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Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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  • markjeff2010 mark (@markjeff2010) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Cruzzen54 What a lot of bxxl worked on its been over 5 months and all you lot do is ask me more question and changed some of coop map locations to complete mission and I still been playing the coop like your keep on asking me todo .but just reward still broken unable to click on anymore

  • markjeff2010 mark (@markjeff2010) reported

    @Cruzzen54 @ATVIAssist @Activision @InfinityWard @CallofDuty Thank you I've been pulling my hair out for months with support.screen shoot videos and the latest send a screen shoot of libiration showing if it says complete.which it don't as BROKEN

  • mrrtarded Dave Evans (@mrrtarded) reported

    @InfinityWard Been having this same issue Read recent tweets and cleared the cache on PS4 now I can’t find the spec ops pack to download tried load into game goes to store then nothing says not available

  • max93199425 max (@max93199425) reported

    @shaunnicholson @InfinityWard @CallofDuty Same problem here. Stuck on copying for days.

  • KunckleZNZ KnuckleZ (@KunckleZNZ) reported

    @InfinityWard @modernwarfare think your servers need some work seems everyone is having the same issue with insane server lag.

  • ShahG004 ShahzaibBalouCh (@ShahG004) reported

    @InfinityWard Infinity ward! After update my servers are not giving me ping lower than 100. I always get lobbies of ping higher than 100 or 150. Please fix the servers of asia.

  • wench141 A Olsen (@wench141) reported

    @imchessyjay @InfinityWard Something to do with your connection to the COD servers. Eventually got into a game last night. Couldn’t find any information about a fix

  • djice8000 Dr dj ice800 (@djice8000) reported

    Ok time for a new game . This years cod has ruined the series for me. Performance wise ,is worst than xbox 360 days . Devs need to stop micro transaction and focus on making there game work . every night we play theres basic game issues . Gun doesnt fire or completely locks up

  • therealDJL22 Dev (@therealDJL22) reported

    @InfinityWard FIX THE ******* SHIPMENT SPAWNS HOLY **** #ModernWarfare

  • Jaguar68415321 Jaguar_qtr (@Jaguar68415321) reported

    @CallofDuty The game was updated 3 days ago, but it sends a notice that there is a group play mode bundle that does not exist and there is no update. Please report the reason for this error.

  • LeighTNolan Leigh Nolan (@LeighTNolan) reported

    @InfinityWard each day I am requested to download the 1.13 update on my PS4. I managed to update yesterday and was playing the game. Today it is asking me to redownload 72gb of the game. This is an absolute farce! Same problem for several days now. HELP!

  • 8milemoto 8milemoto (@8milemoto) reported

    @InfinityWard PLEASE!!!!! Fix the spawn camping issue on shipment! People are constantly abusing the maps redesigned layout to get higher than average amounts of kills. There was a reason that the original had the angled containers.

  • Summoner011516 Bileygr (@Summoner011516) reported

    @Jared_Mess @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard No it’s equivalent to the catch rule not being clear and a problem occurring at the most vital points of the season. Somebody clearly doesn’t watch football

  • Sarvesh18239095 Sarvesh Tripathi (@Sarvesh18239095) reported

    @amazon i have been delivered someone else order and it was a cod order. i tried call with customer service agent and she was unable to help me and her attitude was not upto mark.. please look into this matter as soon as possible..

  • Jamiepr32148216 Jamie prince (@Jamiepr32148216) reported

    @InfinityWard Followed cache clear instructions still same issue with spec ops pack 1 only now the file size is 16gig instead of 12...

  • BloodMonkey23 jljreo (@BloodMonkey23) reported

    @ATVIAssist constant server disconnect on pc haven’t been able to get past the server disconnect screen at all. Help.

  • yarin_bar Yarin Bar Nachum (@yarin_bar) reported

    @InfinityWard This thing reminds of of EA SPORTS. They know the don't have someone against them. PES is shit - So EA allows themselves to treat their users like shit. Here also - Battlefield is shit (this year especially), so Infinity Ward isn't working so hard to treat the problem they made.

  • shihdo dave thompson (@shihdo) reported

    @InfinityWard cannot set up a bot match without getting the reset error. come out of shoot the ship..enter the setup page for bot match and error appears....done the two huge updates.

  • Scarveins Scar (@Scarveins) reported

    12hz in 2020 doors that make you lag when you break through them camera angles that are completely horrible and way worst then any other cod and everyone just sits in a corner or back spawn and avoids gunfights... and the developers want a balanced skill gap

  • vSkyWolfie BabaYaga (@vSkyWolfie) reported

    @InfinityWard Can u guys pls fix the crouching kills on the knife like that's way to high of a number plus it's really slow while crouching to get a kill

  • Lambchop1015 Mike Lamb (@Lambchop1015) reported

    @Jared_Mess @BrentakaSicKo @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard But they can’t seem to fix the most fundemental rule in esports. This is and have always been a massive ******* joke and the only reason people outside of this community is hearing about it now is cause ESPN tweeted something

  • exo_imunity Ryan Duvall (@exo_imunity) reported

    @ATVIAssist I have done that a million times, it only happens in hardcore. I can even shoot through the walls and kill someone. Just wanna let you guys know so you can fix it in the next update.

  • whiteowski Caleb ⭐️ (@whiteowski) reported

    Cod wasn’t ready for franchising. The teams were. The players were. The owners were. But the developers weren’t. The issues with this game are embarrassing for AA dev.

  • DeadTaIk Ace (@DeadTaIk) reported

    @InfinityWard fix your game bruh

  • Its_not_Kareem Kareem (@Its_not_Kareem) reported

    @PaatTheGamer @biggmatt78 @TooBrainCells @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard of course its a problem, everyone would complain but lets be real he wouldn't have complained here if they smoked everyone and went 2-0

  • OmarHer83178709 Oofers (@OmarHer83178709) reported

    @InfinityWard Fix your shit ****** game, downloaded the mp 2 pack 3 ******* times and still says, “yOu aRe MisSinG onE oR moRe dLc pAcks, plEase dOwnLoad and InStaLl” goofy *****

  • OmarHer83178709 Oofers (@OmarHer83178709) reported

    @InfinityWard Fix your shit ****** game, downloaded the mp 2 pack 3 ******* times and still says, “yOu aRe MisSinG onE oR moRe dLc pAcks, plEase dOwnLoad or InStaLl”

  • SlugLone Lone Slug (@SlugLone) reported

    @EdgeExile @Crimsix @ACHES @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @InfinityWard Everyone has been complaining about the timing of the update. And to add icing to the cake, it didn’t even fix the spawns. It’s stupid that this happens every year.

  • FromAnotherwor3 From _Another _world (@FromAnotherwor3) reported

    @ATVIAssist hey there , I had problem with 007 legends server Can’t login & it said “ 007 server not available this time " the issue started it 3 days ago. Please help last trophy before the platinum. Thanks.

  • ItsStrassy ItsStrassy (@ItsStrassy) reported

    @TheGamersWithIn @Crimsix @ACHES @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @InfinityWard I mean everyone had to play on the same patch. I get his arguement but can you hate on the devs for wanting to fix the game before a big event. If the game wasn’t fixed he’d be complaining too.

  • DKarma Damon B (@DKarma) reported

    @ACHES @Crimsix @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @InfinityWard I honestly don't know if we'll even get another update at this point. Every year we've had a major spawn update and we haven't actually got one yet :/ and it's probably the BIGGEST most inconsistent problem, kinda.

  • BlakeOnTweeter Blake (@BlakeOnTweeter) reported

    @InfinityWard The fact that you break shit with a new update that is supposed to fix stuff gives me a Bethesda vibe buddy.... Fallout 76 vibe anyone

  • OfficialMezaX MezaX #JOINEDTHERIOT (@OfficialMezaX) reported

    @InfinityWard when are you gonna fix the lag issue. It's been 2 Days I've had my game lag and Desync.

  • BlakeOnTweeter Blake (@BlakeOnTweeter) reported

    @InfinityWard The fact that you break shit with a new update that ks supposed to fix stuff gives me a Bethesda vibe buddy.... Fallout 76 vibe anyone

  • biggmatt78 Mathieu (@biggmatt78) reported

    @MTZEUS3 @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard I’m also not saying it’s not s problem. It’s a huge problem.

  • MrPotential26 Mr Potential (@MrPotential26) reported

    @InfinityWard "Were aware" man stfu only you guys would let such a game breaking glitch get passed y'all. Fix your damn game or IMA sue yall for my ****** money back

  • MrPotential26 Mr Potential (@MrPotential26) reported

    @SpawnPeeker @CallofDuty It is normal cause they don't know how to release a proper game that doesn't have a game breaking glitch that they aren't doing enough to get rid of

  • KillJoy4224 KillJoy (@KillJoy4224) reported

    Bro now that competetive cod is back and I've been playing MW a little bit today on a console that doesn't blow up, it makes me really wanna figure out my issue even if I have to buy a new ps4, I'm getting back into playing more cod, this game is way to fun to me bro!

  • Jeremy_eXo Jeremy Fortin (@Jeremy_eXo) reported

    @ESPN_Esports @H3CZ @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard this is just an excuse. everyone else had to play on the new patch and they didn't have issues. he's just mad because he talked so much shit and couldn't back it up

  • DaveAtChilis Jordan Shoppa (@DaveAtChilis) reported

    @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard IW doesn’t care about comp. The league is a great idea, but with a title change every year it is not going to work smoothly. If they put out a game that wasn’t broke in the first place, it wouldn’t be such an issue.

  • JPjetfixer Jeffro (@JPjetfixer) reported

    @InfinityWard I didn’t experience any error messages(Xbox one), but one of the added custom load out slots is glitched. It’s the third of the five added slots. When selected, it won’t allow me to select the primary weapon. It reverts me back to the quick play tab.

  • coachclute Jacob Clute (@coachclute) reported

    @ACHES @Crimsix @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @InfinityWard When they gonna fix spawns. Y'all gave them a 2 months notice. They must be trying to find another door to put in a map sonewhere.

  • TooBrainCells Aaron Levi Longo (@TooBrainCells) reported

    @biggmatt78 @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard He literally said how it was a problem before they started playing. Lul

  • PaatTheGamer Pat (@PaatTheGamer) reported

    @biggmatt78 @TooBrainCells @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard Yes he would. All the pros agree that its a problem.

  • briangtat2 Brian g (@briangtat2) reported

    @InfinityWard Having a strange issue tonight game was fine 1.13 update and pack downloaded fine all of a sudden tonight got a corrupt data message on my ps4 home screen both the update and pack are now gone and it’s trying to download the 1.13 update again and this time around the update is72g

  • MTZEUS3 MT_ZEUS (@MTZEUS3) reported

    @biggmatt78 @ESPN_Esports @DallasEmpire @Crimsix @InfinityWard Excuses or not, what he’s saying is absolutely true. This has been a long running problem in comp COD.

  • MatDorney Mat Dorney (@MatDorney) reported

    @InfinityWard How about a fix on all the peoples Activision accounts that were deleted completely without even knowing.

  • flo_nala NALA (@flo_nala) reported

    @ATVIAssist im having issues downloading my multiplayer pack. i downloaded it already but when i go to play multiplayer it says im missing it

  • RichardPaynter5 Richard Paynter (@RichardPaynter5) reported

    @CallofDuty @InfinityWard when’s your updates going to fix Modern Warfare.... I haven’t been able to play for a week. Fried my external hard drive. Then had to factory reset my Xbox, reinstalled game and install is now stuck at 71% and I can’t find any more updates or add-ons!

  • zAuGz Ca$h (@zAuGz) reported

    @Loochyyyy @ATVIAssist This 1.13 update caused way too many problems lol PC and Console. I'm pissed. All I wanna do is grind but i'm having to spend 4-6 hours updating every single day.

  • cantstoppenny 📏Penny🔨 (@cantstoppenny) reported

    @charlieINTEL @CallofDuty I think special ops is broken I’m keep falling tho the maps every level I get stuck under it and then I can walk around breath the map

  • Watrboi1 xSkeptic | Watrboi (@Watrboi1) reported

    @InfinityWard @Activision @ATVIAssist my game keeps kicking me out of matches and sends me back to main menu after 1 - 10 games I've restarted my router and console many times and nothing please help with the issue

  • brettzyx brettzyx (@brettzyx) reported

    Spent the entire day playing #ModernWarfare trying to get the crossbow and the game isn't letting me get the crossbow What a broken update

  • fukkinrandoe randoe (@fukkinrandoe) reported


  • Ish_Shep 🐾🐕 Who is Shep? 🐕🐾 (@Ish_Shep) reported

    These "Kills While Injured" with the Knife are dog sh*t. 1) It should be re-labeled as "Kills While Close to Death" 2) You LITERALLY have to be at 1 health for it to count Please fix/update this challenge, there are multiple instances where it should've counted #ModernWarfare

  • briangtat2 Brian g (@briangtat2) reported

    @InfinityWard Having a strange issue tonight game was fine 1.13 update and pack downloaded fine all of a sudden tonight got a corrupt data message on my ps4 home screen both the update and pack are now gone and it’s trying to download the 1.13 update again and this time around the update is72g

  • intenszity Intenszity (@intenszity) reported

    @Freak0nFire @Activision @CallofDuty @CODLeague Guess I had a glitch, got it fixed after an update.

  • imchessyjay Imchessyjay (@imchessyjay) reported

    @wench141 @InfinityWard Xbox and I had the same problem on ps4

  • MackelDackel Michael Ibrahim (@MackelDackel) reported

    @InfinityWard can you guys get your shit together on your servers. Haven’t had this much lag on call of duty since i was 15. #behindthetimes

  • HenryZol Mlg (@HenryZol) reported

    @ATVIAssist I still have problems with the store when I click it and it say content is not available plz help

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana