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Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: WWII (World War 2)

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  • GameFaBrianO
    FaBrianO (@GameFaBrianO) reported

    @ATVIAssist @SHGames If you guys won't let PC players do "dlc only" searches, can I please have a refund for DLC because I can't play it because you don't let me search only for it like you did in MW2 and MW3. Please fix this.

  • CrypticAshes
    Tom | #GearsFam (@CrypticAshes) reported

    Gears was, is, and will forever be life. Fuck your CoD Fuck your Halo Fuck your Fortnite Fuck your PUBG 1 million players or 100. No game has shit on the dedication, feeling, community, or style Gears has. I'll never quit. I'll play till they shut the servers down Halo 2 style.

  • thegamerseymour
    Seymour Bucks (@thegamerseymour) reported

    I want you to think of every time you said "LAG" in #BF4 #bfhardline #BF1.You think that much action could happen at the same time on EA servers?With that quality? On XBOX? Bwahahahahaa. I still need to see some ACTUAL GAMEPLAY @EA before I declare you winner in #CoD vs #BF 2018

  • mythic_tiger
    Mythic-tiger (@mythic_tiger) reported

    What it happing to the call of duty infinite warfare it keep saying error 0 757 I restart to game download and it said it again @Activision

  • Jatin52605944
    Jatin88 (@Jatin52605944) reported


  • HoldenRedman
    🌹Holden Redman🏴 (@HoldenRedman) reported

    @ToxicSoupMan @dronkus23 I was living a peaceful existence 12 seconds ago, it had it's issues, sure. But by and large it was bearable, now however, I know that, somewhere on the internet, there exists a video of Benjamin of a cod in knight armor playing with swords. I wish to go back.

  • Jatin52605944
    Naam me log majhab dhundtey hai (@Jatin52605944) reported

    @flipkartsupport Flipkart...same issue. Wishmaster came for delivery for 3rd time today....they have no update of online payment made & asked for COD....I ALREADY MADE SUCCESSFUL PAYMENT FOR MY ORDER. Micromax Evok Note (order ID OD212301115033304000). 13 days still not got my product. Pathetic

  • GMDxex
    xex (@GMDxex) reported

    @ATVIAssist bo3 sucks dick. so many game breaking bugs that prevent you from doing easter eggs. fix your shit game. every new title from u guys sucks and is unfinished. if your going to make a game at least test it out before releasing it to the public. your games suck ass now

  • GMDxex
    xex (@GMDxex) reported

    @ATVIAssist bo3 sucks dick. so many game breaking bugs that prevent you from doing easter eggs. fix your shit game. every new title from u guys sucks and is unfinished. if your going to make a game at least test it out before releasing it to the public. your games suck ass now

  • tonyomekaniko
    Anthony (@tonyomekaniko) reported from Quezon City, Metro Manila

    Was about to make another order, now i just found out that my COD payment option has been suspended...again. Please fix this @ShopeePH

  • narinder_23
    Narinder Singh (@narinder_23) reported

    @ogabrielson Like my CoD WW2 multiplayer character is an Asian female so its not like i have a problem if the game is good, but I did get annoyed when that male soldier got replaced with a female on the title menu and on my PS4 Dash

  • airbornecowboy2
    Ty Patrick (@airbornecowboy2) reported

    @ATVIAssist Cod ww2 and keeps saying service is not available at the time

  • TryWishes
    Wshes (@TryWishes) reported

    @ATVIAssist You say you fixed the issue with people using requisitions in dom but when you increased the points required, you ALSO increased the points people get in dom so it basically did nothing. And why put on higher scorestreaks when I can just put on a care package to get them so often

  • TrobaughC
    Chad Trobaugh (@TrobaughC) reported

    @ATVIAssist I will just file a complaint with twitch and amazon to get this issue resolved

  • dj45cal
    Shehryar A. Malik (@dj45cal) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm in the Southeast US currently trying to play WWII and am having connection issues, just like the Reddit community. I keep getting booted from games with Error 69756. I am on a wired connection, and have restarted my PS4 and router. Can you shed some light? Thanks.

  • airbornecowboy2
    Ty Patrick (@airbornecowboy2) reported

    @ATVIAssist connection issues are happening today

  • _gonzoinc
    Gonzo Inc (@_gonzoinc) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Activision @SHGames @demonware CODWW2 Online Services -> PC : Offline for hours now ? Status Update! #CODWWII #CallofDutyWWII #CallofDuty #fixyourshit #BROKEN

  • AlexLiengsky
    Alex Liengsky (@AlexLiengsky) reported

    @ATVIAssist No problem :) I'll make sure to tell you any other issues when I found them.

  • Derz_XBX
    Derz (@Derz_XBX) reported

    @CallofDuty @SHGames The issue I have with HC is team killing, I kill my teammates accidentally all the time or when they get in my way, my question is, why not ricochet?!? Ricochet would solve all the problems, you couldn’t team kill, and no losing all your hard work

  • TryWishes
    Wshes (@TryWishes) reported

    You get higher tier scorestreaks way too often out of care packages in WW2... way more common than any COD it seems. @SHGames Fix it.

  • Thenextd1screet
    Thenextdiscreet (@Thenextd1screet) reported

    what the fuck was that Battlefield V trailer? No music, historically inaccurate and borderline shit. They better fix their shit before it becomes the COD Infinity controversy all over again. #NotMyBattlefield

  • AlexLiengsky
    Alex Liengsky (@AlexLiengsky) reported

    @ATVIAssist Thank you. I really don't understand why isn't this fix during the first week of The War Machine, but I hope that we see a patch to this soon! There has been a confusion in the community and some people think that this glitch was intended.

  • atesixtre
    🤛CAMP🎮LIFE🤜 (@atesixtre) reported

    I see a lot of hate for the new Battle Field but yet those same people will buy it just like the folks who hate COD why because we want that same rush back that we got when we first started gaming. That is all the game changes we don't that is the problem. Take it for what it is.

  • DESTROY04213482
    DESTROYA (@DESTROY04213482) reported

    @ATVIAssist I’ve been having problems with my game I had 13,022 salvage and close to 1000 keys so I heard you guys can help me

  • AdmiralAegis
    提督 Aegis (@AdmiralAegis) reported

    @Coffee_Scales Personally I thought it was lazy that there were three of what looked to be New York class battleships off the coast in COD WW2 when there was only two were ever made, but I can have a chuckle at the error and move on.

  • andy_turner17
    Anderson Turner (@andy_turner17) reported

    @AngryJoeShow @GraphicJ Wait...didn’t you complain about this same issue when you reviewed cod ww2???

  • Wademc24
    Wade McIntosh (@Wademc24) reported

    @ATVIAssist I did receive a few "can't connect to server" messages but no error codes. Seems fine right now, not sure why it's happening but it started after this latest update.

  • jfgrzybek
    Jakub 👌🐸🇵🇱 (@jfgrzybek) reported

    @OIM_22 @MrProWestie @Battlefield Literally no one has a problem with this... Ffs, we got a bow in BF4. People complain about battlefield pandering to cod fans with that God awful trailer. Even Michael Bay would dial it down with chaos.

    OGXRAYZ (@OGXRAYZ) reported

    @RaidAway @Dysmo Like I said the problem is not lack of content. The problem is that the content was not spread out. I have not seen this many people complain about BO3 as much as they have CoD WWII. The community changed and Activision is only just now realizing it.

  • OskarWernerF451
    F451 (@OskarWernerF451) reported

    @Tonedmagician7 @ogabrielson But full customization will let that happen! This was one of the issues that COD had including allied soldiers wearing swappable helmets, an utterly juvenile approach. The BF franchise was one of the last hold outs against such nonsense.

  • ironboss12
    Christian (@ironboss12) reported

    @ATVIAssist The link to complete your profile in activsion is not working it’s the link for Facebook and youtube to verify it and it’s not letting me and giving a error code!

  • TheRedneckRoman
    TheRedneckRoman16 (@TheRedneckRoman) reported

    @MrProWestie If a German is running up to me wearing English apparel then I think we have a problem with the customization. I had this problem with CoD AW and Black Ops 3 where you could have whatever character and they didn't have faction specific outfits. I like knowing who's bad at a glanc

  • jordan_hefford
    Jordan Hefford (@jordan_hefford) reported

    @QeWZeeYT Cod has very little replay value anymore , gets old fast as hell ...this they need to fix

  • Persylem
    Persylem #TeamGhstie (@Persylem) reported

    The problem im faced with. So at this point of time with my streams i feel as if im too personalities one being when i play "cod/fortnite" i turn really negitive and swear but then when i play games like "pokemon/zelda dead rising 2" im more pg and friendly

  • ScruffyCharms
    Scruffy Charms (@ScruffyCharms) reported

    @InfinityWard Please fix the sniping animations. The feel very scripted... If I turn around and start to aim down sight, my gun resets the animation. It just feels glitchy... It would be my favorite cod if it was free-flow on the ads... Like mw2/bo2bo3/mw1 and many more cods... PLEASE.

  • YungAhPook
    El Pook (@YungAhPook) reported

    @EA_DICE My issue is that it seems like a freshly glossed CoD game.

  • Lights_Paladin
    Lights_Paladin (@Lights_Paladin) reported

    @DavontosMan @InfinityWard Did they fix it? The damage is terrible and I hear it's also bugged in Zombies (like a lot of other Epics)

  • lllLeviathanlll
    LoneLeviathan (@lllLeviathanlll) reported

    @Disposalist @MrProWestie @Battlefield Right, I don't remember this being as issue for cod ghosts. Hey, smaller character, smaller hitbox

  • AlekMikol
    AlekMikol (@AlekMikol) reported

    @InfinityWard Well at least you guys are back...that's a start, but also people in replying on this tweet. This is perfect example why they aren't putting a multiplayer in MW2R. Look I know we all got tired of the futuristic, but give this game a break pls. Because this game needs a fix.

  • Over9000coffey
    [email protected] (@Over9000coffey) reported

    @BloodyfasterTV I'm more okay with having reasonable realistic women appearances in a WW2 game then all the ridiculous twitch action like in the new CoD ww2 game that train crash made me cringe TBH

  • Seffyr
    Ryan "Seff" Rhind (@Seffyr) reported

    COD BO5 will be so far in the future it will be after the singularity. You'll be soldiers in the matrix fighting viruses. Colonel Kaspersky will have defected to Korea and will be DDoS'ing the White House. It will be great.

  • loops73
    Loops (@loops73) reported

    @pcgamer Lol, people who are complaining about women in bf5, are probably the same people who love zombies in cod. Problem is women in ww2 was an actual thing. #GetEducated

  • taco_rosado
    Waffle-licious (@taco_rosado) reported

    Once again, they put some new shit in #CODWWII for the wknd and old shit pops up. The lag is ridiculous @SHGames . I'm not the only one

  • ImKammeron
    Itz Aj (@ImKammeron) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm getting a error on Infinite Warfare. It says, "Disc read error [6.0]: 'imagefile24.pak' ".

  • RyanPS88
    Ryan Sweeney (@RyanPS88) reported

    @Reignited_Spyro @NatSapphix @VillainClub4Eva @ToysForBob Now that I think about it what if the whole livestream of COD and Crash was just some distraction or something?

  • eptronic
    Ep (@eptronic) reported

    @Cakeboss419 @fozacus @Rjim96 @h_eartshapedbox @DuncanKneeDeep @CrazyPusheenKat @BloodyfasterTV But so what? 26 COD titles, 11 Battlefield titles, 16 MoH titles, countless other war franchises, Commando, Counter Strike, tons of indies. So they make ONE fucking title with a female lead and you can't deal? I think it's clear the problem here is you.

  • NokaETB
    Noka (@NokaETB) reported

    @HyPno_FLANKS TTK was broken af but that's how it was on ghosts you died in 2 bullets in that game.. made off spawn if you were bad at the game and they should've fixed the dead silence but it was still cod lol

  • GregPuncher
    Greg Puncher (@GregPuncher) reported

    Have no lessons been learned from the cod crash of the early 90s? Why is Alberta putting all of their eggs into one basket? The tar sand economy is temporary. It's time to consider a more sustainable future. #diversify #KeepCanadaWorking #cdnpoli

    well sham laad (@TERIYAKI_CHIKIN) reported

    @crushdmb @CrowbarGamesDev @BFNetworkTM @ogabrielson A: who said we didn't want that, in the campaign that would be an interesting dynamic, cod ww2 tried that but the couldn't depict racism and hatred with any balls B: we aint talking about that C:if its historically accurate it can go in the game no problem

  • separatereligio
    Handle1933 (@separatereligio) reported

    @PCGamesN Yes I am more hyped for this BR than any other game in YEARS!!!... Problem is I heard you could build Forts.... I will hold off till I see gameplay of the BR... I would hate to have to give money to COD for their BR.

  • peeps_da
    NickDaPeeps (@peeps_da) reported

    @ATVIAssist Can't Connect to COD WW2 Error code 36988.Any help?

  • peeps_da
    NickDaPeeps (@peeps_da) reported

    @SHGames Can't Connect to COD ww2 error code 32892 tried multiple solutions none worked. Any Help?

  • sizzz81
    Sammy Belcher (@sizzz81) reported

    @klambert_98 @PUBG_help The game is made for xbox one X. If you have last generation and don't want to buy a new system, I suggest getting a ssd (solid state drive) a round 250gb for a nice Samsung one its 125$ cures most rendering issues. Also other games load times cod,gtaV,ect.

  • ChalexGF
    Alex Woods (@ChalexGF) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Treyarch just bought the zombie chronicles DLC for PS4, didn’t know you put out a broken game that won’t even work. Thanks for having me waste my money.

  • d_twaddle
    Derek Twaddle (@d_twaddle) reported from Newmills, Scotland

    @InfiniteCOD2017 currently playing COD IW BUT IT keeps crashing and freezing. Do you have a problem with your servers?

  • B16gygG
    Biggie G (@B16gygG) reported

    @Activision is anybody else getting error on Call of Duty infinite Warfare it's saying memory error:0727 please help

  • NeoNCryogenica
    NeoN (@NeoNCryogenica) reported

    @ATVIAssist Im getting an error saying "Unable to join game session" in WWII, the activision support chat wont load either.

  • Ser_Valfias
    Valfias (@Ser_Valfias) reported

    @kigarlandart Part of the issue there is that COD and similar tend to get huge marketing pushes, while those with alternative narratives/viewpoints barely get advertised at all outside of media focused on games. It's little wonder your train friend was only familiar with the former.

  • SultanDuban
    Sultan Duban (@SultanDuban) reported

    @InfinityWard Fix the unplayable lag you fucking animals !

  • TheRoguesy
    TEAM USA (@TheRoguesy) reported

    @TheFlashFan_68 @InfinityWard @charlieINTEL Lots of people shit head. The game was a high quality game with tons of content and great maps, it just came out at the wrong time and had some balancing issues. Definitely a better product than the bug filled unbalanced WW2.

Call of Duty Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana