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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • Keirnoth Keirnoth (@Keirnoth) reported

    @eddotse ayy m8 is SE down again cloudflare said **** us

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) reported

    Still got plastic wrap on the dips instead of my most feared stages when I was complaining about CloudFlare being down cause I'm wholly unaffected 🤫.

  • domjhUK domjh (@domjhUK) reported

    @NickHillebran @Cloudflare When you are already signed in to the dashboard, that sign in button should work on the support page. It does for me. CC @CloudflareHelp @Yank

  • NickHillebran Nick Hillebran (@NickHillebran) reported

    @domjhUK @Cloudflare When I'm already logged in to @Cloudflare the Signin button is there. I click on it and that just brings me back to the @Cloudflare dashboard, not the support. Just sends me in circles.

  • RJGazarek RJ Gazarek (@RJGazarek) reported

    @spamaps @Cloudflare Marketing folks have this debate all the time - what it comes down to, is the world often searches and incorrectly uses/says "On Premise/On-Premise" and so in order for that world to find you, you have to use the language they use - even when the correct term is On Premises.

  • jammach Gavin (Cybernat) Barrie 🏳️‍🌈🐕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👬🎮 (@jammach) reported

    @delboy1978uk @IndependenceWS @WingsScotland @Cloudflare Damn. There’s also a free service called ‘let’s encrypt’ that helps you get the green padlock. 😀

  • jspaleta Jef Spaleta (@jspaleta) reported

    @spamaps @Cloudflare I'd love to know the history that led to "premise" and "premises" meaning such drastically different things. English is terrible, can we please have a programming language based on Esperanto.

  • Bhushan76549680 Bhushan Patil (@Bhushan76549680) reported

    @boltikahani Website is not loading please help.! Cloudflare is not configure well

  • ada_codes Ada (@ada_codes) reported

    my issues with cloudflare are both on a moralistic level, and a technical one. Moralistically, CloudFlare's business is built off of providing protection to fascists & blackhat groups. Technically, a single point of failure, no matter how "too big to fail" is still a single (1/2)

  • LandoniMattia Mattia Landoni (@LandoniMattia) reported

    I jokingly tweeted at @Cloudflare about our problems with ASSA hotel booking meltdowns. They actually replied almost instantly and want to earn our business #EconTwitter

  • APaykasa Aref Paykasa (@APaykasa) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • schuler_ralph Ralph Schuler (@schuler_ralph) reported

    @cloudflare I cant add my domain, since it got banned for seemingly no reason. I tried to contact you guys via the Support page, but every time i try to fill a request i get redirected to a useless page.

  • LSValue Long Short Value (@LSValue) reported

    @Ne0Zer02 @Cloudflare I know it’s not a CDN but it preforms the same function as a CDN. Lack of live video support on their offering seems to be a bit of a hole to me.

  • burak Burak Bayburtlu (@burak) reported

    Hey @cloudflare - I'm getting random HTTP 400 errors and cant access services using your infrastructure on @Kablonet in Turkey. Couldnt connect to @discordapp and @putdotio so far.

  • Earn99_ Earn99 (@Earn99_) reported

    We're currently experiencing issues with Cloudflare. You may receive a '521 - Server Error' message upon entering our website. This issue is out of our control and is being fixed as soon as possible. Rest assured, your diamonds are safe. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Alteredfuture1 Alteredfuture (@Alteredfuture1) reported

    @choonhq your sites down. Or is it cloudflare

  • jgrahamc John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc) reported

    @freyfogle @Cloudflare @eastdakota @zatlyn @janetvh I could veto if I really felt the team was making a terrible mistake. I sometimes ask the team to take a second look at a candidate based on my conversation and interview notes from others. But by the time people get to me they've had a lot of interviews, so we're pretty sure.

  • FuraxFox Goupil (@FuraxFox) reported

    If you are a network admin, you can prevent unwilling Firefox users to send their DNS request to Cloudflare (not the willing one without entering in a block/escape war with Mozilla). It seems to me a proxy would be a much simpler way to log traffic.

  • Sura_Gr Surendar (@Sura_Gr) reported

    @Cloudflare is down. so most of the top sites are down. #Cloudflare

  • NickHillebran Nick Hillebran (@NickHillebran) reported

    @Cloudflare really needs to get their support system working. All it does is bring you to the main @Cloudflare dashboard when you click on a URL to view your support request. It's impossible to view or add to your support request.

  • ukscone Russell Davis (@ukscone) reported

    @code27_ @Raspberry_Pi weird. two computers both on same network with same dns settings. one says cloudflare can't find the host, the other works perfectly. the computers are within 1" of each other as one is on top of the other

  • argamingz AR Gaming (@argamingz) reported

    @Cloudflare Please fix slow download and upload speed on PS4 after using DNS. @PlayStation

  • swarmifyvideo Swarmify (@swarmifyvideo) reported

    @wesbos @OH_NOES @backblaze @Cloudflare We love a good challenge. Of course if you want enterprise type support, we are always happy to customize additional plans if you want more support than our self serve platform.

  • Lewisploit Lewis (@Lewisploit) reported

    Fix your shit @cloudflare

  • 50kft_K 50kft_Keith 🇺🇸 (@50kft_K) reported

    @99freemind @HeadlineJuice @swampgator13 @kathchering @elonmusk it definitely matters. That cloudflare decided to dole out the service based on content is terrible.

  • NickHansen600 NickH (@NickHansen600) reported

    @iansltx @Cloudflare It would appear, after some analysis, to be a bad request. You can tell by the HTTP error code 400 and also the response message 'Bad Request' 😄

  • PowerDNS_Bert Bert Hubert 🇪🇺 (@PowerDNS_Bert) reported

    @neil_neilzone @karldyson @tstrickx Whole swathes of Africa do this. So if you'd want to give every DNS request to Google or Cloudflare for their analysis, you could. But most ISPs I know like to take ownership of the performance of their service and not rely on the non-SLA'd best efforts of Google or Cloudflare.

  • lu9bot Lu9 eBooks (@lu9bot) reported

    CloudFlare's Always Online™ technology you find out of EVIL! You How the angry Nintendo nerd He's here for the bad guy is

  • Alihamzaworld Ali Hamza (@Alihamzaworld) reported

    Never quite understood why @cloudflare requires captcha for visits from TOR, assuming a botnet would use Tor is the thinking of 15 years ago. Load balancing servers still fail if they are ddosed behind a cloudflare 'shield' , single point of failure.-

  • vmwabe Deux ex Machina (@vmwabe) reported

    Never quite understood why @cloudflare requires captcha for visits from TOR, assuming a botnet would use Tor is the thinking of 15 years ago. Load balancing servers still fail if they are ddosed behind a cloudflare 'shield' , single point of failure.|

  • islamicdunia Full Time Muslim (@islamicdunia) reported

    Never quite understood why @cloudflare requires captcha for visits from TOR, assuming a botnet would use Tor is the thinking of 15 years ago. Load balancing servers still fail if they are ddosed behind a cloudflare 'shield' , single point of failure.!

  • DarkMem23493768 DarkMemes (@DarkMem23493768) reported

    @SinningKafir Dont use vpn it slow use cloudflare dns its faster than regular internet and more secure...

  • xxdesmus Justin (@xxdesmus) reported

    @BIizzNoob @eastdakota @Cloudflare @dok2001 can help you with the right link if you'd like to beta test Warp early.

  • Sushubh Sushubh (@Sushubh) reported

    @irtefa1 @Cloudflare ok would try again. for me internet completely stopped working with warp enabled. and would start immediately as soon as i switch it to dns only mode inside the app! reboot didn't help. tried on both wifi and lte.

  • PattieGillett Patricia Gillett (@PattieGillett) reported

    @podbeancom I'm dealing with support. I have a ticket. They're insisting that it's not the SSL cert but validators, including the one support keeps link to in their replies, keep saying : This feed uses the SSL certificate authority “CloudFlare, Inc.”, which is not compatible with iTunes.

  • zennie62 Zennie Abraham (@zennie62) reported

    Hello! The issue that I experienced was that Peepso doesn't work properly with CloudFlare, which I use. The css doesn't render properly. One of your admins told me of the problem in my ticket that was open. Please share this with the CEO. Thanks. Regards. Zennie @peepsowp

  • DelPhinDot DelPhinDot (@DelPhinDot) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Solved the problem through a Cloudflare NS redirect since your servers didn't cooperate with the NS change to my servers

  • vapingheals mystery tweeter (@vapingheals) reported

    @CECheeseESQ @that_groyper @bitmitigate @Cloudflare yup, Matthew Prince is a **** lover and terrorist sympathizer. That's why you get kicked off his service if you advocate for the destruction of either of those groups.

  • PattieGillett Patricia Gillett (@PattieGillett) reported

    @podbeancom @podbeancom: Here's the actual wording from Cast Feed Validator: "Your server software, Cloudflare, may create feed and media issues."

  • RiverRa38306129 RiverRat (@RiverRa38306129) reported

    @TrueEyeTheSpy @CodeMonkeyZ My Aug 1st backup is named..."20190801_taken down twice today- Cloudflare-then bitmitigate deplatformed" :(

  • phyzonloop Cloudflare Supports Criminals (@phyzonloop) reported

    As one @Cloudflare employee said, “There were a lot of people who were like, ‘I came to this company because I wanted to help build a better internet ... but there are some really awful things currently on the web, and it’s because of us that they’re up there.’” #cloudflare #IPO

  • A0_JuliaM Julia M (@A0_JuliaM) reported

    @vmbrasseur @uncooldana @Cloudflare If you keep calling me a robot I'll build a automated service to file a 1) cyborg discrimination complaint and 2) file a defamation compliant that any internet user can use. I don't appreciate it. At least Google's messaging is clear.

  • upstatefederlst Upstate Federalist (@upstatefederlst) reported

    And, even after that, the "profitable competitor" will like develop a "white nationalist problem" and be nuked from orbit by domain registrars and Cloudflare.

  • AeLibrary مكتبة الافتلرافكت (@AeLibrary) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • ruffi0_555 ruffi0 (@ruffi0_555) reported

    @MinjerLai Try changing your DNS to google or cloudflare if you know how. It will fix it!

  • DelPhinDot DelPhinDot (@DelPhinDot) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Your webchat feature is down, and your on-call tech support cannot figure out why I cant change my nameservers to my webhost's. Just getting an ERROR email… it's getting pretty frustrating. I can redirect the NS to cloudflare without any issues

  • _FiveM FiveM (@_FiveM) reported

    @juandre_za This should be resolved now. It was due to @Cloudflare updating part of their service

  • ddomini40 Dook (@ddomini40) reported

    got problems with @bitchute.. when i login it doesn't actually login.. getting quite a few cloudflare errors.. looks like a caching issue..

  • LPofBOCO LP of Boulder County (@LPofBOCO) reported

    @lisa_studiom80 @getongab @Cloudflare As far as I can tell, the dns is pointing to cloudflare again, but as I remember cloudflare deplatformed gab. The problem may be dns.

  • taltalon Tal Barenboim (@taltalon) reported

    @yairlapid Contact arbor networks. Or prolexic or cloudflare. They will mitigate the problems you have. I would delete this tweet when you can. Bad.

  • hunterbruce Bruce (@hunterbruce) reported

    Everyone's talking about #cloudflare. I know a few people and companies that use the hell out of the service. Some are billion dollar companies. They do more than just denial of service and their software is top notch.

  • sa7sse Simon (@sa7sse) reported

    @manekinekko @Cloudflare Where i work we sometimes write 24h or something, that's mostly to cover transfer time + DNS zone reload at the TLD + any TTL that might affect the customer. Its sometimes easier to just write 24h than making people angry.

  • KradoTheLion Krado Low (@KradoTheLion) reported

    @klvn89 So far the network seems stable after rebooting. It's about time to switch to Cloudflare's DNS if you haven't.

  • Michellangelow Michel (@Michellangelow) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • Slimecitymc SlimeCity Minecraft Server (@Slimecitymc) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare Cloudflare has successfully blocked 46 attacks on our sites!

  • ElizabethBevrly Elizabeth (@ElizabethBevrly) reported

    @DomingoTanata @chick_in_kiev @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp The poor downtrodden Goy, how mightily you have suffered.

  • producersteve Steve #MMT #JobGuarantee (@producersteve) reported

    Curious if @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp will address this. Obviously y'all have refused to serve bad actors in the past, hopefully you will continue that tradition

  • ankushnarula Kush (@ankushnarula) reported

    @iamralphsutton Not to be presumptuous, but if you need any tech help with stabilizing your website & CloudFlare (or the apps & RSS feeds) please keep me in mind. I've got some experience working with this stuff & at optimizing costs. Keep up the good work.

  • obscurebrownguy Brown guy (@obscurebrownguy) reported

    @gasdigital @LegionOfSkanks Still getting Cloudflare errors

  • LisaCalighan Aleksandar Herbrich (@LisaCalighan) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare