Is Binance down?

Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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May 25: Problems at Binance

Binance is having issues since 05:40 AM AEST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • BreakoutTickers CryptoCrew (@BreakoutTickers) reported

    I am changing my mindset about new coins being listed on Binance. Usually you would expect it to settle down after listing, but now the masses tend to buy whatever new sh*t gets listed. Good potential for quick 2-3x.

  • kieranmlkelly Kieran Kelly 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇧🇧 (@kieranmlkelly) reported

    Heads up. Bought some @binance Coin this morning. So expect the price to go down.

  • BurniteGeorge GB (@BurniteGeorge) reported from Newtown, Pennsylvania

    I honestly have no problem with people shilling $bnb at ATHs. Binance looks to be just getting into its building phase and building true use cases for their coin as a currency, a collateral trade backing and not to mention you cut down on trading fees on their platform.

  • Blockchain_Lama Blockchain Lama (@Blockchain_Lama) reported

    @SS09703728 @binance Well, From my point, It's 14% up. :) mY stoploss are above buy price and I'm happy. Moreover never get too attached!! I'm a holder for $NEO since 32$ averaged down to 13$ now. This market is very volatile and people are in for quick money and not Potential of Good projects.

  • abztrdr Biht Coign (@abztrdr) reported

    @2_4_5T_2_4_D Was having lunch in cafe Aria and a couple of well-dressed men were huddled around a laptop talking quietly. As I got up to walk out I overheard them whispering about the coin, how the USD is too slow and expensive as a reserve and seen Binance open on their laptop.

  • skscoins Crypto Ocean (@skscoins) reported

    Most overrated exchange I have used is binance order placing is slow , withdrawal is even quite slow ..most of the time email doesn't work ...punching order have lagness's overall sucks ...your time and money ...i moved all my coins from it ...and lastly it got hacked also .

  • anani_sikerm Akaminko (@anani_sikerm) reported

    @duffiekan couple weeks very big buy nd sell wall at binance they are pushing the price down to fill their big buy orders, #patience

  • kush272 BITCONE (@kush272) reported

    @shavneetsingh @cryptoamd Salo bhenchod u gotta be stupid if you think that ethereum is equal to bnb you obviously lack common sense. Binance will be shut down soon.

  • CryptoCaptainX Toronto's own (@CryptoCaptainX) reported

    @brandbuilderx @XVG_Ninja Are the main exchanges still down for updates on wallets I should check binance it's been a bit now

  • kush272 BITCONE (@kush272) reported

    @Josh_Rager Lol ok when binance has to shut down let me know bnb price

  • gilian1989 Gilian (@gilian1989) reported

    @binance @BinanceBCF Go there and fix real problems like @InputOutputHK. There are much bigger problems to solve than how transparent donation systems are. And those solutions are worth much more. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

  • opinderpreet Opinder Preet Singh (@opinderpreet) reported

    @HuobiGlobal your mobile wallet requiring to login everytime after few mins of background sleep makes a nightmare for someone to trade on your exchange. On top of that these annoying images based verification waste alot of time and kills user experience. Learn from @binance!!

  • IDrawCharts David Holt (@IDrawCharts) reported

    @batbullo @dr0pb This is ignorant. Binance literally just went down (no orders accepted at all) for several hours because it was dealing with high traffic a few days ago. See CZ's tweets. Bitmex handles an average of 800mm volume daily. Bitmex handles an average of 1.12b daily.

  • ferks5 ferks (@ferks5) reported

    @binance @instagram How about you fix the App Store issue

  • stsegg stsegg (@stsegg) reported

    @Popeson @cz_binance @binance @Binance_DEX @BinanceLabs @BinanceBCF Look at the fundamentals. Even with the hack and all the fud, $BNB has stood its ground as the solid token to hodl. When IEO dies down there will be more upcoming reasons to support growth, even margin trading is around the corner.

  • rallyqt Łitecoin princess (@rallyqt) reported

    @CryptoQF Haha I still remember that tweet you sent out a couple months ago about the how Binance coin didn’t follow when bitcoin when down. I was sitting in my chart thinking well something is going on here... 😳 BUY SIGNAL!! Jk

  • Total_K_Ross Total_K_Ross (@Total_K_Ross) reported

    @BitcoinX_Arts @equaltoken @binance @cz_binance Lock it away and flush the key down the toilet. I mean, not literally. Gonna need to send that to Binance eventually.

  • MihailoBjelic Mihailo Bjelic (@MihailoBjelic) reported

    @JTremback @ricburton @cz_binance @binance @tendermint_team Powering all the way down.

  • CustCarptry Mitch (@CustCarptry) reported

    @JasonMack99 @_theperfesser @gator_bitcoin @KennETHbosak @_CLINTWESTWOOD_ @theemrsmcafee @officialmcafee @bl0ckbra1n @ObiObvi @mysticaloaks @thebryman530 @HODLFUEL @jsweeps2334 @ShitcoinSherpa @caladrius666 @Witty_Crypto @WehLung @CryptoFinally @jonnylitecoin Bitcoin went down on Binance The Bears were lookin to make a steal They were in a bind, Buys were hard to find And no one wanted to deal They came across Cryptopia And realized real quick That bears could make a killin Just forcin that there dip Buddy russel up tht trade

  • SumHoodlum Luke Sorber (@SumHoodlum) reported

    @binance having an issue when trying to withdrawal my crypto. I get to the authenticate via SMS step, enter the correct digits, and then I get an “Address Verificiation Failed” message.

  • cryptolili Lili (@cryptolili) reported

    @NLCryptoCoins I don’t like @BittrexExchange to be honest it’s slow a poor lay out no QR scans and it’s slow then they delist more coins than @binance

  • _theperfesser ⌥Thє Pєrfєѕѕєr (@_theperfesser) reported

    @CustCarptry @KennETHbosak @_CLINTWESTWOOD_ @theemrsmcafee @officialmcafee @JasonMack99 @gator_bitcoin @bl0ckbra1n @ObiObvi @mysticaloaks @thebryman530 @HODLFUEL @jsweeps2334 @ShitcoinSherpa @caladrius666 @Witty_Crypto @WehLung @CryptoFinally @jonnylitecoin The train is comin Baby Bitcoin is stuntin all these trades that I'm shovin Down the binance of ovens Droppin raps baggin stacks Buyin coin like mclovin

  • 777_0_777 Meet up (@777_0_777) reported

    @SatoshiNoTomato @rohitsoni98931 @CoinsFreak @binance @upbitglobal Daps should make it all way batter then poor XVG. Just one problem is same - ppl could get it dirt cheap.

  • BeerdHead Bernie Bro Abroad🌲🌊🐐🍄👽 (@BeerdHead) reported

    @LilUziVertcoin logic is simple. create a new asset out of thin air (Binance IEO, nobody owns it therefore no bagholders, and no rekt sell pressure) add it to market, let everyone pump the shit out of it exit eventually and then slow bleed to death look at $drgn

  • Triviumetal Rodrigo Verly (@Triviumetal) reported

    @Trader184 @cz_binance yes, but I have been very disappointed with the platform of bitmex, several times it presents errors, mainly in moments of high volatility of the market. I do not understand why they do not make improvements. Binance already had this and resolved relatively quickly

  • BlueNETGaming BlueNET Crypto (@BlueNETGaming) reported

    Interesting piece especially part 3.. Imagine what it could mean to #crypto if they were to be shut down.. Blood in the streets! #Bitcoin #BTC #bnb #binance

  • kryptowilf Cryptonite (@kryptowilf) reported

    @G0JlRA @Satoshigene @binance It’s actually up 50% over 4 days Take a look at binance bnb pair, it’s down 100% Against Btc it’s down 20% against this morning I paid 200 sats on 21.5.19 it is now 295 sats

  • SaraGoingUp Sara📈📉 (@SaraGoingUp) reported

    @Jcazz17 Binance cut me out cause Country issue I am located, so moved them to gdax and not trading but got updates from you 😁

  • RRichieBIN Richie (Binance Angel) 🇷🇴 (@RRichieBIN) reported

    Malware, a word wich is being spoken more often by the day. #Binance wrote a little article about this problem. Enjoy. #BinanceAngel #BinanceSAFU #SAFU #SAFUWarrior

  • xrpnewsbox XRP NewsBox 🚀 (@xrpnewsbox) reported

    @binance Who cares!! Fix your $500 a day issue. Why can’t you do the same as @coinbase


    @Mohamed91912858 @cz_binance @binance @Tether_to I’m only seeing small gains, it could bounce up and down again.

  • flatoutcrypto FlatOutCrypto (@flatoutcrypto) reported

    sold $ftm on binance news, ended up being about 120% profit vs usd, c. 25% vs eth (first set of buys were a 10% loss so dragged it down), put proceeds into buying more $aergo and $rsr

  • hallwaymonitor2 hallwaymonitor (@hallwaymonitor2) reported

    @Radiog3nic @galgitron I was trading today ETH/shitcoin and I could not because the Bibox exchange was too congested. Also Binance had recently issues. We are in the early bull run and already problems. This not about BTC only cuz the whole trading platform in the exchange is too congested.

  • B_Rouse3 Bill Rouse (@B_Rouse3) reported

    Why has nobody decided to file suit against @binance and @cz_binance for calling their "decentralized exchange "Binance Decentralized Exchange" They run the exchange. It isn't decentralized. Hurry up before they shut him down and you can't find him

  • rich_roshni Rich roshni (@rich_roshni) reported

    @binance In your application It is annoying to see one coin with different pair in gainer looser list ..plz fix it same as before with only coin/btc..🤕

  • rich_roshni Rich roshni (@rich_roshni) reported

    @binance @harmonyprotocol In your application It is annoying to see one coin with different pair in gainer looser list ..plz fix it same as before with only coin/btc..🤕

  • CoinflipperA coinflipper AT (@CoinflipperA) reported

    problem on bitcoin on binance is, that you can't leverage it, so it would have been only 0,3% …

  • XRPjarda XRP (@XRPjarda) reported

    @Earth_to_Vic @cz_binance @binance XRP, I like it, but it's terrible coin. Forget some profit in a few years, maybe forget in this life😂xrp is Twitter master according to all news, but that is all. And that is not enough 😀

  • Shamsud92328201 SD_X96 (@Shamsud92328201) reported

    @C3_Nik @binance @cz_binance I’m having the same issue but trying to buy some HOT with my last bit of BTC but the order doesn’t execute for some reason

  • hallwaymonitor2 hallwaymonitor (@hallwaymonitor2) reported

    @galgitron I just tried to trade in one crypto exchange and got pop-up that said: "server is busy try again later". Also users reported recently Binance was experiencing performance issues. The exchanges will get super congested during this bull run especially in the next parabolic!!!

  • BeanyMcBeanface Frank Beanland III (@BeanyMcBeanface) reported

    @_BeYourOwnBank_ @DonCrypt0 @Binance_Info @cointradernik @stratisplatform @CloakCoin @binance @Cognosec Yes and they have Enigma protocol etc. ;) Had a quick look. I think fundamentals on Stratis appear better but I don't have time to really dig down.

  • Brave_Crypto BraveCrypto (@Brave_Crypto) reported

    After Margin trading, @cz_binance could introduce a troll box - this would be it. Margin trading would get 95% of all trading, troll box another 5%. All the other exchanges could close down and apply for jobs at @binance

  • Brave_Crypto BraveCrypto (@Brave_Crypto) reported

    @cz_binance After Margin trading, @cz_binance could introduce a troll box - this would be it. Margin trading would get 95% of all trading, troll box another 5%. All the other exchanges could close down and apply for jobs at @binance

  • BitcoinBarons TulipBaron (@BitcoinBarons) reported

    Binance sell wall broken, We are good to go.

  • HighVolumeZ HighVolumez [ Ex Music Producer ] (@HighVolumeZ) reported

    @SimonLightfoot3 @TheCryptoPiglet @cz_binance @binance No problem... I’ve known about CZ scammy ways for some time now but if you want someone that constantly keeps you informed of CZ slime ways follow Chico Crypto on YouTube ... From there you can come to your own conclusion about him ... the kid is shiesty tho

  • Rob23527077 Rob (@Rob23527077) reported

    @OTC_Bitcoin Binance iOS apps are horrible slow.

  • crypto3eyeraven Wizard of Crypto😎 (@crypto3eyeraven) reported

    @yadaSnooze Binance glitch cost me 3k in a matter of minutes

  • BinanceHelpdesk Binance Customer Support (@BinanceHelpdesk) reported

    @Coinco33 @cz_binance @binance Hi there, could you please try to uninstall the APP and re-install it again. Let us know if the issue still existed. Thanks.

  • LitecoinFam BinanceFam (@LitecoinFam) reported

    @nothing57633774 @binance @harmonyprotocol @cz_binance Click the link they provided and login.

  • spi44638156 nyc (@spi44638156) reported

    @binance binance app on ios is down

  • tradeboicarti16 Tradeboi Carti, MBA (@tradeboicarti16) reported

    @gaborgurbacs @coindesk @binance @BitMEXdotcom @CryptoHayes You could also argue the overload issue for liquidation allows bitmex to not lose $ if non kyc accounts get below margin requirement. As a kyc exchange on binance maybe they will use margin calls/requirements as opposed to forced liquidations

  • BrettCryptoNOOB Brrrett (@BrettCryptoNOOB) reported

    @BigCheds Huge sell wall on Binance, wonder if it will get broken like the last resistance levels.

  • oasace Edin Jusupovic (@oasace) reported

    Binance down, oh no @cz_binance

  • Coinco33 Coin G (@Coinco33) reported

    Mobile application errors are no longer annoying.Make sure it works properly immediately.We have lost, and you're the only reason. @cz_binance @binance @BinanceHelpdesk

  • Patron1988a malafatingen (@Patron1988a) reported

    @cz_binance @binance please fix your website sir. happens way too often.

  • rxquantumleap Bill G. (@rxquantumleap) reported

    @binance The web site is slow once again.

  • mesnia85 mesnia (@mesnia85) reported

    @cz_binance @binance Binance Android app is not working.. not able to trade.. nor it displays balance... the issue just started 2 3 mins ago..

  • KivrakMetin XRP Mad Turk (@KivrakMetin) reported

    @binance Is Binance down, can't go on to page

  • btcdandieman Dr. Dandieman (@btcdandieman) reported

    Binance causing Problems again. Must be a Signal for new money entering the space. #overload #Binance

  • koenkoe7 koen könst (@koenkoe7) reported

    @binance I'm getting some internal server errors when I load my balances on binance