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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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November 18: Problems at Cloudflare

Cloudflare is having issues since 03:00 PM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Rome Hosting
Portoviejo Hosting
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Mexico City Domains
Guadalajara Cloud Services
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  • Danbo_Boy Mr.Danbo (@Danbo_Boy) reported

    Thank @SkyVPN for your Unlimited #Premium for #IranProtests but thanks ro @Cloudflare restriction! your service is not working here 😢😢

  • kevinpurcell Dr Kevin Purcell (@kevinpurcell) reported

    @scrafford Unlikely to be a DNS issue with cloudflare. I’m thinking ISP issues.

  • GeistLight LightGeist (@GeistLight) reported

    @IslandHunting @zndtoshi @notgrubles @Foobazzler @sassal0x @cburniske Cloudflare and Infura have the same problem: there's no long-term incentive to keep adding storage to handle Eth's unsustainable bloat. When they stop doing so, users won't be able to interact with Ethereum without a trusted third party. That's why they want to switch to DoA PoS.

  • rckenned Ryan Kennedy (@rckenned) reported

    @pims @bmizerany @mrb_bk @ReifyWorks @backplaneio @Cloudflare Argo won’t work for my use case. I need to deploy my own tool to access customer resources behind their firewalls

  • FeelitWorking aka James Bond (@FeelitWorking) reported

    @The_Pi_Hole @Raspberry_Pi @Cloudflare The problem is I do want to use DoH, but realise I can't if I use PiHole. I will have to rely on @ublockorigin and @noscript for browsing. Can't see any other way around it.

  • vadecolombia Variedades Colombia (@vadecolombia) reported

    Excelente: Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 154 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • javcove javcove (@javcove) reported

    @PleskHelps It´s CentOS Linux 7.7.1908 (Core). Mailbox it's 98% did not received warning about quota. I'm not using Cloudflare extension. I identified this becasue accesing the panel using the IP address I have no issues. So I in CF using rules I disabled Apps and Performance and solves it.

  • FeelitWorking aka James Bond (@FeelitWorking) reported

    Spotted a huge problem with #PiHole on the @Raspberry_Pi . If you use Firefox with DoH it renders the filtering and blocking useless as all #DNS requests go encrypted to @Cloudflare ! Took me a minute to realise what was happening. It blocks on Edge, not Firefox or Chrome DoH.

  • JennieOutlaw The Outlaw Jennie (Waylon Jennings Daughter) (@JennieOutlaw) reported

    @commoncentsman @Roe50 @Qanon76 @dtomfisntfree ..a cover & we already know the MSM is deep state. The shooting may even have been a FF to stage it. The sleaze bags at cloudflare claim they took down his site. Then they made a mad rush to build a new one from scratch which makes zero sense. You lose or change hosting on your..

  • CorriganCallum Callum (@CorriganCallum) reported

    @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp Any idea when/if you will be able to support transferring of TLDs - I'm sick of paying extortionate fees with other Registrars for these domain renewals!

  • soulchildpls Axel Kee 🐐 (@soulchildpls) reported

    @tzevoon @AppleSupport Heya fellow Malaysian dev 👋! I have tried removing Google DNS / cloudflare DNS on my wifi settings and it works now, hope this can help you

  • soh_satoh soh satoh (@soh_satoh) reported

    @Cloudflare I've already done that for 2 times. You said that you cannot do anything except for showing the hosting service name.

  • taquitoslayer ok boomer (@taquitoslayer) reported

    @pupperpuppy request-promise or axios are both great libraries. i prefer axios until i need to process some kind of shit like cloudflare

  • WeRnIS WeRnIS (@WeRnIS) reported

    @Cloudflare Purchased a PRO plan for two websites for mobile optimization but speed has not improved even though the required options are on. Support isn't answering. Ticket system is buggy. Not great first impressions.

  • javcove javcove (@javcove) reported

    @PleskHelps I’m trying obsidian release 2. Mail quota notification is not working. Also the control panel is not showing database list when CloudFlare is used #obsidian

  • enigmamaker Kaveen Rodrigo (@enigmamaker) reported

    @ClewinVaz Some time back, and switched to Cloudflare DNS. No problems.

  • JennieOutlaw The Outlaw Jennie (Waylon Jennings Daughter) (@JennieOutlaw) reported

    @l33tguy @Cloudflare It's the only reason this account is still online. I posted proof when I opened the account that their facial recognition software used to Identify me. Before that I couldn't keep an account for a full day on any social media account. But they still shadow ban the crap out of me

  • jorik5011 Виталий (@jorik5011) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • sengork sengork (@sengork) reported

    The major differentiator between the two traffic patterns is that one never navigates explicitly to Cloudflare.

  • sengork sengork (@sengork) reported

    Analysing your home network traffic can reveal lots of interesting traffic aspects. For example the amount of Google traffic almost equals that of Cloudflare destined traffic and I don't even use either of their DNS resolver services.

  • thelogosmith (@thelogosmith) reported from Seaford, England

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 15,005 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • MichelleDT12 Michelle DT (@MichelleDT12) reported

    @anujdeshpandey @Cloudflare Funnily enough, I had heard about from @LinusTech and had installed it immediately but kept on forgetting to switch it on when browsing. Well, this will definitely help me remember.

  • DileepaMX Sharlock 🇱🇰 (@DileepaMX) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • fanCRTCProfling Commissioner Miner (@fanCRTCProfling) reported

    @jfmezei @mediamorphis u have cira, u have cloudflare, u have the biz registrar (which is Neustar), the owners could have been tracked down, this didn't happen either.

  • NWOBlog Nude World Order (@NWOBlog) reported

    @Cloudflare Sure looks reliable: "Additionally, we may at our sole discretion terminate your user account or suspend or terminate your access to the Service at any time, with or without notice for any reason or no reason at all."

  • jfmezei Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) reported

    @mediamorphis @fanCRTCProfling GoldTV uses cloudflare DNS service which provides different IP addresses depending on location of IP making requests. So the IP addresses listed in court order only valid for people in same city as Bell lawyers.

  • NWOBlog Nude World Order (@NWOBlog) reported

    I see @Cloudflare is on another censorship spree. It's a great service for people who would like to have their website arbitrarily knocked off the internet.

  • NWOBlog Nude World Order (@NWOBlog) reported

    I see @Cloudflare is on another censorship spree. It's a great service for people who would like to have the website arbitrarily knocked off the internet.

  • DanielLockyer Daniel Lockyer (@DanielLockyer) reported

    @jaydrogers @newrelic @Cloudflare We kept experiencing this with our monitoring software. I believe they fixed it by implementing certain checks for special errors that Cloudflare returns

  • dznz Daniel says hi! 💙 (@dznz) reported

    @RandomFFUser I have an ethical issue with CloudFlare and their choices to host terrorise and hate sites. The technology is fine, maybe good even.

  • aiwbz d0c (@aiwbz) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 149 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @altryne @united @reddit @Cloudflare Happy to help. Don't tell anyone, but it also lets you bypass airline wifi streaming restrictions. 🤫

  • ejcx_ evan j (@ejcx_) reported

    @dinodaizovi Im waiting for the security industry to move to the self service. We've done it at Cloudflare, it worked while I was at LastPass. In my opinion, the only reason everyone doesn't do it is because most security products are bad software.

  • thedonaldreddit /r/The_Donald (@thedonaldreddit) reported

    Magaimg "has been suspended for a possible Terms of Service violation. Cloudflare's Terms of Service are available at blahblahblah." This ******* censorship is unreal.

  • damonflavell Damon Flavell (@damonflavell) reported

    Whoever issues SSL certificates for free at Cloudflare, please have my babies.

  • DrewButlerMe Drew Butler (@DrewButlerMe) reported

    Sadly, I love @cloudflare for a host of reasons and don't want to stop using them. However, given that I'm a free tier customer that falls into an unusual circumstance, they don't seem equipped to help me.

  • DrewButlerMe Drew Butler (@DrewButlerMe) reported

    So far this saga has been going on for 1.5 weeks and while I'd love to just talk to someone to verify that I am me, I'm also getting weary and don't know that I trust @cloudflare with something as important as my DNS records if they cannot help me when something goes wrong

  • DrewButlerMe Drew Butler (@DrewButlerMe) reported

    So far my requests for help via @cloudflare email seem to have fallen on deaf ears (which is likely because their support system seems to be fully automated and people don't read replies)

  • sayn_ae Sayn, Angel Knight (@sayn_ae) reported

    @SvenSycuul @PopePolish @GoldRavenAQ3D What happens is that Cloudflare tries to protect the servers. So it starts limiting who can login, trying to stave off the DD0S attack.

  • 0x00000369 Major Tom (@0x00000369) reported

    Cloudflare sucks today. Hardly!

  • rTh9ElaUJL3KTWj 카지노톡 (@rTh9ElaUJL3KTWj) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • failpd DURGESH (@failpd) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • theshalvah naughty bitch (@theshalvah) reported

    .@CloudFlare is a great service, but they do not know what "Remember me" means. <15 minutes of inactivity and I have to log in again.

  • mtoto_lekgwathi Mapogo Lekgwathi (@mtoto_lekgwathi) reported

    @Kaluvien @gallowsfall @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare Cloudflare costs money, the only real service using Magic Transit at the moment is Minecraft's @HypixelNetwork . They don't have this protection because I believe they simply don't care about script kiddies taking down their login servers once a year.

  • Kaluvien SpoopyKingKal (@Kaluvien) reported

    @mtoto_lekgwathi @gallowsfall @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare Nah, the way you are wording everything is very salespitchy. But then again you'd know that protecting a game against a DDoS isnt as simple as you think nor as simple as protecting a website. This is why they are so effective at shutting down any game they target.

  • Kaluvien SpoopyKingKal (@Kaluvien) reported

    @mtoto_lekgwathi @gallowsfall @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare That's well and good for protecting a WEBSITE but it wont work for a game. It would actually cause massive latency issues making the game unplayable even if there wasnt a DDOS, as the protection ITSELF would need to sniff each packet and ensure its legit before it let ot through

  • mtoto_lekgwathi Mapogo Lekgwathi (@mtoto_lekgwathi) reported

    @gallowsfall @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare Furthermore, Cloudflare has a network capacity of 30Tbps, to put that in perspective, the largest DDoS attack to date is 1.3Tbps

  • gallowsfall Captain Gallowsfall (@gallowsfall) reported

    @mtoto_lekgwathi @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare Never say never, but a fair point!

  • mtoto_lekgwathi Mapogo Lekgwathi (@mtoto_lekgwathi) reported

    @gallowsfall @MrRetired2k9 @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare Cloudflare has never been affected by a DDoS attack, they use anycasting across 193 PoPs around the world. It's impossible to take offline

  • MrRetired2k9 Mr. Bean (@MrRetired2k9) reported

    @mtoto_lekgwathi @BlizzardCS @Cloudflare I think DDoS attack is code for scuffed servers and no layers is making existing problem even worse.

  • carbon43 Carbon43 (@carbon43) reported

    @mattallardACS @AtomosGlobal @TimecodeSystems Hey Matt I'm getting a 502 (bad gateway) error on this from Cloudflare

  • kavita_c Kavita C (@kavita_c) reported

    @anaggh Cloudflare error. Web hosting issue

  • TheNickWalsh Nick Walsh (@TheNickWalsh) reported

    Reason to not code at 3am: spent a solid hour going down a rabbit hole dealing with a "cloudflare" error before turning in for the night. Woke up today with a fresh set of eyes instantly saw that it instead said "cloudfront"🤦

  • TheNickWalsh Nick Walsh (@TheNickWalsh) reported

    Reason to not code at 3am: spent a solid hour going down a rabbit hole before realizing that the error said "cloudfront" and not "cloudflare". Woke up today with a fresh set of eyes and saw it instantly🤦

  • ROOT_OR_DEATH Shailyn Ortiz (@ROOT_OR_DEATH) reported

    @jon_raRaRa @QuinnyPig @Cloudflare Now that you have complained they'll fix it and charge you the right amount 🤣, it's like complaining your teacher for a point in a test and then he gives it to you but takes out the 20 he gave you 🤣🤣

  • jon_raRaRa Jon raRaRa (@jon_raRaRa) reported

    @ROOT_OR_DEATH @QuinnyPig @Cloudflare Ah you're right! I was just wondering why it's so expensive! Never mind the refund!

  • hacks4pancakes Lesley Carhart (@hacks4pancakes) reported

    Thread: the problem of illegal / malicious content that isn’t quite “hosted” on CloudFlare, but which is arguably made accessible though their service. Laws and language usually trail technology...

  • DomainGang Domain Gang (@DomainGang) reported

    @xxdesmus @Cloudflare Ok. Look at it this way: a spammer won't invest more time to authorize/validate a domain's use. A legit user would. Although it seems like an inconvenience, that extra step would help cut down such automatic spam abusing your services.

  • ojohnnyo Johnny Oshika (@ojohnnyo) reported

    @Cloudflare I just sent a PM regarding a problem logging into your dashboard. I can't contact support because of the log in issue. I hope you can have a look. Thx!

  • kalenarndt Kalen Arndt (@kalenarndt) reported

    @ccolotti @The_Pi_Hole @Docker I run 2 DCs at home (1 on my vSphere clusters and 1 on my synology) who both do forward lookups to my pihole instance. If that is down then the DCs will do lookups to I also have pihole doing lookups to a cloudflare container to force dns lookups over