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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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  • Website (43.75%)
  • Login (37.50%)
  • Transactions (12.50%)
  • Withdrawals (6.25%)

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  • z_helpothers Sharing is Caring (@z_helpothers) reported

    @SCuBaMaN_XRP I wasnt too keen on wallets untill i realised this is rapidly becoming the ONE STOP 4 CRYPTOS. im already a admirer of Binance as ive used it from day 1 and had no issues and NOW im a fan of their @TrustWalletApp

  • OlegOsorgin Oleg Osorgin (@OlegOsorgin) reported

    @justinsuntron @binance @BitTorrent @Tronfoundation @utorrent Justin, hello! help please solve the problem with the launch TRC20 on the GOC! or tell the team to cancel all orders

  • CryptomOOniaK 🇫🇷 Olbo (@CryptomOOniaK) reported

    Binance already offers some official security tokens: #polymath I've heard a load of BS about XRP which could no longer be traded on these exchanges if it was declared as a security. Another rampart of FUD collapsing. #XRP being a security or not isnt my problem anymore.

  • Arraxle ThroughExcess (@Arraxle) reported

    @digitalassetsuk @RealEstTampa @justinsuntron a lot of people will be paying for it is the problem. it's launching on binance in a week.

  • BinanceHelpdesk Binance Customer Support (@BinanceHelpdesk) reported

    @lulzimfazlija @BinanceLabs Hi there, would you please try to uninstall the APP and install the latest version of APP again. If the issue still exist, please submit your request to us through tickets, describe as following. 1. Model of mobile; 2. Version of IOS; 3. Binance APP version installed

  • lulzimfazlija Lulzim Fazlija (@lulzimfazlija) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk @BinanceLabs IOS latest, i already have updated binance app, the issue still persist!

  • AltLedger Ledger (@AltLedger) reported

    @jgarzik @binance @cz_binance Flip that shit upside down and throw it down below your waist.

  • FlaYeti Fla Yeti (@FlaYeti) reported

    @C3_Nik I started reading endlessly about crypto in Jan/feb of 2017 . I had more problems finding an exchange that allowed US citizens and Binance fell in my lap in August . My first purchase was Iota which immediately took off . my 2nd purchase was XRP .

  • ShaanMahmood Shaan Mahmood (@ShaanMahmood) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk 2/2 which they sent on my registered email.. problem is.. i DID NOT get any email from binance despite trying resend email for 12 times.

  • ShaanMahmood Shaan Mahmood (@ShaanMahmood) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk the ticket id is #1231368 ... i wonder why i am not getting the Successful Login emails or any other emails from binance on my registered account.. the changing email is a pretty long solution.. in reply of the ticket they asked me to give them Binance code which they sent 1/2

  • wonkyfunk909 wonkyfunk909 (@wonkyfunk909) reported

    Binance kyc is so buggy. Really struggling to get verified on there, this could be an issue for the bittorent ico. @cz_binance @BitTorrent

  • ShaanMahmood Shaan Mahmood (@ShaanMahmood) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk 13 hours gone.. tried withdrawing TRX for like 4 times.. tried resend email for like 10+ times.. not getting any email from binance.. submitted a ticket there as well... not even getting successful login emails.

  • MintableApp (@MintableApp) reported

    @enjin Except Minting requires the ENJ token, and enormous costs to create 'built in value'. Heres the problem.... people who want to mint tokens, don't own ENJ coins, and rarely even ETH. Lets wait 10 days for them to buy ETH, transfer to Binance, Buy ENJ, Transfer to ENJ and mint.

  • DigiByte_News DigiByte, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Key Crypto News (@DigiByte_News) reported

    @RudyBouwman Want DGB a BIG success. But centralized authority of Jared burning the bridge with Binance & others & him not working on DGB-liquidity-development by getting DGB listed/mass adopted by all top exchanges hurts DGB growth (Charlie Lee got Litecoin listed everywhere, without excuse)

  • Smacktooo Smacktooo (@Smacktooo) reported

    @cz_binance I would like to know if you have personal problems with #HPB or why are you not listing a chain which has many dApps, a working stable chain, a team with experience etc. Just comparing with some projects on Binance and i really don't get the point.

  • delendpg @$HOI@U (@delendpg) reported

    @cz_binance The worst thing is that Binance has listed Mithril coin for free , and its just dump coin...looks like freefallin ponzi supported be Binance.. thats terrible:(

  • iotahodl little Investor in NEX, NEO and BTC. (@iotahodl) reported

    @djsinghchahal @MomoAndreev @neonexchange @cz_binance The name and the design of Binance has always been terrible, Nash has really good designers on board. good Job $NEX-Team!

  • BofiFranke Suisseoption (@BofiFranke) reported

    That's a major issue with this whole space. If everyone banded together, hunted these people down, seized their funds (like @binance does), and reported them to authorities, we could finally get some confidence back in the crypto realm.

  • CryptoMobBarley Crypto Mob Barley (@CryptoMobBarley) reported

    @cryptolili Yea sounds right. Drop in Xwallet, collect whatever part of the 15% drop for new token and Hodl strong I havnt used Xwallet and im happy receiving my monthly drops on binance where I feel my funds are #Safu But I’m down for more free tokens, Ill have to check the Xwallet

  • Scott87515778 Tweet@Scott (@Scott87515778) reported

    @cz_binance @CryptoBrekkie @SanityCrypto Please fix SL on binance im losing trades frequently. SL dont work on Binance

  • SDomitJr PSDJR (@SDomitJr) reported

    @binance @TrustWalletApp Hi I need information I have problem regarding my account, you dm clients or through here

  • Chris53797093 CHRIS ⚡aka CHISME121 🐂🍻 (@Chris53797093) reported

    @kKompleXx @wirexapp Tbh for the money wirex must be earning off our custom they shouldnt have this many issues, been customer of binance and multiple other exchanges for over a year and never had so much downtime on any of them 🤔🤔

  • KerwinnRemy Lord Crypto (@KerwinnRemy) reported

    Oh well...had so much fate....when Nex...sounds wayyy better than when binance or when Nash .. terrible move

  • CryptoGuyInTX Crypto Guy in Texas (@CryptoGuyInTX) reported

    @TronLDN I remember binance being down over 24 hours during last bull run. People were freaking out lol

  • szanwar Sam (@szanwar) reported

    @WolfmanKnows I am expecting regulatory authority to start issue licence and soon binance will be onboard

  • HNtheprince Prince (@HNtheprince) reported

    @binance Every time I try to buy any Alt coins using the Market order tab I get error message "ORDER FAILED INSUFFICIENT BALANCE" Even though I have BNB coins to pay for the commission & enough BTC or ETH. I have opened several support tickets & never any resolution! Pls Fix

  • Coin_Shark Mr. Backwards ® (@Coin_Shark) reported

    @BitBitCrypto @cz_binance @binance **** yes - that is annoying indeed please fix

  • cooper_5e ryan (@cooper_5e) reported

    @bitcoinbhaskar @elCryptoNerd @SulemanAkhtar90 @LizzyNola @CryptoConfucio1 @joliwa it all comes down to advertising, binance already were the biggest exchange when they dropped bnb on everyone. we havent really pushed out gvt to that scale yet. it will happen its juts a case of when, my guess will be when its too big for the masses to get the early bird slots

  • TorraskM Torrask Millenium (@TorraskM) reported

    @justinsuntron @binance @BitTorrent @Tronfoundation @utorrent TRON Airdrops continue for 6 years until 2025, and BitTorrent Airdrops, BitTorrent Ecosystem tokens. It looks like scamy $OCN airdrop for 5 years. They just take invstors money to other token angd the price go down -400%. Of course you can say longterm guys.

  • SamCrypto5 Samuel (ICEDIUM) (@SamCrypto5) reported

    @binance @cz_binance @BinanceJE what is happening, logged into my account this morning and all my details are gone. I can still login we the correct details, but nothing is showing once I'm in.

  • kishelap kishelap (@kishelap) reported

    @binance @binance You are listing BTT at your own risk. when USA gets after BitTorrent , you will be the next target and they will take you down for promoting Bitorrent and thereby indirectly promoting illegal downloads.

  • TheCryptoBubble lil bubble 📉 (@TheCryptoBubble) reported

    @SatoshiWolf One issue I’ve had though, being stuck with bags. Sometimes a sell order won’t fill but 3com thinks it has, so keep an eye on your binance balances lol

  • XTartanarmy XRP-TartanArmy (@XTartanarmy) reported

    @PerveXr @TrustWalletApp @Tronfoundation @justinsuntron @BitTorrent Ive had HOT stored on my @TrustWalletApp for a while now, no issues at all, transfer from Binance was seamless, Ive a few Tokens stored on it, wouldnt store them anywhere else.

  • rs_designs02 Ryan Shaeffer (@rs_designs02) reported

    @Crypto_Bitter @TronDogMommy Wait till binance is closed down by the SEC for selling an trading unregistered illegal securities, it's coming just takes the SEC awhile to play out, just like FBI investigations takes months or yrs!

  • ShadHinds Shad Hinds (@ShadHinds) reported

    @MikeHan36064472 @Sean_s33nyboy @yoniassia @justinsuntron @BitTorrent @Tronfoundation @binance I second that. While the market was tanking in 2018 I was holding #trx #tron gaining dividends. I am 50% up while the market and token value is 80% down.

  • ItsMeOhHeyMatty OhHeyMatty (@ItsMeOhHeyMatty) reported

    @Jedisurfer1 @binance No i haven't. Been very sick for two months now due to ear issues. My short take is that i haven't been the biggest Tron supporter. I think BitTorrent sees the value in increased efficiency from blockchain technologies but that Tron can't handle that load at the current moment.

  • Raticoin1 RATICOIN (@Raticoin1) reported

    @cz_binance , I have some issues in my Binance app, trade option doesn't get updated properly

  • Winnie_Oriana Winnie Oriana (@Winnie_Oriana) reported

    @KoroushAK @binance I don't know how you trade but followed you for a while. Your picks are really not for the average Twitter Trader but only for those with very, very high skills. 8 hours later and take a look at ARN: Bleeding! REP at the point of breaking down........ Not blaming you BTW

  • YNetsupport Yobit.netsupport (@YNetsupport) reported

    @Ney_LX @hitbtc @Farazwitter @cryptonationwid @YobitExchange @TradeSatoshi @CoinExchangeNY @c @binance @HuobiGlobal @neylx If you are still having any issue, Send direct message to Yobit.netsupport to have it fixed.

  • CasPiancey 📖Eloncarlo📖 (@CasPiancey) reported

    @MatGroennebaek @levin_adam @binance The problem I have with the billionaire's club is it's this carrot dangled in front of the poor as a real possibility when 99.9999% of the time, it isn't. Worked well before the Civil War in the South: most people didn't have slaves, but fought for the hope to obtain one.

  • Trad3rG CryptoG (@Trad3rG) reported

    I am still watching this. No long until we get above the median of Monday's range. No short until we start breaking down below it. #Crypto #binance

  • MatGroennebaek Mathias 'anti-monopolist' Grønnebæk (@MatGroennebaek) reported

    @CasPiancey @binance My problem with CZ is that he is probably screwing over his customers, always was.

  • szanwar Sam (@szanwar) reported

    Once binance issues usd to crypto, coinbase is dead

  • ICO_100 ICO $100 folio (@ICO_100) reported

    @binance @BitBitCrypto @cz_binance Some Product team that doesn't even know BTC Value sorting doesn't work since forever. I ended up using Desktop App because of this problem.

  • bitmarketmania bitMarketMania.Com (@bitmarketmania) reported

    @CHalexov2016 @cz_binance @binance We are down with that too 😁

  • BitCoin73999506 Alts Bundy (@BitCoin73999506) reported

    @binance a lot of people experiencing problems with the sms authenticator and Cant login! How to solve this as your customer service doesn't respond and id like to access my funds! #binance #problems #login #whatsup

  • anonimosaetos1 anonimos aetos (@anonimosaetos1) reported

    @cz_binance now you know when i raised the issue of internal hacking on binance . hackers use the thin market pairs to sell their shitcoin for equal eth or btc and deplete the victims account.

  • bearishbulltard David [scotch maximalist] (@bearishbulltard) reported

    @dag0b3rtt @Veridoge @cz_binance Also; for the average user it might really be safer to keep all coins on Binance and remember just 1 login as opposed to download 10 different wallets and having to remember/store keys for all of them. Risk of losing keys is bigger than the risk of storing at Binance.

  • BRTcrpt countx (@BRTcrpt) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk hi, is it possible to use the Binance login to Binance Jersey

  • CryptoPopsicle Crypto Popsicle (@CryptoPopsicle) reported

    @meotastic @ThaGoldenHebrew @apollosaveus @ApolloCurrency @binance @bittrex @coinbase Not the case at all. IDAX is down for maintenance because they are doing scheduled maintenance. It’s pumping on Bitmart too...

  • meotastic MEO (@meotastic) reported

    @ThaGoldenHebrew @apollosaveus @ApolloCurrency @binance @bittrex @coinbase Pump & dump, that's what it is. IDAX was one of the first Exchanges it was put on, and they went conveniently down for "maintenance" today so they wouldn't have to cash out

  • molendijk_niels Crypto Niels (@molendijk_niels) reported

    @crypto_lily @cz_binance @BinanceJE Hey lily can you login with your existing binance accaunt that you know. Have not tryed it.

  • EniCrypto CryptoGem (@EniCrypto) reported

    @CryptoGainz1 Oh binance should not allow this not good for alts at all it will bring the price down

  • CrypToe_Man 𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕣𝕪𝕡𝕋𝕠𝕖 𝕄𝕒𝕟 🧦 (@CrypToe_Man) reported

    @Del_Ryp @Cryptok33n @binance No problem

  • BlueNETGaming BlueNET Crypto (@BlueNETGaming) reported

    @DC0100 @danskowronski @GetLuckyCrypto1 @DXdotExchange @coinbase @binance Yeah they fixed that problem for me, then you get a new error not allowing tokens to be withdrawn.. *Sigh Maybe it's just start up problems, I'll give them a little more time before I upload my review

  • panwartarun4077 Tarun Panwar (@panwartarun4077) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk Hi Team, My phone was format twice and i was unable restore my apps and data including google authenticator app, now i am unable to login because its asking for "" Please enter your Binance BTC deposit address ""

  • Koindrick_Lamar Koindrick Lamar (@Koindrick_Lamar) reported

    @Krypticrooks Make sure I write down my code on paper keep it safe and store on @binance

  • Y0bitExchange_ Yobit.Net (@Y0bitExchange_) reported

    @saad_shouket1 @eth_classic @binance @saad_shouket1 Wallet maintenance have been completed for deposits and withdrawals. If you are having any problem, follow us and send a direct message to have it checked and resolved for you.

  • kiranreddy_SR Kirankumar Reddy (@kiranreddy_SR) reported

    @SamEssang @GetLuckyCrypto1 @DXdotExchange @coinbase @binance It's started not even a month ago. Will wait for them to fix the bugs.its an EU regulated exchange money will not go anywhere

  • ColdPizzaFTW NicKopKar (@ColdPizzaFTW) reported

    Still awaiting response, @binance. Fix it!