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Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • Tokenika_io (@Tokenika_io) reported

    @infstones @ColinTCrypto @crypto_iwad @eostitanBP @eoscafeblock @BrendanBlumer @cannon_eos @eosnodeone @eosnewyork @EOS_io @EosArgentina @EOS_Israel @EOSLaoMao @KOREOS_IO @EosSweden @eoseoul_kor @StarteosIO @atticlab_it @eosbeijing @Eos42 @EOS_huobipool @bitfinex @brockpierce Forgive us the "opinionated" nature of this tweet, we don't mean to come across as know-it-all jerks. Yet reducing this problem into simple math really helps. It is a clash between exploitation by an outsider, vs. an investment and caretaking by the owner (a whale especially)

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 31.2081% dump alert: #ANT price has moved down from 0.005960 to 0.0041 ETH by 31.2081% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • ZeFonsecaCom Fonseca T.I. (@ZeFonsecaCom) reported

    Poloniex going down for maintenance September 12 Bittrex going down for maintenance September 18 Run to the hills when Bitfinex announces theirs

  • Jameswond2 Jameswond____ (@Jameswond2) reported

    @TraderEscobar Id trust bitfinex more than CZ. I think hes shady deep down. Its not fair that ppl love when CZ does stuff, oh IEOs, BNB how great! Then when bitfinex does similar they are evil shady ppl. At least bitfinex are sticking it to the USA like a boss.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 56.2963% dump alert: #HOT price has moved down from 0.000001 to 5.9e-7 BTC by 56.2963% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 29.1667% dump alert: #TNB price has moved down from 0.000000 to 3.4e-7 BTC by 29.1667% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • poposaiyan Mr Popo (@poposaiyan) reported

    @siddhikid @MartyTalk Bruv $DUSK is on Binance Bitfinex and Bittrex. Liquidity isn't much of a problem lol, crypto on a whole is just stank right now

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 76.8652% dump alert: #AST price has moved down from 0.05188 to 0.012 USD by 76.8652% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 21.2171% dump alert: #WTC price has moved down from 1.290048 to 1.0163 USD by 21.2171% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • ikecinho Ebube calistus (@ikecinho) reported

    @BigChonis Expecting one more wave down to 10180 on Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 85.1154% dump alert: #AST price has moved down from 0.0520161 to 0.00774 USD by 85.1154% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • crypto_iso CryptoISO (@crypto_iso) reported

    @crypto_froth @trajanmex @ThinkingUSD @bitfinex I beg to differ given the way people talk about LEO, specifically Bitfinex, LEO holders and the main promotional hype account. I’m not going to continue this debate. Let price’s been abysmal since the peak returning to almost the issue price. Best of luck.

  • crypto_froth Frothmonster (@crypto_froth) reported

    @trajanmex @crypto_iso @ThinkingUSD @bitfinex I think the main issue I have here is using the word investing. We aren’t investing in the shares of a reputable, regulated company that has gone public on the stock market. Everything is pure speculation and greed when it comes to crypto.

  • daemoj83815 Daemoj (@daemoj83815) reported

    @Crypto_Ed_NL @bitfinex They have/had about 10k BTC they tanked the market with so they could buy alts cheaper. I'd bet 1 BTC they pull an upside down Bart pattern within the next 24 hours. They have enough tether in a few wallets to pump to 12k.

  • quantumblockz1 Quantum₿lockz (@quantumblockz1) reported

    I'm confused as to how Bitfinex figured out how to mint Tethers then market sell those Tethers down the Bitcoin orderbook. That's not possible, unless there's a backdoor for them.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 9803.756204054 to 9503.76126421 EUR by 3.06% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 10810.4 to 10485 USD by 3.01% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • lawmaster Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) reported

    @udiWertheimer @paoloardoino @bitfinex Sprinkle AI and machine learning on it, issue another utility token with a shiny WP and make billions

  • marshal_xrp_moe Marshal Moe (@marshal_xrp_moe) reported

    @digitalassetbuy And I hope by that time bitfinex and tether creators will be in jail, and their operations shut down, and btc goes to below 1k

  • taiwandan taiwandan (@taiwandan) reported from Taipei City, Taiwan

    @OTSNL1 @DYORPodcast @Delta_Exchange @bitfinex @itBit The problem is that a license from a regulator (that doesn’t understand the risks of running a crypto business - this is not up for debate it’s fact from my experience) may garner”trust” but that trust is misplaced & only serves to arguably increase risk.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 99.8848% dump alert: #ZEC price has moved down from 43.18916667 to 0.051827 USD by 99.8848% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • OTSNL1 OTSNL (@OTSNL1) reported

    @taiwandan @DYORPodcast @Delta_Exchange @bitfinex @itBit No problems with KYC, nothing to hide. Licensed exchanges require KYC. Licensed exchanges are more trusted.

  • btcfork bch '#WeAreAllBitcoin' protocol upgrade (@btcfork) reported

    But when it comes to #BitcoinCash ticker, Binance is unable to fix it to $BCH. Instead, still promoting the "BCHABC" nonsense spread by Bitfinex. Poor show, shame on your exchange indeed.

  • Cryptosaurusus Cryptosaurus (@Cryptosaurusus) reported

    @crypto_canon @YORK780 @bitfinex They are good exchange which have financial and potentially legal issues. Seems that they are not so good..

  • crypto_canon Crypto Canon (@crypto_canon) reported

    @YORK780 @bitfinex is a good exchange to be honest and $LEO is a good hold I think:) if they sort out there financial issues would be even better

  • seif10101 saif alzahrani (@seif10101) reported

    @cashflownexus @bitfinex Just a hint price hint for 2025, or just a glitch

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 36.5388% dump alert: #ANT price has moved down from 0.003311062 to 0.0021012 ETH by 36.5388% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 22.88% dump alert: #WAX price has moved down from 0.0002722899 to 0.00020999 ETH by 22.88% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 56.3478% dump alert: #VEE price has moved down from 0.0000230011 to 0.00001004 ETH by 56.3478% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 56.3478% dump alert: #VEE price has moved down from 0.0000230011 to 0.00001004 ETH by 56.3478% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • BitcoinDurp ₿ender (@BitcoinDurp) reported

    Bitfinex volume has been absolute shit for a while now. And according to the publicely made available data there's 23K BTC long vs 8K BTC short. Currently the orderbook has 400BTC bids down to 1K $BTCUSD

  • eroticarlo Stu S (@eroticarlo) reported

    So Bitfinex offline for a few hours of "maintenance" later this afternoon HK time fyi Normally big moves incoming when they're down 😎 stay safe out there

  • Stamp_Trading StampTrading (@Stamp_Trading) reported

    @MuroCrypto PLS just activated on Beaxy. BXY going to moon while bitfinex is down

  • pitchb3nd Crypto Blend (@pitchb3nd) reported

    @paoloardoino @bitfinex @santimentfeed For the love of god add the"autorenew" option for lending to the app we are still forced to login to the website to enable/disable autorenew.

  • callmethebear Adam Pokornicky (@callmethebear) reported

    @CredibleCrypto @Crypto_Ed_NL That’s a fair statement but there is a small probability the move off the lows was part of an exit scam to save Bitfinex and a function of manipulation/artifical demand created by Tether. Time will tell with the legal system circling and Tether issuance being shut down.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 9168.660980112 to 8860.59397118 EUR by 3.36% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 10157.8 to 9848 USDT by 3.05% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 10169.74 to 9819.9 USD by 3.44% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • Silver_Watchdog Silver Watchdog (@Silver_Watchdog) reported

    Look at your volume charts cryptobugs: Either the market crashes down or Tether extends a larger credit line to Bitfinex to take it higher.

  • usdtq USDTQ (@usdtq) reported

    I, a US citizen, have never had a problem in my trading on Bitfinex, and as such do not understand the hullabaloo

  • LovelyFeyd Free-Range Clickfarm (@LovelyFeyd) reported

    @NewYorkStateAG Then you may want to get on the @bitfinex and @Tether_to issue. They are robbing people of a lot more than $3M and are basically printing their own money. That is a much bigger deal.

  • Suave162 Ray Pierre Medina (@Suave162) reported

    @Cointelegraph Not with a Bitfinex and Tether implosion incoming. If USDT is shut down right now, however, the market will immediately correct and we may still get a new ATH by years end.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 31.9549% dump alert: #RCN price has moved down from 0.0000026598 to 0.00000181 BTC by 31.9549% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • xbtmachine xbt machine (@xbtmachine) reported

    @LongJohnHoward @mydailymarketi4 @OTC_Bitcoin @TheBootMex I tried FTX and I figure the liquidity is low and you won’t get all pumps that happen on bitfinex and BitMEX. When we had the double top my liquidation was 10241 and scam wick went right down to 10241 but on bitfinex and BitMEX the lowest the wick got was 10600.

  • Bl0ckChainDev Will (@Bl0ckChainDev) reported

    @Bitfinexed #bitfinex @bitfinex @Tether_to #tether Time to shut down the Bitfinex/tether scam once and for all. #ShutdownBitfinex #TetherScam

  • One_step82 Brian_BTC_stain (@One_step82) reported

    @AmpleforthOrg @nadgobfree85 @Bancor @compoundfinance @UniswapExchange @bitfinex The problem is your exchanges have no liquidity so we can't trade this shit.

  • coinrazzi Coinrazzi (@coinrazzi) reported

    FAKE OUT WARNING! #Bitcoin can go up to about $11,000. If that happens. It'll be fake out. Be careful. $BTC is actually down. #crypto #cryptocurrency #binance #etreheum #xrp $xrp $eth #huobi #bittrex #bitmex #bitfinex

  • rochiel_lavina Rochiel Laviña (@rochiel_lavina) reported

    @Mine2Rr @rogerkver @bitfinex @NetworksManager @RedditBTC @WhatBitcoinDid @VitalikButerin Hi, Good day! I successfully downloaded the #android version but when I tried to install in my android mobile, I got this message "Parse #Error - There is a problem #parsing the #package"... Please I need help on this. Thank you very much

  • CryptoPide CryptoPide (@CryptoPide) reported

    @RJ_Killmex I remember pumping to 6.8k due to bitfinex and spending 1 month in a tight range before breaking down. I hope we do not spend 1 month here.

  • INCXMan International Crypto X-Man (@INCXMan) reported

    @Silver_Watchdog Two big scams (MtGox & Bitfinex) get wrecked then Wallstreet makes their entrance to make things look more legit. Rinse and repeat over the next 10 years. There is a reason the gov issues fines at the end of every economic cycle. Load up then pay up.

  • Bl0ckChainDev Will (@Bl0ckChainDev) reported

    @CasPiancey @CFTC @SEC_Enforcement @SEC_News @TishJames Need to look into #bitfinex #tether @Tether_to @bitfinex manipulation, time to shut down tether

  • RadiHood Radi Hood (@RadiHood) reported

    The Made in China Energizer Mother board works. I ain't that magical I couldn't resurrect the original Japanese one. However I'll keep my ~ 400USD value in $TRX at @bitfinex On the other hand it's good to buy a new MB. I've ****** up 1 of the PCI slots. $NVDA cards having issues

  • Marshmallowhail MARTY MAX BITCOIN & CRYPTOCURRECIES NIGGER (@Marshmallowhail) reported

    @bitfinex @PeterSchiff Tether has reg risks, USD falls in value daily / can see a large fall of 30% on top of that measured against other currencies. The gold chart however looks like a BTC chart on slow mo. I'd rather be safe in a currency that goes mostly up than one that stays at a less valuble 1.

  • BitcoinGuruInfo BitcoinGuru (@BitcoinGuruInfo) reported

    @CryptoEskimo1 There has been Tether issues on/off (banking issues, investigations, solvencies, etc) since 2016 till now on Bitfinex. Quite frankly nothing majorly bearish came out of it. If anything comes out of the NYAG investigation on Tether it would take at least 1 year to do so

  • Augger1 Augger (@Augger1) reported

    @PeterSchiff Because they are clueless. Without bitfinex printing never-audited tether out of thin air $BTC is going down. NYAG going to shut them down. Then we can see the true fair value.

  • mojitodojo Altcoin_Dinosaur (@mojitodojo) reported

    So if Tether and Bitfinex go down and implode, how badly will Bitcoin crash......

  • SirbuOffice Crypto Japan (@SirbuOffice) reported

    @hodloncomrades 😂💩😂 buy with 3 k after bitfinex will be shut down ..and tether dissapear ! be smart ! dont be like sir william !

  • liuhaifsh Haifeng Liu (@liuhaifsh) reported

    @BrendanBlumer @CryptoPete11 @coinbase @bitfinex @BithumbOfficial The problem voting is not the root cause, we need a more decentralized ecosystem and mass adoption of #eos

  • Fabschol Fabian (@Fabschol) reported

    @paoloardoino @Tether_to @BTCTN I used tether alot and like bitfinex, but as long as it is not possible to buy/sell USDT to USD 1:1 in unlimited amounts, tether will slowly die. There is no such problem with USDC for example, you can easily exchange this 1:1.

  • eosiod Tanish Verma (@eosiod) reported

    @ColinTCrypto @sheldonhh7 @123456 @BrendanBlumer @bitfinex @HuobiGlobal @p The issue is exchanges/custodian voting offering high returns for staking with them. Nothing else. No token distribution issue.