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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • phyzonloop Cloudflare Supports Criminals (@phyzonloop) reported

    @spirit_cimmaron @sylvan_scott @GOJIIMUSIC If Cloudflare terminated the client, you could find the host easily and issue a takedown notice. They MAY contact the host, but the offending site will switch hosts still hiding behind Cloudflare. Rinse and repeat indefinitely until you get tired trying to get them shut down.

  • phyzonloop Cloudflare Supports Criminals (@phyzonloop) reported

    @spirit_cimmaron @sylvan_scott @GOJIIMUSIC Not true, Cloudflare CAN choose to terminate a client for copyright infringement per their own ToS. However they choose to never do so. Because money.

  • fawazshola FAWAZ(I AM GIFTED) (@fawazshola) reported

    @cryptozak10 Click to Dismiss. Cloudflare issues

  • erezson Erez HS (@erezson) reported

    @Cloudflare It would be nice if you offered the health check not as part of the pro but as standalone. Today I pay $2 per website for check with another service.

  • modaonline22 Lojas Ravant (@modaonline22) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • plambrechtsen Peter (@plambrechtsen) reported

    @nandoodles @brooklynmarie Would be great if you focused on Cloudflare as they are the biggest supporters and protectors of all hate online. Their ToS is specifically written to absolve themselves of any responsibility and that's it. The problem is the CEO doesn't care.

  • anticholium Anticholium (@anticholium) reported

    @keithyancey @RMerlinDev Thx, but in terms of privacy, Cloudflare isn‘t necessarily a better choice than any Microsoft DNS. Changed the settings Administration -> System -> Basic Config -> Network Monitoring -> Resolve Hostname to different a one and also the corresponding IPs, works like a charm 😊

  • JeanetteJoy Jeanette JOY Fisher ☮️ (@JeanetteJoy) reported

    "People don't take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side unsecure. Too many people are overanalyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it." -Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder of CloudFlare . #WomenInBusiness

  • polyzium Polyzium (@polyzium) reported

    @myangelaku @absolutvodka This might be a proxy. Possibly some custom CloudFlare server of sorts. The 503 error means the original website it's trying to connect to is down.

  • spirit_cimmaron SPAAAACCCEEEEEE Cimmaron (@spirit_cimmaron) reported

    @sylvan_scott @GOJIIMUSIC NOTE: Cloudflare is NOT the host, and CANNOT take anything down. They will instead send it on to the website host and/or owner, and they will have to do it afterwards.

  • JPhantom93 Daniel (@JPhantom93) reported

    @Naterb8tor @xboxinsider I use IBM’s Quad9 dns as well as Cloudflare on my router and I use Norton DNS on my Xbox so, the security is there so, the full exposure literally goes through dozens of security companies. Not sure what the problem was. Must be down to the actual update though.

  • ePerformSAdeCV ePerform (@ePerformSAdeCV) reported

    Content Delivery Network | Cloudflare Speed up your website The world’s fastest Content Delivery Network. At your service. 2x faster load times Deliver fast, rich user experiences for Internet applications that optimize engagement. No charges for bandwidth spikes

  • gumnos Tim Chase (@gumnos) reported

    @techdirt Getting Cloudflare errors saying that techdirt is down making that page unavailable…

  • tsopicland Tsopic (@tsopicland) reported

    @Cloudflare @brave Wonder if anyone else is able to login to Cloudflare with @brave browser. Not working even with manual entry. Same error as earlier

  • sanketsahu Sanket Sahu (@sanketsahu) reported

    @on_stash @BuilderX @NativeBaseIO It looks like it's a problem on mobile devices only and it's related to Cloudflare. We will fix it soon.

  • ayyyyyyypril April (@ayyyyyyypril) reported

    @discordapp that's... not going to fix anything since it's clearly still resolving the right cloudflare IPs, and since the IPs are anycasted i'm going to end up with the same IPs anywhere. You've got a false positive on your cloudflare WAF, but it's given up & works now.

  • zryanverse Zion Ryan Cruz (@zryanverse) reported

    @kevinleversee This is what I do whenever I’m in PH. I use a VPN. I also use Cloudflare DNS/VPN. Most cases it is the local dns server or telco routing that sucks. VPN bypasses all that. Yes it is slower than the advertised speed but frankly it is more reliable and often faster.

  • vitobotta Vito Botta (@vitobotta) reported

    @moaiandin @TaylorDanRW @Cloudflare It is the TTFB according to the network tab in the browser. All the time waiting is there

  • adspedia Val Vesa (@adspedia) reported

    @gchicco @Cloudflare @bluehost @bluehostsupport If you are not a Cloudflare customer, please check to see if you ever asked your host to setup any add-ons on the server that would be routed through us. Since I do not have access to your account with them, they would be the only ones to respond to that.

  • bartmax Bart Calixto (@bartmax) reported

    OMG @Cloudflare. Access was such a bad decision for a service name. Impossible to google troubleshoot/search for errors.

  • gchicco 𝒢𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒻𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒸𝑜 𝒞𝒽𝒾𝒸𝒸𝑜 (@gchicco) reported

    @adspedia @Cloudflare @bluehost The customer care at @bluehostsupport keeps on changing it back but I'm quite desperate as I can't figure out what's going on #helpobiwankenobi

  • VergilPrime VergilPrime (@VergilPrime) reported

    @Spigot_MC 502 Bad Gateway errors from Cloudflare for about 20 seconds around 11:40 PST today

  • brazenlurker brazenlurker (@brazenlurker) reported

    Loving the new 'board ddos protection. 30 seconds of Cloudflare, followed by a bad-gateway response.

  • pavido_de Markus (@pavido_de) reported

    @martinuwaltz @FepaMahlo Good advices. But Cloudflare is normally just a CDN. So there shouldnt be any issues with the homepage.

  • SquidgyDesigns squidgy. (@SquidgyDesigns) reported

    Quick request for help - a client hosts with 1&1, and has a free CloudFlare CDN via 1&1. All redirects are currently using a 302, with it appears no control to change this. We have confirmed this is being done by CloudFlare but they didn't even know...

  • suryadsuryad Surya Dantuluri (@suryadsuryad) reported

    This is the 2nd time it seems like I'm the first tweeting about Cloudflare problems. Yes, I can't change DNS records at approx. 1 am PST.

  • cgndotus CGN.US (@cgndotus) reported

    @jaysos411 Yeah, it started with Cloudflare. Then our Webhost. Now the Database went down. Long day for sure

  • nyhcmaven84 IC bills are ableist #FixAB5 #FixS6699A🌹🔥 (@nyhcmaven84) reported

    Ended up spending my night fighting with Gamasutra's intensely annoying Cloudflare setup that mysteriously only stops me from posting an article right after I painstakingly formatted it, then doesn't save anything. *groans* **** this, I need to play Stardew then go to bed.

  • LeviReddy Irrisher (@LeviReddy) reported

    @discordapp Yay. Alright. I downloaded the cloudflare and discord is working again. Thank you for the suggestion. It fixed the issue.

  • naminepuppy 🐾 Socialist Puppy 🐾 #HlNA☀️ (@naminepuppy) reported

    spoke in August 17th 2017 about Charlottesville, and the site owners GoDaddy and Cloudflare refusing service to the daily stormer. the article asserts that we should be mindful on how this could affect groups like BLM which get erroneously labelled a hate group, and how

  • chambershire Chambershire (@chambershire) reported

    @skystracloud thanks but straight up all I need is a domain registrar that doesn't tack on useless shit, allows me to point to cloudflare and autorenews domains. I can't believe this is a challenge but here we are.

  • AirAssets MilAirAssets (@AirAssets) reported

    seems suspicious they would hide behind Cloudflare and not reveal any information about what country they are in or anything. This smells fishy as shit. Don't wait for my money. Coldest day in hell.

  • TheDaveCA The Dave! 😣 (@TheDaveCA) reported from Calgary, Alberta

    @trakt @traktapi Intermittent 500, and Cloudflare errors indicating they can’t reach your servers.

  • samwightt ✨Sam ✨ (@samwightt) reported

    Not sure if @OITatUA is doing this already or not, but they should really be using CloudFlare. Would have made most of this outage unnoticable (on public facing sites).

  • Scott98390 Scott Baker (@Scott98390) reported

    @jphess2 @vuetifyjs @CloudShare @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp LOL - well, crap. Can't even whinge to the right ppl these days... sorry about that @cloudshare, @cloudflare is the culprit here. Also, thanks for that link.

  • W3BGUY w3bguy (@W3BGUY) reported

    Oh well... Got turned down by CloudFlare again... Guess I'll stop trying... lol...

  • ekiledjian Edward Kiledjian (@ekiledjian) reported

    I was early on the @Cloudflare #WarpPlus bandwagon and didn't like it. IT was slow, clumsy and expensive. I have been tracking it over the last couple of months and it is now super fast and dependable.Only issues are the cost ($7CAD/month) & I can't share subs between IOS/Android

  • ojleaf James Grimster (@ojleaf) reported

    I bet the point at which a customer requests custom Payload Inspection Rules on CloudFlare is when it gets $$$. Don't want to degrade XSS OWASP, but yep ... we do get a lot of repeating characters in our facet filters. Hmmm

  • DebauchedInOz Debauched (@DebauchedInOz) reported

    @adposta1 @MsSiennaCharles @RainMorgan33 @SB_Status9 I'm an old (the operative word) Software Engineer with a background in telco & network area. Pretty sure Cloudflare provides a set of services for their customers with everything from DDoS protection to distributed points of presence, my guess is they look different from outside

  • fkling42 Felix Kling (@fkling42) reported

    @_developit I should add that astexplorer is behind Cloudflare, so the website should rarely be down for real.

  • _2xAA Sam (@_2xAA) reported

    @NordVPN is only SSL certified through Cloudflare, though certified it doesn't fill me with any sort of confidence that I'm using the correct website, especially with the MITM worries that were reported around your service last year.

  • MrFoh Patrick Foh Jr (@MrFoh) reported

    @bigbrutha_ Nginx does, don't know about cloudflare, but you can start with service level middleware

  • LucasRolff Lucas Rolff (@LucasRolff) reported

    @dmitri_tikhonov CloudFlare is already the biggest MITM network on earth - and with the percentage of the web that is powered by CF, I'm sure people blindly trust MITM (Or maybe doesn't know any better).

  • ertankayalar Ertan Kayalar (@ertankayalar) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • reubendettling reuben dettling (@reubendettling) reported

    @Cloudflare @onecommune your website is down

  • stratosphre joss (@stratosphre) reported

    @discordapp Quick Update for the situation in france, swapping DNS doesn't solve the issue, i've tried Cloudflare, openDNS and GoogleDNS and no change.. so yup gonna have to wait for our *very good* isp to do something about it

  • dahliadivinepdx Dahlia Divine PDX (@dahliadivinepdx) reported

    @HotBlondTabatha This is what they are battling: “A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.” -Cloudflare

  • Stavros Stavros Korokithakis (@Stavros) reported

    @Cloudflare your analytics graphs seem broken, the 24-hour view has dates at the bottom, the month view has hours, etc.

  • VipElegance VIP Elegance (@VipElegance) reported

    @KaliaJasmine Board is been under attack for multiple days so cloudflare goes into a protect mode and shuts it down. Sadly the Admin seem to be on a mental vacation at the present time and not responding to emails... We were on around 5am but then kicked off but it's been basically down.

  • SilverEagleDev Silver Eagle 🦅🏳️‍🌈🌹🌻 (@SilverEagleDev) reported

    Handy servers if your ISP's DNS goes down: for Cloudflare for Google to declare a thumb war (thanks @Azikira for this)

  • Seedy87 Alex Seedhouse (@Seedy87) reported

    @WolfieZero @Cloudflare SiteGround said: "It appears that the number of input/output operations was quite high at the time the issue occurred. The best course of action in this case is to check what is causing such high number of I/O ops and address it." -shrug- Ha.

  • JeffPinyan Jeffrey Pinyan - Words on Acts (@JeffPinyan) reported

    @PhishStats your API examples are all returning: "400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port cloudflare"

  • drscottrifkin Scott Rifkin (@drscottrifkin) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 520 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • TypeMRT Maurice Turner (@TypeMRT) reported

    @vermontgmg @Cloudflare Agreed it’s both necessary & a symptom of a larger problem of infrastructure insecurity. @DefendCampaigns is pushing forward to help address the short-term problem while showing where the policy gaps lie.

  • VeloSolutions Velo Solutions (@VeloSolutions) reported

    @cloudflare Wanted to do business with them but their London phone number menu system always has issues. Can’t be dealing that kind of crap!! “Press 9 to return to the main menu” so you press 9.....”you have made an invalid selection”!! 🥴🤣

  • WolfieZero Neil Sweeney (@WolfieZero) reported

    @Seedy87 @Cloudflare So sounds like a dodgy WP plugin possibly. Need to go through the PHP and Apache error logs to find it. Typically, with a good host, if you complain to them they'll end up telling you what the error is exactly... and make you fix it yourself. But that's half the battle!

  • mattferderer Matt Ferderer 🍹 (@mattferderer) reported

    We can use @Cloudflare for free amazing CDN service which looks like it could block countries with bad actors. At the end of the day I don't love blocking countries as the answer but so far that seems like the quick & easy fix. 3/4

  • dergal Gerry White SEO geek (@dergal) reported

    @CoppaClub I hate to sound like I know what I am talking about here - but I can't genuinely believe you are that popular that a simple CDN like @Cloudflare which starts at free wouldn't be able to help you... it is cheaper to resolve than a couple of rounds of drinks!

  • R99_Photography Riccardo Righetti | PHOTO (@R99_Photography) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 170 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • SamMacoha Butula's Finest (@SamMacoha) reported

    @js_tut Cloudflare can be of really help on this