = best waifu (@Tresskzilla) reported

    @Simok123 @Crunchyroll Nobody truly forgets a terrible adaptation, we just stop talking about it as much. Dragon ball Evolution, and Death Note movies are testaments to that. If your only reason for why this might be "good" is garnering reputation for the OG, we don't need a movie for that anyways.

  • Xin0901 Dk. Pepper (#042) (@Xin0901) reported

    @fanks1771 @Crunchyroll Worst thing is, this wasn't Hollywood's idea. Chiyomaru himself wanted this... Truly the darkest World line

  • Tresskzilla Kurisu = best waifu (@Tresskzilla) reported

    @Simok123 @Crunchyroll People are upset because even if u don't watch it, that doesn't make the problem go away. That doesn't make this stain on an amazing namesake, just disappear if u don't watch it. People don't want the reputation of such a cherished name to be tarnished.

  • Tresskzilla Kurisu = best waifu (@Tresskzilla) reported

    @YuukoBaka @Planet_Nickles @Crunchyroll The problem though is that it sets a precedent for the namesake's reputation with this series if people are unaware of the anime or VN's. The series will be known to newcomers as the series with that shitty drama series 😕

  • theidiotidiot Rest in Peace, Sir 🙏 (@theidiotidiot) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please help! I can’t seem to log into my Crunchyroll account and I know I didn’t change the password :(

  • thepen2thepaper Ghostxxx (@thepen2thepaper) reported

    Lol crunchyroll sign in credentials over everything

  • AuBirdMan Bird (@AuBirdMan) reported

    @MagicJukebox_V @Crunchyroll It might be because it’s been a while since I’ve seen SG, but I don’t remember it being super Japanese. Like the movie is going to be terrible since anime never translates well to live-action, but I don’t see how the plot wouldn’t work set in the US, except maybe the maid cafe

  • Frostaltered ❄Frostaltered❄🔫 (@Frostaltered) reported

    @Oliver_Smith24 Tbh I could just give you my login info thru dms fro Crunchyroll

  • YuukoBaka The Outsider (@YuukoBaka) reported

    @Planet_Nickles @Crunchyroll Honestly as bad as it will probably be, it won't ruin anything. It won't make the visual novels or the anime suddenly bad. At worst it will ruin 2 hours of your time, if you're brave enough to watch it.

  • Zenowrath Zenowrath Draws (@Zenowrath) reported

    @Crunchyroll This is the worst timeline

  • zeebyeet The_laidbackfool (@zeebyeet) reported

    @Crunchyroll Haven’t seen Steins Gate yet. But I sure as hell know that a live action Hollywood version will be terrible

  • MidianAlfredo Alfredo Loor Avilés (@MidianAlfredo) reported

    @Crunchyroll Worst timeline

  • The_Harkonnen Xavier Harkonnen (@The_Harkonnen) reported

    Also when ******** is @HIDIVEofficial gonna get a goddam PS4 app already. @WatchVRV is shit, and I would rather give money directly to Hidive, rather than sit through 2 episodes on vrv only for it to crash for the millionth time.

  • percibrey Digger (@percibrey) reported

    @Monquit3st @sh1ttykawa @chaesprose @HoneySo4 Crunchyroll isn’t gonna help anybody.

  • OozipLAy ♥ Lp ➐ (@OozipLAy) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix y’all website. Every time I wanna log in I have to change my password. Now y’all saying my password I just changed incorrect info. Y’all not about to get my money now.

  • Reira_Valentine Reira valentine (@Reira_Valentine) reported

    @Crunchyroll I think your password reset is broken! Please fix it.

  • Redshard41 Redshard (@Redshard41) reported

    @Crunchyroll The Ancient Magus' Bride wont play on anything but desktop. I've been trying to rewatch it ALL day. Please fix it. #issues

  • Mert52809954 Mert (@Mert52809954) reported

    @AppValley_vip @AppValley_vip i downloaded the Crunchyroll ++ app I loged in and then i was kicked from the app after that I tried to get in the app but even I press on the app I get kicked pls help me

  • Pyroluminescent Pyro@🎮Breath of the Wild (@Pyroluminescent) reported

    @MagicoQueque I mean It's true. But. I also don't WANT to ****. I also don't even watch anime I pay for Crunchyroll purely for all the parasites I let on my account when I first started it. Help me. I'm so lonely.

  • Ahleekx アル (@Ahleekx) reported

    @Sppoonn_ @netflix @PlatinumEquinox Why don't just upgrade to premium on Crunchyroll, it's cheaper than Netflix and it's only anime content, the best HD quality and no server problems 😅

  • churmandurr airy (@churmandurr) reported

    relationship goals: getting to use their premium crunchyroll login

  • omarmoh74371975 Starchild91 (@omarmoh74371975) reported

    @PandaOwatch @Crunchyroll too many people dropped the manga when asahi appeared and specially during the blue arc because it was terrible arc.

  • Sovereign311 Kyle (@Sovereign311) reported

    Shoutout to @Crunchyroll for taking something not broken and then "fixing it" I love not having my queue ordered the way I wanted it.

  • RamenDigital 🍜 Digital Ramen 🍜 (@RamenDigital) reported

    @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @animexlifestyle @kingfadedz @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @NocturneUchiha @NoHoesGeorge Light Yagamu free, idk the bottom right guy tho. Shield Hero is a terrible isekai, Sword Art first half of season 1 was good then fell off. Light is classic and godlike.

  • SFRock42 Rock (@SFRock42) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix the queues. there was nothing wrong with it before. horrible design and nothing works like it should

  • Chaoskiller2000 Dust (@Chaoskiller2000) reported

    @Crunchyroll please PLEASE fix the queues. They have ruined and made it horrible to find anything on PS4 my shows that are at the top change every single time I bring up the app. This is TERRIBLE!

  • JeronimoAviles1 Jeronimo (@JeronimoAviles1) reported

    @Ichijio_Kun @Nep_James @Lost_Pause_ Usually Crunchyroll have a censored version(tv version) and don't show the uncensored version. Thanks for the major help

  • alltsun_nodere Caitlin Not Anymoore (@alltsun_nodere) reported

    @WeebiestEmpress @muscippa @Abzol @UnseenJapanSite @Ugurcan377 Either way, relatively minor translation problems that don’t effectively change the meaning of the scene, isn’t a reason to turn to theft On the flip side, Crunchyroll has some great translations as well, like Ghaccio’s rant about turning over a new leaf in JJBA

  • kingmaxous King Maxous (@kingmaxous) reported

    @Crunchyroll is crunchyroll experiencing problems with the server because I cant login or reset the password

  • joshua72794910 joshua (@joshua72794910) reported

    @cokernut_x Crunchyroll plus plus is not working

  • HamzaUnofficial Hamza Unofficial (@HamzaUnofficial) reported

    @AppValley_vip Crunchyroll keeps crashing after I sign in!!!!!

  • thejohncarle John Carle (@thejohncarle) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @Crunchyroll please fix your ad server on your iOS app. Episodes load fine but a 30 second commercial stutters or just got to full stop and takes a minute to get through even on solid Wi-Fi

  • muscippa Skipper (@muscippa) reported

    @Abzol @alltsun_nodere @UnseenJapanSite @Ugurcan377 Crunchyroll's translations can be pretty terrible as well. Eizouken had mistakes in it as well. The nice thing about fan translations is you usually have multiple options. If an official translation is bad or outright changes things you're stuck with it.

  • KawaiiFive0h Justin@TheDenofNerds (@KawaiiFive0h) reported

    @ThatRanMan @FUNimation Oh dang I have the same problem with Crunchyroll to the point I just started watching anime on Hulu

  • ThatRanMan Ran (@ThatRanMan) reported

    @KawaiiFive0h @FUNimation Crunchyroll app works great! I have absolutely zero issues with it to be honest. The Funimation app I will have to force-close over and over again just to get a video to play. It’s obnoxiously bad.

  • BunnyDeco Erin (@BunnyDeco) reported

    The anticipation is killing me... Please tell me Mr. Buccellati is Crunchyroll 2019 Best Boy or so help me god

  • vruas Victor Ruas (@vruas) reported

    @Crunchyroll , it’s time to fix the queue issue. Changing the order is really annoying...

  • auraofakilljoy Boy Division (@auraofakilljoy) reported

    crunchyroll didn’t let me log in and I reset my password like four times and it didn’t let me log in any of those times. Now it’s just refusing to let me in at all. Someone help lmao @Crunchyroll

  • Lyndis4Ever Lyndis4Ever (@Lyndis4Ever) reported

    @RadiantTearDrop @SBadam_ Actually the main problem is a fractured market these days... Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, Netflix, Amazon Prime, one of them _might_ have the show you want to watch.

  • Sindy_P0P Sindy ♈(Commissions open 📬🎨) (@Sindy_P0P) reported

    @matsananimal2 @FantasySoftEnt @ShieldHeroEN @_Hero_Hei_ @ComeGeekSome1 @YellowFlashGuy @SGSAMII @Crunchyroll @FUNimation Studio trigger for actual quality and the ability to let a good show end

  • Brodywood63 Brody Wood (@Brodywood63) reported

    @Error004Z @Crunchyroll How about actually developing the site in any useful way whatsoever instead of trying to push people over to VRV through awful updates. There’s a reason why the try to sell you VRV when you cancel your CR sub.

  • Error004Z Code 004 (@Error004Z) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the darn que system!

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